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■0, 15s. 

Ebitm by HENRY WATTS, B.A.. F.K.S. 

TrsusLitod trom ti 



With 33G EngravingB, 8vo, 25s. 



^■.Bj EUDOIJ' WAGNER, Pli.D.. Profesaor of Chei 
^^H Technology a,t the TTulTei'Bitf of Wiirt^burg. Trausti 
^^H and ^Edited from the Eighth German Gditiun 
^H ExteosiTe Additions, hj WILLIAU CR00KE6, 



Under the head of Metallurgionl CLen-iatr 
imathods of preparing Iron, Cobalt, Nickel, Copper, Cupper S 
Lead and Tin atid tlieir Salts, BiHninth, Zinc, Zino Salts, Cidinid 
Antimanji Areeniu, Mercary, PlatiDum, Sili^r, Uold, Mangaorf 
Alnmtiiinin, and Magaenum are dagcribed. The vartoiu applies 
of the Voltaic Current to Electro-Metallurgy follow under | 
division. The Preparation of Potash aod Soda 6alt«. the X 
factore of Sulphuric Aeid, and the Recovery of Sulphur 
Soda-waste, of conrae occupy prominent places in the coneideratl 
of Chemical Maaufaetnres. It is difficolt to over- 
mercantile Talne of Le Mond'i process, as well aj the many n 
and important appUcatJona of Bisulphide of Carbon, 
facture of Soap will be found to include much d 
Technolog-y of Glass, Stoneware, Limes, and Mortars will pro 
touch of interest to the builder and engineer. The Technold 
of Yegetahle Fibres has beeo considered to include the PrGpar*,ti 
of Flax, Semp, Cotton, as well as Paper Making; while ■ 
applications of Vegetable Prodncta will 1» foiind to inclnde Sugl 
boiling. Wine and Beer Brewing, the Dislillation of Spirit^ 4 
Baking of Breatl, the Preparation of Vinegar, t^e PreservatioW 
Wood, &C. Dr. Wasbeb gives much informa'... i in reftrenod 
the production of Potash from Sugar reaidi..-«. The dbg of Bu^ 
Salts is also iiilly described, as well as the p.cpamtion of Son 
Tanning, the Preservation of Meat, Milk, &c, ^ 
of Phospiioiua and Animal Charcoal, are considers^ 
igiBg to the Technology of Animal Products. The Preparaljj 
Materials for Dyeing baa necessarily required much s 
the Unal sections of the book have been devoted t 
>logy of Heating and Iliuiuination. 





•c» CJ'?^ 1 






•-* -'' C0HF2ISINa 

U .. U 4 , 

»•<» •■ •.'••V'' "i » a '* t . 

STANDAto" aM5 A^PROrfeD' * 







Including the FormulcB of the Brit 

1867, 4-c. ^c. 





\6 l^ 


This little work was originally intended as a counter com- 
panion to the Dispensing Chemist ; and it was the compiler's 
aim to furnish, in the compass of one small volume, and 
under an alphabetical arrangement — as most convenient for 
reference — a comprehensive collection of formulae required 
in the compounding of prescriptions. In addition to the 
formulae and processes of the last editions of the Pharma- 
copceias of London, Edinburgh, and Dublin — as well as many 
which have been successively rejected from previous ones, 
but which are stiU occasionally required — it has comprised a 
copious selection from the American, French, German, and 
other foreign pharmacopoeias ; from the well-known Formu- 
laries of Magendie, Dunglison, Foy, Bouchardat, Swediaur, 
and others; from the pharmacopoeias of the principal hos- 
pitals of this and other countries ; from the best systematic 
works on Medicine, Materia Medlca, Surgery, and Pharmacy ; 
from single treatises on particular remedies ; and from the 
British and Foreign periodicals. Care has been taken to 
include the remedies and forms most recently introduced up 
to the date of publication of each edition. 

In the Eighth Edition were included all the formulae of the 
British Pharmacopoeia of 1864. 

In this Ninth Edition are all the formulae of the British 
Pharmacopoeia of 1867. The precedence being given to this, 
which includes the best part of all the pharmacopoeias, the 
formulae of B. P. 1864, of London, Edinburgh, and Dublin, 
the United States, and the Paris Codex, are now omitted, 
except where presenting marked features of difference. The 
latest editions of these works have been consulted, and many 
valuable forms added from other sources. 


British Pharmacopmas. Beitish, 1864, 1867. London : 
The editions or reprints (Latin or translations) of 1677, 
1720, 1746, 1763, 1788, 1809, 1815, 1824, 1836, 1851. 
EDiNBUEaH : 1744, 1788, 1792, 1808, 1817, 1839, 1841 
Dublin: 1806, 1826, 1850. Pharmacopoeia of India. 

Dispensatories. JEdinburgh Dispensatory, edited by Dr 
Rotherham, 1801 ; by Dr. A. Duncan, 1826 ; Supplement 
to ditto, 1829 ; Dr. Christison's Dispensatory, 1842, 2nd ed., 
1848. London Dispensatory, by Dr. A. T. Thomson, lOth 
ed., 1844, 11th ed., 1852 ; Conspectus, by the same ; Com- 
plete JEnglish Dispensatory, by Quincy ; General Dispen- 
satory, by Dr. R. Brooks, 1753; and Gaubius' Complete 
Extemporaneous Dispensatory, 1741. 

Pharma^opobia Bateana, edited by Salmon, 1694; Dr. Fuller's 
Pharmacopoeia Hxtemporanea, 4th ed., 1730; Wilson's 
Pharmacopoeia Chirurgica ; Pharmacopoeia Medico-Chi- 
rurgica, 1824 ; Swediaur's Pharmacopoeia Medici Practici 
Universalis, 1803; Dr. Hugh Smith's Formuloe Medica- 
mentorum, 1772; Dr. C. Pearson's Thesaurus Medica- 
minum, 3rd ed., 1804 ; Dr. Ryan's Formulary of Hospitals; 
Mr. Squire's ditto ; Fox's Formula Medicamentorum 
Select CB ; Pharmacopoeia Augustdjia, by Zwelfer, 1762; 
Plenck's Pharmacologia ; Griffith's Universal Formulary, 
2nd ed., 1851, 3rd ed., 1856, &c. 

Materia Medica. Cullen's, Lewis's, Alston's, Boerhaave*8, 
and other works on; Dr. W. Ainslie's Materia Indica, 
1826 ; Dr. Fleming's Catalogue of Indian Medicinal Plants 
and Drugs, Calcutta, 1810. 


Materia M"Hea aad Phfirmwff. Brnnd(^a DlftltHmrg tf 
Materia Medica and Praclifiil Piarmaev i Gnty's Aw- 
plemeiU to the Pharmacopaia. I83G ; Professor KcdwMW* 
improved edit'inii of the BAnie work. 1847 ; KenhM^ Skp- 
pltmenl to the Phartnacopaia, -llli ed.. 1837 i Eali^ 
EbmtwtiofPharmaMi;'D»v'ws' Mannalof Halerialltika 
and Pharmaey, from tlie Freni^b of Kdwnri] and VnTanem 
1831 1 Dr. U. Lane's Compemfium of Materia Midtea md 

of Materia Uedica a%d TheTapmHi-t. li j llr. Perrini, 
2nd ed., 1812, 3rd ed., 1853, and «li ed. o( \.<\. I. 1854, 
Vol. II, 1857 J Dr. Piiris'a Piorm.Mii/oi/iii. flUi nl., 1833, 
atsA Appettduc. 1838, 3th ed.,18«; Dr. Rovle*- ilnnuai of 
Maleria Medina, ie, 1847, 2nri ud, 1853, ;tr,l r<l.. 1866; 

IlojlefindHeadUiiid,5theil.,lH(i8; Dr.Ndignn 

and their Ukk, 3rd ed., 1851, 4tli ed.. 1859. 
Phillips' (Mr. R.) Examination of Hit 

dinentit; ajid Tratulation of the Ph. Londi*. 1836. 1) 
Dr. G, P. Collier'B Translation of the Fhanaofopaiaj. 
Companioit to the Same, 1830; Dra. Burker and S" 

Sotpilal Pharmaciipmat (SrilM). Guj'a ; Univi ._^ 
CoUegei Charing Cmaa; St. Biirtholomt'*'e ; St. (iM)pgrf^j:B 
Mi(tdli!aex; MancUcstcT; Olnagow; Hosp. fur CutuneMFl 
DisKoaoii, &c, 

T'he Sengal Ditptntatory. EJited l)j Dr. O'Slmiiglmes^, 1 
1842. ■ 

Phnrmaeopiri/t of the UitUed Stntei of Amerien. IBSl, 2nd ed., 
1853. The Viirpentalors of Ike United .St.ile, of Amf.riea, 
by Vn. WimhI aiid Bauhe, Qth tA„ 1846, Dth ed., 1851 

PKarmaoopfe UniveraeUe. oil Crnnptf^Ua Att PHarmaro 

fte. PnJ A. J. L. Jourdna. 2ml ed.. S volit,, Puria, 1 , 

This work embrace* th« prinri|»l phannK»pjri«, dispcn- 
satorifH, EorniularicB, 4c„ of all touiitrls* l^ to tlwt date, 


Codex, Fharmacopte Francaise, last edition, 1866. [A con- 
siderable portion of this work has been incorporated into 
this volume.] 

Alibert's Nouveatue Wemens de Matiere MSdicale, 2 vols., 
1826; Virey's Traite de Pharmacie, &c., 2 vols., 1823; 
Banme's JSlements de Pharmacie, 1784; Lemery's Die- 
tionnaire dee Drogues, 1716. 

JDictionnaire Universel de Matiere Medicals et de ThSra- 
peuUque ffSnerale, by Merat and De Lens. 6 vols., 1829 
to 1834 ; and Supplement, 1846. 

Soubeiran's Nouoeau Traite de Pharmacie Theorique et 
Pratique. 2iid ed., 2 vols., 1840. 

Henry and Guibourt's Pharmacopee Haisotmee, ou TraitS de 
Pharmacie, &c. 3rd ed., by Pr. Guibourt, 2 vols., 1841. 

Dorvaulf s L'Offidne, ou Bepertoire Generate de Pharmacie 
Pratique, 1844 ; and Supplement, 1851. 

Magendie's Formulaire pour le preparation et Vemploi de 
plusieurs Nouveaux Medicaments. 9th ed., with an 
Appendix by Dr. Marinas. Brussels, 1838. 

Richard's Formulaire de Poche, 7th ed., 1840 ; D'Etilly's 
Formulaire Fclectique, 1839 ; Foy*s Formulaire des 
Practiciens, 1844 ; Ratier's Formulaire pratique des 
ffSpitaux, 1825 ; Edwards and Vavasseur's Nbuveau 
Formulaire pratique des HSpitaux, 4th ed., by Mialhe, 
1841 ; Bouchardat's Nouveau Formulaire Magistral, 

Phoebus' Handhuch der Arzneiverordnungslehre, 3rd edit., 
Berlin, 1842. 

Radius' Auserlesene Heilformeln. Leipsig, 1840. 

Bouchardat's Annuaire de Therapeutique, &c., 1841 to 1851. 

Dr. R. Dunglison, on New Remedies, 4th edit., 1843, 6th 
ed., 1851. 

Dr. Headland's Fssay on the Action of Medicines, 4th ed., 

Mr. Braithwaite's Retrospect of Medicine, from 1840 to 


Dr. Rankin's Half-Yearly Abstract of Medical Sciences, 
1846 to 1860. 

Transactions of the Medico- Botanical Society, 

Besides the above works, the editor has had occasion to 
consult the well-known chemical works of Berzelius, Brande, 
Graham, Kane, Turner, lire, &c.; the Dictionary of Prac- 
tical Medicine, by Dr. Copland ; the Library of Practical 
Medicine; the works of Sydenham and other medical 
writers ; also several works on Systematic and Medical 
Botanv. Many separate treatises on particular remedies 
have also been referred to — as Fleming on Aconite ; Headland 
on Aconite ; TurnbuU on the Ranunculacea (1835) ; Manson 
on Iodine; Brandish on Caustic Alkali ; Jongh de tribus 
OleiJecoris Aselli Speciebus, 1843; Scudamore on Inhala- 
tion ; Venables on Aerated Waters ; Dorvault's lodoynosie, 
&c. &c. Also the following periodicals : — The Pharmaceu- 
tical Journal ; Lancet ; Medical Gazette ; Medical Times ; 
British Medical Journal ; Chemist ; Pharmaceutical Times ; 
Dublin Journal of Medical Sciences; Medico- Chiruryical 
Beview; British and Foreign Medical Review; Monthly 
Journal of Medical Science ; Chemical Gazette ; Journal de 
Pharmacia ; American Journal of Pharmacy. With respect 
to most of the above, both the recent numbers and the 
back volumes for several years have been carefully perused 
with a view to the present work. Many volumes of periodi- 
cals, now discontinued, in some cases the entire series, have 
also been looked through : — Annals of Chemistry and Prac- 
tical Pharmacy; London Medical Bepositof^y ; Medical 
Review; Medical ^says ; Duncan's Annals of Medicine; 
Medical Museum, &c. &c. 



C or Cong. Congius. Imperial Gallon. 
O Octarius. Pinfc, of 20 fluid ounces, 
ft Libra. Apothecaries', or Troy Pound.* 
5 Uncia. Troy Ounce.* 
f5 Fluidnncia. Fluid Ounce. 
5 Drachma. Drachm (60 grains). 
f3 Fluidrachma. Fluid Drachm (60 minims). 
9 Scrupulus. Scruple (20 grains). 
t\ Minimum. Minim (l-60th of f3J). 
gr. Granum, or grana. Grain, or grains. 
88. Semis. A half. 
Se8qai. One and a half. 

q. p. Quantum placet. As much as you please. 
q. 8. Quantum sufficit. As much as is sufficient. 
p. seq. Partes ^quales. Equal parts. 
Aa, Ana, and Sing. Of each ingredient. 
M. Misce. Mix. 
S. A« Secundum Artem. According to art. 
O. M. Old wine measure. 
Co. or Comp. Compound. 
Av. Avoirdupois weight. 
Imp. Imperial measure. 
Pulv. or p. Pulvis. Powder. 
Sp. Qr. Specific gravity, 
d. water. Distilled water.' 

* Except in the British and Dublin formnlee, where the avoirdupoia 
poond, ounce, and their corresponding divisions, are intended, as explained 
page 622. 



ABBiNTHnrA. Dr. LtroK. Treat driod wormwood with 
alcohol of ap. gc. -SeS, until eihanatod of bitterneBfl. Having 
distilled tlie dear liquid to a syrup, transfer it to a stop- 

Cei tiottle, and ahoke it up with other. When tbe ether 
separated, remore it with a eyringc. liepont this 
eral times, and distil thu mixed ethereal aolutioiiB. 


V'lFromthe dry remainder some brown realnia to be removed, 
•% meoDB of water rendered aUtaline by ammonia. The 
T Abdnthine is left. 

KTis Caiois. See Calda Acetaa. [NofB. Tbe Baits 
ffantratly ait placed under tbeir respective bases j bm 
J%ifat«« Acetas ; Plumhi Acetaa; Soda Acetas.'} 
[I AOETClf. Tinegar is procured in thin country from malt, 
by fennentatton, Ac. French vinegar (Acetom Oalliimm) 
is made from wine. B. (Biitannieiim.) An acid liquid, 
prepared from malt and tbe unmalted grain, by the ace- 
tous fermentation. Sp. gr. 1-017— 1-019 (454'4 gr., or 
f 3], QGutralizc nt least 402 gr. measures of the volumetric 
solatioo of fiodn, containing- ir6 per cant, of anhydrous 
acetic acidj. Dose f Sj— u'. 
ACKTUic ALLn, Freah garlic S> distilled vinegar f Jiy. 
AosiDM AHXiBYETEBiotTH. Castor 5ij, galb^um 3iv, me 
^^K S> vinegar Ibij. Macerate and strain. 

^■falTTK AmiSKPTIc™, Fowr-Tliieves' Viiiegar. Sec 
^^^ElLoidnm aceticuni aroniaticum, E. 


Aobhtk Abomitioixm. P. Aromatie Spirit qf 1 ^ 
Strong acetic a«id Oj, camplior 5ij, oil cff Iftvenderg*. 
oil (rf clovcB 3aB, oil of cinnaiDon gr. :ix. [Aoetum A 
matiGDin (Paca. Ph.) U mailu with uromatia herbi i 
common vinegoT' Sea Acidiuu aceticum oro iTtft t i c u B l i - 

AoBTtrw: CAMiHABnuB (^EpiBpasticom]. B. Mii fSd^f 
ftoetic acid with f Jij of glueial acetic auid, and digest 
tliia mlitura cantliHridea in powder S'i fif t"'" I""'** ■! 
tamperatare o£ 2C»°, tlien tcanafur tlie ingredient^ «" 
Uiey iaTS coaled, to a percolator, and wlien the U' 
ceaaea to pass ponr f ^v of aoetic iLcid over tha TGBidi 
When tlio percoliition ia coroplete, preaa contents oE J 
coltttor, filter, mix the liquids, add acetic acid to nu 
I pint, L.. E., D., BiraiUr. [To promote prompt ToS 
tion. See also Tinctnra Canthar, AcaticH.] 

AcKTDM CiPBlol. Capsicum Sj, viaegar (JxsiT. I 
Tinctora Capuel Aceti™. Used in gargles. 

AcKTCM GoLOHioi. L. Dried eolchicum jiiiaa, dilated m 
acid Oj. MupcTOte in a closed vesad fur 8 d^^ ar 
the liquor, and let it sattle ; add to the atraiiied ll 
fjisa of proof epirit. E. Freah eolcliienm Jj, tfrf .. 
vinegar fjivj, proof spirit f5j. As the last, D. Cdcilioq 
bulbs dried and bruised 5ip commercial acetic acidfS 
dirtilled water fSiij. Doseof L.and E. from f^aato ^ 

D. is ncarl; three times as atrong. 
AoiHTM DBSTiLtiTUM. L, & B. From 8 piata of 

(from a glaas retort Into a glasa receiver) distil 7 pin 

E. directs French rinegar in preference. [Chiefly nsed ai 
pliarmaceutical agent. It has been given iu S^arlatit 
in doses of f^.] 

AOBTDM DlQITAUH. PBUS. Ph, Dried foielove 5f, vir 
gar 5viy. Macerate for 6 dajs, press, Biter. Dose, 

AoiTCV LiTASBHta. P. Digest Ji "f ^Iried lavende 
flowers with S^ij of Tinegar for 8 days. The vluegurs 
other Boners nru mode ia the aame way. 

AoBlcif LoBELLS. W. PBOOTZB. Iiohelia seeds bmise< 
JiT, diitillcd vinegar f Sni^' Haoerate 34 hours, 
and filter, adding more vinegar to make up fjxi: 


^H rest, ina<'emte 7 days, atrain, press, and Alter. [Doic, 

\' 6 dropa to 24 ( SO drops equal to 30 of tinct. opuri D. 

directs Jiss of conreel; pondered opiam to be nitu%nkted 

for 7 diLya in OJ of dilute acetic aeid, with uecaslonol 

agitation. Tliia is probably intended to be of the same 

gtrengtb IS tinctura opi. Dose, 10 to 30 dropa. 

ACEtDM KUBI IDJBI. P. Saspberiy Vinegar. Miwonite 

3 parts of the fruit witli 2 parts of wine vinegar for 16 

days, and strain without pressnre. The vinegars of other 

frnita are prepar^fd in the sajne manner. 

AcBiru BiTT£. E, 17M. Bae [hj, viuegar Cj. Digest 

AoETUU ScixiiS. B. Macerate Bqaill, brniied, Jiiss in 
dilute acetic acid Oj for 7 days, then atrUiin with 
eipresaion, add proof apirit fSiaa, and filter. L. 

AoETDu BiSAFis. BbbaIi. Mtutard Jj, vinegar f^xij. 
Distil fSviij. For ontmari use, at a couiiter-irri- 

AcniWM AczTimx. B. Made from wood by deatruotivo 
dislillatiun (28 per cent, of anhydrooB acetic acid). Sp. gr. 
1'044. 183 gr. require for neutraliiatioD 1000 raeaanrea 
of the volumettie aolntioo of soda. See A. Pjroligneum. 

Aonmu AOETiccu Olaculb. B. 18G7. Concentmted 
acetic ncid, corresponding to at IcEst 84 per cent, of 
anhydrona acid. B. 1864. Place acetate of soda jii 
in a poroelsin baain on a moderately warm aaod bath, 
apply neat till it liquefiea, and continuing the heat stir 
nntil the ealt becomefl pulverulent ; let the heat be now 
ruaed ao aa to produce fusion, end then instantly remove 
the Bait from the fire. Aa soon us it has cooled break up the 
muss, ttud place it in a stoppered letoct capable of holding 
three pints, and connected with u Liebig's aondenaor. 
Fonr aulphntic actd ^viij on the ealt, quickly replace the 
atopper, and when the diatillation of acetic acid begins to 
■Ueken contunne it with the aid of beat until f Jvj have 
pasted over. Mix f3j of the acetic acid thus obtained 
with f3j of the aolntion of iodate of potash previously 
mixed with a little mucilage of stareli ; and if it gives 
rise to a blue colonr, agitata the whole product of dlatil- 
latioit with a quarter of an ounce of black oiide of manga- 


4 TBE 

ueie perfectly drj and in flae powder, and redirtU. . < 
sp. gr. is I'OBS. D. From ncotiibe of le»d and hydroc' ' 
acid gas. Sp. gr. 1'065. 

AciDTTM AoETiciru DiLnTUM. B. Acetio neid Oj, i 
wuter Ovij. Sp. gr, 1-006, 440 gr., or fjj, c ' 
313 measures ot yohimetric solutioD of soda (3'6r 
aiihydroos acetic auid, 16 gr. m Jj). 

AciDTJM AcETiCDM ABOHiTiccM. E. 1839, Dried t< 
mary ^, lavender fluners 39a, uriganimi ^, bruited c] 
55*, acetio add OisB. Maoarate 7 day^ strain, eip 
and fllt«r. Thig is substituted for the old Acetnm A 
BeptJuam, ot Ibvr-Tkievea' Virmgar, wMcb contuned, 
odditioQ, ruo, gmlie, &c. E, 1817 dirauted tUit — 
vinegar, for which tlwBtrottg acid was lubstituted In Jl 
in I84I tbe preparation was omitted. 


VBiized with spirit) Jas, strong iicetin acid fSviaat ^^ 
Camphor Sj> rect. spirit f 5], strong acetic acid Oss. 

AcLDl-M ANTtHONicTiM. [Ac. StiUicum, P.] ■ ■■- 
acid is precipitated when diluted sul|ibQrie acia la 
to tbe wasbings of Diaphareiio AHtimong (Antiu 

AcioUM AasBKiosHH (Pceum). B. 1864. Introduce Oi 
miTcial arsonious acid 100 gr. into a thin povco' ' 
of n circular shape! and, haviag covered tliis oj 
ns possible with a glass flask lilleii with cold vster, apply t 
hciit of B gas lamp. Sublimed afseuious acid will be Kmi 
adhering to the bottom of tbe Busk. Should a larg 
quantity he required, the comiuerciul nraoDloMS nel 
should be sublimed, by tlie bent of a gas lump or of bun 
inn cliarcoiil, from a sinall Florence flask, tlie r ' 
which is passed into a second flask of larger aiiie ; 1 
flusk eoutainiug tbe commercial araeuioiis neid should b 
furabLcd with a hood of slieet iron to countoiiict tl 
cuoiing influence of the atmosphere. Tlieee prace 
should be conducted in the vivinity of n flue with a g 
draught, BO as to carry ofl any vapoors of arsenioaa 1 
wliicb mny escape. Dose, from oue siiteeoth of >l gi 
to one eighth. 

AcixDu AuBENioBcu PaMVUU-tvit. White arienie L 
gated as Creta pr^cpHrotii. 


■AorDCM Aesknictjk. Bhasde. Wliibfl flraenic S ports, 
nitric acid 24 parta, hjdroclilaric ai'id 4 parts. Distil to 
dryneBB, and heot tlia reaidne to doll rednesH, 
AoictTM Bkhzoicdk. Flowera of Baaoin. Prepared, by 
anblimntion, ftom bensoio. B. 1864. Place benaoin Jiv 
in H Gylindiical pot of sheet iron, furuiaLed icith a nHnge 
at its month j and, having fitted the pot into a circular hole 
in a sheet of pa^t^board, interpoae between the pasti-bo»Td 
and flKiige a collar of tow, ao bb to prodnce a nearly air- 
tight janction. Let a cylinder of stiff paper open ut ooe 
end, eighteen inches high, and having a diameter of at 
least twice that of the pot, be now inverted on the paste- 
board, and secured to it by slips of paper and flonr pasta. 
PiEB two inches of the lower part of the pot through a 
hole in a plate of aheet tin, winch is to be kept from con- 
tact with the pasteboard by the interposition of a few 
corks; and let a bent jost sufficient to melt the benzoin 
. (that of a gas lamp answers well) ho applied, and con- 
^^ tinned for at least 6 hours, that beiizoio add may be aub- 
^^Lliined. Let the prodnct thns obtained, if not quite white, 
^^■M pressed Grmly between folds of filtering paper, and 
^^B^ain Bublimed. [Pbits. Ph. directs the benzoin, in 
^H^nnrse powder, to be spresd on the flat bottom of u shallow 
^^iron vessel; over this is atretehed a piece of porous paper, 
' secured to the riinby paste, and a cone or hat of stiff paper 
tied over it. The vessel should be placed on an iron plate 
on which sand has been spread, ami eipoaed to a gentle 
and uniform heat for 4 or 6 houra.} Uoae, from 5 to 30 
AciuiFH BoBAcioiru. M. Waceebkodeb. Diaaoive 40 parts 
of borax in 100 of boiling water, and add 25 of hydro- 
chloric acid to the hot aulution. Let the acid which crys- 
talliKCB on cooling be collected on a filter, drained, washed 
with cold water, and lastly dried tit 234° F. It may he 
rendered more pure by re-cry atalli^iing, [It is nsoally 
{^eoipitated by enlphorie acid, a portion of which it 
obstiiiBtely retains.] Dose, 5 t^i 15 grains. 
"' M Cakbolictim. li. {Phenio Acid.) Obtained from 
tar by fractioBal distillation, and aubseqaent purili- 

M CiBBONlCDSt. Mis fragments of marble, or chalk. 


with WBter, and add sulphuric aciil prerionrfy t 
with nn equul qunctity of water. 
AciDDM CiTBltrM. B. Boil lemon juice Oiv nnd odd p 
pured ohalk jivsa liy degrees till there is DO mare t 
vesceuee. CuUevt the deposit od a caliea filter, anA ' 
it with hot water till the filtered liquor paaHB bo 
colourless. Mix the deposit with a pint of diotilled « 
and graduullr add sulphuric acid Jiisp, previonily dU 
with a pint and H half of diatiUcd water, apiilying foe ) 
BD boor sufRcient heat to produce ebulUtion, «a^' ' 
stantlf stirriBg, Separate the acid solutiou bj filiS 
wash the inaoluble matter with coM distiUed t^aML. 
add the washings to the solntiou. Coueentnte ffiP 
deiiaitj of 1-21, ™oI, and after twenty-four hoandi 
the liquor from the eryatnU of aniphiite of litna *._^ 
have forraadj roncentrate further till a film fonM .M) 
surface, and set it ittide to coiil and tirystallize. ft" 
the oryatsla, if neceMary, liy a seeoud crystttlliM 
70 gr. of Ch<i cryst. diisoliHd in water are neutralise. 
lOCKI measures of the volmu. sol. uf aoda. Dose, fi Bi 
grains. Eefrigeranf. 
AciODii Gau-icitu. B. Place gnlls in coarso i>owder |^ 
a porcelain dish, pour on as much distilled water as ■ 
convert them into a thick pasti', uiid keep them in 
moistened condition for six weeks, at a ti!m;>eratui' 
between 60° and 70°, adding distilled water from tim 
time to supply what is lost by evaporatiim. At the 
of that time boil the paste for twenty minutes with f Jj 
of the water, strain through calico, and when the tluid t 
cooled collect on a ftlterthe crystalline dqiosit which 
formed and let it draiu. Press it strongly hetw-con 1 
of filtering piper, and redissoWe in 31 of boiling dist 
water. Vfhan Iho fluid has cooled to 80° pour it off 1 
the crystals which have formed, wash the»e with ^iij 
ice-cold distilled water, and dr; them, first by filterii 
paper, and finally by a temperature not exceeding 10( 
By boiling the nndissolved portion of the galls 
additional Jilv of water, filtering into a capsule eoi 
the liqaor decanted from the ciystals in the preoedii 
roceea, cva]¥irfltiog to the bulk of 31, and cooling t< ~ 
Q additional quantity of aud may be obtained, v 



howevpp, ia iiBnally a little darker in colour thnn thp pro. 
duet of the previous crystallization. Dose, as na astringent, 
gr. iij togr.i. Larger doses have been giren to eipel the 

omcra HrDBiODictrK. Dr. Bwohasan'b Mgdidtial Si/- 
driodie Acid ia made by dissolving ecyorately 264 gr. of 
tartaric acid and 330 gr. af iodide of potBasiun), each in 
f jisH of distilled ivater. Mix the solutioiiB, agitiitc, imd, 
nhcn settled, decant the clear liqnid, wlding water to 
niKbe up the measure fSyji- [fjj contains gr. v of 
iodine. Dose, f^as to f 5j, gradoally increased to f jiv.J 
The iodide of potassium used must be free from iodate t^ 
potash. As the neid quickly decomposes, Mr. Murdoch 
proposes to make it into a strong syrup, encU draobra of 
which shall be equlv. to two grains of iodine. 

HlBBoOHtOBlctrit. The hydrochloric (mnriatic) 

commerEeia usually impure, containing sulpharooa 
and sulphuric and nitrons acids, iron, arsenic, &c. B. 
Dilate Bulphnric ofid Jilir with ^iiiij of water, and when 
the mixture has cooled poor it upon chloride of todlnm, 
dried, thiij, previously introduced into a. Husk having the 
capaeity of at least one gallon. Connect the, flask by 
corks and a bent glass tuhe with a three-necked bottle, 
furnished with a safety tube, Hnd containing S'^ of water; 
then, applying beat, eanduct the gaa mto a aecnnd bottle 
containing jl diatiiled water, by means of a bent tube 
dipping about half an inch below ita aurfuce; and let the 
proceas be continued until the product measures 31'^'']' 
The bottle containing the distilled water muat be care- 
fiilly kept cool during t)ie wliole operation. Sp. gr. l'I6; 
lll'S gr. neutralize 1000 mCBanrea of the volumetric 
solution of sods. 
Aoiscu Eydbo(tku>iucitm DiiUTiTU. G. Dilute hydro- 
ohloric acid f ^vly with distilled water f ^^vi, then add 
distilled water till at a temperatuio of 60^ it measures 
f lixxviss. Sp. gr. I'OSa. [f 3vi ueutraliKe 1000 gr. 
Tolametric solution of sods, and contains 1 equivalent, or 
8G-B gr., of hydrochloric aoid,] Dose nii— xn. 
eonm HYDBOolTiBTcnM DlLTJTTJit. B. Dissoive ferro- 
ojanide of potassium jiji in jx of distilled water, tben 
ndd snlphoric acid fjj, previously diluted with Jiv of 


diatiUed water and cooled. Pnt them into a 
adopt tTii' to a receiver cantiuniDg Jriij of water, 
must be kept carefully cold. Distil with ■ gentla i 
UnUl the fluid in tht! ivuuiver meniuros Sxvj,]. Add tO! 
Jiij of the wuter, or an mueh as ma; be snCGdeat to bi 
the acid ta the reqaired etreiigCii of 2 per cent. [Bp. 
■997. 100 gr., or 110 minims, precipitated with a stdnl 
of nitrate of sliver, give a precipitate of cjanide at rft 
which, when dried, weighs 10 gr. 370 gr„ rendered it 
line h; liqnor bdcIh), rcqnlre 1000 gr. measures of vol 
trie Bolatiou of nitrate of ailvar before a permanoiit , 
cipitate beg^tiB to form.] D. Same strength. K. 4t 
cent. [See Bi/drocyaitiB Acid in Appendix III.] 

AdDVU BzsBOOCASioi;!! ScaBELU. The ori^nal piw 
of Scheele duus not jield an acid of nniform sl^Wf 
and is probably never followed. It is therefore impoud 
to state precisely what ia intended when Scheele't adit 
pretcribed, or to discover the ground on which it ia | 
farred by certain phyaicians to the preparation of ■ 

PharmacopcEia, whicli is of a kuown and deHuila 

Ai prepared by diflerent maters, it has been found to 
tain from 3 to 5 per cent, of real acid. The following 
Scheele'a process: — Mil jij of PrUEsian blue with jn i 
red pradpitate of mercniy. and add jvj of water. Bo 
for some ooinntes, constantly agitating ; pour the wbdi 
a Slter, and wash the residnnoi an the Alter wiUi ^ 

hot water, which is to be added to tlio filtered liquor, , 

to this jiss of clean iron filings, and jiij of snlplmri 
acid, ahalie well, and let it settle ; then pour the clea 
liquor into a retort, and distil a fonrth part into a recei 
well luted and kept cold, 


aentialoilof hitter almondasj, rectified spirit -,1s, di8lille< 
water 3ii. Dos^ S to 3 drops, in sngared water. 

AciDDK Hi-DKo-suLPBrKiCTii Aqui SonmrM. P. Paaa a 
carrent of sulphuretted hydrogen gas (procured by aclJng 
on sulphuret uf iron by dilutfd lulphuric acid) through 
cold distilled water, till it ceatm to be absorbed. 

AomoM loMODM. M. Bov&Mix. Treat one part of lodiuo 
with four parl« of stroug nitric aold (sp. gr. I'S) by tha 
aid of a gentle heat. Evaporate to dryness, aod leave the 



eipasedto Uiu all till It dcliqu^cGB. Tbcuplao 
wami anii ilry place, till orygtals form. Doae, 3 to 6 grains. 
AotDDU LACTiDCit, To Ovj of mitk add Jvl^ of biearbouate 
of eoi]b. Expose it to the aiz forsoBie da^s, till it becomes 
soar, aud then eatarate it witli more «od». Repeat this 
as often as it beeoiuea acid. Uoil, filter, evaporate to the 
con^flEtence of spup, and digest with nlcohoL Filter tbe 
solution, and add eulpburic acid as long an it occasions a 
preciptate. Again filter, and c^oncentrato the clear Balutioa 
till its denaitj^ id about 1'215. Dose, 5 grains, repeated. 
AciDim MsCEINiaiTit. Jlfecomc Acid. Mil i^ mecouate of 
lime (farmed in Tasking h^droGiitorate of inarpbia b; the E. 
procesa] nith Oj of boiling water, and add jiij nf hydro- 
chloric Ocid; re-diasolvB the crystalB, wluch the liquor 
deposits in cooling, in the same quantity of water and acid, 
till they are freed tmm Hmo. [Probaiily inert. It has 
been proposed as an antidote for corrosive sublimate, but 
without auccesi.] 
AcninM NitBlOFM. B. 1867. Made by distilling nitrate 
• soda with sulphuric acid and water. Con- 
70 per cent, of hydrated, or 60 per cent, of anhydrous, 
'ic acid. Sp, gr, l'4i2. [90 gr, with Jsb distilled water 
traliae 1000 volam. measures of eolation of anda.^ 
1364. Ponr sulphuric acid fSiv^ upon nitrate of 
Ibij preiiouBly introduced into a plain retort ; 
the neck of the retort at leait five inobea into the 
tube of a Liebig'e condenser, and distil over the Rcid 
. . Itb a heat which towards the eod of the process must be 
Tf^sed BO as to liquefy the contents of the retort. Sp. gr. 
l'5j 3j neutralizes I21'5 meosnrea of the TOlnmetric solu- 
tion of soda. L. No process is f^iven for this acid, but 
its strength is directed to be 1'42, instead of 1-B. Acidum 
nitricum of commerce is stated by E. to be from 1'380 to 
I'SBO. When diluted with water it sliould precipitate 
but slightly, if at rd!, with solution of nitrate of baryta, 
or nitrate of silrer- 

AciQcu: NiTBiomt BVhabs. Pbcb. Ph. Distilled from 

tbn of nitre and Itlj of oil of vitriol. 
AciDnM NiTEiotra DittrrifM. B. To nitric acid I 
distilled Wivter at temperature of SO" to measure 
^Sp. gr. I'lOl. f5yj exactly neutralize 1000 gr. n 


oi rolnmetric solntion of boi!ii. fjvj contain I eqiuralen^ 

54 gr., of aohjilroufl nitric acid.] 
AciDou NlTROBim. Tile T«d futniDguitriF acid (ttitrie 

with nitrons acid g&i) is no termed. See Apiduiii Nitrienni 

FamanB. In ita wEoker fomiB it is tsrmed Aqoa Fortui 

mercinl, 1 part ; rectified spirits, 3 purts. Mix. *" 
f 3SS, in Bugured water. 
AciDCTM NiTBO-EYDBOonrLOBionM (NiTBO-MraiATicrXj D.). 
Nitric acid Jj, hydrochloric acid J^. Aqaa Eegia, 


nitric acid fjiij, hydrophiorio acid f Jiv, and distilled w»' 
f JxiT, letting the acida rtmain for 21 iiuurs in a battle par 
tinllj claseii, then gradually adding water. [Sp. gr. Iwl 
f 3»j nentrajiza 920 gr. meuaurea of volumetric solutioa 

Aonrosi HrrBo-MnBiATiccM. D. Nitro-hjdrochlorin Md 
Aqua Beffia. Nitric acid fjj, njuriatic acid f Jij. " 
in a green -gloBi bottle, furnished with an ncaa 
gronnd stopper, and keep In a cool place. Dose, S tB 
dropa, properly dilntod. 

AaiSTrif OzAumut. Jdd of Sugar. Put into a ^aoi t> 
earlhem retort equal weights of hniiaed augnr and l>Ud 
acid (gp. gr. 1386). Conueet with an adapter, and 1 1 
ceiver fnmished with a tabs to convey the vapours InlD 
chimney. Heat moderately, tilt the viipifurs ceiiBa. S^ 
neii day remove and drain the crystals, and oonoehttii 
the residual liqnor for more. Pnrify them by cryitlMi 
tion. Potato starch is ««onomicully substitutiid for WSA 
PoimnoiM. Antidote ; cliallt, whiting, or magaeiia^ ^ 

ActDUH Phosfbobiodk DiLtrrcu. B. Pkce nitric acids 
dilated with Jviij of distilled water, in a tiiboIat«d Ma 
connected with a Liebig'a condenser, and, having oddl 
phoBphonia 413 gr., apply a very gentle heat until Q» t 
liquid have distilled over. Return this to the retort, m~ 
renew and continue the distillation nutil the phosphM 
has entirely dissolved. TraosTer the contents of the ret( 
to n porcelain capsule, and cvaporHte the liquid until it 
radnoed to fjlv. Transfer to platinum veaael, and ei. 
porate to about f Jij, and till ormge vapours cca«e to form 
Mil ivhen cool in such an amount of distilled water tha 


I the volume flball become one pint. [It eoatainB about 10 
per cent, of real P. acid. Sp, gr. I'tlS. t^vj, or 355 gr., 
correspond to 35'5 gr., or hnlf im equiv., of auhjdrouBpboi- 
pboric ncid. I)oae, from "li to mxl, properly diluted.] 
IIDDM PBiraflliTUif, vel BOBnaaiclJii. Sua Acidnm Hydro- 
AciDCM Pyholibnbum:. E. Diluted acetic aeid procured 
by the destructive distillation of wood. Sp. gr. 1-031. 
100 psias □entralize 53 of caib. soda, Aeidum AcstU 
e»m « ligiio veyiaU, D., same Btreugtli as B. 
AeiDiru SAocHABiotm, Saccliaric aoid is obtaiuad by acen- 
rately decomposing saccharate of bury tea by sulphuric B«id. 
AcEDtTM SnCcrNiCDM. And, or Salt of Amber. Mii Biolier 
with its wt^jghtor saud, Bud distil. Press the crystals in 
bibulous paper, and re-sutilime. Dose, gr. it to xij. 
Acminx SiTLFHirsicini. OH of Tiieiol, It ig made on tha 
large scale hy conveying the vapours produced Ijy the 
comhostioQ of salphor mixed witb an eiglitli part of nitre, 
into leaden clumbers containing a little water; or snlpliur 
is Immed alone, and the vapours from nitre and inlpburio 
add also conveyed into the chamber. I'he weak acid thus 
obtaiuud is coDcentratcd first ill leaden boilers, then in 
platinum or glaas retorti, till its density is not less tlian 
l'B40. It is also obtained from iron pyrites. The com- 
meFcisl acid is liable to be eontamiiuted witli various 

le 1000 grain messHres volumetric aiilntion of sods.] 
Aomfu SCLFHiTBicxnl (FuBim). B, 1864. Having added 
to sulphuric acid of commerce f jxij, suipbate or ammonia 
in powder Jj, introduce the mixed into ii plain retort viitli 
ft few slips of platinum foil, cover the upper part of the 
body ol' the retort with a sbaet-irun hood, and distil over 
one tenth uf the acid into a Sask. Remove this flask, and 
reject its ecmtents; and, having applied a fresh Husk, con- 
tinue the distillation till only a fluid ounce of liquid ro- 
^^^ mains behind. Preserve the product in a stoppered bottle. 
^^HS, If the commercial acid containnitrous acid, heat fjviij 
^^^hf it wit)) between gr. i to iv of sugar at a temperatoie 
^^^kit quite snfRcient to boll the acid, till tlus dark colour 
^^^DTodaced shall have disappeared. Other impurities ma^ 



be reiDored by distillation. D. also direfta it 
fled by diBtUlatioo, frnm a Bmall pluin retort, wiHi 
ilipg tit plntJDum rtill, tiy a gas lump or small c}ib 
Msaing^ the beak of tlie retort into a Florence fli 
lect ttie first teittli, and cootiime tbe distJllatitiB 1 
fresh flask until nn mnrB than an onnce of lignid « 
behind. The dislilled pnxluet ahonld now he tmn 
to and preserved in a well-stopped bottle. 9p. gt, ' 
[Professor Rebwood pretere fmganents of roet ot]" 
platinatn, to prevent explosive bumpings. The 6p 
reqnires great mation. Arsenic and lead may be VI 
trom tbe diluted acid by a small quantit; of snlptm 
herium. For the nietbod of making anigdroiu sr '- 
acid, sec the Druff/iUU' Seeeipt Boot. The Ami 
phuric acid of Nordhaaaeo is distilled from dried ■■ 
of iron.] 

Adiddk SULPHTTBIOUH DlHTTf M. B. SnlphnricacW 
dUtilled water f ^luitvij. When cooled to 60°, Kdd ilj 
■water to meaanre tjhxiiiisa. 8p. gi'. 1-094. [i^vj. m 
grains, neutralize 1000 laeasures volnm. solution of 
and contains one eiiDivalent^ 40 gTBim, of mhj 
acid. Dose, "iv — xix,] 

AciDXTH SirunvBioPM AiaoHoi.isiTFir, P. Sou de 2 

Add ^adn^ly 1 port of aolphuric acid to 3 parts of n 
spirit, by weight. [ From 5ss to ^j to Oy of water 
neiduloua drink. Eiternalljaa bh eacliarotiti. It is 
tima<t coloured with cochinraiL] 
AciDDM SuLPnrBicinc AaouiTiccrit. B. Mix salpli 
iioid Jiij grudnally with Jxl of rcctiileii spirit, the 
dnnamon Jij, and giDger JjJ, and digest for 7 
agitating fteqnontly. Filter. Sp. gr, -937. [f3vj n 
lize 830 grain meanim of volniDetric solntiou of sod 
contain 33'S grains of anhydrons acid. Aliuut 
fourths aK strong io acid as Acid. Snipli. Dil. 

SoLCTrM. P. Cold water fnlly Batnrntod with sul] 
retted liyilmgi'n gas, pri>diiced from gulphuret of 
dilated in!phnric acid. 

AciDDit ScLpacBosuH (Aqva SotuTtrii). B. 

pharic acid fjiv, and wood charcoal, in coarae powdei) 




Into u g;la9B flask; heat, nnd pass tliii evolved gas throni, 
B ainall wnsli bottle oantaining 3^ of wBter, and afterwardj 
to tliu bottom of a pint bottle contnininj; diatilled -water 
Jxii wliich mnst be kept cold. Cootinue tbe distilliition 
until the bubliles of ^e in tbo wash bottle appear to be 
equalled by those passing throogb the fluid in the iRTgeir 
bottle. The product should be kept in a atoppeied bottle, 
sod in a cool place. 8p. gr. 1'04. P. Sulphurous aaid 
gas (procured tiy genti; huating 3 parts of tnlpliuric acid 

— irith 2 of quicksilver, in a glass matraBfl) is to be conveyed, 

it througfh a very little water ta pnrify the gas, and tlien 

'he water to be ehar^d, tiU the latter is fully satu- 

A Woolfe'a apparatue uhould be used, with a tube 

g from the last bottle into a vessel of maistent ~ 

cha^, to absorh the eicess of gas. 

AoiDDM TAditccH. B. IVmbiii Or Ta»mc Acid. 1 
pose powdered galls to a damp atmosphere far 3 Or 
Add snllicient ether to form a soft paste. Louvo in 
closed vessel for S4 hours. Quickly enveloping in 
cloth, press strongly to separate the liquid. Powder tbe 
cake, mix with ether to which l-16tb of its bulk of water 
has been added, to form a soft paste, nnd express oa before. 
Mil the liquids, and with the aid of a little heat lot tbein 
evaporate to a soft extract. Place it on earthen plates, 
and dry in hat-air ebaiober at a, temperature unt exceed- 
ing 212°. Dose, gr. ij — x. Astringent, externally and 

AciDiTU Tartabiccm. B. Boil acid tartrate of potash 
5xlv with two gallons of distilled water, and add gra- 
dually prepared cbalk S>''i^ constantly stirring. When 
tbe effervescence has ceased add ohloride of calcium 
SiiiisB, disBOlved in O^ of distilled water. When the 
tartrate of lime has subsided ponr off the liquid, aud 
wash the tartrate with distlll»l water until it Is ren- 
dered tasteless. Pour snlpbaric acid Jiiij, first diluted 
with 3 pints of the water, on the tnrtrate of lime, mix 
thoroughly, boil for bnlf aa hour with repeated slirnDg, 
and filter through calico. Evaporate the flltrateatagenble 
heat until it acquires the speciflc gravity of 1'21, allow it 
to cool, and then separate and reject the crystals of sul- 
plate of lime which have formed. Again evaporate the 

r the ' 


olear liquor till a film fonas on its surface, nnil ■! . 
cocH and wyatalliie. Laatly, purify the orjataJa by ulntio 
GltratJOQ (^ necGsiar;), and rearj^ataUizatinn. 75 gr. i' 
solved in water reiiuire for Baturation 1000 meognres of < 
volum. Bolntion of soda. Doee, from gr. x to xxz. 

Ar'nn'HY* '""H TTTM. PaisaB L. L. Bokapabtb. Dii 
not leas tbnii tbxl of valerian root with 3 timet iti wedg 
of dietUled op ridii water; collect the oil in n aepuBte 
continuing tlie dl still ation us long aa the water is deadad 
acid. Agit&te thu oil witli milk tif lime, wbich taJua 
the acid wliich it contains ; nearly Butiirate tlie acid wa 
by milk of lime (first adding that already uaed, mdU 
fraab) ; and laatly, add Ume wuter in excess. Conoentni 
the solution till o poilicle appears, nnd when cold A, 
it by nitic acid In a long narrow flaak with i 
(topper; decant the valerianic acid which fioata o 
lurfaoe of tlie liquid, and distil it witb a geotla he 
the distilled liquor oeaaea to be oily. [Valerianic Bni 
also be obtained from fuBel oil. See Sodie TalerianM.^ ' 

ACoNltU. B. Poor upon aconite root in coarse ; ' 
tbiivt 3 gallons of rectified spirit, mii tbem well, a.i 
nntil ebnllition commences; then cool and macer 
four days. Tranafer the whole to a displacement appanb 
aiul percolate, adding more spirit, when requisite, imUl ti 
root is eilmnated. Distil afi' the greater part of tbs aj ' 
Irom the tinctare, and evaporate tbe remainder an 
water bath until the whole of the alcohol has been d: 
pated. Hii tbe reaidnal extract thoroughly witb twioai 
weight of boiling distilled water, and, when it has oodk 
to the temperature of the atmosphere, filter thnia| 
paper. To the filtered liquer add solution of atnlllll^i^^ 
alight eicesa, and beat them gently over a water bal 
Separate tbe precipitate on a Biter, and dry it " ' 
this to coarse powder, and macerate it in ancceaai 
portiona of ether with frequent agitntjon. Decant t 
aeveral prodocta, mix, and distil off the ether until t,^^ 
eitraet is dry. Dissolve tbs dry eitract in warm distiUi 
water acidulated with anlphuric acid; and, when 1' 
Bolntion ia oold, precipitate it by tbe cautious addition 
solution of ammonia diluted with four times its hot 
of distilled water. Wash the precipitate 


^with a smttll qiumtity of cold distilled water, and i^^^^^M 
it bj alight preBBure betwefln folds of llltBring paper. ^ 

L. 1836. Take of monkahodd root, dried ami braiBad, 
Blijj boil it in tliree successive gatlona of rectlflod spirit I 

for an bour, m a retort connected with a coal recrirer, | 

pouring ofl the llqnor, and adding, with tbe fresh spirit, 
that which diitjls oveT. Mii the atrained tinctures, 
distil off tho spirit, and evaporate wliat remainj to nn 
extract. Dissolve this in water, filter, and evaporate the 
■oluCion to the oonsistitncB of syrup. Add sufficient diluted 
anlpbaria acid, mixed with distilled water, to dissolve the 
aconitinc, and throw down the latter by solution of 
mmuonia. Be-dissolve the precipitate by more acid and 
water, agitate tbe solution with aaimal charcoal, filter, and 
again precipitate with amuionla. Wash the precipitate I 

and dry it. Tbe last proceas ia genemllj unproductive. I 

Tbe alkaloid may be ohtaiaed most readily from the root 
of Aconitam Feroi. imported trom India. The following 
is tbe origioal process of Dr. Headland, from which that 
of the B. F. is imitated :— 'Hike of tbe rgot of Aconitam 
Ferox (or A. NapellnA coarsely bruised, Ibi], and 8 gallons 
of rectified spirit. Boil the aconite with a gallon of the 
spirit for an bour, in a retort with a receiver adapted to it. 
Pout olf tbe spirit. Boil the reudne with another gallon, 
and with that which distilled over. Pour off again, and 
do the same a third time. Press tbe root, and mii tbe 
solutions. Filter. Distil off the spint from the tincture 
thus obtained Until this is of the consistince of thin syrup, 
then pour it oat of the retort, and mix with twice its bnlb 
of distilled water, and eicess of sulphnric acid. Filter 
carefully from the precipitate nntil quite clear. Then 
again evaporate gently in a water bath to the consistence 
of syrup. Pour this syrupy liquid, which should not ex- 
ceed f jij in meafure, into a stoppered bottle, of which it 
shall occupy about one third. Add then an excess of strong 
solution of ammonia, and shake gently. To tbe white ma»a 
idnoed add an equal bulk of pure ether. Insert the 
tighljj, ami holding tlie bottle in a damp cloth, 
finger on the stopper, shake briskly for a few 

Allow then a sufficient time for the ether to rise 

i the water, and when it has completely separated 

m e th ito|)per, and take ap carefully tbe etlie 

Bolut n t m the surface nf th? water with a [^petta 

miu gl Bp-inge. Poor it into an opea buain. A{ 

b It up th waterj Bolntinn with anotier eijoal boll 

ther nl 

3 them 

a third time. Iiet the etliereal solnt 
tajiMmal;. Tbe oconitiu is deposited. [/< u 
poison, eh^fi^ uted in ou^ioard applicatioiu.'] 

AsEFB Beiizoatcb. B. Melt prepared lard D^ 1 
heat of a water bath, gdd benioin, reduced to ooan 
der, 160 gr., and, frequently stirring, continue heat i 
Lours; finally, remove residual liensoin by Btr 
[Used for snppoeitories, aud otatmeuts of galls, bob 
lead, Bulphnr, and line.] 

Adbph Mybi9TIC«. See MYwaTics knsvs, B. 

AOBPB PaJlPABAiTS. B. Tate of the internal fat of 
ahdomun of the bog, perfectly fresh, Ihxiv, Remotv 
much ae poMihle of the membranea, imt the &t into n 
pieccci put into a saitable vessel with about 4 gaHl 
cold water, Mud, while a current of water is mAI 
tliTOUgh the VBisel, break np the maaaes of &t irftk 
handi, eipoeing ererj part to the water, that wbatSM 
soluble loaj be carried away. Collect the washed ttttl. 
ueve or in a clotfa, drain away water, liquefy fait at 1 
not exceeding 812°, strain through flannel, presMiig ttgX 
while hot ; then pnt into a pan heated by steaoii and | 
at n temperature a little bnt not mach above 218°, Bti 
continnally, till it becomes clear and free from '. --;^_ 
B'itially, s^in through flannel. It nielts at about 100 

Adbph OlTamfATCB. 8ee Dnguentum Add) Nitroai. {. 
other preparation of lard, intended to facilitate its o 
bination with qnicksilTCr, may here he cle-icribed. Th£ 
is melted and poured in a ^ower or fine stream int 
large vessel filled with cold water; it U then placed o 
Laic or wicker sieve, iu a cool dry cellar, 11 
or months.] -j- 

ASBPS OVIU-VB PBBFABjITCa. Mottou suct is prepB.I«( 
J [jj^ Other fiite ace similnrly U 

a be prepared by trituration and si 



Mtksb Acbticus. Purt. Ph, Tuke 311 of acetate of 
soda, or as iniicb ns mill weigh 5'ij wben perfectly dried : 
add to it, in a tulinlatfd gliLsa retort, jiiv of oil of vitiriol 
preyionaly mixed with 3"'^ "f Bloohol ('810 to "818); 
^^tistil Jxij into a receiver kept qnite cold; agitata tbia 
^BHtb a solution of acetate of potasli (containing- one third 
^^^b weight of the salt); eeparato the ether and distil it 
^^pith H gentle beat over 5] of calcined mBgneaiB. Doee, 10 
■El SO drops. Sp. gr. -865 to -890. 
JBiZEB Cahieasiiiaxib. (Kttihobb, Powdered canthe- 
rides I part, ether 2 parts; digest for 3 dnjs, and express. 
^TiEEB CHLOBiaira. The so-called medicinal chloric ether 
ia aa ulcDholie sotution of chloroform, of variable strengtli. 
Mr. Bedwood atates that what is sold in this cauntrj oon- 
sisM of 1 part of chloroform to 6 or 8 of alcohol. Dose, 
■nvnx to XII in wiit«r, as an antispasmodic. See Spiritoa 
Chloroform i. 
.Xthbb MrsiATiccH. Into a retort eonnected with a 
Woolfe's Bpparatoa, pot equul treigbts of alcohol and 
muriatic acid, and distil witb a gentle heat. The first 
bottle sboold contaio a little warm water, and the others 
be Hurrounded with ice. Dose, nui to f5B8. 
^THBE N11EO8U8. Mther Sitricva. Nitroiu, or Egponi- 
inmsMtkeT. B. Vide SpirituE .Stheris Nitroai. E. Recti- 
fied spirit fjxv, pure nitric acid fj'ij' I'nt the epirit, 
with B little dean sand, into a quart matraaa Btted mtb a 

filled with pure nitric acid, add through it, gradually, fjiii 
of the acid ; and when the action has Bubaidcd, odd tlis 
rest by half ounces, at intervals, keeping the refrigeratory 
very cool. Agitate the distilled ether first with milk A 
lime, and afterwards with half its volume of etrong solution 
of mnriate of lime, and decoat. [Likbio has proposed % 
more productive process (by the use of starch), bat the 
product is said to be contaminated with pmssic add. 
Pbubobi says it may be safely and readily made by adding; 
lo 11 parts of ctysti^iiied nitrate of ammonia in a plow 
retort 8 porta of sulphuric acid previonsly mixed with 9 ot 
aloohol, and stilling bj a naked Ere into a receiver kept 



Mthko. {Ml-her Sulpkuritmt, 1636; .Scfter Ser^ficai 
L.182*.) Ether. B.Hii8tilpliurica<nd3xaai}SxijofK(^ 
fied spirit in n gLus matrou capable of containm^ at la 
two pint«, and, without olluwing the miiture to cool, d 
uect the nuLtmsa hy meana of a bent gUsg tube vHd. 
Lieln^^'s couduuser, and distil witb a heat snfficient 
majotain the liquid in briak ehnllition. As soon ai 
ethereal flnid begins to pass over, supply I^h « 
tliroTigh a tube Into tha mntraaH in a contiKuouft t/bP. 
and in such quaatity aa to eqnal tbe volume of tlie fil 
wMcb diatilB orer. This is best done by using a tube G 
niahed witli a gtopcock to regulate the eupply, eo ■■^" 
one end of the tube with a vessel eonl&iiiing t 
raised above tbe level of the matraaa, and pasung theiA 
end tbrough a cork &tt«d into the matrass. Whelk 
whole of the spirit hna been Fulded, and fj^j lovei 
tiltod oveTi the process may be stopped. Diaaolva cUu 
of caloinni ^i >□ diatilled water jiiij. add alalced li 
3w, and u^tate the mitture in a bottle witb tha t| 
etbiv. Leave the mixture at rest for ten miaiiteA B 
oGT the Uifht supernatant tluiil, and dialjl it with a B^^ 
heat untjl a glass bend of specjiic gravity 0'735 pl^H 
the receiver hepna to float. The ether and spirit nil 
by tbe chloride of calcium nud by the residue of ewdi 
tulation may be recovered by distillution and iim4I 
Bubsequent operation. 8p. gr. 0'735, Cootalae «li4| 
per cent, per volutno of pure ether. Dose, ituci to-ft 
nstuiUy a tmall tea«paonrnl, in water. 

JEnniB Fimcs. B. (Ether free from alcohol aod «a^ 
Put ether Oij with di>tJUed water Oj into a liotl^ | 
■hake together. Let them rest for a few minate^. 
when uparated decant off supeniatant ether; inii< 
Oj more water, again let them separatti, and decant, 
the washed ether with freah-bumt lime Jt and chloridl 
calcium Jiv into a retort, with receiver closely attacliM^. 
them stand foe SI hours, then distil with a gentle " 
8p. gr. not above ■720. 

JBtHKB. SULFHiTBicca CPM Aloohoie, See Spiritua J 

ia Sulpbnr 

jBtsbe 8 

ether f jiss. Dose, 4 to 10 drops. 

Iobcbkhtb. M. Iodine 3ij, au]. 


^THBK PaoBPHOEAnfs. P, Macerate 1 part of phosplio- 
Tus with 50 of ether, fur a month, in h duk place, ahnbing 
■MK^aaioiMill;. Decant the clear solution and keep it in a 
dark place. Dr. Coflaku directs 2 grtdna of pure pboa- 
phoroB, and 9j of oil of peppermint, or oil of valerian, to 
be digested with 3j of ether. Dose, S to ID drops, with 
some macHaginons liquid. 

^TBIE TEBEBHtTUiNATiTa. DuBANDB. Ether S parts, 
rectified oil of tnrpentine 1 part. From 20 to 40 drops in 
whej, as a solvent for blliar; calenll. 

Other Ethereal pr^iaraiiont itill be found anojy Ihe 
TUicluret, Solvtioiu, and SpirUa. 

Miaion Absobhebh. Hj'drnrgjram enm Cceti. 

iTBlOPH Aktimobiams. Pbeb. P, Levigated black »ul- 
phurat of antimony, and black sulphuret of mercury, of 
each }flj, Mix, AUeratioe. Dose, a few g^'ains. Dr. 
R,trMMKB's ^thiops was prepared (rom equal parts of 
golden Bnlphur of antimony and calomel Post. Ph. 
direuts 3 parts of precipitated sulphuret of aatimony, and 
2 of puriHed marcuij. 

^THiops Geaphitjcus. Triturate 2 parts of plumbago 
wth 1 of quickflilver. Dose, p. viij. 

MisioTS Mabtlaub. Black oxide of iron. See Ferri 
Oxidum Nigram. 

^^THioFS MiNEBALia. Sec Hydnirgyri Sulpharetnm cum 

JEthiops Saochaeatub. Span. P. Quicksilver 1 part, 
white sugar 2 parts. Triturate togetharwith a few drops 
of water, till the qnickailvcr is extinct. Baumb's Sucre 
uermi/lije ioercvriel conaists of ^thiops miuend 3 parts, 
qnicksilver 3, sugar 7. 

.SIthiops Vbsbtabiwh. Bm'n dried bladder-wtack (i\s«s 
VBwioulaiiua) in a covered crucible, with a perforated lid, 
till vapours cease to rise. Doae, gr. v to x twice a day, in 
Bcrofufcas aS'ecttons of tbe skin or glands. The do^ is 
eotuetimes increased to ^ or more. 

Alcohol. E. Rcetjfied spirit Oj, lime Jsvii]. Break the 
lime into small iragmonts; expose tbe spiiit and lime 
together to a gentle heat in a glass matrass till the lime 
b^ins to slake; withdraw the heat till the slaking is 
fil^ilhedi praaerriug the upper part of tbe malraes cool 






with dump oloths. Then attuah a proper rrfrigen _,, 

and with a gradiullj increasing heat diatil off fjirij. 
QenBity alioald not exceed '796. D. Nearly the nme, 
with only 10 OQBceB of lime ; a chloride of zinc bath nad t 
Liehig'i coadeoBer to be used, and the first 2 ooncttRre- 
jactad. Sp. gr. '795. 
AiJ:iaHoi. AmtONiimif. See Spiritos Ammoniie. 
Alcohol Amtlicitm. B. Amylio Alcoliol. Fouiel OU. 
An oilj liquid, separated iu the rectifiiKtion or distilla- 
tion of crude spirits, produced by the fermentation of no- 
clmrina solutions with yeast. 8p. gr. 'SIS. Used to nalta 
voieriaDate of Boda. D. Fuiel OU. Take uf the lieht 
liquid, which may be obtuined at any large distillerj l^ 
continniiig the dietiUation for some time after the pun 
Ipirit hoB been all drawn off, q. p. Introduce it int" " 
small etill or retort, connected irith a condenser, and BJ 
heat so as to cause distillation. As Soon as the oil bq, 
to come over nnmiicd with water, the receiver ahoiild Iw 
changed, and the distillation being resumed and canifld 
nearly to dryness, the desired prodnct will be obtained. 
The liquid drawn over daring the first part of the diatilh^ 
tion will consist of an aqueous Huid surmoauted by ■ 
Btratam of l^isel oil : the latter should bo eeparalei 
and preserved for nee. [Ij'wd in preparing t" ' " " 
Alcohol Dmrnrrs, and Alcohol FoBinia. The fimnsr. 

numes ot proof ani rectijled spirit. See Spiritns. 
Alcobol iJrLfHiTBici7ii. P. Scc Acidiini Sulpharieon 

Aloe Cou.ta. Heat aloes by steam in a tin vessel till i 

ciently soft ; then stnun it through a hair sieve. 
Aloina. Mix powdered Barbadoes aloes with clean Mn^ 
and liiiviate it with cold water ii ' ' " 

rate the solaUciQ in tbobo to the c _ „ - , ^ 

set it aside for two nr three days. Press the cryattJUitf 
mass between folds of blotting paper, and purify by n> 
peated cryitalUxaCioti from hat water. Dose, gr. j to y. 
Alioxaudm. Alloxane. To nitric acid of 1'4S to 1-S den- 
sity, in a porcelain vessel, Rradoally add half its weight 
of (try uric acid, mixing each portion very carefully and 
wwtiag till the eSorvescence is over, and the liqi ' ' 

^^* before addjug- more. Put the mHSa on porous paper, or 
briul^ for 24 hours, to dry ; then dissolve it lij- hcut iti its 
own weight of water, filter, ojid set sside in u wurm place, 
that crjatala may form. Diuretic; dose and ubqb uudc- 

Aluwbn Exsiccatcm. B. Dried or bttntl ahtm. Mvlt 
Bloni in a porcelain vessel, and iniireaBe the heat, not 
allovingr it to exceed 400°, till it cesaes to boil. Keduce 
to powder. 

Aliimbii Saocibabincu. Alum^vj, whilieload^vj, sulphate 
of slue 3'U> wliit<! sugur Jiai. Mix the powder into a 
paste with linogar and white of egg. Uaud in eye-waters 
and cosmetic washes. 

Alcuina. Barih of alum. Dissolve nlnm in water, and 
precipitate by carbonate of potusb; waab the precipitate 
freely witb distilled water; re-dissolve it in hydrochloric 
aud, precipitate bj ammonia, and wash it at before. 

ALnMDls AtjBTiB. Dissolve fresh precipitated alumina in 

, Btrong acetjc add; filter thv soluOon, and evapcirate it to 
R gelatinous consistence. 

ISM TAHZtAS. An article has been sold under this 
le which dotu not appear to ba a definite compound, 

Fwd contains but little tannin. 

AmtONLfi AqiTA. Sec Liqaor AinmoniEe. 

AluiONX« ACETATIB AftOi. B. ; Liquor, D. See Liquor 
AmmoniiD Acetatla. 

AuuoHif AHaBKlAa. Saturate solution of arsenic add with 
ammonia (which should be in slight excess), and evaporate 
by a gentle heat, that crystals may form on cooling. See 
Liquor Arseniatis Ammoniffi. 

Ahmonx£ Benzoab. B. Dissolve benzoic acid ^ij in ■□!□- 
tion oFammonia Jiij previously mixed with distilled water 
^v, evaporate ut a gentle heat, keeping ammonia Insligbt 
excess, and sot aside, tbat urystuls may form. Liquid 
BeuKoato of Ammonia, as used in Prussia, is made by 
laturating strong water of ammonia with benzoic acid, 
with the ^d of beat, and filtering tbe solution. Dose, 

rnxv to f3ij, in chrottic bronchitit. AI»o to prevent tbe 
Ibnnation of chfllk-stones and uric calculi. Dote of tlio 
Hit, gr. x-xx. 
1 SaoiXBosia. D. Expose finel]' p 


quIcarbouRte of Rmmonia Co the air, an a sheet of poM 
for 24 hoars. ErtL-toae it is b ncU-stupped bottle. [Hioi 
prapaceg it by pouriug on tbe geaquicarbonate anffic' 
boiling water to dissolve it, itud immediately closing 
Teasel. Cryfitala form contajuing Si per cent, of wttt 
Dose, gr. v to u. 

AytuasiM Bitabtris. To a solution of a giTeo qoantitj 
tartaric acid, add q. b. of ammonia or its carbonate 
ueutcalize it ; then add to it a nolution of the Baue qjOK 
tity at tartaric acid. The bitartrate precipit«tea. 

Axvmsix Oabboicab. B. See Ammonin SeaqoicarlNnuuk. 

Ammojob Cabbonab Pybo-oleobeiu. See Sal Comu Om 

Auitosts ClTBAa, See Liqaor AmmoniEe Citrutil. 

iodine with half its weight of clean irou-fllings, in diltSs 
water, till a colnnrieBa solution is obtained. Filter, aj 
immediately add eeaqnicarbonata of ammonia In tiif^ 
eieeaa. Filter, coneentrata hy rapid eraparitlMi, al) 
cryitaUi»e by refrigeratioD. It is ratbur more Botive thl 
iodide of potaasium. 

&3IX0SI1E Htdboditlobas. See Ammonii Chloridnm. 

Ahuonis HrDBoenLPETTBETTiM. E. Pa49 eulphoretti 
hydrogen gas (from Jiaa of sulphoret of iron, iixX t 
water, and fjias of oil of vitriol, passing tiie ga« flfi 
through a litUe water) into f Jiv of nolution of amniiMl 
till the liqnid ceases to give a precipitate when added to 
latuiated solution of sulphate of magnesia. It should 1 
kept in a green glras bottle with an accnrately gntnt 
stopper. Sp. gr. '999. FouonBut. Dose, 4 to 8 drops i 
water, in dinbeiea, 

AxisoBiJE LiQiTOB. See Liquor Ammonite. 

AkuokT'G Nithab. Satarate diluted nitric Bcid with ft 
qnii-urboDBte of ammoniai filter, and concentrate by "y-^— 
poration at a gentle heat, that crjslals jaay tana i] 

AxntotnM Nitbo-sci 

a B'Jnlion of anlphi 

water of ammonia ; let the crystala which form be qoiekl 
washed with liquid ammonia, dried without hc&t and pn, 
' in closely il«pped bottles. Dose, gr. lij, in typhoi 

■ Amwowth 


AXKOmjE OxiiAB. E, DisBoIfe Jviij (probably Sir in- 
teudt'd) of carbonato of auunoiiui. in Oiv of water; add 
gradnally Jiv of oialic acid, concentrate by boiling, and 
■et aiiide to raystaUize. As a teat for lime. 

AmoNis Fqosfeas. B. To dilnte pbosphoric add Oj 
add etroug aolution of amnioiua ontil tbe uotutioQ is 
sligbtly alkaline, ETBpocate liqnid, adding more am- 
monia &om time to time to keep it in tilight excess. Wben 
on cooling crystala are formed, dty tbom qnicldy on filter- 
ing puper or a porous tile, and preserve in a stopped 

AuuoHlA. Pbxfabata. AmmonUc Setqmaarioaas. 

AjotOSiB SesqiticabboKaS. AniiHoBUe Carboaag. B. So 
formula, 59 gr. are nentraliied by 1000 measures of 
the volumetric sultitioii of oialic acid. L. Sesquicarbonate 
(formerly aubcarbonute) of atnmonia. Volatile Salts. MJx 
By of powdered sal ammoniac (ammoniaa bydroohloras) 
with tbiaa of prepared cbalk, and sublime with a gradxuUy 
increased beat. Dose, gr, v to it. 

&KUONi£ SucciBAS Iktvu-vb. P. Spirit of harteborn 
neutralized with Bucciiilc acid (salt of amber), and filtered. 
Dose, a fen drops as an antiapasmodie. 

Aiatosi.B Sttlphab. Saturate diluted eulphurli; add with 
sasquicarbonate of ommonia, and evaporatu tba solution, 
that crystals may form as it cools. Dose, gr. xv to xxi. 
JUttretic and ttinmlaiitM 

AUUOHIS TARTBAfi. Sea Liqnor Ammoniffl Tartmtis. 

AWOBXA Tabiasizata. Saturate a solution of 150 grains 
of cream of tartar witb 118 grains, or q. s., of sesqui- 
carbonata of ammonia. Evaporate to dryness, with a very 
gentle beat. Diuretic ; in doses of a few grains. 

Ammoma StrcciHAS. Mix one part of pure socdnic acid 
with four parts of water, and add ammonia in sligbt ei- 
ceaai Alter, evaporate, and crystallize. This compound ia 
also prepared in a liqnid form by saturating spiiite of 
hEkrtGhom witb euednic acid. Anligpagjnodic and 

I VjiKBIABAB. Wood and BaoeK. Satnriite 
lie acid witb atroog solution of ammonia. Eva- 
at 150° Fabr. to a ajmpy eonsistenoe. Mil witb 
te bulk of alcoliol, and allow it to evaporate spoo- 



tiDeoQiIy to crj-stAli' Do>e, 3 to 8 grains, ii 

etrilept)', hfsterin. &«. 
AmtOHio-ciTUAi PiBBi. See Feni AmmcmiD- 
AltHonuevu Pasris^ivn. L. Boil imnp 

in Bofflcicpit WBlor tn miver it, atrain through a hrnir . . ^ 

and erapoTute it ac far that it thall be hard when It I 

AHHOKlt Bhohisvu. B. Bromide of ADiinonlani. 
funnulu. [To 1 purt or iron fliingg, iiupended io 6 p 
of water, add graduatl; 3 purts of bromine, agitata Bi 
beat genti; till the whole ii tUesoIved, forming ■ 
liquid. To this add 1} partu of bromine. To 
tioD add Bolntion of ammonia till a precipitate cei 
formed. Pjlter, and evaporate to crjatals. Bona ■ 
HHABLiBii.] Dose, 5 to 20 grdns, used a 
of I'otassium. Ammoaiie Bgdrobromiu. 

AMMONri CnuiUTDVU. B. Chloride of Ammoniam. a 
droeUorati of Ammonia, Muriate of Ammonia, Sal Ai 
CTonioo. Nautraliie hydrochloric acid with ammoni*, « 
evaporate to drjnoae. [Oanerally prepared by anbUmlnf 
witb cooinion laU the sulphate of ammonia obtained ft 
gas liqaor or bone spirit.] 

AvuoBU laoistru. See Amtnoniffi Hydriodaa. 

AuTGDALlNA. Boil well-presBcd cake of bitter a 
twice in strong alcohol j strain throogb linen, and p_. 
the residue. KemOTe any oil that may tppear, heat K„ 
liquid again, and Alter, in a few days part of the amyga 
daline cryatiiUizeg. Concentrate the residuary liquor to ■ 
slith _part, and add ether, which will throw down the 
aroygdaline. Press it between blotting-paper, woah it 
with other, re-diasolTO in boiling aicohoi, and set aside to 
eryaCsllize. [Seventeen grains with fJisB of sweet almond 
onulliion form a substitute for (strong) Aqua Amygdala 
Aniam. This quantity is equivalent to one grain of real 
pnuile acid, or 60 grains (66m) of Ac. Hydroc dil. P. L.]- 

AUTLKVA. A volatile liqnid bydmearboii, Obtained bj 
diltillinK fusel oil with anhydrous phoaphorie acid. " 
pusMl by Dr. Snow as an aniesthetic for inhalattc 
since a ' 


dcreil wliite starch, Cootitiue tins trituration till tli« 
campmind nsanmea it deep and anifonu colour. Dote, tioio 
5^9, gntdniilly iucrcaaed to ^iv or more. 
AXYLDH cDu Cera. Melt wax, arid stir it iaUi four Ijmei 

its weij^lit of etdrph or Arrow-root. Demulcent. 
AKTHiucoirAi.1. PoTLA. Carl>oiiat« of poUeb ivj, lime 
jiiiBs, water OiT. Proceed bs in roiiking liquor potasBffl, 
uid aouueiitrate tlio clear solution b; boiling in an iron 
_ vessel, tiU an oily lookiiig liquor remains ; then stir in JT 
bpfflnelj powdered mineral ciuli remove from the fire, and 
' ' le stirring till the whole ii reduced to B nniform 
', wliich is to be immediately put into amall dry 
Dose. gr. ij, twi<% or thrice a, day, for skin dis- 
«rofnlflf chronic rheumaitifim, &c 
lOKALi SciiFHUBATDiri. Ab the lagt, adding, with 
k the cob!, 5iT of sulphur. Doee and nsen as the last. 

r PoTKBlt. Fuse togctbei i ports of r^^ns 
_ and 5i of fine tin; pour it on s metal plal«, 
reduce it to powder, and dcflagmto it in a red-hot crucible 
with 15 parts of nitre; keep it hot for some time, then 
wash it, and dry with a gentle heat Dose, gr.'^toi, in 
bectio fevers, £a. 
Abtihohidm CaIiOihatum. L. 1788, Diaphoretic Anti- 
mom). Calx of A-ntimrmi/. SuBquisulphnret of antimony 
Jviij, powdered nitre Jdqv. Mii and deflagTata bj spoon- 
liilii, in a trucible heated to rednees. Durn for half an 
boar, and, when cold, powder. [When waahed with dis- 
tillled water, it fonne Calx Ait/imonii Lola. The waebings 
nDnic Aeid by the addition of snlphnric acid.] 
II Calx Sdi.pbi]bata. HtrPBLAiKi). Mix 10 parts 
t ojiter-eheUs, 4 of sulphur, and 3 of crude auti- 
nouy; and calcine them in a luted crucible for an hour. 

AsTluotm Cebubha. Bate. As Antimon 

n Calcinatiii 

_ means of a lens. 

)N1I ChlObib™. Terchlaride, Mtriaie, or Butler 
ilisiony. Distilled from a miiture of 1 part of scs- 
uaulphuret of antimony, and 3 of corrosive soblimate 
-. 1745), or from 1 part of crocus of Hntimouj, 2 of com- 
sall, and 1 of sulphuric acid (L. 1788). But the Uqsid 


ehUriiU li more nmiillf nbb^ned t^ ffinoMng Uid'e. 

or Toaatcd mlphnret in innriiitic and. (See LiqoM- Anti- 
monil Clilociili.) The cliluridc ortlio *bopa ivnitaiiu iron 
and tn>f iicid. 
AnTmonil Cxiria. Anlimong AiS. The ruMtad ttt- 

AurtMOJiiI Cbocds. L, 1788, Oroeut, or SaffVon of .AkH- 
mang. Powdered loqtiisulpliaret at antimnay tbj, nitra 
Ibj, conmon salt Jj. Mix, and dcHnf^rata lij ]H>rtiuiu [n ■ 
hatted crucible. Pour out the fiiaed mtMB, iind Mpanit* it 
from tho woritc. Wbcn reduced to powdor, billed, wd 
aftorwudi repeatedly wiuhi>d with nuter, it fnrDii CVvom 
•dnrJtnoiui Xofiu. This omca* nai formed in tb« flnt 
part of tlie former L. proooni for Antim. p.-lartnu. 
AftlXOtnims. Dui'BOEETicnM ABicTn*. See AutiiDonlimi 
CNldnutnm. Tbe Pbcb. Ph, directs 2 ports of nitre to 1 
of regnliu of antimony. 
Amiiioitii OxTcnLOBiSTrH. Antimouii Oijdum Kitto- 
Hnriatieam. D. Algarolh'i Povider. Prepared hj addil^ 
the chloride (I'qi'"' tercliloridi) of antimony to water, ana 
waihing- tho precipitate. Formerly need in maViog tka 
potuuo-tartmti! i hut water alone will not remote the 
tercUoridc, n little of which is thrown down with ths 
oxide, and Vihomting n portion of cnnrinKc ai^iil, it cou*artl 
the potaBeio-tartrBte iota an □ncryatBltiiahlo compoBBd 
' with a umaller proportion ofteroiide of antiianny. 

aoifll OxiDUM. B, Oxide of Antimony. Prnir solo- 
1 of chloride of antimony fjivj intn ivhIit Cij, mil 
thoronghly, Bod wt Baide until the precipitete wliii^h forma 
I >bal] have eabaided. Remove the Bupeniiilutit liquid by a 
■ipbon, add one gallos of ditljlled water, n4;itnte well, let 
the prceipitate Bubaide, agnin withdraw tite fluid, ukI 
repeat tbe proceanea of Bffliiaion of distilli-d water, Igila- 
tion, aui) subsidence. To tho precipitate add carlMuate tA 
soda Svji previoualy disaolvcd in two pints of disUUad 
water, leave them in contact for half an hour, Btirrin^ 
freqaently, colled: the depoait on n calico filter, and waah 
with bi^llDB dittjiled water until the wauhingH cease to 
give ft precipitate with a aoliition of nitrate at ailvat 
aoidnlated by nitrie add. Lastly, dry the product at k 
hcM not exceeding 212°. [This ia ased in preparing tbe 


I'potasaia-taitrate of antimony. The L. college employ tlie 

IS of HosNTTNG. Bee Antim. potawio-tartrvu. Mr. 

mendi decampoaing the o>ychloride by ses- 

■ qnicarbonate of aiuiaoQiB.] Dose, gr. i to 1, Mr. TjBOn 
sajs I-lOth to 1 gr. 

AHTiKOMnni SmpHujuTim. B. AntimoBa Oxytulplmre- 
(««, Oxgaulpiurel, or Precipitated SutpAtiret af AKlitRim}). 
B. Mil blai't aolphnrat ol' antimony 5i with eolation of 
Bodft Oivss, and boil for two liaim with frequont stirring, 
adding diattlled water occaBionally to maintain tlie same 
Toinme. Strain tbe liqnor diTongb calico, and, before it 
eoola, add to it by Uegre«s dilate sulphnric Bcid till tbe 
latter is in slight excess. Collect the precipitate on h 
calico filter, wash with distilled watfr till tbe washings no 
longer preoipitnte with chloride of buritrai, und dry lit a 
temperature not eileeding 312°. Bimilar to Antimonii 
Oxysulphureliiin, \i.\ Antimonii Sulpliuretum Aiirenm, 
E.; and Ant Snlphuretna Pnecipilalum, D. Dose, 
gr. i— V. 

Ahumontfm TABTABAnjM. B. Aniimonii Fotatiio-tar- 
tras. Mix nxide of luitimoDV 3v and iu:id tartrate of potaiK 
in fine powder Jvj with sufficient distilled water to ibrm 
I paste, and set iiside for rwenty-four hours. Then add 
(Hatilied wHter np to Oij, and bull for a quarter of an hour, 
Harring frequently. Filter, and set oxide the eleur iiltrate 
'a eryitnllijie. Poar off the mother liquor, evaporate to 
ue third, and set aside, tliat more eryitals may form. 

B3)ry the cryataU on filtering-paper at tbe temperature of 
lir. L. uses subsnlpbate of anUniiinv obtained by 
a of SOj on black sulphurot. E., I)., similar to B, 

I Soae, as an emetic, from 1 tu S grains ; as a diaphoretic 
■nd eipectorant. ^ to J of a grain j as a, nuuseant, ito i 
a grain ; aa an aDtipbloeiatie, j a grain U> 3 grains, 

AnTmoim Tabtabizau Lkjvob. See Viuum Antimo- 

AHTmottn PF1V18 CoMPoaiTCS. Sec PnlvisAnt. Comp. 

AliriHONn ReodxDb. Mtiallie Anlimoni/ is obtained by 
heating the teniulphuret with half its weight of clean iron 
filings, in a covered cmrible; or by heating the oxide or 
XTchioride with twice its weight of cream of tartar to dull 


B. Bb^P 

AnTiKOimru Nissim, [TernilplinTetiini.] 

crude antluioDy is obt^ned from thu native ore bj aeumg 
it in a proper fumape, aeparating the fused sulpburat from 
the loBB fosible eartli; matter nitb which it ia combine^ 
then reducing- U> & fine pawder. 

Asin£ovji ET Somi Svlphdeetck. Schliffe'e A»Hmo- 
Hial 5ott. M. Vahdkn Cohput. Mii 8 parts of eHi>- 
rracod snlphste of aodi, 6 of untphoiet of antinumy, and 
3 of charcoal, and eipose to a red-beat Ed a covered 
Heuiau cruuible till the fuEt^d masB ceaeos to throw up k 
«cuiQ. Boil the residue in a porcelun vessel with 1 ptirt 
of sulphur Knd auIGcient distilled water, and set tlie fll* 
tared liquor aside for crystalliiBtiorj. 

Aymtosii 8iTBHTDB0S(n.PH^. Sea EermEs Minenle. 

AsnMOtm Takvab, Add to a decoction of cinchona hnk 
a solution of polasaio-tartrate of antimony as lot% M t 
pcecipitAte is thrown doini; coltect and dry tbit preaiiri.- 
tato. It may alao be made with a solution of tunniii in^ 
stead of the decoetioD. Dose, iij to vii j gr. in soma mael- 
lagiaoug Itqaid, as a contra-stimulant. 

Aktiiionii Tebcslobiudi]. See Liquor. 

AsTmoHnm ViTErPACTPM. Olaii of Antimony. L. iniSi 
Bum pandered (tersulphnret of) antimony in a ah^oW 
earthen veiiEcI till the sulphurous vapours cease. Fat U^ 
into a crucible, of which it will occupy two thirdt, aj^ 
having fitted a cover, apply a gradually increased hekt tJEB 
the matter fuaea i and pour it on to an iron plate. 0DO9P*~ 
tsdn and Tioleiit in its operation. 

AmiMOHn ViTKOH CBHiTUK. L. 1746, and Dr, Toima.' 
Uelt l^j of ycUow wax in an Iron Isdlc, and add Sj of glut 
of antimony in fine powder. Keep it over a gentle flic, 
free from flame, for about half an hour, or till it hecomoc 
nearly of the colour of snuS. Pour it out on white papo^ 
and when cold reduce it to powder. Dose, from gr. it — j^, 
in rfy«en(en/. 
' Afozeua Antibcokbuticith. p. Roots of burdock, patieno^ 
and horseradish, fresh leaves of Bcnrvy-grsss, hnek-bau^ 
and wator-eress, each Sss, boiling water Oiiiss. Infuse 
lor 2 hours, strwn, and press j let the sediment mbdd^ 
nnd decant. By wine-gl^sfols. 

Apokou. Amti-colicfh. Deqi^akc's mixture for Lead 

Sanaa Jij, sulpliate of Eoda Jj, sjTup of buckthorn 
tor Jivj. I)j glassfula. 
. CoNTHA-BTiuiJi.A^3. Labvkbc. Sea Miatnra 

nitre, 3j, sjrmp of the 5 roots 3j. A wlne-glKsafiil. 

Afozeju Ehsto-citea&ticitu. Emetic tarliLr gr. j, snl- 
plutto of soda 5iv, veal broth f 3xvj. By glassfula till it 
operatos. Tbe Ean <le Trevea (Pr. H.) eonaiata of sulphate 
(tf' magnesia Sji emetic tartar ^. ss, water Oij. 

Afoisbiu. FEBBiFCQirH:. Dnooclum OischornE, 

ApozbMa CICTTTK DB Fkltb. DeeoBtum Sana ewn lehfhffo- 

AtOiEHi PuaOASS. See Miatnm Pnrgana. P. 

AfDZBHJL sioiua PiiSABA Bboalis. 1'. Senna 517, anl- 
phatc of soda S'v, oniBeed 5j, cinnamon Jj, fresh eheryil 
3ir, cold wat^r Oj|, one lemon sliced. Macerate for 24 
hours, stirring occasioniLll; ; strain, press, and filter. B; 
glawfiile, in the morning, till it operates. 
, Afozeua Svvoaiwiomt. IleeoBtmt Quaiaci CompotUum. 

^^Kqir£ Dgstillats. Simple DietiUeA Watert. The plants, 

^^K &c,, are pnt into the stLU with twice as mnch water aa 

^^H intended to be drawn off. Some recominend a previous 

^^F maceratioD, butthisig not directed by tbe British Collegea. 

^^^ E. directs f^iij of rectified spirit to be added to each 

' galloD of the product, but tho atility of this addition ia 

very questionable. The colleges permit the waters to be 

prepared from the essenljal oUs instead of the plants. L. 

directs the oil to be mbbed with pulverized Hint, then 

with the water, which ia afterwards tiltL^red. D. directs 

floIuWous of the oils in spirit [eaaencea]. Watara carefully 

distjlled &oni the herbs are generally to be preferred. 

The following liat of Medioated Watkbb contains 

besides the Distilled Waters, imitations of the principal 

Mineral Water* (Aqnin Mineralea Factitiie) ; and a few 

nlilie Solutions, &c., towhich the name Agiia ia commonly 

applied, though the L. and B. Collegea now restrict the term 

1 to DistUIed Waters. For the Diatilled Spirits, formerly 

^H^ called luaie™ [Aqna SPiEiTuoaiK], see SpiKllua, Man^ 


ilioDs m&lfft 

other ftpnnnlii) for perfumfd wnters, ond raotUioDi 

vaters, niU be found !□ tbc Drugi/UW OenenU Sretip: 

Aqcta AfiBiSTHii. Wormwood tops ftjj, wa(«r q. s. INitH 

AqcA Fiioscii AcADiJB. As Ai). Boao;, from fresh flowen 

of Bobinia pseiido-acacia. It cootuiaa pnuaio •ndd. 

Aqua Aostitib AmosiM. E. and D. Sue Liqnor Am- 
monia! Acetatis. 

Aqui. Acmi Caebosici. U. S. ^gBo Aarafa. Water 
charged by pressure with 5 times its volume of 
add gaa. Cooling; alliiya thirst and yomiting. 

Aqua AciDi:ri^ Alkalika. See Liquor Potussat 
cans ; and Liqnor SadHi Effarvescens. 

AquA ASBE Obbaia. Water deprived of air by boiling, and 
cooled in closed vessels. It ehonld bIwbjb he naed in pi«. 
paring sulpburetted uod cl^alybeate waters ; and is pte- 
ferahle for thoEu uontaioing carbonic acid gas. 

Aqca jEthbeba. MaM Et/Srie. P. Mii 1 part of el 

with S o( water; agitiit« frequently in n bottle iidth ■ 
ground stopper ; let it rest £4 beorB, Separate the npttr 
nutant I'ther, and keep tbe water for use. Dote, fjir tt 
f 3j, diluted. 

Aqita ^tbkuba Caotsobata. Camphor 5ij, ether 3tJi 
distilled water fjiv. Disaolre the camphor in tbe etW^ 
and add tbe water. Sbuke the mixturu occaBionally, e * 
in 24 hours decmit ; or draw off the water a* ~ ~ ' 
from beneath the supernatant etlier Dose, fSj— 

Aqita Ai.BiTtiiNDSA. White of 2 eggs, water St,h. Beat -a 
the whites with a little of tbe water, and add the i-^ti 
Str^ through a sieve. Aa an antidote for corrosive eab- 

AqiTA Alexitbbia Siuflgs. L. 1T4C. Fresh mist &^ 
tops of sea wormwood Ibj, angelica leaves ftj, water q. «^^ 
Distil Cong. iiss. 

AftUi Ai/EXITBBIA SplBmroBA- See Spiritiia Alexiteriw. 

AqiTA Alouiboba Bateana. Liquor AhiminU Con^fo- 


j, carbODHtc of umgnesut 3j; rub together, then with 
[lij of liiatilleit water gradaally adiJed, and filter. 
^ ii IB wottkar thiut the P. & Peua. Ph.] 
WtUA AuTQOAiiAiLiru AuiBAEHU. P. Mix tbij of i^eeh 
cake of bitter almnnds (tVom which the oil hna been 
exprelsed) with enODgrh water to form a. tida pap ; then 
introduce it iiito a stil], attach the head and worm, and 
let them macerate for 24 hours; distil Kiiv, by meaiu of 
ateam conducted to the bottom of the still by a tube con- 
nected with a. boiler. Filter the dielilled water through 
wet paper. [Aaother method \a to add the above thin pap 
(after 2-( boiira' maceration) to watsr alreudy boiling- in 
the atill, which ia to be immediately Inted.] Paua, Pa, 
Bittur aibuDoda B>ij ; bruise, and free them from their fat 
oil by eiprcBaloD, without heat. Let the cake, reduced to 
powder, be mbbed with tbi of water, and '^iv of niutiQcd 
spirit added. Distil Kij, ae above. It contains two thirds 
' Lnbydrous acid in jj. Dose, irom 10 to 60 
% are many other formulES for this wat«r in 
! foreign pliarinacopiBiaH, differing widely in Btrength, 
lost of them very powerfbl. M. HSNLB propoaea 
I 3SS of esBential oil of bitter almonds and ji of 
diluted hjdroojanio acid (L,) with Jiij of distilled water. 
The mixtore to be well shaken, and then filtered. For 
ttDother substitute lee Emulsio AmygdnliD oum Amjg- 
dalinfi. Dose of the above preparaUona, from 10 to 40 
drops. A concentrated water, obtained in distilling the 
essciitiul oil, is sometimes osed to Bavour confectionery, 
and BE an external applieatiou; but for internal Use thia 
remedy is rarely preaeribed in this coontry, not oft«n in 
" France, but more froqaently in Germany, in the above 
^^^doses. An overdose proves rapidly faUL A very dilute 
^^^Umond water is aometimea sold for Aqua Ccraai Nigri. 
^^BV^ater slightly impregnated with the essential oil (6 drops 
^^Ro Oy] has also been prescribed as Aqua Amygd. Am. ; it 
^^"i» therefore important that the dispenser shoold ascDrtain 
what kind is intended.] 
AfjW A Attbthi. B, Bruised dill Ibj, water Cij ; diatil Cj. 
Aqua Amobucc. P. Angelica seeds tbiij, water q. b. 

Distil Cj, [Guibourt directs the rout.] 
" "IDA ABiSl. O. Essence cJ anise f 5j, distilled water Oiv -, 



mil with agitation, and filter Ihrongli paper. [P. dn 
it to be miide from tbu seeils. as Aijuh Aiieiolitunr] 

Aitvi Amisi STKLL1.TI. Froui atar>Hime Or badian-ieedi j 
as Ai|tia Aniai, P. 

Aqua Abthbmidis. Prds. Ph. Dried chamomile flmrma 
Itij, water q. a. Distil Ihii. 

Aqca AhtimonIAta. M. Lontlioia' remedy 
tlon, consist!) of 1 graia of emetic tartar in troi 
jHDta of water ; tu be taken aa a common bererag 

Aqita AtTBANTii Flobis. B. No foTinalH. L. 18SG. _ 
flowera fti, proof spirit Jvij, water Cij. DisCit Cj. 
directs twice their weight of water ta be drawn tiata 
flowera for double oninge.flower naterj the qHOdmpU i 
mode in the south of Franue from aa eqoal WM^lt a 
flowere. At Paria the fiowera of the hhtet orange an twed 
which are superior to those of the sweet rnriety.J 

Aqua Babttb MrRiATia. See Liquor Barii ChloridL 

AqcA Bbnkdicta. The old name of Liquor Caluii. [Bnl 
JEoii b^ite of H. de la CbaritJ is a aolution of gr. y Bmdai 
tartar iu OJ of water. Eau binite tU Suland ia Vinoji 

AQirt. Bkszoata AEjiArA, Benioate of potash, bora^ a 
each gr. iv; hicarhonote of potash jss, wuCot f jx^ 
Charge with carbonie aeid gaa. 

Aqita Bbbqauii. From Uergamot peel ; as Aqua C 
Aaraatii, above. 

AuiTA BcNKLU. A styptic nostrum, snpposi 

AquA BONKBNBia. Aqua Sodii Snlphureti set 

Btitnte for the waters of BoDQes, Cauteret^ St. Sanven^ 
aad other sulphureDns waters. 

AtJPA BOBAOINIS. P. FroQi BopBgBi SB Aqua LaotuOB, 

AijuA Bbouinii. See Sulutio Bromiiiii. 

AanA Bbyosu;, See Spiritoa BryoniiB. 

Aqita Calcib. E. See Liquor Calcis. 

Aqda Caloib CoKFOarrA. D. 1B07. (Aqua Bmediela 
Compoaita.) Rasped guaiaenm wood J\j, liqaoriue rool 
^*, aassafraa bark jes. coriauder seeds Jiij, fVesh UtUA 
water Ov. Macerate 2 days !□ a close vesael aaA 

AiJOA CAigia Cakbohatis. Carrara Water. A pint eoiii 


tsius aljoat 16 grains of carbonBte oE lime, held in solu- 
tion b; carbonic acid gne. Antilithic. 

Aqua Calcis McBUTia. Ses Liquor CiUcii Cliloridi. 

Aqua CtMSsaam. B. Camplior Water. Camphar Mixture. 
Camphor Julep. See Miatttra Catnphora. Enclaat^ cun- 
phor 3w, Iirolien iato pieces, in a muslin bag. and attach 
tlilB to one end of a glaaa rod, to keep it at the bottom of 
& bottla cootaining Cj distilled water. Macerate for 2 
dajs, thi'D pour (% tiie solution as required. Doae, Jj 
to f jij. B. 1864. Enclose campbor in pieces ^aa in a 
mnalin bag, and iittach tliis to the stopper of a, jar coq- 
ttunlng distilled water Cj. Invert the jarj alloiv it to 
stand for at least two days, and pour off the solutian when 
required. See Mistura CamphoTK. 

Aqcfa Cun'BDBATA Baisana. Sec Ai|ua Cupri Salphntia 

Aqca CAaMKMTAJ'A. See Spiritus MvUbsk Compositus. 

AQtTA Casoi. B. At Aq. Anetbi. 

Aqva Cabyopbilli. p. Clorea Ibij, water q, b. Macerate 
for 13 hours, and distil Ihviy, 

Aqca CAacABlTif.Jt. P. Cascarilla bark tbiij, water q. e. 
Distil Cj. PbiTB. Ph. directs Ibi to lie distilled from Ibj of 
the bark. 

iQtr* CaBBIA E. Cl3»ia bark, fbiai, rectified ai)irit f 5iij, 
water Cij. Distil Cj. [Guy's H. substitutes jxr of cassia 

Aqua Casiobei. L. 1746. Castor 3j, water q. s. Distil 

Aqua Ceaasi Niski. Pbub. Ph. Black cherries (crushed 
in the haods, and the etonea broken in a mortar) D>J, 
water q. s. Distil Ibxx. [It uont^ns prussic acid. A 
very dilute water of bitter almonds is often substituted 
for it. It should never be administered unless its exact 
streogth is known.] 

Aqva Ceuabobitu Amtssai.ata. Pbtb. Ph. Sour cherrioB 
dried ntid bruised with their stones Ibj, bruised bitter 
Hlmonds Ibj, water q. a. Disti! tbxxiv. 

Aqua Chai,ybeata Afbata. Soxtbbihak. Water freed 

from air Oj, sulpliste of iron gr. ss. Charge with 5 

^^ volumes of carbonic acid gas. Or, anlphate of iroa gr. j, 

^^B earbouate of sodu gr. iv ; water, freed from air and. v.\i'i.T^i^ 


with orange peel. It coutain» about gr. y of cilrata 

fjj. DaBe,f5ii.] 
JmVA Cbbnoposii Vtiltabia. Stinkiag goose-roat I 

water tfcvj. Distil Ibiij. Doie, f jj to ij, in hjrstaruL 
AQCi. CEtOBlNll. See Chlorimi Liquor. 
Aqua CnrNAuoui. B. Cinnmaon Jxx; aa Aqua Anetlu 
Aqi^A CnntAMOUi Sfirituoba. Pbds. Pb. (^gua O 

HOBioniJ Virtoia.) Braised cinoamon Ibij, proof spirit K 

water q. a. Distil tbii. 
Aqua Cochleasis, F. Fresli icurrr-g'rDag ttiij, nater a. 

Difitil Ibij. 
Aqda Colonikrbis. Eau de Cologne. P. Oil of U_„ 

3i^ oil of lemon ^iiji ail of rosemary Jiea, oil of ae 

3iaB, oil of lavender jtSB, oil of cionamon 5yj, ceoti 

spirit Oiiiv, componnd spirit of balm Oi\i, spirit of ti 

mar; Oij. Mix, and nrter S Aiiji diBtil Oiiir. 
Aqva Coriahdri. CxnaoURT. From coTiaud^r leedq 

Aqua Angelicto. 
AftDA CoETicia Aubamtu. L. 1746. Riud of orangM ■ 

water q. «. Distil Cj. 
Aqua Cbbasoti. Prtts. Pn. CroMoto jiss, distilled w 

Jiir. Shake t^^ther. and keep in a well-cloied boUl 
Aqua [Cttpri Stophatis] Cakphobata. Batk'b 0am 

rated Lotion. See Lotio Cupri Camphornta. 
Aqua Destillata. B. Take of water Cx. Distil bw 

copper atill, connected with a block-tin worm; rgec^ 

firat half gallon, and preserve the next 8 railloiu, 

should remain clear on the addition aS cithu Time m 

chloride of barium, nitrate of ailver. oiikte of ammo 

or hydroBolphnric acid. 
Aqca FABABfM. From bean-flowerg; as Aqna Sambnd 
AquA FtBTtiCELi. B. as Aqua Anotbi. 
AqdaFobmicabitu. Diatilleil IVom red ants, with iv»l«r^ 
AQDA PortIs DrpLBi, Nitric acid of ap. gr. I'BB, j 

Fortia Simple! is acid of sp. gr. 1-22. Dr. pEasnuL 
Aqva FBAftABIS. Strawberriea ftij, water q. i 


A<HJA OoCLAHM. See Liquor Plnmhi DLacetatifl Dilofeait 
Aqda Hobdeata. See Decoctum Hurdci. 



Aqua H^HQisiCA. Queen tj/" Bungars'i Water, See 
Spiiilua Itosmarinl. 

Aqua Hxdboceahica VBOKTABixig. Schbassb. Esm-d. 
tial oil of bitter nlmontU '^, rectified apirit jiu, dUtilled 
wnter juri. Mil well, onl filter through wot filtering 
paper. [Inteniled as a auhstitute for A^^un Lauro-Ceraai.] 

Aqua Htdbossnii. Water chitrged with hydrogen gaa. 

Aqda HiDROgcu hdbata. See Acidnm Hydrosalphurinim 
Aqua Snlutum. 

Aqifa Hishofi. p. From Treili hyssop ; as Agna MdlBas. 

AftTJA HtbtbbiCA. Ab apiritns Brjonias Coinp,, omittine 
tlie Bryouj. [Under the.niime of Pennyroyiil aud Hjeteric 
Water is sold in the shopa a mixture of Jss comp. sjiint of 
bryony and Obs of penny royal water.] 

Aqus losTlBlT.G. Lcsol's original ioduretteil waters con- 
sisted respectively of i, 1> aod 1 grsia of iodine, diaaolvMl 
in uleoholi Jivj of water, und Jij of sen salt. For the 
present Ibmi see Sotutiooea Todioii. 

Aqua Eau de Jaeelle. See Uquor FotaaaEa 

Aqua Jtjswkbi. P. Bruised juniper berrie* tbiij, water 
q. s. Distil Cj. 

Aqua Lactuo*:. P, Frefh lettuces bruised ft.t, water ftiti. 
Distil ibi. 

Aqua LAUBO-CERABt. B, Chop tlia fresh leaves of com- 
mon lanrel Ibj, crush them in a mortar, and macerate 
thera in water Oiisa for twenty-fbor hours. Distil 1 pint 
of liquid. Shake the prodtn-t; filter through pnper, and 
proserve in a stoppered bottle. The dose is from 10 to 40 
drops. It is more frequently prescribed in this kingdom 
than Aq. Amygd. Amarm, bnt is liable to the ohjtfotion 
thttit the qaautity of pmssic ncid it contains In variable. 
M, HsNxa proposes to substitute the following ; — 
Uii 3^j °f distilled water with 58S of essential oil of 
cherry-laurel and gvj of dilated bydrocjaoic acid, and 

AtJtTi Latahduls. p. Flowering tops of lavender Ibij, 
water q. s. Distil by steam tbiv. [The simple and per- 
fumed spirits of la,vcnder are also termed lavender waler. 
^^ Several formula for the latter will be found in the Dnj- 
^^^, jTufi' Oeaeral Receipt Booh.'] 


Aqc^ Liliokvu Contallhth. Bamis. Pb. Flower* A 
lUy of the valley Ihj, water ftiir. DUtil Ibij. 

Aqca Limonib. E. 1B17. Freeh lemon-peel Ihij, water 
q. B. Distil Ibl. 

Ai}i:i LiTBiBOTBi AcBTATi. Lee Uqnor Plumlii Di*(»> 

Aqca MiauMi* CiBBONiTiB. See Liquor Magnesis Ok- 

Aqita MAaEiGsis CiniATis. M. MacbT- Utx. 3^ of nU 
cined mngTieMa, 3j of carbonate of nmgnraia. Sisa of aogv 
(with n drop or two of oil of orajige- orlemon-pBelli Htrio 
acid 5v!9a, in a Oj bottle of water. Cork immsdlatelji 
in half on bonr it will be ready^to drink. LawaHva. 

Aqua MABtUA Factitia. Sea Water. CoMmon ntt 5x»J. 
BDlpbata of noda. Jvij, mininte of lima Jim, mnriftte it 
magncaia Jvj, iodide of potaasium £y. brnmide oC potU' 
■iam 3s9, water 4 gallons. The sslta aru to In ia ciyil*]*. 
A simpler subatitute ia used aa a bnth ; llj of salt to ttexi 

AftUA Matbicabije. From rorii-cliamomilu ; ub Aqiu 

AijDA MEtrtOTt. P. Dried' flowers of melilot Ibij, iratw 

q. g. DislJl ttivij. 
Aqua Mbxibs^. P. Fresh tops of balm tbxij, wnter 4,11, 

Distil Cj. 
Aqua Mestbs PiPBEiTiE. R Engliih oi 

f3i8^ water Ciaa. Distil Cj. 
AftcA Mkbthje ViBiDia (Vulgaris, 1715; Sntivs, 178^ 

B. From commoa mint, as Aqua Meatbffi Pipoiitia. 
Aqua Mbnte-b PniBaii. L, and E. From pennyroMi 

herb, or oU, as Aqim HcuthFB Piperitic. D. From VM 

Aqtta MniTi. Gbat. Myrtle flowers tbiij, water q, s. 

Draw a gallon. 
Aqua Naihx. . Aqua Flomro Aiirantii. 
AflUA Nigra. Obbm, H. See Lotio Hydr. Cblorldl. 
AQI7A Kitboqinii PBOTOXinr. See Aqua Oxygeaii. 
Aqca Opii. PaCB. Ph. Opium, sliced and dried, Sjl-J 

it into a gbias retort with Jiij of ■ watei 

I ^^m OpHTHAtaitia. E^' Wateri. See Collyi'i* 

■Sbl'UA Obigam. F. As Aijun Meliloti, from wild morjuram 
^^^ flowers. 

HnQUA OxYOBlfn. Wat«r charged by preamre with oiygen 
H gss. But wbut is Bold as oxygeuous water is atnted by 
J^. Pbrbiba, to be an ■qoeoiu solution of protoiide of 
nitn^D (latighlug gns); each bottle containing about n 
quart of the gas. Doae, 3 bottlas daily. Bioitant. 
Aqua Oxsucbiatica. See Chlori Liqaor. 
■"AtjiiA PiBiBTASis. P. From wall pellitory; aa Aq. Lae- 
' *-- ;io. 

I Pebstox. p. Presh peach leaves cut small Ibij, 
.tor fliiv. Distil gently ftij. 
ft Aqua Petbdbeliki. P. From parsley seed ; as Aqua 

Aqda Phaseuxkida. See Lotlo Hydrargyri flavs. 

AquA Pioia. Bp, BbBSElKT. Mii a quart of wood tar 

with Cj of cold water; stir together for a quarter ijl an 

honr, and filter. Keep it in a clostd vessel. Tuken in 

various clironic disorders, to ihe amount of a pint daily. 
AfiDA PntsSTX, B. Bruised pimeDki 3iiv, water Cij. 

Distil Cj. 
Aqca FIUEHT.S DiLriA. Brrt'a H. Pimento watar 3vJ, 

water Jx. Other waters, siuiiUrly diluted, are directed in 

Eoapital FormulaTies. 
AQtTA PwiNTASiKiB, P. From fresh plaintain leaves; as 

Aqua Lsctaeffi. 
Aqva Potabss. See liqnor Potasaai. 
Aqda PoTAsan Sclphcbeii. See Aq. Sulph. Potassie. 
AfjUA PuxEOH. L, From dried or fresh pennyroyal, as 

Aqua Mentbaj Ftperitce. 
Aqua Pfllks Abtoiciamb. Solphate of soda Jiv, sulphate 
'' of magnesia jv, muriate of limn jj, muriate of magnesia 

5iT, muriate of soda 5ij, water Cj, carbonic acid gas 
^ Cv. 

&AVA RABELn. See Aciduin Solphnricnm AlooholisatHm. 
I* Aqda Bat hahi. See Aqua Armoraciui. 
Atjni RksiAi Tlie former name of nitro-hydrocliloric aeid, 
Aqva Bbodii. Ovracmat. Rhodium wood 1 port, water 8. 

Macerate, and distil 4 ports. 

IAqva Robm. B. Hundred -leaved riaes ibi, water Cij, 
t Distil a gallon. [Fresh pet4jB should be prcf crrod ; T 




thoM whiuh liBve been preaervei), bj beating tbem » 
tnlcH th<!ir weight of salt, nri' Kometimca naeiL^ 

Aqca Kobmabihi. ^gua A«IAoa. Rmemary in jlower 
iFBtei q. B. Infiue 24 liour», and distil K gnllon. 

Aqfa Rcbi Idxi. Fre«h raspberriiM Ibvj, nater q. ». Hi 
Cj. Or take tbi of tlio cnke left after eipreaBing tlie Jv 
5ij of carbonate of potasb, ftiu oT watar. Dietil Q. 

AanA RUTj;. Freih rue 1 pirt, wnt»r ~ " '" ' 

hours, and distil 10 parta. 

Aqm SiLTiM. P. As Aqua Lavanitulu;. 

Aiini SiliBCOI, B. From fresh eliicr flowera 
RoiS. [Tbe flowvra preserved by snlt are HHne 
wheutlie fresh flowers cannot be obtuined,] 

Aqta Baxtali. From j'elloir saanders; bb Aqua 

Aqita Sapphikima, Liquor Cnpri AminonJaU. 

Aqita SitiAFBAa. P. Stieed aaisafras IbiiJ. wi 
Distil Cj. 

Aqua Skdutzeksib. P. Crys. solpliate of 

jij to 5j, as pre«'ribe(i, water Oj, dissolve, and cliarga 
sDlntiDD with 3 voltuuci of earbonic aeid gas- 

AftlJA Sbitebatta. Selferg, Or Stltier Water. 
□f Eodinm 3j, cr. carbonate of eoda gr. iv, cr. pbosphats 
soda gr. iss, water 3x. Dissolve also in ariate of limeto'. 
luniiatcof magnesia gr. iv, iii water Jx. Mix tbesoloSa 
unil aerate with 5 volumes of carbonic acid gas. 

Aqua Sbbpylli. P. From mother of tlijme; na 

AqoA SiKAEiB NioBjB. GtriBocBT. Mil 1 part of _..^^^ 
blaek mUBtnrd soed with 6,of water; macerate for 12 ItDB 
and distil 4 parts, b; means of steam ronducted by A ib 
from a boiler to the bottom of tlie still. Filter lloi. 
moistened paper to separale tbe oil. Used extamally 

Aqua Sods Epfbrtbscbnb. A solution of 5j of bi 
□f Botta in Oj of water, charged with carbonic add 
strong pressure. 

Aqua Somt Suukobbtl Jfoit Salfarfe. Bi, _ 

Crjs. Bulphuret of sodium 3j, or. carhoiiatB of soda 
muriate of soda 3j, wnter freed from air Cj. A stnai 
BOlution is prepared for hatha. See Solatia ad Bain 


Aqci Sfadab*. Spa Water, Carlioiiate of soda 5eb, 
bonat« of limi: gr. ij, cBrbonste of niagvesia gr. iisa, pro- 
toclitoriile Df irOD gr. v, uerated wuter Q. 
A(iF£ SptBTTFOHS. Muiy of tlie distilled spirits were for- 
merly termed watera. See Spiritne. 
Aqita SoLPHiTEAii. L. 1745. Writer !bij, aulphnr ibss. 
Barn the Balphar in BQCcessivB portions, in an icon apoon, 
over tht water in a cloaed vessel. 
^■^ITA StTLPHUBSii AioiONiiE. See AmmooiiB HjdroBoI- 

^Bqita SrLFanBETi PoTASa^. D. 1S26. Sulplinr 1 part, 
^K^ solution of potHsh 11 parts. Boil for 10 minutes, and 
^^K Alter. Doac, nx to xl. P. directs a aolutjoo of tbu liver 
^■' of aulphur in cold wnter. of the denait; of 1-261. It 
^^K. oontnins one tliird its weiglit of Clie aulphuret. Doie, tn.x 

■r24ilA Takaoeti. F. Flowering topa of tans; IbTJ, water 
^ q. B. Distil Cj. 

Ahtta T tT.ig . p. From lime-tree flowers j as Aqua MelT- 

AqiTA Ulmaki£. From meadow-sweet ; aa Aqua Sitmbnci. 
Aqua Vaibeians. P. Valerian root ftiy, wuter q. s. 
Diatil Q. 

JDA Vasilis. NlEittANN. "Vanilla tbj, water Ibxij. 
-Macerate 24 boars, asA distil Ibrj. 

' — ViOBKSlS. Eau de Vichy. Carbonate of aoda jij, 
... . iato of soda gr. ij, mnriate of lime gr. vii^, sulpLate of 
soda gr. viij, snlpbate of iron gr. i, sulphate of magnesia 
gr. iij, water Oj. Charge with 3t volnmes of offbonic 
acid gas. 
Aqua Violahum. Violets 1 part^ water 4. After S bonra 
distil 2 parts. 
— ViTRioLiOA CiMPHOiuiA. L. 1789. Sulphate of 

3s8i water fjsuxii, spirit of camphor jsa. 
\,J1^ VirLNSBABlA. Prom the same berbs as Spiritns Vut- 
[lerariuE, but with water only. 
Aqua YnxNESASiA Acida. S^e Uiatnra Vulnerario. 
AasENTr Ammohio-chioehxtm. Sbhbe. Satarate boiling 
liquor ammonias with frcah prBoipitated and caroftilly 







Uotting-papor, snil tmme>liat<>l; pnt into well-(t(^pe 
botUoB. Daw, from i>;tli of a gnin. 

AnsRHTi Cblobisuii. Precipitnts solution of nitntc c 
silver by ftn excess of cUoridc af eodium ; wash the predpt 
tatc tborougtil; with t^tiUod water, dry it qaicklj, ■ 
keep it {torn tbe light. Dose, i gr. to iij g^.. or more, 
a toaic and antispaatnodic. It is the Cal^ Luna of Bi: 
&C., who extended the dose to gr. i. 

Aaanim CrxniDtru. L. Diisolvc ^ivilj of nitrate of ^ 
in Oj of dietilled water. Add Oj of diluted LTdroc^aiii 
acid, collect tbe precipitate, naab, and dry it. ]>(»?, ^Ji 
to ^tb of a graia. 

AoasN'n loDiotru:. Dr. PATTEBSotr. Dissolve eepa 
in distilled water, equal weights of iodide of potaadnm » 
nitrate of silver. Mix the eoluHons, wash the preciiutat 
with distilled water, imd dry it with a gcstle heat. DoM 
^tb to itb of a grain in itonscb nfCediona; gradual^ ii 
creased to i or 1 gralu in epilepsy. 

Akobhti NiiBSJ. Lunar Caialic. B. Add nitiio add Jji 
and diet, water f^v to refined ulvcr Jiij, in a flask, i 
apply a gentle heat till the metal is dissolTod. 
the clesr liquor from any black powder whiot rata ' 
present into a poreolain dish, evaporate, and act adda 
crystallize; pour otT the liquor, and again evaporate ■) 
crystallize. Let tlis crystals drain in a glass foimel, a] 
dij them by exposare t« the air, cnrerully avoiding 'G 
contact of all organic subatancca. To obtain the nitea 
in rods, fuse the crystals in a capsule of platinum (v Hi 
porcel^Di and pour the melted salt into proper 
Nitrate of silver must he pn^served in bottles f 
with accurately ground si opperi. [If impure silver Is n 
tbe copper mity bo removed by washing the salt with j 
nitric acid, or beattog it in an iron epooQ, and agua 
eolving and erystalliiing.] Done, gr. J to gr. iij. T 
Eiteroully it is employed as n caustic, and to arrest m 
inflammatory alToctions. By iDtroducing a platina "Oth 
a core, it !» rendered less liable to break when introdni 
into cttvitiei. 

Absehti Oxnum. B. Diaiolvc crystallized nitrate 
silver Jss la Jiv of distilled nuter, and, having poured I 
Bolutioa into a bottle t-outaining solution ■ "" "' 


' clinlte the mixtum well, iind set it aiidp, to altow the de- 
posit to Bettle. Draw off the lupematant Hijuid, collect 
the deposit on a filter, wash it with jTiea of distilled water, 
sad dry it at a heat not eiceediog 313°. Kei'p it in a 
Btoppcred bottle. 29 grBini*, heated to redneag, leave 37 gr. 
of metalUa silTer. Dose, f gr. b) gr. ,i, in cases of gne- 
tmlgia, pjToaia, nervous aflections, lueinorrliagea, &c., 
twice or thrice a day. 

ABOEirri PcLYiB. Heat tLe oxide to dull redness in a 
pnrcelain cracihle; when cold, triturate it in an agate 
mortar, and paaa it throngh a sieve. 

ABNloiyA. From arnica montana; ns Lobelioa. Dcao 
scarcely determined. 

AnBBHIA.B A-tSMOSiM, &c. See Amtnonini Araenias, &c. 

Arsbkioi bt Hti>iiab9yhi HYDBiODAa. See Liquor Ar- 
aenici et Hydr. Uydriodatis. 

A&SENici loDiDTTH. IS. BtXTT. Mix 16 parts of metallic 
arsenic with 100 of iodine, aad heat them in a glass retort 
till the iodide gnblimei. Or digeat them with wster till 
comhined, and evapornte the filtered solution to dryness at 
& very gentle heat. See Liqnor Araenici Periodidi. 

Aebekicuu AimxTK Suslthatuu. Amaiioui Acid. Com- 
mercial nraenic powdered and re-snblimed. 

Abbbiucifm Antimokiatitm. JtrsTiMOifD'B Cavslk. Mix 
Jij of black golphuret of antimony with 3j of wliito arsenic, 
and melt together, avoiding the ^mes. 

Lbsevigith: PirBiru. D. Plnce 5ij of white oiide of arsenic 

t at the sealed end of a bard Qerman glasa tube, of i inch 

■j^ameter and 18 inches long; and, having covered it with 

BnB icobea of dry and coarsely powdered cliarcoal, and heated 

f tiie portion containing the charcoal to redness, place a 
few ignitod coals beneath tbe oiide so as to effect its slow 
sublimation. Tlie metallic arsenic will be found attacbed 
to the cool end. 
AsFASAQiNA. Agparagitte, or Alfhein. From aaparagns 
jnice; bnt mors conveniently from marsh-mallow root. 
Sliffi tbe Toat^ macerate it twice in cold water, evaporate 
tbe mixed liquor to half, ntraiD repeatedly through flannel, 
and evaporate to tbe consistence of symp. Eiposo it to 
the air for some days ; wash the crystals which form with d 

^m A little water, and purify by re-crystaUization- The Idl^^^^l 



ot tho vUmlnng veU'li u >aid to yield it Bb:in(lAntly. SeJi 
tire, in Uwrt-affectiona, 4c. Dose, a few gmins. 
Aeutietida Pbxpabata. L. As Aiumoniiicaiii PrEepi 
Atbopi*. ..lirapitif, or Selladonnin. B. Take of 1 
donna root recently dried, and in coarao powder, _,^ 
rectified spirit Ox, flUked lime Sj, dilute sulphuric ftdd i]. I 
carbonate of potash ij. »., chlorofbim f Ji^. purified HUiia 
chareoa! q. B., diatilled water f Ji. Macarato the root i 
2 qnarti of the spirit for 21 houra, with frequont stiTrini 
Transfer to n dlgplacement apparatus, and exhaust n" 
the remainder of tlie spirit by alow percololdoa. i 
the lime to the tincture placed in a bottle, uid ahslce ot 
sionntly aeveml times. Filter, odd the dilute solpht 
acid in very feeble excess, and filter again. Distil a 
three fonrtha of the spirit, add to the reaidue the di 
water, evaporate at a gentle lieat, but as rapidly bi. ^ 
Bible, until the liqnid is reduced to one third of ito toIiu 
and no longer amella of alcohol; then let it cooL Ai 
very cautiously, with coDstnnt stirring, a solution of t 
carbonate of potash so u nearly to ueutrBlixe tJie w! 
care, however, hcing taken that an excess is not >ut 
Set to rest tor six honra, then filter, and add catbotuta ' 
potash in sui'li quantity tliat the liqmd shall acqoive 
decided Dlkaliae reaction. Place it in a bottle tnth ti 
chlorofbrm ; mix well by frequently repented brisk i 
tetion, and pour the miied liquids into a funnel fr ' ' 
with a glass atop.cock. When the chlorororm li . 
aided draw it off by the stop-cook, and distil it on n k 
bafJi from a retort connected with a condenser. IT* 
the rpsidoe in warm rectified spirit: digest the ■ 
with a little animal churcoal; filter, evaporatft Ri __^^ 
nntil colourless cijltals are obt^ucd. [M. RAXoran 
prepares it from the expressed jQiceof thephmUcoagi ' 
by heat, and filtered. To each quart add 3j of c 
potash and Si of chloroform ; agitate for a minnte and 1 
it Teat; in half an hour pour off the supernatant ISqn 
from the coloured chlaroibrm, sud wash the lattec wi 
water aa long as thia heeomes coloured. Distil off aU fi 
chloroform in a smsJl retort by means of n water bi' 
and diasolve the residuum in a little n-ntec acidulated v 
sulphuric acid. To the filtered sohition add carbonate 


pota»b in aligbt eieeis ; collect the precipitate, and dissolve 
it iu nlcobol. Tim solution, by spontaneuue fvaporutioii. 
yields crystals of atropine. M. Meih obtnlnod 3 groins 
from 10(K) giajna of the root.J A powerful poison. Doie, 
from j'oth gradnsUy inereastd to Jth of a grain; or eader- 
mically from ^th to ^th of a graiuj to the sound skiu, 
8 or 10 gr. to 3j of oiotment. 

Atbopli: HDI.FE1B. U. Mil atropia 120 graiiis with nq. 
dest. 5iT, and add gradually acid, sulph. dil. until the 
alkntoiil is dissolved, nnd the solution is nentraL Kvapo- 
rate t« drynees at a temperature not exceeding 100°. L. 

Atmi IPtlvib. P. Ti'iturate leaf-gold with 10 or 12 times 
its M-eigbt of sulphate of potash, and wash ont the latter 
-vcith boiling nater. Dose, gr. ^th to 1 grain; ur applied 
in frictions to the tongue. 

AcBi [the] CHLOBiruM. P. DJBsolve gold in 3 parts of 
nitro-moriitic acid ; erapocate till lapnnrs of chlorine 
begin to appear, and snt aside to crystallize. Dose, ^th 
to ^th of a grain. 

Acao-CHLOBnuTM 8oDn. P. Soda-muriaU of OoM. Dis- 
solve 83 parts of chloride of gold, and 16 chloride ol 
sodium, in a little water ; concentrate by evaporation, that 
crystals may form as it cooIS' Dose, as the last, tiotb 
require to be very cautiously administered. 

Afbi CYANiDru. Deiosbeb. Boll fresh precipitated oxide 
of gold (washed, but not dried) with diluted hydrocyanic 
acid, IjU the liquid assamea a beautiful yellow tint; and 
evaporate the clear solution to dryness at a gentle heat. 
Doae, ^tb to -^tli of a grain. 

Afbi loDisru. P. To a solution of chloride of gold add 
a SQlution of iodide of potassium aa long as it occii- 
sions a precipitate. Wash this with alcohol, and dry 
it with a gentle heat. U. MeiiJ:Bt snbatitntes liy- 
driodate of ammonia for io<lide of potassium. Dose, iis 
the last. 

AUBI OXYDXIX. P. Teroxiile of gold, or ounc anid. To a 
BolntioD of 1 part of chloride of gold ia W of distilled 
water, add 4 parts of fresh calciued mngncsia. Boil to- 
gether, aud waeb the sediment witb distilled water, then 
H with pure nitric acid diluted with 20 parts, of water, and 


44 THE POCKET fokui; 

BgaiD nitb wst«r. Drj it ia the shade. Doie, f 
t« |tlii ofa graia. 

Aimru McBivcu. 6«o Stanni Pcnulpliuretiiiii. 

AuBUU StjIKNO pabatuk, p. Purple of Caii'ntt. IKnolve 
1 part of chloriije of ^nld in 200 parte of distilled tratar. 
Dissolve also 1 part of pore tin !□ 3 or aitro-mnriatic add, 
witliDut beat, uud dilute with 100 parts of diedllod wktw. 
Add tlic salatioD of tin very gndHally to tho solution oC 
gold fto loag B3 it caoses n precipitate. Wa«h thi* bj 
deeantation, and dry it by a gentla heat. 

Ealitea Medicita. liutlia of n>ld or heated water, vapoxn 
aud heati»l nir, are used nieiliciiiully. The following IM 
the temperatures at which they are usually applM. 
Watbb. Ckild. 50° to 70" F. Temperate, 76° to Bft 
Tepid. 85° to 92°. Warm, 92° to 98^. Sat, 98° to llK 
Vapoub. Ifbreatlied— 3Vi^0O°to 100°. Fom.MT^ 
to 110°. Sol, 110° to 130°. If not breathed— ZW;^ Bl 
to lOS". Warm. 106= to 120°. Hal, 120° to ISO^ HO 
AlB. As a Sadorifia, 85° to 100°. As a Slimvlemt, Utf 
io 130°. Water (usually worm), vnpoar, nud henMd ^ 
sxe often medicated by being charged nith the aottw 

Erinciples of vatioua. herbs and other drugs. The priai^ 
iads in ose aro mentioned below. There are variotu oSt^ 
triyoncea for applying; them either to particular parti.A 
to the whole surface, eioept that of the head. Dr. 1 " '"^ 
luw miggealed one which comhiaei a vapour and h 
bath. In tlic absence of suitable apparatus. Dr. S 

angiceata a simple plun of applying hot vapour — a. tmn't 

Suick lime— wrapped in a wet clotb, and covered wnk 
ry one, ia placed on ouch side of the patient in bed|i 
allowed to remain until perspiratinn is eBtubliahed. ■% 
bably th« vapour might be medicaled by plai^ng , j 
required ingredients between the two cloths. 
BailNEFU Aciatru:. Citt. U. Nitric acid tbiss, ma 
arid ftj, water Gj, Min; Cj to be addol to ~ 
water. Dr. Scon's Niiro-muriatlc Bath. M " 
f Jiij, nitric add fjij, water f jv. Mii:. As 
foot-batb, or for sponging, f Jiij of tliis dilul 
mixed with eoch gallon of water. Two gnllo 
■office for an ortlioary foot.hath, and will 
week, adding duity 5es of the mixed uuid and Oj < 




inter it sliaold be wanned. Time of npplicntion, 20 
30 minates duUj [Sir J. B. Mabtdi ujb 15 miiiulM], 
fcr 2 or 3 weeks ) Hftem'srds every ucoiul or tliird da;. 
As a gcaerai bnth, it should lo wMier. Bodbeibaji pre- 
HCriiies froin 4 to 10 ounces of aitro-marintic acid to 60 
gallons of waterj the eame qoautity of muriatic acid is 
sometimes used. EartbuQ or nooden vessela Elionld lie 

Balkbctu Alealikvu. F. H. Washing soda Sviy, warm 

water 60 gallooa, or q. b. Ab a foot-hath, Jij of lubcnrbo- 

nate of potash, or of sodji, to q. s. of wntur. 
Balcteiiii Ai.T rmTTn B. Dr. Abqwell. Diiiolve B>j of alam 

in each gallon of wnter. To be nsod iit 98° P. 
Baxneitk Akudnis HiSBOCUiABiTis. Ibiv of sal ammo- 

uinc to a batb, for an adult. 
Balhevu Aktiuonialb. Socbbuiak. Emetic tartar Jj 

to 3^, water 61 gallons, or q. s. la lomhago and same 

diseaBea of the akin. 
BAiJiKUit ABOUATicim. F. H. Aromatic herbs (Species 

AroTnatlrce) Sxxxij, water q. s. Eoil for u quiirtiT of an 

hour, and odd aoap linimtnt Jiv, aal ammonino Jij. The 

aromatic vapour bath is made hj calising steam to pass 

through the same liorbs. 
BiLNBDM ASTRIHBBHB. M08T. Disaolve ftiT of alnm in 

cold water, and add 6 or S pulfuls of whey. !□ extenaive 

BAiJistni Baagtoisgitbe. Add fjx of concentrated Bs- 

r6ges water (Solutio ad balneum liaretginense) to a bath 

Baxheuu liBiizoicirit. Benzoin is sometimca naed in the 

same wa; as camphor. See next article. 
BALtTKCH CtMSSOMM. Ahont i&i of camplior is placed 

npoQ a heated plate within, or communicating with, the 

chamber of the bath. 
BAUtBtni Cabbohicitu. Carbonic gas acid (procnred by 

tlie action of dilated sulphuric acid on chalk or marble) 

is applied to the body (except the bead), or to particular 

parts, by means of a suitable apparatos. 
BiXKBOM CBLOEisn. M. Chlorine gas (procared hj gently 

heating in a glaaa retort 3iv to JTiij of black oxide of 

maoganeae, ^ss of QommoD eall^ and 3j of snlphuric ■. 




previanslf mixed with 5j of water) ii applied in the 
way Hs corhonic add (see B. Carbonicum), at the tempsra- 
ture of 104° to 115^ P. [Mr. WauJoe Sftys 15(f] ftr 
half an hour. The qnanlity of materials may be gradually 
increased to triple this c|uaiititj. Cure must be tafceu 
to conSnc the gas securely, eo that the pHtient ihnll not 
bieBtho it 

&A1.HEDH Conn CoaroBiTCM. CvT. H. Eitract of hem- 
lock 5q, powdertd starch ft>j, boiling water Cj. BoiL Uie 
Cj to Cmii at water. 

BALNBtTM Clbasoti. Citt, E. Crwaote 5ij, glyoenne }fy, 
boiling water Cj. Mii. To be added to Cxzix M 

BAXHxmi Electricitiu. The patient, iniulnted on a giau- 

leggtd leat, is put in contact with the prime conduchiT of 

an electrical machine. 
Balnbvh Pkbbi Iodidi. PiEnQniK. Iodide of iron Si. 

water g, a- for a bath, 
BitrfKCTM FcBFtTKlB. Boil tbiv of bran with Cj of 9i*ta 

and add it to the bnth, which should be used at 90°. 
BUNEtrii Qei^tinii. Cat. H. Patent size tbiiij, hdUng 

water, Cij. Disaolve ; to be added to Csiix of water. 
Balnkdm GLrcKBiKi CoMPOSiTCM. CcT. H. TragacBnth 

Rj, giycerine tb'ij, water Cij; boil till dissolved. Qj to 

Cixi of water. 
Bautbuu HYEaABQTBi BicnLOEiiii. F. H. Baiia oaM- 

lyphiliiigyes. From 5 to 10 gminB of eorroaire BablidHltB 

Lu water q. s. for a bath. Rarely used. See B«liieitgl 

BiiLSKK loDcrBBT.E. Ldool. Pot AdoUi, 5ij of iodine taf 

3iv of iodide of potaeaium to be dissolved in Oj of irattt 

and added to a worm bath of SO to 70 galloni. Ito 

Children, (rDin f Jiij to f 5iv of the same solution m»J tw 

used for n bath of i) to 30 gallons. Wooden vessels unitl; 

Baujedu Iomhu. Citt. H. Iodine 5ij, eolution of pobwh 

3y, water OJ. Dissolve. Oij to be added to Cxzz ot 

BiLMEtru Mabibuh. Cdt. H. Common salt Aviij, nil* 
phste of wrtgnesia Ibij, solution of chloride of calcium ^, 
water Cij. Dissolve. Add Oj to Cixi of water. Sw 


also Aqon Marino. A common substitate u 1 part of nalC 
to 30 of water. As a pcdiluvinni, ndd a hBadfql of suit 
to a pailful of water ; to which a little mustard h saui«' 
timea added. 
BAiNEiiic MsitcintiALS. CuT. H. Corrosive subtiiunte ^i|j, 
hvdroeliloric ndd 3jj water C(j. Oj to be oddol to Cxjii 
Bai.>iiiu McBiiTTcrH. RicHASB. Muriatic acid jy — iv, 
'" IBpnila. In prurigo and lieken. 

u Oleosdh. Cold batbs of olive or othvr oils, to 
' which aromatic plants may be added, are us«d in tlii.> Enst 
as a prcsermtire (roin the plague; the pntieat remniiia in 
them about half an hour. 
Balnea Pneciutica. Air of diflWent temperatures, nud 
variously imtiregnated with volatile remedies, is wpjiliiid 
loi^slly or generally to the body. Latoly, compressed air 
has heeu applied lucnlly; and M. Taeasib bos caused 
patients to ireatte compressed air Ibr 2 or S hours itailj, 
in some casts of opJoaio. On the Other band, the removnl 
of the pressure oi tlie atmosphere, hy dry ciippitig or an 
exhausting syringe, is employed as a ruvuleire. 
Baxnecm Qcebci. I>r. Elibeseb. Bail 8 hsndfuls of 
oah-barlt (tied up in linen) in 3 quarts of water for half 
an hoar, and add to a bath for a child. 
Balkeuu RsaaLVBlis. F. H. Common salt Jij, sulphurot 
of potassium Jj, sabcarbouBte dE soda Jse, detoctioa of 
sage q. B. Dissolve, and add warm water for a hath. 
BiXNEiru SAi.iNir>(. See Balneum Marinum. 
Balneitu Salinuh OsiiATivoavu. Common salt Ibj, 
Fliindera glne Ihij. Dissolve sepaHituly in water by best, 
, and add wat«r q. s. for a bath. 

KDM SapOsih. p. H. Soap Ihiisa, dissolve in hot 
-j!e q. s. and add to the bath. 

BCM SqiAfIh. Flour of mustard $iv, mix it with a. 
1e lukewarm water, let it stand us long as convenient, 
1 add It to the warm bath. 

situ: Sobx Chlosimatje. F. H. Liquid chlorinated 

a Idiss, water q.s. Fur a bath. But the French solution 

veiiker than that of our pharmacopo^iB. 

_..-HCK SuLpmrEOBPit. The fumes of hnmlng sulphur, 

with hot air or vapour, ace employed in the cure of it«h, 

^f 48 TEE FOCEET FOEMULAItT. ^^^^^| 

&c. About 3bb of lulphui' is used at onco. Cure mSt 


&c. About 3bb of lulphui' is used at 

be takeD to prevent the patient breathing tlie fbmea. 

BAUTBtnt SruHtriATint. F. H. Livar of anlphur (snl- 
pliuret of potosBium) ^aa to Jiv (oi liqaid Bulphnret of 
potash 3»), warm water C 25 to 50. Sulpliiiret of aodinm 
is aometimeB Qsed. Oeb. H. emplojs cnipbaret of ralciam 
3ij to a buth; adiliDg at the time of using 30 or 40 drops 
of anlphurlc acid. Tbe Bar^ea water (»ee Balneiim 
Baretginensc) is less diHagreeBble. 

to tbe BalDeum Sulphuratum Idij of Fiamiera gl\ 
solved in hot water. 

BAWTKira SoMEDHia CouposiTirM. Cut. H. Precipitated 
Bulphnr Ibiv, byposulpbitc of Bodn Ibj, aulpliuric add Sj, 
water Cij. Mil. A pint to be added to 30 gallona ^ 

Balkbvh TEBBBiNTBTRATtTiii. Dr. T. SuTTH. CamploBa 
from 1 to i pint, caiumou soda tbij, oil of rosemar; 31^ 
water q. b. " It calms the pnlae, aof tens the skin, and 
renders respirution fret>r." Far cliildreo and duplicate per- 
sons, fjij of rumphlae ma; bo infficieiit. 

Baxitkum Vafobis. See Balnea. [Bauiiitu Vapdios ia 
also applied to the use of steam as a beuting igetili In 
pharmaoenticjil operations. Balnkdm Arens, or uBd 
batb, denotes tbe heating of a vessel tlirongb the tnednmi 
of sand. BAiiVatru MEiALUcrsr, as a pharmaceaticd 
agent, ia made by meltiog together 8 parts of tin, 4 of 
lead, and 3 of bismntb. Balnkitu OiBOBUU iamadewitil 
olive or Bsh oil, which ma; he heated to 600° F.] 

Baxsahitx AcxncuH Cauphobatitu. M. Pbluctk. 
Curd Boap, 5t, camphor 5v, oil of thyme 3y, acetio e&tt- 
3v. Digest the soap in the ether till dissolved, and ad3i 
tlic rest. [Dr. Ssnebez'B gont balsam is similar.] 

BixSAuini AoocBTiCTTM CTM Cekaboto. Boccuakda«^ 
Comp. spirit of balm 3iisa, almoud oil 3v, oi-gull 51, attr- 
sote 10 drops. 
BAiaAUnx Amostkith. Bate. See Lioimet^tam OpiL 
Balhaucu ad Apopikomcob. E. 1711. E-ipressed ril 


I ^oF natcoeg Si i Ii<iu^f7i "'oA ^<1 oil oF aloTSS, of lnvender, 

' and of rosemary, eaeb 5sb, oil of amber nx, bulsum of 

' Paru 5i. 

pAKaAiiint FioBJ-VENTi. p. Venice turpentine Jivj, clemi, 

I Csramabaea, amliur, Btanx, galliBnani, and mycrh, sBch 
^iij, aloes jj, bajbenios Jiv, galangKl, zedomy, ginger, 

- cianamoa, cloTtSi und notmegs, each Jiaa, lUttftnj of Crete 
3ji rectified apirit Ibriij (Ovii). Mnccrate 6 dajs, and 
distil ibvij. 

Balsahttu OiTAucnKcv. L. 1715. Guunc &ij, luUam of 
Peru 5iij, rcutifted spirit Oij. 

Baibamcm Hyemodatdjj. See Limmentum lodutetum 

BxLBAiiir.1t LoaATELLi. E. 174-1. Melt IbJ of yellmv wax 
tvitli fSniv of olive oil, aud uM Venice torpuntine IbisB. 
Remove Irom the fire, and add balaira ot Peru Jij, pow- 
dered dragon's blood Jj. and stir till cold. L. 1746 
directed olive oil 5ivj, Venice turpentine fbaa, yeUow wax 
tbss, rfd Saunders ^rj. [^Dose, 3sb, with cooMrve of rosesj 
also used as a geutlj etimiUating ointment.] 

BALBA3nnu NeavracM. Bauae Nerval. P. Expressed oil 
of nntmega {oH of mace) Jiy, haef maicow 5iv; melt, and 
add oil of rosemary 5ij, oil of cloves 3j, balsam of Toln jij, 
camphor 3j, dissolved in alcohol 5iv. 

Balsamtu OjDOJTTALQioinH. Ojnum 3j. rectified oU of tur- 
pentioe 3iss, oil of cloves 3sr, oil of cajcpnt 5ss, balsam of 
Pora 31], 

Baxsakitu Opossujoan. P. Curd soap ;j, oamplior 5vj, 
water of ammonia Jij, oil of rosemary jisa. oil of thyme 

. 3BS, rectified spirit Svlij' ^ imitation of Steer's Opo- 

Balsauitm as PsBNiOKBa. LBJsnNE. Camphor 3j, tincture 
of benzoin Jv.iodide of potaaanra 3v, diacetato of lead jn, 
rectified spirit, reduced to proof with rose water 3x1. 
Hit, and add a warm solution of cord soap 3I1 in 3xx of 
tbe same spirit. 

BjiisAMtrM PoLYCHEKSTirM. See Elixir Polychreston. E. 

Balsaudm SAPOHAOsnu. Linimentam SaponJs. 

BALSAUiru: Satubnincu. Bate. Acetate of lead S>', o3 
□f turpontino giij. Digest for some days. 

Baieashtji Siri.FHFBIS. See Oleum Sulphuratum. 


Bauamcu StTLPSuniB AsiBiTvu, OrigitiBUy 
digaetiog 1 part of sulpliar nitli 4 of oil of aoiai 
a miitura of 1 part of oil of aniseed with 3 or 4 i 
of anlphUF is usnuUy aold fur it. 
Baisamitk SraPHtTEia TaBaniKTaisiTiTM. DigMt 1 
of golplmr with 4 of oil of tm-peDtJiic till dissolved. 
[Similar compoondB were formerly made with b ^ _ 
sad Bnrhadoea tar; and with tlje eiupyrennutie eSl 
of amber, benioin, &c.] 

tine jij, jellow wai 3j, balaam of Peru Jij, camphor 

Balsaudu THAKQUtLLAHS. P. Fresli leureB of bolbuf 
henbane, blsck nightshade!, tobacco, po'ppiea, and u 
mooinni, of each jivj dried topa of wormwood, hjt 
lavender, marjoram, ronnd-iiiaved mint, coatraarj-, 
John's wort^ rue, and eage, of each Jj ; dri(»l flowm 
elder and rosemary, each W; olive oil Ovj. Bndae 
fresh plants, heat them wit^ the oil until their minil 
ia diaaipated, and leave them to digest for 2 hours ; at 
with pressure, pour the hot oil on the tope and d 
floweraj macerate for a month, atrain, press, and ' 
oil in olose bottles in a, cool, dark place. Bauine T 
de Chamel is mode by boiling Rij each of the 
houudstongue, and tobacco, in 3 pints of wbito wine to 
pints i and boiling the strained liquor witl) as mnoh oUi 

Baxsauitu TsAiTiUTicru. Tinctnra Benzoin! Coinpodta. 

BAiiBAutru ViT£. Hoptuank'b. BaUamum Vita tjOtaS ' 
□f 3j each of the oils of dnnamon, cloveg, Iqb 
lavender, and nutmegs ; 3sB each of ambergris, tnl of i 
and oil of amber; dj of balsam of Peru, and Jx oE M 
tied spirit. That of OAHBitlB is similar. Battma (b< 
extenu conuats of soap linimeut and oil of 
[The name Bavme, of Elixir de vie, is also given to _ 
alaelia componnds. The original form is — alow ^ 
rbubaFb, gentian, zedoary, baSrou, therlaca,D{|:adc,o{altd 
3J J proof spirit Oij. For another form, see the iVi^^W 
Becmpt Book. Tinctnra Bbei et Aloes may be coiuMa ' 
aa replacing tbls remedy.] 

Babii Bbouiddii. M. Uoil a solnlion of bromide of ii 
(see Solutio Ferri, Bromidi, MoBii) witU fresli p 


Icipltutfd carbanatiB of barjUa; filter and evapontto to 
tsu CHi/)Rii)ru. Babyi^ Mdbiab. Dieeolvc Jn of 
carbonate of Ijarytes in f 31 of muriatic acid dilultsii with 
Oij of water, and evaporatt, timt crystals niaj' form. See 
Liquor Barii CMoridi. 

Baku Iddidttii. IS. Heat a t^sli solaUon of ioilide of irou 
witb excess of carboDBts of barytes; Siter, and evaiiorate 
to drj^esa. Ite-dissolvc, and arystnllixe. 

Babu SiiLPSCBETiru. Mix 24 parts of salpbate of barjtei 
in very Gne powder witb 4 ol powdered cWciKil or lamp- 
black. Heat the mixture foi 3 hours at a low white lieat, 
io a covered cruuible; ptilvorize the product, and treat it 
with boiling wnter repeatedly. Tlis hot and dear sslation 
deposits the crystalized suJphnret on cooling-; or it may 
be used to form the salU of barytes, by addiog' acids so 
1on° as they occasioa eSerreaceuce, filtering, and coucen- 
truling tbe solutions. 

Babtilx Cabdonas, Carbonate of barytes is fonnd native 1 
bat id also procured, for plioraiaceutical purposes, hy 
precipitatiug the nitrate or muriate with a curboaated 

Babitb MuaiAfl. See Barii Cbloridum, above. 

Babyia: Nitbab. Dissolve carbonate of barjtes in pure 
diluted nitric acid, and evaporate to dryness. Dissolve it 
in water, filter, and evaporate, that crystals may form. 

Bbebeeina, Treat a watery eitract of barberry coot with 
rectified spirit as long as the latter acquires a bitter taste. 
Distil off the spirit from the tUtered solution, and let the 
reaidnc eool. Let the crystals whicli fenn be re-crjatol- 
liied, first from rectified spirit, and then from water. 
j^DoB^ 5 to 10 gr, as n tonic; larger doses are laxative.] 

Sbtex. a DiusUcatary compooDd eonBLsting of the leaves 
of Piper betel, Areka nnts, and lime. Sialagogae. 

Bkbebia. Bihiram. Di. RoDiB. The lark of the bebeem 
or green-heart tree is first boiled with a solution of carbo- 
nate of soda, then exhausted with water acidulated with 
inlpbDiic acid, and ammonia added as long as it occasions 
» precipitate. To purify it. Dr. MAOLAaAH directs the 

11 impure alkali to be washed and mixed with aa equal 

^H (reight of moist oxide of lead (Plunbi oiidam hj'dratnm). 


nnd tlie dihss dried and eihikiisted mth nlcohoL The 
dear Bolution. decanted and eriiporated. lenveatlleilkaloUi 
wliic^k may bu farther pnrified b; diBBOlving ib in pnM 
etlier. Tonio and suti-porindic. Dose, rt, ij — xij. 
Bebebix Sin.T TitH B. Take of bebeeni burk in ccMMa 
powder Ibj, sulphuric acid f jsn, finked Ihnc ^ or q. l^ 
BolutioQ of funmonia q. g., rectified spirit f S^vj or q. «, 
dilute eulpliuric acid q. s., water Cj, distilled witer q. ■■ 
Add the sulphnric acid to the water; pour npco the 
bcbceru Inrk enough of this mixture to moiBteli it 
tboroughlyj let it macerate for 2i hours; place it in ft 
percolatxir, aud pies throagh it the remaicdcr of the aeidllr 
lated water. Concentrate the acid liquor b> the bnlk of 
Oj, cool, and odd gradually the lime in the form of mUk 
of lime, o^tating well, aud takiug care tbat the fluid atill 
retuina u distinct acid reaction. Let it rest for 2 faonn; 
tUter through calico; wash the precipitate with a little 
cold distilled water, and odd to the Sltral^ BdliiU<a of 
umaonia until the fluid has a faint ammontaeal odmr. 
Collect the precipitate on a cloth, wash it twice with J|s et 
cold nater, squeeze it gently witb the hand, and dry it oB 
the vapour bath. Fnlverize the dr; precipitate, pot tt 
into a flask with Jtj of the rectified spirit, boil, let it nck 
for a few minutes, and pour off the spirit. Treat tkd on.- 
disaolved portion in a similar manner with iresh cpiilk 
nntil it is exhnu«ted. Unite the spirituous solulionik tM 
to them 3iv of distilled water, and distil so ua to reogvn 
the greater part of the spirit. To the residue of tha s^ 
iJllatioD add b; d^reea, aud with canatant stirring, dSoM' 
salpharic acid Ull tbe fluid has u slight acid reaellMi, . 
Evaporate the whole to complete dryness on tbe wataf - 
bath, pulverize the dry product, pour on it gradually tH, 
of cold distilled water, stirring diligently, filter throi)^< 

. . evaporate the flltrate to the cousiKteiice of ^vn^, 
spread it in tlun layers on flat porcelain or glaia jd^M^ 
and dry it at a beat not exceeding 140°. Preiene tiw 
product in stoppered bottles. Dose, gr. j — iij, at a fenfcj' 
or gr. V — n, oi an aati-periodie. 
I BiBKUTHiTM PcBrwoATDir. B. Pot bismuth $x and Jf 
of powdered nitrate of potash into a cmcihle, nnd beofr 
them until both arc " 



:ig, for flfteen niinnt^n, or till tUe mil has BoUdi- 

ata a, slag above t)ic metal. Kemove tbe salt, add 

Bitmte of potaah Jj to biemntli in crucible, tmd repent 

rproc«BS. Poor the fused biamutli into a suitable itiuiild, 

•nd let it cool. P. Polveriie bismuth, auil m'tx it with 

one twentieth of Its neight of nitre. Heat the miitnre to 

radows in a crucible, aud let it cool. Bepeat tbe opera- 

if required. Pave, Ph. directs Jirj of powdurod 

_lrisii]uth to be fustd with Jij of oirbonate of aodn, 

5ij of anlphur, for au hour; and the metal ctire- 

Wly lireed, from scoria. [Uecd in the following prepa- 

1 CiBBOlTAB. B. MiiQitcic aoidfJivwitLfSiij 
""of distilled wdter, and add in anceeaaiva portions puriflud 
bismath in email pieces, Jij. Wlien efferveaceuci* bna 
ceased apply for 10 minntea a heat approaching ebullition, 
then deiant golution froin any insolnbie matter. Eviiporate 
to f Sijiandndd this in amall quantities at a time to a cold 

■dltored lolution of 5vj carbonate of ammonia in Olj 
ffistillcd iTat«r, constantl; stirring. Collect precipitate on 
^co filter; wash till washings pass tantcless, Itcmovc 
Vreter by slight pressure of the haods, and dry at heat not 
BnuuTHi SuBKiTRA^. B. Subnitrate of bismuth. (£U- 
tmifAuni Allmiu.) Mii nitric acid Jiv with Siij^ of distilled 
water, and add purified biamuth in small iaec«s ^ij in 
mccesaiTe portious. When effervescence hsB ceased appl; 
^ft^for 10 minutes a heat approaching that of ebullition, and 
HtBecftnt the aolation fkim any insoluble matter that may be 
^^Hiesent. Evaporate the solution till it is reduced to f jij, 
^F«nd poor it into Cbs of distilled water. When the pre- 
^^ ripitate which forms has sabsided decant the supernatant 
liquid, and agitate the sediment with C^s of distilled water. 
After Z hours ognin decant, and, having placed the product 
on a filter, dry it at a temperature not exl^eeding 150^ 
It.. E., D., tdmilar. [Dose, from 6 gr., sometimes lo- 
used to 15 or SO, as a tonic and antispasmodic, partt- 
arly in pyrosis aud gastrodjTiia,] 

I VumtiiNAS. RianiNi. Dissolve hismutli i 
icid, as directed above for the nrlrate, and decein- 
with a solution of Taierianate of soda, to whlch-a 



little vnlerinoic acid liM been nddcil. Wash the preiH^- 
tate, anil diy it carefally. 

DLL Solutes ere extemporaneous mmpounda, wliiclt uuty 
be regnnled bs Bingle dnses o£ electnnrie^. or u large [hIIs. 
Thej amy be coDveiueutly takan wrapped in moistened 
wafer paper. 

Boi.nB Ahtifekiosicfs. Sec Bolua ad Qaartnnum. 

BoLra AsTBijiBBNH. P. H. Cubcbs jBB, balmra of copaiba 
31], sntphate of iron 5j, powdered renojiij. In bolneea of 
gp. yiij PBch. Gkb. H. CopaiTa' 31], p. gum Arabic 5ij, 
orange-flower water 3ij; triturate and add powdered 
cobeba 3ij. For 6 boluses, one three times a day, 

BoLTTB Cambools. Gitt'b H. Pswdercd gamboge gr. x, 
bitartmte of pntash 9j, ginger gr. ij, sjrup q, s. 

BOLiTB Caufiiob£. Gt7I'b H. Camphor (pnlreriied by 
spirit) gr. iij, conaerve of rosea gr. yj. 

BOLTFB Caspqoilx CfU NlTBO. Nitre gr. v, campbor gr. v, 
eoDserve of roses q. h. 

Bolus Cabtobei. E, H. Caster 9j, carbonate of ammoi^B 
gr. V, Byrnp q. a. 

BoLDB Catbohu. U. C. H. Extrict of cateolra gr. Xr 
aromatic conreetion gr. vj, syrup q. 1. 

BoLUfl Cateohd Oitatub. Gtrr'B H. Catechu 9j, ponder 
for confection of opium gr. v^, syrnp ij. s. 

BOLira CATHABiicrs. U. C. H. Jdap gr. iv, supertartrate 
of potaeU 9J, 8jrup q. s. 

BoLca CoPAisx. Mr. Etasb. Mix pure copaiva irith ana 
Biiteentii of its weight of recently calcined mi^j^iesia, till 
thoroughly incorporated. Set it aside for a few d^^ to 
become solid, forni it into oval bolases of 5sa eaoh. on > 
hot slab, and wrap each in wafer paper. Place them In 
water for a minute before taking tlicm. KtaHm p«. 
aeribea 3v of copaiba, 5ise of eitract of rhalany, gr. Erof 
oil of sassafras, with magnesia q. s. Fur 80 boluses, 4 to 
6 daily. See also Bolus Astringenii, and Bolus Cnbcbea, 

BoLTJS CFBKB.E. VsLPKiU. PowdcrcJ cufauba 5vj, bftlHia 
of copuiva 3ij, cidcined magnesia q. s. For 36 boloie^ t> 
be tt^en in 2 days, 3eo also ElectoiLrium Cubebn. 

fiobVB FEDBiBrarB. F. H. Cinchona 3v, rliuh ' 
muriate of ummDuin 3sa, syrnp of peach Icavei, q. 
'"' ' See also Bolus od Quartanum. 

BoLFB Fkbsi et Myertim. U. C. 11. CarboQBtc of iron 
gr- iij> i^yTli gr, vj, Bromatio confection q. b. 

BOLPH GCAIACI. Hou£, in Quinsy. Guaiacum resia Jeg, 
older rob q. b. Guy's H. Guaiueum gr. xr> cuuf, rosio 

EoLrs GtTAiACi CouposiTVi. Out's H. Gaaiocam 5iu, 

ipecBcoonlia gr^ vj. opium gt. tj, conFet^ion of hips !]■ e- 

Diride into 6 boluses. One, oaee or twice a, iaj, in rhen- 

matiBin, &k. 
Bolus Kino OpUTUi. Qjrc'a H. Eino ^. x, comp. chalk 

powder with opinro gr. it, ajmp of popiwM q. «. 
Bolus as Qvabiascjii. F. H. Cinebona ;j, carbonate of 

potash 5i, tartarizcd antimony gr. xv, syrup q. e. To be 

divided into GO boliMea; to bn taken in 24 liours, during 

the intermiaiion. 
BoLca BnKi Opiatub, Otn'8 H. Eliuburb gr. xv, co. 

powder of chalk with opium gr. i, ayrnp of ginger q. s. 
BOLFB SciLi^ ET HiDBABorBi. Dr. OowKB, j» CAronic 

Sgdrooephalta. Quicksilver 5j, joannik Jij, fteah squill 

3s9. TritnratG till the qaicl^ver disappears, and add 

liquorice powder q. g. For 6 doses; one 3 times a day. 
BOLva Stanni. Gui'S H. Tin filings Jsa, comp. traga- 

conth ponder 5a9, sjrup q. a. In 3 bolusee. Dose, 1. 

to 3. 
Bolus VEBMrroGus. Dr. Campbsll. Basilic powder 9j, 

eonsen-e of wormwood q. b. Iu 1 bolus for an adult. 

Foe. Powdered pomegmnnto root ^j, Bsaafoilidft 5rp, 

croton oil 3 or 4 drops, syrup q. s. Divide into IB 

bolnscfl; 5 daily for tape-worm. F. U. Wormseed 3], 

calomel gr. v, camphor gr, xv, syrup q. s. For 3 dosea ; 

1, 2, or 3 in tbo day. 
BttoDicji. See Juscnluni. 
LBBouum. B. Brominium, Bromine. From bittern; or 
H^Aom the mother-ley of certain brine-Eprings. To Bgullon 
^riof the mother-liquor, in a retort, add Jj of binoxide of 
^ 'manganegc, and jv, or gvj of hydrocbloric acid. Rod distil 

by the heat of n sand toth into a cooled receiver. See 

Balatio Brominii. 
CAJ>Mn loDiDUH. B. Formed by the direct combination 

of iodiue and cadmium iu preaence of wnt^r. 
Cabmii Sclpbab. Dr. Pkbkiba. Dissolve 7 parts of cad- 




■ninm in 61 potts of snlplinric acid witli 15 of nateraui 
a littlt) nitric acid. Evnporal* to ilrjoess. re-disgolvo il 
water, filter, and SMtporate by a ^iitle lieat, that dyEtotf 
may form. Usee, oa aulphftte of sine. 

CtTrEoiA, CaffHne, or TAeine. Boil pulverized nnroast^d 
coffee in distilled water, Btraiu, and add acetate of lead tff 
the ilecuotion as long as it tbrows down a precifntatet 
pau salphuretted lijdrogen throngli the filtsred so' " 
reUter, and evaporate, bo tbat rrjetals nia; form oi 
ing. Tha ndta of caffeine maj be made by adding to ■ 
dilated add sufficient caffeine to neutralize it, and expwdng 
tba lolution to a beat of lOi" i\ Duae, gr. j, every honi 
or two, in bemicrania, iu:, 

Caumima FsxFA&kVA. L. Burn tbe calamine (natlre 
caiboQute of zinc), grind it, and prepare it !n the afr— 
manner as chulli. See Crcta Pnopamta. [A Ui^ p 
portioa of what is Bold as Lapis Calaminarii conttina lii 
or none of thia mineral. It Bbonld elmoab eutirelr (Us 
BOlve in dilated Bnlpharic acid, and tlie precipitate throwl 
down from tbia solution bj ammonia or potaab abmild n 
dissolve in eiceas of either precipibuit.] 

Calcii Bbokidum. M. Preoipitnte a solutioi 

of iron witli on eicf^as of slaked lime; evaporate to A 
ncM; re-dissolve in water, filter, and evaporate. 

CjLCn CEXoannTM. It. Cbloride of calcinm. Mmiata 
Xiime. Neutralize bydrocbloric odd witli carlKmaba 
lime, add a little solution of cblorinated lime and sli^ 
lime to tbe solution, Alter, evaporate, and dry atala 
peratare of about 400°. See Liijuor Calcii Cbloridi. 

Calcii Ioqidhu. Fram iodide of iron ; as Calcii Bronidn 

Calcii Oxmcu. Quick Lime. See Calx. 

Calcib Aogtab. Add prepared clialb to acetic (or ptnU 
pjToligneonn) acid till fully saturated; filter and evil 
rate, tbat crystals may form. Dinrvlic. Dose, 10 to SOl 

Calcis Cakbonas Fk£cifitaia. 1). Disaolvo cblorid»4 
calcium 5v and carbonate of soda Jiiij each in two pii ' 
of boiling distilled water; mix the two solaUona and bU 
tbe precipitate to subside. Collect ttuB on a calico flit) 
wash it witb boiling; disUIIed water until tlie wai^n 
cease to give a predpitate witb nitrate of silver, and i 
the product at tbe tt'mperatnre of of 212°. 


a Htdbas. B. Slaked Lime. Freili lime, «priDkio(I 
^ witb wnUrtil] it falls into powder. 
~ LCta HiPOCHLOttis. See C>lx Chlomta. 

[.CIB Laotas. HenrT. Evaporate boot whey to k ■ymp, 
i treat the reudnc with alcabol, saturate the alcoholic aulu- 
tion with olialk or milk of time ; distil olf the spirit, dia- 
"' e the residue in a little wSiter, and cryhtaUiu. 
B Mimiis. See Caldi Cblorldnio. 
^<CAt«ia Phoefhab. B. Digest bonu-RbhSiviu hydrot-litoiic 
acid 3vj, dilated with a pintof water, onUI it is dissolved. 
Filter the solaCion, if necesaoryi add water Oj, and after- 
wards Bolation of ammonia Jiij or q. a. until the miitnre 
acquires an allcaliue Teaction; aud, baving coUected tbe 
^^V precipitate on a calico filter, wwb it with boiling distilled 
^^h^ater aa long as the liquid which pusses througli occuBiana 
^^B'a precipitate when dropped into Bolatiau of nitrute of silver 

^■acidii' -^-"'--'^'- --" "-" 

^H temp 

p acidulated with nitric add. Brr tlie washed product a 
temperatnie not exceedinfc 212*^. Dose, 4 to S graiua, a 
times B day, in rickets, ulcers, fmctures, &c., with the 
neala. [Dr. Bkneke.] 

:iB SiTLPHUEKTCTM. P. Soiphur S«, skkccl limo Siu, 
.t«r Oiiss. Boil together till a portion dropped ou a cold 
surface hecomes solid; pour it on a marble slab, and, when 
solidified, break it np and keep it in well-closed vessele. 
Or by strongly calcining in a covered crucible 100 parts of 
calcined gjpnim with 15 of lampbluck. 

AnTiMONIt. Bee Antimonium CaJcinatnm. 
Calx Viva. Quick Litiit. E. directs fragnicuts of 
bite marble to he heated in a covered crocibte at a fn!l- 
hent for 3 hoars, or till tbe residuam, slaked and sus- 
pended in water, no longer effervesces on the addition of 
tuuriatic acid. L. directs it to be made from cliolk. 
Calx B TbsUB. L. 1824. From ovstec- sheila ; as from 

Cau Chlobata. B. [Calx CUoriimta, L.) Chloride 
(hypochlorite) of lirae. Pass chlorine gas (see Chlorinium) 
into a vessel or chamber. Id which slaked lime is thinly 
spread, till the latter is folly satnrated with chlorine. 
CaIiOUELAS, B. Sei! Uydmrgyri Subchloiidum. 
<[Bii(A. See Celumbiua. 

See Kesina Cannabis Indies?. 




Cavthabidina. p. EibBQBt powdered ootluiTidfs i^k 
straDg alcoliol by perrolation: distil 07 the spirit from tli» 
filtered tincture, and leave tbe residue ta deposit crjstsl^ 
ffbich imay be purified by disBolving them ia bdling 
■leohol, digesting with aniinn) charcoal, filtering tha 
hot sointion, and cryataUixiug by rEfrigcciition. pt&. 
I^OCTIB (U.S.) finds chloroform to be much Uie best 

' solveat for catithDiidlaa. It may be percolntcd through 
the powdered Spanish fly, and tbeo allowed to eraparata 
sponbLneoasty nntU a crop of crystals separste, nhicb msy 
be obt^ued by filtration, and dried by pressure in bibolooa 

Cakso Animalis. Bone black (called ivory black) ia Ab- 
taioed by bnming bones in close vessels. L. direct« Mrbo 
animalis to be prepared from bbtod. 

CjIBBO AniJiALia PirairioAnrH. B. Mii hydrochloric ndd 
ji with distilled wst«r Oj, and add bone black Sxvj, 
Barring oecasionnlly. Digest at a moderate heat tor two 
days, agitating from time to time; collect the uiu^Bsolved' 
charcoal on a calico filter, aud wash with distilled wEtOF 
till what passes through gives scarcely any preapiiato wHb. 
nitrate of silver. Uiy the charcoal^ aud thou heat !t ti 
redness in a covered cmeiblp. 

Cahbo Lient. B. Obtained by bnming wood, without 
access of air, AiUUepiic. I)c»e, gr. i to 5ij. 

Cakbonib BiscirHUBBriTM. Snlphuret or BUtiiphirH ^ 
Carioa. Heat iron pyrites with one Hfth its weight of d^ 
charcoal ia a stone retort, furniehed with a glass tUM' 
dipping in water. Separate the sulpharet whidi concata 
at the bottom of the water, and carefaily re-distil it tttuaL 
chloride of calduro. Or pass the vapour of sulphnt ova- 
eharcoal heated to redness in a porcelain tube. Dor~ ~ 

a sudorific inrheamatUni,2 to 5 drops, gradually inCT- 

to 5 or more. XxtemaUti, in liniments for rbeomaljff 
pnins, &c. It is also dropped (40 to 60 drops) on t" 
part, to nromotc the reduction of strangulated hem 

Cabbobis TEB-CBLOBiDcai. What is sold nnder the nn 
t>i terehloride of carbon appears i« he an alcoholio iti 
tion of chlorofonn, and to bo identical with the so-caU 
chloric ether. See Etb.T Chloricos and Spiritna Chloro- 




[fbrmi. Hr. Tnmu prescribes from 1 to 4 dropi in watGr 

'fl or 3 times a dsy in cancer, &c. ExbiruHllj, 31 to 51] to 

;Gj of xatcr. The preciee qaantitj of chlorJaomi oon- 

'*uned in tho aolntiou he cmplojB is not stated, 

iSTDCOSTiMiu. Confentio Scnrnmonii. The old prcpa- 

ivtion cont^ned lets iduumon;. 

CiECASiLUKA. M. DiTViL. Eibfliut cHscBrills by pereo- 

lation with cold water; add acetnti! of lend to tho liqnid, 

and filter. Ucmove eieees of lead from tlie filtrala by 

^ BHlpharetted Lydrngen gaa, and evaporate the filtered 

■ liquid to two thirds ; odd a little animal cbarcoal, and 

m MgniQ filter. Evaporate at a low tompecatnre tilt a peU 

P licic appears, and allow it to eool. To purify the product, 

> nioiaten the powder with a little cold weak spirit, and 

after a few honrs wtap it in linen, express strongly, and 

dry the residue. lb may be further puTiSed by re-dig- 

Bolving it in boiling alcohol, and leaving tho dear solutioa 

to spontaneous evaporation. 

kSBiA Pbxfabati. L. Macerate broken cassia pods, in 
gnfficient distilled water to cover them, for 6 hours, con- 
stantly stirring; strain the washed pulp through a hair 
~'evG, and evaporate in a water buth to the consistence of 
confection. Dosa, 3ij — vj. 
CATAf LAHUA AcETI. Vijtegar Fonltice. Oatmeal, or bread 
crumbs, with vinegar. Applied cold, for spraiua, &c, 
[Veijnice ia aometimea pref emid.J 
Caiaplasma. Aoisi PrBOua»osi. Dr. Revcb. Bran ibj, 
linserd meal Jj, impure pyroligoeoiis acid q. s. [To 
acrofuloas ulcers; occasionally ii\xxx tinct. ferri mnriatis, 
and 5iij extract or powder of hemlocb, are added.] 
Cataplasua Aluuims. {Coagulum Aluminig, L. 1788.) 
Alum 5j, white of 2 eggs. Agitate together till a coagu- 
lum IB formed. Applied, between tine linen, to ioflamed 
eyes, and also to chilblains. 
Catafhaska AKODyBTTK, P. Poppy beads 5j, dried hen- 
bane Jij, water ^xxiv. Doil, strain, and add to the liquor 
q.B. of emollient meals (see FarinH; Emollientes) to form a 

CATAPLAHjm Antiskpticitm. F. H. Barley flour 3vj, pow- 
dered Pcmvinn hark Jjj, water q.s. ISoil, and when cool 
enough add camphor in powder ^. Redss. Powdered 


bark ^, braised rue Jj, powdured camplior 58a, wmpla 
poultive fbj. Mr. Allard prescribed under tbU name — 
Iwo Ixittlea of porter, half a pint of jewt, Jj of treacle;. 
mix and Etit in linked meal nnd oatmcat q. e,, and let it 
near tlie fire to fennant. 

Catafx^siu Aoouaticuk. SimiLir to CtLtnplasma Cumini. 

Cataplasms Abthikokhh. Toy. Cnteoha 5j, powdered 
oak-bark and barley meal, each Jj , eold water, q. a. 

■CtTiXLAsxA. Bkulai^osss. Dr. Reede. Extract ot bella- 
donna made in vacuo ^, oatmeal Hiss, boiling water, 

CiTAPLABSiA Byses. Gcy's H. Ground malt, with yi 
q. B. to form a, ponltice ; to be applied wnrm. 

■CATirLiBUi. Calois. Slaked lime ^ij, oatmeal 3^, lard Jlr. 
Formerly used at Bath Hospital. 

CATAFIJ.BUA Calou Sclphatib. Sir W. Bljeabd. Paris 
plaster, mixed with water to a soft pasti^ and ap[died 
bi^ora it liardenii. Formerly applied to ulcen to form an 
artificial amb; uovr occasionally need to afford mechanical 
support in some aurgical cmbs. 

^ATAPLABiTA Cakbonih. B. Maccrate 5ij of bread in 0«* 
of boiliog wBt«r for 10 minutes near the tire, tlieti gradnaUT 
stir in .^iia of littsecd nicsl; witb this mix 5^ of powdaM 
charcoal, and apriukle 3\| more oier the anrface. 

Cataplabua CEPJi. Onions roasted and masbed. 

CATiPtAaMA Comi. B. Mix hemlock leaf in powdw 
and linseed meal Jiij, uitil add them to boiling watet _ 
gradually, cnnatautly stirring. Gci'a H. Doil ^ita n 
dried hemlock Id Oisa of water to Oj, and mix the straiaei. 
liquor with linseed meal and gniuod bran q, a. Othent 
nae bread-crumb. 

Cataplabua Ciiuih;. L. 1788. Cumin seeds fbj, b«T- 
berrieB, siHirdiam leaves, serpentaria root, of each Siij, 
clovea Jj ; to be powdered together, aud mixed with tluioei 
thtir weight of lioney. Gcrx's H. Curoin seeds llg, b^- 
berrien 3iij, wormwood Jvj, pimento Sj, treacle q. a. 

iCatafi^sua Dacci. Guy's U. Carrots boiled till aot 
and bruised. [Scraped raw carrot is looro stimulant.] 

CiTAPlABBA AD DBCDBITnM. PbUB. Ph. Boil J^ of Ol] 

bark In q. s. water, to yield Jriij of strained decoetlm 
add to this 3U °^ liquid diacetat« of lead, collect the pro- 


Ieipitate on a filter, niid put It into a bottle ftith 5y of 
rectiflcd spirit. 
■TiP T.jieM* UloU'Al.13. Mr. *r.r.»Tiii , A etrang- decoction 
of foiglove, with lirettd-erumb, or liiiBoei! nienl r\. n. 
GAXAfiiABiu. DiBiTUTiBBS. E. H. Barley menl Jvj, freBli 
bcmlock Jij, vineg;ar q. s. Boll, and add eal itmnianiBC 
3b8. F. H. the aame, with acetate of lead ^ij. 
CAliFLiBUl. EFlEBYBBCENg. Frrah woTt tliickened with 

oatmeal, and » spoonfiil of yeast added. 
Catapi^aeua KHETtcru. Braised groundsel (Scnecio Vul- 
garis), applied over the Btomacfa, produces Tomititi^. 
CiTAPUBMA EholhbnB. P. Emollient meals {ParioiE 
EmollientoB) Jiv, cold water q. s. Mix. uod boil togetlier 
to B doe cousisteuce, stirring coostantlyi 
CatafI:ASHa Fasiss CoMFoarrrru. Dr. H. Sutth, Rye 

flour ftj, old yeart Siv, salt Jij, hot water q. h, 
Cahaflabka Fjeoul^ p. Potato starch 3^ ; mix with u 

k little cold water, add to it fjiyj of boiling water, and boil 
for an Inatant. [Potato or other starch la aometinieij 
Uiicd with cold water aa an application to frcah 
[TAFiosMAFiBOtiiaiCBBETiaix. Gttt'b H. Ale-grounda, 
thickened with ostmeal ; to be applied cold. 
Catapiabma Feemekm. B. Floor gxiv, water at 100° 
( Jvj, beer yoaat f 3vj. Mii, and place near the fire till 

Cataflasma Fici. A dried fig, roasted, or boiled (some- 
timea in milk), and split, in Bomctiuica applied to gum- 
boils, &c. 

CATAPtABUA Fuel. Dr. RcBSELL. Fresh bladder fucus 
(lea-wraet) bruised. Applied to glandular tumours, &c. 

CATAPLiam. FuETDEia. Pine bran with one leutli of lin- 
seed meul, with boiling water q.s. Mr. Payne reconi- 
meuds, as a cheap hospital poultice, 3^ pecks of pollard, 
14% linseed meal, and ^Ih lard. 

CATiPlJSKi Gaisasi. Lily roots Jiv, figa 3j J boil till 
soft, and brnise theui with Jias of onions, and Jss of gal- 
banulii triturated with jolk of egg, and linseed meal q. s. 
See C. Matonius. 

Catapusma Gaxvasicttm. Rec.i.mieb. It consists of cot- 
^^■ton wadding cont^ning a lajer of very thin zinc platea 


and imnther kycr of copper onos. This pad, eoovenienUy 
quitted, is enclosed in a bog oue f uce of which is of qniltM. 
calico, the other of impennenble tiiauE. The natoiBl 
perepiraljou, couSoed by the impermeiilile tissue, exiatea 
gialvKiiic action betweeu the metflls. 

Catap L&suA OOULABDI. Seo Cataplasms Plrnnbl. 

Caiaplisiu Hduitli. Dr. TfOTTEa. Hops, eofteued with 
hot water. To foul ulcere. 

CiiAPLABHA Htobotami, Gh. H. As Cataplaanio I^pii- 

CATiPLifiMJ, JWGiJiiMS. Mr. Pbbprct. Tlie fresh learea 

of wBlnut, broiMd, and miiod with honey. Applied orer 

tlie abdomen aa a vermif ago. 
Catapusma LiLii. The pulp of the white lily, boiled, and 

Caxiplasma Lisl B. Mil linseed meal ^iv wltli olive i^ 
5bb; then odd boiling water 5*i gradutiUy, consttint^ 

Cataplahxa Mau. Tho soft pulp of roaated apple. Ap- 
plied to iuQanied ejea ; other ingredients are Eometimei 

Catafi^eua MAQCHAHTLa. Tivo hacdfala of the fresh 

Elant (Marchantia hemispherica) to be boiled till soft, and. 
eaten to a pulp, with linseed meal q. a. Applied over 
the abdomen io oscitiia. 

Catafi,abka Matuiukh. L. 171s. Pulp of 6gB Jir, re^n. 
ointment Si> strained galbanuia Jas. Catapltunu Ita- 
ttaratif. P. Resolvent miyala (Forimn It4?salvettte9) $r, 
(leeoction of mallowa q. s. Mii, and while hot add retoD 
ointment 3i> softened with a little oil. 

Catapusma Obtzs. Rice flour, with boiling water q, %. 

Cataplasma OxALia. Mr. SANsraBS. Sruised swrd 
leaves, mixed with oatmeal and beer. 

Cataflasha Panis. Poor boiling water on bread-crumb, 
cover up till soaked, pour off the water, press gently, and 
beat it up with a, spoon. A littb oil may be added. Milk 
19 freqaently used, but i» apt to become sour. LiuHed 
meal renders it mare adhesive. 


CAiiPtABKA EiPATEiiia. Gl. H. Decoctlon of poppj- 

beiids, thickened with linseed meal. (Some surgeons uae 

bread- crumb.) 
Cat Aft IBM A Ptnirni. Gonlard wnter fti, brend- crumb q. ». 
^OiTiptiBMA PtriiHAODlia. Bengal IHspeaaaioiy. Tta 
I powdered bark of PluB^ago Eatea, with flour and water 
-. q. 1. Applied for bnlf un hour, it hliBten. 
UiTAPtAflStA PoTABSiE AcBTATlB. Calaplotme Neutfale. 

Acetete of potash Jj, nator Oj, crumb of bread q. s. To 

ill-conditioued corea. 
Cataplabuji QiTEBCfiB Mabikx. Si'c Cataplasina Fiici. 
Catamabma Rapi. Gdt's H. Peel tomips, boil them till 

soft, heat them to n pulp, nod iipplj it warm. 
CATAPtABHA Rebolvsns. F. H. Resolvent meals (FRrinc 

Besolveutes, F.) )^viij, emollient decoction q. s., liqnid 

diocetate of lend 5ij. Sea also CataplaBma Saponis. 
Cataflabua BoaJE. pD^rdered alum ya, confection of roses 

KiW. Mix. 
kiAFi^EMA BtTBEFACLEHB. P. Barley meal ligbtlj roasted 
^iv, strong vinegar 3ji whites of three eggs, water q. b. 
to form a cataplasma ; spread it on linen, aud sprinkle it 
over with Jgs eacb of powdered feanel-aeed and black 
lTAPLABMA Sapohis, E. H, White soap 5.1. milk Oj, 
ocumb of bread ^viij. Boil slightlj. F. H. Almoud soap 
Jiv, barley flonr, S*""], water q. a. 
.TAFLASUA SiUPLBx. Simple FouUke. D. Oatmeal 2 
parts, linseed meal 1 part, miieil with boiling water q, s. 
Guy's H. Linseed meal 1 part, ground bran 2, boiling 
water q- a. ; to be applied worm, smeared with a little 
olive oil. The simple linseed poultice and broad poultice 
are also so named. [In some hospitals poultices are 
nearly eiplnded, simple water being preferred. A new 
material called apongio'piline has been introduced as a 
medium of applying water, or medicated liquids.} 
CATiPtAEMA S1HAEI8, B. Mis gradually linseed meal Jiias 
with boiling water Jx, and add mustard In powder ^iiss, 
constantly eldrring. L. Similar. OiTY'a S. directs tba 
surface of a common poultice to be sprinkled with flonr of 
_ mustard. 

IPLASMA Sobs CttLOBAia:. B. Add liuseiid meal J"? 


graduiill; to Iioiling water jTiiJ. Btirring coiutaatly s then 
mil in TOlution of chlorinated Bodu Sij. 
CiTAiEAgMi SooiB SrLrEATia. Dr, KiBSLAHB. Sulpluite 
of eoda Jj, bailing water Ibss, cramb of bread q. b. Z» 

CArAi'LiBUA ScmATn Tubbbosi. Itnu' potutoes, Bcroped, 
grated, or pounded in a murtar. To be naed cold. Sec 
also Cataplasms Ficeulie. 

Cataplasma STmOLiMH. Dr. HtroB Smth. Rje flonr Ibj, 
old yeaet Jiv, cummoD Bait ,^lj. 

CATAPtABMi Sttppfbabs. E. 1774. To ail emollient cata- 
plasm a add brulacd onions ^ies, bosilicoii ointmtmt Sj. 

Cataplasma Tkbebibthin^. Dr. Rekck. Oil of turpon- 
tine jij, olive oil Sji linseed meal 3j, outmeal 3iv, boiling^ 
viKter q. a. To indolent ulcers ; and, witli more torpeO' 
tine, to deep bnriis and aealdg, and eliilbkinS'. 

Cataplasma ToNicpiT. Germ. H. Powdered bark 3j, 
charcoal S3' 'caniplior 5i!iB, oil of turpentinu q. s. 

CatafiAbUA. UlMI. Tlif powdered lurk of tile alippeij dm 
(Ulmna folvn) mixed with hot water q. s. 

CATAf I.ABIIA VtNl RvBBl. Ql. H. Linseed meal ^iis, bc^ 
ing water |y ; stir it o^er a slow fire for a raiontei remove, 
and add Jij oi red wine. 


JMssolve 3j of quickBilver in jij of niti'ic acid («p. gt. 

CAcaTiccM AuuDNiAOALB. QosDBET. See Unguentnm 

Cachticuk Antxhohiale. See Antlmonii Chloridum. 


Cancers. Upright crow-foot, loasar apear-wort, of eac! 
5j, levigated whito arsenic 5j, sulphnr 3v ; beat together 
to form a uniform paste, wMcb in made into bolls, ttoA 
dried in the sun. The powdered paste is niiied, when 
reqnired for use, with jnlk of egg, and applied on 

Caubticum ABSKHioatrM Compobitpm. Cut. H. Calomd 
Jiies, vermilion 3ij, arsenious acid 3j to ^ij. M'u. 

CAVSTicrM AuBEDU. Becamibb. Chloride of gold gr. 
nitro-muriatie acid Jj. Applied on lint. 

CACEHicruCAHTBABioiaCosiPosiicii:. CcT, H. Powdered 


RMnthuidea Jij, atrone pyroligneoua ouid Jviij, tannin 3j. 
Ijlicerato fot a week, and Btrain. 

( CoMMUKB Fdbticb, L. 17-16. Vienna Puite. 
^See Potaaaa cum Caiae. 

I CoHMimE UirniB. L. 1746. Soft soap nnd 
quicklime in equal parts; to be mJKcd ut the time of 

CiOBTiouii: Dbpilatosium. Cut. H. Quidilime Jj. yel- 
low snlplinret of areenic 3u, atftrtli powdiir 5sj. Mis. 

CAUBrioni lliBBABOTBi NiTKATis, See Hydrergjri Hi- 
ttte Liqnidns j and Cnoaticum Apidum, abore. 

CArsTiovif Htsbabotbi auM Abbbbioo. Cdt. H. Quick- 
eilver ^ee, arBenions aoid 5sa, nitric tcid jj. Dissolve. 

CACBiicru losiHii. LcQoii, lodinu Jbb, iodide of potas- 
ainm Jas, distilled water 3j- H'l' 

CACSTIDUIt LvKABB. Argsutl Nitnu. 

Cadhticdm NiiaiPtTM. Dr. RrvALLirfs Soliilifiad Mlrie 
Acid, On a piece of lint placed in an eartlien vessel 
gradually drop cDncentrated nitric Bcidi prtia the gela- 
tinouB tDOBS into a Buitable abapu, and upply it, with the 
forceps, on the parL Remove it cBrefullj in 15 or 20 
miaBtea. For Caaeerout Tumours, lie. 

CAtTBTiocM Opiatfic. Mr. EtBR. Potaah with lime 3iij, 
opium 3fls, soft Boap q. a. Opium is occasionaliy added to 
Dtlier caoslics. 

CAvaTiODU FoTABEs BiosnouAXis. A saturated solution 
of bichiomatG of potash. 

Cabbtiopm Potahhs CoMPoaiTtru:. Cni. II. Hydrate of 
potash 3sB. quicklime jsa, glycerine q. a. Mil. 

Cacbticcm Potentialb. See Potaseto Hydras. 

CAUBTlctrM SABlBai CoHPOSJTTJU. CuT. H. Powdered 
Bavin 5as, bnrat alum Jj, levigated nitric oiido of mercury 
5]. Mil. 

Cahbtxcom ScLPHTTHICtrM. Saffrnn, triturated with oil of 
vitriol to a plastic paste. 

Cattstictjm Zihoi. Dr. Cakqttoih'b Catatia, Koa. 1, £, 

and 3. Mil 1 part of chloride of zinc with 2, 3, and 

i paita of wheat Hour, and Bufficient water to form a 

paste. The powdered chloride and Hour being qnickly 

jp and carefnlly mixed, add the wat«r to half the quantity, to 

^^_ form a soft paste, oud mii with this bb mucli of th^ a 



It ia to remniii uu 2i 
be gently renioved, and the part norerad 
wltb a. pooltiue. Dr. Rinkih says it should uoc be tliiabec 
thau ona or two lioea, nor left on longer than from 6 to 
10 hann. Tliia will produce an eacbur of a quurter inch 
depth. In Caaceri, iMpm, !fmvi, &c. Dr. At.bk. Ubb 
BQbstitntes Paris pUiter for flonr. 

OAtrBTioFu ZiNoi Amtucokiale. Dt. Cmanom'a CoMeia, 
No. 4. Chloride of zino 1 parti chloride of antimonT 
i part, floor 2i parta. To be miied hb before, hut f OnnBd 
into crajDD-Bhaped roUa, of a conaiatence to be moulded, to 
any required form. Z» nodnlaled Caimerinit Hmumrt. 


rida of Kinc siv, chbride of BntUoonj jij, powdared 

5i. gljcerina q. a. Mix. 
CADSTioDUZiNUlOFIATDiil. Pondered opinm may be nUjUd 

with either of llie preceding, to mitigate the pain. 
Cbea Alba. Bleaehed or WMit War. Melted baas' WM 

is allowed to ran throngh a perforated Toaael upon 

cylinder revolving in water ; the ribaodB thus formed k 

Biposed (o the weather till tlieir ooloor it removed. <i<id 

are then melted into cakea. 
Cbba PcBif tCATA. D. 1807. Melt beca' wax with a gemtla 

heat; and, after allowing it to aetUe, carefiilly decant " 

witc from the Bodimt^nt. 
Ceba'CDH. L. (Caratum Simplsc. L. 1824.) YeUow wai 

3x1, olive oil Oj. Melt tlie wax with a gentle heat, add 

the oil, and mix. 
Cbbatuh .^iRiTQiNia. Den. Ph. Wax 12 parts, 

Venice turpentine 5, verdigris 1. 
CKBAruM Aldtm. L. 1745. See Ceratum Cetttcei. 
Cbbatcu AuuaKiAOAiiB. Gecuoux. Carbou ate of ammonia 

„„ simple eorate Jj. In Croup. 
Cbbatuh Absekici. C. S. White arsenic 9j, cerate Ij, 

Cbeatfu: Bslladonks. Extract of belludonna 1 part^ 

aoap cerate 2 or 3 parts. 
Cbbatum Cacao. Butter of cacao and oil of almond*, 

purls. Coametic. 


CzRATCU Cii^utmA L. Melt togetlier Jviisa of fellow 
irai and Oj of olive oil; remove fioni the fire, bdiI a» 
BOOH aa it be^ns to thicken Btir in Jviiu of prepared 
calamine. E. PrepiLred colaiuine 1 purt, eiinple iierate 
6 parts. Mix well. 

CBKA.Tinc Cai,A]iiiis ctTM HTDKi^QYao. Cfi. Calamine 
cerate tbi>, nitric Diide of mercurj 3ss. Mix. 

CEBA.TCM Caluamb. Rohz. Cerate 3j, cherrf-kurel water 
3i8. Mis. Or, oil of almonds 4, white wm 1, clierrj- 

CBaiUTM Cl tounLiNoa. Calomel 5;, spermareti cemte Jiv. 
CKBAfvu CuAUSLAtioi CouroaitDU. Calomel jj, cnlumine 

cerate jiv. 
CBKiTTIH Camfhobstum. Pommade du/rire Cosmt. Olive 

oil JJ'vj, wai 3''i'j> earaphor 3]. Mii. JVir CAiiSIatiu, 


Crbatuh CAHTHABniia. L. Bpcrmaeeti cerate (softened 

b; heat) Jvj, Hnely powdered cautharides Jj. Mix. 
CebatCh CbtACei. L. Spermaceti Jij, white wax 3^ji 

olive oil Qj; melt together the spennucreti and wax, add 

the oil, and stir till cool. 
CBBAttrx ClHCnaNA. Extract of baric 5], aimplo cerate Jas, 

CBBATini CnniABABia. Atjdeht'b. AnlilieTpelii: Cerate. 

Vermilion 3J, camphor Sj, cerate 3;|. 
Cbratcm Citbibcm:. L. 1748. Ceraivm Eesina. 
OkbATDK Conit. St. B. H. Ointment of hemlock tbj, 

ipennaceti 3ij, white wax Jiij. 
Cbsatdk Copaibe. Dr. HoTTLTON. White wax Ji, balsaln 

of copajva 3ij. Add the baleiou to the wax, previous!; 

mdtad, and stir till cool. 
Cbbatdh CoBMBTIOOM. Pommade en Creme. Oil of al- 

monda Jiv, white wax 5tij, spurmai^eti 3iij, rose water 

Siij, Knctnre of bolasm of Mecca 5ij. Mix. Vab Monb. 

White wni 1 part, oil of almoods 4. batter of cacao 1. 
CbiATDM CRBTiB ACKTATIB. Bee Ceratnm Neutrale, and 

CTngncntiim Plumhi Cotupobitmn. 
Cbratch CaxTM CoMpaamni. Majich. H. Lead plaster 

JviiJ, olive oil f Jlv. prepared chalk Jiv, diatilled vinegar 

f 5iv, diacetate of lead f jiv. 
C»RATDM Cboiobis. M. Catkntod. Melt 2t parte of 



lard with i a part of wm, ami, when nearly eolfl, mil with 
it one part iif (roton oil. At a counfer-irrilant. 

CsRATtTM FusoTJM. See Emplastnira Fuscum. 

CEEiTUM Gii.ENi. p. Cold Cream. White wai Jiv, ml of 
filinonds Sxvj; inelt, and gradiuiUy add in Jiij of roBe 
water, Htirring till cold. 

CSRATUM GoiTTiABBi, See Ceratum Piurab! CompoMtum. 

Cebatitm HroBAEarEi CoMPOancM. L. Mercurial oint- 
ment (strong) 3ij, soap cerata Jvj, catnphor JiBB. Mii. 

CBBiiDM HroEiEOTEi NiTHATia.T St. B. H, Ointment rf 
nitmte oE qoiolcBilTer 3j, 8]H-rmaoeti curate jj. Mix. 

CBBATra LAUBO-OKBAai. Se6 Ceratnin GalmanB. 

Cebati^ii Liuacdu. Wliito win 3 ]Mrt8, spemmceti 3> oil 
ofelmonda 33, niudlaga of snails Z'l, otto of rosea ig. s. 

Cebaiuu LiroABUYB! AoBTATiB. See Ceratum I'lumbi 

Cebattim MELLta. Ca. Olive oil Ibse, wax Jiv, lead 
plaster Jiv ; melt together, and add tbaa of hone;. Qal- 
batium plaster ia sometimes sulHtitutcd for simple lead 

Cbeatdm Maiiia ma. TESEBIKiaisi. Paeaoblbot. Com- 
mon turpentine tbj, the jolk of 20 eggs, bouej Ibj. Beat 
together the houey and jolka, and add the turpentine, 
softened bj heat. 

Cebatttu MsRCURlAXB. L. 1746. Strong mercurial oint- 
ment Jvj, lard Jiij, yellow was gvj. Mix, 

CEBATim: Meiopii. Dr. Babbam. Hog-gum (gnm r£ 
Rhus Metopiuml Jit, lard Jit, white wax Jij, powdered 
root of eweet Aristolocbia (A. odoratisaima) 3^, jollow 
resin Jj- ■!•> rheumafie paisa. 

CEBATirid: Mbzbbbi. Exhaust fresh mczereon bark hj 
repeated digesldon with rectified spirit. Mix the liqaots, 
add niilli of lime (1 part of lime and 3 of water for B parta 
of mezeieon), and digest till the colour becomes of a 
yeUotriah green. Distil off most of the spirit, add water 
to the residne, and collect the soft green subitanoe which 
aeparataa. Mlt 1 part of this with 4 of yellow war and 
8 of oliTe oil. 

CEBATim Nbcibale. KrRKtAHD. Cer. Crel(B AeelatU, 
Lead plaster S^Vii, olive oil ^iv, vbolk jiv, distilled vinegar 
5iy, Goulard's eitnict of lead Jss, Melt together the 



ploiter and oil, odd the clmlk, and, lastly, the diacctate of 
lead, mixed with the vin^^ar. 

CEBiTUM OniTDir. QrBKBT. Cerftto 3j, wina of npiom 
^. Laqhbav. Opium 5B8, yolk of 1 eg); ; laii, aod udd 
cerate ^- 

CsBATUM Plttubi Acitaiib. L. Apctate of lew) find; 
powdered jt, white wax 3t, olive oU Oj. Melt the wm 
wilh f Siviij of the oil, and add the acetate of lead, pre- 
viously triturat«d with the met of the oil, and atir till tliuj 

CsttiTi pLtTMBi CoirPOflnrrM. L. Add f Sivj of olivo oil 
to JiTiii of melted bees' wai, reniOFO from the ftre, and 
when it bopiQB to thicken, gradnaUy add liquor of diace- 
titte of lead t Svj ; atir till cool ; and. lastly, udd camphor 
5j, diaaolyed in oliye oil f 3iv, and mix. 

dBATVU Quins. Sulphate of quimne gr. tJ, cerate ^. 
Used endermic^bf. 

Cbbaktu Resins. L. Tellow reein Jiv, wax jxv; melt 
together, add olive oil Oj, and strain whila warm through 

Ckbatum KoBATtTM. P. Lip Salve. Oil of almonds Jij, 
white wax 3j. alkanet root 3J ; mflt^ and digest till 
colonred snfiieiently, then strstn, uid add 6 drops of otto 
of roses. 

Cbbatdk BtTBBDM. Ch. Yellow wai and lard, of each 
Ass, Tesio 3BE, rod sulphortit of mercury gr. ivj. Mix. 
Ai a eoaotaa dreaing. 

CBSATVlt Sabira. G. Melt together 1 part of bees' wax 
Bod i of lardi add 2 of freah aavin, and bail together till 
the leaves are friable; then atnun. For B. eee Uugueti- 
tarn SalwniB. It is injured bj too mach heat 

CiBATUV Safohis Compositum. L. (C^alvm Sapenia, 
1836.) Bial together Cj of vinegar and 5iv of powdered 
litharge till they combine; then add Ji of soap; bull tJll 
the aiQiatDrflUdiSHpated, and, lastly, mix with these Sxiiss 
of wax previaunly melted with OJ of olive oil. 

Eruic SAFONia Dusi>i>. The soap cerate may be ren- 
sd harder and more adbeaive than it nsunlly is by 
ravghty ovaporaljng the mixture. Some add diachylon 
rter. See Emplastrura Cemti Saponis. 
ttm Simplex, E. Spermaceti 1 part, vilvite wki. ^ 


H 70 

^H olive oil 6 parta. Heat tlio oil gently with the « 

^B spemuiceU, stir brielily, and coiitinae the E^tstJon 

^M mole. 

^H CsBATim SiruHFKiTtTu. P. Wnslie<l sulphur _ 

^B uream (Ceratum Galeni) 5iiias> oil of almonds ^a. 

^B CsiviurM TABici. Qeh. H. Tobaoeo juice giij, woi 5iij, 

^F reBiii Jbs, olive oil q. s. 

^ CEBiicM Zreoi CoMPOBiTtTM. MiB. H. EijuhI paita of 

zinc ointment and compound lead ointment. 
CsBATCH ZiKOi OCM Ltcoposio. Huskukd. Cerate 3s8, 

oxide of zinc gr. iv, Ijcopodinm gr. iv. Mii. 

' Cebei vel Cebboli, Bougiai are made by dipping strips of 

^M soft linen cloth, rather wider at one end than the other, 

^H into certmn emplaatic or elaatic com positions, folding thAm 

^^1 Qp flnnly, and rolling them on a Hmootb alab. For ela«lio 

^^t bongieB, pieces of catgut, bandies of thread or cotton, m 

^^B stripa of fine open silk, are sometimes used. 

^^M The following are some of the compositioDS which have 

^^M been held in tno^t repute : 

^H 1. Bbix'b. Lead plaster %iy, yellon n&x Jiss, olive nl 


^M 2. Euktbs'b. Olive oil Ibiij, yellow wai Itg, red teaA 

^H niss. Boil togethiT over a slow fire till combined. 

^H 3. SwBDUCit'a WhilB, White wai Ibj, spermaceti Jiij, 

^B sugar of lead from 5ij to Jj- B™! Wfrethp'^ slowly. 

B 4. 8t. B. U. JUd. Wax Ibj, Chio turpentine jiv; melt 

^B together, and sddvermilion ,^j. It ma<it be well stirred- 

^1 6. PiSBBll'a Wax. Yellow wax 6 pacta, olive tnl 1. 

^m 6. Goiti.abd'b. Yellow wax, melted and mixed hy atir- 

^H ring witli trom l-24th to l-3rd of extract of lead. Pans. 

^^1 Ph. 5^ Qonlard'a extract to Jvj jellow wax. 

^^H 7. Faxx's Mercurial. Mercurial plsBtcr ^. tarpentins 

^^B Jss, powdered shell-lHC gr. xv, calomel ^j, red oxide of mer- 

^H cnrySj. 

^^B 8. DARAlt'E. Olive oil (in which hemlock, lubaoco, 

^^H flowers of sweet trefoil, and St. Joba'a wort, have been 

^H infused) 50 parts, Isrd IS, wax 10, litharge 20. Dasan'b 

^^m Emoltient. White wax 3iv, spermaceti ^iss, rose ointment 

H -Si, cemss plaster (P.) 5j. 

^^M 9. SBABF'a. Leatt phisterjij, Bnrguudy pitch 9ij, pre- 



L pored nndmoiij S^s; mil, and add quickHllrcr 3j triturated 
I . with oil o( snlplmr q, a. 

10. Blaiiic. Boiled linseed oil (drjing oil) Jiij, ainber 
jir, oil of torpentJne gir, caontcbonc 5v. Thie varmsli is 
repratedl<p applied to tbe web. 

11. Dr. KbeoB, Lend plontpr, tar, nni) powdered bella- 
donna, on linen. 

ClBEViHIA AbietiKA. Spruc-e Beer. Dr. Wood. Easonce 
of spruee One, pimento and ginger, bruiepd, each S^. hops 
Jv, nrati^r Ciij. Boil fur & or 10 minute^ stniiu, ndd Cxj 
of warm water, yeast Oi, molasses Orj. Let it ferment for 
Zi lioura. Diaretic nnd antiacorliutic. 

tlBBHTiBiA ANTiacoHBDTiPA. P. SopineHe, Presh acnrvj- 
grass 5i> horse-radish root 5'i, bnda of apmee fir 3j, new 
beer OiiisB. Macerate for 4 dajs, stndn, press, and filter 

Cbbbtibia Abmobaois. Hufeland. Scraped horse-radish 
3v, new beer Oij; dig:<)st in a close veeael Ibr Zi honre; 
strain, and add ^ of sjrup. A uupful twice a day. 

Cbbetibia CannaBiB. itircHAH, in Jmindice, Boil 3ij of 
bemp seed in Oiv of ale; sweeten with sugar. Oss every 
morning for 8 or 9 days; in jaundii'e. 

Ckrbtibia Cathabtica. Senna 3iij, centaary Jiss, worm- 
ivood jiss, aloes 3^, ale 3 or 4 ^tons. 

Cbbetuxa ClNCaON^. Draised baric Sji rectified spirit Si i 
mix. macerate for 2 days in Oisa of new beer, sod filter. 
Mdiibb direuta Jiv of bark, ixxv of angar. and Ov of 
water, to be miied witb yesBt, aiid fenvieiited for 4 or 6 

Cbbbyibia DutrKtiCA E. H. Whole mustard seed Jyiii, 
juniper berries S^iij. "i^^ carrot seed Jiij, wormwood 5ij, 
imall nle Ci. 

Pio:b. Dvbamki. Tar Seer. Bran Oy, tar Clj, 
boney Oss, water Orj. Mix them in an earthen pipkin, 
and let the miitnre simmer over a slow fire for 3 hours. 
iWheo mol, »dd Oss of yeast, and let it work for 36 houra, 
[then strain. Dose, a wineglaaaful before eveiy meaL In 
bronchia! diseases, incijiient couimmption, &c, 

Sabss. SjiaaUh Jara-ae. Pour 4 g&llons of 
^ ater on Ibij Rio Negro sarsaparilla, Jviij pow- 
goaiacuro back, 3iv each of rasped guaiacum wtwA, 



aniie eeed, and liquorice root; Sij erf liark of n 
root, tbij of treaclG, and 12 bruised oIovck. Shake it 
thrice a day, and keep it in a warm place. When fermen- 
tation has aet in it is fit for ase. Dose, a Hmail tomhler- 

CBBKyrau Zlbqibbbis. Dokovah. Infuaa JiiM bnuwd 
ginger In Civ of Ixiiling' water. When oold, etnUi^ nnd 
add Riiv of loaf Biigar. Oas of solid jmst, and ^ij of crMm 
of tartar. Ferment in a warm situation. When the fer- 
ml'ntation subsides rack oil' the dear liqnor, and retaim 
it into the cooler, previouBly cleaned. In a day m two 
bottle it. [For Dr. Lahb'b fermented preparatimu, see 
Liqaores Tinosl.] 

CasBTiBii; FsBMEWTniu. B. Yeast. The ferment ob- 
tained in brewing beer. 

Cbbii OxAXie. Obtained by sfting on the ore of CeHom 
with oxalic acid. Or, dissolve ns mach of the oiide of 
Ceriom (obtained from Cerile) xa a erfution of ojalic acid 
aa vlll aatumte the lattvr, and evaporate to cryatall. B. 
It may be obt^ncd aa a precipitate by adding a laintion oE 
oxalate of ammonia to a eolnhle s^t of ceriBin. Do»a 
gr. j to iij. lUcommanded by Dr. Simpson in tbe vomit- 
ing of pregnancy. 

Cbtbaxiha. Digest hraised Iceland moss in rectiSed (^t, 
eipresa. distil off most of the spirit, and filter the solnUmi 
■rhitet hoL Pnrifjr the cetrarin which is deposited, by 
again dissolving it in spirit. J>ii^je; doae, gr, ij to t, 
every 3 hours, 

Cbasta iMtntBEViSAZici. M. Berq. Euphorbimn 80, 
eintharides 15, alcohol 150 purts. Di^^est 8 days, filter, 
and add black re^in 60. turpentine 50 parts. Thin pepei 
to be hroshed over 2 or 3 times with this varnish. The 
following is said to resemble Poor-man's plaster. Black 
resin S porta, tar 3, yellow wax 1. 

CsABTA Atkofie. Atfopme Paper. Paper iB Impregnated 
by steeping in Bolntion of aulphate of atropia In such a 
mumier that a piece l-5(Lb of an tneh sqnare shall coutain 

Il-250tli of a gr. orttB salt, a Bqnara o( I-lOtli of an inoh 
tbe l-lOOOtb of a gr. Thia iKjuara luBorUsl beni^nth the 
ejelid will dilnto the pupil. 
lAXTA ArAOPiM GeIiAtikoba. Tablctsuf ^latiae are im' 
pregnated with anlphate of atropia, as Charta Atropis. 
Orabia Efisfasiica. B. BiiHering Paper, Digect vrliitL' 
wlaiit, Bpermaceti Jias, olivooilfJij.reainSJ, canthatidea 
in powder l^j, and distilled water fjvj, in a water bath Cor 
£ honrsi stirring conelBntlj, atmiti, and separate t^e plaster 

»tteni the watery liquid, ttii Cnimda balaum !si with the 
fdaster, melted in n ahdlow vobbeI. and pass strips of paper 
oror the surface of tbe hot liquid, bo that one surface of 

le pnper shall receive a thin coating of plaster. (It may 

■ ■ ■ ■ 4 

to employ paper ruled u 
[WlBLIs's plan of spreading paper with eniplastio eompo- 
■itionB ia thia|: — Cut white printing paper in strips; tnelt 
the oompoaicion in a plate over boiling water; take one 
extremity of the paper in the left hand, and raise the 
other end with the right, bo aa to form the arc of a circle j 
draw the nndor sidu of the paper over the anrface of the 
eompositioil, gradually lowering the right hand.] 

Chabta Episeastioa cuh Mizkbeo. Gfibodet. Tiie 
ingiedienta are the euds as tbe laet, snbstituljng lor tbo 
cantharides 5ss or 3ij o{ ethereal extract of mezereen 
dissolred in a Httle nicuhol. The whole shnuld bo melted 
by ■ gentle heat, and stirred constantly tiU the alcohol ia 
evaporated, and then straioed throogb lineu, and spread 
aa above. 

Cbasta ExpiORATOBiA. PBrH. Pff. IntuBe 1 part of 
litmus in 4 of water, and dip white paper into it, and dry. 
If the infusion be alightly reddened by the auialleat qoan- 
ti^ of sulphuric acid. It forma red litmus paper. Used to 
'detect acidi, the latter for alkalies. 

I FOHTICULIB. SocBElKAN. Iigue Paper. 
10 parts, spermaceti 6, alemi S, turpentine 6. 
alow fire, and strain. To be apread on paper 
't)y a proper machine. 

Okabta Resinoba. PBra. Ph. Paper thinly spread with 

Chabta Vebicatobia. St* Giarta Epiapaatica, B., Tela 
VeaicalOTia, and Spamdrapum Vesicaus. TEOCBaKAn'a 


H 74 

^^1 Blieto ring-Paper is mnde hy moistenmg: blotting-paper 
^^1 with ethereal extract of uantharidei, UDd applying It 
^^B covered with a piece uf adheriie plnater. 
^H CHtOBAua HTBBAa. Hydrate of Chloral. (A vobtile, 
' white, tranalncent solid!) Made by poising thlorino gu 

for some days tbrongh absolate alcohol. Hypnotio aoA 
sedative. Dose, gr, i — ui, in watar or sjrap. 
CHLaB-Ai:lii[. See Liquor Aluminti Chloridi. 
Cbldbitii. Chlnrinium. Chlorine gas may he procaied aa 

directed below for Chlori Lii^uor. 
CHLOai LlQTTOB. B. CoatHina -006 by weight of the gaa. 

Sp. gr. I'OOa. See Liquor Chlori. 
CBiiOBODTStTM:. CAlorodgtie. Liquor CMoroforni Com- 
^^ potUua. Mr. StjnisE. Dissolve h^drochloraie of morphia 

gr. via and oil rf peppermint mivj in rectifled spirit Jiti 
mil chloroform 5'V and ether 3j "fi t^n* solution j dis- 
Bolre extract of liquorice Jiisa in syrup jiviiaB, and add 
trescle Sit. Shake the two solutions togetber, and add 
dilute hydrocyanic acid Jij. (This U one imitation of the 
secret noBtrum of Dr. Collis Browne. Another is as fblloWB.) 
Dr. OOBKN. Mil chloroform Jyj, chloric ether Jj, tine- 
tiue of capsicnm 3ss, oil of peppermint in\j, hydr<>cnlnTatB 
of morphia gr, viij, hydrocyanic acid (Scbeele's) niJtij, par- 
chloric acid gr. u, tinctnre of Indian bemp 3ji treade 

CHiABoroimuK. (Chloroform.) B. Take of chlorinated 

■ lime Vix, rectified spirit f^xi^ slaked lime q. s., water Ciij, 
sulphuric acid q. b., chloride of ratlcium in small fragmeDts 
3iJ, dieHlled water fjii. Place tlie water and the Bjnrit 
in a capacious still, and raise the mixture to the tempe- 
mtnre of lOO'. Add the chlorinated lime nnit flif of the 
slaked lime, railing thorooghly. Connect the still wiUi a 
coudeosing worm encompassed by cold water, and tenm- 
nating in a, nsrrotv-necked receiver; and apply heat lo as 
to cause distillation, tailing care to withdriiw the &ie the 

I moment that the process ia well established. When the 
distilled product measures jl, the nwi'ivor is to be wi&- 
drawn. Pour its contents into a gallon bottle half filled 
with water, mix well by shaking, and set at rest for a few 
minutes, when the miitore will separate into two strata 
of different deuBities. Let the lower stratum, which con^ 


^tutes erode chlorofoFni. b« wiuhed hy agitating it id > 
Jbottle with 5ii^ of the distilled water. Allow the chloro- 
Ktonn to snbaide, witlidraw tho water, and repeat the 

■ i|tBs!iing with the rest of the distilled water, in gniMHMHive 
Bqaimtities of jiij at a time. Agitate the washed chloro- 
l:«)rni for 5 minutes in n bottle with a,ti equal volume of 

■ nilphtiric add, allow the mixture to settle, and transfer 

■ thenpper gCratam of liquid to a flask cmitainuig' tiie cblo- 
I. lide ot calcium mixed witli Jas of slaked lime, which 

■honld be perfectly drv. Mix well by a^tatlon. Alter 

the lapse of an hour cgnnect the flash with a Ltebig's mq- 

denur, and distil over the pore chloroform by meani of a 

■water hatb. PreserVB the prodoct in a eool place, in a 

^■i botUe furnished with an aconrately graund stojiper. Tho 

^L^ligliter liquid which floats on the crude chloroform after 

^M its agitation with water, and the WRsliings with distilled 

^Brwater, should be preserved, and employed in a subsequent 

U' operation. Sp. gr. 1-496. L. Chl-rofor»yl. Similar. 

Snlpburic add not used. [Free from coioor j of a gratefiit 

smell i sp. gr. not less than 1-49; slightly aoluble in water j 

does not redden litmus; nibbed on tlie ekin it quickly 

disappears, leaving scarcely any smell. Dose, 2 b> ID 

drops, aa an antiapasinodiei hut chiefly uspd by inlialaljun 

to produce inoensiMlity. 

CaoooiO-Ti. The nuts are picked, nlightiy roosted to loosen 

the envelopes, broken, wimiawed, uud cleansed from tiie 

skins, &C.I again heated, and ground io a mill. The 

"powder is then beaten to a paste in a uitrm iron mortar, 

Rod mixed with sugar. 

|OOOLAT1 SjUPLliX TKL SAIiITTIB. ChrK-olot d» 8a»U. 
96 pounds each of the richer and lees oily kinds of 
,.. cBo (Cacao Caraque and Maraignaii). treated as above, 
^ith 160 pounds of sngnr and 1 ouncu i:f cinnamon. 
fcocouTA LicHKNia, P. Chocolstc {aa above) 3a ports, 
p)wd(>red sugar 29 parts, dried jell.v of Iceland moss 11 
" ' [Another form directe — sugar ttvij, cboso ftvij, 
mnnaiuoii Ji, dry extract of lichen (ti'eod from hittei') 
Jjiiiji jelly of lichen Ibj ; to be finely ground with a mailer 
on a warm slab] 
Cbocouta Mabtib. Tsodsbbau. Spanish diooolate jxvj. 
SOhcarhonate of iron Jsa- Tritaratu, on r — ■— -'-'■ — -" 



iJivide iuto cakes iiC ^ each. Otlien direct Irrigated 
fllingn of iron. One c^e for ■ doge. 

OsocoLAiA Iodic: Fbbbi. Pibsqcim. Iodide of iron 3g, 
chocolate S^yj. Hose, from Jsh to 3]. 

Cqqcouta Pavlliiiia. Guaraua.SJ, simple chocolate Jxtj. 

CaocoLATA PintoiNB, Cttbmel gij, jalap 5iij, chocohiU 
3111T. Divide into ^ cakes. Ooe for a dose. 

Chocouta oum Salepo, p. To Jivj of prepsred cbocoMe 
add 3ss of powdered <udep. Arrow-rDob and tapiocs bm 
noxed with chocolate in the same proportloD. 

Chocoxata oitu VAHiLL.i. P. To jivj of chocolsta add 
388 of Tanilla, powilered with a portion of the angsr. 

CiOASBS Absenicales. Tbocbsbav. Dip white paper in 
a solntion of 1 part nf aneniate of aoda in 30 of wita; 
make it into cigara the lenf^h of the Gnger. 4 or 5 in- 
■pirationB twice or thrice daily, in phthisis. 

Ciaistrcs Bauauics. Soak a piece of thick blotting- 
paper in a solution of nitre, and dry it; then braah it 
OYW with compound tincture of bfnzoin. A piece 3 
inches long and II wide is rolled into a cigantlHa. Jh 

CiijABBX Bblladoiii<.b Ofiatx. Extract of oirium gnj, 
belladonna leaves ^j. Dissolve the extract in nater, and 
moisten the leavea with the solution. Dry thani, and 
form into cigars. 

CiQABSX CAUPHORJi. M. RaspatTi. These are used mid. 
Pieces of camphor may be indaded in a quill, straw, or 
other tube, confined by blottitig-paper, and the air drawo 
through it. 

CiQABBx MBRaimtA]:EB. M. IlKBNAKD propises to iteep 
tobacco leaves (previously deprived of nioutinc hj inacerfl- 
tion in acidulated water and repeated waahing) in a intk. 
BOtuUon of corrosive sublimate and opium (t gr. of (be 
formeF and i gr. of the Utter to 5gs of tobacoo), and to 
Bmoke it in paper, as a mercurial inhalation. 

CISASRB StbaMOKii. Stramonium leaves, rolled into tbe 
foriD of cigars. Saiokedfor the relief of wtthna, but often 
aithoiit beiiefil. Henbane and bellodonnB are bIbo luad in 
this form. 

ClOABBfi Tabaci. Tobacco leavea are formed into cdgan 
for smoking. May he used in raoduratioii bj peraona of 




CmOHOKu. Cincbonia ie prepariid iioni the disulphnte (of 
anlplistii) in tbe same mamier us cjuiniu. Tlio acetate, 
anBniHte, hjilrochlorate, nitrste, and otiier aalta of ciD- 
chonia, are obtaiDod in the same wu; ub tlioae of 

CmcBOSi^ DiBi;u>KtB (v. Salpbag). Boil coureeiy powdered 
pule (gray) hark with 8 or 10 ports of water itcidnlated 
with 2 parts of muriatic acid. Let tlie decoction cool, 
filter; add powdered lime till tlie liquor ie aUcaline, wasb 
the precipitate with a little water, and dry iE. Boil it iu 
alcohol, mix the solution with watvr, distil off liie spirit, 
neutralise tlie residue with diluted eulphuric aoid, evapo- 
rate, and crystallize. Uses end doees, aa disulpJiate (or 
aniphate) of qoiaia. 

CniB-irnrH AMTiBUEtntATicnM. Mahjoblib. Camphor 
3BS, henztnn ^, ouphorbium 5j, muriate of ammonia 5ij. 
Powder tbem tineiy and spriukle on wadding, which is to 
be slightly quilted between two folds of flannel, to form a, 
belt, to be applied oyer the Beat of rhenmatiu pains. 

ClNSITl^VK Mkbdcmalb. Agitate 5iy of quicksilver with 
3y of lemon juice i pour olf the lii[uid, and mix the qnicli- 
di>er with the white of an egg and ^ of tragacuntli. 
Spread on a belt of flonneL Apopular retneih/ Jor the 

CnTRiBABiB. E. Bee Hydrurgyri BiBuIphuretam. 

"WBU. This is left in solation when aiumoDia i» added 

to ordinary muriate of morpliiai snd is obbaincd by evapo- 

the residnal liqoor, crystallizing, treating the salt 

_ LOT potagsiD, dissolving the prwipitato iu athur, and 

evaporatiiig. Haqekjxb sftys it is half the strength of 

mnrphia. Others state that it is nearly inert. 

OoLOHICINi. Digest colohicmii seeds in boiling alcohol, pre- 
oipitflte by mugnoBia, treat the precipitate with boiling 
alcohol, aod evaporate the Bltored solution, Very poiaon- 
ooi. Done, uudctcnnincd. 

COTXOStim:. B. Colladioa. Mil ether Sixxrj and recti- 
fiad spirit 5xi], nnd add pyroijlin 3j. Set aside for a ffevr 
days, Bud, should there be any sediment, decant tho cleuc 
' ' ' Keep it in a etoppered bottle. The loe.'AioiV 



CoiXTBTUM AoBTi. SoiBPA. Vinegar f^', brandy {^, 
rose water fjviij. Wabe. Vinegar f^iv, spirit of roM- 
Diary f^j, elder water fjvy. Wlien nieil to rainove pi 
ticles of lime from the eje, the spirit ma; 'be omittad. 

CoLLlBiDU AoiDCK. Kbi»eb. Muriatic ai-idnict, mu 
lage 3j, roBB water Jij. For removiug p«rUcIea of ir 
from tiie eye. See OoUjrium lodinii. 

Cou/TBIVK Aloetwvx. Colly^B da Brva. Aloes 3i< n 
water Jisa. 

CotLYBiUM ALUStiHia. QfT'3 H. AIqih aj, distilled (or 
roie) water 3vj. Mm. H. Buret alum gr. iT, water Qj. 

CoLLTiticru kuMBTSiM AcETAixs. Cb. Liquid acetftta of 
aramoQia fjj, rose water fjvij. WakB. Liqoid acetate 
of ammouia f 5V3', elder water fjvij. Wabubop. Iitqald 
acetate of ammonia Jij. camphor mixture Jvj. 
adds gr. X of soft extract of opinm. 

CoTjiTBicu: AsosYHini. F. H. BaffiMn 5j, decoction of 
linaoed Jiv, wine of opium 5j. 

COLLEHIVU AlTTDlOtaALB. pERBIBA. Potusll-taitTBte of 

antimony gr. j, distilled water f^lj. In chronic ophtial- 
f»ia and ipoU oh the comta. 

CottYBimi ABaENTi NiTHATiB. MAOKBNzrB. Nitrate of 
silver gr, ij to iv, distilled water f^j. A atronger solution 
18 used in some ca«es. 

CoiJ:XsniH: Atbopls. Atropine gr. j, diatiUed water 1 
A few drops only to bo used. BorcHASuAi, for %_ 
stroiigeT solution for dilating the pupil, iireseriba* one 
gmjn of atropine to 3v of water; one or two drops tob« 
used. His weahar solution consists uf one grain £0 1000 
graina of water. In henna of the jrw, and uleeratiima tf 
f Afl cornea. 

CoiXTBtDM BATBANim. Bate's cauipborated watOT (Lotdo 
cupri sulphatja camphorata) f 3ij, distilled watar { ^r^ 
GuTKBlB. Sulphate of copper gr. yii.j, Iwle gr. viij, cam- 
phor gr. ij, hot water fjiiij. Mil snd ftltt^r. 

^, rose water fjij. 

CaiJ:yRnrH Casuii. BossirBATru, Sulplmte of eodniium 
gr. j to ij, rose water fjj- 

CoLLYBivu Calois Chiobtdi. Vablbz. CUoride of lime 
3j, water 3j ; dissolve and filter. 


•t CiPBlOJ. Ch. Cupiricum gr, viij, diatilled WBter 

,^viij. Infaae withoat tieut far 3 boon, and filtur. In 

amaurotlii, S or 3 dropi to lie used dsilj. 
CoLLYBicM CrpBi AoBTATis. VcrdigriB gr. viij, rose H-ntcr 

fjvi^, scdntive solution of oplnin 3^. 
Coij;ybiuh Cupnu Ahmoniati, Ch. Verdigris gr. iv, lime 

water f^viij, muriate of aiDinonia 5aH. Di^st 24 hours, 

and decant, 
CtiLLTBlUM CvpKl ST7LFKiTlB. See Col. Batenuum. 
CoLLTBujM Ditindm:. Dissolve ^ of the TOmpoond called 

LHpiG Uivinns (P.) in fjuixtj of witter, uid tilter. 
CoLLTBicv EuoLi.rENB. V. H. Marsh-iDsllaw root ^. boil 

in WHter q. s. to obtiiin 3"' of daeoctlon. 

KOiiTHruM HTDaiBOTiio-toiio-0TAifi»t PoTissn. Hjdrar- 
.|^ro*iodo-cjftnide of potiissiDm gr. iv, wdter fjiv. 
iCalomel 58«, water Jss. Agitate tbe bottle »hen used, 
■nd drop 3 drops into the eye, in Hcrofuloua nphthalmia. 
OLLYEIUK HtdhaeQthi BlOHLOHlDi. Bichloride of mer- 
' enry gr. ij [Tbatbrb], or gf. j [MAOKBwaiB], or fjij of 

the solution (Liq. Hjd. Bich, L.) [Man. H,], to fjviij of 
distilleii water. GtAB. H. directs gr. j to f$v^ of distilled 
water, witli the oecasioniil addition of f^j ol wine uf opium. 
Geru. H. Sablimate gr. sa, rose wnter 3"j. mucilage of 
quince seeds 5], cliony-laiirel water 3aB. 
COLLYHIUM Htdbaboyei kt Plumbi AcBTATia. Dr. 
Hbbcb. Acetate of mercury gr. ij, acetate of le^d gr. v, 
distilled Tin^ar f3ss, distilled water fjvj. Mix. [jss of 
' ' n is occasionally added.] 

tnru losiNii. M, Iodine gT. j to iji iodide of pntas- 
Snm 3j. rose water ^vj. A similar scjution has beeu 
.iroposed by Dr. Rkinioeb for removing particles of iron 
from the eye. Dr. Lohbbb presnibes a stronger eoliition 
fiir dropping into the eye in opacity of the cornea. — Iodine 
gr. j, ioiUde of potassium gr. ij, water i^vj. 
CoiiXBiuM JiTG^iiAirsis. M. NsQ^BlEB. DecoctioD of walnut 
leaves fjviy, extract of helladomia 3j, wine of opium wiiir. 
In tcrofulous apMAalmia. 
CoLLTBiCM LiTHABSTEi AcETATis. See Col. Plombi. 
CoLLiBiuM MOHPHiffi. Dr. C. Lkk. Sulphate of morphia 
gr. ij, distilled water f3j. 



COHTBICM OPIATtTM. P. Eitract of opiuiu gr. iv, 
water i'lv. Lawbenoe, Soft eiCract of opium gl 
camphor gr. yj, hot water t^iij. Seo Col. Anodynnm. 

CoLLiwm Opii Coxpobitux. Oirr'a H. Lii^nor of 

tate of ammonia fSiij, winft of Dpinm fjj. 
CoLLrBitFu I'APAVBBis. lisEB. Decoction of poppy-lieadt- 

tSiv. rose wuter f^ij, camphor miiture fjij. 
CoLLTBiru P:.TUBi. Ca. Soltitioii of diuoubite of lead 10 

dropa, disldlled water (or roBB or elder-liower wator) t$\ 

[rnjtx of irine of opiam, or of spirit uf cumpliar, are occ 

Bianallj added.] 
CoLLTBivu P:.F)(si ACBTAiis. MiD. H. icetato of lead 

gr. ij, distilled water J]. 
ConYBnui Pldmbi cch Opio. MiM. H. Goulard 

fisiji tiniitnre of opiuTii fjij. FWine of opium ii 


CoLLYBiOM PtrMBi CiBBOJJATia, Mr. Cm«, Compoond 
CoLLYKiPM Rbboltbnb. Alibbht. Melilot flowers 

bcdling wHter fjxij. lufuee, atmn, add acetate of Irad 
'- U. C. H. DistiUBd wr>-' '■" ■■■'-' "<■ :- 

gr. nij, liquor of diacetota of lead f38B. 

CoiiTBiiTM Sbdativdm. U. C. H. DiBtilled water fSfiij, 
opium 3j, ferro-pnUfflalfl of potash 9j. Mix, und (titer. 

CoUiYEnna Siccpm. DirpDrrBBS. White sngar 5j, red 
oxide of mercur; 9s8, oxide of zinc 9j. Or, sugar-candj', 
caJomel. and oxide of Kinc, equal parts. Reoaiubb pre- 
BRnbes equal pnrts of oxide of zinc and augor-candy. 
LiONHATi, BQgBr-caudy and nitre. Vblpeau, trisaitrata 
of biamutli and candj' e. q. Tliese powders nhonld be tri- 
turated till perfectly Impalpable, and a small pineh blowH' 
into tho eye through a quill. [For Collyrium Sicoi 
Ammoniacale, P., we Pulvis Ammoniatus Aroraatlcas.] 

COLLiBttTM SosjH HcTBiATiB. Dr. J. Havb, lit gtamiar 
ophthalmia. A saturated boIuIjod of camciou salt. Ta. 
TiQHOT prescribeB frotu 5iv to 5x of salt to ^iv of water. 

CoLLisiTTX Soda Ciuobihatx. Dr. Hukzbzbo. La- 
barmque's solulron gr. xt, distilled water jif. 

Cow.YBiT'M &TBYCHHI*. Hkndebson. StrychniB gr, y, 
distiiltd vinegar l^j, water fjj. Mix, and filter. I» 


Cou-Tunm TiBici. Dr. Vetch. Tobaeoo 5j, boiling 
miter fjt'ij- Infuae. and itrain. 

CoLbYBrvu Tjlnhini. M. Cavahba. TsnnJQ gr. ij toiij, 
water fSj. 

CoLLTBiuu ZiBCi Aortitis. Wabi. Acetate of xinc gr. 
IV to 5b9, distilled nstcr Qxij- 

CoLLTBiUH Zmoi Cyanivi. Eooh. Cyanide of zinc gr. 
viij, nine of opium niniv, pandered gum acnuia Jij, 
chotry-lanrel water 3iv, hUck-Eheiry water Jiij. 

CoiJ<zBTDu ZiBoi looiDi, Mahsoib. Iodide of lina gr. 
IT, dietillcd water Ji^. 

Coij.iBiir» Zmai Oxisi. Db Haex. Oadc of zinc 3], 
alder-flower water fjij. H. dbs Ensasb. (jr. j of oiide 
to Si of plantain water, 

CoU:ixtuM ZtSQi StTLPBATia. VHrloos authorities direct 
gr. j, ij, and iias of Bolphato of Eiua to eaeli fjj of dis- 
tilled water, rose water, or elder water. Eitrai-t or wice 
of opiom IB treqneobly added. 

COLLYBiuu ZiHCi Camphobatch. GUT'S H. Sulphate of 
zinc 9j, tincture of camphor ijj, dietilled water tjviij. 
Mil, and filter. 

CoiJ.irHiru ZrHoi Coufobtttu. GiiVb H. Sulphate of 
lino gr. lij, water f^vj, wine of opium fjy. 

Cai/DCTfrtulHA. Colocynthia is obtained by digesting 
watery eitraet of colocjnth in alcohol, evaporating tho 
ulear tincture to drynesa, washing tho residue with cold 
water, and agaio drying it. 

CoLaoxsTaia Pbkpakata. Trochiti Jlhandal. Pvia. 
Ph. Colocjnth pulp (withoat seeds) gv, powdered gum 
Arabic ^ ; form them iuto a paste with water q. s. ; dry, 
and reduce to powder. 

CoLPMBiNA. WirrsTooK, Exhaust oolumbo root by recti- 
fied spirit, evaporate to di^oees, dissolve the extract in 
water, and agitate with an equal bolk of other. Remove 
the ether with a ayphon, distil off the greater part, and 
set it otaAe. Wash the crystals with cold ether, and prcHS 
them in bibulous paper. Dose, 1 to 3 grains doily, in 

COMsBOTio Ai-KEBMEa. L. 1745. Strained juice of karmes 
Ibiij, rose water IJvj, white augar 1^, oil of 


CoNTKono AxuKiBiH. St. B. H. Powdered alum Sm, 
confection of rosoB Jiij. Done, ^j three timei a day. 
FOT directs 5j alnm to Jj of coafection. 

CoNFEOTio Amyodals. L. [CoHBorva Amygdalm. E.J 
Blsnch^'ilj of aweat almonds bj macerBlion in cold water, 
Had remOTB their akin; beat tliem, and nib tUron^h a 
fine wire Bieve, then add powdered gam acacia Sli white 
sugar Jiv. Beat them together to a uniform mass. Thia 
cnufedjon keeps good longer if the almond!, prericiiulf 
blanched, dried, and rubbed to a ver; fine powder, bo 
DUied with the gam and aagar eeparatelj powdered, 
and the mixed powder kept in a stoppered bottle. S. 
directs the aame insredicnts to be beaten to a unitbrra 
masa. See Pnlvia Am^gdalx Cotnp., B. 


ToaiTDS, B.) L. Cinnamon Jij, nutmegs Jij, cloves jj, 
cardamom seeds Jas, saffron Jy, prepared chalk Jct], 
white angar Ibij. The iugredientn, flneljr powdered and 
nniformlj mixed, are to be kept in a close ves-iel, and each 
DUBce of the powder mixed with f^ij of water whcu re- 
quired for use. Dose, gr. xv to 5J. 

CoMPBOTio AuBABTii. L. Fresh bitter orange peel rsi 
thj, white sognr Iblijj beat the peel in a marble moi 
with a wooden pestle, add the uugar, and beat again. 

Costacmo Cibexs. L. Caaiia p^p Ibsa, manna Jij, ta 
rind pulp 3J, ajTup of roses tjviij. Dissolte the linused 
maanii in the Byrup, add the pulpa, and eraporate to n due 
consistence. Dose, 31] to 3j. 
( CoNrsoTio Catkohh CouposiTtTK. D. Compound powder 
of catechu Jv, simple syrup fjv. Mix. 

CONFBCTIO CiNCHON«. 8t. B. H. Powdered hark (yellon 
3YJ, ginger Jaa, treacle ^iiiss- Dose, sj— ij. 

CoNFBCTio CoN'ri. Dr. Osbobnb, Fresh hemlnck lesTO, 
beaten up with on equal weight of treacle. Dr. O. pro- 
poses to preserve other narcotic pianta in the same manneii 
Dr. H. Hall had previous Ij recommended the use of M§ar 
for the same purpose. 

CosFKCTio CrNOSBATi. See Coufectio Koste Caninas. 

Co.TPBCTio DAKoaBATia. MUhTidatB. L. 1745. It oon- 
siated of 45 ingredieitta, aud contained t grain of o^nm 





bonate (poroiide) of iron Jss, treacle q. a. Dose, 39s. See 
Electvarivm Ptfcri Sabcurb. 
CosFHOTro Pkeei TABTAEiiiiTi. St. B. H. BitartTatc of 
potHsli Jibs, tarturixcd iron 5!]. powdered ginger 3j, treacle 
3iis«. [Mahdh. H. directs 3iv of tartarixed iron, and 
treacle q. b.~] Doee, 3^, 3 times a day. 

- — Hameoh (pnrgfttive), and CoHIKOTIO DB Hli- 

(astriiigeiit), ari> obsolete. 

3 HTDBSHoyBi. Dr. D, Datteh. QiiieksiiTer 
nibbed to cttiui-tton, with an equal weifcht of treacle or 

CoBPBOTio Ji'LATJB CoMPOflrTA. St. B. H. Powdered 
jalitp 5\], cream of tartar JLas, giuger 9j. treacle SiisB. 
Doae, 3ij. 

CoHTKOTioOpn. B. MiiPnlT.OpiiCoinp.l92graingwitli(3j 
ofajrap. Doae, 6 — 20 grains. L. Opium 31J, long pepper 
5j, ginger Jij' Caraway seeds Jiij, tra^canth 5ij. Mil the 
ingredients, finely powdered, witli fjxvj c$ hot Bjrup. 
The powder should be kept iu a close vesael, sad the 
Bymp added when it is required for ose. The pioportioa 
will be f^ of Bjrup to 5iik8 of the powder. Dose, 5 to 
90 grsinn. 

CoHFEOTio PAtrunA. L. 1746. Zedoary, cinnamon, long 
pepper» blact pepper, styrux, galbonum, castor, opium, oF 
eaeh Jij ; thick syrup Ihiv. Mii. 

CosgscTio PiPKKia, B. Ward'i Paste. Take of black 
pepper in fine powder jij. caraway in fine powder ^iy, 
clarified honey Jit. Rub them well togetlier in a mortar, 

CasYSVSVi VociAiM NiTBATis. St. B. H. Nitrate of 
potuli 3iv, confection of rasei ^j. Mix. Doae, 5j, 3 

3 FaTAsax BITAKTBATIB. 8t. B. H. Bltartrats 

potash Jiij, ginger Jsa, syrup jiij. 

PKcno Resih^, Dr. Watbos. Pulreriled reain 5j, 

clarified honey Jv. Mix. Dose, jij to 3!^. If the stomach 

will bear it, ^ss balsam copuia may he added. In ka- 

morrkoids Kith eonilipatim. 

CoBJECTio Boss CAHina;. B. Confeetmn {or ConiervB) of 

Mifi. Beat MpB, deprived of their seeds, Bij, in a etoae 




mnrtar, to a pulp, rnb throogh a move, add refined lUgst 
Ibij, and rub well tognther, 
CoiTFECTio Iios£ ai.iA.iOM. B. Co)isrrva Sota. Beat 
fresh red roaee (the unblown floweri) in a marble mortar, 
add 3 timee th^ weight of reBned sngiLr, and beat to > 

Co^PEDTlo ltCT.B. L. Ruo dried, cttrawsy sepd, bay 
benrieB, of each Jiss. Bagspienuin Jag, black pepper ^4 
Powder theiD finely, and mil with boney .'Ixvj. Dose, 
9j to 3j ; hut oiiiofiy naad in clystBrg. See Snenil 

Cairezutto SciicuONn. B. Scammony in fine ■^wiia 
3iU< ginger in fine powder jiaa, oil of cnramty tjj, (41 o 
cloves fssB, syrup fjiij, clarified honey Siss, Bob Om pow- 
ders with the Byrup tind the honey into ■ nnilbrni n 
then add the oils, and niii. Dose, gr. xv to ^j. 

CoHClCTto Suvvs. B. Electuarium Sennie. £«n 
SUctvarg. Boil fi^ Jxij ajid pmnes Jt] ^ntLy in 
tilled water Juiv, io a covered vessel, for 4 lioura, then, 
having added more dibtjlled watec to make up the qmo- 
tity to f.^xxiv, add tamarinds 311, and cassia pulp 3iz> 
macerate for 2 hours, and press the putp through a \uix 
sisre. Dissolve refined sugar Sin and eitract of liqtio* 
rice 3i il '^ mixture with a gentle heati and, while it if 
still wnriDi add to it graduaUy senna in fme powder jrii 
and coriander in fine powder Jiij, and stir diligvntl; lu ' 
aU the ingredienta are tboronghly combined. The red 
ing confection should weigh Jl«:tv. Dose, 5j — iij. 

CovFicno Senks Cohtosita. St. B, H. Cnnfeetioii. ol 
senna 3ij, jalap powder 3], Bupertnrtral*' of potiub Jiji 

g'nger 5iss, syrup q. a. Dose ^j. See Elect. Samr 
imp. Gnr'B H. 
CoHTBOTio Spohoii. St. B. H. Burnt sponge )jj, synp ol 

orange peel t\. s. Dose, 5,), S times 11 day, 
CoNFKCno STiBBi. St. B. H. Powdered tin Sj. eonfedaon 

of dog-rose Jij. Mil. Dose, Jas every moraing. 
COHFECTIO SlTLFBlTBls. B. Sublimed sulphur Jiv, add 

tartrate of potssb in powder 3U1 syup of orauge ptsel f jiv. 

Ituh thorn well together. 
iCofviCTio SiTLPHUKia CoMPOSttj. 8t. B, H. Preci^ntoted 

sulphur 3ss, sapertartrato of potasli 5j, clarified honej ^. 


^* Mi<. Mahoh. H. Snlpliur J,i, ronfecfion of aenoa ^, 
treacle q. ft. Dose, 3). Gct'b H. (Couf. Senme Corop.) 
Salpliur 3aB, aulphnte of potasll Jsb, confection of stnim 5ij, 
■yriip q. s. Uobc, 5J to 3ij. 
CoNrKCTio TBBBBrjTHiKB, B, Oil of tnrpentine fJi, p. 
liqunrira mot 3,j. clitriflcd hoDey Jij ; mb tho oil with the 

Cler, then add tlie honey, and heat tbflm together. 
i, 5if, OF more. [For other confections, see Qiiuerva 
Hod BleciuariumJ] 

COHiA. QsiQEa. Conia, or Consise, is ohtained hj disliUinK 
soft ulcoholic eitrnct of hemlock needs (fruit) with ita 
weight of water and a little caustic potush. It is an oily 
looking liquid. The snlta of conia nre obtained by neu- 
tralizing it with the diluted acida. [An energetir poiion, 
Icareely ured medicinaJly.] 

CoKBERVA Absintbii Mahittht. L. 1788. Beftt the 
fresh leavea of sea-wormwood in a marble raortar, with a 
wooden peatlo, first aJonc, and tbon with tbrire their 
weight of refined sugar, till they ore incorpomt-ed. [In 
the aame way are prepared Conserva Ari (from the frenh 
root) i Cods. CochleaHiB (from fresh BCurvy-ffrBss) ; Cons. 
Lavanduhe (from the fresh flowers) j Cons. Lujulm (from 
freah wood-BOrrBl)i Cona. Malva) (from mallow flowers); 
Cons. Menthee, &c. Dr. BtBY preaerrea the narcolie 
planli by beating 1 part of the fresh plant with Z of 

COVBBBTA Aebaittii. £. Scc Coufbctlo Aurantii. 

PCoifBBKVA PnrBi Stlvbsteib. L. 1788. Put sloes into 
" water over the fire, taking- care they do not break : then 
' press them throu|{lj a liair sieve, and form the pulp into 
' ■ a conserve, with thrica ita weight of sngar. Attringent. 
CoHBBavA Vjoss, and Cobb. Hobs Fbfctub. See Confectio 

Boate, &c. 
CouBBEVE Boas Acida. G. H, Confection of red rose thj, 

sulphuric ncid 3j. Mix. 
COMBBKVS ScrujE. Freah aqnili Ji, EUgar 3v. Beat to- 
CoiJBBBVA SiEiNS. HiN. Ph. Fresh savine 1 part, sugar 

CovBBBTA Tauabinsi. P, Palp III tMDHiTtds Sir, pow- 



dered su^r ^vj. Evsponite in a water bati: 

Blstcnce of hone;. 

iSJJ^ii pBfFABlTA. Corals are prepared ns chalk. 

Grata Prtoparata. 
CaBNiT UBTim. L. Bum pieces of stag's horn in an open 

veraul till tliey nrfl perfeutly whito; tlien powder and pT" 

pare tbem as cbHllc. 
CUBTBX AUEAliTioBiru CoNDlTiTfl. L. 174fi. Steep fresh 

peels of Seville onuigos in repeated waters till thoy loae 

their bitterneaBj then boil tbem in ayrup till tfindar and 

traospareat. Lemoo and dtron peels are candied in tl 

CsEASOTUV. Creasoton. Creosote. B. No formula. 

Srodnct of the distillation of wood-tar. Sp. gr. I'OTl, ' 
listil wood-tar in a wrought-iron retort till white vapOTua 
appear ; collect the heavy oil matter which forms tha 
lower layer of tbeprodnct, and wash it with water slightly 
addnlated with aulphuric acid. Then dUtil it in a. glasB 
retort (fleeting the first portions, which are chiefly 
a^ione), 3.aA treat the prodoct with salntioa of potassa at 
1-12 ep. gr., shakily the mixed liquids strongly. When it 
is settled poor off the layer of eupione iram the surfaof^ 
and exp09a the combined potash andcreasote to the air ti" 
it bocomes black. Then saturate with diluted sulphnr _ 
acid, ponr away the watery liquid, and distil the prodncb 
in glass. Repeat the treatment by exposure, potash, inl- 
phoric acid, and distillation, three times or ofteoer, nutil 
the combination of cn^asote and potash ceases to become 
coloured by the action of the airj then saturate it wili 
concentrated phosphoric acid, and distil the ereasota, re 
JBCting the first portiors. 

Ckbmob Lithabsybt Aceiati. Dr. Kibklaks. Solatioi 
of diacetate of lead 5), cream ^. Mix. 

Cbeuob Tabaxaci. Dr. CoLL:e&. Wash Ircsh dandaHon 
roots, cut them in slices, and sprinkle them with spirit of 
juniper; then express the juice by means of an iron preas. 
The creamy juice will keep for a coniiderable time, Dos^ 
a table-spoonful twice or thrice a day. 

Cbeta PasFABATA. B. Clialk, &eed (rom most of ite im- 
purities by elutrintlou, aod afterwards dried i 
masses, usually of a conical form. 


UbkTa PbeOifitata. See Calcis CorljniiBs Preci 
CiivsTU.Lt Ferbi loBiDt Saccbabiii. See 

Ferri lodidi. 
CuPBCU Ai.cuiirATru. See LapU Dining. P. 

^B^TCH, E. L. Sulphate of cnppcr 3j, senjulearbnnate of 
^^Bftnunonia Jibs; mb tagetber till no inore CBrbonio nddgBs 
^^B woapea, wmp the mtus in blotting-pnpi^r, and Arj iu the 
^^Pajr. Keep it in well-doBed bottles. E. &D. direct the 
same proportiona. Dose, gr. ns to v. 
ClTFBi AuuoNiATi SoLUIIO, E. Ag Liqiior Capri Ammo- 

nio-Bulphatis, L. 
Cfpbi Acktab kt DlAOBTAB. THo diacetate of copper (C 
Subiu^etafl, D. ; £nigo, L. & £.), or common Terdjgria, is 
pcepared by the action of fermenting marc of grapes, or of 
Tini^gac, on copper platesj the acetaie, bj diaaolviag the 
diacetate \d acetic acid, and cryetalliaing. 
Cdtbi Subacbtas Paxei&i.ivx. D. Beduce verdigria to 
powder bj oarefiil trituration in a porcelain mortar, and 
separate the finer parts for use b; a sieve. 
CiTPai Diniddidtht. To b solution of 1 proto-aulphate of 
copper, and 2k proto-sulph. of iron, ndd salntiou of iodide 
of potiLssium ; mah the white precipitute, and dr; it. 
CuPBi SoLPHia. B, Snlpbate of copper. Blue Vitriol. 
Made by heating together aulphuric nuid and copper, dis- 
aolving product in hot water, and evaporating to form 
crystals. [Dose, from i of a grain to 2 groins. Or, as 
an emetiCiiraDi 3 to 15 grainsj hut is stidom need. The 
cODimerciBl sulphate (Cupri Sulplias Venale) is generally 
obtMned from copper pyrites, by the action of air, heat, 
and miMsture; and also aa a product in the refining of 

"moot*. Dfeoctiorui. The roots, barka, woods, and other 

■olid ingredienta require to be aliced or bruised. IHttilled 

iter is generally ordered by the L. College, and is always 

eferable when it can be obtBined; otherwiee the poreat 

md Boftert water should be selected for the pnrpoae. 

When suffleiently boiled, the liquid should bo iiumediately 

strained ; and again decanted before it is cold, IVom any 

sediment which may have sobsided. 

Dbooctcic AoABTHi. Bear's-breech Jj, water Oji bivltja 




a quarter of sn hour, aud itrain. By el»ssrul«. in dior- 

DscoCTUH Adambonu:. Dvciiab3A1IIO. Bnrli of the Bsobub 
tree (AiJ. digitata) 5^1, water Oiee; boil to Oj, and stnun. 
Uaed sa n substitute for Decort. CincliouB!. 

Deooctitie ADSTBlMOO'e. See Decoatum Astringena. 

DEcocmjM Album Syjiesbusi, See Mirtura Corrni Cerri. 

DscooTUM Alcosobco, Kiemann. AmeriiMii Alconorque 
back 5bb, water Jivj ; bull to Jvlij, and ; etrain. Dose, f^ 
two or three tiiiioa a day. In pMiitU. 

DsoocTim Alni. Burk of cammou older Ijj, water Oj ; twil 
to fjivj. 

Dboootck ALOBBCoMPOSiTtTM. B. BcfluM to poarsB powdei 
extract of Socotrine aloea 120 |^., pnd mjrrh 90 gr., put 
them viith carbonate of potaah 60 gr., and eitract ofliquo- 
rice 3j, into a suitable covered Tesael, with ] pint distulad 
water. Boilgeutly for five minutes, then add — '*-— 
gr. 90j let It cool, add eonipQund tinctnre of 
fJ"Ui and, covering cloBt 

honra. Strain thraughflan 

tilt the prodnet meaaurea fjixi. Dose, Jae to Su- [The 
foreign extract of liqoorice ia not anitable for tnia 
pose, as it deposits much sediment. A pnrified exi 
obtained from it by the action of eold wat^^r: 
Bubstitnted for the eitmct of the Pharmacopceia.J 

DBCocrnit Alobb CoNPEBiaiTBH. Mr. Webtall. Bitraet 
of liquorice 3iiv, carbonate a! potash 3\j, mjTrh and aloea, 
of each Jiij, water Oj. Boil gently to fjiiij, atnun, and 
pat tlie liquid into a bottle with 3iij of eafi'rou and fjxiv 
of comp. tioet. of cni'dainomg. Maeerute for 10 daja, bnd 
strain through linen. [With an equal qiiantitT of water 
it forma the decoction of the L, FharmacopcEiH.j 

DscocTini Althxs:. See Mistura Althieie. E. 

DscocTUH AUAHUM, Bitter herbs (species Aromatica, P.) 
5J, water Oisa! boil to C^. 

DucoornM Amtli. [Moeilago Amyli, E. and D.] Pore 
Bfaroh 3iv, water Oj [Osa, D.], Triturate the starch witil 
a little of the water, add the rest, and boil allghtlj. 

Dbcoctdh ANTBRuiDifi. See Decoctnm Chameaudi Con- 
poutumi D, 


BSOOOTUU AKUCOLiomt Deslanst. See Apozema Anti' 

Dbcocthii Apoptki. Dr. Gkiboom. Root of Apocynum 
Cannabiunm 3ji Juniper bemea sy, water Oiij j boil to Oij, 
Dose, a wioegiaiBM fre<|iieDt1jr. [The Apoe;cuum Caii- 
nabiiiQia is Bometiines cftUed Indian hemp, Irat it is alto- 
getlier different from tlie Camiahii Indica, It is chieSy 
nmd ID i]rDpsi<<a.] 

Dbcoctuu: * Sfisoss. From tlie barli of the Ange- 
lica true; as Dec. Citx'liouffi. 

DBCOOTusABXEineifi VuiOABie. Dcholibok. Mugwort- 
root 3j. water tixxiv; boil for lialf an bonr. Doae, fjiaa 
or f Jij ever; 2 honra. Jh epilepfg, 

Dbooctcm ABCNDmia. Root of the Province -reed (Arando 
Donat) Sit water Oj ; boil and atrain. Ta preirmi the 
seoretioH oftaillc. A wineg'lmalii] JWquent!]'. 

water (^ ; hail to Oj, Dose, a teacupful evorj 3 or 4 
hoiira, warm. For children in dentition, ^j of the root 
in fjiviij of milli, boiled to fjiij. DfJSe, f^j. Diapho- 

Dbodctith ASPASIOI. Roota of anpRragus Jj, water !b\ji 
boil for 10 or 15 minutes. By citpfuU. oj a diorelic. 

Dkooctum ABTBiaAiii. Cetobton. Root of Bstragalos 
eiauapna (hairy-padded milk vetcli) ^i, water Olij ; boil to 
Oij. A wiuegliLBBftil 3 or 4 timea a day. In igphilii. 

Dbcootum Astbisoknh. Swibiato. Oak bnrk, pome- 
granate peel, and torraentil-root, of each 3u, water llij, 
milk ftj. Boil for i of nii hour, adding townrda the end 
5tj of cinnamou, and etrain. 

Dbooctcm kvESX. Qmel. Girr'B H. Oatmeal 5j, cold 
miter fjiv; mix tbeiD, Hiid add it to Oiij of bolting waterj 
boil for aa hour, and atmin through a hair sieve. Dr. 
A. T. Thoueob reeoitimwls i^v of washed gmata to be 
boiled with Oiv of water till reduced to Oij. 

DacooTCM AzBDEBACH. Fresh root-burk of poiBon-beny 
treo(Melitt Aiedcracli) Jiv, watt* Oij ; boil to Oj. Anl/iel- 
minlic. Doge, fjaa eiery 2 or 3 hours, until it produces 
tickneBB or purging, 

bXbl. Dried unripo fruit of bael (^ffigle Manaft- 


l™) 3ij. watw Oj i boil to OJ, and ntraln. Dose, fJiiB, 
twice or thrice a daj, in dysaitten/f diarrhaa, &,c, 
Dbcocttu Balloi^ Lanatx. Bbeoa. Siberian or woollj 
ballots Jj, water Qj; toil to fSiij. Doae, from fjig to 
fjiij in Ihe day. Jn rimtnn^, grmt^, and droptieat 

DBaocmu Babdank. Lktctb. DrEed rooU of hnrdocb 
jiiag, water Oiij ; boil to Oij, and strain. A pint daily. 

wild indigo ^j, water Oj ; bail and atrniu. DoBe, fjsi 
every 4 or 8 Lours, in threatened moriifioation ; also ap- 
plied eiternatly. 

Dscocimi BBOCABtTNO^. Copland. Freili brooklime jiijt 
water Oj ; bail for 16 miontes, and strain. 

DEOOcnm Biondnix Catalf^. Dr. Gkanttlle. Fodi of 
catnlpa Jsa; boil in water q. b. to strain fS^'iij- Anso- 
HABosi directs the seed and diaphragma of 3 or 4 
pods to be boiled with jicv of water till reduced to Jvj, 
and this quantity to be taken dajlv, in atthmaiie affeeliotU, 

Dsoocn™ BrsTOETE. Birtoct root Jij, water Oiaa. Boa. 
15 or 20 miuutes, and strain. Aslringent, Soae, f^ to 

Dkcootpm BoHABmia. F, H. A handful of borage to Oj 

of water. By glass Ma. 
Dbcootcm Caffei. M. Dautin. Boil 3i of raw taSte 

berriea in fjviij of water to fjv. To be given iu 3 dOBW 

during tbe iotermiasianB of interuiittant fevers. 
BEaoonm Cusom. F. H. Cahinen rout (chiocoeca root- 

vmia) 5ij, water Oiaa. Boil slightiy. Furgalive, enuiie, 

and diaphorelie. 
DBcaarau. Cahhabib. See Cerevisia Cannabis. 
Dbcootuh Chink. SwBBiAtrR. China root Si- gtocer's 

GUTTants 3j, water Oir; boil to OJsa. 
Dbooctuu: CittncBJE Composihtm. Calumba, qnasMt, of 

each 5^, orange poel 5], rhubarb 3j,Bul)carbonate of potasb 

3ga, water 3xi. Boil to 3ivj, etralo, and add compoand 

tincture or lavender Jas. A win^lasstU. 
Dbooottm Cbbhele. Bark of eedrsla/ebrifiiga (deprived 

of its epidermia) jss, water Oj ; boil to Oaa. To be tal 
n 21 hoQCS. Ill iaterBiitteiUa. 


DiOOQTPM CBWTAtTEit. P. H. Lesser centaury 3ij, water 
Oij ; boil for a few minutes, and strain. 

DKCOCPTtTM Ckasotbi. Dt. Wood. Root of Ceanothng 
Americanna (rert-root) 3ij, water fjivj ; boil gently, and 
strain. In tt/philu. 

Dbcoctitm Cbtbabis, B. Deeoctnm LiehenU. Iceland 
mosB ^, water Oj ; boll for 10 minntes, stnun, aud mafae 
np to Oj. D0B8, fjij frequently. In phiAi'iii, Ike. 

OsccMnrrH Cetbabls [cum Lacti>]. Gut's H. Decoction 
of Iceland nioas Oj, new milk, C^, ingar Jie*. Boil a 
little, and Btrain. TI10 bittercess la aometimes removed 
by flrat infiising the inosa in Oj of boiling water for a 
qnarter of au hour, rejecting the water. Taten aa the 

Decootpu C inM igMTn.r CoMFOSiTTU. D. Cliamomile 
flowen JbSi fennel aeed 5ij, water Oj ; boil and strain. 
IsJ'oiKejitaiiom and eU/nUrt. 

Dbcoctfk CHKHOPtmn. Dr. Wocpd. Fresh leaves of 
Americiin worm-aeod (Chenopodium anlhetminiicuin) 3j, 
milk Oj; boll. Doee, a wineglassful, with aoma aro- 

DBCOcrnir Cbhiafhils. L. Dried pyrola (winter green) 
Sj, water Oiaa ; boil to Oj, and strain. D. (Dee. Pyrola.) 
Driedleavea of winter green 5iv, water Gas; boil for 10 
mlnutea In a covered vessel, and strain. Do^e, f^ — ij. 
/b dropsies. 

Dlcooium CfflBlsrai, Dried chiretta 3iv, water Oji boii 
for IB minutes. There is no antborised form; bnt this 

DbcOOtcM Chokdbi. Macerate 3aa of carrageen (Irish 
moss) for 10 minutes In cold water, take oat the moss, and, 
having ahaken olF the water, boil it in Oiij of milti, or 
water, for IS minntes, and strain. It may be flavoured 
aod sweetened to the taste. Ad libitum. 

Decoctdu CntlolTDiSiJB, Black Bnnbe root (cimioiftiga 
Tiu:mtota) 3j, wat*r fjinj; boil for 10 minutes. Dose, 
3j — ij. Is Theumaiic a»d dropsical aff'tctiotis. 

Dbdoctitm CiBCHOiia; Flav«, B. YcUow cinchona bark in 
coarse powder Jji, diatilled water Oj ; boil for 10 minntes 
in a covered veisel. Strain the decoction, when cold, and 
^dd sufficient distilled water through the filter to make UQ 

the qnaatity to Qj. Hsbhi aad anHpmodin. Doae, fSj 

Dboootuk Ctsooosx PaIiLIdx, and Dbo. Cihohoux 
BuBBfi. L. From the 7ellaw and red back, as abore. 

DKOOOKfM CiHCHONs FAoimnt, PBTTaa. Ph. Willow 
boFk gaa, horse-chestnut baric Jss, naUmue mot 31], clovM 
5g! boil in Qnvj of water to f'5"U- [^ * sobatdtnte for 
D, CinchoDie, when it cnnoot be obtained.] 

Dbcoctum Cinchohs AciDTmiTnM. Sir J., Cin- 
chona bark ^, water fjivj, diluted Bulphuric Hoid ^; 
boil for 10 minutes, And BtFuia while hot. A wine- 

Peruvian bnrk 5iij, wator Ojj boil to Oas, and iiifjue in 
the bot decoction jiy of aerpenturia root. 

DBCOOitrM CoLOCYHTHLDiH. BiT. PH. Colocynth palp 3j, 
water Jviy; boil for 10 mluutea, etiajn, and when cool 
add ayriip of orange pesl Si, ether 5j. Dos«, Jus, 3 timei 
a day. In dropsies, &c. 

DEOOOTtm CoHMirNK. Deeoctum Malvie Composituin. 

Dbcocthk CoBHiT Cebtt. See Mistwa Cemn CervL 

Decoctdu Cobhus FLoaiDfi. U.S. Bark of Jamaica dog- 
wood 3j, water f Juj , boil 10 rainutea, and strain. As 
a Bubslilute for Cinchona, hut is more astringent. Other 
BpeoieB of Cornel are also employed. 

Dbcootum CoaTioiB Fhbitviaiii. See D. Cinchonis. 

Becootuk Cobtiois Bbabilib rials. Burk of the Acacia 
aattingens Sj, water fjivj; boil to fj™]. Dose, jj — ij. 
Cbieft; i» gotiorrAaa. 

Dboouech CuBCDua. TurmGno root Jj, diatillal water 
0«b; btnl a few mtnuteti, and strain. Chiefly used ae 
test for alkalies. 

Dboocttjm: CruoHll. L. Quince Boeda 3ij, water Oj ; boil 
for 10 mluuUe, and itratn. 

Dbcooiom Copalchi. Copalchi bark Jsa, wat<r OJ; boil 
for 10 or 15 minutes, and etnun. Dose, Jsa to 3j, S ( ' ~ 

Bscocnru Ditloaiubx. L. Bitter-sweet stalks ?i, wi 
Oisg; boil to Oj, and strain. E. directs Jj to be binled 
in fjuiv of water to fSuj. B. Jsa to Ob», for 10 

i miaaMs. Dose, f^ — ij, 3 tuaes a day, 

I Dulcauab^ CoHFoBlimi:. AcoDSXiN. Dalca- 

mara 517, burdock coot, UqnDrici: root, ao^uifros, guaiu- 

cnm wood, of each 5y, watac Biij ; Iwil to j^tvj. For 

directs 3^ dulcamara. A winegltumful freqaeotly. 
Dkcodthh Elatebii Ruiicia. Latashi.. Dried root of 

etaterium 5iv, water f 3>lvi^ ; boil to tjuiv. A nine. 

glasaful dail;, iu 3 doses, Diurelh and purgalwe tr> 

DsoocTOM PBO Ekematb, L. 1T88, Deeoctum Malvtn 

DSCOCXFH BbgoTS. PbB¥IBA. Ergotof r;e^, water f3TJ; 

boil for 10 minates, and strain. For 3 doeea, at jntecvabi 

of half an hour. 
Dkcocttim Etjfatoeii CAWSiBisi, Hemp-ngrimony ^j, 

water C^ ; boil, and strain. A glassful tn be takeo tie- 

quentlj, according to its eH'ect, in dropiies, 
Dboooiitm EuPATOBii Pbbfoiiati. Dr. WiWD, Boil ,y 

of tbedriedherbinOliasof wiitertoOj. DoM, fji*— riij. 

Emetic and cathartic. 
Decootiiu Evp&obbis [pilosoB, or pulustria]. Ebebel. 
, Boil Jj of the root in Oj of water to fj^yj. To prevcDt 

lijdropbobio, let the wound be washed with It, uod a 

wineglassfnl taken daily foe B or 4 dajs. [These species 

of apiirge are not found in England.] 
Dboootum Fiwoib. Dr, Wood. Dried fern-root ^, water 

Oi ; boil to fjiq^ ""• strain. Vermifuge. 
Dbcoctum Fcbnu&bbci. Taddei. Ftenngree aeeda Jj, 

water Oj ; boil, and strain. Mveitaginoiui, ehUJU/ tiaed in 
Decoctdu fso Fouekto. L. 1788. Dried BontbeinwDod, 

wormwood tops, and elmniomile llawers, of each Jj, dritd 

bu; leaves Shb, water Ot ; boil slightly, and strain. 
DBCOCTfM Feci Amyiaoei. Ceylon mosa 3t, water Oij ; 

boil for 20 minutes, and atrun. Ad libilixm. 
Dboootoh Fuliqihib. M. Blacd. Wood-Boot 3 band- 

fills, water Jxvj; boil for half an hour, and stnuii. Dr, 

Nbuqab. Wood-soot 3iv, wutor Oiasi boil to OJ. A» a 




DBootmru FiTLigiNiB oim CiiraxA. M. Tboubbsitt. Wood- 

Bdot 3^, roasted roSee ij ; boil in wB.ter ij. a., etrain, and 

Bweeten. At a ■Dermifuge far children. 
DfloooinK FtraBUMiB. Bran Jiv, water Oj j hcpil, and 

Dboocitk Galeofbih. LKJEtniK. Boil 5bb of the tops of 

Qiilecipsis grandiflom in Oj of water to Obb, and aweeten. 

Hilk is aometimes Bnl»titnt«d for water. The whole t 

be taken in 24 honra. In phthuit. 
Dbooctvk Gali^. QbIU jss, water Oiss; boil to CQ. I 

Bruiaed gaUs JiiBS, water Oij ; boil to Oj, and itralD. I 

is chieSj need as a local BBtringent. 
Dbcoctiw Get. Dr. A. T. Tbombou. Avena root 3^, 

wat«r C^; boil for 15 minntea, and atrain. Aitraigtyit 

andJibHJkge. Dose, Jaa to 3j. 
Dkooctcm CJkotpboim. E. 1817. Powdered cnhbage-tree 

bark ^, water tbij ; boil to Ibj, and aCniin. VermiJ^if/e, 

but requires caution. Dose, for an adult, Jas to 3j ( tor 

ohiMren, from f3HS to fsias, promoting Its operatjon with 

warm water and a dose of castor oil. 
Dbooctcm Oebikii. Dried root of apotted crane's b[ 

water fjiiiv; boU to fjivj. Dose, Ejj to f Jij. JMtrSi- 

gent. Dr. Chapkaw saya the coot boiled in milk is wn 

exccltent remedy for the cbo]era of infanta. [Our indi- 
genous species are probably weaker.] 
Dbcoctitu: Oltoyrbeizx. D. 1S26. Liquorice root Jiu^ 

water fjivj j boil for 10 minutca, ftnd strain. [QuT'a H;. 

Sij of the root.] By wiueglaasihla i bat usually 

vehicle for other medicines. 
Deooctdk Qossren. Dr. BotraHULiiB. Inner bark of the 

root of the cotton plant Jiv, water Oij ; boil to Oj. D<w^ 

fSij, everj 20 or 30 minutes. As a parUrifacieiU. 
DfJOOCTim OBAUINtB. Tisane de Chiesdeitt. Do^-grttst 

"^'' 3J> water 0\j, boil for batf an hoar, and infuio ii " 

3ij of liquorice root for an hour. Ad libitum. 
Dbcoctpm Geaminib lonrKSTDM. M. Decoction of d<^- 

grasa %3ja% iodide oF potaaaiom 33s, ayrup of peppermint 

3'j- Bj glasefula in 24 hours. 
Dbcootdm GaiNATt. L. Pomegranate peel Jij, wntir 

boil toOj. Astringent. Dose, fSfls— j- 
DecciCTDM QhaSati ItAUlclg. B, Root'hark of pou 


^^^^Tbe fonn used in India is jvig of the fresh root^Lark, 
^HKoiled with Oiy of n-»ter to Oy. Dose, a. vineelatstal. 
^^^^epcuted every hnlf-hour, or bs the pntient cau hmr it. 
^^^ Br. FLKMtsa. Dr. Rotlb sajB Ju of fresh bark are to ts 

macernited for 12 hours in Oiaa water, then lioiled to Oj, 

Dose, 5ij — iv in the morning, iksting, and repeated bv£I7 

two hours for 3 times.l 
Decootdh OtriiACT. E. Demclvm Lignonm. Quaise 

turnings jiij, raiaiua 3ij> water Oviij ; boil to Ov, adding 

towHids the end liquorice root 3j, ssssafiaB jjj strain. 

Dose, fjlj— iv. 
Dkooctum KaMiTOTTW. B. logwood in chips Jj, oin- 

naniOD in coareo powder gr. li ; boil for 10 minutes, and 

strain ; make np to 0,|. Dose, jj—y. 
Dboocidk Helbnu. Roylb. Elecampane root 3a8, water 

Oj ; boil. NlEUABK dirceta f3vj of decoction ta he made 

from $SB ot the root. The Cornier is given by wineglass- 

f uls, the latter by spoonf ata. 
Dbcoctum Hblbhii CoMToaiTUM. F. H. Elecampane root 

3j, hyssop jiji pronnd jvj 5ij, wuter ^xxiy; boil, strain, 

and add syrup of honey 3ij. 
Dkooctitm Hblledohi Nibbi. Dr. A. T. Thomboh. Black 

helleliDra root Jij, water Oj j boil a quarter of an hour. 

Dose, f^j, every 4 hours. 
DacooTOM Hblmihthocoeti. Corsican moss 5v, water 

OiaSi boil to Oj, and strain. Dose, a wiaegtoBstiil. Ver- 

Decoctcm Hkkbdeski. Pebeiha. Koot of Indian earea- 
parilU {Eemedesintia Tndicus) Jij, water Oissj boil to Oj. 
By wineglassfbls. 
~ I HiPPOCiETASi. Dr. Wood. Made and admi- 

as Deeoctnm Cioclionce. 

: HOEDKI. B. Wash pearl barley 5ij if '"Id 
.nd reject the waehinga; boil with distilled water 
r twenty minntas in a covered vesael, and atrain. 





Dbooctdm HoHDEi AcrrpiiTHir. DecMUoa of IjirlerttiQ^ 
lemons sliced No. 2; boil to Ibj, strain, nnd add angai 
Jin. Guy'a H. Decoctiaa of barlej Oj, symp of lemoa 
f^f : or dilute sulphuric acid f^i> sjrup ^. OtUer hbooI 
additiooB to barley water are. gum Brabic Jsa, "' 
cream of tartar jj to each Oj, Tbey are 

Dbcoctvu Bzsbaboibi. Quickeilver bdled witli tiru« ita 

wcigLt of water for balf au liour. Dose, fjss — fjij. Jm 

a cemii/tf^s. A portion of the metal ia said to be taken 

op by the water. 
Dbcoctdm Incia. Fot. Holly leaves jiv, water JxyJ 

boil to 3iij. For three doses. 7a inlermiltenit. 
Decoctcu Ihttlx. See Dec. Helenii. 
Becoctdu JirQi.Asi)iB. Gehbva. Ph. Feels of gireen wtd- 

nuts 3j, water Oaa ; boil for a quarter of an hoar. 
Dboocittu JuBEiHDia [/o^iomin], M. Nbgeibb. Fresh 

Wttlnut leaves one handful, water Oij ; boll for 15 minutes. 
Dkcoctum JujnBABtTM. Boil sy of jujubea (stoned) for an 

hour, in water q, e, to prodace Og of decoction. 
Deooottu JtTKiFBBi CoMPoainTU. St. B. II. Jnniper 

berries ^ij, cream of tortar 5iij, water Oiv ; Ixril to Oy, 

Htrain, and add compound spirit of juniper fJu- Mutoe. 

H. preacribes jiv eream of tartar, and Jiiaa sp. juniper. 

Dose, fjiv three times a day, warm. 
Dbooctdm liiSFM. See Decoctum Bardante. 
Dbcocicu LATTBo-CEaiBi CoRTicis. Dr. Kabtheb. Cheny- 

laurel bark Jij, water C^, boil. To bo taken in 24 faonra. 

la amenorrhaa. 
DBCOCTtni Lbtidii. Norrow-leaved poppcrwort Jss, water 

fjivj; boil to fjviij, and strain. In iiUermittenU ; Jj 

everj 2 hours. 
DscocTCM LicHENis IswiHiici. D. Iceland moeajj, water 

OUa ; wash the moss with eold water, then boil it for 10 

mimit«s in a covered veesel, and striiiii while hot. For 

L. aee Dec. Cetrariffi. 
DEOOCTtTK LiaNOBDM. Decoctom Onaiaci Coinp. 
Dbcoctpu Limjcdm. M. Monchou. Flesh of vine ._ 

garden snails (cleansed trom shell and iuteatines) 5», water 

Oil. Binimer f{ciitly for 2 lionra, adding toward* the 
len hair gtj, and strain. 


DsoDOTUiil LiMONuu. M. StrNSTOBr. Lonvms sliced So. 

5i water Oiilaa ; bnil to Olj, and add sugar jiv. 
Dbcocthh Lisi. Oct's H. Linseed Blightly bruiBBd 3ias, 

water Oiij ; boil gently for 10 minutoB, and Etndu. 
Dbcootfm Lini CoapoarruM. D, In/tuum JAni Contpo- 

tiium. Linaeed Jj, liqnorica root ^ir, water Oiss ; binl for 

10 minntea ia a covered veaael, and gtrflin while hot. 

DsaooTiTM Lobelia Syphilitica. Swediauu. BoU Jv of 
tlie dried root of blue cardinal flower with ftiy of water 
to ttiviij. Alltrative ami diareiie. Dose, f^Tiij to Oias 
daily. This plant moat not be confounded with lobelia 

DEOOOTiTif LuBiTAHTcnu. Litbon Diet Driak. Tbo Dec. 
SarzBD comp. ia now sabstituted for it. The origiinal forni 
IB Bald to be — Barsajiarillii 3ji cluQii rt)ot3ji dried peela of 
wBlnnta No. SO, blade antimony (tied in rag) Jij, pnuiice- 
Htone powder ^, water Otiij; boil to 01 r. M. Psabsok 
lued BarBQparilla Jiv, walnnt peels 3iT> gqaiacnm aharings 
Jiaa, black nntiraony 3^> water Oiv; boil to Oiij. The 
antimony and pnmice to be tied ap in rag. Tbo black 
sutpburet of antimony sometimee coataina sulphurut of 
arsenic, which in boiling becomea white anKnic. Ite use 
therefore requires cantiao. 

Dbcootuu Ltcoiodu. RiDina. Herb lycopodium cab 
small 2 heaped apoonfula ; water Oj ; boil to Oss. A. tea- 
cnpful warm erery ten minntea, in relaition. of urine. 

Dbcootuu Mtr. Tt. Swediaub. Oroimd malt 3^ji water 
Oiv; Iwil to Oij, and Btraio. 3ij of ajrup of lemons may 
be added. Othera direct 5] or 5^i of liquorice root to be 
added towards the end of the boiling. 

Dbcootdm MaIiV^e CoMPoaiTDM. L. Dried mallowa Si> 
chamomiles Jbb, water Q); boil for 15 minutes. 

Dbgoctitu itiMCmsTls. Morchantia eoniea Jj, water 
Oias ; boil te Oj. By glnssfula, in dritpsiea aad gravel. 

Dbooctdk Uaticokis. Dr. JEmtKYS. Matico leaves ^j, 
water Oj ; boil for 10 or 15 minutes, and strain. DoM 
rjj, 3 times a day. Antrinifsnl. 

DnQocTDit Menyakteis. Buckboati ^, water Oiss; boil 
to Oj. 

Dboootum Mbzbbei. E. Hootbart of meiorcon 5ij, liqno- 
IB, water Oij ; boil gently to Oias, and i' 



St. B. H. Meiereon bart .^, water Oilj; boil to CJ, 

adilmg townrda the end liquorice root jj. 
Decoctuu MrLLEFOUi. Dried taps of jrarow ^, water 

Oj ; boil for it qaorter of an hour in a covered vessel, and 

etrain. Dose, f jisB 3 times a duy; ami Ba a fontoitatioif 

in hrttisea, &c, 
Dkcoctuh Mthbbs. D. Myrrh 5y, water fSviliss; tri- 

torate the rojrrh, with the wat«r graiiuaUy added; then 

bml fbr 10 miniites in a covered vessel, imd strain. 
DsDDCTUU Nabootichk. F. H. Dried bkck nightshadE 

Si' poppj-heads 2, water 3xvj ; boil and stFrain. Aj a 
Dkcootuh Hitboscm. E. 174E. Nitre ^ss, white ._„_ 

Jij, cocbinesl 9j, water Oij ; boll to Oisfi, atld when ixAA 

dotant. U. C. E. {Decoctum Mtratvm.) Barlej water 

Oj, nitre 5iT. 
Dacocnw Obtzs. See Ptisana Oryzia, 
Dbcoctcm PiPiVKBiB. B. Poppj-heada bruiswl Ji] 

Oiss ; boil 10 mintitcs, and strain. Make up to Q 

outward use. 
DscocTHu Pabeib^. B. PiLroirSi iliced ^isa, t 

wattr Oj. Boil for 15 miniitea, and strain. Tlie prOcUiet 

should measuro 01. BfioniK preEoribea 3iy of tbe 

root; Geoffbot 3iij. Dose, f^j to fjij, 3 times s daf. 

Eeodis'8 from f jviij — iH ia the day. 
DicocriTM Pabistabik. Katibb. WbH pellitory Jj, water 

Oisa; boil to Oj, and etrain. Dose, f Sisa, 3 timee a Saj. 
DEOOOTlDf pATiERTliG. See Deeoctum Eumicis. 
Dbcoctum Pini ToBiomm. Buds of the Korway gpmee 

Gr DP the silver fir 3vj, water Oj ; boil gently, and atram, 

Deooetpm Petuji Padi. M. Broebuwb. Fresh baric of 

bird -cherry 3 viij (or dried bark Jvj), water Ibviij ; boil to 

Ibiy. f Jivi 4 times a day. 
Dbcootuii Ptbolx. D. See Deeoctum Chimaphils. 
Decoott^m Ptbetkbi. Onr's H. Pellifory root 3j. water 

Diss; boil to Oj, and strain. Dose, £^ tof ^ij. 
Dbcocttm Qcabbib COMroBITUir. Cur. H. Quasaia Jj* 

ginger 3j, boiling water Cjj mucerat* for 4 honts, and 

Btrnin. More properly an in/li«on. 
Decoctum QubkcCb. B. Oak bark Siaa, mit«r Oj ; boil (or 


10 mmntea, and et rain. Make np to Oj. Dosr, fjj — 

bnt chiefly ns a laaal aatrixgent. 
DBOOUcm R iriw rJi Suisavhs. Black alder linrk Jj, water 

l^ssj boil to Oj, and strain. Dose, a wineglnaaful twice 

a da J as a purf/alive and altemtiae. The fiesh bai'k is 

■aid to vomit ; the dr^ to purge. 
SscoCTDU RaODOOESDRl. Leaves of rliadodendroo cluya- 

antbum jiv, water Ossj boil, aud strain. 
Sbcootvu Kmis Ntofii. M. CoLOSiifiAT. Boil a handfnl 

of black carrant root in Oij of water, and etrain. A cop- 

fU occaBionally lu an lutringeni. 
Dboootuk Hobs Visostim. F. H. Bud roaes Jij, red wine 

iky. Heat in a covered vessel to nenc boiling, and let it 

Bland neaiF the fire for half an hour. For oviarird mm, 
Dboochtm Bubi. Dr. Wood. SmaJlcr roots (or bark of 

larger roots) of AmericHJi blackberij 33i water f S™' i 

boil to f Jitvj. Astringenl. Dose, rlij, 3 or 4 tlincB in 

21 hours. Our commOQ bramble also possesses astringent 


Water-dock root Jj dried, or Jij fresh, water Oj ; boil for 

15 minutes, and strain. R. obtusifolina and other species 

of dock are also used. 7n chroaa: akin dUeofet, &c. 
Dmootum SALicABifi. Dr. A T. Thomson'. Spiked looao- 

atrife (freah) 31, water Oj ; boil 16 minntos, and strain. 
DscocTtru SiLicia. WiLKiKflOH. Broad-lettved willow 

Ifflik 5i8s, bruise, and macerate in water ftij for 6 hours, 

boil for is minutes, and straiu. Or it may be made as 

Deo. Cinchonaj. Dose, f 3j — iij. 
DxoocTFU SASBrci. Sybebkam. Inner bnrk of elder 5j, 

water Oj, milk Qj ; boil to Oj. Dr. Pereiba. uses water 

only, and gives f ^iv for a dose, in dropty. 
Dioocnni Santobici. Worm sotd (semen-aaiffa) Jas, 

water Oiss i boit, and strain. 
DiODonru Saporablg. Swesiax's. Soap wort 3ij, water 

Diiv; boil to Btij, aod strain. Taken as Dec. Sarsni. 
DBOOOTtru Sasss. 3. Digest Jiiss of Jamaica aarsaparilla 

cut transversely in Oiss of boiling water for an bonr, boil 

for ID minutes, cool, and strain. Make up to Oj. Dose, 







oat transTersely, jiixB. Bueafras, guaiticnm tDrningBi brolte J 
liquorite root, eooh Ji, mezereoQ root burk gr. Ix; digMb 
tbem witli OJss of braling water ia a covered vessel for m 
hour, then boil for 10 mimites, cool, and stnun. Make 
np to Oj. Doae, f Jiv, 3 or 4 times a day. 

Dkcoottm Sabbs cfm IcTDToooLLi. Tuan« d» Tellt. 
SsraspBTilla Si>j< iBingtaiis Jsb, sulphnret of nntiniony (tied 
np in nig) 3iij, water Ov j lioil to Oiiaa, and Btmin. 

Becocthh SabE£ CUM Sehka. TiiOTie de Vtaaeht, ClDST. 
SataupHTilla Jiss, chinn root %iag, gaaliuiam wood pa, 
BDlpliiiret of antimonj (in rug) 5^, water Ov; boil to Oly, 
and add aasiafras 3iv, eemiB 3iv ; infoso for iln hour, Bod 

Dboootuk Soiti^ CoMPOBiTUM, Dried eqaill Jiy, jnnjper 
berries Siv, »cnega Jiij, water Oiv ; Iwtl to Oij, itrain, and 
add spirit of nitnc Ktlier Jiv. 

BscDCTtrM ScoPABii. B. Brooin-tope (dried) Si, water Oji 
boil for 10 minntei, and BtrBin. Make up to Oj. 

and stnun. Doge, a wineglaaefui, 3 times 
Decoctth SeoiLia CoBNrii. See Decoctom Ergatro. 
Dbcoctpm Senbo^b. L, Senega root 51, wat^r Og; boil 

to Oj, and ctrain^ Oitt'h H. oddB liquorice root Jbs. Tito 

infuion a a better preparation. Dose, 1 3j— 'j . "^"^ * Of 

6 houra. 
Dbcoctcm Sbvi. AHifidal Ooat't Milk. Tie a piece of 

mutton anet in muslin, and let it boil gently in new milk. 
DscocTTTH SiMAutTBfi. Dr. Wbioht. SimHrabQ bark ^', 

water f jxxlv ; boil to f ^lij, and strain. 
Dbcoottu SpiBKtia;. India pink 5v, wattr Oj ; boil for a 

few minutes, end strftin. Seooa 5v mny be infused in tim 

bailing decoction. 
Dbcocttk Spnis^ TouEKToaB. Dr. Wood. Boil J^ of 

the dried plant (bnrdhuck) in Oj of water, and stiaiti. 

Tonic astringml. Doae, f Jisa — ij. 
Dbcoottm Sposoie. UtrrBLAKD. Bnmt sponge _y, water 

ItJ; bml, digest for 12 bonn', stmin, and add cinnamoil 

water f5,j. Dose.fjj. _ 

Dbcoctum aTAPHiBAOBiJ^. StaveeacTO seed Jj, water Oy t 

boil for a few miimtes, and strain. For external uie. 


Dkoocititu Stattcib Abugbix. Dr. Ebgbe. Boil jj of 
tbe dried herb (wmniaa thrift) in Oj of water, and Btmin. 
SiiireUc. By gldSiifQls. Some other upecies, Statico 
CaroIiniBQB, and S. Limoninm, are nsed in the aume fonn. 

lOTinu SvDOBrptccv. The nee- Ouuitici CompositaiD, 

knd I>ce. Same Comp., are so tcr'nied. 

IKOOTijM Stmphtti. Nikmabk. Comfpej root Jm, water 

Jivj ; boil to Sviij. 
Dbcooktu Ti,iAXACl. B, Dried duodetioti root elicvd and 

In'otied jj, distilled water Oj. Boil for XO miuut«B, ind 

Htrain. Malie np to Oj, Dose, fjj to fjy. 
Decoctttu TEi.taFf BuBBs Pastobis. Boil liolf a. linndful 

of the herb (ahepUerd's pursa) with f Jivj of water to f Jiij- 

To be taken ut twice, in the day ; in uierine hcemorrh^e, 
DECOcnnu ToaMBNTiUiS. L. Tormentil root Jij, wktei 
Oi, and atraiu. Astringeitl. Dose, fji to 


u Teitici Rbpbntis. Boot of tritioam repens Xj, 

Jias, boil to Oj, Doae, $iv — vj. In cbroniu inflam- 

of the bladder. Diuretic. 

u. TvssiLAaiKlB. Fresli coltsfoot leaves ^ij (or 

flowers 5j). wnter CHj ; boil to Oj, nnd stmin. 
Dbooctcu Ului. B. Boil elm bark cut in siiiaU i^cces 

^iias, in diatilled water Oj, for 10 minatea, in a covered 

vessel, itrMn, and Gil vp to Oj. L. similar. Dose, Jiv, 

Dbciwtitm: Ulhi Compobitfm. Jeffbkyb. Deeortion of 

elm Oviij, aaasafras 3j, gnidaciiin wood 3j> meiiereou 5iij, 

liqnoriee root 3j i boil for ao Lour, and atraiix- 
Dbcootcm IJv,« Uebi. L. Bearberry leaves Jj, water Oias; 

boil to Oj, and atrttin. Dose, f Jj— ij. 
DaoooTFM Vreatbi. L. 1836. White ijellebore root j-c, 

water Oij ; boil to Oj, and strain, and add rectified spirit 

f JLij. .Fbr external luf, 
Dboocidm VeBBAsci. Dr. H DUE. Leaveii of great mnlleiii 

Jij, water Oij; boil for 30 minutes, and atraio. Dose, 

f Siv. ill diarrhaaa. Also as u fomentation. 
Dkcoctum VtBOl. NiEMAKir. Mistletoe ^, water Oij j boil 

to Oj. In eplltpti/ ; Lj wineyhisefula, frequently. 
JOOTDM Xahthoxth. Dr. WoOD, Barli of prickly aah 


^" Sxvi 




Jj, water fSilrifj i boil to f Jxxiij, and itratn. StiauttalU 
and dir^hor^ic. from f Jrij to fJiTJ, in 24 liours. 

Dblphihia. BelpAiHe. Treat alcoholic extract of Btavea- 
Bcre seeds with water addulatad with Hulphnric acid a) 
long as anytluDg is dissolved ; add ammoDia to the filtered 
iolntian, collect and dry the precipitate, and re-diasolra it 
in rectified spirit ; filter through charcoHl, and evaporate 
it curefuU; to drynesi. Its salts are nmdo by satnnitjiig 
the diluted acids with delpbine, and evsporattiig to drj- 
ness. Dose, gr. sa ; also need ontwardly as vcratria. 

Dbitbiha. Dextrine, oi BriiiiU Qvm. Moist™ 1000 i»rt« 
of stnrcli wit)i 300 al water, to which 2 purta uitrilt 
acid have hcBU iddcd. Allow the luixtare to dry apon- 
taneoDsly, and then heat for two hours in a stove to 212° P. 
100 parts with 40 of wafer yield a stiff mucilage. " 
dagea soaked in this hecome aiiff when dry. 

DuBCOBBiEU. This is replaced by the Electiiarium Catechu, 
E., and Confectio Cateoha Camp., D. 

DiaiTALiHDM. IHgiialine. _ B. Take of digitalis leaf iH 
powder Jxl, rectified spirit, distilled water, axietio 
purified animal charcoal, Bolation of ammonia, tannic 
litharge in fine powder, pure ether, of each q. s. Digest 
the digitalis with Cj o£ the spirit for 24 hours at a tempa- 
mture of 120°, pnt into a percolator, and when the tinit^ 
tare has ceased to drop pour on a gallon of spirit, and let 
it slowly percolate through. Distil ofE greater part lA 
spirit from tincture, and evaporate remainder over water 
I^th till all the alcohol has heeu dissipated. Mix residual 
extract with Jv distilled water and Jes acetic acid, digest 
solation with ji puTiHed animal charcoal, Hlter, and dlhita 
filtrate with distilled wat«r to OJ. Add liquor ammonin 
nearly to aentraliiation, and then 160 gr. taniuo add in 
3iij distilled water. Wash prei^ipitSite with a little dii- 
tilled water, mix with a little spirit and 3i oxide of lead, 
and ruh together in a mortar. Place iu a fiisk, add jiv of 
spirit^ raise to 160°, and keep st this heat for about 
1 hour. Add 31 purified animal charcoal. Pat on filter, 
and drire ofE spirit hy water hath, lastly, wash reai. 
dae repeatedly with pure ether. Dose, i^ to ^ gr. 
Hgirot. Exhaust powdered digitalis by percolation 
or digestion, with spirit of '860 sp. gr. Filter, distal 


«ff the spirit, dissolve the residue ia wntrr 
with acetic acid, dilate the filtered liqnoT with Water, uid 
ptirCially neutnllze with ammoDin, predpitate witli infn 
siou of nutgall, collect aud wash the precipitate, mix i 
with powdered litharge and a litUc apicit, dry the piusU 
di^at it at a vec; gentle heat with rectiSed spirit, diatit 
off the spirit, and agitate the rewdnB with atLer, Wlint 
remains ia digiUline. It ia Bald to be 100 times us strong 
• as powdered foiglove. Another inetbod, bj which it ia 

Piaid to be obtainfd in greater pnrity, is described id 
BouChABPAT's ■^nnuaire for 1815, page 69 ; and fur 1850, 
bage 107. MM. HomoUe and Qaerenue, who first obtained 
|t in n pnrB stute, prepare it in the form of sugurod gra- 
nules, raich cantBining one millegramnie (Vftb of a grnin), 
which is the usunl dose. LAnocBDAia, A strong illusion 
of digitalis ia shaken np with a considerable quantity (i^tth) 
of auimal chareoal. The latter will at length remove the 
whole of the alkaloid from the fluid. It is to be BC|ianit(.<d 

Kand bailed in alcohol. This is then 'evaporated until a 
pnlverolent deposit takes pliu^, which, being washed, ro- 
Oiasolved in spirit, and finally allowed to evaporate spon- 
taneously, yields crystals of i^gltalme. 
^OBAQCHABiru Atrial. P. Essential oil of aniseed 1 drop, 
refined sijgar 5j j tritorate in a mortar till perfectly mised. 
TPars. Ph. directs 24 drops to 3j. Other aatliorities 
direct 2 drops to each 5j.] Elwoaacchnrii of the other 
essential oils are prepared in the same manner, except 
the following : 
SLSosACCBABfTU Ltuovis. Hub the ontcr rind of a lemon 
with 3ij of reHned sugar, in lamps, and triturate the pro- 
dnet in n mortsr. In the same manner prepare the elceo- 
sacchara of citrons, oranges, and bergajnots. 
EI.&TEBCCII. B. A sediment from the juice of squirting 
cucumber, Cut the fruit lengthwise, aud lightly press 
out the juice. Strain it through a hair sieve, and set aside 
to deposit. Coref ally poor oiTsupemataiit liquor from the 
sediment an a huen filter, and dry on porous tiles with a 
gentle beat. The decanted fluid mity deposit a second 
portion of sediment^ to he dried in the same way. Dose I 

, one -^g — i grain. See Extractum Elaterii- J 

^^^TKBiKA, Dr. MonaiM, Elateriue ifl obtained by ej^^^J 


106 THE 

poratiugr tincture of elaterium, mnde with rectified »pirilv 
to tlie coDiiatcnce of thin oil, and throiriDg it into boiling' 
distilled water. When cold, collect tbe crjatalline pred- 
pititte, aud dry it with a geatle beat. Dose, to oommonce. 
one 16th of a grain. 

&I.SCTCABU. Electuaries consist of powders mixed np to a 
soft paste, with sjrnp, banej. or other thicli niHterialg. 
Thej are incloded by the L. and B. P., together with Con- 
secvefi, auder the term ConfeclioiD. For other Electnsriet, 
see CoHFBCTio, and LmcTra. 

Elictpabiitk Akticacubcticum. 3alh 'Etectuarg. Select 
the heaviest and bluest cliokers from a blacksmith's fot^e, 
powder them finely, and miK with enough treacle to form 
a stiff paste. To jriij of this add carhonute of magnMik, 
suit powdered gioger, each jss. Uire a teo.'iponnful twice 
B day fbr 3 days, then omit it for 3 dnjs, and repeat this 
as lang as is considered necessary. [Thia is sometimea 
termed Elect. Ferri Composituni.] 

EtEcTiTABrcM AsTtMOHlt. Ch. Elootnnry of senna S' 
Ifoaiacnm resin, nrthiopa mineral, prepared Eolphnret of 
antimony, each Jss, lymp q. s. Dose, 3J to 5ij, twice a daf> 

ELBcrrriBiiTM Ahtiepilepticcm. Dr. Mbae. Feiuviao 
bark 3j, valerian Jas, tin 3ss ; mix the powders with synip 
q. s. to form an electuary. Dose, 3J, night and morning. 

ELBCTtrAEniM AsTiDYaKiiTEBiorM. B, 174S. Electuary 
of catechu Jij, balsam of Locatellue Jj. Mil. 

Electitasium Ahticbolebicith. a cempound of eqiul 
parts of lard, charcoal, and maple sugar, is sud to luva 
been used with success in the treatment of cholera. 

ELSCtUABtiTit AircmBEiTiiATiciru. CheUea Feiuionar. 
GnaiacQin resin 5;, rhubarb jij, bitartrata of potash 5jp 
sulphur 3ji one nutmeg ; mix the powders with llg of 
honey. Take two apoonfula, night and morniug. 

Eleotuabidu Arasicfu. SarsupnrillH Jv, eenna Jiij, 
pwchcd natsheUs 5J. China root 5iij, cloves 5i. Beduee 
to a fine powder, and form aa electuary with honey q. s. 
Dose 3ij — iv. [Tliis forms part of tbe (raitemeni Arabimt, 
for the core of obstinate ikin diseHsea. A pil! (see PS. 
Arabics) is given every nigbt and morning, followed by a 
glass of decoction of aarapanlla, and, an hour after, a tloie 


of this electnary. Tbe diet, for £5 to 40 days, to bepnrelj 

vegetable (aa dried fruits. &a.), and the onl; driuk Blluwed 

deooctioD of BorEaparillii.] 
EiiBCiUASiCM Abohaticum. E. Aromutic ponder [E.] 

1 iHtrt, syrup of orange peel 2 parts. Mix. For L. & D. 

me Confectio Aromatics. B. Pnlr. CinDinn. Co. 
EtECTCjVBnjM B Biccia Lachi. See Confeotio RuIeb. 
Ei^crrABiTTU CASfioma. Prcparad chuiiDiil 5ij, carbonate 

of Goda 5ij, confeclioa of senna 5ij- 
ELECiuinnul Cateohit. E. Coafealio Japonica. Catechu 

3iv, kino jiv, uinnamon Jj, nutmeg 3j, opium 5iHS ; diSnsu 

the opium in a little aheny, powder tbe reet finely, nud 

mix tie whole with syrap of red roses (boiled to Oie cou- 

Bifltonce of honey) Oiss. Dose, 3j to 5ij. 
Elbotcabidm CKPKAiicrsi. E. H. T^sriao Jj, mistletoe 

of the oak 5ji syrup g. s. 
ELKOTTTABrnM CiscsosM CoKPOSiTuii. CopiuHO). Yellow 

bark 3j> eonfeeljoii of rotes Ju, diluted sulphnrii; acid jj. 

^yrup of ginger SiH. Dose, 5j or 3u, 3 or 4 timeB a 
L Oa,y- Qvakim's ElecCuuty consista of powdered red bnrk 
W.^' £B'''^'^'> 3J> ammoDiated iron ^, oxymel of BquillH ]iDd 

"^rup of five roots (apedes dinreCiciB) q. b. P. Gray 

bark jxviij, murinte of BmmoQia 3J, honey 5ij, syrup of 

Mrmwocd 3^. 

[iKOTOAfiitrv CoPAiHiB. Cabpab. BUncliod almonda 5rj, 

BBTsli-mBllow powder 3j, catechu jsa, balsam of rapoita 



paiva 3j> LTibebs in Eno powder ^lis, oil of peppermint 8 
drops, spirit of oitric ctbitr 15 diops, powdered sugar 
q. s. ; to form a paste. To be taken in i dnys, wrupped 
in wnfer paper. 

EtBOTDAUiUM Dkktifbioivm. P. Prepared toral aiv, 
sepia boDe jj, bitBctrate of potash ^iji cochioeitl Jj, alum 
58S, Narboane honey Jk- Mix, and add any suitable eesen- 
tial oil. 

ELBorrABruM Deobstbcens. ' Copland, Bitartratc of 

potasL 3j, borax jiij, precipitated anlphur 5vj, toufectiou 
of senna Jiss, syrup of ginger 5vj, syrup of poppies gij, 
Dose, 5j, every night. 





ELEOTTJABreM DowcHOB, Sefl Elect, MucunsB. 

EiEOTCABttfir FEBBiFcotnr. E. H. Penivisn bark Jj, 
luiu'iate of ammonia 5j, ayrap of lemons q. a. See hIbo 
Elect. Cinchonm Comp. P. 

Eleotdabiuu Frbbi SimcABSDNATis. CocLAiTD. Saboor- 
bonale of iron jnt, ayrap of giiif;er Jss, cooaervie of orange 
peel 3u ; mix. Dose, the sUe of a nutmeg, twice or tluiee 
a iIa;. Mis. H. Seaquioxideof iron Jj.tieacle^, boiling 
water f5ij. See also Confectio Ferri. 

ELECttrABivu GuAiAOi CouposiTDU. }/Ln>. H. Gaaiacmn 
rsein 5y, rbabttib 5j, sulplinr 3y, nitre 5ij, ajmp of pop- 
pies q. s. Mix. Dose, 5S9 to 3j. 

ELGCTDABnru EEBUsriB UiHEKALis. MarmeloiU de Za- 

netti. Manna Jij, ayrnp of marib-mallow Jifls. pnlp Ot 
coBsiLi 5j, oil of almonds 3j. butter of cacna 3!j, orange- 
flower water f 3iv, Kermea mineral gr. iy. Mix. Do>% 3m. 

ELEOTTAsnrH HfuoKBHOiiiALE. U. C. H. Manna Ju, 
aulphatc of potaeh, nitre, precipitated Bnlphnr, each ^, 
Byiijp q, a. E. H. Confection of senna 5'j> sulpbnr 3m. 
Dr. CovLUTD. Nitrate of potaab 3ij, confection of ■« 
Jiaa, Bjmp of ginger JiBB, elder rob Jj. Mil. 
GEiVEs. Confuction of senna 5], Bulphnr ^, jaUp _. 
balsam of copalva 399, ginger 3sb, bitartrate of potash ^tt, 
Bjmp q. b. 

ELScrtTABHiM Lbs itiv u m. See Confectio Scnnto. 

ELECTtTAntuu MDcnKJG. Chahbbbi>)in'b. Dip the doll- 
choa pods in treacle, and Bcrape off the hairs, repeating 
Ireab pods till it becomes Bufficieotl; thick. OVY'B H. 
Dolichos boirs Jsa, treacle q. B, to form a soft electnarT; 
Dose, a deBscrt-spoonfol, ovary morning. 

ELBOruABirrM NiaKTTM. TsonsaBic's Sl-aelr Tonic. Per- 
cblorido of iron Jiv, tannin Jj, confeotioa of roses 3ij, eymp 
of orange peel 3j. Mix. 

ELKCTcr.tKiUM Oljbani. Ch, Olifaannm 3sb, balsam of 
Jm, conserve of hipa 3j, sjrnp q. s. Dose, ^, 
iiiy,/orgleeti, 4c. 

ELECTUABnTU Opti. E. Aromatic powder 3vj, senega giy, 
opinm diSiiaed in a little sherry Jbb, ayrnp of ^ngerttj. 
Mix. See Confectio Opli for L. 

Eleqtcabicu Pectohale. E. 17tl. Conserve of rosei 


5ij, compound powder of tragacanth Sbb, flowers of ben- 
zoin 5j, sjmp of balsRin of Tola q. b. 

Eleotuabiiim Fexixidthi. Dr. KoxBimoH stntes that 
the lenres, frnit, and flowera of phy. (irapkj, with their 
weight of eagar, form no Glpctuury used by the iintiTea of 
India for the core of gonorrhoH. Dose, 3j. 

EiBomiRiTna PiaMESTi Inbici. Indigo Jsa, water q. b. 
Eub together to form a smooth paste, and add iirODitttie 
powder 3M, ejnip jj. To be taken in 1 dny. 

EiiCTFAEmi PiPEBiB. E. SeaCoQfectio Piperia. 

EiSCTDiEiTTM PoiASS* NtTEAHB. Gdt'b H. Nitre 5iae, 
conftDtion of rosea Jj. Dose, the size of a nntm^. 

boiled to a due conBiBtence tb^, pare sugar Ibj. 

EliECTCABiTTU Rebibje. Scb CoDfectio Keeinro. 

EtECTDAKum Sciu^ CojuoBiTtTM. Gct'b H. OijDiel of 
Bquilla f^ij, bitartrate of potiuh Jiij. Doae, t^ij. 

EliKCTFABinc B ScoEBlo. DiascordUim- Replaced hy 
Electuariutn Catechu. 

ELECTCiHinn Sbhks. See Confectio SenniB. A cheaper 
form Jbr hospital use ia thai prepated. Mm. H. Pow- 
dered aennn, coriander, jalap, bitartrate of potash, ginger, 
liquorice root, of each Jij, treacle Silviij. Dose, ^" to Ji.j . 

ELEcTTiBitru Ssssm CoBPOBiTTu:. Otii'b H. Senna ^iv. 
snpertartrnte of potash 3iv, jalap 3ij, Ejrup of ginger f^iss. 
Dose, 5j — ij, occasionally. 

Elbctuabidm SiKiPiB. Gtx's H. Mnatard seed lightly 
bruised Jj, sulphur 5ij, Ejrup of orange peel fj]. Dose, 
5j, 3 or 4 times a day. 

ELBcrniartTM Sxahki kt Fbbei. Dr. Cheeton'. Vvxe tin 
filings or powder Jir, carbonate of iion 5j, conaerra of 
wormwood Jiy. 

EtBCUTABirrM SnxTEiraiB CoKPOBrnjii. Gtrr'a H. Sul- 
phur 3j, bitartrate of potash ^se, treaclejilj. Mix. Mm. 
H. Sulphnr Jag, cream of tartar ^sa, electuary of senna 
3ij, treacle q. s. A teaspoonfnl once or twice a day. 

EiBOTtTiBitru TEEKBnsTnrs^. St, B. H. Common tur- 
pentine 3J, honey Jij, Mil. 

EiBCTtrAaiUM Olei TsEiBiiiTiinifi. Dr. CoPLJifD. Oil of 

turpentine 3j, clarified honey 5'j> liqnoriee powdor q. s, to 

elootuary. S«a Comectio Terebinth into. 



n-«eed Jas, " 

lELEOTCAEn™ VMiMiTroTM. BBEKBBa. Worm-«eed Jas, 
tansy eeed 3sa, valerinn 5ij, jalap jiss, sulphate of putaali 
witli salpbnr 3ies, oijmel of aqaills q. B. See also Elec- 
tiiariam Stanni. For otber Electaaries, sec Confeotio, 
CossBRYA, and LiNOTua, 

Elixib. This name ia applied to ccrtun compouod Une- 
turca, and other aolntiooa of the active principlea oF 

Blixir Acidtim HixiiBBi, Eqnal welghta of sulplinric 
Bcid and rectified spirit, ver; gradaally mixed. It ii 
Btronger than Eaa de Bniel. See Acidam Sulplmrioiim ~ 
. Alraholiaatuta. QDiffel'b Acid Klixir couBiste of 1 pirt 
of Bulphuric acid, S of spirit, aud 2 of kermes and saffiron. 
VoeiiBK'a, of eqafll woighta of aulpharic acid and nitrons 

' Elizib Aloeb CouTOStiim. Copland. Acetate oF potiwh, 
olaes, inspissated ox-gall, mjrrli, each 2 parts, saflron 1 
part, braiidj 21 parts. Muccrate, and strain. 
Blixtb Aim<jA.tASaBiUt. HufbijhI). Extract of blessed 
thiatie 5jt extract of dalcamara 5j) fennel water l^j, cherry- 
laurel water 3j. Mix. Dose, 5j, 4 tiroes a day. 

Elixir AnziauaovuLoaxris. P. Tinclura Oaitianm Am- 

Elixib ANTiTEyEBBUU. QtmrcY. Jesttit's Drapi. Co- 
paiva 5j> guaincuni 5ij> ail of BBBSsfra* 5j, siibcarbonato of 
potash 3aa, rectified spirit fJT. Digest 3 daya. 

Elhub AtraiKTiOEVJt CoMFOHirma. Pbcs. Ph. Thin 
orange peel JtJ, CBSsia 5y, carbonate of potaeh 3j, Madrird, 
wine thiv. Macerate for 6 dayi, eiiiress, and diBsol»e in 
the tincture ^ each of Che extracts of gentian, wormwood, 
bnckboan, and cascarilla. Filter- 

JIlhie biCtcm de Qanis, P. Aloes Jj, myrrh 3s3, SBiH«n 
jy, cinnamon Jss, cloves Jaa, nntroeg 5a», proof spirit Oii|, 
orange -flower water fjxvj. Macerate for 2 days, and distil 
Ovj ; add syrnp of capillfure Oviiaa, and oolonr with a litHo 

Elexib Lonos: ViTJi. TincUira Shei et Aloff. 

Klixib Mtbahs. TinvtiiTa Sdbiaa Gompoaifii. 

Glixib FiBBOoaicuM. Tinctura dmythora Componla, 

Elisib PiBEaoHicnM: Scotictm. T. OpU Ammoniata, 

BuxiR Pgctorale, E. 1715. Balaam of Talu Jij, bcnmiii 


3ias, saffron See, ructiflcd spirit f JmiJ. Digest in n mnd 

heat for 4 iajt, and stcnin. 
Euxtfi Po£lcHBl!9TON, E. 1745. Onniacaiu J^i, biiisnui 

of Fem. S'>i rectified spirit fjxixg. Digeiit in a mad lie«t 

for i days, strain, and add oil of sassaf rM 5ij. 
Elixir PBOFBisiATja. TiiKlura Aloei Compatila. 
Hr.TTfTH Sadbitu. TiitctvTa She* el Aloes. 
EUXIB Baldtis. Tiaetiira Senna Compoiita. 
Kirvn t Stouachicitu. Tiitcliira Qeniicace Compotila. __ 
EwKiB VisoEBAXK HomtiMNi. See Eliiir Aurantiomm 

CompoBitomi ulao Viniun Centaarii. 
Elixib Titbiou Aciddv. Aeiduta Salp&HrKam Aramii- 

EtHia VnBiOLl Dulcb. Spiritat JElkerU ArOToafieur. 

ElJXJB WoBOHBJE. RectiSed spirit IbriiBS, and amiDonlii! 
3j, nitre and pepper, ench SiiisB, nitro-muriatic acid j», 
viBBgiii tbiu, petrolenm (native white or roue nnplitlia) 
38S, oliyB oil Jisa, oil of pepperiuint S"j' Digest for 13 
boars, and utmin. Dose, 2 teaspooafiilsi svery quarter of 
ftu liour. In cholera. 

[Pot other Eliiirs, see Twoidtlk.] 

EuBBOCATlONEa. Embroeotiom do not differ materiull; 
from Lotiont. Bee Lotio. 

EuBBOCATio AcoHiTiHJG. Dr. TiTSHBiTLL. Acomtuia gr. 
yiij, rectified spirit f Jij. 

Eubbocaho Aluhhhs. Ch. Alum 5ij, vinegar f 5viij, 
weslt spirit f 3viij. For chiVilaim, kv. 

EuBROCATio Xvatotam Acetatis. Emhrocatio Comntnuis. 
Qu7's H. SesquioLrbonate <if ummoSia 3i'> vinegar Uv 
or q. s. to saturate. Mix and add spirit Oiiss. 

EuBBocATio AuHoyix AciiXAtiB cnii Sapokb. Equal 
parts of eolutioti of acetate of amntoiiiEi and soap lini- 

Ehbbocatio cohtba Aiavxcitjit. E. Weesoh. Eiku do 
Cologne Ejij, tincture of (antiuiridea ('^y], oil of rospniaxy 
mx, oil of Uvender iii. To promote the groicth of the 

EkBbOCATIO CANTHABIDla. Dr. SiatfYE, in pertmfit. 
Tartamed antimony 9 j, water fjij, tincture of cantba- 
rides f 3bb. To be rubbed over tlio region of the atomach, 
covering the part afterwards witli flannel 


ie«t J 





Embsocatio CiNTHiKiins cTM Camphora. Cn. Equal 
parts of tincture of csntlmriUea and spirit of (.■amphor. 

BkbboCAtiO CoMMrNifl. Qtrr'a H. Scsquicarbmiate of 
Bmmonia Jiv, vinegar Ov or q. s., proof spirit Oii^. 

Embkooatio DBLPHijn:jB. Dr. Timjnicii:. Delphinia 3j 
to 3;i, rectified spirit f 3ij. 

EmbEOCATIO Iodinu. Dr. Todd's Iodine painl. Iodine 
gc. hXv, iodide of potassium ^as, altvliol ^. Thb part to 
be pSiioted over witll a camel-hair peucil. [It prodnoea 
gmutiag, and frequently vesication or an eniption.] 

EwDBOOATio QuiNxx. Dr. OuBTAiiACCniA. Sulphate of 
quinine gr. viij to xij, rectiReii spirit ^. Kulibcd over th 
Bpine, in iuter mitten ta. 

Embbooatio YBRAxais. Dr. Tirasflcxi.. Veratrin 3j t 
5], rectified spirit 3ij. For otJier embrocatiouB see Loti 
and Linimentum. 

Ehbtdia Mbdioivai^ib. p. Preparo an eitrnct of ipooa 
cuanha. with spirit at 0-824 j dissolve it iu 4 parta of cold 
water, filter, evaporate to tlio consistence of ^rup, spread 
it thtaly «ith n brush on p]at«9, and let it dcj in ■ iitaw- 

Eketina Pdea. p. Disaolve one part of alcoholic e: 
of ipecacuanha in 10 of cold water, tlltor, add one part vT 
calcined magnesiB, evaporate to dryness with a gentle 
heat ,- wnah the product on a filter with 4 or 5 parts of ve^ 
cold wattr, dry it again and triiut it with boiling alcohoL 
EvaporatJ? the filtered tincture, re-diaaolve the reaidne in 
a little water acidulated with sulphoric acid, decolooriw 
with nniinal charcoal, 61ter, precipitate nith ammouiu, and 
dry the precipitate with B gentle heat. For the mode of 
administering Emetine, aee Mistuni Gmetinaj, aud Sjrapna 

EhpI^tra. Plaiiera ahonid be of soch a con^steDce aa 
rctaiu their Fomi at tlic temperature of the body; mer 
hecomiiig soft and adhesive, without melting. The reaina, 
gum-reidns, &c, should be provionel; itroined ; and in 
melting them, no greater heat ahould he employed than ts 

EHPuaTBfM Adh£BEKB. 6ac Emp. Sapoiiia CompeiUuni. 

EKPLAsinrM ADiLEsrvTM", See Smp. Eesma. Mr. Bats'* 


s adllosiTO plaster, for bad tega, ronsisted of 3vj of 
• witL tbj of lead plaster, sprenil ou imHco. 
Kuu ADBfsirru Calcabbuu. Soup of lime 200 
t parts, boiled turpentiiiB 100 parts, suet 35 parta. 
EHPLAJTBrtc AnKxarwn Niobvu. Court Floater. Soe 

Empl. IctlijocoUB!. 
Emplastectm J!btjoibi8. p. Cora PCailer. Yellow wai 

Empiastbcm AMMONiiB, Dr. KmiLABD'fl ValatUe Plialer. 
Scrraped soup -j, lead plaster Jas ; melt together, aud, 
when nearly eald, add finely powdered sal a ' ~ 

It ihould be reaeaed eterif 24 Sonr*. 

EKFi^AETBim AuuoNiAOi. L. ji E. StralQod a: 

3v, distilled TiaegBT t^viij [ix,E.]i dissolve and evaporate 
to n due emisistence, stirring coaatontly. D. Ammonia- 
cum in course powder Jiv, proof spirit f Jiv; dissolve by 
heat, and strain ; evaporate by steam or 'water bath Ui a 
proper consistence. 

Ehpi^stbeu AuifoirtAOi cvu Cicota. E. 1741. Ainmo- 

niacam jvitj, syrop of sqnills q. s., juice of hemlock SW. 

~ " plaster. Ca. StraiucJ ammonlaauin ^iij, ex- 

lemlock 3\j ; melt, and add liquid disciitiite of 

'LASTEm AsraoHiAci cm Htdbabqtbo, B. Heat 
together f3j olive oil and gr. vi^ of sulphur, ntirring till 
they combine ; with these triturate Jiij of iguieksilver till 
the g-lobules are no louger visible, and mix them with Jiij 
of ammoniaoniii, melted with a gentle heat. 

EmiABTEni AuuotriACi CUM Scn.T.t. Gut'h H. Strained 
ammaniacTim 3riij, vinegar of squiils f^ij. Mix, and spread 
immediately on leather. 

EUFIiASTBCU Sakoti Ajtdsem A. Cbcce. P. Eb^. GUiH- 
nana. P. White pitch Jviii, elerai .^ij, Venice tnrpentina 
^, oil of buys 3j. Melt, and strain through linen. 

EMFtABTBCM Ahobykiik. Emplastmm Opii. 

Empubtbuk AsTntONii TAttTABizATi. U. C. H. Sprinkle 
■ " ■ the surface at » 

preBcvi\ieB \ 



emetic 5j, jellow wax 3ij, Bui^nndy pitcb, prepFired suet, 
caminon turpentine, of each Jss. 


look 5j. yitroct of henbane 5iv, powdered belladonna 
acetate of ammonia q. B. 

EMPiifiTEtm ANTiBTBTKnicuir. Sea EmplHstrnm A( 

Emplasteuk ABOMiTictTK. D. 1826. Strained reain of 
Bpmce fir 5iij, jellow wax 5ss; mt^lt togetb«r, and whan 
nearly cool add powderad cinnamon 3vj, oil of pimento 3iJ. 
oil of lemon Jij. 

BMPtABTBni AaaAmKTiDfi. E. Lead piaster 3'u, assaftetida 
3y, galbannm Sj, ydlow wai Jj. Liquefy the gum reanB, 
and strain ; then add the plaster and wax melted together, 
and mil thoroughly. 

EKPtiSTBrrM Atteahenb. See Emplaatmin Cera. 

EupLABTBrK BaLiiDONm, B. Rub eTtraot of bellndoniui 
3i^ and rectiSed apirit f^vj together in a mortar, ■ 
when the insolubie matter has anbaided decant cL 
■olntjon, remove Bpirit by distillation or evaporation, ■ 
mix alcoholic extract with resin plnster Jiij, iselted ._ 
wuter bath, contJnning heat and constantly Etirring till 
plaster lias acquired a suitable consistence. 

EUFLASTBUM BsTOKis. BoEBHAATB. Strained galbanun 
3iT, wax piaster 5ix, ohve oil Sj; melt together, and add 
powdered bryony root 5y, flowers o£ sulphur ^, iGtbiop't 
mineral jij ; stir till Cold. 

Ehplahibttk: CAi^BTAOzEMi. Warm plaster. B. Cantha- 
ridea in poarse powder 3ir, hoihng water Oj, eiprcBed oil 
of QQtmeg 3iT, yellow wax Jiv, resin Jiv, soap plnster thiyj, 
resin plaster Ibij. Infuse the canthaiidea in the boiling 
water for 6 hours; aqiieeze strongly through calio^ and 
evaporate the expressed liquid by a water bath till reduced 
to one third. Then add the other ingredients, and melt in 
A water bath, stirring well until the whole is thoroagUy 

EMPuaTBtTM CAMPnoKATUM. Camphor is best applied by 
sprinkling the pawner on the warm surrace of a spread 
adhesive or other plaster. Blisters arc treated in "' ' 
way to prevent strangury. 

ExPLASTBCU CABrHABiDiB. B, Cantharides iu powder 

I Jstji je1]< 


jxtj i jcllaiv wax, prepaj'ed auet, of each 3viiEB, resin Jiij, 
prepared Ucd 3^. To the wax, suet, bdiI lard, lui'tted 
loget)i«', add the reiin prcriansly melted; remare from 
the (ire, nud a little before thej hordca sprinlcla iu the 
cantharides, and mix. 
EiretiSTHDM Olei CASTHABiDia, Mr. J. Smith. Digest 
the powdered Hies for 11 days with twice their weight of 
tjlive oil, and to Jiv of the strained oil add wax JiiiiB, 

EwpusTttTTsi: Cantkaeimb Dilptcm. Dr. Pebeira. Blia- 

t<iring plaster 1 part, wrap cerate 3 parts. For ehiliireH, 

Ekfcabteck Cahtqabidis CoueoBrntu. E. Veaicu tm- 

pentine Jivse, Bnrgandy pitch and powdi^rcd uanthaiides 

each 5iy, wax Jj, verdigris Jss, flour of inQstjinl jij, black 

peppier 3ij. Melt the pitch and wax, add tbe tuqtentine, 

Kptlnkle into the mixtare the powders, and stir till cool. 

Emflastbum Cepbalicuu. See Ewp. Ladaai Cumpositum. 

EMTi.ABTKnu CxojE. L. 1836. Eatp. Altrahens. Yellow 

wax Ibiij, suet !bi^, resin Sij ; melt togetlier and strain. 
Emfustbdh Cerati Saeomis. B. Boil together viucgar 
Cj and oiide of lead 3^v by stsam bath, stiriiTig until 
L oxide has combined with acid. Add bard soap id powder 

^^_ ^ and hoil again tOl most of moisture is evaporated. Add 
^^Lrellow wax 3iii&B and olive oil Oj, melted together. Ijtir 
^^^Boontiaaously, maintaining heat till by evuporutiou of re- 
^^^BtnainiDg moistnce the product has ai^qulred the coiuistence 
^^ftd a pklter. 

J^piABTErH Ceeonhcm. p. Bnrgundy pitch Jiij, black 
pitch Jiij, yellow wai giij 5yj, suet 31, bolo 3iij 3ij, 
myrrh jv, Qlibanam jv, finely powdered red lead 5v. 
BMeLASTBCii CEBTJBaE. P. Cftrbonate of lead Jxvj, olive 
oil S^^i'iji ""'^ them thoroughly in a large basin, add 
Oiss of water, and boil till the; combine. Miike it into 
rolls as|Emp. Plnmbi. Bemelt it^ and add 3iij of white 

EjtfPi^gTRiTM CiCTTS. See Empl. Auimoniaci ciiin CioutA, 

and Emp. Conii. 
Emplastkum CoMJln(E. Diacht/Ion. See Einplastrum 

EKPLAgistrji Conn. Swed. Ph. Wax ftss, olive oil 5iT, 
^^^ annooniocum Jas; melt, and add powdered htinlock fl 


Hai. p. Lead pUeter Ihj. yellow vsx ftj, olive oil ^yj, 

powdered bemloit fcj. See also Emp. Ammouiiid c~~ 


of lead plaster, and when nearly cold <nW with it 1 patt 

EuFi,AaTBtfM CnuiNi. L. Cuin[n seed, caraway, hay. 
liemeB, of each $i\j. Burgundy pitch fti^, yellow wai 
Jiij, olive oil and water, of each f Siss; melt the pitch 
with the wai, and add the powdered aeeds, oil, and water, 
and evaporata to a proper consintenec. 

EuFiASTBCM DiAOHixoB. See Emplastrum Plumbi. 

EjULASTKUM DlAPAlUA. P. Lead planter 33 partg, ydlow 
wax 2; melt together, and add inlphale oT zinc 1, di«- 
lolved in a littla water, and keep the mixtnre over a slow 
fire, conatantly stirring, till the water la evaporated. 
E, 1774. Litharge thiy, olive oil tbiij, Inrd ibij. 

EHFUSl^BirU DlAHnXEHUBia BlHLANDI. BiUsam of BiilphDr 
3iij, yellow wBi Jas, resin 3iv; melt together. 

EMTLASTKiTit EcPHOEBn. Gtjt's H. Burgundy pitch 
plaster Jiv, powderetl eupLorbinm jss i melt together, 

EMFLASTBrif Fegsi. B. Adil hjdratod iieroiide of iron in 
fine powder 5j to Burgundy pitiih Jij and litharge plaster 
Jviy, previoosly melted together, and stir "" 
constantly till it utiffeos on cooling. 


Besin Ibss, frankincense Kss, wax Ibssi auet ibse, oltbaimDi 

2iv, common turpentine Jiiaa, myrrh 3j, camphor 5ij, white 

wine f 5""]- S"" together to form a plaster. 

I Emflastbtiu Ftracnu. F. Ongvenl de la mJre. Olive tnl 

ftij, lard Ibj, huttCT ibj, Buet ftj, wai ftj j iioat t^ether 

1 in n copper pan till they begin to emokci add gradiullir 

I finely powdered litharge Itij, atir constantly till the mil- 

I tore asBames a deep brown colour, and add hlack pitch 

I melted and strained lb|. 

I EupLASTHCU Oalbani. B. Mclt gnlbannni Jj and a 
1 moniac 5j together, and strain. Then add them to litharge 
I plaster Sviij and yellow wait 3j, also previously mel(«d 
I together, and roii the whole thoronglily. 
I EMBLAflT&SU Glctinaks. HiHjiMtre d'^sdre de la Croix, 


White pitch 5viij. elemi 3ij, Venice tuFpcntiue ^, i^ 
of bftJB Sj. Mdt and rtrain. 
EuFtMtSTBUM QuitMOSUU. E. L'ltbargc plaster jiv, am- 
raoniatum, galbannin, bees' wax, of each 5>s. Melt the 
S^m resins, and strain ; melt also the plaster and «n 
add the (onner to the lutttr miiture, and mii the wU 

add sublimed sulphur gr. viij, gradually, etining ti 

unite. Tritnnite with this, mercury 3iij till globnlos are 
no longer viajble. Add lead plaster 3*j< previauiily 
liqnefied, and mi* thoroughly. 

EMPLAaTBUM HlOfiCTAMi. SWKD. Ph. As Emplaatrum 

EuFLit^TBirK ICBTBTOCOLL£. Couri plotter is made by 
repefltailiy brushing over stretched sarcenet with a iwlu- 
tioa of 1 part of isinglass in 8 of wat«r mixed with 8 partt 
iof proof spirit, and Snishiag with a coat of tincture of 
benzoin, or of balsHm of Peru. The traatparenl isiuglitss 
plaalcr is miida by brnslung over oiled silk with a aimiiar 
soiution. An improved method of making Mr. Liatou's 
piaster is by brusbiog over onu surface of the peritoneal 
ineuibrane of the Qecum of the oi (prepared in the saiue 
manner as gold-beater's skin), with solution of isinglass 
and the other with drying oiL 

EupLABTBDM lODEKll. Lead plaster 5tj, resin plaster 5ij j 
melt together,; and add iodine Sj nibbed with olivo oil 3B8. 
BoDBSBUBe- prescribes 3S8 of iodine (or 3j of iodide of 
potaaainm), rnbbed with a few drops of spirit and olire oil, 
und incorpoi-ated with 5j of simple plaster previously 
melted. See E^np. Fatassii lodidi. 

EKPLASTBtrM'IoDisiiCoiiPOBiTBM. St. Gko. H. Iodine 
^, iodide of potaasiuic jiy, lead plaster ttj, o))ium plaater 
3ij. Melt the piasters, and odd the iodine and iodide in a 
fine powder, and mix. 

EUf I,ABtfiint lOSlMIl CFX BSIXIDONHA. Jodme 3sa to Jij, 
Venice turpentine 3y, olive oil ^, belladonna pliister tbj 1 
mil, and spread with a cool iron. In these plustera 
iodide of lead i« formed. 

fiMFLASTBtru Ladasi Cokfosituh. L. 1788. liitudanaiB 
Ijii. frankincense jj ; melt, and _add powdered cinnnm^i 

^^Wij, frankL 

expressed oil of mitce (nntmegB) 3ss, oil of miut 3j> 

Ekplabtb™ LmiABOTBi. Iiiiharge, or Zead PlaHer, 
Tlio D. aud E. name fur EmpVoatrum I'lumlji. which see. 


Sliebiag Pliaier. Lend pliiater ftj, Bnrgtmdy pitch 5bs. 

Melt, and mix, 
Emelastbitm LirnAHByEi cm GtrMStr. Empl. GalbanL 
EuFUSTBcm LirHABQTBi cinu HTDBASorsa, See Empl. 

Ekpuhtbtjm Lithabothi Dm REEtwi. D, Empl, Redwe. 
Emplastrith LxTTai. Empl. Caniharidia. 
EMPiiASTttUM Meliloh. E. 1741. Preali mclilot brmaed 

fbyj, suet tbiij ; boil till the herb is almost crisps Btrsin 

with pressnre, and add wliitc resin Ibviij, yellow vf»i ftiT. 

Boil to mnke a plaster. 
Ekpubtbum h Mimo. L, 1746. OUts oil fbW, finelf 

powdered red lead tbiisa. Aa Empl. Plumhi ; hut requites 

more water and greater caro to praaervo tliB oolonr. Wlmii 

discoloured by heat, it fnrrafl Svip. de Minio X^tam. 

With a fifth part of soap, it forma Emp. e Mimo cnm 

Sapone. E. 1741. 
EuPLASTGUU E MTrcrLAGUJiBTS. L. 1746, Yellow wax 40 

parts, oil of maeilages 8, ammoniacum 6, common turpea- 

tine 2, To the ammoniBCum melted with the turpentJne 

add the wax melted with the oil, and mix. 
Emplastbdm NroETSM, Mr. SiiiBi>'B Ulack plastor wu 

formed hy boiliDg together olive oil, S>i'j> ^bx ^iim, ciT' 

honnte of lead 51. 

IEmpuhtbitm Opii. B. Powdered opium Jj, i*sio plaster 
3ix; melt the piaster, and odd the opium. Gue's H. Spread 
wiiit plaster, OiOd caver the surface with eitract of opium, 
softened with water. 
EMPLAflTEDM OPtI KT 0i«5B0BK. Dr. Pakis, Opium 
and cauiphor, each 3bs, lead plaster q. a. Mix. 
EuPLABTKUU OzTcmocEUV. E. 1744. Wax Ihj, blBvk;^tcb 
IhsB, Kulhanam Ibsa ; melt, auil add Venice turpentiii^ 
myrrh. olibHiiiim, of each Jiij, powdered saflrou ^ij. 
Mix. The taffran it often omitled. 
ExPLABTBtru PASAOSifii. Olive Oil Jvj, wai 3lEa, litharga 
5ivss, BmiBouiacam 39b, bdellium ^as, galhanum 5vj, opo- 



pouax, oil ofbays, culamlnei both the birth w or to, nijrrh, 
fraoltinKanBB, of aauh jij, turpentine 3j. Mil iuto a 
plaster s. a. [EstPL. SiiTicrM of L. 1731.] 

EMPLiBTHUli RciB. B. BuTgundy pitch Jayj, commoQ 
franklnceDsc Jxiij, reain JivBS, jeUow wax Jivss, eipreBaed 
oil of nutmeg', Jj, olive oil fjiji water f Jij. Add the oiIb 
and tbc water to the frankincense, Bnrgund; pitoh, tvtin, 
and WEI, previously melted together; then, eoustantly 
aUrring, evaporate to a proper consistence. 

EMPtAaTETJM PiCM QAbietinm et Niobs], Ucr'e H. 
Burgundy pitch [or hlack pitchj ^yj, wax ii», common 
turpentiiio 5J. Melt, and mil. 

EMPtASTBiru Plumbi. B. Lead or LithargB plaiteT: com- 
■aura plasle^r, or Diaciylon. B. LithargB in fine powder 
ttiv, ohve oil Cj, water Oiiiu. Boil all the iugredienta 
togettier gently by the boat of a steam hath, and keep sim- 
mering for four or five honra, stiiTing constantly aotil the 
oil and litharge acquire a proper consistence for a plaster, 
and adding more water during the procesaif nepeasary, 

SuFLA9TJtru FLimBi CARSOirAtiB. See Eiiipl. CnaasB!. 
A similnr com pound is used in America under the name of 
Maky's plaster. 

EMPLAsTBrM PLrMBi CoscpoBiTTJM. GiTT'fl H. Lead 
plaster Si'i'ji fraakineenBe Jij, oiide of iron Jj ; mii. 

EifriAsTBru PLTmBi Iodidi. B. Add iodide of lead in 
line powder 3j, to soap plaater and resin plaster, of eacli 
Sir, previously melted together. Mix thoroughly (1 part 
in 9). 

EufLABTEint PoTiSBTi lODiDi. L. Strained frankincense 
^j, wax 5vj ; melt together, and addJi of iodide of potas- 
aiura rubhed smooth with f 5ij of ohve oil, nod stir till 
cold. To be spread on linen, rather than on Icatlier. 
lUKFLiSTEiTH Qnmis:. VotSIN. Sulphate of quinine 5ij, 
mercurial plaster Jiv. In enlargement of the spleen, after 
intericittent fevers. 

"■cPLiBTHmi Rbbw*:. ^mp. Adltanvtim. B. Lead plaster 

f '&(], powdered Castile soap jij, p. resin Jiv ; to the plaster, 
mdted over a gentle fire, add the reain and soap (first 

- liquefied), and mix. 

ft*"" ■ mniTrn BEBIB.B WO. OAKTEIBIDE. GITT'B H. licsin 

Ih^IutcT 3vji cantharides plaster 3]. liquefy, and mix. 




BupiJSTBTna liGsoLVSMa. Eaipl, ex mixtU quaianr. 
Equul pnda of hemlock plaster, galbaoain p1ust«r, mer- 
curial plaster, null Boap plaeter. Melt, ami uii by 

EuFUBTsm ROBODAHS. See Empl. Thuris, EmpL Fcrri, 

and Kmpl. Plninbi Compoaitiuii. 
EHFLlBTBUit Satokis. B. To lead plaster fhiji, melted 
by a gentle lient, odd liard aoap Jvj and reain 3j, flwt 
liqueGetl. Stir and evaporate to a proper coDsiatenoc 
EupLASiBCU Safonis CoupoBrcuu. D. 1SS6. En^L 
Adhareiu- Soap plaster Jij, reein plaster jiij. Melt, and 
mil. See Empl. Reainiu. [St, B, H. Soap cerate Sj, 
lead plaster jv. Melt, and mix.] 
SuFLASTBiru ScTLLf CouPOSiTnu. Cq. Oalbannm Sia, 
Boap Jea, litharge plaster 3u ■ ""^'^ togetlier, and add 
opium 3J, ammoniacum %as, vinegar of aqnilla Jiij, mixed 
tagetlier ; keep them aver the Are, constantly stirred, US 
they are incorporated. 
EupiiASTBtrw Sbti CouFOSiTDX. Gdy's H. Equal parta 

of met, wax, and reain, melted together, and strainedl 
Emfiabtbitm Simplex. E. Wax pUwier. Wai Jiij, suet 
3ij, resin Jij. Melt together with a moderate hoat^ and 
sUr hriskly till it concretes. [Empl. Slmplei, P., ii dmpla 
T,«ad Plaster.] 
lilHPXABiBDU SiNAPiB. Flour of mustard mixed with irarai 
vinegar, to form a stilT paate. As a oonoter- 
It should not be left on too long. 
EmplastevM STiaiATUH. Smpl. AstiMOnii TartaritoH. 
EupLABiBFU STOHAOmcmi. Smpl. Aronatiaim. D. 
EiiFLABTBiTu THr&i3. L. 1788. Franldncense Hiss, dntgonVi 
blood Jiij, load plaster Ibij; melt the plaster, add tbe rMt 
finely powdered, and mix. 
Emfiahtbcm ZoJOiBEBlB. Powdered ginger, mixed witli 
Bufficient boiling H'at«r to furm a paste, and spread ou 
cloth OF paper. 
Empiabtehh Vbehitfsitji. HrAN, Aloes y, essential tai 
of oharaomilo mviij. common turpentine q. s. Applied 
over the belly. 
EirpLABTBTTM VEHiCATosniM. Emp. Meloos Vcsicntarii. E. 

Former names of .^Vn^^. Cnntkandu. 
BKFLABlsrH TieOMIB. P. Lead plaatar jil. 


reain 5"J. ammonitteum, bdelliuin, Dliijanma, myrvii, tilth 
5v, Boffron 5nj, qnicksilvcr Sxij, common tnrpeiitiiie 3>ji 
liqnid atocm 5^3, nil of lnveuder 5ij. Make a plaster. 

EhplajSTBITU Tisoi QuEitciHi. Habiit. To 2 parts of 
melted beea" wai «dd gradually one part of juice of true 
oak mistletoe, and form a plaster. la neurali/iB paint. 

" The SaiuUiatu of the Biitiih PharnmcopiBiBS 

med Mixturet (see MUturui). But the old 
aamea of Mistunt Acitciie aud HiBturo Campborte of the 
last E. Fharmacoposia ore hero retained, to ^atingulah 
them from the very different preparationB to which these 
names were applied by the London College. 

EHniiEia Adaoia:. Miatura Acacia. £. 1839. Blanched 
alraonds Tx, Bugar 5vi heat them ti^ther with mncilage 
fSi'j ! gnidaally add Oij of water, constantly aUrriug, and 

■ oal 

■ las 

□ thro 

>r calici 

Ekcisio ABABiQi. D. 1826. Powdered gum acacia jij, 
blanched aliDouiIs Jss, sugar Jss, water fjxvj. 

Esixnaio Autbdaijk, See Mistora Amjgdiilffi. 

Emui^io AiiTQUAi^ anif AuT(i£Ai.iKA. WoBRXEB. Form 
3j of emnlsiou with 3ij of sweet almonds, and dissolve in 
it gT. xvij of amygduline. It is intended as a substitute 

for Aqua Ami/gdata Amarit. Dose, ID to 40 drops, 

EanjLaio BiiiSAiii Pbbutiabi. Balsam of Pern 3iv, oil of 
almonda 5^, powdered gum arahiu ^j ; triturate and odd 
rose water 5iv. Dose, Jsa, 

Burifio Camphobs. lUitlsra CamjiiorcB. E. 1839. Cam- 
phor 3j, pore sugar Jsa; rnb together, and add blanclied 
almonda Jsb; beat thu whole into a smooth pulp, and 
gradually add water Oj, coustantly atirring; then Btrain. 
Dosefjj— ij. 

Ewifiio Cansabib, p. Hemp seed ^, sagac 3j, water 
fb^. Form an emnlsion. 

Euinfiia Cansabis Imdicx. Mr. BBOurrEUj, Ruh 3j of 
extract of Indian hemp in a, warm mortar with fjj of 
□live oili then add graduaUy, still triturating the mix- 
ture, f5iv mucilage of acada and fjviiss of distilled 

o Cers. GmaoTiBr. White wax Jj, powdered gam 

a, water 3iiiv, syrup 5iv. Mix the sjritp and 

r, pnt Ji^ with the wax in a mortar, heat to melt the 


wax. add tlie gnnii and triturate briBldy trith a v 

pestle, graduMty adding the rest of the liquid, and atirring 

conBtBntlf while it coou. 
EMULgro Cstacbi. Spermaceti 5u, jnlk of oue egg, or q. a.,- 

bent together, and gradniLlly add water f3viiss, Bjrap of 

Toln fjBs, spirit of notraeg jij. 
Gucuiio CoTAlBX. Coptuva Jij, syrap 3j, mncilaga ^', 

water Jiij. Tritorate the halwim with the mucUage and 

Bjmp, and gradually add the water. 
Ehcisio Cttbsbs. Dcbluic. Essence of cuheha ^ir, mad- 

lage 3iv. Mix. Dose, ^, 3 or 4 times a day. [Mr. PaoC- 

TBB (of America) directs 3ij of his oleo-rcBinons oxtnwt 

of cubclta to bo formed into un emnlsioa with 3ss of p. 

atacin, 3,1 of sugar, and fjiiiss of water. Dose, a l^ble- 

£hitlsio Oxeoba. Bru<iie, Powdered gum ^as, water 

" J mix, and add;, gradually, oil of alraonils i^iij, rose 
ir fsiaa, distilled water fjiij, ayrnp fjiij. 
EitFiflio Pafatbrib. Poppy seeds jij, water Jviij. Make 

an emulsion, and stmiu. 
iMULBio PuBOANB cou RsaiNA Jaxapb. p. Jalap-pegin 

gr. X, white sugitr Jj, orange-flower water gij, water Jiv. 

Tritnrate the resin with a littlo of the sugar, add grado- 

alty half the yolk of an egg, tritnrate for a long time, then 

add gradually the rest of the sugar and the water, 
Emulsio Pubuaks cum Oleo Ricisi. P. Castor oil Jj, 

yolk of an eg'g, peppermint water gas, mater gij, aymp 

Ji. Mix the yolk with a little of tho water, and add 

the oil groduallj, rubbing tliera briakly in tlia mortar, 

then add very gradually the reat of the water and tho 

EstuLBio PtTEUAirB ccM SciMMOiTio. Plamcitb. Aleppo 

Bcammony gr. vij, sugar jij ; triturate, and add gradaally. 

new milk Jiij, cherry -lanrel water 3 or 4 drops: for one 

doae. See also Mittnra Senmmonii, E. 
Bmulsio Ssuibttm FBTeiDOBim. The 4 cold seeds 3j^ sugur 

Sj, cold water Sxxxy. 
£iiicxBio SmTLEX. P. Blanched almonds ^, sugar ^, cold 

water Jxix^j. [Emulsions of pistachias, pnaipkin, nnd 

other emQlsive seeds, in the aame manner.] 
t. .- SAmDEBs. Peach 


bitter almonds 5!;, ecamiuony 3st, wurmwood water 5i(j, 
UtlitT emukiouB will he I'ouud 81110111; the Mixtures 

" "'LATA, The following are the usual quantities u«ed: 


For Adults .. 
a IGjcara ,, 
S „ .. 



If to 

^^bsuA AcETi. Bbaxse. Vinegsr f ^ij, iufaaum of d 
^^ mile f3T. In tgpkiu fever. 

EbreuA AiAHioi'iB. Kicord. Infmion of linse»l Ji^r 

whites of 2 or 3 eggs. Mii. In chronic diarr&aa. 
Engua Axosa. B, Aloes gr, xl, carbonateof potash gr. xv, 

muvihige of starch Oss. Mii. 
Eneua Auru. F. H. Decoction of stnrchjv, linseed oil 

Emeua AHaDTNmf. Sea Enoma Opii, and En. Pipnveris. 
Ehbua a ST nTtLMTr miTTiM-. Decoction of male I'em, or of 

Corsica!) mora, is used, Eomctimes with tlie addition of 

5j of castor oil. For Aseanda, Eiiema Aloes anil En. 

Fecri moriatis are eropIojwL See also Enema Venni- 

Ebbma Abgbnti Nitbatth. Bonus. Nitrate of Biher 

distilled water i^v. 
Bhsua AsBAfCBTrDS. B, Hub Bssofietida gr. ixx wittb 
I distilled water fjiv, grodoally added, niitil they are well 
P muted. See Enema FtEtidam. 
_ ._ 1IBOBN8, F. H. Eitract of rlistany, soiteMd 

with spirit 5iB8, water %\v. The decoctions of galls, bistort, 

pomegranate, jtc, are also used. 
T&ssxi. Bellasomsx. Raiisb. Belhidonna Sss, boiling 

water fjyj. Infuse. 

!i CAMSHgas. Simple camphor liniment 3iv, gniel 

A Cam 

ru. BccHAH. Chamomiles^,: 

il to Oj. 

I, B. Senna 283, boiling « 



^^M Jniiise, strain, add aalpliate of mBgneBia ^ss, aagar ^ 
^^B olive nil 5j' i^- Salphate of magnesia 3ji nlire oit f ^, 
^H miir:ilage of barley f Jivj , 

^H.i:NBi[A.CEyAJ>iLLS. SoiTBEiBAN. Ccvulilla 3ij, water 3x. 
^^a Iwil to Jvij, strain, and add milk %v\i]. 3^ deitroy a»- 

|. ' 


Ehbki Chi^ibidi CALCI3. Dr. Keid. Add gr. 

Ekeua CtKOHONf. Aa Decoctam Cinchanv. 

£keujl COLOCTNTBIDIB. L. ComiKinnd eitraet of colO' 

cynth ^ea, soft soap 3j, watsr Oj. Mix. 
Ekbua CoLOOYNTHtDis CouTOBiTiTii. Gur'fl H. Colocjntli 

pulp 5j, water f Siij. Boil end strain, then add connmon 

Bfllt 3sfl, Bjrnp of hnckthom f jaa. 
Eheua Commdhe. Got'h H. Warm gruel f Jiij, Halt jj. 

Mil. U. C. H. Grnel jviij, anJt Xh linseed oil fjij. 

SiTEUA CoFAiBX. Texfeiii. Copniba 5ij, yolk of an c^, 

Brael, or warm water J^'iiji landanum 20 drops. 
E>EUi CBBlfOTl. Dr. WiLUOT. CrMBoto 5J, decootioD of 

starch 5>U. JH epidemic dysmterj/. 
lEsEKi Caoioyis. Sundbun. Croton oil 2 to 4 di'opR, 

linseed oil ^iji ^aA Jiv. 
ESKKA CrHBB«. F. H. Decoction of mallow Svj, pow- 
dered cnhehs 5»j. 
EiTEiU EuOLLtEKH. Decoction of linseed, Btareli, nr oatineal, 

Oj, linseed or olive oil ^. Or Deeoctiun of Emutiient 

lierba (Species Smollienlea), P. 
Hiraui Ebqot*. Bocdin. Infiise ^ of ergot in SviJj of 

hot water, and str^n. 
Ekbu A Fellie. Dr. Ci,ay. To toflen indurated facet. 

Fresh 01 gall f Jij, warm Water f jiv. Dr. Alls ati pro- 
scribes 01 gall 31^' W"'" gracl f Sviij. 
Enema Fkbbi Muhiatih. Dr. Dabwall. A few dmpa of 

the tinctare in warm water or grnel is recommended as a 

remedy for atearidei in children. 
Eneua Fkebi PESOYANroi. Triturate f!r. r of Prustnon 

blue with f Slj of water ; to be asei daily, iacreiBing Iha 

dose if neMBSury. [An American remedy for ruearide»,'J 
Enema Feeri TAKTiHiZATi. Gbb. H. Infaaionofyi 

Jxij, potEiaaio- tartrate of iron jIbb, honey of to 



Ekbiu. FiuaB. Fe. H. Mdle fem root 5j, wafer llij ; 

Inti, uod Btrain. 
En Eiu. FtETiniTii. E. Tu EnemiL Cnthnrticuni add tincturo 

of ussafcctida fjij. D. Tincture of osaufietida f jH, winn 


A FvuoiNlS. Aa DecoL-tum Fuligini«. 

" ■■ r ET Opn. Dr. Rris. Decoction of | 
* of opium 5ss. 
i IPBOACDAiiiLS. U. C. H. Ipecac, root liroiwd f^ 
boiling water f Jviij. Macerate for on hoar, and itrain. 
EirBiu T. jTA TiTirM tel Pcboahtttv. Pb. H. Seniia 31! 
to 3iY, decoction of linseed (or of emollient hcrhs) Oj. 
Infuse, stram, and add enlphate of soda 5ij to jir. 
Eheiu. Madngblx SrLPBATja. B. DisnolTe sulplinte of 
magnesia Jj in mucilaga of starch Sit, add olive oil Jj, and 

^■nud, NuTBiSKa, Strong beef tea, tbiclieaed with arrow- 
^■loot. At. Kasse recotnmenda tlie addition of a tevi drops 
^r of muriatic acid to on enema of meat Boup, to promote its 

EiTEUA Olm Eicon. OvYa H. Castor oil f Jj, Loney 3j. 

Mix, and gradually add boiling gruel Obb. Uee it tepid. 
Emeua Oleoetm. Mis. H. Olive oil fjiv, decoution of 

bai'ley f Sivj. 

A Orn. B. Tinoturaof opium 589, mucilage of starch 

. Papatbbib. Poppy-iieada without seeds jv (foi- 
fchiidren irom 5j {a 3iij). boiling water Jxvj ; infuse, ami 

add starch Jbb. 
Ebbiia PiniLBi. Dr. Newbold. Acetate of lend gi-. vj, 
tepid water f 5vj ; to be repeated iuBlionrs. In atmiijii- 
laled heraia. 
Is BHA QciHLB. Sulphate of quinine gr. v to iv, decoi^tion 
if stareh f jvj. 
HA Bhatanis. TROrsasAr. See Enema Aatringens. 
trfiisurei of the aims. 
" I Brra. Confection of rue 3j to 3j, thin gruel f JTJ 




Enema Saponis. St. B. H. Soft soap 5»j, hot wiif«rOj. 
SSEM.A SlMFLKX. GrT's H. Grnel, or decoction of barley, 

)r of linseed, f Juvj. 
Ekema Sods Cbxobinatx. Labnrraqiie'i Eolation Si 

drops, dococlion of niallowa f 5>^. 
E:4EStA SoDTi CHLOBmi. Med. H. Caioiiioa salt ^, bnrlcj 

water Oss, olive oil 3j. 
Enema Tabaci. B. Leaf tobacco gr. xx. boiling i 

f Sviij. Infuse in a covered vessel for half aa honr, and 

Ehema Tabaoi bt CnoTONia, Moil. Tobacco ^, bmling 

water Jvj, crntoa oil 3 drops, gran acacia 3ij. in deaperalt 

Bfinet of ileus. 
EsEMA Tebebinthime. B. Oil of tarpeotiQefSi-niiicaago 

of atareli f Jiv. Mil. Dr. Nklioak recoramentU— Oil of 

turpentine f 3bb, aymp of garlic f 5j, barley water fjvy, 

To be followed bj a cathartic euema. For cMldrea use 

half or a fonrth of the above. 
iKEMi Vbemiftoitm. Seo Enema Anthelmi 

those fontairiiug turpentine, preparations of iroo, sal^ 

aioita, cevfldilla, soot, &c. Decoctions of tansy, i 

and wormivood, are also Deed. 
Enema Vikosum. In suspended aiamaiion. Warm wnter 

f 3vj, brandj Jai to Jiv, white wine jvj. 
EFiraEMA ASTBINQBHB. Bbeba. Bole 3j, p. rhatany J^ 

rose vinegar q. b. to form a paste; to be placed o "" ' 

forehead to atop bleeding at the nose. 
EpiTHEitA GLYOBRiNa. Mr. SiAEim. Gum tragacanth 

3ii— iv, lime water fjlv, glycerine 3j. roaa water f Siy. 

Form a .jelly. Applied to snperQcial hurns, scalds, and 

Epithema LlTHAKaTOl. See Cremor Lithargyri. 
Efitheua Boa.£, Ch. Conserve of roses Jij. alum Jaa. 
Epithema Tbbbhisihins. Common turpentine Jj, hone 

and Hour q. s. 
Epithkka Vehmitooum. HoyrMAHif. Wormwood bdi 
centaury, beaten up with aloes and colocynth, and applied 
oser the belly. 
Efitheua VBaiCATOBiuu. L. 1746. Cantbaridea i 
powder, and wheat flonr, of each equal weights j 

' :tD a paste with vinegar. Aliseqi directs rye and 

I liHrlCT mc 



liarlej meal to lie mado into a paste with vinpgur, and .iss 
or 3ij of Enelj powdereil cnntharidea Bprintdpd orer the 
surface. [Lately revived ondiir tlia uuitie of tliQ magistral 
blister of M. Valleix.] 

Epithbma Voi.atii^. L. 1746. Comnion tnrpBntine ^', 
wuter of lunmoma Jj. Mix. [Epitbem is a general uanic 
for local applications. See Cataplaama, Embrocatio, &c.} 

JEsaoTnfA. This ntime has been applied to different prin- 
ciplea, or mixed products, obtained from ergot of rje. 

i^oT Bohjeah's Ergotine, «ee Extractum Ergotie AquOftuD. 
le Ergotine at Wiqqbbb is insoluble in water. 

~ . Tbia namB is applied to certain 

■ rtroQg alcoholic tinctnrea, to aome essential oils, to solu- 

I tiona of tbeae in nlcobol, and, with less propriety, to fluid 

■eitracts, or concentrated infitaions and decoctions, whicb 

■"•rill be noticed elsewhere, ooder Liqcojj, and Eiteacthit. 
Seaences einplojcd for colinary purposes and as perfliDiea 
will be found in the Druggisei General Receipt Book. 

Essentia Abikhs. See Extractum Abieljs Ftuidum. 

Ebskntia AEaiSTHii. Viif Mosa. Tincture of wormwood 
Oj, salt of fvominood Jt, extract of wormwood 3j. 

ESBBNTIA AhssA. TinctoTB Ahainthii Composita. 

EbbksiIA *Mvr?i nTm Amab^ Dr. Peheiea. EEsential 
oil of bitter almonds f3j, rcotifled spirit fjvy. A stronger 
preparation (f Jj to fjiij, Professor Bodwood) is abo em- 

""aBKTiA Anibi. B. Oil of anise f 5j. rcctifled spirit f Siv. 
[Doable the strcugtb of D.) [For niahitig Aqoa Anisl.] 
A AjfODiHA. Gebm. H. Extract of opiom Jj, spirit 

neTEBiOA. F. Simllarto Spiritns AmmoniiE 

CAiintins. See Liqnar Calumhce. 
Caufhobs. See Liqnor Cumphora). 
'lA Cacsici. See Tinctura Capsii:! Coucentrata. 
Cabttt. D. As Essentia Anisi. 
Cbphauca. Dr. Ward's Eiience for 


B 128 

^B acht. Spirit of camphor Biij, strong water of amiaoiiiii Jir, 

^1 essence of lemon '^m. 

^B EsBsitnA Cinchona. Sec Infuaum CinchatiiG Spissatnoi, 

^V and Liqnor Cinchonic. 

^1 Ebskhtu CmtfiKOMi. D. As EssentJA Anisi. 

^1 E^BNTIA Cdbebs. Dcbiaiic. Oleo-reaiDone extract of 

^B cubetis ^, brandy Oiij. Doae, ^. But a concentrated 

^1 Uoi^ure of cii1ie1>3, made witli 3'iu °^ cnbebs to Oj of 

^1 spirit is £rei]ucnt1y sold under this name. See fuu^. 

^B Ebsentia Essoin. See Ess. Secalis Comnt!. 
J EssBBTiA FiBHioinJ, D. As Essentia Ania. 

Ebsentia Gentiinx. See Liquor Oentianie. 

EaSBVClA QiTAlAci. See Eitractum Quainci Fiuidnm. 

EasENTiA Lbtistici. WiTBT. Ph. Lovage-foot Jij. lovage 
seeds Jj, rectified spirit Jx, Digest, eiqmwa, and filter. 

I Dose, 60 to SO drops, in dropslcnl atfecUnns. 
EaaEMiiA Mehthjs Fifsbtue. B. Oil of peppermint f ^ 
rectified spirit fjiv. {Double the strenBtlj of D.) |TJ. 13. 
(nnciaro Mefntha P.) Oil of pcppermbt fjij, rectiSed 
spirit (Jiij. Doae, from 10 to 20 drops. Mr. Redwood 
directs 1 part of oil to 3 of spirit. A common form is 1 
part to 7. It is Eoraetimes coloured witli spinach leavai.] 
Ebeertia UERTiTf PuLESiT. D. As Essentia Aniai, [It 
ia also prepared by the other farmulte directed for Ei 
Mentbttj Pip.] 
Ebbsstia Mehth£ ViscDifi. D. As Essentia Anid. [AIM 

as otherwise directed for Essentia Meuthce Kp.] 
Ebbbhtia MmiaTiox Hoschatx. D. As Essentia Anii^ 
EsGEHTtA PutSMT£. D. As Essentia Anisi. 
Ebbebha PHEttAJiDEn AquAxici. CoTTEaEitr, Digest 
^ of limised wster-fennel seeds in f^tv of proof s^rit. 
DoBO, 4 to 30 drops, 
EaaENTu Bebaub. SoirBEniAH'. Ambergris 3ij, mnsk 9j, 
civet 3ss, oil of cinnamon gr. Tj, oil of rhodium gr. iv. 
attar of rose gr. ivj STTbesrbonate of potash 9s», rectified 
Epirit Jiij. Digest, and filter. 
EaaENTiA Rhei. See Liqnor Kliei. 
Essentia itoa^ai. See Liqnor Rosic, and Tinctnra Rosie. 
Essentia BosMABrwi. D. As Essentia Anisi, 
EasBBTiA Saponib. p. White soap ;iij, tubcarhonate of 


■ potikili 5}i proof spirit SMJ- Macorate till dlBaolved, and 
', Alter. 

'■. I SAB«iPAiiTi,i.3-;. QiTiBornT. AleolioliG exlmct 

I of SHrsaparUla 5j, gixwi wliite wine Jiij. DisBolvi-, and 
L filter. One part of tlie esBunue repreaente 2 parts of the 
ir 16 of the decoction. Bat for what is coininonly 
inder tliia name, see Liijuor Saram, sad Eitraotuvn 
u Flniduoi. 
A Babsuaxixls CoMPoaiTA. Compound extract of 
fiArsapariUaJ^, white nine jxiv, ail of FaasafniR 2 or 3 drops. 
But for tile iDore usual forme, tee Liquor SarsiB Coiupori- 
. d EitiaetuiQ Sarsffl Flaidnm. 
REssebtia. Seoaub CoBHUTl. Bruised e:p:it 3Jp Ixjiling water 
fjij. JiifuwSlhoiu«,aDdadd roatlfled spirit fjies. Digest 
10 dajs. and filtar. ['Lancet.' 1827-8, p. 435,] Sjg» is 
eqoiialent to Bis of the powder. 
EssBMTiA. Sboaus Cobhitti jSthebka. Hr. Lefeb. Pow- 
dered ergut 3ir, sntphuric etlier fSiv. Qlgrat 7 days, strain, 
and let the tintitnre evaporate spontaneoDsly. Dissalvc 
in f ju of ether. Dose, ititr to six, oa sngar. 
I fbr puerperal women; or niv in menarr^agia. Dr. Q, O. 
J Bses. [M.BuKJEurstatesthatwatef-is the proper solvent 
for the hmmostatic principle of ergol^ and thut ether takes 
)f vp chiefly the puisouous narcolic prinuiple. See Extrautuiii 

jhicfly tl 


MBiltttion. There is no stanilard forn 

bout the uanal strength. Some druggists prepiLre it (till 

longer, [See Tinctura Zingiboris.] 

See ^ilHier. 

riA. ExiraeU are made by eraporating the ciprcssed 

BjjuiceB of plants, or th^ decoctious, infuaious, or tiuc- 

T tores, hy a gentle heat. They are usually of a pilnlur 

■ceonuBtence ; bat are sometimes prepared in a semi-fluid 

. aUte {fifid extract!), and otbers ia a dry state. In euiue 

instances, ^ether, wine, and vinegar are used as sulventi) 

of the vegetable principles. A few extracts are procured 

from animal substances. The juices or sohitiona are to 

be evaporated as qnickly aa possible, by the beat of ii 

- r bath (L.) or steam bath (E. & D.J, and constantly 

^ ue evapor:i 
^^_ vkter bat) 



Btored towardB the end of the procesi. But " moat rf t 
them mny be ohtKiDed of n greatly superior qanlity hy the 
proccsa of evaporation in tocko. And the eitrncts of ei- 
pressed juieoa cannot, perhaps, he bettiT prepared than 
by apontaneona evaporatioti in ahsllow vessels exposed to 
a cnrrent of air." E. "The softer eitracts ehonld b 
Eprinltled mth a little recljfied Bpirit." L. 

Extrai^ts of expressed juices (^Sucni Spitsati) arc made by 
brQiwng the ftesh plants, after they have begun to f 
in a lUBrble mortar^ and expreaaing the juice. 
obtainB estracta of green juices by first beating to 130° to 
coagnlata the colouring matter, wliich ia Beporated, then 
beating to 200° to coagulate albumen, which is removed by 
filtration, then eyaporating the residue, adding towards the 
close of the process the green cosgulum ivmoved at the 
beginning. L. directs the expressed juices to be evapo- 
rated as directed above, without being filtered or otfaer- 
nise clartiied; D. and E. direct them to be filtered cold; 
but D. directs the washed sediment lo be returned to the 
jnice after the latter has been heated, the coagidnai 
akimmed olF, and the liquid strained. P. directs them to 
be Mlered, then heated till the albumen coaguktes and 
the coiigulnm to be removed by straining; Kime of the 
eitriicts to be alio made from the unclaiifled juice (Extmela 
enm PxevlA) etaporated in ehuUow dishes in a stove heated 
to 95° or 104° P. RlUHlNi recommends a tinctura of the 
green coBgnlum to be ttdded tu the defecateil juice. 

Vfatery Extracts, (Sxiracia Jjuosa ! Sxt. Siinpliciora, 
D.) aire madeby boiling the drug (sec EitracCnm Absia- 
Ihii), hnt preferably made by maceration in hot or cold 
water ; Or by percolation, as directed under Qitruetnm 
&aDieriffi, E. 

Spirituous Extracts (Exlracla Ateobotica) are made 
from tinctures prepared mitb a rectified or dilated Bpirit. 
They are osnally more active than the correaponiling 
watery eitracta, nnd shculd therefore not be used except 
when specially directed. The spirit distilled from the 
tinctures should be reserved for i\ihire operatlona. MosB 
deicribea another mode of preparing alcohoiiii extracts of 
great activity, which is noticed under Ext. BellndonBD 


of treade. 

ExTBiCTuii Absi PBBCiTenn. As Ext. 01y(7^rlltl^ro, which 
It roEcmbtcB. 

£XTIUCTCU AoEntTKa. D. 1826. Boil the dried lojia of 
wormwoad with 8 times tlieir weight of nstcr till rediiired 
to linlf ; strain, and expreas ; let tiie fteces subside. Alter. 
and eiraporata the liquor by tho heat of Iwilin); wiiter, 
ontil it begins to tliicken; and finally inspiisatc li; a 
medium heat, from steam, to a proper consisteuec. [Dii^e, 
10 to 20 grains. P. ilirectB it to he prepiLred hy perco- 
lation, as Extractum Krameriie. Qdiboitbt directs the drlud 
herl) to be 1»iled iu proof epirit, and the strained tiiictuvo 
evaporated. Petts, Ph. As Eitractutn Cnrdui Beneilioti.] 

ExTBADTTTM AcomTl. B. Braise the fie^li leaves and 
flowering topa of aconita Hiciii in a stone mortar, B,nil prras 

koat the juice ; heat it gradually to 180°, and eepurntc the 
preen colouring mattar hy a calico Alter. Heat the strained 
Uqnor to 200° to coa^^late the albumen, and agnin filter. 
EvapoTBta the Sltrato hy a water bath to the coni<iitence 
of a thin syrup ; then add to it the green colouring: u>atter 
previously separated, and, stirring the whole together awd- 
dooasly, continue the evaporatioii ata temperature not Cx- 
ceediog 140°, until the extract is of a proper consistence. 
Ddie,ignunto 2 grains, gradually and rautiouBlyiucreased, 
if Deeewary. [Pbvs. Pu. As E:ctractum Clielidiinii.] 
ExxRicTTTM AaOHiTi Ai.coaoLicuii. IT. 8. &, P, CoBrsely 
powdered aconite IbJ, proof s^ririt Oiij ^iiiss P.), Moiitcu 
the powder with half its weigiit of tiie spirit, and in Si 
Lours lixiviate it, packed \n im apparatus of dlspLieement 

^, (between two diaphragms in a tin cylinder. P.) with the 
at of the spirit. When bE the spirit ha; penetrated the 
iwder. keep this covered with dtstilled water till the 
]nid hegiuB to cause a precipitate on falling into t^iat which 
itwd jn^viouslj passed. Distil off the spirit from the tiuc- 
iures, and evaporate the extract to a proper conaistencc. 
[[Dr. FLEUurO' directs it to be made bf cTaporating a 


tiDctnire of the n 
dOBC is from odl _.„ ._.. _ 
I "rcBSiirLi,*9 is made in the same way. The additioa 


H 132 

^K 10 drops of liquor ammoniiB to each 5jof tlie extract forana 

^M Ua Ext. Aconiti AmmoDiatum.] 


^B Ph. Mix Sir of extract of aconite carefully with ^ of 

^^ powdered angar of milk, and dry t]ie masa in n warm pUcc^ 

^H adding so mach pondered sug:dF of milk ns will make lbs 

^M vieight S". The other narcotic extracts nretreated in ' 

^^l same wHy. Dose, as the Extracts. 

^H ExTBiCTCM A&iHici. P. Macerate white agaric with 4 

^^M parta of cold water 24 honra, express lig-htly, and aacerata 

^^M again with 3 parts of water, express strongly T mix, filler 

^V the litjnor, and evaporate by a water bath. Dose, 1 t 


EsTnicn'Ji AeHiMOKn. Aa Ext. Absinthii. 

EsTBiCTni Alcosoec.e. By evaporating a denKtion ol 

the American Alconorq^ue hark. AstTingent, 10 gr. to S' 
ExTBACTT^u Ajleaxenoi. As Extractum llac. Sambud. 
ElTBAcrnM AxoEa BAEBAnBUHrB. B. Add Barbndoea atoBi 
in small fragments Qij to boiling distilled wat«r Cj, and 
stir well until they are thorongbly mixed. Set aside for 
13 hoars; then pour aS the clear liqnor, strain the re- 
mainder, uud evaporate the mixed liquors by a wnter bath 

EiTBACTUM Aloh3 SocoTniN«. B. From Socotrina aHoes, 

09 above. 
ExTHAcTuM ASBHONlfl. P. From the jnicB of the i ..,. . 

flower, or from the powder, by percolation with water Or 

EsTBACICM AbtbeuzdiS. B. Boil chamomile ftowen IIj 
in Cj distilled water until the volume ia reduced to one 
half ; Etrain, preia, and filter. Evaporate by a water bath 
to a proper consistence, adding oil of ehamomile "ixrat ' 
end of the procesa. 

ExTHACTtTM: AnsEUC.E. Pbub. Ph. Angelica root 2 porta, 
rectified apirit 2 porta, water 9 parts ; digest, strain, i ' 

ExTBiCTtm Apoctki. From the root of npocynnm cam 
binum, as Extraetum Anthcmidia. Dose, gr. iij — iv. 

ExTBACTHi! AnNica:. From the dried Howers (P.), 5 
root (Uaden Pu.), as Ext, Acouiti Alcoholicum. 


ExTOAcmu ABFUuat. TliejoicainiiiiiBBated.BsExt.AMnid. 

Ettractiisi duKANTii [cortjcu frDctOa]. Bj digesting tlio 

dried l>ee\ with proof ipirit, Hfterwitrdi uitli proof rpirit 

e[|nal quantity of water, evaporating tlie mixed 

[ BAL9ii[iS.«. TTio inapiMated juice of tliB 
jple. Uuse, gr. v to it. I» dropty. 
it Bardaiis. From burdttckroot, bj percolation, 
iliun KrHmsrice {P.)i or bj decoction, 
ft BeueLiquiheiI. B. Macerate bnet Uij for 12 
n Oiv of distilled water; ponroS' tbe dear liijaor; 
^peat the maceration a EM>(!oiid and third time for oue hour. 
Teicb time in Oiv of water; preBB tiio marc, and Alter the 
tuiied liqnors tlirougli flannel. Evaporate to fjiiv, and 
when coW add rectified spirit Sy. 
ExTBiOTOM Bbllabohbs, B. Ab Eit.Aconiti. [P. directs 
it to be prcp&red both with and without fmculn; and 
alfo by percoUtioQ of tha powdered leaves with water. 

^DsBBEniE luukea it by boiling the flDweriBg- lierb fur 
lialf aa hour in water q. a, and emporBtiag the stmiuol 
Cteaotum Bblladonks Ai^OHOLionK. U. S. and P. 
As Ext. Aconiti Atcoholicum. Dose, from i graiu to 2 
grains. [Another method ia that of Mohb, or Pellatan, 
The juice of the plant is coagnlated by heat, etraiued, nod 
rapidly evaporated by water bath to the ranslEtenee of 
ayrup; an eqnal measnre of abgolnta alcobol is added, 
and tile alear portion of tbe liquid evafiaruttid. Tliia 
forms a qvadrtiple eitrnct, chieftj employed in oulH-ard 
SxxBACTiru Bacoasum BELLASoHMa:. F. Evaporate the 
L eipreased juice of the berrleu (without previous fernienta- 
Ltion) to the ponBiateoce of thick honey. Dose, gr. ij to v. 

■* BlBTOBT«. P. FtAhi the dried root, na Eit. 

B. It ia alBo made bj decoction. Span. Ph,] 
FDose, 3} to 9y, AHringent. 

EXTBAtiTcu BOBABiNiB. P. From dried bomge (P.), and 
also from the daritted juice of the fresh plant (POBT. Ph.), 
or by decoction (St. Ps.). Dose, 3j to 3j. 

kBiTBAcmiu Bcsi. P. Prom tha bark of the root of box, 
_vitli proof spirit, as Ext. IpecacuanLai. 



^H ExT&Aonru CtmoM, from dried csini^a root, as £i^ 

^H IpecocDitnlice. Uo9c, gr. x to xx, in dropsiea/ repealled 

^V Bu aa to keep up its diuratk nnd cal:bBrtic eSuct. 

^" ExTRAOiTiM CiLUArACCM. EiLiH, Bruiflcd yelluw (Ca- 

liaaja) bark fhij ; boH in Q of diatilled water addulttted 

viith f^BB or hjdrscbloTic acid; strnin, and boil tbe retidne 

vfitb two aucceaalvo portions of n^^idulated writer. Klter 

I the mixed decaclioiK, add 5'J cr q. b. of lima previouJdjF 

^M slaked; stip tbe mixture well^ let tbe preoipttat« snbside, 

^H wheU it well, diy it, exhaust it witli hot alooLol, einipemtD 

^H tie solution hj water Imth to a pilulnr conaisteuee. Dose, 

^H 1 to 4 gr]uaB; raediDiti due, S gratDS. Sulplinric »<iA 

^H renders it more eolnblo and active. 

^H ExTBAcruM GiLPtsviB, B. bTacerate culomba root cut 
^H smiiU Ibj in rectified spirit Oir for 7 dajs; press out the 
^H tinctnrs; dtstSl cS greater part of Bpiri^ and evaponte 
^H what remains by a watntiath to a.soft extract. B. 1864 
^H made it by pepcolation, with proof spirit. 1'. As Ext, 
^H IpecBcnnnbK. Dose, gr. v to xv. 

^H ExT&AcruK Cakkabib Ikdioje. B. Msci^Tutc Indian hemjt 
^^^ in cuaree powder KJ in rectitied spirit Oiv for ? days, nod 
^H press out the tinctare. Distjl ofT the spirit, and evaporate 
^^M by a water bnth to a proper consiatouce. BenoaI: DisfeK- 
^^M SATORT. Boil the dried tops or ludian hemp (^Guitjah) in 
^H rectitied spirit (abont Ibj to Cj) ; distil oS the spirit, and 
^^m eTaporate the extract by a gentle heat. In India and Pcrua 
^^M it is a'so collected by laethanieul menns from the snrfaca 
^^H of tlie plant. Dose, in India, from gr. ss to gr. j, in pai»' 
^^H /kl and ipatmodic agieiioiu; hut in this country it l» 

Senerally necessary to- incresse the dose. [For Messrs. 
^^^ mitb's Connaiiiie, beg Ucsina CHnnahis. J 
^H ExTRAoruM CAjniAnia Ihdio^ Pitbuicatum. D. Dissolre 
^^1 ^ ^^ extract of Indian heinp of commerco in f3ir of reo- 
^^B mied spirit, and when the di'egs have sui)sided deuant tbo 
^^B clear liquid, and oynporatc by water 1>itb. [ScQ Gestuo: 
^^1 Cniinabis Indicie.] 

^^UlXTRAOTiru Cabthabidis. p. From the powdered ilies, 
^^B as E>t. IpecRc. & stronger extract (Eitmctnin Uleosmnji 
^^1 is obtaiued by evaporating a tincture made by pen wlatia(^ | 
^^H or digestion, with snlpburjc ether. ^^Miri 


MCurmABmiBAcEiicim. Cantbaridcs in coarso 
^vder 4 pnrts, pjroligDcous acid 1 part, rectJHetl ipirit 
S porta. Digest by tlie heat of a water liatli. press, 
lt«r, and evaporate to a butterj caDsiElcDcs. See Tela 

ExTBACTiiM Cabdvi Benbdioti. PjtUB. Fb. Ou niT of 
blessed thistle cut small pour sufficifat boiling Hater to 
farm a pulpi net asida for 24 houTBi atirnng otM^Biaonllfi 
then Gipreaa; add to tlia rDsiduo a emaller quautity of 
uSev 13 boara express. ETapornts tlii^ cloar 
r at a licat below boiliDg, with coDtmual stirring, to 
Let tbia settle, tboa decant, and eyapomta at 149' 
—187° to a Boft estract. 

."raAcrBK CAairia. Treat G pounds (av.) meat as directed 

for Infusum CarnJa (Liebig's), and evaporate it by a gentle 
heat to giij. Keep it from the air. 
EsTBAOTUji CiBOiMiL*. L. 1783. As Est. Julftpm. L. 
BocLUVC eays. " Caacarilla yielda to spirit all its active 
parts, the eitraot amountiag to fire eiglitha of the bark." 
ExTBACTUu: Caosim. See Cassia Prieparata. 
ExtBACTiTM ClTBoau. P. Braised cutecha Bij, boiling 
water tbvj. Infuae for 24 hours, stirring the mixture 
occasionally ; ileeant, and evaporate by water bath. 
EziBictiru Caihabxiouv. Ext. Colocynthidis Comp. 
BxTOACTuii CBNTAirBii. Frum cummun, leEs^r, uod Ame- 
rican centaury, as Ext. Abeinthiii or by percolatiou. 
EXTaAETTCu Ckkaiosis. Spax. p. By evapDrating- an 
infusion o{ Cnrcb bean pods. 

JSXTOACICU CHBIIDONtl. PHDB. PH. Bruise niv at tllC! 

fresh herb (greater celandine) in a marble mortar, and 
express strouglyj add Ibj or Ibias of water to the herh, 
Hud express ngiun. Evaporate the mixed and strained 
liquor, in a vapour bath, at 122," to 14(f P., to Ibij. Mix 
what renuiQB with Ibij of reeUfied spirit, and set aside for 
S4 hours, stirring it occasionally. Filter through linen, 
press the cesidimm strongly, mix it with Bisa of proof 
spirit, and again express. Evaporate the mixed and fil- 
tered liquors, at the above temperature, to a firm extract. 
ExTBACi'DM CHBNoroDii. The inspiajBted juido of stinking 
KODse fuot (C4. Olidum). Mr. Houltoh prefers it pre- 
y spontaneoos evaporation. Dose, gr. t 




uenagi^ue, [Tlie officinal Chcnopadiain of tin 
tt different sjjeeies— CS. antielniHtiimm.J 

EsTBACTTM CHQtAPHiLfi. Aa Eit. Gentinoie, DoBe, gr. 
I— iv [Pkbkiba] j 3j to oBs [Dr. Woon]. 

ExTRAOTVM CorcHOS*. L. To Hiiii of coarsely powdend 
lurk odd Oiv of distjlted water, and stir it well till it ii 
thoroughly moUtened ; macerate for 24 boura, and sbwn 
throngh linen. Macerate nhat remans in Oij rf dlBtiUed 
water for 34 hours, and strain. Then eTeporale the mixed 
liqnors to a fit Minsistcncc. Dose, gr. x — xx. 

Exibaotpm: Cikouon^ Sioodx. P. Lagaraye't Eatttttial 
Sail of Bark. Moisten crown hark in niodemtely Sat 
powdur witli half its weight of cold distilied water, and 
after 12 or 15 lioors pack it clo«elj between two piitreed 
diaphraviaa in a percolatii^ cylinder, and lixirinte it with 
diBtilled water, below 77^ P, aa long as iha liquid i» 
strongly cliargcd with the Ixtrk. Eraporote the liqom 
to the contistencn oi tliin lymp, epreod it thinly and 
nnifamily on earthen diahei, dry it in a stave, chip It off 
with a hinnt knife, and preserve it in close bottles, A 
twentieth part of gum srabic is sometimes added before 
spreading it out, to render it leas deliquescent. PsDU. 
Ph. directa tbiij of powdered yellow bark to be macerated 
in Ihiixvj of cold water for 4S hours, the atraiued liqnw 
evaporated to Ibij, then filtered, and evaponitod to dry- 
aesB. It conliuna but little quinine. Dose, gr. v—sx. 
[See ESTBACTUU OiT.iBi'Siauss for a more concentrated 

tractum Julepte. 

ExTDACTUH C[NaHon.£ REaiNOBim. 1j. 1809. Bark f^> 
rectified spirit Oi^ ; maairat^, strain, and evaiiorate. 

ExTiLACTUU CiHonoHA Fi^v£ LiQcniijif. B. Sbwertte 
yellow cinchona bark in coarae ponder Ibj in Oij of di«- 
tilled water, for 24 honrs, stirring frequenllj; then Mok 
in a percolator, and add more water, until Oi^ hare been 
collected, or a sufficient quantity to eihauat the liark. 
Evaporate the liqanr at a temperature not exceeding 160* 
ta a pint; then filter through paper, anil continue the 
ovapomtion to fjiij, or until the specific gmvity of the 
liquid ia 1-200, When cold, add rectiHed spirit Jj gradnaUy, 



nstRntly Etirrlng. The specific gravity sbouJJ be aliout 
X'lOO. Dr. Neligir' directs it to be mads by cxhnutUng 
■allovf bark by pcroolatiou with proof ipirit srnl afltr- 
irardi witli wattr, and concentrating tlie mixed 1ii|ni)rH 
by cautions eTHporation. Ste also Lkjitoh Cinchonj:, 
and iNFracFK CiwcsoiiM Spibbatdk- 
ExTBACTUU CgcciTiii. Vau Mohb, l(y evB]H)rating tbe 
_ clarified decoction. 

U CaOBLE^SlM. P. From the elarified juice nf 

" cnrM CoLCHioi. B. CruBh IVesli TOlthicam cormfl 
ived of thar conta Ibvij, preH ont the juice, allow the 
:, and heat the clear licjuor lo 21a'; 
1 Btraiii through flannel, and evaporate by a water 
bath at n temperntare not exceeding 160'' to a proper con- 
sistence. I^Dose, gr. j, or from gr. bs to gr. ij. The bullis 
should be gatheied in Jnly or August.] 
ExTBicTDU CoLCHici AcBTicoM. B. Crash tbc conn! a* 
above, add acetic acid jvj, and press out the juice: allow 
tbe feculence to eubside, and heat the clear liqaor to 31^ ; 
then strain tiirougU flaoael, and evaporate by a water hutli 
at a temperature not exceeding 160° to a proper consistenct. 
D. Eviiporate by water bath to a soft extract, [Sir C. 
ScFDAMOEB preferred to use tbe dried corraa, as in D. P.] 
EXTBACIFU L'DLCHICl Alcobulicoh. F. As Ext. Ipeca- 

ExTBiCTOM CotocrsTHiDts. L. ColocyntL pulp cot small 
and without seeds lti\j, dietilled water Oiv. Macural* for 
36 hours, squeezing it now and then with the linnd. 
Strongly express the liquor, and strain. Lastly, evnporute 
it to a dne consistencG. Tbe quaatlty of water ordered is 
iasnfficient. Dose, from 4 to IS graius, but seldom ulotie. 
[P. directs an alcoholic extract, as Ext. Sciilm, Dasi', gr. 
ij to vilj.] 


K lnltt Colocynthidis Compoaita.] B. Coloc.ynth fvccd 
^ n the seeds ^vj, extract of Socotrine aloes Jiij. resin of 
nmony 5i*> hard soap in powder jiy, eardamoma in 
e powder Si. proof spirit Q. Maearate the coloiiyntli 
. . ... '^noture, distil off 


tLe BCBmiumiy ; tben evaporate the residne by a imter bttfa 
to a pilolitr eoiuLEtmce, adding tbe cardamoiDS towarSa 
the end of the process. Dose, from S to 10 grains. 
' ExTiUClFM CoKll. B. Ab Kxt. Aconiti. This extract ia 
Dnlj good when a very etrong odoar of coDinis diaengHged 
by degrees on ita he'mg curetaWj tritonited with Aqua 
PotassfB. [Do«B of the carefnllj prepared ertracl^ fi«m 
2 to 4 or 5 gruioB, but U often increased beyond this.J 

EsteJlCTDm CoNii Alcohoucem. XS. 8. A P, Froin the 
coaraelj powdered lenvcs, by porcolation with proof spirit. 
Dose, gr. j — y. Mr. Abchkb coniideia rectified spirit 
tbe beet solvent for the active prindples of hmdock, as 
it leaves the chloropUjrIl and albamco, bat eibausts the 
leaves of eonia. 

GxTBi,Ciint COHU Siccru. As Ext. Aconiti Siccnm. 

ExTBicnTM Coptnia;. Mr. Thobs. By earefnllj dutiiling 
balsam of copaiba, tbe resin (umoanting to 6-16ths of the 
whole) remains beldud. Dose. gr. i— xv. 

ExTBJCHTM CoPALcni. From copalcbi bart, as Ext. Bhoi. 
Dose, 1 to 3 grains. 

ExTBi-CTUM CoBKirs. From the bark of eomus tiorida. and 
atsoofcoruuEEericea, cornus circinats, and other species of 
doff-KOod. As Ett. Ipei^cnnnhiD. 
[ ExTBiCTtFH Ceooi. P. A« Extractom Scilla?. 
f ExiBAcnrM CnBEfljj. Mr. Tqiibb. Exhaust cnbebs by 
tlRi'd spirit, distil oft most of the spirit, and evaporale 
r residue over a water bath at a low tempcratore to a 
iilar condstenco, addiug a little powdered soap. Doae, 
XV, twice tt day. [Mr. Jttdd.] 

EsTRicrmt Cubbbs Fluisitu. By evapomting, irith a 
very gentle heat, a tinctnru prepared by digestion or per- 
colation with rectiSed siurit. Pdche directs the cnbebs 
to be treated by percolation with proof apriti aa »a to 
obUuD a liquid equal in weight with the oubebs. U, B- 
Put tbj [Jxv to adapt it to imperial measure] of powdered 
cubeba iuto a percolntor, and, having packed it carefully, 
pour etber gradually upon it until ^j of filtered liquor 
are obtiiinod ; then distil off Diss of the ether ' 
fatitb, and expose the residue iu a shallow vessel ' 
whale of the ether has evaporated. 


fci of fresh- frrunnd tulisba into a still with Oxij of wnler, 
i let Otfj distlt. Separate the oil, and return the dii- 
ied water into the still with tbvj more cubelu, and nguin 
uitil and separate tlie oil Expreis the mnrc Etmnglj-, 
- and eihanst it by rectified apirit. Distil tlie filtered line- 
tnre, evnporate the extract to the coDsittence of honey, 
and iucorporata with it the esBeatiol oil. Oue part of this 
extract is equal to eight of the powdar. Mr. Puoctbb 
exhauats the powdered cuheba with ether, in a diaplflco- 
meut appuratuB, aud distiU the tincture in a watrr bnth. 
The oieo-rcsinous extract whlah remains rcpreecnts {ac- 
cording to Mr, P.) eight timoa its Wright of dnbebi ; but, 
according to Mr. UsLl., about ux timej its weight. 
ExTKiCTUK CCSFASLS. As Extractum IpecncnBolju!. 
Ektkactum CruAaE. Mr. Copbuin. The inspiaaated 
juiCL> of the freeli leaves oE articbokc. Dose, gr. ij or iij, 
three timea a ila;, in rhenmiktiBia. Dr. filDEliSr givea 
gr. V, with f jj of tho tinetnre. 
ESTBAOIUH DiQiTAiJS. L. 1836. From the unfiltcred 
juice, B3 Eitractuin Acoiiti. K. Aa Extr. Conii. Duse, 
gr- SB tn gr. J. [P. From the dried lenvea, b; percola- 
tion with proof spirit ; and aUo witli wati>r. Bobtbac 
BBjs that Hie Intter is moat cerlain and energetic] 
BxTBACtltlt DcLCA&tlBS. From tlie stalks, by decoction ( 
or percolatiDn, U. 8. 
JnoAQiuu Elatsbii. L. &, E. See Elaterium, 11. 
^^BBAiTlTrK £bbot£. The Ergotiae of U. Bonjbak. Ei- 
^^■Bst powdered ergot h; diaplacement with cold water ; 
^^^nt the aolotion ID a water bath, and filter; evoporata the 
^Hpered liijuor to the coDsistence of syrup, and add reotiQed 
^^Tprit to throw down the gnraniy matter; when settled, 
decant the clear liquid, and evaporate by water bath. One 
ounce of ergot yields about ?0 grains. M. BoSisW aaya 
it poEEesses the hEomoEtatio without the toxic properties of 
— «t. The liquid muat be evaporated without delay, as it 
idly decomposes. 
JUCTOH BnsoTffi MTBXBiVx. Wbioht. Exhnnst the 
(irdired ergot by percolation with ether, and let the 
btion evaporate spontaneously. [M. lioxJEAX stute» 
t the naditeohed residue, wi'ax nil the oil t" ' -"- 



haa been remoTed bj ether, is more efficient as an ob- 
BteCric reuiedy.] 
BXTBACTCTM KHaoTJj LiftPiDpn. B. Shake ether Oj ii 
a bottle wicli Oai of distilled water, and, atler aepiri- 
tioQ, decant the ether. Plaue ergut in coa.rBe powder ftj in 
a percolator, aud tVee it from it^ oil by puuug the WBshlll 
ether tliroug'h it. Remove the marc, and digest it ii 
of distilled water in 160^ I'or twelve boui's. Press on^ 
strain, and evaporate the liquor bo tjii, and, when cold, adT 
rectified spirit 3'''j- Allow it ta stand for an hour ti 
coagulate, then filter. The product should mcusnre fjivj, 

ESTBACTUK EBiasBOHtB. From Canadian Fleabane, bj 
evaporaCiug an aqneoas infiiaioD. Di>se, 5 to 10 Kniins- 

EzTHACTtTM: Fsujs BoTiKi. P. Strain fresh ox-gktl 
throujfh flannel, nud evaporate it b; meoias of a woiei 
bath to B proper conaiatence. Dose, 4 to 10 grains. Dr.' 
H. Lanh recommeoda the evaporation to be continned until 
the extract is sufficiently drj to be reduced to powder, and. 
that it be kept, in close buttles, in that stat ■ ° - - "-' 
Bovlnam Puriticatnm, B. 

ExTBacTUjt Fehsi PoMiiinu. Phpss. Ph. Peel ftvj ot 
nnripe crab-applee, and heat them tnapolp; add Ifaj of 
coils ot' iron wire ; digest in a vapour batli tor 8 days, take 
ont the wire, aod eipresa. Eviiporato the lienor, when 
clear, in porcelain vesEels. with conafjint stirring, to a soft 
extract. Dissolve tt in 4 parts of water, filter, and e> 
rate with constant Bthring. Dese, gr. v — i, duily. 

ExxKAOTUM FiidOiB. Dr. Ebess. Dige^ dried loot a 
mala fern (AB]ndium Filii mas) in rectified Bpirit atoair 
diiilil off meet of the spirit, nud evaporate what renudoi 
to on eitraot. Dose, 3] to 3ij (?), in lapaKoriH. P" "-^^ 

ElTBACTDM FiLlcis LlijciDTiK. B. Packmale fern 
L'oanio powder Ibij closely in a percolntur. add Oiv o 
nt intervals, until it pastes through coburless. 1 
ether evaporate on a water bath, or recover it 1 _ 
tioQ, aod preserve the oily extnict. See Oleum Filids. 

ExiBA^TTUM FcLiQisis. Boil wood soot in 8 parts of wb 
for half an hour, strain, atid evaporate to un extract. ]>c 
o 16 graiuB, daily. 



EsiBACTrtf FnxioiNia AcBticoM. As tint lait, aa'mg eqaal 

parts of vinegar and water. 
Ektbactum Fpmabi^. p. From the dnriiied Juiee of 

fumitory. [It is atso made from a decoction of the dried 

ExTBACTDM Gailasvu. Ab Extractum Eramcrioi ; or bj 

deroction, as Ext. Hiematoxyli. 
EXTBACTBM Gknibt^. L. 1788. From decoction of ijroom 

tops (spartinm Bcopaiium), as Eit. Hicmutoi;]i. Dose, 

ElTHAOlCM Gbstians. B. MiiMnit^j gentian eliced ftj in 

boilint; distilled water Cj for twu hours; boil for fifteen 

minutcg, ponr off, press, and steain. Then evaporate bj a 

water hath to a prosier consistence. Dose. 4 to 20 grains. 

ExTBACTUM Glyctbrhizx. B. Maecnite liquorice- root 

in coarse powder ftj in Oi] diaWIIed water for 12 Ijours; 

strain, and preaa. Macerate the msrc with Oij inoro 

water for 6 honrs, strain, and press. Heat the liquors to 

SIS", strain, and evaporate to a proper comistencc. [Tlie 

foreign commercial extract, OTjuute, ma; be purified by the 

following procEHB :^rnt it into email pieces, and place it on 

diaphragm in a tin vessel. Add enough cold distilled water 

it, and, when sufficienUy divided, withdraw the 

sin it through flannel, and emporatH it to a firm 

[ Gbakinis. p. From the dried roots of dog's- 
grass, as Eit. Krameriffl. Pntrs. Ph. directs it to be 
prepared as Entrnotnin Cardni, only that the extract is 
dissolred in four parts of water, filtered, and again evapo- 
rated. Others direct the inapiaBated jnice. The fluid ex- 
|.tracC {MeHago Oraminii) U prepared by evaporating the 
ice, jnfoaion, or deeoedon, to the consistence of aynip ; 
by dissolvii^ the extract in a third of its weight of 

a Gbabati [FruetQs Corticis]. From thudecoc- 

ExTBAMtTM Gbakati CosTiois. P. From the root-bark 
of pomegranate, as Ext. Ipecacoanhie. In lajteicuna. 
Dose, gr- x to ii. 
^LJ^*^™**^^™*" GliiTlOLfi. BapbN Pn. directs a apirituous 

I following ] 
» diaphrag 
to cover i 
Bquid, stn 



extract. Oeobfeoy n vinous eWrnrt. Pbi'b, Ph. At 
Eitractntn Cbelidonii, Dose, gr. ij toiv. 

GxTBiCTDU GcAiACt P. Hud L. 17M. Boil rasped gni 
cam wood repeatedly in water, concentrate tlie clenr i 
coction, and, when it lienomea thick, add ooe riglith of 
rectified apirit, and evaporate to dryness. [A fluid ex- 
tract IB Eometimes prepared as above, omitting further 
evaporation after adding the apirita.] 

ExTBioirv GniBAWS, See Eitmctum Paullinia). 

KxTBACTUu: HxuATorTLi. I(. lofiise logwood in Gn« 
chips Ytj ia boiling distilled water Cj for 21 houra. then 
boil down to one hnlf, strain, and evapomte liy a water 
batli to dryness, stirring with a wooden epatiua. Iron 
vessels should not ha nsed. Uose, gr. i — ixi. 

EsTEicTtTM H-EKOSTATrcTrw. See Kxt. Ergotie, 
•EXTBACTDM Hkllbbohi NlQBI. L. 1788. As Ert. Hb- 
matoiyli. [D, S, & P. With proof Spirit, as EiL Ipee»- 
cuanhffi.] Dose, gr. W to viij. 

EsTBionru HKiiEBOai Alkhikuk Bachebi, Blmi hel- 
lebore root hroised Ifcj, Bubc«rl>oniit« of potuali giij, proof 
spirit Oiij. Digest for 12 honrs, and strain. Digest Om 
root with white wine OilJ for 34 hours, mate it l»il, au3. 
stmin. Evaporate the mixed liquida tu a firm extract. 
Dose, gr. ij to vj. 

lilsTBACiTiTu: HiruTii.i. See Extractom LupuU. 

ExTBJCTDM HrosCYAMi. B. As Eit. Aconiti. [U. L 
and P. direct the juice to be strained after coapjluHoa to 
lieat. F. also directs it to be prepared from the undsrifiM 
jnice; and from the dried leaves by percolation.] DoW 
gr. i'lj to viij. In India the jniee is evaporated by ex- 
posure to Uie heat of tbe sun, yielding an extract whiek 
produces decided effects in doses of 3 grains. Tbe anmiU 
plnnt yields a larger quantitvof extract than the biennial, 
but of an inferior qnality. Mr. Cbaceitbti slates thnl it 
is also Boadvisable to employ very old plants, as the CX' 
tract made from them is apt to deliquesce. Be lecom- 
mcnds the iuapiaaation to be coudncted in a current of 
warm nir, stirring continnally. 


Eitrnctiiin Aconiti Alcobolicnm. Doso, i gr. to y. 
ExTBACrcu (iiBUiHFJii HiosDYAUi. P. Digiiat tbj of the 


round secdi with tbig of prooF spirit with u gentle bi<at, 
[«in ; digest them witli Ibiii more spirit, Bull again strnin 
d preet. Eruporate tlie bttcred liquori tu on rxlract, 
isolve this in cold water, filter, aud agnitl el'aponitc. 
1 Hoae, i gr. to 2 gr. 

^ZTBACimc Ikcti^. L. 1746. Froia the decoction ofele- 
. Mmpttne root. P. by percolation. 

BxT&ADTUH IPECi.auANKJB. P. IpefMtcuimliJiroat in nioilc- 
xatelr fine powder Stij, proof spirit Avij. Mniatfii llie 
powder with Ihj of the spirit, and pack it between two 
(liBphragms in u tin cylinder; after 12 honrs liiiviiite it 
with the rest of tlie spirit. Whtn the last portions of 
spirit have liceii abaorbed by the powder, keep the loKcr 
ooveced with distilled water till the liquid produee* d pre- 
cipitate on falling into that which bod itrerionaly passed. 
Distil off tbespiritandevapoiate the residue (a an extract. 
"Dose, gr. ij — riy. 
ttTKicim Jacobs*. Inspiaaatedjoice of ragwort (Senc- 
'o JacobiER). Dose, gr. x or iv, in ijonorrkat. 
KACICU Jai^fje. B. Macerate jalap in coarse powdor 
tbj in rectifled spirit Oiv for 7 dsjs. Press out tinctare, 
tiiter, diati! off spirit^ leaving soft eitract. Macerate re- 
iduBl jiUap in distilled water Cj for 4 honrs; eipres;, 
train, and evaporate to a soft extract. Mix the two, and 
vnponile at 140° to a proper conaistenee for farming pills. 
[For Spirituoos EstricI^ see Itesina Jalapce.} D<»e, gr. 
riij— xv], 
BxTBtCTiru Jaiapb ALEALnrru. E. 1744. As tlie last, 
nddiog to the water 5j or q. s. of aubcarbonate of potnab. 
EsTBACiiTM iice Rbbika JaIiASS. E. Moisten powdered 
jalap with rectified spirits anil after 12 hours exhaust it 
with rectified spirit, in a percolator. Distil off the greater 
part of the spirit, and concentrate tha reaidunia over n, 
vaponr bath to a dne consistence. Dose, gr. iij to vj. See 
J japs Reeina, B. 
BiTBAcnnt JuGiiUJDia Immatcbe. riio inspissated .juice 
of the green walnut. An eitnict is also ntnle by boiling 
the green shells with water, m Est. Gljcyrrhi/ai. Dose, 



percolation, with warm water. SotmEiSAH.] Dow, i 
2 or 3 tiines u ilay, iuierofala. 

Estbict™ JuBLAHDia CiNEBKK. U. S. From the ionef 
bark of the root of the bnttcr-nnt, as Ext. EramericD. 
Dose, 3j to jBa, as a pargative, or less aa a laiaKve. 

£xTBAOTDii JiTXiPBBi. F. Junipsr berries light]; bmiieil 
ft], difitilled water ftiij. Macerate at 77° to W F. for Si 
faourr, strniii with gentle pressure, add more watar to tbn 
herries, and let it stand 12 boors. FUter, and evaporste 
the mixed liquid to n soft eitniet. Dose, 3j to ^. 

ExTaicnru Kajjiasm. Besoal Diepenhatobi. AubIco- 
holic extract of the berries of the Fharlntia Cenilea. Pur- 
gative, dOBp, 10 gr. 

EsTSAdTtrm Kbaub&tk. B. fitacerate rbatnny in coane 
powder Ibj in distilled water Oiai I'or 21 hours; then pack 
in a, percijator, and add moie diatilled water until Oi^ 
have been coliected, or the rhatiiny is exhausted. Evapo- 
rate the liquor by a water bath to dryness. 

EiTKSCTUM LiOTPc^. B. Aa Extrnctura Aconiti. 8*c 
Lactueurium. ITkridaee is directed (P.) to be made by 
iuspiseating the juice of the italki of the flowering plan^ 
as Ext. Acoaiti cvmfafuld.^ 

ExTHiCTfTSf likotvoM CoKOBHTHATtnB. Phobakt. From 
the eittmal parta only of the stalka, and tliu old Iraveii, 
irfter tho plants have flowered; by maceration and deuoe- 
tion ; evaporating flrst by heat, and then drying in sballow 
dishes. About half the strength of Lactacanim. 

EETQtcTTTu Lactitcji VinoGf . P. Tile inspissated juice 
ot wild lettuce, as Eit. Aconiti. Dose] gc. ij — ii. 

KxTEACTDM LiNi Cathabtici, Dr. B. Lakb. Macerate 
tlie dried herb in 8 or 10 tinii-s its weight of btriling water 
for a few hours, strain with pressure, and evaporate tbo 
clear liquor by a gentle heat. Dose, 5 to 10 grains twice 
a day, as a laxative and diuretic. Jt yields one sixth of 

ExTRACTmi Lobelia Inflate. Dried lobelia Jiv, proof 
spirit Oiv, strong acetic scid f3j. Macerate for 48 houc^ 
flJter, and evaporate by water bath. 

ExTBAOTtJU Lttpuli. B. Macerate liop Ihj in reoUBedapirit 
Oiaa for 7 days ; preas out the tincture, filter, and distil oiff 
the spirit, leaving a soft citmot. BoU thu r. " 


willi ilistillcd watj^r Cj for 1 lioor, tlipn enpresB tlic liquoi-, 
rtrain, mid evaporttti; by h water batli to the toiiBistetipe at 
a Eoft cxtrnct. Mix the two e\trticti>, and cvaiiornlfi nt » 
tfmperatura not iMceeding 140' to a pruper uoiiaiBteiiCe. 
Dose, gr. v — ii. 

EiTKACTTJM Mat.ti. Poor over grnnnJ malt Buffi-.-ient Imt 
water (between lUf and 200°) to eover it j leiive it for 24 
hcura, Btriin irithont pres-inra, and evaponile tlic cK'tir 
liquor immediKtel;, to the tliickness of truurle. 

EsTKACTDK MabbiJbii. From the exprcMed juice, or tlio 
decoctiun ; or thnn (Pout. Ph.)> "'"te liorelioimd. 1 ri't. 
reetiGcd spirib 1 port, water 8 parts. Digest tbr il daj-e, 
eipresB, and sTaporatp. M. THonm, statea that tlie nloo- 
hDlic estimt ia a powerful febrifuge, in doses of n few 

ExTBiCTPM Mahtis Pomatfm she CrDOsiixoM, See Eit. 
Ferri Potaatum. 

ExTEAOTtTM MiBTls. P, By pvaporating Tinrtara Ferri 

Ejcteactdk MEKTANinia. P. Inspissated juice of hnct- 
bean. Prfs. Ph. As Eit. Cardui. Dose, gr. r— ii. 

ExTBlCTtTM Me^bkei SlTBKHKtrii. B, Macerate meiereoii 
bark cut small ftj in Ovj of rcddfled spirit for 3 days, 
■with frequent agitalion ; strain, and press. To tlie residue 
of mexereon add Oij of rectified spirit, again macerate 
foe 3 days ; agitate, strain, and press. Mix niid filter the 
strained liquors ; recover most of the spirit by dia- 
miation, and evaporate wlmt remains to n soft eitract. 
Put it into a stoppered bottle uith ether Oj, luacerate for 
24 hoars, shaking Ireqnently. Decant the ethereal sola- 
tioc, recoier most of ether by distillation, and evaporate 
what remains to a soft exttaet. [For external ust- ua a 
counter-irritant. Contained iu Liniin, Biuapia Cooiii., 

ExTBAcrrK tSoseats:. From the Borhanem bark, as Est. 
"Srameria:. The imported eitract may be purified as Eit. 
bti^u. Dose, gr. iv to vilj. 
KACTUif MiBBHS AQiTOBHiri. Di^t bruised myrrh in 
'ater, set it aside, and, when cool, atriuii, ami evapo- 
fHi/a ertmct Puna. Ph. direeti told watCT to -b> 


ExTBiCTUU Mybbb£ [AlcoboHcutii]. p. Ab Eit. SciUie. 

ExTmcTUM Nabcisbi. From dried flowers of daffodil, b; 
perculatioD wjtli proof spirit, or wiCb witter. Dose, gr. SB 
to gr- iaa, in hooping-cough. 

GxTBACTDU NicoTiAK^. See Eit. Tabaci. 

EKTBACTim Nncia Yoxics. B. Apply itcam to ma 
vomica Ibj until it 19 tliorouglily softened, tben dry rnjudly, 
and reduce to fine powder. Exhaust the powdap by 
boiling it witli successive portiona of rectified spirit nutU 
tlie latter coinea att nearly free Trora bitterness. Strain, 
distil otf tbe epirit, and evaporate by a water bath to K 
soft eitract. P. directs an iatennediate spirit of -SSB. 
Dose, \ grain, cuatiously increased, if necessary, to 2 or S 

ExTRACTiFu HnciB VoKicB AQnrauM. FtiTis. Pb. Uaeerate 
the coarsely powdered nnte in 4 parts of Ijoiling- water for 
24 hours, express; macerute tbe residuum in 3 put( of 
boiling water, and eipreas. Evaporate the mired and 
clear Uquor to n soft extract by a gentle beat, and dry it 

EiTRiCTDM Ofii. B. Macerate opium in tbin sUces f^ in 
Oij distilled water for 34 boure, and express the liquor. 
Kednce residue to a uniform pulp, macerate again ii "" 
water for 24 hours, and express. Kepeat operation a 
time. Mil liquor, strain through fionael, aad evaponte 
on WBter bath to consistence to form pills. P., nearly 
tlie same. Dose, gr. i to gr. j, Baaietimea increased to 
£>■■ ij- 

ExiDAQTiru Ofii jlubqus Nab^xitisi. F. Tlie extmot, 
softened with cold vater, is agitated and macerated mth 
successive portiona of ether as long as aDything- is taken 
up. The ether being poured oSi the extract is erapomted 
to B, pilular consistence. [Anotiier process ha3 l]«en de- 
vised by M. Limoiuin-Lamothe. Four parts of extract of 
opium are beaten in a mortar with 1 ot* resiu, and tritu- 
rated with enoogh MiaCer to form a liquid tuasx. This is 
boiled with 16 parts of water till reduced to half, then 
removed from the fin?, and as much cold water added is 
has been boiled away. The reain is then removed, and 
the extract evaporated.] Dose, as the last. The narco- 
esiu, and oil, being removed by this pmcesa. Die 


citnut ia considered leas likely ta ilLsograe. Bat it is 

EXTBICICM Opii LiflDiiHTa. B. Mfleerate eitract of 
OpiBR) 3j in diHtillrd irutfr fjivj for aa honr, Etiiring 
frequsntlj; filter, and add rectified spirit Jiv, mill filter. 
The product eliould muasureOj. it coataiui 22 gr. Kit. 

Opii, MBTiy, iB a. 5j. 


u) nnstTHineil miiture of 1 part uf opinin in 8 of water 
add yeaHt q. a., and leave it fur a week at a Cempenktare 
between 6Sr and 77" F. Tiien filter tlio liquor an J evapo- 
---- " M. LANflElOT diasolTea tbfl opium in jnice of 
. and fiii-ments for a month. Odibocht prefers 
ifigsgting opinm aud water at tfce abore tempEratore witU- 
the jreaat. 

iCTDu Opii Toerefacti. OutBOCHT. Hent powdered 
am in a flat diah over a moderate fire, with constsut 
Btirring, till vapours cease to be disengaged. Treat it 
twice witii 6 times its weiglit of cold wat«r, and evaporate 
the filtered Mlution. [Tlieae Uat 3 eitrndi* arc sapposed 
tu contain the full proportion of morphine, without the 
irritutitlg priucipl(>s of o^nni.] 
ExTBAPrrtt Opn vino Pasatdsi. P, Slaccmte Ifcj of 
choice opium iu tfaiv of white wine for 21 honrs, stirring 
McasiouBlly ; atmin and pre as, disuse the residuum 
tlirougli Bij more wine, and after soma hours eipress the 
linuid. Evapomte the strained liquors to au extract. 
[Other extracts are obtained from opium by digesting it 
with viuegsr. lemon jnice, quince juice, alcohol, &c.] 
EXTaA<7nm Pafaveei!!, B. Mix poppy-capaules, dried. 
freed from the aecda, and coarsely powdered, Ibj, with Oij 
of boiling distilled water, and InliisB for 24 hours, stirring 
frequently. Fade in a percolator, and pusi slowly more 
bciling water until about a galloa has collected, rtr the 
poppicE are exhaasted. Et'aporate on a water buth tji 
1 pint. When cold, add rectified spirit fjij ; let it stand 
for 2i hours. Filter, aud evaporate on water liath to con- 
sistence for forming piU^ L. E. similar. Do^e, 3 to 5 


pack in n percolator, and pass more boiling water ilairt/ 
till Cj hug ('olli'(;t(!d. Gvaporutc to a fit comigtcncD fat 
farming pills. L. By decoction. P. By pereolalioB. 
Dose, 6 to 20 g^nlns. 
KxTBAcTDM Fabbias !Li:{titoit9(. B, Digest pureira Id 
coarse powder Hg in boiling distilled wnUr Oj for 84 
houre, then puck in n percolntor, and add ilistilled water 
until Cj lias been collected, ur tbe parrii^ is exbauiteil. 
Evaporate tlie liquor bj a water hatb to fSxiij, and. 
tvlieu it is cold, udd rectitted spirit jiij, and Gttfr tbiQUgli 

ExTBicrruM PAHiKtAKifi. From frcsli peCitoryof thew^, 

' as Hitractum Acoiuti. 

ExTEMJTnM PATTESiiiE. P. Froio lliB root lit patifinoc- 
dock, as Extractunt Eromeriic. 

ExTBAcnTM PifiJJMiM. Dp. GiVBKLLB. From the ground 
seeds of panllinia sorbUis (Guarona), by boiling with proof 
spirit. Tank, Dose. 8 to 10 |p-utus in the day. 

ExTBAMm Petbosbliwi. p. I'roni pnrfley-root, aa Ei- 
tractnm Knuneris). M, Feiuike preeerlbes the inspis- 
satad juice of tbe leaves as B. substitute for qitinine. DMe„ 
8 to 15 grains, in 24 liunrs. 

ExTBACTCU PnTsoaTioiUTls. B. Macerate Calabar beaoi 
ia cooc^e powder fdj for 48 bonrs with Oj of retrtiflcd 
spirit in a. dose vosscl, agitnting ocoasionally. Tmasl^r 
to a percolsitor, and wbea the flnid ceases to paas add 
rectified spirit (^ij ta pass slowly through the powder. 
Press rasidne oE bean, add pressed liquid to product of 
percolution ; filter, distil oB most of tbe spirit, and evupo- 
Tate residue on water buth to a soft extract. [Dose. -A^th . 
to Jth grain. Chiefly for outward use, to contract the pn^ 
of tbo eye.] 

ExTBACTim PaiBBiTiB. See Est. Kaldaniu. 

ExTBACitru FiHPiHEiX£. Root of bnmet aaxifrnge, 8 
parts. rCL'tifled spirit 3 parti, water 9 parts. DigMt, 
strain, and cvajiomte. It is also made as Eit. Bnma- 
toxjli. Dose, 3.i. 

ExTKAcrcM PiPBSis FLnnra. U. S. From black pepper. 
Its Est. Cubssm Fxitidcm, separating tbe piperine hy 
lu^iission t^trongh a cluth, and keeping the liquid ]Kirtinu 

Ptroue. See Ext. Chiinnphilir. 

QiTAgsi£. U. Macerate qumsia wood nig|ieil 

(j in ^stilled water f Sviij for 13 hours ; tlien pnck in a 

jTcolHbir, and add distilled ivster nntil thu qiiunil la 

:hau9te<l. Evxparnte the liquor, filter before U become) 

thick, and agaia ovuporatc h^ a witter iMith to a i>ioi>er 

EsTBiOTTUl QuSRODfl. D. 1825. Ab Eit. Hiematoijii. 
EzroACTTJM BnAutri BAccABm. By inapi'nitiii^ the juice 
of buekthom lierrics, after it has undergoue a slight fer- 

"' '""n. Dose, 9j to jUs. 

u RuATtms. See Extractnin Krrtmerice. 
a. Rhei. B. Rhub-trh sliced or bcuiMd Ihf, reo- 
ified spirit f ^x, distilled water Ov. Hii the spirit and 
lie water, and ntnueTat« the rhubarb in the tnixtnrH for 
ftd)^; then decuDt, press, uid act b;, that the nndis- 
nlTod matter may sahside; pour off the clear liqour, Biter 
he remaiiider, mix the liquors, and ev«pnriite by a water 

a th at a temperatnro doC exceeding I61r to a proper con- 

■isteiiice. Dow, gr. v — n. 

ExTBiCXDU Ebbi CoxPOSiTUiii. Fsua. Pn. Kilraeltiin 

FoMch^magograti. Extract of rhnbarb JiiJ. purified oloei 

^ i K^eu tlieni with Jlv of water with a gentle heat, end 

— add ^ of Boap oEj&lapdlsBolvediaSiv of proof spirit. Then 

^V^aporate by vapour hath to an eitracl^ and let it dry in 

■a place till it cau be redueed to powder. 

eumRhbi FuriDCif. U.S. Mis Sviij of coftrselj 

rdered rhabarb with the eamc weight of Band; add 

fjiy of proof spirit, and let the miitnre stand for 34 honra. 

TrKufer the masB to a percolator, and gradually ]Hiiir upon 

it proof spirit oatil the liquid which passes has little of the 

o^nr or taste of rhifbarb. Evaporate the tincture by 

^water bath tol^v. then add jy of sugar; dissolve, and mix 

I fluid extract with f^iv of tincture of ginger, in 

' it are diaiolred niiv each of oil uf fennel and oil of 



Hlmliolic extrtct of the driud leuvea ia probably ntnB' 

EiTRiOirB Ri;bi«. IIaub. Pb. By Evaporating a tinc- 
ture made with 2 pnrta of ground roadderj 3 of rcoti&nl 
spirit, tind 9 of water. Dose, gr. xt — ixi. 

ExTBJCTUM RuDn. See PilnltB Radii. 

Ektbactcm Kumicib AQrATici. From the root of wrter- 
dock, as EitrBCtnm Qentian», or Eitractum GlycjrrUze. 
Dose, 3j to ^, in eutaaeoiu diseases. Rooike Hydrolapa- 
thum (great ifater-dock) and R. obtusifolina are UM 

EZTBAcrrM RrT£. L. 1788, as Estr. Abdntbii. P., m 
Extr. Aconiti Alfobalicum. Dose, gr. x — ik. 

EXTEACTUII SiBADILLS. Dr. Tbebbitll. By BVBpOratJilff 

tbe concentrated tincture of cevadilla seeds. Doae, l-GIa 
of a grain ; aa a eubatitnte for veraCrin. 

EiTHiCTt'M Sabins. L. 1788. By evajiorflting a decoc- 
tion of dry savine. P. By parcolalion witli proof spiiL 

EsTBionja SALtcia. P. I^m powdtred willow-hark, aa 
Ext Krameriffi. Dose, gy. i — ix. 

ExTBACTCK Samhitci. Slder Mo\. 1788. Evaporate tlia 
expreaaed and defecated jnice of elder-berrioa in ■ aalt- 
water batb. E. directs tbe addition of Uss i^ ■□gar to 
Oiv of jnieu. Dose, jij to 5j. 

ExnucTUM Safon'asi.i:. P. From tbedricdrootsof roap- 
wort, as Ext. Kraroerife. Dose, 3j to 3j. 

Eztbacthu SABBf . L. IB36. Ext. SareapnrilliE, D. Sliced 
BBrBsparilln Itiiiss, bailing distilleVI water Cij. Macerate 
for 2A honrfi, bnil to Cj, atmin while Lot^ gjid eraporato te 
a proper conaisteucc. Dose, gr. i to ^. 

ExTBAOTuu Bahhs LiQDmuu. B. Macerate Jamaica 
BarsaparilU cnt transversely Ibj ia distilled wat*r &t IW 
Ovij far SIX boors, sad decant the liquor. Digeet the 
reeidae again in distilled water Ovij for tbe same tiise, 
express and Alter tlie mixed liquars,.nnd evaporate them bj 
n wat«r bath to f 5»u, or until the specific gravity of the 
liquid i a r 13. When eold, add rect.apirit Jj. Thespeofic 
gravity sbonld be ubont 1006. [Each f jjj repreaenta H 
of tbe root, and f JxtJ of the decoction.] 

ExTiBAcrru Cobticib Sabss. By uiaGcmtlng or percolating 


e rout bark with tempecnto w&ter, >od emporatlng the 
]iud to a Bolid or tluid extrnct. 
ECBiCTCM Sjlbbk Amohoucpm. p. and U. S. As E<t, 
(ipecac. It yieldjj l-8th of its ivraght uf extract, which U 

anpcricpT to the wntcry. 
ExTEACTiru Sashx Coicrosmru. PiBEini. By mixing 
witli eitract of flarauparilhi an eitract prepared hy evapo- 
taling a dccoctian o! n correeponding proportiou of the 
other ingredients of the caiopound decucCion. addtag a 
small qnaatit; of oil of sasanl^. As cominnnl; snld, it 
cantaina too much liijnorica. Odibottet recomoiends it to 
be mads by percolation with proof upiriL 
ExmA-cnni SAaajE Composituh Futiditu. See Liquor 

Saraffi Compositna. 
ExTBAcnru SABUF1111IJ.S Fi.irrDl7K. U.S. Sftrsuparilla 
31VJ, liqnoricu root, laasufras root bark, each Jij (all 
brniaed), mezereon sliciid 51J, proof spirit Olij 0. m. (Orj 
fjviij imp.); mncerate for 14 days, then expresx, and 
filter, Evuporate the liquid b; water bath to f Jiij, tidd 
to it, while still hot, Jxij of sngnr, and remove from the 
bath ns soon as tlic sugar is disiolved. 
SXTKiPiait fiATFBKI. See Liqnar Plnmbi DiBcetatis. 

H live IIESINA ScAMMOKll. See Ucammomiu 

M S01LI.X. P. Dried squill Ibj, proof spirit tbiv. 
faCerate for aome dajs, strain, pre^a, and filttr; digest the 
Rqnill nitli tby more spirit, and after 2 or 3 iluja Btraiu 
liritb pre«aure. Distil off the spirit from the mixed tine- 
— ', and evaporate the leaidunm to nn eitruot. Dose, 

. mSoille AcBncvM. Mr-NiBisTT. Digest pow- 

^^erod aqoilla tbj in acftie acid 3i>j aiid diBtilled wator Oj. 

with a gentle beat for 4S hours. Eipre^a atroogly, nnd, 

withODt straining, evaporate to a proper cousistenci?. 

[One grain of this is said to equal 3 of the powder.] 
EXTBACTDU SCOFABU. See Eitructum Geniatu.'. 
ExTBACTCM Sek£0.x. P. As Extractum Ipecacuanhte. 

DoBB, pr. j — IV. 

EXTBACTUM SmsBQ* ET SCILli*. Mr. ECRT. Macertttft 
Ibij eaeh uf senega and squills ill proof spirit q. 
ra ; transfer the whole to a displacement 


Iinas proof Bpiribtlirougli it til! it passoa iienrlj W 
Strain, dUtil off moat of the spirit, nnd reduce to Ibiv. 

BxTBACTiru Sevh£. p. By penulBition with teinpenta 
n-atcr, as Ext. KraiueriK. Mt- Hcebakii sa^s proof spirit 
yield! u more active oitmet, Dole, gr. x — nx. 

EXTBACTDM Ssvss FbuiDUK. Mr. DiTKOiH. Senna fba, 
BToir. (Kwviiji), boiling watuc 4 tioiBa ita weight or q, a. 
SiImuBt tlie senna by displHceinenl, concontrute the liquor 
to Bii avoir. (ft»ij) ; diswlva in it ftvj avoir. (Ibvij Jiiiu) 
of treacle, previonaly conixntrated over a vapour hatih till 
it becomes Dearly dry on cooling. Add fjxxiv reeti&ad 
spirit, and water q. b. to make up 15 pints □. m, (0)dj imp.). 
Dose, 5ij. Each f 3j correspowia with Jj avmr. of aeanl. 
II. S. Mil thiiss of coarsely powdered senna with £ ^Ixiv of 
proof spirit; iu 24 lioui? introduce the miiture intoapot- 
colator, niid gradonlly pour in water mixed with one tlliid 
of its bulli of rectified spirit until Oiy (Oixss imp.} bare 
passed. EvaporntB by water bntb to f 311, filter, then add 
5xx of sugar, and, when it is dissolved, fjg of rampaand 
spirit of ether, holding in solntioa f5J of oil of fennel, 
[f Sj is equivalent to Jj of senna.] 

ExTBACTOM SoLiHi TuBBBOBi. l)r. LATHAM. Frow the 
stalks and leaves of potato, as Ext. Conii. Dosa, gr. i^. 


of pink root and gyj of senna, each ia coarse powder, with 
fjixxij of proof spirit; in 2 days transfer it to a percolator, 
and grudnally pour upon it proof spirit until f S'^iv am 
obtained. Evaporate by water batU to f S^vj, add 3vj of 
carbonate of po(«sh, and lastly (after the sediment has 
dissolved) S>""j of sugar, previously triturated with f^s 
each of ail of caraway and oil of anise, and dissolve by a 
gentle heat. 
ExTBACinH Spiqbll'e Mabilakdice. M. Thblc. Kxhamt 
dried Caroliiia pink by proof spirit, by peruolution; distil 
off most of the spirit evaporate the residuum by water 
bath. Dose, gr. viij to 3ss. 
I .Ej:TEACTiJKSiKAMOWii[SBHimiM]. B. Free stramonliua 
sreds in coarse powder Ibj from oil by Oj of washed ether 
(as in Ext. Ergatat Liquidnm). Percolate residue ndtb 
proof spirit nntil exhausted. Distil off moe' 
oviiporate residue on nater bath to pilul 



Willi water. R., by eimplc [Xxcoktioi 

!>ot Bpirit. Dose, ham t (if n gniin. 

umrif Stsauonu [Foliobum]. F. directs tbu iaB]Ma- 

"d jnicaof thelHBVeB, both with and withoattliufiiMulii, 

ratery extract tram tlic pfiwdered lonroB hy perco- 

nnd an alcoholio eitract by pcTMltttion Willi prooC 

iS Ext. Aconili. 

UCTDH Btybacis. E. Boil powdered rtonu in mc- 

le portions oF r?cti£ei1 spirit till i>ihauateil, filter tlio 

ooai iDlntian. distil olT tbe apiiit, nnd evnpomto the 

Oder over tliu vuponr bntli to tlie cotiBiatcacc of B 

n extract. 

rnic Tabici. Ur. Cb iff end ale. Sbng tobacco 
»■ 0^ ; boil, nnd let them aimuieT for 2 
■ fllionn 1 then strain, wash the tobacco with more hoQ- 
j wtrter. and evaporate the ttruined liqnora to the con- 
Keaee of an cxti'act. Ibr exiernat ute in newrtilgia. 
{B TJnguentuin Tabari. [Pans. I'n. (Ext. Nicotianai) 
^"^ a spirituona eitract.] 

roM Tasaxaci. B. Cnish fresh daodeliou root 
juice, and allow it to deposit; heat t lie 
£°, itnd maintain ihc temperature for 10 
) then Etraiu, and evaporate hy a water batli at a, 
it eieecding 160° to a proper oouaiateDce, 
Srom the eipressed juice elariGed by beat. Mr. 
ani/Toir allows the expreasfd juicu of the roota (tuk^u 
np in August or September) to evaporate Bpoutaneouaiy iii 
shallow vcascla. 'ilie evaporation may be facilitated by 
VBTJoua contrivances for mcreaaiDg the current of dry air, 
and promoting the nbaorption of tlie moisture. Dose, Sj 
to ^. [Peijs, Pn., as Eitractroii GrnlniniB.] 
Extbacttm Tabaxaci PiDnniM, Dsuaily made by evapo- 
tsting tlie eipreased jaice, or tbe decoction, to the con- 
aiateneo of syrup, and ndding a little spirit. Far a better 
~ 'bod, see Xuqaor Turaxaci. Pbub. Ph. directs tlie ei- 
_t to be mixed with one third of water. Mr. Hlus. 
i to the expressed joice of fresh dandelion root 25 per 
f recUtlcd spirit; alloiv it to deposit, then strain, 
lay le mndo by percohiting tha dry root (powdered) 


EKTBACTtTK Tasi. IiOPBb. TiiB iupisMtett juice of^ 

leayes. DoBe, ftom gr. j — viy, >'» epiteptg, &c. 
BiTBAtmrsr Tobkkstills;. As Bit. Qentianm. 
ExTBACTiTu Ului. SotTBEtBAi'. Bj percolation with prorf 

ExTBACTva Ubtick. p. The juice of nettles inBjdgMtcd 

without clariflwition. 
EsTBACTDH UvM Ubsi. L. Prom the dried leaTea, by da- 

eoction, ts Est. QljcjirliiKB. Doae, gr. v — xx. 
EiTBACTiTM Valbbian*. As Eit. Gciitiaiiffi, or Eut. Lu- 

puli. P. By pereolation with proof spirit, as Bit 

ESTBACTTTM Vajxsixvm ¥i,vii>tsu. U. S. Volorian ii 
coarse powder |;viij, ether f^iv, rectified spiiit fj^ij- ^>^ 
the valerian with half the ether and Bpirit, preTiandy 
mixed i putitiato a percolator, and add the reet gradually, 
then add proof spirit until fjxvj of liquid huva puied. 
Let it evaporate spontauooualy in a, ahallov,- vessel to f Jr. 
Pour more proof spirit into the percolator untfl fji have 
passed, to which add the farmer fjv, taking care to diB- 
Bolve in rectified spirit ony oleo-reainoos deposit. Let th» 
mixture stiuid 4 hnnrs, with occasional agitation, then 
&lter, and odd rectified spirit to make up fj^vj. pjj con- 
tains 583 of valerian.] 

ExTXAcTA NAiiCOTiCA auK SiccniBo, Gaboeb. Disiolve 
3vj of alcoholic cstract of the pi nut in 5iivor3ij of stnmg 
alcohol by trituration in a porcelain mortar, and milt witlt 
it jxxx of powdered white sugar gradually added with « 
Btant stirring. Set the mixture in a wann situation at 
dry. Add sugar q. s. to make up Jxix'vj. These piepa 
tions are loss linble to lose their efficacy than the ain^» 
citmcta. Six grains represent one of the extract, 

EzTBACTA Sicca bbI Fdlvbbata. Pbub. Ph. Those bm 
made by mixing 4 parts of the extract with 1 of powdered 
sngar of milk, setting the mixture in a warm plaoe t3I 
dry. Triturate the mass (o powder, adding more of the 
sngar if necessary, to make the weight the same aa t 
of the entract used. These are consequently of the h 
strength as the extract. 

F^ICOLi. The fiecQla (storcIO of Arum, Briony, Chestnula, 
&<:., is obtained by rasping them, pressing the pulp, mixed 



IwiUi on equal weiglit of wBtor, in a hair bug, etratuing the 
BUqnid, mid. after allowing it to settle, oollectrng-, wiuliing, 
BKid drjiDg- the sedimEDt which Bubsidea. I'utHtuci are- 
kaspcd. the pulp dlfltuod in vitter, and the (mtola obtained 
IflOTO the strained liquor oa ahove. The grem fieeula of 
utcotlc and other plants, obtained bj fi]t«iing or heaUug 
'^le eipreBsedjUTce, is of a different nature, Hndri'taini n 
dbU and uncertaiii portion of the active principles of the 

PAaiKffl Emoujkntks. Bee Species Emollientcii. 

FAbINa Tritici ToalA. Wlicut Hour slightl; baked, lo as- 
to itcqmre a pale buff tint; as a food for iufaQts and in- 
valids, particularly iu diarrhcea. 

Fabina Hobobi Pbspabata. Fitua. Fb. Intoatin cylin- 
der compresi barlcy-tlour till the vessel is t>vu thinis lall. 
Suspeud it in the body oF a still two thirds BUed with 
water; 6t on au alembic, and let the water be kept boiling- 
for 2 dajSi 15 hoars each. Itcinovo the upper layer, pow- 
der the rest, and keep it iu a dry place. 

Fbl BoviBirsi PosiTiCATDM, U. Mix fresh oi bile Oj witit 
rectified spirit Oij by agitation in a bottle, and set iaide 
for twelve hours until the sedimeDt Euhiideg. Decant the 
clear sDlution, and evaporate in a porcelaiu capsule on s. 
water batb nntil the residue acquires the consistence of a 
vegetabla extraot. See Eit. I''ellis. 

Febki Acetas. D. 1826. Peraalale of Iron. Csrhanate 
(peroside) of iron 1 part^ acetic acid 6 paita ; digest for 3 
days, and filter. Duae, itivj — xxlv. 

FSBBi AcETATia TlNCTFEi. See TiucturaFerri Acetntis. 

FiBSi AuuoHio-cEUDBiiiriir. L. Sesquioxidc of iron 5iiJ, 
hjdroclitoric acid fjx; dig^t in a snud bath, stirring it 
occaBlcDuUy till it is dissolved. Add hydroehlorate of 
ammonia niiss, previoiisly dissolved iu Uiij of distilled 
water; filter, evaporate to drynesB, and reduce to ponder. 


A dd solution of peraolphate of iron S^ij to distilled 
T Oij, and gradnally pour Hie dilute aolutiou Into so- 
m of ammonia Jiiv or q. s., stirring well for a fbw 

, ates; oollBct ou a calico filter tlie liydratcd peroxide 

t iron wUieh precipitates, and wash it with distilled wattT- 
'11 the filtrate ceases to become turbid on the addition. 


of cldoriilo of barinm. Diaaolve citric acid in crjsl'.'S* 
in dirtilled wutcr Ovji and digest the Bolntioii at a boiling 
lieat on tlic wide of iron. Malio the liquid noutnU l^ 
tlie nddition of solutian nf smiiiouia, emporate it to tlie 
conustent^ af Byrnp, and diy it in thin Infers, on flat poi- 
celnin or glass plates, nt a ti^mperatara not exceMJDg 
liff. Beinove tlio dry salt in flukes, and lieop it in 
stoppered bottles. [Mr. Phooteb Btates tliat tlie wln- 
tion af tiie oxide in tlie acid ia best effected bj a bent 
below bailing. The drying ia beet managed by n itj- 
ing-closct, moderately bested, not by beat applied to 
the Ixittom of thtt diahos. Tlia elegance of ihe pre- 
paration depends much upon the syrapy solntioit being 
spread very thinly, and the beat being gradnnl.^ Solnlda 
in water, the solution does not affect either litmua or 
turmeric paper. From a solution of 100 grains, pohuli 
throws down abont 04 grains of peroiide of iron. D. 
Citric acid S'^, distilled water fS^'j> sulplinte of iron jv, 
solution of ammonia fSiT, or q. s. MssolTe the acid in flie 
vater by the aid of heat^ and, baving converted itim sul- 
phate of iron into the lijdrated peroiidp, na directed fin 
Ferri Feroxidum Bydratmn, introduce the produot into 
the cnpsnie containing the citric acid, and boil for 20 m' 
notes. When the solution has cooled, add, couitant 
stirring, tho ammonia in slight eiccss. and, having tnm 
ferred the solution to delf plates, 'evaporate to drynesi by 
a steam or water heat. Lastly, chip off tlie tXya of dly 
bbU, and preserve it in w^U-stopped bottles. Dvse, gr. 

Fbbbi AuKaKio-TASTRAS. AiEtN. Dissolve 1 part of 
tartaric add in q. s. of boiling wafer, odd 2 or 3 parts of 
iron wire, or turnings, and digest in a warm place ftir 2 
or 8 dnya. Add caustic ammonia in slight eica^ mis 
by trituration, and pour off the solation, set it aside, de- 
cant the clear liquid, and evaporate it to dryness. Be- 
dlssolve in distilled water, add a little more ammonia, 
filter, and evaporate the solution in shnUoiv porcebdn 
4!ishos by a gentle heat, till it becomea brittle. Ilien cbip 
it off with a blaQt-pointed knife. [Mr. Pbmtbb, Jan., 
of Philadelphia, gives a different process. Dissolve 60 
•Iracbraa of tartaric acid in a gaUon ("■ r^ -" --'" 


157 1 

e with carljODnte of aiDmonia, and add SO draclims< | 
if acid. Hrat tlie aolatioQ in a wiitcr Lath, and 
(>Ut hydrated oiide of iron (derived Irom f 
IS nf BeiqnioildB dissolved in luuriHtic aaid q. 
AcipilAted by omnioniH). Digest till tliu oxiile 
^^i, filUT, mid HtiiBh an directed above] Dose, 4 

iMKlAa. B. Sul(ih(ite of irnn Jii, arseniftto 

ed at 300° Jiv, acetate of soda Jiij. Lissulve tho 
.BWid weliitii of Boda iu Oij and the eulplmte of | 
Oi^' of boiling diet, water, mix tho tno laliitiime, , 
the whit« precipitate wliich formi), on a calico filter. 
llmntilthawaihiDgsceaBetobo affected by a dilute 
p of ubioiide <if barium. Squeeze the washed pro- 
I between folda of rtrong linen in n avievi preaj, and 
a poMUB bricks in a wunn'sir cliamber whose tem- 
B iltall not exceed 100°. Dose, l-IGt1i of a ^aiu, 
)Btie and eaaeeram off^eliast. (Bjbit.) Also uaed 
iHy,with 4 times its weight of phoiphate of iron, bj- 

-.; andintlie fonu of ointment. ' 

.__ imt. HoHK. Uixl part of iron flliaga-witb 
;of water in a stopped vial ; add 1 part of bromine ; 
' a bottle, and eet it aside, ehaking occasionally.. 

he Bolntion has assumed a gieeni&h coloar, Blter^ 

^rata to drynesa, Dose, gr. ij — vj. 
kDBOBAB. Wben a Eolutiou of carbonntQ of soda is 
a toe of Btilphate of iron, carlxmato of iron is pro- 
ds bnt in drying, by absorbing oxygen, nioet of it 
a B peroscide ; formerly iBnned Jfem OarioBog, and 
eofiotHU. This, however, is in u great measure 
ied by adding sugar to the washed and moist prc- 
in Ferri Carbonas cum Saccharo. Fore ear- 
on is difficult to make, and to preserve, and U i 
vtiole of Materia Medico. See Ferri Feraiidum. ] 


A Bulpbate of irnn Jij and carbonate of auinioiiin 
ell in Csa of bailing dist. vater, aod mix the two 

Swith brisk stirring la a deep cylindrical vessel, 
then to 1>e covt^red us accurately as possible. Sab 
Etnre by for 24 bones, and from the procipitate^ 
■as aalffildcd, separate tlic snpematnnt eolutiou by 



a siphon. Poijr on CJ of boiling dirt, water, atir well, 
Had, after subsidence, again remove tlie clear solnljaa. 
Collect tbe reanlting carbonate on a calico filter, and luving 
lirBt subjected it to eipreBBion, nib it with refined lUgu 
3i in a porceUiQ mortar. Finally dry tbe miitnre MI B 
temperature not exceeding 213". L. Cwh. soda ia nied, 
BS in B. 1864. Doae, gr. v. to i or ii. [The water used 
in waibiug the precipitate ebould have been reeently 
bailed, and coaled in a close vessel.^ 

FfiHBi Chlobiduu. p. The pToto-eMaride o! iron U made 
by Bilding cleun iron turniugs to muriatic acid, as long u 
any is dissolved, boiling the solution oq eicesa of irou, 
decanting the solutioD as bodq as it has settled, and ova- 
porating quicltly to dryness. 

Febei Chloeidtih HTDRiTcu. Ferrt Proio-mariiu. Digest 
anlphunht of irou iu excoss, with diluted muriaUo acid; 
filter, and evaporate, that crystuls may form. Keep then 
From the air. 

Fbbbi Peb-chlobhiiim. P. Dissolve red oxide of iron 
(Ferri Peroxidum) in hydrochloric acii), evaporate t]ie 
Bolntion to dryness by a water bath, and preserve it in 
well-closed bottles. See Liquor Farri Percbloridi. 

Fbsbi Crrsis. Be&a.l. Citric add Jlv, water Jiv; beat 
ti^ether in a platinum capsule, and griidiuJly «dd mdat 
peroxide of iron (see Ferrugo) as long as any ia diseolred. 
Proceed as directed for Fern Ammonio-citras; Aliont Ji 
of pure sulphate of irou will be reqnircd to furnish auffi- 
cicnt oside. The more gradonlly the citrate is dried, the 
larger the scales. Dose, gr. iv — viy. 


bydrated peroxide of iron in citric add, as for Ferri Citras, 
iind neutralize tbe solution with carbonate of magnesia- 
Filter, evaporate, and dry as Ferri Ammonio-dtras. Dose. 
gr. iij — viij, in solution or in pills. 
Fehbi £T Potase« CiTRiB. Mr. Heuthoway. DissolTs 
a known qmintity of citric acid in water, neutralize it with 
CBrbonilte of potasb; Oidd to this aa nioah acid as befbi« 
used, digest with bydrated oiide of iron, gnidaally added 
till a portion remaioB undissolved. Evaporate the Altered 
•olution as directed for Ferri Ammonio.cibvs. 


FdBBt er SoD^. CiiRKB. As the titst; siibsti 

boDnte of Bodn for carbooate of potaah. Tbe dowa 
uses ai the last threo ant the game as for Ferri Atnmi 

Febbi bt QmKTjB CiTBABi B. Mix fjTiij of solnti 
ammonia with Olj of dist. water, odd solution of peciul- 
phutu of iroD fS'vss. first diluted witli Oij of dist, witer, 
■tirring consUatl; and briiblji let the mixture >Uud for 
2 hours, itirriDg occasionall;, put it on a calico filter, and 
wheD tbe liquid baa drained away waah precipitate with 
dist. water till that wMch posseB censes to give a precipi- 
tate with chloride of barium. Mil snlphutc of quinia Si 
with S'iij "I'tt. water, add dilute<l aalphuriu acid fjxij, 
and when dissolved precipitate qninia with alight exceu 
of Eolution of amiDoala; callcct precipitate on lilter. and 
'wash it with Oiss of diat. WEt«r. Dissolve citric acid Jiy 
injf of dist. water, and, applying heat of water bath, add 
the oxide of iron, previously well drained; stir together; 
when diBEolved, add the precipitated ijniaia, cootinuing 
■gitaUon till this also has dissolved. Wb«n oool, add, in 
small quantities at a time, f5iij Eolation of ainmouia 
diluted with fjij dist- water, stirring briskly, and allowing 
quinia which separates with each addition of ammonia to 
dissolve before next addition ia made. Filter, ci*apocate 
to a thin a^rrup, dry in thin layers on porcelain or glaif 
{dates at a temperature of 100°, remove the dry salt in 
flakes, and keep it in a stoppered bottle. Bkbai:. Dis> 
solve i parts of citrate of iron and 1 of citrate of qainins 
in ^stilled water, and ei'aporate the solution l^ dryness, 
Bs directed foe Ferri AmmoDio-citrsa. Uose, gr, v. 

Fbkei FBUBO-cyiNBEETUH [Pbbcyasidcm, L.], U. S. Fare 
.PrvaiiaH Blue. Make a aulution of persulphate of iron, 
aud gradnally add to it a solution of ferro-cyanide of 
potassium, stirring after each addition till a precipitate 
«eases to form j then pour the whole on a filter, wash till 
tasteless, dry, and pulverize. Dose, gr. iij to vj. /» 
i»termille»U, epilepn/, ifc. [For tlie other varieties of 
PrusaluD Blue (TvBNAULL'a, and the SolviU Fruisia* 
Blue), see the JDnggafs General Seeeipt Boot. 

~- J lOBimiM. Iodide, or lodaret of Iron. B. Introduce. 
e 3iij, line iron wire Jiss, and 3xij of distilled 

on of ' 



into n fliisk, anil, liaving hcntcd the mixture genii; for 
about ten minnteg, raise the heat ftnd boil autil the Trotli 
liocomcs white. Pass the solotiou quickly throu(;h a iretUd 
calico filter into a liish o! polished iron, WRshing the filter 
with distilled nuter Jilj, and Ixnl down until A drop df the 
solution taken ont on the end of an iron wire Boliiljilei on 
cooling. The liqmd should now be poured out on a poTce- 
lain disli, and.naaoan^ it has solidified, ihoiild be )wa1i«a 
into frsgmenta, and enclosed in a sb>ppered bottle. Iba 
dry iodide is to be preserved in well-closed bottles. Tit is 
di^calt to prepare tlus in a perfect Btate, and sLnost 
imposBible to preierve it bo. It is therofore more fre- 
qnentl; preacrihed in the form of solution, Rynip, or pilli; 
which sec. M. Kopp TecommEods it to be made bj trilo- 
rating' 4 parts of iodine with 2 of water in a wide dish, 
then adding nt once 1 port of iron filings in a atste of fina 
division. Should the hent prodneod not be sntGcient to 
canse the diaeDgagement of rinlet vaponr, heat the mix- 
ture gentlj. It EooQ solidifies, and is kept in this state 
for use, but requires filtering' wheu disaolvecl.j Dote, 

Febbi loDtDCJt SiCcniiBATnii. Pbub. Ph. Mii 5j of 
powdered iron with jv of water, gradually add jiv of 
iodine ! proceed as nboTS to ohtain a solution, irith which 
mil Jiss of powdered sngar of lailk; evaporate, odd jj of 
powdered sugar of milk, and reduce to powder, [It oon- 
tains gr. ^ of iodide of iron in gr. vj. See also Saecfa&rQin 
Peixi lodidi.] 

Phbbi loDim SEBiTFije. See Sympus Ferri lodldi. 

Fbbbi Lactas. WoBHiBB. Into Ihij of sour whej sprinlila 
Jj pulverized ang:iir of >nilV anil ^j of iron filings ; digest 
the whole at 100° U11 the sugar is dissolved; then add 
another portion, and, as Boon as nwhite crystalline powder 
b^na to form, boil, and filter into a clean Teasel. Wish 
the crystAls slightly with cold water, and dry on lubnloua 
pxper. If. Lefage disBolvea 100 pnrts of laetate of lime- 
in 600 of boiling water, and 68 of crys. sulphate of iron 
in 500 parta of cold water. Mix l^e filtered solalions, 
odd a little luetic acid, and heat the mixture with constant 
stirring until de<^onipaaition is eomplete. Fitter, and set 
aside to crystallize. On further cviiporation, more crystals 



are obtained; WBsli them witJi a little alcobol, nud ilrjon 
blotting-paper. Dose, 1 to 5 grHina. 

Fbubi LrMATTHi. LsriOATi. P, FemuQ Piilveratum. 
Prepared iron filings ^ouiid lij means of d slab and uuiler 
of porpbjry to a fina powder, without moistore. Sea 
Perri Polvis. 

Fesbi LiUATirBi Pbjjpaiuta. Caic should bo tnlieii to 
piwure iron ClingB free fraia otber metala, aa these cannot 
be effectnally removed by the metliod formerl; usi^d for 
.their purification — drutvin^ them through a hair sieve 
ith a mngnet. P. direeta tbem to be beaten in an iron 
^.lortaT, the oxide and dust to be removed bj a fine ticve, 
■nd the grosser parta b; a cDarse hair BJevO. 

_ EBBI MAtis iMPuauM. See Eitractoni Martia PoiDatuin. 

Febbi MtrniATls TiuorDEi. Soe Titictura F. Perehloridi. 

I'sitBi Ojcmini Magnbticitm. B, Ferri Oiidum Nigrum. 
Slack Oxide qf Iron, or Martial Mlhiops. Formerly 
jirepareil from the GCales from the smitb'a anvil, prepared 
SB Creta Freepargta; but now made hy precijatatioo. B. 
SiSBolve sulphate of iron 3y in OiJ of distilled water, and 
add ulution of persulphate of iron fjTaa, then nui with 
scdntiDii of Boda CHv, stirring well togetber. Boil the 
mixture, let it stand for 2 hoors, stjiriug occasionally, 
then put it on a calico filter, and when the liquid has 
drained away wash the precipitate with dialnllou water 
tin what passes through ceasea to precipitate chloride of 
banam. Finally, dry the precipitate at a temperature 
not exceeding ISO". Dose, 6 to 10 graina. 

Fbbhi SKBijcioxmcM. L. Ferri PeroxiduiD. (Formerly 
Feiri Carbnnas and SubcacliaiiB^) DiegoIvo separately 
mlphate of iron fhir, cnrbonate of soda (cryst. snbo.) Ibiv 
3y, each in Ciij of boiling water. Mix the solutionB 
together wluUt hoh and set aside that the precipitate 
may subaido. The SQpernatantliiguid being poured off, wash 
the precipitate f requontly, and dry it. Doae, gr. iv — i ; 
but much larger doses are sometimes given in nenralgia. 

FbbbI OiiBiTM liCBHrM. E. From 3iv of tnlphate of 
iron (disBotved in Osa of boiling water, and Oii'iss of cold 
water adited}, and 5V of carbonate cC soda in thrice its 
weight of water. 

J^KBBi Fbboxibuic B. There are two forms of this pre* 



pBTOtiott in the B. P. 1867, the first irith S6 per cent, of 
imcombined water. 

Feubi Feboxiiicu Hcicisvif. B. Ferri Perotidnm 
Hjdnitaai, B. 1864. Mii solntion of paraulpLata of 
iron fjiv with Q) of ^stilled wxter, and add grnduallj to 
BOlotian of soda, f juuiij, stirring constantly aud bri^lj. 
Let them stand for 2 hoars, Blirring ocouianolly, then put 
on calico filter, and, when the liquid has drained away, 
wash the pFecipitatB nith distilled water till what paaMB 
through ceases to give a preciji'itate with chloridB of 
hariam. Lastly, cuijose tlie precipitate, witbont drying it^ 
in a Bt«ppered hottle, or other vessel, from which evapora- 
tion cannot take place. It should l>e recently made. [SS 
per cent, of aDcomhlned water. Used as an antidote b> 
arsenia Dose, 3i to ^as.] 

Fbbbi PKBOxictrM HrsBATTU. B. Dry Hydrate of the 
Peroxide of Iron. Dry the taoUt peroiide ftj at a ten 
tore not exceeding 213° till it ceases to lose weight, 
dace to a fine powder. Dose, gr. v — m. 

Feubi FKECrimBim. See Ferri Pcrro-cyannretnm, 

Fbkbi Pbbnitbatib LiftTJOB. See Liquor Ferri PernltntiB. 

FsHHi FffospniB. B. Sulphate of iron Jiij, phosphate rf 
soda jiiss, acetate of soda 3j. boiling distillM water dr. 
Dissolve the sulphate of iron in one half of the water, and 
the phosphate and aoitate of soda in the remaining half. 
Mil the two solutions, and, after careful stirring, transfm 
the precipitate to a calico filter, and wash it with hot 
dlstiUed water, till the filtrate ceases to give a predpitate 
with chloride of barium. Finally, dry the prfldpitate at a 
temperature not ciceeding ISV. U. S. Dissolve sepa- 
rately pnre mlpliate of iron %v and phosphate of soda 
Jvj in Olv of water; laii, and, when the pbotphata has 
enbsided, pour olT the sapematnnt liquid, wash the pre- 
cijiitiitc with hot waterj and dry it with a gentle heat. 

Febbt Oxephospbas. Cabuiosabl. Toa sulutjon of per- 
chloriile of iron add one of phosphate of soda as long; aa a 
precipitate foils. Waah this, and dry it. Dose, 3j. 

Febri BiFHoaPBAS. (?) Dr. Rodth. Tometaphosphorieacid, 
' oiling in a platiiia capsule, add as much phosphate of iron 
9 it will dissolve, and let the solution solidify by cooling 


and expoBurc to the ur. Dote, gr. j — ij, twice or thrirv 

a day. Itt lUhility, uith nervout d^msnion and aiutma, 

f WLctlier tLe above is a definite chelnicftl compound maj 

^^M queBtJoned. Until ita compoiitioii ia ascertained, the 

^^Uove name, under which it U prescribed by Dr. Kocth, 

^^E^ be pravUioDally ntuaed.] 

^^BcM Tahtibaidu, B. Van Pi>Uiilo- Tnrtrw. Tar- 
^^pirafeif iron. Folaiiio-tarlrale efiron, or FerrO'tarlrote 
, i^ palaii. B. Add BotutloD of peraoIpLatii (iF iron jiv 
to Oj of diatilled water, and gradnally pour the dilute 
eolation into solution of soda Oij or q. s., stirring well for a 
few minutsB; then collect the precipitate ou a culico filt<;r, 
and wash it with distlUed water until the flltnite ceases 
to become tuibid on the addition of chloride of barium. 
To acid tartrate of potash in powder Jij and Jxii of 
distilled, water placed in a copEule add the precipitate, and 
digest the mixture with repeated stirring for 6 hours, at n 
Leat which moat be carefully prevented from riling above 
140°. After the solution has cooled down to the tempera- 
ture of the atmosphere, decant it off any undissolved pre- 
cipitate, evaporate it to the consistence of syrup, snd, 
baving poured it in a thin layer on Sat porcGlain or glass 
(tea, eyaporata it to dryneasat a temperature not exceed- 
[ lUf. Laally, remove the dried aaJt in flukes and 
nerve it in stoppered battles. L. Mix f jsa or sulphuric 
d with Oj of distilled woter, und dif aoivc In it Jiv of 
Sipliate of iron ; heat being applied, add giadualty fSj of 
nitric acid. Boil the solution to the thickness at syrnp, 
and mix it with Omj of distilled water ; then add fjx of 
BolntioD of anmionia to throw down the aesquioxlds of 
iron. Waah this, and set aside for 24 bonrs. Than mix 
3ij of bitartrate of potash with Oss of distilled water, and 
heut to l-10°i add gradually to it the moi«t sesquioiido, the 
■upematant water having been poured off. Strain through 
Uiuw to separate the undissolved oxide, and evaporate the 
' a aolution Ijll a dry salt remains. But it may he dried 
"ini Ammoaio-eitras. E, (Fermm tartarizstiun) directs 
[loist oxide (preparcdas directed under Ferrugc) from Jv 
dphste of iron, to be mixed with Oir of water, and 
j of Wtartrate of potash, and boil till the oxide is 
' ' When thp eolution ia cold pour oil' the clrar 




liquid, add carbonate 
effervescence, and evapf)rate so that tba residuo may be 
Bolid wlien cold. U. S. directs the moist oiide and saper- 
tartrate of potasll CD be digests for 30 honn at 110°, and 
tile Boluljon evaporated. D. From 8 oancea of snlphate 
of iron prepare tlia hydrateil oiide (aee Farri Peroxidont 
Lydratum), aud, baving washed it, place it immediately in 
a porcelain eapanle with Uiaa of distilled water and & 
ounces of bitartmte of potash ; apply a heat, cot beyond 
150°, to the miitnre, and etir it occasionally for 6 hoan. 
Let the solntion, when cool, be decanted and evaporated to 
dryness, io delf dinner-plates, at a heat not exceeding' ISO''. 
Chip off the dry salt^ and preaerre it in weQ-stopperBd 
bottles. Dose, gr. t to xxx. 

Fbbbi BITABTBA9 CUM PoTABSffi SntpaATK. Mr. Ttboh. Tri- 
turate 3iii of Bulpliatc of iron with 3ies of nitrio acid, and 
add t^Y] of water and5vj of bitartmte of potash. Boi], fitter 
while warm, and evaporate to dryness. Dose, gr. v — xi. 

FiBRi PBOTO-scrt.FRAa. See Fcni Solpbas. 

PbBbi PBOTO-TABiaiS. Dr. Ubb. Digest 5j of iron tum- 
iuRS, $89 oE tartaric acid, and hot water q. b, till tha 
actioD has ceased; diffnae the tartrate through the HqiUd, 
pour it off from the iron, collect the ponder, naah, and 
dry it. [Or ^seolre Beparately in water 132 parts of 
ccys. tartrate of potash and 139 of pure sulphate of 
iron; wash the predpitDte with boiling water, gqoeeie 
it stron^'ly in a doth, and dry it on a salt-water baUi> 


Fbbbi Photo -BtTLPHtrBBttiM and Pbh.bflphdbbtcfm Hy- 
DBATITM. See after, Ferri Sulphuretum. 

Pbbhiim BEDictnM, B. Ferri Pnlvia. Iron radaced bjf 
hS/drogen. B. Introduce hydratcd peroxide of iron ^ 
into a gnn-barrel, confining it to the middle pact of the 
tube by plugs of asbestos. Pass the gun-barrel throogk 
a finmnce, and, when it has been raised to a strong red 
hest, cause it to be travened by a etream of hy<drogen gas 
developed by the action on granulated nine of some sul- 
phuric acid diluted with 8 times its volnme of water. 
The gas, before entering the gnn-harrel, must be rendered 
quite dry by being mode to pass first through BalphDrlc 
acid, and then through a tube 18 inches long, packed with 



fKoiW hngmenta of chloride of »!cinm. Tbe riirther end 
«f the gim-ljarrel ig to be connected bj a cork with a hent 
itube difiptng under v/ater; and wben tlio liydrogcn is ob- 
" iTvai. to pBM tbroiigh the water at the aamo rste thnt it 
ibblea through the mlphnric ncid, tbe fnrnace is to he 
red to cool down ta tbe temperature of the atmosphere, 
cnrrent of bydregen being bUU oodtinuad. Tlio 
laced iiVD h then to be witbdrswo, nod enclosed io a 
stoppered bottle. Dose, gr. t, frequently repented. 
"~8rao. Riirt of iron, obtained by the nction of 
and air on iron, waa fornierij used, after being 
ipHTCd ae CieU Frxparutn. Bat it ia now jirepured hy 
njntatioD. See Ferri Peroiiduin, nud Forruga. 
■ SiTLPHAB. B. On 3iv of iron wire, in a poreelnin 
ipsule, pour Oiss of water, and add fjiv of eulphoric 
iiud; wlien the dieong^gement of gas hoa csaacd, boil for 
linnt^a. Filter, and in SI hours aepnrote tbe crystols, 
let them be dried npon filtering paper plaeed on 
poRraabriclu; andtben preserved in wal!-a lopped bottles. 
VoK, gr. Bs to gr. v. 

IStBt SiTLPKAi EXBICCATA. B, Eipose Bulphate of iron 
3Iv In s poreelain dish to a hent of 212°, which may be 
finallj raised to 100^, until aqueous vapour oeaaes to be 
g^ven off. IledncQ the residue to a fine powder, and pre- 
aerve it in a stoppered bottle. 

^mi Sdlfhas Gbakviata. B. Qiagalve the iron in 
enlpboric acid aa above, and tbeo filter the aolntion into a 
jar eoutaining rectlHed spirit ^vilj, Etitrtug the mixture ao 
that the tolt shall sepamte in minute granulur crystals. 
l>et these, deprived by decantation of adhering liquid, be 
r-trasaferred on filtering- paper to porons bricliB, and dried 
)j Bipoanre to the atmosphere. They should be prBsetved 
— stoppered bottle. 

PBBSwtPHAH. By evaporating the filtered Bolution 
•to dr;peBS at a modemta temperature, the salt is obtained. 
SeeLiqaor Ferri Fersulphutis. 
lOpnrtsof well-woabcdalumine, 3 of soft iron filings, 5 of 
carbonate of potash or of soda, with water and eurhonic 
^id, under strong pressure, yield a solutioa, to which 

■ Let- 




^H sulphuric Bcid is ailtUd in excea. Tha aalt is nljluiiicd 

^H^ ill crystals. Dnse, &om 5 to 10 grains. 


^^ sulphate of iron with balf iU weight of tartaric acid in a 
littlo cold water ; ndd nminonia to sataration, filter, md 
evnporate to dryness. Re-dissolve, ndd a liCtla more nin- 
monia, filter, and again evaporate lo drjoESS. Twclre 
grains are pqnal to 10 of the sulphate. It ia not precipi- 
tated bj alkalies. Dose, |[r. j to vj. 
Fbbei SuLPHUltErfiu. D. Hud E. liab a rod of iron lieat^ 
to full whiteness on a roll of aulphari Ut the melted sol- 
plmret fall into a vessel of nater. Separate it from por- 

>lJnna of melted snlphnr, and dry it. Aa inferior kind ia 
Tnadd by haktiiig in a cracilile u nuxtore of 1 part of tul- 
phur with 3 of iron filings, removing the cracible aa soon 
■a tlie mixture begins to glow, and covering it till Uie 
action has ceased. 
Febbi PEOTo-BrrLPHBEBTUii Hydbatvu. Add a Bolatlon 
of bihydrosnlphuret of soda to one of proto-sulpliafo of 
iron ; wash the preeipitata quickly on a cloth filter, 
sqneexe out most of the water, and keep the paste frona 
the sir. In this state it is used as an antidote far 
poifloninit by mrroaive sublimate. It may be safely taken 
in contidcrahle dosca. [For the anhydroiia proto-Balphoreti 
see Perri Sulphnretnm, above.] 
Fbobi pEB-stTLFEtrBSTCu: UmBATCU. Iiito a, dilute solu- 

»tion of liver of sulphur drop mty gradually a neutral 
solution of peranlphate of iron, prepared aa directed nndar 
Ferri Poroiidum Hydratum. Collect and pn^sfive tli» 
precipitate as the last. M. Bodchaedat prefers it to th« 
proto-sulphuret as an antidote for sublimate, white Hrsemr. 
and the salts of load and copper. 
Fbbbi StLpaocrrANninM. Sulphocyanide nf iron is formed 
by mixing n solution of sulphocyanide ai potaasinia witll 
a neutral solntion <^ a persult of iron. 
FBBBr TiSNiB. Beshubiti. To a boiliug solution of 90 
parte of pure tannic acid adtl gradually 410 ports of Sub- 
carbonate (sesquioiide) of iron which lias been prepared 
Jrom pure sniphute of iron and carhoniite of soda, and 
' dried at a moderate heat. Agitate the solotion till fT* 

~ eacence ecasea, Empomlc "' ' """^ 



in ■ porceLiia vasaol, nntil it becomes tLlcIc; then 

it Du g]ass or pDrcelHiii to dry, in a stovs, at ba'. ill 

ehtorosit, 2 or 3 gTaioB, throe times a duj. incrcaaing the 

^^ni TuiEBUNAB. D. CoDTert 3ir of aulplmte of iron 
^^fctD peraalphats, and add diatllled vater to tlie aolatJoa to 
^^Mke np fjriij. Di«Bolre %v 5iij of vaterionBte of soda in 
^^Sob of distilled water, nui the two aolations cold, and, 
^^Mvinft placed tbo precipitate uii a filter, and washed it 
with Obs of distilled water, let it be dried by placing it for 
Boma days, rolled iln in bibntona paper, on a porous 
brick. It sbonld be kept in a well-atopped battle. Doao, 
gr. j— ij. 
JTbebcoo. E. ItubiKO Fern. Hgdrattd Stiquioxide of 
Iron. Dissolve Jiv of sulphate of iron in Oij of water, 
add f5iiiss of oQ of vitriol, and boil tbe solntion ; add 
f3ii or q.s. of nitric acid (1'380) in amall portloua, boiling 
tbe liquid for a minute or two after each addition, uutil it 
acquires a yellowisb -brown coloor, and yielda u prcdpitate 
of the sanw colour witb ammonia. Filter, and allow the 
liquid to coot ; tlieu add in a fall streaiu fjiiisa of strong 
BDimonia. stirring briskly. Collect tbe precipitate in a 
calico filter, wash it thorooghly with water till tbe wash- 
ings cease to precipitate with nitrate of barytes, then 
■qoeeze it atiDiigly, and dry it at a heat not above 180°. 

When it is intended for an antidote for poisoning with 
arsenic, it is preferable to preserve it in a moist state, 
alter being simply squeezed. [It is used in tbe same state 
for making the citrate, ammonio-citrate, potiisli -tartrate, 
and some other salts of iron. Aa its efficacy, as an anti- 
dote to arsenic, is impaired by long keeping, even in the 
moist state, it would perhaps be better to keep the solu- 
tion, prepiired as in the first part of the prooeaa, in readi- 
ness ; and to add ths ammonia when required for use.] 
Flobes AlTBWiTii (orange Howers) are preserved by miiing- 

tliem with half their weight of salt. 
Flobes SambdcI Saxiti. Fredh elder Sowers are strewed in 
a cask or jsr witti lilteraata layers of dry noli, for du- 
tiUiitg the vxaer at aag period of the gear. 
^ beUadonna leaves in a aolutioa of 3j of opium in ^ij of 



water, and i3ry thom iu the Etinde. For imoking in pMHtU, 
spasmodic asthma, ifo. 

iHA Sbsh* Seieitd Extbacta. Pbitb, Ph. Macerate 
1th 4 ptLTtB of rccli&cd spirit fur 2 dnja, then ex- 
press and dry it. [Supposed to render it milder.] 

Fonraimjii {vel Fotas) Aceti. P. White vinegup 3tuj, 
cold water 3:cnij. 

FOMBSTtrM Ammonlb McBiATja. Ch. DecoctioD of mal- 
low Oisa, muriate of ftmnioiiia ^j i diaaolva, and add spirit 
of cnmplior 3y. XJ, C. H. Morittte of ammonia JJ, ■watM 
fS^ty- proof spirit fji], liqu;d snbacetatc of lend f^, 

FOMBBTtrH: ANTHHMrDM. Chamomile flowers 5ij> water 

fciv; boil, Slid strain. Two or three poppy-haids ue 

BOmctimes added. 
FoitKHTUM Abhiom. Ouaepb. Flowers of imica Jii, rue 

3j; infuse in autfldent boiling' water to atmin off fjlii. 

For hlack Bges and ol/ter exlrmaaationt. See Lotio 


iMKBTtTM CoKn CoMPOsmjH. GoT'a H. Dried liomlod 

3ij, dried cliamomileg Jas, boiling water Oias; macerate 

for Z hours, stmia, and press. 
FoKBirtCM DieiTAUS. Dried foiglove ^, boiling water 

Oiss; infuse, and etrain. 
FoTTO AsTiNsraiioicuH. MutnE, Aaetnta of mnrphia 

gr, ij, acetic acid gntt. i% eau de Cologne 31]. la facial 

FoTDs AuoMATicna. E. n. Cloves Si, mace 5]. red wine 
Ibjj boil a little, and strain. F. H. Wormwood, buy. 
leaves, rosemary, each Jj; water Oii'; boil, and atnun. 
FoTVB ABTsiBanBa. Decoction of oak bark or of pome- 

granftte Oias, nlnm jiij. 
Poms CALXiua. F. H. Mallows 5J, henbane 5j, poppy- 

heads 3j • water tbiv ; bull to Ibii j. 
^OTTja CoMMUsra, L. 1744. Dried eoutbemwood, eea 
wormwood, chamomiles, of each ^, dried l>uy-li>nvea %kb, 
' ;r Ov; boil slightly, and fitmin. 

a DlFLCAlUB£. See Decocturu Dulcamara!. 
B EuOLLtBBS. P. Emollient Lerfaa {ipeciet emoUim 
t Sji boiling water Oiss. IbEuso lor an hour, ami st *■' 


S'OTUS Nabgoticts. p. Narcotic herbs {species narcotica) 
5jf boiling water Oiss. Infuse for an hour, and strain. 

F0TU8 Galljb. Ch. Brniscd galls ^ss, boiling water Ibij ; 
macerate for an hour, and strain. In prolapsus and 

Fonrs Papatbbts. As Decoctum Papateris. 

FOTTTB BmOLYENS. Infusion of elder flowers Jviij, Goulard's 
extract Sss. 

Fonrs SAiiBUCi. P. Infusion of elder flowers. 

FOTUS TAMffiNi. KicOBD. Tannin 513, aromatic wine ^viij. 

FoTTTS VnTOSxrs. P. Red wine Oij, honey ^ivss. See also 
Lono and Eubbocatio. 

FuuGK)BALi. DEScnAMFS. Caustic potash 20 parts, pow- 
dered wood soot 100 parts, distilled water q. s. ; dissolve 
the potash in a little water, and add the soot ; boil for an 
hoar, then add more water, and filter. Evaporate the clear 
solution to dryness, constantly stirring ; and put the pow- 
der into dry bottles. Dose, 2 or 3 grains. 

FviJOOEALi SirLFHnBATxr&r. Caustic potash 14 parts, sul- 
phur 4 parts; heat them together with a little water 
till dissolved, add fuligokali 60 partf, and evaporate to 

FuMiaATiO Abohatica. Olibanum, amber, mastic, of each 
5iij, storaz 5\j, benzoin nnd labdanum, each 5j; throw the 
mixed powders on red-hot cinders. Sec the next. 

FtrmGATio BaIiSAMICa. Benzoin is burnt alone, or with 

storax, as a remedy for hooping-cough ; 9j or 5ss of each 

being thrown on hot cinders or a heated iron in the patient's 

' room. Dr. Dohbn prescribes olibanum ibij, benzoin ibss, 

storax ftss, dried roses 5yj, lavender flowers Jvj. 

FvMi&ATio Belladonna. M. Schboedeb. About 5ij of 
the dried leaves are thrown on a pan of coals ; to relieve 
hamopiysis, and allay cough. 

FrnmaATiO Chlobinii. Suffiimigaiio Ougtoniana, P. Put 
into an earthen vessel 3 parts of common salt, 1 of oxide 
of manganese, and 2 of water; add 2 parts of sulphuric 
acid. Stir it with a glass rod, or tobacco-pipe. This is 
for unoccupied rooms only, 


cinnabar 3ij, iodine gr. x; in six powders. One to be 
thrown on to a heated iron at the bottom of a large jar, 


of Bnfficieot size to racaiva the limb. In igira, paorialu, 
and tubercular erspliaitt: to be applied for 20 minutes, 

FmnoATio MEBOiraiALiB. Absbnetsy dicects the patient 
to be placed in a vaponr bath, in Ilia under-gannenta, and 
his nei:k sacared by a towel; and eipoeed for 15 or 20 
minutes to tbe rupour from 5IJ of black oiide of quick- 
silver put on to a heated iron. F. H. nae 58S to jiy of red 
snlphuret of mercury, either nloae or miietl with ^j of 
olitinnnm. The sulphuret is nko nsed by placing 33^ on k 
hot alioval eoTered with a ftinnel (or in an apparatos Bold 
for tha purpose) aud the fumes inhaled to produce aali- 
vaUcn. Mr. Collbs recommends the oxide or galpliuret 
to ha mixed with melted wai, and formed into tapan, 
whieh are to be bnmad on a plate, covered with a curved 
funnel rdised abont an inch above the plate, and the vapoor 
inhaled, or directed to any part. 

Firaio-iTlo AoCDi NiTBici. Svffaialgiiiio ewa Aeldo Nlfrieo, 
F. Pat into u porcelain cup equal measures of sulplinria 
acid Bod water, and add to it from time to time pondered 

FuuiQATio NlTBOSA. SoHk porous paper in a solution of 
nitre ; roll it up, place it in a candlestick, and set it on Sre. 
Jit altkma. (American Journal.) 

PpHiQATto ProBA. Sir A. Cbichtos. Mii Norway t 
with a little carboDate of potash (Jss to ttij) to neutra!ix» 
the acid, snd keep it hentid by means of a spirit huup- 

OAEOiStSMA. St. B. H. [G.Simpler, Girr'B II. ; Communft 
IT. C. H.] Vinegar fSiisa, dacoction of barley Oj, honey 
or honey of roaas fSias. Mil. 

GABOABlaKA. AOIDt MCTEIATIOI. CH. Muriatic acid (IDtt. 

m, honey of roaea f Jij, decoction of barley Qv]. St. B. H. 

Bed roaea 5ij. boiling water Q[, muriatic acid sisa. Mac«riit« 

for an hour, and strain. F. H. Infuiiouofbarkjir, ^rttp- 

of honey Jj, muriatic acid 18 drops. 
OAKSABiaiu ^BiTQliiia. Gc^'a H. Liniment of verdigris 

(Oxgmel ^niginit) fjsa, honey of roses fjii, decoction of 

linreed fjiiias. Mn>. H. Liniment o£ vordigria fji, n ' 

lage t^ij, water f^ix. Mix. 
Ga^iqasibua Aluuinis. SAciTDEBa. Alum 9j, infusion of 
icsfSvy, honoy ofroMsJj. Gur'a H. AInm 5J, deci 


tionef borkfStv], hoo^yorroMB fjin*. Mid. II. Alrnn ^ij, 
watHr t^iW. Zoesl's Specijfc con>iste<l of ntum Jiij. uitre 
Siy, cream of tartar jiv, vinegar Ibiv, svaporsted lo dry- 
aeas. 5ir of tbis to 'be dissolved in Jviij of plantain wal^. 

QABaiUKU&Ai'TiscoBBmciTV. P. Bitter •pedra(*pwtu 
iiiuii-k) 5j, boiling water jvi^ ; infnso for an hour, utmiiii 
lad add ajrop of honey Jij, anUacorbntlo tiDctore Jj. 

GiBOAKiBHA AvTiBEmcuH. F. B. Muniiti) of Kminonia 
9s9, camphor 3j, decoction of bark ^vj. 

Oaboabisua Abtbihoinb. a. T. Tbohboh. Infarion of 
taa& t^^iji diluted inlpliuric luid f^, tincture of CRtecbn 
f5TJ, tincture of opinm fjiaa. SkSSkBT. Tanoin ^a, honey 
of rosea Jj. water %v\q, rose wster 3y. Dr. Kflioam. 
D«!0<tian of pomegrenate fjvij, honey of borax Jj. /• 
opUAoiu u/wroJioM. 

OABflAlilBlu BoHAClB. GUT'S H. Borai 3IJ, barley water 
fjrij, honey of rosea ^. MtD. H. Borax 31J, oxymelfjaa, 

Gabsaiusha Calcie Chiabinat-t;. Clilnride of Kine 5iJ, 

water Oj i triturate, filter, and add clorifled honey Xj. 
Qaboaiubua Capbici. n. C. H. TIncturoof capsicnm.f^j, 

■watur fjvj, vinegar fjj. Mid. H. Tiuotura of capsicutu 

fjij, water f5iy, 
QaKS&bibha Chudbinil Mm. H. Chlorine water l^ij. 

water f5». F. H. Chlorine water 3", water Jiv, ajrup jss, 

gnu) tra^canth gr. x. 
Qaksarisha CmcHONs. Bhakbb. Decoction of bHrk fSiiins. 

infurion of roses fsiiisa, tincture of myrrh fjij, muriatic 

QasOAsISXA Dbtbbsbbb. p. Honey of ro?es jij, aleotiol- 

tted sulphuric »<^d Jsa, decoction of barley ^vvi]. 
QABeABIStlA KlfOLLIBI'8. BvCHAN. Althsa root ^, flga 

3ij, water Oij; boil to Oj, iind strain. P. H. Deeootioii 

of althaea 5*'i" *jrnp of honey Jj. 
Qaboabibha Htdbae&thi BicBtOBiDi, Ch. CorroBive- 

anblimategr. u, decoction of barley Oj. honey of roaea 3ij. 

CcT. H. Bicliloride of oiercnry 3^9, dilute nitric acid 5j, 

Unetnre of myrrh 5j, water Oj. Manch. H. Solution of 

bichloride of meronry, L., f5», treiicle ^j, w 



^H ■Gailqabisua Hxubabqtbi CyAmrBEri. Pabent. Cynnide 

^^M nf mercury gr. x, deiiacLioa of altbiGa or of linseed Oj. 

^B -GiBOAniBai loDiKir. Dr. Roaa. Tinoture of iodine 3i 

^^B to 5ij, tincture of opium 3j, water f^vj. In ulceration of 



■flABQiBISMA MAHOAHESn ACETSTIS. Acotate of <,..-- 

3j, water fjvij, clurified honej gj. [Tlio chloride nnd tlwi 

ealpliBte of inanganesB are also naed, nbont 5»s or 3ij to Jvj 

of bailey water, &(i.] 
Oab&asisui Makqabbbu Oxmi. Pehbioa. Black oxide 

of manganeBB jij, decoction of liarley fjv. 
OAaiJABTaMiL, Mtbbh^. Ch. Tincture of myrrli Jes, boney 

of rosea t^ias, lirac water Jv]. Mawoh. H. Tinotnro of 

mjrrh fjsa, treacle gw, camphor mixture ^vij. 
-Qabqabisma Nitsi. Bhasijk. Nitre 5ij, aimplo oiymel fjj, 

bnrley wnter f^vij. 
-^AsaABiBUA Fliiubi. Gatieb. Liquid diacetate of lead 3t9, 

bnrley water Ibj, symp 5f. 
Oabhabisma PoTssaa! Chlobatk. Chlorate of potaah ^, 

water Jvij, hnney of rosea Jj. 
•Gabsarisma Feketdbi. SvrEDiADR. lufasion of pellitory 

Oj, iQuriate of ammoniu Jij, vinegar Jiij. 
Oasoabisha Qitkrci. Ab DecoctuTu Qneici. 
Qasqabisua IUbtbikobns. Ch. Cross H. Alum 5ij, hooey 

jij, water Oj. 
Qabqabisjia Kiiois Giadbi. An infaaion of tlie inner boric 

of tbe root of amootli sumach is used oa a gargle iu iner- 

QiBBAaiSMA Ros«. Kkhrtck, CoQaerve of rosea 3iij, boiling 
water Qivj t inf uae for an liour, add diluted stilphurlc auil 
f5ij, nud atmin. 

Gabqabisma Sibpxek. See Gaegabibjea. 

Gabqabibua SiNiFis. M. Fleuby. Blaclc muatitrd aeed 
bniiaod jiv, salt Siv, vinegar 3»iij, warm water f3vii> 
Digest, and filter. 

Oabgabisma Sodji Boratis. Sec Gsr^iiama Boradi, 
•Gabbabisila Sods Chuibiwatae. Gvi'b H. Solation of 
chloride of aoda fjTJj, water fjx^. Dr. Coflaho. Sola- 
tion f^iij, boney 3aa, water f^vj. St. B. H. i^ij of the 
aolutiou to fjiv of water. CiTT. H. Sol, of cUorinated 
aoda 3j. water 5}T. 


Gabqabibha Spieitcb ViKi. Ur. Watbok. ErauJj 1 piu-t, 

wiiter 6 parts. It aalieal'ioa. 
Gab&AribHA STIMCLASa. Dr. COPLASD, Infusion of rosia 

fSviBi, dilntcd muriatic aclil nil. tiucturo of cupsicura 

£5188, boney 31 ij. 


5,1, acetate of lead Dj, distilled water fjtij. 

QABQ-ABtaMA Tannim. Jaknibt. TaiiDin (amdum tanai- 
enm) jsg, honey of rosea Jij, water Jviy. rose water Jij. 

Oahqakisha TfiBEanTHiNATDM. Gbddihsb. Oil of tur- 
pentine 3lj> mucilage Sviii. la saUpaiion. 

GiBOARlBMi itooi. Dr. CoPLABB. Sulpliato of zinc 3j, 
rose water fjvij, simple oxyinal f^j. 

Oblatina. Faieat OelaHas is made by macerating cottings 
of catres' skins nith caustic soda, washing, exposmg to 
fomea of sulphur, dieaolving, drying tlie jolly, vnttiniK it, 
washing it thcFToaghlj, und again dissolving and drying it. 
[The pmcesa. wldch ia eecured by a patent, need not be 
more parKonlarlj desEribcd. In Prance pure gelatine is 
termed grenetine,'] 

GstATIHA BSBBGBOBCM. G. 1744. Picked barberries Ibj, 
white sDgar Ibj i boil gently to a duo conaisteaoe, and 
struiu tbrongh flsDueU 

GBiiATiifA CoBNlJ Cbbvi. P. HiictsliDm shavings jviij, 
water Oiij, white sngar Jiv, and 1 lemon. Wash the 
liartahorn, boil it in the water gently till rednced to half ; 
strain, and presa, add the sugar and lemon juice, and the 
wbite of an egg beaten ap with water ; clarify by heat, 
and reduce to a (;ehitinizing consistenoe. Add the lemon 
peel, atrain, ami set it in a cool place. 

hQBlAllKA Chorshi. Soak jj of Irish moss in cold water, 
■.drain, boil in Oij of water to a proper conaisteuce, adding 
Ktemon, 4c., tothe taste. Uohchos directs 3j of carragheen 
Ko bo boiled for half an hoar with fjivj of water, and §iiss 
■of lugar in lumps to he added to the strained liquor. 
■which is evaporated to 3^^^ji ^^^ aromatized with a few 
k drops of tincture of orange or lemon peel. It is alao made 
with milk. Bsbal directs moss 9iv, milk Sniv, sngnr 
Sis, ciuuaruou 3j. Bab. Ph. Soak 3^ of the moss in cold 
~ water, nnd boil it with 3iy of milk. 

dlLATl»A C0PAIB.S. M. CAltUJT, Isinglass 4, water 25; 


diBBolvc in witec batli, poor ihe dear liquid jelly into a, 
wnrtn inovtar, and add copuiba 30 ; triturate, and poiiF in 
B vessel to jelly. In the same way prcpuTB jelly of cod- 
liier (h1, cnetiOr oil, &c. 

Obu-tina CYDOSioanM. E. 1744, Juice of qui noes' fbiij, 
lagAi Hij ; boil to a jelly. 

GsLATOfi Fdoi. Dr. BoaaEUi. Bladder-witiok (liiau 
vetiimlofiis) Ibij, sea watur Ibij ; macernta for X5 days. 
Applied to glaHdnlai- ttummri. 

OiLATiKi. Fuel Aktlicsi. Dr. SiauoxD. Botl gsi of 
pn'jiared Ceylon moBS in Oij of water for 25 minutes (or 
till a apoonf al tHhcn out jellies in two or three minut^), 
Flnvour with wine, lemon, &a., and Btrain. 

Gblatina Qlyokhujs. Qlj/cerine jelly. Mix glycerin 
tlie reqaired consistence with comp, tragacanth. pawd«r. 
Or take powdered gum nrBbic 3^'- xymp Jlv (Sitj soear 
to 3j water), tlie yolka of 3 egge, olive oil 5'v> glyeenne 
^ij. Rub the gum and syruji well together, add the yolks, 
and. when mixed, add the oil and glycerine previouily tri- 
tnratcd together. Applied to chapped hands, abra^oni, 
Ae. See Gljeerinnm Amjli, B. 

GsiAtiMA Hbluihthycobti. p. Boll 3j of COTmCWt n 
for an hour in water q. s. to yield Jsiij. Add 3j at 
isinglBBS Rrsb Boaked in a litllo water, Jij refined id~ 
and Ji] white wine. Boil, and atrain. 

Oei,atina loHisTOCOLiiX. Soak the Mngluss in cold wi 
then boil in water to h gelatlniiing conaiBtenee. 
makes Oj of strong jelly j to which may be added wine, 
engsr, £c. SoiTBEtBAK directs isinglass 5vj, water jiiiv, Jitj, citric auid 3as, tincture of fi-esh lemon, o 
orange peel Siy. 

Gelatika Iodttkbta. QeUe pour la Oollre. See Linimen- 
tum lodurctum Qelatinosum. 

Oblatina LiOHBNia. P. Iceland moss Jij, white ai ^ 
Jit, iainglan 5j. Wit»h the moss, and boil it for an. hour 
in enonglt water to yield a strong solution. Strain, Uave 
it to settle, decant; heat again with the isinglass (first 
steeped in water) and the sii|;ar, and stir continually till 
it hails. Keep it gently boiling till safficiently coni — 
tratedj remove the skin from the snrface, put it into j 
and set it to cool. The moss is somctlniea deprived of 



• wliile warm, 

^Htion of i gra 

^^Vof its bittern 
^^~ strain, snd i 

!ts bittarneBB, by macerating it in cold water {cliatiged 
every 6 honrg) for 3 diiy*. 
Obiatika Liohbnib ecu CiscnoKA. P. Add tu tlie last, 

wliile wnrni, Jvj of ajmp of Imrt. [Sulphate of quinine 
' imetimes aubstitnted for Bjnip of bark in the projior- 
of i grain to each ij,"] 

NA LicHEBia SiccATA. P. Iccknd moaa depiived 
bitternees Ibj ; boil it in iuSlcient water for en liLiir, 
■train, snd preaa; add BQgar tbj, and evuponito in n Hat 
TCBBel to a firm consistence, stirring it conBtantly. 1 beu 
eprend it on plates, dry it in a st^vc, and reduce it tu 

Gblathia Mabaktsi;. Boil 3xvj of water with a little 
sugar, and add to it Sj of arrow-root, previously mblied 
to a noDoth paste with a little cold water; let it hoil 
for an iastaut, and pour it out. Jelly of potiito nrrow-root 
■nd of tout lea moU is prepared in tho same way. Sngo 
and tapioca require to be first aonked in cold water, then 
boiled witb fresh water to a proper eonsiEtence; aitilicg 
sugar, Ac, to the taste. One onnee will be Buffieicnt for 
a pint ofjelly. 

OBtiTniA Salbpj!. Gronnd ealep jiv, sugar Jiv, water q. «. 
Boil to fjivj, and flavoar to tho taft^. 

GBhtiabiba. M. Qeutianixe. Macerate powdered pen- 
tjan in ^Id ether, concentrale the filtered tincture, aud 
IniBt tho crfBtaJlino residue with alcohol. Evaporate the 
solutiau, and set it aside to cFyatHllixe. Many aubaequent 
steps are DccesBary to obtnin the principle quite pnre, 
but perhaps without any odvanfage to its medicinal efiicacy. 
It appears to conaiet of two distinct principles, Oenlitie 
jleid and Qmtimiie. Dose, gr. ss to gr. j. 

OlJMDBa QtTHBCtra TosTj;. PareB. Ph. Acoi db, frocd from 
tbeir coating, and roasted in the Banie uinniier as coffee, 
and crushed. [Mixed with cofEee, as a tonie.'] 

Globitli Costraibet^. These only difEer &om Pulvia 
Coutrayerv;e Com p. in form. 

Olobuu Gascoighii. Oascoign's BalU. The compound 
powder of crab's claws formed into halla with mucilace- 
The original balls contained pearU and oriental hcioa 
were imitatsd by the following : crab's daws Jvij, c: ' 



^H LarbsbnrD utd amber, encb Jj. powdered seeds of tbe Amo- 
^m mum I'linii 5y, ujucila^ q. e. 

^m Glodtxli Maetiaieb. p. Tiipj consist of tBrtariied iron 

^^H with nromatics. Thsj are not iiicd in tbja country. 

^B Glycebimdu. B. alyceriae, or tAe meet pritEipla of oil, 

^^B is obtained after making EmplnBtmni plomlii. jrom the- 

^H wetci employed. Pass a cnireub of eulpliurotted hydrogen 

^H thcDogli the water until till tlje lead is thrown down; 

^H fitter, aod evaporate i'» Dauuo or over BulpWric acid, till 

^H the np. gr. is 1'260. It may also lie obtaiucil by aaponirj- 

^^1 ing nlivo oil with canelic potash or aodo, and decomparang 

^H the compound with tartaric or sulphuric acid ; tbe aqueona 

^f Eolntion, separated from the oil, is evaporated to drynen, 

and tiio glycerilie dissolved ont by culd alcohol. Used 

eiternally in sldn diseaaet, diluted with water, or added to 


GLYCEamru Aomi Cabbolici. B. Bub carlwlic acid Jj 

I and glyaerino f^ir together in a mortar until the acid ii 
GLiOEajBCM AciDi Oaluci. B. Eub together iu ■ 
mortar gaUio add 3j and glyrtrine fjivj tranrfer to a 
porcelain disbi and apply gentle beat until complete Mia- 
tioD ia effected. 
GLTCBsmru Acisi Tankici. B. Ab the last. 
Olyebiwtjh Amtli. B. Rnb together starch J] and gly. 
Ferine fSvilj until intimately mixed ; trnnefer to a poroa- 
lain dish, and apply heat gnidually raised to 240°, atirring 
until starch pnrtieles arc broken and a transparent jelly U 
formed. {Gli/oerine Jelly, need for chiipped hnndf, Ac.) 
Gltobbikdtc Bobaois. B. Rub together in a mortat 
powdered torax ^ and glycerine fSiv until dissolved. 
GriCEBiKTm cith: Fbbbi Iodibo. MeBsrs. Suits. B{ 
onnces of pure glycerine, miied with solution of the iodide, 
made by one eighth of au oonce of iron wire and 100 gr. 
of iodine. Of the strength of Syrupns Ferri lodidi, R 
GiTDEBretru: cpir Iodinio. Dr. Qaqb, IT. 8. Dissolve 1 
part of iodide of potassium in 2 parts of glycerine, and add 
1 part of iodine. AppUed in (kin diseasos, lix., and will 
not dry, Ulie the tincture. Hay be covered up by paparof 
gutta percha to prevent evaporation of iodine. 
[ OtrMl]l-RBBlB.«. See Vegetabilia Pncpaiata. 


Qvrrrs Atxmrn. cm Antimonio, Riobteb. Extract of 

ucoiiite 5j, Bntimonittl ivina Sj. 
Otjtt« Acovbikm. Oil of alinnncig 5ir, oil of tnrpMitlne 

5B9, tincture of opium Jaa, See also BttlBumuni AcomU- 


phuric ether 5»j, rectified oil of tnrpantino 3u. In gall- 
stones. Dose, nixl to fjj. 

GuTTX Anodtn^. See Liqaor Morpliins Acetutii. 

Gdtts AsTiontJt. U. C. H. Solution of potash fjiy, 
BolutJon of ammoiiitt 1^', mjrrh 3j. Tritnmte together, 
and filter. 

OnTTS Amthelmintic,«. Schwabtz. Petroloiim jiv, tinc- 

K) of assafcetida 5vj. Do=e, 40 drojiB. See also Oleum 
E AnTiPBETFaaic^. Dr, G&ateb, or Dr. BEiTTT. 
ctnre of cantharides, and comp. tincture of tmnpbor, 
achfjii; conip. tincture of biirk Qv. A tcuapuouf ul 
'' 9 times a. da;, in hoopiag-eough. 

GcTT* AUTrBCBOimoBa;. ArocBTiK. Mtirtateofiron5Bi', 
nrariate d£ barjtes Jbb, distilled water 3J. Dt>se, from 20 

GvTTs 'E.TiXKSi.aaaM. BBA^1)J!. Compannd tiocture of 
aloes f^j, tincture of valarisn fjj, tincture of sesijuii'hlQ- 
ride of iron fJsB. Dose, a teaspoonf ul in chainoinilo tea. 
OutTjG QoDnAHniAJi's. Tliis once famous remedy, for which 
King Charles II gave £1500, was merely oimm animale, 
procured from human bones. 
Gem Hybb&bsyhi Bicdloeibi. Sir A. Coopbb, Uichlo- 
ride of quicksilver gr, j. tiactnre of cinchoDD bark Qij. 
Do(e, f^, twice or three times daily. 
"■ s SiamM. Dr. AEasTBONS. Lancaster Blacic Drop, 
veijuice Oiij, bruised nutmegs Jiss, saffrim 
a proper thickneBs, then add 2 spoonfuls of 
t, and let it stand in a warm place for 6 or 8 weeks, 
I in the open air till it ia of the consistence of syrup, 
n decant, filter, and bottle, adding a little sugar tu each 
V. S. (Acd^um Opii.) Take of opium in coarse 
. T Jviy, nntuieg 5"i Bafirnn 3sb, diatjlled vinegnr. 
Ir diluted acetic acid fjixiv ; digest oti a sand bath for 
"S hours. Digest the reaiduo in the same cjiiant' 



^^m TiDegar. Then put fhe whole into a, diaplacemcnt iippa- 

^^M rattis, pouring distilled vinegar on the miLterials bo ae to 

^F olitiun i^ilTiij. Dqbb, 7 to 10 drops. Similar to Rout- 

^^ seau's Drops, See Vinuin Opii Feruientationo Puratum. 

GttTT^ Odontaioio^. TaoCiacha Sropi. Dr. CofKASS. 

Opium gr. I, cainplior gr, x, rectified aplrit q, b., oil ot 

cloves ^j, oil of c^joput 5J, Dr. GtQlUNl. Ri^etified spirit 

5iv, creaaoto 3yj, tiiictnre of cocliineal 3u, oil of pcpp«- 

mint 13 drape, Dr, Blakb, Alum finely powdeied 3j, 

spirit of nitric ether ^v^. M, CoTTEitEAtr- S&tnrtita 

ether (cold) with camphor, sod add a few drops of sm- 

monia. Dr, Hiasland. Oil oC cloves 5], chloroforai ^, 

P tincture of opinm 3iJ. 
GcTTs SniPHTTBia CABBtTBBTi. LAHPiBniB, Bisulphnret 
of carhon ijij, atber f^. A few drops on sugar. Wbtzbb. 
Biaiilphnret of carbon 3j, aleoho! 3y, From 6 to 10 ot 15 
drops, 3 times n Sayijbr Thcumaiitm. 
Hacstds. DraughU are single dosea of liquid medicines, 
and are almost esclnsively erteraporaueoos, A selection of 
useful formulse is here given. See also Mistubs. 
IlAtiaTua AciDi Nithici cum Opio. Dr. Copland, Dilate 

> nitric acid f5i, tincture of opium f5B8, infusion of calaulia 
HAtraTUS Acroi Htdhocyasioi. Mm. H. Dilute bjdro- 
cjanic acid miv, seaquiearb. soda gr. x, water fjiss, 
HiustDS .^THEEiros. Dr. Nelioan. SolpLuric ether f^j, 
spermaceti gr. ij ; rub together, and add peppermint water 

HADETtja Ammonik. BBAtiPB, Soluljon of aminqnia mxv 
to niix, comp. tincture of carilanioiusf^eSitiucture of gen- 
tian fjBs, camphor miiture f3ias. 
Eattbtfs AuifONis AcEiATis, Dr. Fabis, Camphornux- 
torc f Siaa, solution of acctute of ammonia f jiv, sjitimonial 
wine ltd. To thia may aometimea be added tinctore of 
opium tui. 
HAD3TDB AKHOifUE CiTBATia. BbANDK. Csrbonoia of 
ammonia 3j, water fjisa, citric acid gr, xxiv, ayrnp of Tola 
fiss, spirit of nutmeg t5BB. Gui'b H, (Effervescing.) 
Sesquicarbonate of ammonia 9j, water f 3j ; mix, imd add 
^^ lemon juice fjss. 
^H Haustus Auuo>'[,s SesQUiCABBosATis. Gvr'a H. Se«- 


loicflr'boniite of nrnmonia 3j, water f5j, lomou jnice fjas. 
o be given efferreMiiig. 

s Ammoku: TiHTairai. Mid. H, Seaquirnrl). of 

mmonia gr. xv, (Artutic acid 3j, water fjifls. 
tosTUa ABODTwra, Dr-CepusD. Cuinplioriaiituresiii, 
Htratc of potDah gr, vj, oonipQund spirit of tthei f5j, 
tnre of opinio "is to xij, fjTUii of popples fjij. To 1jo 
m at bedtime. 
_ . res ASTACIiras. Carbonate «E anda gr. iv, infuBion 
C gentian (or L'iduiDba) f^vj, vvntor f5vj, tincture of hops 
j. See Haimtiis Calds Cuup. 

CsTca AKii-ARTmiiracua. Sir H, Haxjokd's Oout Pre- 
ientive. Jnfonon of gentian fjiea, biuirboniit« of potaati 
Jrr. XV, tincture of rhubarb fjj. 
^Tnrua ANii<EKBTictre Ri7GBII. P. liicarbonate of pot- 

h 3»s, lemon juice 3iT, wrup of lemou Jj, water Jiy- 
BffBTOa ASTiuTHicua. Dr. VENABtEB. BonijL gr. viij, 
Krarbonate of soda gr, i, BCratod water fSviy. In red 
gracrl. [Dr. PAftis, Subearlmnlito of soda gr. i, infu- 
sion of quttsain £5j. tincture of calumba ^.] 
HATTSTTia AKTiBPABMQDicna. Dr. Gekooby. Fetid spirit 
of ammonia f^ss to f^j, cnmphor mixture f^i, sjrup of 
saffron fj]. 
Bapstts Apeuibsb. Dr. Pahis. Infnsion of neuna fjj, 
ttottore of senna f3j, tinctara of jalap f^j, tartrate of 
potash 5j, ajmp of senna f^. Mix. Dr. Ryan. SnIpUste 
of magnesia f5iv. infusion of senna E^ias, tineture of 
■eona f^iss, Bjrup of ginger f^, arODlalic spirit of am- 
mooia "ixx. See also Mistura Seunie Comp., Haustus 
BenD» Camp., H. Jalapie, U. SFammonii, and Mistura 
bonate of toda jiiss, water fS"U. supertartrate of potaah 
^ij. Cork securely in a strong bottle. Dr. Babekb. 
Bianlphate of potash gr. 73, er. carbonate of aoda gr. 72, 
— '"- q. s. Dissolve soparalelj, and mix. 

i Apkbikns SEDtiiZEKSia. Bicarbonate of soda 
tetiisa, potash -tartrnte of aoda 5ij, water f3vj or q. s. 
toiis6l™, and add tartaric a«id 9ij. Dr. PABra prescribes 
ttartamed soda 5ij, bicacLonate of ioda 3 j ; to be disso lved 
"n water, and u table -spoonful of lemon juice added, "^^^ 


H 181 

^^1 EAUSTUi AnouATiciiB cw Bbeo. St. li. H. Aromatic 
^^H caafedJOD 31, icFusioD of rbulmrb r5vi, I'mnmnon water 

^^ Haubtds AasiKETiii.E COM Ammonia. Dr. Pabis. Car- 
boimt« of nmijioDiB gr. v, auufcotLda gt. iv, compaond 
spirit of lavender f jij, decoction of aloes f 51, 

Hadstcs AsTBitiaEKS. Dr. Pabih. Chalk mixture Jibs, 
tineturs of opium miv. tinctu™ of rnteclm f \f. 

HiUHTUB Bai^ami PEBfviANi. St. B. H. Balaam of Peru 
f jOT, laiioiUge of amcia f jiv, uatcf tjv, pimento water 

HAtiaTrs ItAMAMi ToLCTisi. As tha last. 

Haubtus BiBurrHi. Dr. Pabib. Nitrate of bismath gr. 
viij, mncilnp-e jij, almond mixture f Sj. Twenty drop* of 
tinctnre of benbane, or of eolutioD of mariate of morptiia, 
or 7IVKV of aromatic spirit oF ammoDin, are occnaionaltj 

f Haxtbtub CAJAPm. Dr. Paeis. Oi! of cajepnt niiij. wbite 
sugar gr. x, iofnaiou of calamba f 511, Uncturo of calambs 

EArBTUB Calcib CoHPOaiTCB. Mid. H. Carb. rangneria 
gr. V, aromatio sp. of ammonia f 599, lime water fjisa. 

HADSTrs CamfroBjB. Gity'b H. Camphor gr. vj, spirit q. 
e., wbite sugar ^, mucilage f3iiji wat«' fjisa. 

HAirBTTB CfliOEiini. Dr. Copland. CblorinB water f 359, 
water fjisa, ayrup of poppies f 39s. Every 6 hours. 

HArBTTTB ClNcHOH.E. Dr. JoE. Decoction of bark f Jis, 
extract of bark gr. xv, tincture of boric f^j, aromatic 
spirit of ammonia Trim. Bsaudk. Infusion of bark 
^xj, sulphate of quinine gr. j, iximp. tincture of barb 
f5Bs, i^iap of poppius f39s. Mm. H. Decoction of 
yellow bark f3Tj, infusion of rosea fjvj, diluted Bulpliiiric 

HiOSTua CoLcmci. Sir C. Scudamobe. Magnesia gr. xv 
to XX. sulphate of magnesia 3) to 3ij> vinegar of colcbi- 
cum f3j to f5ij, cinnamon Or other •"aiet fjii, syrop 3j. 
Bkasd*. Wine ofrolcbicam fjis, carbonate ofmp^eaia 
gr. IV, cinnamon water f5iv, water fj^. Wasr. H. Col- 
cbicam wine f3SB, solution of sulphate of magnecia 3!!], 
carb. of mngneaia 9i, peppermint water fjj. 

HACBToa CoNii Bt Hyoscyami. Dr. Pabi3. Extract of 



...■mlock gT. V, a 

d poppies r jj. 

e CoPAiBJK. St. B. H. Ab H. Baliarai pEnniani. 

b.Cbets bt Fexbi. Dr. Piaie. Clialb uiixtnrc 

^rij, compoand mixtaro of iron (jilj, Eeaquiparboniite of 

Wnnioniii gr. v. In diarrhaa. 
jAJlarva Cbbt^ cuu Kubo. Mw. H. Comp. powder of 

clialk vtitb opium gr. i, rlialMrb gr. iv, oiup. tincture of 

cardmoom fSaa, caraway water fjiss. 
Hadstdb Dic&Bticce. Copland. A<!ct>tte or i^tush 5sb, 

infusion of qnaasiu f5Ti. cianmnon wuter E5VJ, vinpgac of 

■qnillB tys, (pirit of uitrio etiier f^a. 
HAOBTCa GnifiBVBSDBNg. Biorl)onui« of aixla 5ss, water 

q. s., diBBolTe, and add f5ij of any ajrup ; tbcn gr. 

xxT of citric or tartaric acid. See also U&ustus Potaasee 

Hacstds Embticdb. Mn>. H. Tartar emetic gr. j, ipeoi- 

cnanha Sj, water tjise. Gtrv's H. AnUmoQial winu fsij, 

JIaobtcs Ekkiicdb SnMFLisa. SPBiorE. Curbonate of 
nromonia 3j, ipecamanlia jsa, pfppermiut walur f^iij, 
tiDtturi! of capBicum f5j. Ur. Copland prescrilres ddI.v 
"in of tincture of capBicum, and adds oil of c!iHnii>niilB II) 
drops. In pauoAinff by namolici. 
Haubtus Ehetico-catqab'ciciib. Dt, PicefobI). Suipliatc 
ic 9j, Buiphate of magnesia 3ir, water q. g. 
ttrraus Ferbi Efvebtesoems. Dr. HacMicsasi. Bicar- 
» of Boda 5j, water f^if ; dissolve, and ndd tinet. of 
Uoride of iroa f 3 j. 

I Fbbki Abbatdb, Dr. Vbhaslm. Sulpbate of 

iron gr. r, bicarboiiatti of potash gr. lij, a£rated water 


HArsTtTB Fkhri cum MAasBBiA. Sir J. Mitieat. Fluid 

carbonate of mngnaia fjisa, tincture of perchloride of iron 

Hattstts Febbi loDini. A. T. Tsombon. Iodide of iron 
gr. ij toiv, water f^ij, tineture of orange peel f^j. Twice 
or tbrea limps n day, [Dr. TbomsON Ima since recom- 

linended the followiug form :— Syrup of iodide of i 


[ 182 1 

(Tlicpiiiaon's)f5i, iiitrioapi<liniy,tiiictaroofr(Bes(Sqiure'B) 
fjj, infusion of orange peel fjisa.] 

I Habsius Fkrbi Psotoxtdi. Donotas. Calcined mag- 
nawa 3ij. distilled water fjvj ; tiitnrate together, and add 
pure Bulpbate of iron in fine powder ^W and tincture of 
quBsaia fjij. Put it immediately into Jj bottles, and se- 
cure them from the air. Each draught coataini aliciat 
3aa of protoiide of iron. 

I HiUBTna Gbntiahs cum Fkeeo. GTn'a H. Camp, in^ 
fusion of geutian fjx, tincture of Bcsquichlorlda of ison 

I HiUBTua Gtaiact Cokpobitos, Mid. H. Cnuip. tinctora 

of guaiacDiQ f jX, mucilage i^ij, camphor mixture t^ix. 
I HArema Hydbiodatis J^bnici kt Htdbauotbi. Do- 
NOTAN. Solution of hydriodate of arsenic and mercury 
(Liqiior Arsenici ft Hi/drargyi-i Sydnodaiit) fjij, dig- 
tilleil nater f^liies, svmp of ginger f^ss. Mix, and diTide 
into 4 dranghtB. One night and morning. 

Hacbxcs HiDBQcriKicEa. DoNOvijf, Cyanide of potaa- 
siain gr, j, distilled water f Jiiiaa,. syrup of lemons f^BS. 
Mix, and divide into 6 equnl draughts ; 1 for a dose. 

KAttBTtTS Utobctaui cuu SclllA. Dr. Bbeb. Extract of 
Lenbane gr. iij, tincture of Bqnill itii, dilota nitric acii 
mvj, water fSisa. 

H-APSTiTS Ipkcacoabhs cnMASTiHoino. Gft'hII. IpecM. 

HATiflTca I'pECACBAMHJi; Ccit Schla. St. B. H. Ipecac. 

nine, oiymel of squills, and weak pimento water, eadi 

fSM. Hii. 
Hadbtub IlECACUAKirs Opiiina. St. B. H. Ipecacuanha 

gr. ij, confection of opium aj, water f 3j, pimento wlter 

Hadstdb JjiZJJta ET Scn.rj. CorLANn. Tincture of Jalap 

fji.i, vinegar of squill fjj, mint water fJiBS. 
HArsTUB LAZAsa Tohiocs. Bbakdb. Salplinta of raa^- 

neaia 5ss, inttision of roses l^vj, infosioa of gentian f 5vj, 

diluted snlpbnric acid mi, symp of ginger f jj. Daily. 
Hattbtob Laxaks cum Taiusaco. Coeukd. InfoBon oC 

senna fjvj, infoaion cf gentian (or calumbs} f3vj. su^bate 

of potash 3SB, ciLtract of dandelion 599, comp. tincture of 

cnrdamDins f5ise. 


H1T3TCB M^AOKEBi£ EiFEavnacisa. BolatioD nr bicar- 
bonate of mngaesm f jIb°i ajriip of orange peel fjj, lemou 
iaiofl f3iy. 

"1 MiflHBSiB CiTKATiB. Bbabeb. Carbnunte of 
!b ^< water £3111, ffpnip of baluLm of Totu f^, ipiiit 
intmeg t^si, leroaa juice f^lij. 

— g Miassiix SULPBJ.TIB. St. B. H. Sulphate of 
„ [a 5yj. manna jiv, mint water fjij. 
&HIV8 Maoitbbu: Sulfhatis Acidus. Sulplutte of mag- 
.Btilt 3iiJ> peppermint water fj^, tiuotuni of jalap f3], 
IHated nitric acid niii. 

a Nabcotiha. Mr. Jebtoit. Narcotino gr. ij, di- 
ndplmiic acid niu, infiuioa of roses f^iBS. Every 
mJutmrt, in U« isiennaiioia of uettralgia. 
DaniK NlOEB. Black Dranghi. See Hauatns Aperieos, 
* 'm BennB! Compoaitns, and Mistura SenniB Comp. 
R KiiiiATtB PoTAsax. Nitre gr. iv, gum srabio 
^V, X) almond mixture f3i£s. 
Hatstdb Nxrcia VOMiCje. Dr. Joy. Powdered nai vomica 
iij, powdered gum acacia 3^1 cinnamou water £3188, 
ip. ticctnTs of Mrdamoms f^j. 
HA TOTca Olbi Ricini. Qry'fl H. Castor oil jiv, jolk 
*■ eg^ q. B., syrup fjj, cassia or other distilled water 

St. B. H. Tincture of opiam "Wij, 
water Jiij, sjmp of red pnppiea fsj. 
Abximonio. Add to the lost, antimo- 

B PoTAxas AosTATis. Mis. H. Acotute of potash 
s, bicarbonate of potaali 3j, pappermiut water, f jiss. 
ST0B FoTABBS ClTBATIB. St. B. H. Carbonate of 
potash 9j, water fJiBB ; dissolve, ami add, at (be time of 
taking, citric acid gr. xvlj. Gut's H. CarlioDate of pot- 
ash 9j, miat water Jisa, lemon juice, f.iiv. 
^iraiVE PoTABSX Tabtka-tib. Mu>. H. Bicarbonate of 
potaab 3j, tartaric acid gr. irv, sugar gr. yj, water, f^. 

rs Ptboxyucub. Pjroiylie spirit nif, comp. tine- 
if cardamoms f3j, water fjx. 
9 QpAasiE BT Fkrhi. Dr. Pahib. ' - ■ 

M f^i- 

of n 

1 ni. t 



HAiTBTrs Qui 
dil. snlpLuri 

HadbTDS Qdiui^B AciDDa. Snlpliate of quinim 
Bolphnric ncid f^a, water f^ius, comp. tinct 


HiUBTPB Qdimis kt Zinci. Coplakb. Sulpliate of zinc 
gr, i to j, su!pliat« of quinine gr. ij, infnaion of roses f^ 
tincture and ayriip of orange peel, eacli f jj. 

Haitbtub Scavuokii. Dr. Pabib. Pure acatnmon; gr. iJ, 
BOlpliHtc of potash gr. x, iDmllng^ f^ij, Bimond mixture 
f^, spirit of nntmegB f^as. Sec ulso Miitura Scammonii, 
and Emulsio Purgnns cam ScunnnoQio, P. 

HAFBTca ScoPABU CoMPOSiTtifl. St. B. H, Defoction of 
brDom-topa t^xj, Epirit of juniper {3J, tartrate of potaah 

Bavbttis Seeing. St. B. R. Infusion of senna 3xj, enl- 
pbate of maguotia 3ias, oil of peppermint 1 of a drop. 

Uaustdb 8esn£ CoMPOSiTCTH. Gel's II. Blaeb DravgH. 
Senna 31, mint 3:1, boiling water Oij. Macerate for an 
hour, strain, and add aulpbate of magnSBigi S'^'J' DoBa, 
(Jij to iPJiv. Mm. H. InfuaioD of seniin f3iij, aalphate 
of magneaia 3iT, extract of liqoorico gr. x, oil of pimento 
ny. See Mist. SenncD Co. 

HAraTira Tonioub. Snlphata of quinine gr.»ij, diluted 
inlpburic acid rav, infuaioQ of caicarilla or of gentian f5i, 
componnd tincture of cardamoms fjiu, ^mp of orange 

Hebubiva. Sederine. By boiling the seeds of ivy (hedera 
helix) in water with u little ahiked lime, treating the dried 
precipitate with alcohol, and evaporating the filtered sola- 
lion. l^AHfuge. 

Hefab SrLPSUitiB. D. See Potasaii Sulphuretnm. 

Hefar Antihonii. Mix equal parts of black eolpiinret of 
antimony and nitre, deflagrate them in a crucible, and 
pour out the fused mass. 

HrDBAHO¥»l AcKTAB. P. DisioWe protonitrata of mercury 
in 3 or 4 times its weight of wat^r, slightly acidulated 
with nitric acid ; and odd to it gmdUBlly a aolntion of 
acetate of Boda in slight excess. Wash the precipitate 


Willi cola wntcr, and dry it hi the lUade. Dobp, l-6tl. of 
B gr. tu 1 cr. 

HynEAEOTBCM AimoNiATDit, B. (Hydnii^jri Ammonio- 
chloriduin, L.) W&Ue Precipitcie. B. Dinolve per- 
chloride of tnprcniy 31^ in diatilled wnter Oiij, with tlio 
ud of B moderate heat; mix the solution with lolation 
rf ftnunonin Jiv, constantly stirring; collect tlie precipi- 
tate on a filter, and wasli it veil with cold diitilled water 
iinljl tho liquid wliich posseB through cousea to give a pre- 
cipitale when dropped into a lolution of nilrate of ailyer 
acidnlated hy oitrio acid. Lastly, dry the product at a 
iemperatnre not exceeding 212°. It should 1ie entirely 
diasipnted by heat, and dissolve in liydrochtaric add with- 
ont efFerv essence. 

Byshibsvui et Asaasis Mdbiae. P. Sal Alemireii. 
Eqnal part« of bichloride of quicksllTer and muriate of 
ammonia levigated together. 

Htdbabqtei BiCTANiiirM. L. 1836, Boil Jviy of Pms- 
sian hlue with jx of hinoiide of mercury in Oiv of dis- 
tilled wnter for half an hour, and (liter; evnpomte and 
cryatallize, wash what remains frequently with boiling 
diitilied water, and again evaporate the miied liquors, tliot 
CryataU may form. Doao, gr. 1-lSth to l-8th. 

HTDRABaxBi FKecBXonn>irv. B. Bichloritlum, L. (Subli- 
matus CorrosiToa, E. ; Snblimatnm Corrosivum, B. 186&) 
Corroik-e Sublimaee. Chloride of Mercvn/, B. 1864. B, 
Eeduce aulpbata of mercury J"" ""^ chloride of sodiam 
dried jtvj each to fine powder, and, having mixed them and 
black oiide of manganese in fine powder ^' thoroughly by 
trituration in a moitar, place the mixture in an apparatus 
adapted fbr sabllmation. and apply sufficient heat to cause 

"* JT» of perchlorida of mercury to rise into the less 
d part of the npparntua flri-anged for their condeusEi- 
Doae, gr. l-16th to l-8ih. 

~ ITBI BloaiflBIBlTM CrM AlBBMINE. Mix jiv Of 

'6 auhlimate with the whiles of S eggs, very per- 
f, and dry on pktea in a stove. 

;ai SmoHtoEnji™. B. Hydrargyri Chloridum, 

. jmelas, B. 1864. Hjdrargyri Chloridum Mite, 

^ . 8. Calomfl. Subchloride of Mercuiy. B. Moia ttn 
(ulphate of niercMry 5x with boiling distilled a '- " * 


rab it and merenrj Jvij by weiglit together nctil globules 
me DO longer riRiUe; add chlande of sodium dried 3t, and 
tboronglily mix the whole by continued trituration. Si ' 
lime by a enitahle apparatus ioto b chamber of such ( 
thut the cidomel, instead of ndhering to its sidea as a ciys- 
tnlliue crusty shtill full as a flue pi>wder on its floor. WmIi 
this powder with bciiliitg distilled water, until the waab- 
ings cease to be d^irkcned by a drop of sulphide of acnmo- 
niam. Fiually, dr; at ii heat not exceeding 21S°, and pre- 
serve in tt jar or hotUe impervious to lig'ht. [ When sub- 
limed into a vessel containing stenui, it forms the hydro 
anbUmed caJoiael,'] Doae, rt. a to gr. viij. 

HrsBinaYsi BBOtiBim. When a solution of bromide of 
potatsium is added lo a. eolntitm of proto-nitrate of mer- 
cury, au insoluble white precipitate falls, which it hroniido 
or sub-bromldu of mercury. Dose, one gnun. twice a day. 
By the direct notion of hromino on mercury or its per- 
oxide, n solnblo salt is obtained, the dose of which is from 
l-16th to l-4th of a grain. 

UmaiEsyai Iojjidbm Vieibb. B. (Hydrargjri lotUdnm, 

with a few drops of rectified spirit, and uintinne tJie tn- 
turation until metallic glohales are no longer visible, and the 
whole assumes a green colour. Tlie product thns obtajned 
shoald be dried in a dark roam, on filtering-puper, by simple 
exposure to the air, und preserved in an opaque bottle. 
noae,gr. j toiij. [Miilhe states tiiat proto-iodide of mer- 
cury, prepared by trituration, always contains a portion 
pf biniodide, which should be removed by iilcohol.] 

EzDBABaYBi lonmuu Bueruu. U. Hydrargyri Biiiio< 
didmn, L. 1S36. B. Dissolve percldaride A', mercory 
giv in Oil], and iodide of potassium 5v in Oj, of Irallinj 
distilled water, and mix the two soluljona. Wben the 
temperature of the mixture has fallen to that of the atmo- 
sphere, decant the snpematant liquor from the preoipitiitc, 
nnd, having collected the latter on a filtET, wash it twice 
with cold distilled water, and dry it at a tEmperatnre not 
exceeding 212°. [A brighter product is obtained by pre- 
cipitation.] Dose, gr. l-lBth to l-8th. 

HvmnnnvTi.T Chmeo-iodedbm. M. Cavbutoc. Dissolve 


bichloride of mercary in alcohol, and add an eqnal weight 
of biniodide of mercury; then carefully evaporate the- 
mixed solutions to dryness. It is said to be more active 
than either of its constituents. 

Htdbasotbi Nitbas. See Hydr. Proto-nitras, and Dcuto- 
nitras, below. 

Htdbabgybi PS0T0-17ITBAS. P. Put into a large flat-bot- 
tomed glass matrass equal parts of pure quicksilver and 
nitric acid at 1*321 density ; leave them in a cool place 
for 24 hours, remove the crystals, place them in a glass 
funnel, wash them with a little nitric acid, drain them, and< 
keep them in closely- stopped bottles. Dose, gr. 1-lOth. 

HYDBABaTBi Deuto-nitbas Liquidus. p. (Acid nitrate 
of mercury.) Dissolve 1 part of quicksilver in 2 parts of 
nitric acid at 1'321 density ; and evaporate the solution to 
three fourths of its original weight. [Used as a caustic ; 
applied with a camel-hair brush.] 

Hydbabotbi Febnitbatis Liquob. D. In f^iss of pure 
nitric acid, diluted with f^iss of distilled water, dissolve,. 
by heat, 5ij o^ P^^^ mercury, and evaporate the solution to 
f ^iiss. ■ [The same as the last.] See Liquor Hydr. Nitratis 
Aoidns, B. 

Htdbabgtbi Subnitbas. Dr. Dtjncan. Dissolve mercury 
in excess of nitric acid by heat; pour the solution into 
water, collect the precipitate, and dry it. A darker 
coloured precipitate is obtained by boiling this in water.. 

g)oth are used for making extemporaneous Uugueutnm 
ydrargyri Nitratis; Sij of the powder beiug mixed with 
^ of simple or spermaceti cerate. But the ointment so- 
made is not identical with that of the Pharmacopoeia.] 

Htdbabgtbi et Ammonls: Nitbas. Wabd. Nitric acid 
5x¥J, add gradually sesquicarbonate of ammonia ^viij ;. 
afterwards digest in a sand bath with ^iv of quicksilver, 
and, when t£at quantity is dissolved, add more quick- - 
silyer by small quantities till the fluid ceases to act on 
it. Then evaporate the solution, and crystallise by refri- 

Hydbabgybi Oxidtjm. L. 1836. (Cinebettm, L. 1824;. 
NiGBUM, D. 1826.) Calomel ^', lime water Cj; mix, 
agitate together, set it aside, decant, wash the powder 
with distilled water, and dry it in the air wrapped in bibu- 



louH pilpcr. D. 182G. Calomel 1 parC^ wnnn Bolatioii of 
caustic potash 4 poi-ta. Wash the precipitate, and dij it 
with a inBdium heat. [Mr. TTSon eaje the oxide is moit 
cSectually obtaineil hj trfatiug calomel Snt with solatJon 
of potash aod then with ammonia.J Dose, gr. ss 
gr, iv. 

Hydbahgyri Binokidtjm. L. 1836. Dissolve ^\v of 
bichioridc of mercury in Ovj at di~til1eil water; add 
fjiiviij of Bolution of potaBli. Wash the precipitate Ull 
no longer alkaline, and dry it by n gentle heat. 

IRjCO-OTCunm. L.) B. Diiwolve tnercory jlv by weight 
in nitrieacidJiTBS diluted with distilled water 3'j. evaporate 
the Bolutiun to dryness, and with the dry salt thus ob- 
tained triturate mercury ,^iy until the two are nniformly 
blended together. Heat t1;e mixture in a ])orcelain dish, 
with repeabid stiniag, until acid VBponrs cease to be 
evolved, and, when cold, enclose the product in a bottle. 

drargjri Sulaulpiias Flavus. 

HyDliittOYRi PnoapHAB. To a solation of nitrate of mer- 
cnry add solution a! phosphate of soda acidalaled with a 
little nitric acid. Waiih and dry the precipitate. 

Hybbabqyhi bt PoTABsit loDO-cziNiDiiH. HydrargyHj- 
iodo-cyauido of potassium. To a concentrated lolutjoa of 
bicyanide of mercury add a Bolutiin of iodide of potaa- 
siiim, collect the crystalline precipitate, and dry it t^ a 
^ntte heat, Ji a ietl for foreign aaida in pnasic acid, 

HvuRASQTBi ET PoiABBii loDiDTTH. lodo-bydrargjTate 
of iodide of potassium. M. BorL,l.AT. Iodide of potfuBiam 
10 parts, biniodide of merenry 26 parts, distilled water 10 
parts. Binl together ia a glass matrass till the biniodidB 
of inercorj is dissolved ; let the folution cool, pour ofl the 
clear liquid, and crystailize by evapomtlan and nifrigaia- 
tion. See Solntio lodo-bjdrarpyratis Potassli' 

llYDKASOSM pEKCtriTATirM AiBUM. ScB Hjdr. Ammo- 


Suluble Meniurii. Dissolve proto-nitrate of mercury by 
triturating it with distilled water ElighUy addukted with 
nitric Qcid; and add to the filtered solution, by fmall 


qoantitJBB, aolution of aoiiDOdia diluted wi(b 15 or 20 
timea Us K^gbt of n-ater, bo long as the prcripitutc (onnitl 
ti uearty hlack, itirriug with a glaas rod. Wasli tliu 
powder, aud dry it in tlis shade. Dose, i lo 1 eroiu. 

Hn>BABOEBi RT QVIM.B Cblobiduu. Doublt CkloriiU of 
lierairy and Qxiniite. M'DebUott. DigBOlTe 1 port of 
perchloride oF mereary and 3 parts of hjdroeblonite of 
quiuin, Bepanitcly, iu the Etnallcst quantity of witer, and 
mix the aclutions. Collect the salt which aeparates, and 
dry it with a gentle heat. Sea HI. Hydr. et Quiniu! 

HTDaABorai SuBMuaiie. See Hydrai^yri Sohohloridum. 

HiDBABSTBi Strs-siTLPHAB Flavub. Hydr. Oxidum SqI- 
phuricnm, D. 1826. ISirpfth Mineral. Triturate 1 
part of pcrBulphato of merenry with 20 parts of warm 
wHlfr, and poor off the Bnpematant liquorj wash the 
yellow powder with warm distilled water till the decaattid 
fluid yields no precipitate with solution of potosli, mid 

Htsb&botbi Sdifbdsetuh OVIi SlTLFiniBlt. L. 1836. 
^Ihiopt Mineral. Hub together equal parts of quiek- 
silver and sutpliur till the globules sre no looger visible. 
Dose, from S to 30 grains, as an alitrative. 

HTOfiiBQYEi BiatruHDUETtTM. L. J'ermilioH, or fac' 
iifioua Cinuahar. Quicksilver Itiij, sulphur 3v; mix the 
quioksilver with tlio solpbur liquefied over the fire, anil, 
a» iODn HS the laiuis swells up, romore the vessel from the 
flro, and cover it firmly, lest it inflama; then rub it into 
powder, and sublime. Dose, as the last. Also used ii> 
mercurial famigntion. 

Htdbabstei TABTBiB. P. Proto-iartrote of Merevry is 
made hj adding a solution of proto-nitrata of mercury in 
water aligbtly acidulated with nitric acid to a solution of 
tartrate of potash as ioug as a precipitate forma. Wash 
it with distilled water, dry it iu the shade, aud keep it ia 
bottles covered with black paper. Dose, 1 to 2 grains. 

Htdbaboybi FOTABSio-TiBTBAH. A dooblo Salt (or a vari- 
able miiture of tartrate of mercury, tartrate of potash, 
uid cream of tartar, (Soubbiban) was formerly used. Its 
..action formed lAqyear de Pretiacin; but ita effects were 
" A uncertain. 



HsDBiBQYitT SxTLFHAa. B. PlftCE 20 onnMs of qoiclc^lvB 
in A porcckiu capsule with f^xij of aulpharic naid, and 
apply heat nntdl nothing remains btiC a white 1I17 crjatal- 
line salt. Used to make the Perchloride and Sobchlorida 
of Meroury. 

Htdbahqybuu CoRaosmm StrsLiMiiTm:, B. 1864. E 
Hyd. Perchloriciiira. 

HrDBiR&YBiTM: PuBTTK, B. 186-i. PlncG commercinl m 
cury Ibiij in n gloss retort or iron bottle, and applying hi 
CBDse IbiisB o£ the metal to distil over intaaflnA employed 
as a receiver. Boil on this for five minntes hydrochloric 
Keiil ^iij dilated with distilled water f^ix, and liaving. by 
repeated alfusiona of dieUUed water and decuntations, re- ' 
moved every trsca of acid, let the merciiry be transferred 
to B- poi'celam capaale, and dried first by filter! Dg-paper, 
and finally on a water bath. P. directs it to be distilled 
-from an iron or earthen retort, to which is fiuxi n tube of 
moistenod linen, dipping into water; the melal to be 
dried, and passed throngh chamois leather. QQuicisilviBr 
may also he purified by heating it to 104° F., agitating it 
with a little strong salntion of nitrate of merear;, and 

Htdbabsybcu ock CbstX. B. Rub ^ mercury b; 
weight and prepared chalk Jij in a porcelain mortar nn^ 
metallic globules cease to be visible to the caked eye, and 
the mixlnre acquires a nniform gray colour. 1 part ill 8. 
Dose, frooi 5 to 25 gisins. A little water is said to aid 
the extinction of the mercury. [Mr. Ttboit sahetitntes a 
miitnrc of 1 part of his black protoxide of mercury with 
2 of prepared chalk, bnt this should not be used except \ 
when expressly ordered.] 
HlDKAHQTBTTM OOM: MiGSBHl*. D. Puro mcrcoTy ^1 
carlunate of magnesia 3\j ; rub together in a porcelain 
mortar ontil the globules cease to be visible, and the . 
miitnre acquires a nniform gray colour. Dose, ai the 
HrDEiSQYROM: HT SriBiDit SutPHTJBATi. See JEtluops 

HXDEO&EfiiFM. Si/dmgen is readily procured by adding 
dilute sulphuric acid to fragments of xiue. To dry it, it 


Ely be puBaed, first tlirough a little oil of vitriol, then 
rongli H tobe ('ont4iining fosod potoeb. 
noaEHiiru CAUBusBTm. Tho mixed cRTharetted bj- 
agta gas, in tbe form of roni gte,U lOniEtimes emplDytd 
«g B pillintive in consumption. l)r. B. Cl-AJiST recom- 
mendB it to be paegpd through water, then agitated witli 
fteah precipitated carbonate of lead, and mixed in the 
gSEometer with en tqual quantitj oi common ur. IS 
cnbic inches of tbe luiied gna to he insured 3 or '1 times 
H da;, and the quantity gradually increased to SO C. L 
fFor SttlpUretted Hjilrogeo, see Addnm UjdroBul- 



EmiKiiATjL. Distilled waters. Sec Aqucc Destillatic. 
HsJitiOMEl. P. Fine honey 315, boiling water ^Miu- 

Dissolve, and iiiter. 
HlofiCTAMiiJA. From benbane, as LobeKna. Dose, not 

~ "1 a clenr decooUon of holly with animal 
.1, stirring it constantly; let it eetde, collect the 
ieprwited charcoal, wash it nith cold water, dry it. and 
t it with boiling alcohol ; let the <llterod liquid he 
inpomted to dryness. Felrifuge. Dose, gr. vi— xiiv ? 
DBA. Infulkmt. As a general rul^ when particular 
[jKreotiona are not given, the ingredients ehonld be divided 
^ bmiung or cutting, boiling distilled water is to ba 
ponred on them, and the vessel covered. " 
rated for the time prescribed, the liquo 
oft, through linen or calico. For infusii 
vessels of glass, or of porcelain or st 
with lead, shoald be need. It it 

le strained 
na oontaimng aindt, 
□eware not glazed 

warm the infusion-pot before using itj bot tliis is not 
diretted hy the colleges. In a few instances cold water 
is used, but, unless eo directed, boiling water is to be un- 
derstood. Many suhstances might be advantageously 
treated hy displacement to obtain infnaions of any desired 
strength. The usual do;^e of infusions is from fjj to fjij. 
«F a wineglassfnl. The principal exceptions will be 
noticed. For Concentrated Jit/usioiu, see Lhjuob, ex- 
cept Inf. Cinchonai SpisEatum, which is the only one 
canctioued by the colleges. As a general rule, the fresh 
infusions are preferalile. 



iNFuaim ABaoTAST. Tabdei. Soutliomwoad jj, boiUnff 
wfttar Oj. Inl'uaa 2 honra, and etrain. 

ISFDSiJM AB3tsiaii. BRiNoe. Fresh wormwood 5iji boil- 
ing wateF Oj ; mBceratiC fur 4 Iioufb, and straiu. Otlien 
dirept from Jas to 3j "f the dry lierb to Oj of wftter. 

iN^nsuu AOOBI CALkXl. Dr. Kotlr. Calamus root JIbs, 
boiUng waber Oj- Macerate 2 hoora. 

Imfcsdm Asiahti. CauBdian maidenhair Jsb, hoillog water 
Olj. Infn^e tiU cold. Fectond. Ad libitum. 

iHiiraTTM AiKiLiNUM. Hickory «ah Oj, wood soot Oi, 
boiling water cong. t. Let them ttiind 2i honrs, and de- 
cant. A wiaeglaaaful 3 or 4 times a day. A popular 
remedy in America for dyspepsia. 

iNEUSini Au,n. Mr. Weitb. Garlic fbas, water Dy; _ 
theiD digest in bu oven tor some hoars, and straiii. Two 
spoouf ula before and aft^ir every meal, in epileply. 

Ibedsdx Au)eh CouFOsiTTiK. Dr. FornnBOtLL. AlaM 3j,. 
rhnharb 5ir, calnmha 5iv, lime water (cold) fs»iy, spirit 
of horseradish ijiv. Iiif ose 12 hours in a close vessel, and 

iMFimcK AuARiTM PfBaAHS. L. 1746. Similar loMistura 

Oeotianffl Compoaita. 
iHErauM Akkelics. Angelica root fhim 5tT to jj, boUing- 

iKTiranii Anisi. Dr. Pbodt, Aniseed giv, worm water (ab 

ia(f F.) Oss. Infuse till cold. 
iNrcara ABTHKitrDia. B. Infuse chamomile flowers Jsg. 

in boiling distilled water fji, in a coversd Toaael, for 15 

minnes, and strain. 
iKFuacM Aktbhkidib et AmiAKTii. Dr. Pbeoivai. Chn- 

momilo flowers Jj, dried orange peel Jas, cold water ftiij. 

Macemte for H hours. 
ISPUSPM Aemobaoib CoMPOsrrnt, L. Horseradisb root 

3j, black mustard seed 5j, boiling water Oj ; roacersti 

2 huurs, atmin, and add comp. spirit or horseradish f^. 

[This infusion is more pungent if made in a cold jog, or 

with water a llttio below the boiling.point, Mr. Gbbbhish.] 

Dose, fjiss. 
Ihfdsdai Abhicx Mokiaks. Pbbeiba. Arnica Ho 

3ts, boiling water Oj; macerate 2 hoars, and strata. A. T. 


TnoMSON. Leaves or fiowers jiss, or 9ij of the root, to 
fjiij of wutcr. Doeo, of the former, Qag to f^. 

Iifjvajni Aaci^nASiB. Bark of tlio root of Aacl. Syriaca 
(cDmiaon eilk-weed) Jj, braling water Oj. Doae, Jj— Jias ; 
In eoagh and dgtpniea. 

iBTUSCU Adbaktii. B. As iDfusum Anthemidis. 

Ibbubitm ACBASTII CoMPOSiTTsr. B. Bitter-orflnge peel CQt 
email Sii fi'esh lenioii peel cat nmiill gr. li, bruiseil 
cloyas gr. in, boiliDg dlst. water fji. Infusa for J hour 
in a covereil vessel] and strain. L. Similar, t). Iiif. 
Aurantii. D. No lemon peel. 

Ia»C8¥Ji Ays-fasm Cqmpobitbu. Dr. Cambba's SudoriHc 
Infusion. Leaves of Brnxiliaa uyapuna jij, auiseed 3j, 
boiling nater tbij. 

Irfcbitm BmiADOKNJE. Dr. PiMa. Dried helladouaa 
gr. iv, boiling wat«r Qij. InfuBo, for 1 done. Dr. Sahh- 
ssita prBscribes 5bb of dried Uiaveg to f3iij of water, 
adding to fjv^ of the atntiucd infiiaion l^j of comp. 
tincture of cttrdatnoms. 

InTDBru BESBBKia. CoPLABB. Barberry barb 5], boiling 
water Qj ; mocerntfi for 2 hours. In jaundice, ij'o. 

iKSDBr^ Bucfir. B. lluchu leaves bruieedSan, boiling diat. 
waterOisj infuse fori hour, in a covered vessel, undstniin. 

iBSUsmu CiLDMB^. L. Calumba TOot 5», boiling water Oj ; 
infoie for E houra, and strain, 

Ikxchitm Caltoba [cum Aquft FrigidS]. B. Macerate 
oalninbu, eat hiduII, '^ss in cold distilled wutur fji io a 
oovcied vessel for 1 hoar, and strain. E. Triturate 
calumba in coarse powder 3iv with a little cold water, so 
aa to moisten it choroughly. put it into a percolator, and 
transmit cold through it till fjivj of infusion be obtained. 
D. Colnmba root in coarse powder 3iij, cold water f jix i 
faBt^rate 2 boors, and sli'ain. 

iHyuBUM Capsici. Peeeira. Powdered capsicum 5iv, 
Ixuling water Oj ; moa^rate for 2 hours, and strain. Dose, 
fyv. [A weaker infusion, gr. viij to fiviij of water, has 
*>oen dropped into the eye in amaurosit.'} 
RreOM CAP9I0I CoMpoainiM. Stbphem'b Pepper Medi- 
Soe. Two tftble-spoonfulB of red pepper, Z table -spoonfuU 
it Ksll^ boiling water Oss; when cold, strain, and add Oii 
Dose, Eiiv, in maiignatit scarlallna. 




XirFUBiTU Cabdui Bbnbduiti.. Nieiuitn. Blesaeil thietle 
(CuicuB benodictue) 5yj, boiling' water &ij. A. T. Thou- 
Bos directs gvj of tllo horlj to f^xTJ of cold water. The 
wami infmion promotes vomiting and pernplration; the 
cold is tonic and etoin^hic. 

Imirairu: Caskis BnBiJi.s. Beef Tea. ProfeeBor LiEBIS. 
Lot Ibj of beef, free from fat, he minced very small, as for 
saUBBgEi meat; mil it with an eqna.1 weight of cold wat«r, 
and heat it slowl; to hoiling; let it hoil for a minute or 
two, nnd strnin it through e. cloth. It may he coloured 
witli roasted onion or hurat aiigar, and salted to the taste. 
See also Juaciiluoi cum Carae Bovis. 

Ikfchdm C*itTaiiii. Safflowor gy, boiling water f3ivj; 
infase for on hour. By wiaeglasafale, Bs a diapharetie. 

Ikfdbcm CiRiTi. Dr. Wood. Bruised caraway 3ij, lioil- 
iogwiiter fjuvj. A wineglasrful, injlatnlenee. 

iNVUBiru Cabtofhtlli. B. Infuse cloves bruised ^ sad 
boilii^ distilled wntPr fji, in s, covered vossel, for half &n 
hour, and strain. 

InruaiTM Cascibulx. B. Ca^cirilla in coarse powder ^, 
boiliug water Osa j 1 hour. 

iMFDEnu CAa£i£. Eau de Caase. Bombsis^s. Cusaia pods 
bruised ^n, boiling water Oisa. Infuse G bours, and 
strain. See Mirtnra Cassias. 

Inpfscm Catjki^. Dry catmint Ju, boiling water Oj. 

iKsrarM Catkchtt. B. Infuse jiale cutwhu in coiu._ 
powder gr. cti and cinnnmon bruised f^. xxi in bdliDg 
distilled water fji, in a covered vessel, for balf an hoor, 
and Btruin. Dose, fjj ^ ^ 3'j- 

Intdsciu: (JAiEDBir Coheosiium. L. Powdered catechu ^vj, 
bruised oinnamim 3j, boiling water Oj ,- macerate an hoar. 

Infusdu Centadbb^. Sec Inf. Cardui Benedicti. 

Ihtd&CM CKNtACniI. Common ceotaflrytErythrenCentan- 
rinm)3iT, boiling water Oj. 

Inpfbum CaiBAT^, B. Infnsc chiretta cut small ^ in 
distilled water at 120" fai, in a covered vBisel, for half au 
bour. and strain. Dr. RoyxB states tbat water of not 
more than 180° is prelerabte. (Inf. Chiretta; com Aqnft 
i^gidi.) Mr. Squibb states that the following is ( "" 
monly used in London: Chiretta ^iy, cold wat^ir Oj. 

iMTDstnH Cmioifcos ItACEMoas. Blntlt ar-' ^ 


boiling naUr Oj ; maceinte for 2 liours. In rhfviHalism, 
dropsies, affhuliont of the Itatgt, ^c. Doae, fjj to fjii. 

ISFCTBcm C1HOBON.E Vi^xx. B. Tallow eiachonB bark 
ID coarao powdtir 33s, boiling distilled w&terSx; infuse fbr 
2 Loura in a covered vessel, and Btmin. 

IiTFnBiru Cinchona Pailids. I.. With pnJc oincbona, 
OS Icf. CinehoniB. Dose, nf either infuBinQ, fj] to Hsiij. 

Israiva CmcHons Heifuryra. L. Macerate IbiiJ of 
coaree pulverized yellow bark in Ovj of [coldj diatilled 
water, aa directed far Extract of Bark, and strain. Eva- 
poraCo the nuied iafiiaioDs to one fonrlb, and set nside for 
tlie drega to aubside. Four off tbe clear liquor, nod etraia 
tlie remainder. Then tnii, and again evapurate till tlie 
■pedflc gravity becoaiea l'2iX). To this, when cold, gently 
drop ill rectified spirit in the proportion of f3ig to eaat 
fjj of liquid. Lastly, eet aside for £0 days, that the drega 
may entirely Buhside. [f^ is equivalent to f,^ of bark, or 
Oj of tbe intusion.^ See Kitmctnin CincliotiK Flavto 
I^quiditro, B. 

iNFiieTiM dsCEO^M PAitms StiBSATtrir, L. In the 

Bome inauner, from pale hark. 
Ihiusum CraoHON* ova. AquA Caicia. U. S. Powdered 
bark ^, lime water fjxvj; macerate 12 hours in a covered 

JjfFOBni CntCHOJfJB oitm MAanESiil. XJ. S. Powdered 
bark 3j, calcined magneeia 5j, water fSiij; hoil, digoat 
■ far an hour, and strain. [The last 2 are now rejected.] 
^ Dose£, aa the simple iofuaious. 

ruBiru OwcHOBS CoupoaiTPM. St. B. H. Bark 5j, 

_e peel 5ij, red rose siij, boiling water Oj ; macerate 

T 3 honrs, strain, and add dilut^ sulphuric ni:id ^iss. 

1. Powdered bark 5j, aromatic sulphuric acid fjj, 

r fjiyjj macerate for 13 hours, atirring occasionally, 

Coffee. Dr. Macbbide, Macerate 30 unroosted 
Boffee berries in Oy of cold water. Dose, Osa every morn- 
calculoiu diiordera. M. HonObB gives daily an 
of jvj roasted coffee in Ora of wat«r, in alhuminuria, 
BoirCHABDAT prescribes a, atroug infHiBion, by percolation, 
iritb the addition of a little brnndy, in poisoning by opiom, 
d ioduretted water. 



IsBPaFH CoritcHi. Dr. Staek. Broised bark of o 

crototiSas, boiling waterOji infnae for 3 honrs, u 

Doss, fJsB, 3 times a day, A nnrra bitter. 
Imbubum Cosn. Gnr'a H. Dri&l liarolock 5ij, 

BaBd 5ij, boiling water fS'iiJ' Infoaa and straii 

IsycacM CoHTEATEBTa. Dr. Pbukiba. Powder* 

trajerva 3iv, boiling water fjtj. Doie, fjj to fj^f. 
iHioacii CoRHtis CiBCiNATs. Dr. Ives. Coarselj 

dered bark o( the ronnd-leave<l dogwood Jj, boiling 

Qiv). DoEe. fSj to fjij. 
IsifflrM CoruLai. From dried flowera of Antliemi« 

as Inf. Antbemidifl, 
iMFtrauM CnaPABLB. B. Infuse cuaparia in coarse 

5bb in distilled water at 120" fjit. in a covered vi 

2 hooTB, and atrain. Dose, Igj to Jiaa. 
Inpdsuu Cfsso. B. Infuse konaao in coarse powdai 

boiling diatiiled waiter f^viij, iu a covered v ' 

luintitea, without straining. 
iKFCam Dauci. Woodttllk. 3 spnonfula of can 

(Sj, SrSAOnE) in Oj of boiling water. Divretic. 
Imubitu: Diottaub. B. Infnse digitalis dried gr. 

boiling diBtilted water fjx, in n covtirod vessel, for '. 

and strain. L. Similar. E. D. Twice as strong. 

aitd atdatine. 
iKicsiiit DiosujG. See Infbsnui Bucha (Bucco). 
iRTTEUiu DaACOHiu, SbunTi-cabbagB-root 5j, bodlnj 

OSB. ^ 

le ergot in coarse powde 
in a covered vessel, Ibr 
to f 3u< everj half-hour i 
' i prescril** 3j g 

ly holf-honr. 

Conadiui Seal 
il aitritigenl. [I 
I, Philadelpbic; 
o be taken in 2 


IxrcEmf EcFATOBn. n. 8. Dried thorougliffort [enpato- 

riuin perfoltatum) Jj, boiling water fjxvj ; macerate for 

2 hours, and Btroin. Dose, as a tonic, a wineglaaBfal, 3 or 

4 limes a day. As a diaphoretic sud emetic. larger doses 

(if the warm infosion. Dr. Feebleb gives £5159, vmrm, 

every half -hour, until perspiration unci nausea, or vomiting, 

nre induced, in inflsenea. 
InrvaiTM EuF&TOBlr Caknabim. Muylie made as the last. 
Ihhtsitm Foi.NicrLi. Onr'a H. Fennel seeds gvj, boiling 

natcr f3iij ; macerate Imlf an hoar. 
ImcainK Fbabsbs. American colomho 5i> boiling water 

fjivj. Doaa, 3i to Jij. 
Ibfustjm FiHiiGiNtH Alkau^tem. Wood Boot OJ, liielcorj 

ashes Oj, boiling water Oir; infuse 34 hoars, and decant. 

A popn^r American remedy Tor dj/epepiia tailh acidifj/ [ 

fjiss, 3 times a day. 
InruBuH GaUl£. Avstb. Ph. Nutgalla Jij, boiling water 

Iini7Biru GsNtiAN^ CouFOSiTFU. B. Gentian root 

sliced gr. li, bitter-orange peel cut saiaH gr. li, fresh 

lenjon peel cut small jV, boiling distilled water !$%. In- 

liise in covered vessel fur 1 hour, and strain. L. Similar. 

U. liifusnra Gentianie resembles Mistura Gcntiimce, B. D. 

Ko lemon peel. 
Ihschttm Gisshso. Chihesh form. Ginseng root Qij, 

ginger 9j, water JTJ. Digest in a water bath fori hours, 

add 3j of dnnamon, anil, when cold, Btrain. 
iBPiTEiTsi Gltcybqiuzx. St. B. H. Fresh liquorice -root 

S, boiling water Oj [ macerate for 2 hours, and strain. 
iHrrsTTM GHATioLaj. A, T. TiiosisoN. Dried hedge-hyssop 
._ ^j, boiling water fjyiij; mocerata, and strain. Dose.fSss. 
.JHfiTefK, cathartie, and «metie. 

IX QVJiOO. SiuMONDH. Braised Icavcaand stems of 

o (Uikania Guaca) 5j, boiling water Oj. 

JM Hkllbboei FiEitDi. WooDViLLB. Fresh Btink- 

J lleUeboru 3ij (or 338 of drj). boiling water fjviij j 

KMato for an hour, and strain. Dose fj]. VerrniJ\ige. 

DBTTK HBtKIKXHOCOBTI. Faer. Corsican moss 3iv, 

bling water fjxrj. Digest 10 or 12 hoars, and strsjn. 

1^ glassAils, in eancer, &c. 

nrBDH Heuiebbiti, Dr. AsHBnBNBB. Eoot oi TLLIliv- 




deamiis indtcua ^j, lime vratar Oj ; inf nic !□ s oIobb vessel 
far 12 boura. [It U also made with bailing wnter. I>os% 
a winegbissfol, 3 or 4 timea u da;.] 
I ISFCflUH HhbmiAhie. Knptnre-wort 5ij, boiling watCT Oj. 
I Is^recu HTSPANioiru. Bccha^. Foreign extract of 
liquorice (Spanish juice) Sj, subcarbouftte of potash jiij, 
boiling water Oiji infuae for n night, dccitnt, and add 
^rup of poppiea ^aa. FuxjjEH dirci^ts ^^a of Ea^oUf and 
omita the ayrup. To be sipped fi'equently, in catarrh. 

iKTcrstru MouiTLl. See Infusam Lupuli. 

Ihiubitm HmBoaoTnia. Talte of the herb Hydroeotyle 
Asiatics (a plant of India) 5ij, diied.snd macerate in ^xyj 
of water, Given (o the extent of Sivj ia the i\aj, in 
cuianeoui affieiioiit, 

JlTFiTBiiii HissDPl. Ri.TtEB. HyBBop leavBB ^iiaa, liquoiice 
3ij, boiling water Oij. J» catarrhal complainU, 

ISBOBoa InVIlS. Elecampane root 5v, boiling' wat^r Oj. 

Intusum JapokiohM. See Infusum Cntecbn. 

Iid'cscu JosLAKSia. M. N^aEiEB. Fresh walnut lenvea 
3j, boiling wat«r fjxij; infuae till cold, and strain. Or}] 
of the dried Icavea of the walnut to Jx of boiling water. 

tDoae, a wineglassful. Bemedy for naBsoa; and veiiicle 
. for cod-liver oil. 
iNrDfiUM JtTNiPHBr. D. Juniper becriea Jj, boiling water 
Osaj inocerate for an hoar. Uoae, fjaa. 
Ikhtstim JimiPBfii [CoMPOBiTUSi]. Qir(*8 H, Juniper 
berriea Jiias, boiliog wnter Oj ; macerate for 2 hours, and 
Blnun; then add compound spirit of jnniper fji, and 
occBBionsll; bitaitrato of pottiah 5]. Doae, f ji j, 3 timea a. 

IIkfusuu Jn3TiCL£. Root of panicled Juaticia 5ij, boiling' 
water Oj. A powetful bitter. 
Imftbcm KautKHis. B. Rliatany root bruised 5"s. boiling 
distilled water f5x ; macerate for 1 Lour, and strain, 
Doae, f 3j to f^j. Ailri«gent. 
iKTCSUM Laomi. Litmns 5j, boiling distiJlod water fjiij. 
Intdbcu Lafbi Nobixis. Dr. Nbuoan. Bay lcav<s or 
berries ^las, boiling watsr fjsij ; maocrate and bItwd. 
Dose, fSsB to fjisa. Stimulanl. 
iBfTBina Lai'eo-cbhahi. Dr. Chhbtos'. Fresb liaves of 
the cherry- Inurel Jlv, boiling water fjuLxlj; infust' for ma 

^^ fre»I 


Btnun, and ndd clariRed honey Jir. For ovtaard 
a^piicatio* to malignant itlcera. 
IVFirsiru LlKl. B. Inl'Dae linBecd gr. cli and freeli Uqno- 
rice root sliced gr. li In boiling distilled water ji in a. 
covered vesEel for -1 lionrs, and strain. 
OTJacM LiKi CATHABTrci. A. T, Thomsoit. Dried purffing 
flm 5ij, boiling water Oj ; infiiee for sn boor. Doae, fjg, 
npested till it operates. Lewis direcU a bandfuL of tbs 
jresb plant to be infused in wlicy, for a dose. 
Iottsom IjiBioiisiiDEi. Dr. Wood, Bark of Liriodcndron 
tolipifera (tulip tree) J^, boiling water fjtvj. Dose, fj] 
to fjij. Tonic, iHmtilaBt, aad diapAoreHc. 
.isrcsm LttpCII. B. lofiiae bops 3bb in boiling disttiled 
i; water f3i, in a covered vessel, for 2 hours, and etroin. 
Dole, fJi to fjij. 

( Malambo. Usb. Malambo bark Jij, boiling 

Oj. An aramaiic Ionic. Dose, fsj to fjij, 3 times 

loruBVu Mabbitbii, Dried horehound [Jiv, Dr. Psbehu; 

5j, Dr. Ron.E], boiling water OJ. Doae, Si t" 5'j' 
Iniiibtix Matics. B. Matiuo leaves cat biubH %si, boiling 

distilled wSitor Oes; infiise far 1 an honr, and strain. 

Dose, f^i to f$\v. ToHia aiul atfringoat. li is also tued 

rBim MATicoNia bt Sbhns. Dr. Watkodqh. Matico 
^, seniui 3ij, boiling wal«r Oj. Dose, fjlsa, repeatedly. 
mJSDM MBuaB^^ Pi:EsaK. Preah balm gv, boiling water 
C>j ; infnse for i of an houi'. 
TsvosVit Mentha Siutlex. D. Dried mint giij, boiling 
water Oas; infose for 15 minutes, and Btrain. Duse, 3j 

miBPM Mekth* CoMPoaiTOH. D. 183S. Add to f^v] 
of tbe lost, when itrained and cold, white sugar ^ij, oil of 

mint 3 drops, dissolved in comp. tincture of carda- 


K Mbnth* CoMPoarnTM [Aoidum]. Grr's H. 
Dried mint 3ij, rod roses 3iv, boiling water Oj, dilated 
BnliJinric acid f3ij ; macerate for i an hour, strujn, and add 
Wgar 3iBa. 

rrcBiTM Mbniakihis. Dried buobbean jr, boiling water 
Oj, Tonic, alterative, and cathartic. Dose, fjj to f^iss. 


^^k^KFUSTrU MiLLEFOLIi. Dried yarrow 51, iKiilmg wnter CQ. 
^^B In bsmoirlioiiial afieelious, nervoDS debility. &)c. Eiter- 
^^H iioll; us n vulneritry. 

^^BlsFDauH Nauoiesi. Ditpbegmot. Dp^ndil flowers from 
^^V 3 ta 16, boiling water Oj. In hooping-eovgh. 
^^^IliraeTiu Nccis Vomicjb. Mabchbbtkb H. Bruised nui 
^^B Tomica 5J, boiling water Oj; inruse. Dose, jss. 
^^P isFtiBrM PAJiKiaE. L. PnrHm brava root 3vj, bwling 
^^ water 0| ; mncerate for 2 hours, and strain. Dose, (Jj 

to fjij . Sir B. Bbosis preferred tbo dtfoction. 
Ikjtscm PahibtaeiJ!. Ratieb, Dry peUitory of the wall 

3j, boiling water Diss; infuse \ nn hour, nnd strain. By 

winegUsaliils, in ealeitlovi dUordera, dropties, lie. 
ISFVsru Ps'BSias. Pbheiba. Dried peai^h \ea\ea Ssa, 

boiling' water C^. LaistiTC end rermirugQ. Dose, l^v. 


Infusdm PiciB. SeeAqnaPioia Liquidm. 

Ikeusum PlUFlNELLJi. Kootof burnet eaiifm^ Jj, bwUng 

water fjivj. 
IsTTSinK PoLYSAi^. D. Broiud poljgnla root (SenegK) 

Ssd, boiling- water fjii. Digest 1 tionr, and strain. 
iNiusuM Pbitni ViEorniAKje. IT. S. Wild cherrj bark 

Jse, cold water fjivj. Infuse for 24 hours; or it may be 

njade hj percolation. Tonio and oalmntiye. Dose. fjlj. 
ISFTBirji QrASStn. B. Infuse quassia in cbipa gr. Ix in 

colli disti lied water {31, in a covered vessel, for { an hour, 

and strain. 
IsFrsDU Quassia cttu Zikci Sitlfsate. Quassia 3j, sul- 

pliato of sine gr. viij, cold witter fjviij. 
Isfob™ Rasi. B. Infnae rhuliarb in tbin slices 31 in 

boiling distilled water fjx, in a covered ressel, for one honr, 

and strain. 
iBFUsrM Rhei AtKAUsnt. Dr. Coplamd. Hbuburb 5ij, 

subcarbonate of potash 5J, boiling water Osa. moeenite 

tbr i hours, strain, and add tincture of cinnamon ^ss. 
iHFuaim Rn0DODE!<i>Bi. KoKLFiK. Leaves of golden 

flowered rbododeudron 5ij, facvling water Oas. A wine- 
glassful, nigbtrand morning, iu gout. 




leares □( poison-ouk (rliiia toiLicodcTulroa or r. mdimni!) 3sa 
to 3], toiling water fjvj. Dose. fjaa. 

IMFUHCM Hob* Acidcm. B. Red-rose petals 5i, ililute 
sntpburic aoid f5j, boiling distilled wOitor f^x. Add the 
Bciil to the wuteri infuse the petals in tlie aiiitnre in a 
covered veaiel for } an hoaf, and utrun. 

IsBuarM Kcrrai. PsaKiai. Fresh rna 5j, boiling water Oj. 

ISPUSEK SiUlB^. Dr. PKBsnu. Freah aavine 5j, boiling 
water fSviiji ioAiae foe ) an hour. HoBM pmsL-ribea 
savins 3j, curophor gr. vj, boiling water fjv. Dose, fjse. 

Invvbeth: RjT.i nia. Dr. RoYliB, Bark of the more bitter 
and astringent kinds of willow 3j, boiling water Oj. A 
wineglaggf id, every 3 or 8 hours. 

1iiit;bixh: SaI:TI£. A. 'f . TBOXaON. Dried sage leaves Jj, 
boiling water Oj ; msCTrata for I an hoar. 

iBntBDu: SAUBVal. Elder flowers 5j to 5ir, boiling water 
CKss. Infuse, and strun. 

Iii»na™ SASOCiNjiaiK. Blood-root Jas, boiling water 
fjCTJ. DosBpfSiatof^. Emetic. 

Ikfdeuk SAfoMABL£. Tiiatu! da Saponaire. F. Soap- 
wort-root 3j. liqnorice-root S'i- boiling water f5'^''''j ; 
macerate for i hours. 

iNSnsuM SAnBArABn.t^. U. S. Sarqaparilta ^', biiUing 
wflterfJiTJj moceratofoc 2houra. [Some prefer infusing 
saraapiirilla in lukeuurm water for 2 or S hoore; but the 
t sbould be well bmimkl.] 

iru Sabss Aoisru. Dr. Hancook. Sarsuparilla 51, 
bfriling water OJ, muriatic acid rnxxx to nul. Infuse in 
A glass vessel for some honrs, and strain. Dr. H. says the 
efficacy of tbe lufuEiou is greatly increased bj tlie avid, 
TEDBUU Sasz* AT.uiT. rvnM, St. Qeo. U. SarsapariUa 
Jxij, liquorice root 5i<"> solntion of potash (lig. potassce} 
QiiB, boiling nater Ovss. Macerate for 24 hoor^, and 
- ■ Dose, ironi fsviij to fSiv], daily. 

SABaAFABiLiLX CouFosiim:. D. 1826. Snrsap, 
ISj, [cold] lime water f^^vj,- macerate in a closed vassel 
for 12 hours, and straiii. Dr. O'Bbibks prescribes 3ij of 
■parilla, 3y of liquorico root, to Qj of lime water ; to 
irate 24 hours. Dihb, fjiv to fjij, twice a day. 
Tsni SA-BSE Fbioidum. On'a H. Sarsa Jij, lime 


water Oy ; rub the sliced sarsaparilla with the lime watBr, 
in a marble mortar, with a wooden pestle, for i ofiai hoar;, 
then macerate, with occaBiDiial atirring, for 6 hours. Uox.'. 

IiTFU^rM S1.HBAFBAB. NiEUANK. SuBaTnis jas. hoiUn^ 

water Oj ; mocerate for 6 hours. 
IssnsTJM ScOPAEiI. L. Broom tops Sj, boiling water Oji 

macerate for 4 houra. 
DrFUBDU Sci?rELu.Bi£. Br. Spaloti^o. a teaspoonfiil 

and a half of tl^e powdered herb (Scntelkcia lateriflora) 

iatiised io Oj in boiling water ; to be taken bj teacupfuli, 

3 times a day, as a prerenldTe of hydrophobia. 
IiwuacM Sboaub Cobncti. See lofiisom Ergotw. 
IkpubitiiI Sekgos. B. lafiuQ senega bruited Jsb in boilings 

distiUed wBtet f^^p "> " covered vessel, for 1 hour, and 

strain. Dose os^lly stated to be from f^ to fji^; but 

BaiTBBlBAH says the infusion is mneh more anergetic tban 

the decoetjon. MoucHOK makes it from the powder, by 

displacement with cold wnter. 
iNFDiCM Sbbh«. B. and E. Infusum Sennas Compoaitum, 

L. and D. [E. 1867 and L. similar, twice as strong as B. 

1634 and D.] 

B. 1861 
B. 1867. L. 4 D. E. 

Senna Sj ... 5iv „. jiv ... Siijl Infnaefor 

Ginger gr.xii ... 3iv ... 58a ... 9iT l-onc hour, 

Boilingwater ... Oss ... Oj ,., 06s ... Oj J and strain 
Dose, £5y to f3iv. 
IxpusvH Senna CoicPOBiTtra):. 

Tamarindli, D. 1BB6.) Senna ... 

3iu)i tamarinds Jj, coriander seed 3j, mascovado si ^ 

Jss, boiling water fjviij. Infuse for 4 hours in a covered 

vessel not gliwed with lead, and strain. 
Ikfdsitu Srhns ecu CovfRA. Miilnfasionor senna with 

an equal quantity of infoMon of roasted eoffuo. For 

IjfFDBUM Senti* Limohiatcm, L, 1746. Senna S"*. 

tteeb lemon peel Sj, lemon juice ^, boiling water fS^- 
Inpfsitm Sens* TABTAHiEATtrn. L. 1788. Senna ^a, 

coriander seed Jss, cceam of tartar jij, boiling water fj^yj* 

Macerate for an hour. 

■P sti'dv 




JltvcaDu8it]ie>NTABL:G CouFoaiTiru. GijT'a H. Serpcntaria 
5r, cantrajervH root jV, boiliaj; wat«i- Oj i macerate for 
2 honn, scd add tincture of Berjieotaria f 3\}. 
Ihtcbvm Sesami. Dr. Wood. Two fresU leaves of Bosa- 
inum (haHne) infused In f3Tiij of cold water form a muci- 
laginous demulcent drink. Diied leaves require hat water. 
Ad Ubilum. 

If SlHABUBX. L. Simaruba Ijarb 5iij, boiling' 
Cy ; maaernte far 2 hours, and strain. 
a Sfiobli*. U. S. Indiau pink jiy, boiliug water 
fjivji 1 macerate for S honra. Gvz'a H. 5x to Oj. Boie 
gf tiie latter, fj) to fjij, 2 or 3 times a daj. 
JsrcsDU Spiseij£ ouu Sbhua. InfoBO ^r of spigelia and 
the same of eenna in Oj of boiling water. Vermifuge. 
Dose for a child of 3 years old, from fjaa to tjj ; for an 
adult, ftom fj'j tnfSviij. 
ISPUBDM 80LIIIA6ISIS. Golden-rod dried 5], boiling watcr 

Jotttbi™ Tabaoi. D. 1826. TobaocoloaveB^j, boiling WHter 
fjxvj ; macente ror an hoar. [Fawi,EB'B Inf. Tabaci is 
replaced by Viuum Tabaci, E.J 

TahabindI cum SbNdA. See Inf. Sennie Comp. 
TiNAOETl. PEBKnU. Fresh tansy 3ij [3j Nib. 
■], boiling water Oj. Infuse, and Btrain. 
M Tbamctbi Flati. Infuse jij of meadow-rue in 
g water q. B. to stmin fjsvj. (for hydrophobia; 
iio be taken in 31 lionrs.) 
_/maFM Tiiiai. See Ptisana Tilia?. 
ISFvanu: Ulmi FoLVffi. U. S. Inner bart of slippery elm 
ii, boiling water fjivj ; macerate for 2 hours. Demulcent. 
Ad libitKm. 
iKruauM Uhtice {Sbmtsdm). Oaebb. Nettle seed 3iisH, 
boiliug water f^iviy ; infuse for 3 hours, struiu, and add 
syrup fSlj. 
iNTirscM Urs Ubbi. B. Infuse bearberry leaves bnuaed 
3aa in boiling distilled water fgx, in a covered vessel, for 
two hours, and atrun. 

CM T ii.EBuw M. B. Valerian root brniaed gr. cis. 




boUmg diat'iUed water Oas ; macernle for 1 liour. Dme, 


rrnsiTM Vising. Vanilla ^j, boiliaj; water Oj. 

tFVBtrK Vetitebik. Roots of Andropogoa muriatiania 
(vettver) ^, boiling vnter Oss; jnfusfl till cold. Dose, 
gsi. [A weak infuuon, 3j or 3ij to OJ oF water, is osed 
ad Ubilum, in lUghtficertTl 

irusuM ViHC^ simoBiB. Mr. WEiTHEBS. LesEer peri- 
winkle S^ boillDg water OJ. Dose, fjj, 3 times a da^, 
iajiaiiKs haiBorrhagas. 

iFUsrM ZiNOiBEBiB. Dr. Wood. Ginger Jb!, Iwiling 
watar fji!] ; macerate for 2 lionrn. 

MEOTIOJffifl. Uretliral and vaginal injectinns are here 
intended, except wliere otherwise stated. Fur inteatiaal 

sjiCTio Aqidi MtraiATici. Mr. Wy4tt. Muriatic ftdd 
8 dropi, watfiT f S't- 

iJECno AcouflTICi. AWBBST. Balaam of Pern Jij, tinc- 
ture of musk 4 drops, utto of roses 1 drop, deooctioa of 
St. John's wort Oj. lit ditchargea from the ear. See also 
Balsamnm Acooeticam, and Guttie AcouBticie. 

^jKcuo Ai^sa. BoBiES. Aloes Sss, muriate of ammonia 
gr. 1v, lioncj of rosea Jj, fcmie! water 317. 
'njsc-rio AnTMiina. Gxab. H. Alum gr. y, water 3y. 
Bbahdb. Compound solatiou of atuiii fjvj, water fsrita, 
mucilage Jsb. 

sjBOTio ALGuniJ! AoETATis. Dr.REEOB. Alum 5j, acetkte 
of lead 3is!j triturate witli fjvj of boiling water, and in 
an honr filter. 

TiiBCitD Ahhohix. Lataqha. Water of ammonia 8 to 
12 dropH, milk Jij. NiaATO. WaterofemmoDia -dOdrops, 
barley water fjviij, mncilnge Jss. For 4 iiijectiona. Dr. 
ABHWBtL. Water of ammonia f^, milk Oj. In amator- 

TfJECTio Akuosis ACRTATtB. Cb. I^qaid acetftta of 
ammonia f Jji water f Jiij. 
iKJECTio Abbkmti Nithstis. The proportion of nitrate of 
silver prescribed bj different Burgemis in injections vnriea 
from s qnart«r of a graiD to 30 grains to each fjj of dfa> 
tilled WHtcr. Mr. AciOH uses gr. ij of nitrate iu f^fuj 
of distilled water, and injects half a eyriugcful every 4 


bonr* Tor 12 times. Dr. Abhott ubcb gr. lij to fjj of 
water, and injectB fjij, compressing the nretlira 2 iui'hcs 
from the oriBoej it eliould lio retaiucd hulf a, minute. 
Mr. LroAB emplojB from gr. i to ir to fjj of waler, 
EiooMi and Gus. H. gr. vly. Ur, Jewell {i» leacar- 

r rJuBo) gr. iij to fjj of water. Olaaa sjiisgDa eboold bn 

L Tued- 

Xhjeotio ABTXivoEHa. Dr. Asswell. Infutiou of oak kirk 
fjiv, powdered nutgall 58B, tincture of eateehu f jij. 

Ikibctio Ateopib SuBCHTiHEji. 1-lOth gr. of suljiliato of 
atiopia in "ivj. To lull pain. 

Imjbctio CALOMBLASflB. St, B. H. Calomel Jij, mucilage 
f 3ia8, water Oj. 

Ikibctio Cebttbbe. Ch. Compound powder of earbouate 
of lead (pulvia corussio camp. L. 1788) 3j, BUlphate of zinc 
gr. xj. rose water Jir. 

IHJBOno CfliOBiKATi. F. H. One part of liquid clilori- 
DBted Goda to 12 or 16 of water. Ut. CoPLArm. Onetluid 
onnco of liquid cliloride to Jvij of mmplior miitnro. 

IsncTio Chlobici Calois. BoirssB. Clitoride of lime 9j, 
water fSrij, wine of opium Sj. 

IBJBOTIO CovtXBm. Ch. Copniba baJsiim gy.mncilage Jef, 
lime water 3iv. KiCOBD preicribea copajva Jyj to jvij, 
decoction of poppiea giij. Yolk of an egg. Mis. 

Ikjsctio Cbbaboti. Dr. Ai.ijia9T. Creasote n\ix, solution 
of potasli 3ij, wliita angar 3ij ; nib togetlior, andaddwuter 
fjriij. In levecrrha/a. 

Imjbctio CrssBs. Chetallibb. Gronnd cubobs 3j, ex- 
tract of belladonna 5J, boiling water fS^vj. Infuse, 

IirjBCHO CoTHl AosTATis [OLEOSA j. Cu. Prepared ver- 
digris gr. I, oil of almouifi 5'''- DiBaolTB by tiitatation, 
or geotle bent. 

iBJEOiio Cdpbi AMMOBiiri. Mr, Foot. Solution of am- 
moniated copper, 20 drops, roBC water Jiv. 


gr. iij, water fSiv. 
IirjEPTio Cdpki kt Pmtmbi AOKTAita. Ur. R. Rbkce. 

Acctatu of lead gr. i, acetate of copper gr. j, acetic aciil 

"IV, water fS""]- 
Jhmomo EBeoT,ffl. BotTDiH. Ei^ot 5j, boiling water Jriij- 



IsjECTio Febbi Iodidi. Kicoeh. Iodide of iron 599, water 

Injkotio FuLioiNiB. M. RoanKTTi. Decoction of wood- 
soot Stvj. alum Jbb, water Jvj. J» ieuoorrSaa. 

Injbctio GiiLK. Tincture of niitgalla 3j, water 51. Or a 
weak inftuion. 

Ihjeotio HTDSAiiaTBi. Ch. QalckailTer 5], mocilago 
iiis; mb togother till comliinod, and add gradually water 

Injectio HiDSiBQTBi CiTLOEn)!, See Inj, Calomel. 

Ihjbctio Htdbaeqyui Bichlohidi. p. H. Bicliloride of 
mfi-oury gr. j to iv, water, or barle/ water, fjxvj. 3j 
tincture (d mjirli iasamedmes added; others add wine C 
opiam. Gl,Aa. &. Bichloride gr. j, water fjij. 

lyjBOTio loDiBn. Tblphap, in hydrocele. One part 
tinctoTQ of iodine to 3 purts of water; or from ^ij to 
311] of tincture to Jj of water, and iiyect Jss. Mr, " 
COOPEK saya the compouiid tincture should ba used. ] 
Waibb tniics from fjj to f5ij of the tincture with f^i 
tepid water, and injeota fjj, letting it remain abont 4 
niiiiutn. In k^dfarfhTOaia M. BoimBT iojecta a mlul 
of 1 part of iodine, 2 of iodide of potaieinm, and 8 of 
water, taking care not to introdnce more liquid thai 
witlidrawQ from the joint. M. Akhjihb injecta inlo 
fractorj fistulQ) of tlie groin or axilla 10 parti at tincture 
of iodine and 60 of water. 

Ihjbctki MfiBp nuj . BbeeA. Morpliia gr. ij, oilof almoDda 
Sj ; triturate together, 

iNJEOno MoBPHia SuBOtmsBA. Oqo gr. of acvtate of 
morphia in "ivj. To lull pain. 

iNJKCtia O1.EOBA. Cb. Oil of almonda Jiv, liquid diace- 
tato ot'lead 8 drops. 

Ihjbctio Opiata. Ch. Tincture of opium mil, water 3iv. 
P. II. Wine of opium ^, emollient decoction Oj. 

IiijBOTio PLATrao-cnLOBrDi Sorn. Hobfeb. Decoction 
of poppj gviij, chloride of platinum and nodium jsa. 

Injectio Plukbi. Goulard water (Liq. Humb. disc. diL)[ 
or acetate of lead 3], water f3™f- 

Ikjbctio Plumbi Opiata. WEunr. Extrai't of opium gr- 
is9, distilled water fjij, macihige 3iJ, liquid diacelale of 
lend 4 drnpa. 


Imjbctio QoKEOfiB. Powdered oak bark Jj, boiling wator 

Jivj. Inftise. 
IsjsoTia Stbtohmie Sttboctakea. Muke a Eolutiou tivii^e 

the strength of Liquor Strychniie. Inject 6 drnpa (1-lOtli 

of a, graia). Jn local parali/iia. 
lUJBOTlO TilfNINI. RlOHABD, TflmiiQ 3j, wstor JviLj. 

iNJEono TEOBBitrr&ii'x. St. B. H. OU of turpcutins 

fjiss, olive oil f3iij. 
iMiEcno Tbb£. Ch. Green toa 3u, boiling water Jir. 

lUjBcno VmiCJOIB. Dr. HoBkin. .fbr diitoioing phoi- 
phatic calculi in /As bladder. Nitro-sacchnrate of lead 
gr. j, iDoiatened with S drops of socchHric sxiid, imd dis- 
aolvod in f Jj of distiUed water. Dr. H. has »inre adopted 
tbe acetate of lead. M. CsETALLnx prescribes im lUiio 
calculi carbonate of soda Jj, map 3^, water fjiij. 

Injboiio Visi. Eaele, in hydrocele. Red wioe 2 pacts, 
water 1 part. To remaiu in about 6 minutes, 

iHJBirrio ZiNCi AcETAiia. Sulphate of linc 5j, acetate of 
lead 3iv-, water Diss, 

Isisuno ZiBCi Chlobidi. Mr. Liotd. One grain of 
chloride of zinc to each fgj of water. A small portion to 

t lie used at a linie; witli antiphlogistic treatment. 

aono ZiNQi S1TI.FHATIB. Sulpbata of zinc gr. viij to 
tx, distilled or rose water fS'iij. [SeTeral of the coio- 
pcondi under Lotio arc nsed as Lojectione, properly 
nts. B. (lodinliim, L.) Iodine. Obtained principally 

fc~^&ain the aahee of seaweed. Liiiriate kelp, remove the crja. 

VitaUUnble salts bj successive evaporations, dry the motber- 

I S^nor, and heat the residnom with l-lOth its weiglit of 
powdered oildc of ninnganeEe, in an iron pot, Etirriug con- 
stantly. Ksaolve it in water to obtain a solution of 1334 
gp. gr. Pass throngh it a current of chlorine, avoiding ei- 
cesa. Wueh tbe deposit with a little watiT, and distil it 
in H gloss retort. Dose, abont half a grain, but seldom 
given in substance. 

loSTU. B. 1864. (lodininm Porum, D.) Id troduce iodine 
of commerce Jj '"'" " porcelain capsule of a cirtuliu: shape, 
cover this as accorutel; as poeailne with a glass matrass 
Uled with cold water, and apply to the capsule the heat 



of boiling water for 20 miuntes. Let tlie matrasB 1is now 
romovcd, aoil, Eliould coluurless acicol&r priams or a pun- 
gent oiiaor be found attachod t^ its jbottom, let tliem bo 
■eparated from it. This lieing done, tlie matrass is to be 
restored to its previoos position, and a gentle and steatly 
beat (tliet of a, gas lamp answers well) applied, so as to 
sablimo the whole of the iodine. Upon now allowing the 
cnpsole to cool, and lifting oS the matrass, the pndScd 
prodnot will be found attached to the bottom of the latter. 
Wbm separated, it eliould be immediately enclosed in a 
bottle fnToished with an accnratelj groaad stopper. 
losiNn CHLOBminf. SovsKis^v. DiiRiBo iodine in water, 
and pass into it a cnirent of chlorine gas ) a liquid of t. 
deep red colour is obtained, the irritating vaponr of 
which has been tried in some affections of the eyes by Dr. 


lOniNii LiQiTOB COUPOSITCS. E. See Liquor lodinel C. 

losiuuii AuTLT. See Amyli lodidnm. 

loBOFOBMnsi. ladofonn. M. Ctisr. Dist^led water f|ii 
rectified spirit tjias, iodine Sj, bicarbonate of soda ^. 
Heat gently in a flnsic, by water batb, for 3 honr^ or 
until yellow acalea of ioiloforni are deposited- Colleet 
tbc iodoform on a filter, end wash it wilb ■ littla cold 
water. More iodine is added to the liqaid as long ai 
betrnmei dewlorized by the process. Doie, 1 or 

JiiAn REaiSA. B. Digest jalap in coarse powder Jviij 
with f3"j of reet. spirit, in a covered vessel, at a gentle 
beali for 24 hoars; then transfer to a percolator, and, 
when tbe tjnctura ceases to pass, ponr into the percolator 
BucuesBive portions of spirit until the jalap is exhausted. 
Add to tbc tincture fjiv of ilist. vrator, and distil off tbe 
spirit by a water hath. Remove the reaidoc while hot to 
an open dish, and allow it Co become cold. Pour off the 
snpematant fluid from the resin, wash this two or three 
times with hot water, and dry it on a porcelain plata by a 
8t«ve or water hath. 

u.A]?iNA. Jalapine- Mr. Redwood, Dissolve resiQ 
jalap in rectified spirit, and add to it an alcoholic aolution 
of ocetute of lead, as lung as a precipitate is formed. 
Pilter, add a Tow dmps of diluted sulphuiiv odd to throw 


down on eicass of lead ; filter again, and mii the clear 
solution with 4 or 5 times ifc^ voliiiue of ilistillcd water. 
Collect till) precipitate, and dry it over a water batU. 

JiTLAPiDM (r>el Julbpitm) AciETTM. WatCT rendered grata- 
^dly acid by the addition oS Tarious Ht^ds, and sweetened 
with Hugar or symp. Qcr'e H. hnu the following : 
Hydrochloric acid f^j, water Oj, sugar 3a!. 
Nitrie acid nilxxv, water Oij, Bugar ^ss. 
Nitro-bydrocLIoric acid nvln, water Oisa, sngar 3J. 

JoliBPTlsi Ahodthtth. See Mirtora Anodyna. 

JiTLBFuu AUKOmx. Gu's's H. SeBqnicarkmatt i>{ am- 
monia 3ij, treacle fjiv, componnd tincture of lavender 
fjiv, mint julep (JqI. mentliEB, Gdy'b H.) fjij. 

JuxEPDM Ammonia; Acbtatib. Gm'a H. Solution of 
uuetutu of ammonia and mint water, equal parts. 

JctEPiTM Ahtihtbtkbioitm. F. H. PenujToyal water 3iv, 
hysteric water Jij, tincture of castor Jij, fetid spirit of 
ammonia 5tj, aogar 3vj. 

JcxEFCH Gdmmobitm. p. Gnm awblc Jij, syrup of mareli- 
mallowa 3j, orange-flower vater 3iv, water 3iv. 


H, 'I'iucture of ciuohuna bark fjj, tiuuture of rlmbarl) 
{51V, liqnor of bichloride of mcrcary (L. P.) fjij, distilled 
water fsiv. Dose, fjj to f3iv, twice and thrice a day. 
JiriJPTTM loDiNn CoMPOBiicM. Gci's H. Iodine gr. ij, 
iodide of potaasiam gr. rfviij, comp. tincture of lavender 
favj, water fjq 5ij. Mil. Dose, fjj, twice or thrice 

JcxirFEU IiEUONia. 607*3 H. Lemou jnicc and mint 

water, equal parts. See Liuionndum. 
JutEpmu MKBTHa;. Gut's H. Peppermint water Oj, water 

Osa. U. C. H. addi spirit of nitric ether f5vj, eymp of 

Henna f ^ii. 

I H, Oiymel 

JrtBpPM Potass^ CABBONATta. Gut's H. Golutjon of 

carbonate of polasb 1 part, mint ^vater 11 parts. 
^^^GbT'S H. Julep of carbonnte of potash 2 parts, lemon 






nxaptm Potjbb*: NrnRATis. Qin'a H. Nitre 5iij, mint 
jnlep {3x39, spirit of nitric etber t^aj, eyrup of lemonB 

Jvi^pum: Khbi CouFoaiTHU; JiUepura Base Comp.; and 
JuL Saix Solpliatis. See J/Lm-raoA. Otlicr jaJepa will 
nlso be found under MistnrH, Potin, Ptisaoa, &c. 

Juaonxmi cum Cabbb Botis. Dr. Sbtmotb. Serf Tea. 
Lean beef ftiiss (avoird. wt. P), vinter Oiij ,- simmer, with- 
ont bmling, till reduced to Oiaa, and atrain careful];. 

JnaoiTLniH onst Cabnb Vititli. P. Lean veal ^iv, river 
water f 3ixirj ; digest with a gentle heat for 2 hours ; 
itrain when cold. In the aamts manaer prepnie boHitlont 
of calies' lights, pullet^ craj-flah, tortoise, aud Iroga. 

JnaontiTM cfm Lntiontca. P. Vina suuila, deprived of 
their ahella and intestines, washed in wurni water, and 
cut in pieces, Siv, water Iby ; Bimmer for twd hours, add 
3^ of Canada maidenhair ; infuse for i of an hour, and, 

JraciTLrH Slltz^. Dr. E(H.s. Decoction of snTsapaiilla 
Oias, beef Hiss; redace to half. To be talien daily, 

JCSCTTHTM ViPBEiNiTu. L. 1746. Prepared IrDiaa njiddle- 
sized vipvr (freed from hend, skio, and Dntralts), a chicken, 
tindfbu of water, S. A. Sejtorativa. 

Kill. See Potassa. 

Kbembb MfflEBALE. P. Cryst. carbooate of 80da Jiv, wstor 
Oij ; boil !□ on iron vessel, and add 3^ of blaeic sulplinret 
of antimony in fine powder; keep it Iioiling for an hour, 
filter whilst boiling into encthen vessels containing a very 
little hot water ; let it cool very slowly, collect, wash, and 
]irOBa the preclpitste, dry it with a moderate boat, paaB 
llirough a silli sieve, and keep it seeure fVom air and light. 
An inferior kind is prepared in tha dry way, from black 
aulphuret of antimony Jivj, carbonate of potash St™i 
washed snlpbur ^. Mix accmntely, and fuse in a, Hessian 
i^rucible. When cold, reduce it to powder; bcnl it with 
2 gallons of water, and proceed as above. The residno to 
lie boiled with more water, till it yidda no more kennes. 

EooBSiHA. M. Patesi. 300 parts of kousso arc treated witb 
100 parts of alcohol and £5 parts of liydmte (^ lime, at a 
tcmperatare beloiv 150° P.; the residue is i^aia digested 


a 600 parU of bsrlL^water. Mix the soluliima, filler, and 

■ jirecipil«te bj ncetic arid. Diy the precipitate. 
^0 Amygi)AJ.s. Si^b MietoTB Amjgdaln. 

O Ajaaiwu i'AcrmcM. Arlifldal Asia' Milk. HAmr. 
■*H. Siinils G, ImrtahoTO Klmviags, penrl liailey, eringo 
oot^ each 3ij, water Itij; boil to tbj, uud uild syrop of 

■ maidenhair jj. The bdhiIs nru omitted in tbis (;ouutry. 
uc FEBBi-TCU. Cow'a milk iti which red-hot ii'on has been 
Erepeatedlj quenched. 

□ mm Siso. Dr. A. T. Tao3>i90H. Sualc Sj "^ ^^fS° ■■' 
">] of cold iralcr for an hour ; pour off the water, and boil 
le in^ ilowly with Oisx of milk till diseolved. 
OVM Sbto. Gdt'b H. Suet cnt amull Jj, wat*r ij'''! 
tiail on a sIoit lire for ID minutes, and expreaa through 
Jineni then add new millt Jiyj, brnised cinuamon Jj, 
ngnr 3j; boil for 10 minutes, and Btrain. Dow, f3y to 
f^ir, twiee a day or oftenor. Stw also Decootuin Sevi. 

Lao SDI.PBDBIB. Se>e Sulphur Pnecipit-itum. 

IiAOTUCAKitiu. The milk; juice which flaws from iucixioiia 
in the tiexa of flowering lettuce, collected, nod dried iu 
the nir. E.dlrecbiit to be prepared both from the Zaduoa 
a and Jjostvea aaiiva. Dosej gr. j to vj, 

IiACTDOiNA. Laetueias. Lesoub. Gibuust luctucarium 
with hoiling ulcohol. Bcdiasolve what is depn^ited on 
ccio1in;t in suAlcient hot olcohril, digest with aititnal char- 
vou!, tilter while hot, and let it cool. 

LaPib DivrNiTS. P. and Pbus. Ph. Sulphnte of copper, 
nitre, and alum, of eacli Jiij [Sij. I^tb. Pn.]; fuse them 
together, stir in 3j of powdered cainjihor, and pour it out 
on an oiled slab. Used in lotions, eye-waters, SiC. The 
Liipia Vulnerarius of Bome formularicB is nearly the 

I.4Pia MEDinAMEBTosufl, L. 1746. Alum, litharge, and 
red boll', of each Ibas; colcotlmr Jiij, rinegar Jiv. Mil, 
and dry. 
I Lausahfu SroGHHAirt. Vinum Opii. 
I LAUiJiMTH Ctdokiatpm. See Liquor Opiatus. 
ILicukh IslANDICDS PbsPAbatus, Iceland most deprivai 
* ' iUlemeii, Bbbzeiics. Macerate Hiij of Iceland 
1 tbxxxvj of water cantidning ^ij uf iieailnsli, for 
I 24 hours. Wash the moss thoroughly without pressure. 




^^H M. RoiimET Bteeps the moas in cold wator reneived every 
^^M 6 hoars, for 3 Aaya. M. Coldef; bents the water ti> 
^H 110' F., strnins, and repeats thin S or 3 times. 
^^B I1IU.CINA. M. Meillet. Boil the leavea or green seed- 
^^1 vessels of lilac in water q.s. till reduced to half, udd dis- 
^^M cetate of lED.d, foilceiitral« to a thin Bp'Up, and add cal- 
^^P clued ma^esia in exoeaa. Evajxirate t« drjnes^pulverise, 
^H^ digest the powder repeateillj in warm water ((•G'^to 104°), 

and afterwurda treut it with highly revtified spirit. 

Filter, docqloriee tbe solution with animal charcoal; filter, 

evaporate to half, and set aside that crystals may form. 
LntATirEi Fkbbi. See Fern Limatnra. 
LurATCoA SliSSl. Tin is sometimes divided liy a. file; 

but more usually hy agitating- tbe melted metal. See 

Staitni Fnlvia. 
LiMOKADtnu. Cut 2 lemons iu slices, poor on them Oiss oT 

boiling water, infuse for an hour in a covered vessel, then 

I add 3iJ of sugar, and strain. Or, citric acid 5j, sugar Jij, 
vater Oisi, spirit of lemon 3J. Tartaric acid is some- 
times sabstitutcd for dtric. 
JtmoNADtTM AEBAttru. Put f^^ of syrup of lemoiig into 
each hottle, and fill up with BSratcd water. 
tijfoSAinrM Antimosiatom. It. H. Potaasio-tartrate of 
antimony gr. ij, aagar 3sa, lemonade Oij. A glassful every 
hulr hour. 
LmuKAEDit Lactictjm. M. Lactic acid from gj to 3iv, 
water Oias, ay rap 3'j- 
XiiHOKAimu Maokebi^ Laxaiivtu. HiAiHE. Calcined 
magnesia ^ij, citric acid Stis!, water fjx. Heat to boil- 
ing, and filter whilst hot into a pint bottlo contiiuing Jij 
of syrup oflomon peel, and fill up with water. Coniaina 
about 51] of citrate of magnesia, equal in effect to Sj of the 


of magnesia ^, heavy carbonate of magnesia jiss, dtrio 

aeid in course powder jiy, refined sugar (pnwdcred, asA 

aromatized with lemon) 31^. Mix ; fur a pint of water. 

LiMOSADVii OxALiCDM. Oialic acid gr. X, water Oj, sugar 

. q. s. Hoif this quantity io 24 hours, as a refrigerant. 

^H LntoMASDU Stccuu. Citric acid 5j, sognr 3iv, esaenue of 


Ilemiui 8 drops, Or, white lagai Ibiv, tartaric ncid JJ, 
^eain of tartar ^iv, etuence of lemon 3ij. 
itOlf ADDM SoiPHnBiciTH. P. H. Sulpturic nciil gr.uix, 
•TfTup of barberries 3'j) i^^ter Oiiise. A Eti'on^r mixturo 
is ased in puntera' colic. M. Gbitdbiii. SuSpliuric acid 
40 dcDjia, water Oj. 
LlBCTtrs. Commoti Linelua. St. B. H. Confection of liipa 
3|j, p. tragncanth 3ii9B, eyrnp of poppies (yij, water jij, 
diluted Balpliuric acid fjfis, vinegnr of squills f jiij. Mil. 
LniCTUS AciDCfl. Dr. CorLAHO. Honey of roses 51, mu- 


oxjtDCl of squills f^, precipitated Bulphiiret of ontimoiiy 

ICTVB BoRtCts. U. C. H. Borax jiij, boney ^ ; melt and 
" together, then add syrup 5j- Dr- CoPLAlfB prescribes 
Tnnsatl giias, coinp. powder of tragacaoth 5113, syrapot 
Tola 5ji borax 3iiw, confection of rosea Jv, syrup of inarsh- 
mallowB, q. b. 
LIK0TC9 Cacao. CrSaie de Trovehia. Butter of cacao 3ij, 
white sugar 3j, syrup of caiiiilaire 3j, syrup of Toln Jj. 

va LBXaicvASBs. Dr. Coplakd. Oil of almoodg 

ayrup of lemon fjj, ipecacuanha gr. vj, coufection of 

[jB Si' wnip. powder of tcagacantli 5iij. 

rua Myesh^ et IPECicCAKni. Dr.CopusD. Mjrrh 

_^ ipecacuanha gr. vj, macilage, syrup of marsh 'mallow^ 

find oxymei of sifnill, each 5tj. 

LiKCTVa OLEoers. U. C. H. Oil of almonds f3j> ^^nip of 

poppies fjj, tragacanth powder 5iij. 
LiBOTifa OpiiTua. Gnr'a H. Tincture of opium f3ij, di- 
luted anlphurio acid f3iiBB, trtttcle f3viij. water 13iij. 
a teaspaonf\il occasionally. 
Pbctobaub. Dr. RriH. Oxymei of squill, mu- 
>F acacia, and simple syrup, in equal quaotitiQa. 
PoTisaE NiTRATifl. Guy's H, Nitrp gise, honey 
fjj, oxymei f^us. A tcnspoouful oucaBlonully. 
LiHCTPS ROBK, Confection of roses Sij, dilated sQlpharic 

add 1^. compound tincture of camphor fjxij. 
laBOTCS SciitB. Oil of almonds Jij, oiymcl of squills Jj. 
Tebebikthih^. IlECAJtraB. Oil of turp 



^^P LraiiitBNTirM AoiDi Stjlphubici CoMPoaiTirii. Guy's and 
^" ' St. Gko. H. Sul|ilmrio acid t^j, oil of lurpentiim f^iH, 

olive oil f^iij. Sir B. Bbodie. Olive oil 5isa, snlphuno 

add ^. Mix, snd add oil of turppnUne Jbs. 
LnfntBBTPJit AciBTit. Sir W. Pobbtcb, in malignant 

vieeraiiom of the throat. Honey of roacB jj, muriatic 

acid 20 drape. 
IiiBmEBTirM AcETicrM CoMPOSiTTTM. MiD. H. AceHc 

aeid f ^, purified oil of turpenWne fj's*. jolli of egg q. e., 

diatilled water fjv. Mix. 

»LiNiiiBSTcrM AcosiTL B. Aconite root in powder 3ix, 
camphor SJ, rectified spirit q. s. Moiatun the aeonita root 
nitli a purtion of the spirit, Bad mBCeiate for S da;s ; then 
percolate into a receiiBF contaiuiDg the catuplior, until the 
product amouuts to C^. 
T.Tu miTHH TTTM ^buqisis. L. Oxt/mtl .Mruginii. Powdered 
vordigris 5j, yinegar fjyij; dissolve, strain through liaeu, 
add honej Jxiv, and boil to a proper thickness. 
LmuBNTUM ALsru. J^Vr chapped handi. Roctjfied oil 

I of turpentine 5y, solution of ammonia Jij, soap liniment 
3iij< spirit of rogemary sy, mix in the above order, and 
gradoally add, with continual agitation, distilled vinegar 
LiHiMKNTiru AiBUMiHia. Dr. Chbibtmon. Equal parts 
of white of egg and rectified sprit agitated together. Jit 
rxvoriation/rom presmre. 
LlBlKEBim Ai.T. TT Juice of garlic, mixed nith Dlire otl. 
Ut«d in infantile canvvlsios: 
LuflHSBiFH Amuomix. B. Vololile Liniment. Solution of 
ammonia fSi, olive oil fjLij. Mix. 
moniie, L. 17S8). Solution of Beaquicarbuuato of aramouiti 
I3j, olive oil fSiij. 


Couater-irTilantt.) Strong water of ammonia (denfilty 
■880) f5», tincture of camphor fjij, spirit of maenjaiy fjj. 
Mil. A weaker liniment maj he inado with fjiy liuoturo 
* amphor, fjij spirit of roBflmary, nii6 fjv of atrang- 
onia. [Dr. GniNviLtB directs tor the iidldef lotion. 


3i» 01 anunoiiia at "Srs, jiij of spirit of roaoinnry distilkd 
from tlio herb, and 3j of spirit of canijihor. For tho 

^^^^ tlranger, jV of tbe same ainiiionifl, 5ij of bj 
^^^P Jaarj, 3j of spirit of camphor. Tbe milder U snlHcieut to 
^^^K producQ vcaicalioD iu a few mimiteB. Tha stronger is only 
^^H amplnifed in a.popleij, «i>d to produce CRuterizution. To- 
^^^V In applied on folded fiiien covered with a thick tou'cl.] 
^^^KiiHmEtiTvii Amhonxs CAamaaATEii. Cbtticeshake- 
( Camplbor Jij, olive oil Jli water of ammonia Jiij. 

LiNtuEHTuu: AuuoHTJG Qtm '£saBnisiBisX. Dr. Coflasd. 
Liniment of ammonia fsisa. oil of tnrpeatine fjss. 

LiMiMBNXFM AHTHKLKiMTicrw. BoBiES. Colocynth jsa, 
^^ oi-gall jiv, oil of wormwood 5j. 

^V LnmiBBTtTa Anobymum. Sea Liaimmium Ojjii. [For 
^H Cazshats'b (or Biett's) Lin, Anodjuum, see Liuimeutata 
^^B Bciladonnu.] 

^H IiiHiMEHTOM ANTiSFASUomcnr. HcFBLANS. Oil of cajcput 
^^K 3j, oi] of mint 3j, compound camphor liniment jj, Lmdn- 

^B- be 


^V do 
^■' da 

k Ijii 

liiinuENirif Abcei. See Unguentmu Etemi. 
IiINIltEKTIfM Abhice. Arnica Opodeldoc. Dissolve by 
best Castile soap 4 parts and ramplior 1 part in rectiilijd 
spirit 10 parts. Add tinctara of arnica 5 parts. 
' ru Belijudsbs:. B. BeQudonoii root in powder 

iphor Jj, rectified spirit q. s. Mdaten tho bclla- 
>ob with a portion of the spirit, and niuccruto for 3 
days; then percolate into a receiTer containing the cam- 
phor, until the product amounts to Oj. Bihtt. Eitract 
of bellBdonna 3I]', lime water Syiij, oil of almonds Jiv, In 
eaeetaa, S^c, Rabqite. Extract of belladonna 3ij, cherry- 
. laurel wiiter Jij, salpharie ether Sj. 

tract of bulhidoiina ^, Boap liniment fSviij. CcT. H. Est. 
belladonna jiv, glycerine 3jp SO'IP liniment Svj. 


root or htllndoona is peroaliited with an equal weight of 


Barbndoes tar jiss, water of ammonia Jss. 
LlBiaESTiTM B0BACI3. SWEDIACB. Burai 3ij, tiuctuve o£ 

myrrh Jj, distilled water 5j, honey of roses Jij. 


iSTCM B0BAC13 CoMFOSiTirv. HiBiEBS. Boraz Xjt 
bols&m of Peru Sisa, oil of almonda Jj, jolk of egg Jij, 
white of egg 3ij. Mix. 
trannrairM CWAPtrrr -Eibbbkoi, Toktubi- Camphor 
3j, oil of cfljepat 5ij, etlier Jj. 


ponud c&mplior liniment f jiss, uoap liaiment fjis^ oil of 
csjeput f^. Dr. Wit,i.iams prescribeg cnslor oil f^', oliva 
oil fsirsB, c^epat oil f^aa. To be rubbed on tbe chest 

JjOnMnsTrm Caxcis. B. Lime water aitd olive oil, of etch 

fjy ; shake tbem togetlier. 
IiOnxEKTvx Cai£IS CoMFOBiTtric. St. B. H. Lime water 

fSviij. olive oil fjTiQi rectified spirit fi^. 
LnJOtEKiCM Caxcib OriAiru. Geuk. H. Lime water 

jiij, oil of nlmoudi jiij, eitrnct of opium gr. j. For Krt 

LiircMBKTtrM Caicta CEiflEiH4TS. ScHOEKLKis. Chloride 

of lime Sj, Boap 3^, water q. a. For iteh. 
LraiMBBTtrM CiMPHOBJB. B. Qlatm Cam^Jmratum, Camphor 

3j, olive oil fjiv. Disaolve. 
tranrasruH Cahphors CoMPOsrnnc. B. Dissolve Jiiu 

of ciimphor uttd f^j of oil of Invender in fjiv of rrctified 

spirit, nnd add fjv of strong Eolation of nmmoniu. 

Campbor liniment fji, oil of turpcutiue f^ij. 
LmiitBSTCit Cakphobs .ffiTHEBu™. Wakk. Camphor 

^, ether ^, oil of ripers 5ij. 
LrailtENniM CAUFBOBf AOBTICOK. Bbakdb. 'RnctuTo 

of camphor fjiy, acetic iicid ^. Mil. 


strong- jneronriiJ dntmaut JiBS, camphor liniment Oj, 


LisTUKiJTira Cahthabidih, B, Sea LiijroB Epispab- 

TIOUB. U. S. Powdered tiintharideB 5j, oil of tnrpentine 

fjviij J digest for 3 hours in a water hath, and sti^ji. 

D. Spanish flics in fine powder giij, olive oil fS^ij ; digest 

for 3 hours in a steam or water Iratli. and strain tEuwugk 

flxnnel ; express the residaum, stniin, and ra\\ ba^ pro- 

I dncta. I 

^^XmniBNTUit Capsici. Dr. Coplabd. Compound ciwjAa^^H 


I'linimeat fjj, volaldlo liniment fjj, tincture ofcapsicam 

LUESTDM CHLOMNAnnr. Kopp. Solution of ohloriile 
le 5»j, olive oil 3iaa. In iaeeterate ilch, ria^iconn, 

IiIBIUBNTrK CSIiOBOroSHI. B. Mil ctiloTOfoTID f3ij IFitll 

linimBnt of camphor fSij. WiHO. Clilorofonn 5j. recti- 
fied spirit 5ij ; diaaolve, add 3vj of oil of almonds, nnd 
^■agitate etroDi^l}'. 

JbniKEMTCM CoLcinci. Eau Isfibkabt. So»p liniment 
K^S}> wino of colcbicum-aeed f^ia. Mix. 

IKBSTDM CoLOnici cffM CamphouA. Dr, Latooci. 
inetuca of eolchionin nnd coiup. tincturo of ciniplior, in 
f Bqnal quantitioa. 
JpBlMENTiTU CoLOCTNTHiDlB. IIeim. TLncimie of co1a- 

■ '<^nth 3sa, castor oil 5'^- ^ tttaqiODnrul to tie rublied 

■ over tlie bctly night and moraing; as a purgative, or to 

■ disperse Bwollen glands. 

KKTUENTTTu: CoBUETicuH. Qdihct. Magiatery of bis- 
I mutli 3j, oil of almonds Jij, Bpermaoeti jiij, oil of rliodinni 

f^mtBsrtni CaurtBOFM. Qetinct. Laljdanam 3vj, bears' 
. grease 5'i boney Jss, powdereil Bontbemwood 3iij, oil of 

untmcg- 3j, balsam of Peru jij. Ta rfaiore lAa kair. 
IilHlWBliTirM Ceotonib. B. Mil croton oil fjj with oil of 
cajepnt and rectified ajurit, of each fjiiisa. Peoeiba. 
_ One part of croton oil to 6 of olive oil. Dr. Cobbioait 
temployg fjj of croton oil with fjj of oil of torpeotlue or 
eomp. camphor linimotit. D. Croton oil f jj, oil of tur- 
,tine fjvij. Mix them with agitation. 
(entdh: DiBiTAitB. Dr. Boilb. Infusion of digi- 
laiiE fjij, water of ammonia fjij, oil of poppy seed fjiv. 
To be rubbed on the abdomen 2 or 3 times a day. See 
also Lin, Dinreticnio. 
XdNUiBiiTFU DiVKETicrM. Brbra. Squill in powder 3j, 
»5trio juice of a calf Jij. To be nibbed an the loim in 
'ropt^. Dr. Gdibebt prescribed tincturu of squills, of 

' s, nnd of oolchicum, enoh 5«s, camphorated oil Jj, 

]f ammonia Jss. Dr. CnntSTlsoN uses equal pai-ts 

tuTK of digitalis, soap liniment, and tiuctute of 

To bo rubbed over the belly twice a da 



IinnMEitlcu Gltoebihi. Mr, Stabtis. Soap linimeiit 
3iij. pure glycerine Jj, eitcact of belladoiiiw 5]. ICi. 
Ibr gmty, rhenmalie, and neuralsic paias) braiim, 
tpraim, 4'"- A lido Taratrine is aometinies udded. 

LiNiUEHitiic GiYOBBKS [onuMoaiJu]. Powdered tragi- 
ciinth Sij to Saa, lime water Sviij, pure glyenino 5j, roae 
water 5iij' Ji"" 'wpeijSciai bums, excoriation!, chajii iff 
lipi or nippla, ^o. 


bellelHtre powder 31], hot water a. c. 
LnjiMEKTDM HiDBABQiEi. B. BiqueEy ointment of mer- 
cury 3j in liniment of camphor jj with a gentlo heat; 
. then add Bolution of ammonia Jj gTBdnallj, and mis with 
I agitation. 

I 3sE, glycerine ^ij' olive oil Si-i^as, stroDger loeruurjal ohit- 
r ment 3y. DisBolve, and mix. 

XlKIMEaTOlt HlDKAJBOTBI NlTBlTlS. Sir H. Haxfokd. 

Eqaal qnantitiea of ointment of nitrated quicksilver and 

oil of almondf, triturnted till perfectly Bmootli in a glara 

niovlor. [Mahoh.H. Oiatmontof nitrate of mercury ^is^ 

rimple cemte 3'iiss, olive oil Jv. Mil.] 
I "IiiiJiitEHrosiHYDRABQTHiNiTBtco-osrrDr. CcT.H. Caator 
■ oil 3lv, lord 3iv, levigated nitric oiide of mercury 5iji oil 
ft of bitter almonda 3ss, Mix. 
r lii^'TUEKTou HiTNQABtotru. SoTTSETBAK. Rectified Rpirit 

Jiij, strong vinegar Jvj, camphor Jiv, nlualard Hour Jiv, 

black pepper 3ir, pou-UBred caiitiiarideB 3j> broised git^ic 

3j ; mncerato for some daya, unJ filter. 
LiHUtEXTCU losi. B. Di^aolve iodine 3ji; iodide of potu- 

rinmjsa, and camplior 31, in rectified e^nritt^x. [Half the 

strengLh of Lin. lodi IBM..] 
LiHiMEKTTTii losiNir. Dr. Mahsoh. Liniment of ojuuin 

f3j, tincltire of iodbe f^j. 

coinp. tinctnre of iodine and tinctnre of opium. 


Boap 31, oil of almonds 51, iodide of potassium 3j, water 
5]. Dissolve the iodide in the water, and add it to tihe 
iiul oil previonslj melted togethET. Mix. See tbft 


LnfiMENTUM lODUEETTM Gelatinosfm:. Gelie pour le 

Goitre. FoY. Iodide of potassium 5iv, proof spirit 5y > 

dissolve. Dissolve also 5vj of curd soap in 3ij of proof 

spirit. Mix while still warm, aromatize with rose or 

neroli, and let the mixture cool in wide-mouthed bottles, 

which must be kept well corked. 
LiNiMENTUM Ipecacfanhje. Dr. Nbligan. Ipecac, in 

fine powder 5iv, lard 5ij, olive oil fjiss. It is sometimes 

mixed with an equal quantity of Volatile Liniment. Sec 

Unguentum Ipecacuanha. 
LiKiME>'Tn3i JuwiPEBi. Dr. Sully. Oil of juniper 5iss^ 

lard 5ij* oil of anise 6 drops. In scalled heads, Sfc. 
LiNiMENTUM MuioATicirM. F. H. Muriatic acid 5ij, bal- 
sam of Peru 5j, water 5vj, white wax 5ij, olive oil ^ij. 
LiKiacENTirM Nabcoticum. P. Anodyne oil (balsamum 

tranquillans) 3ij> wine of opium 5j. Mix. 
LnmfENTUM Nfcis Vomicje. M. Tincture of nux vomica 

^, strong ammonia 5ij. Mix. 
LiNniEKTiTM Olei Aselli. Dr. Beach. Cod-liver oil ^', 

water of ammonia Jss. Dr. Beefeld. {To scrofulous 

ulcers.) Cod-liver oil 3iv, Goulard's extract of lead 5ij, 

yolk of egg 5iy. 
LnOMENTUM Olei Eegot^. Oil of ergot 5], oil of almonds 

or sulphuric ether 5iij. 
LlNDiENTU^d: Olei Teeebinthin^. See Linimentum Tere- 

binthinatum. GuY*s H. 
LlKiMENTUM Opii. B. Soap liniment 5y» tincture of 

opium f^ij. 
Lii7iME>'TnM PHOSPHOBATriT. Hamb. Ph. Phosphorus 

gr. vj, oil of almonds 5j J digest, and add camphor gr. x, 

solution of ammonia 10 drops. 
IjINImekttm Plumbi. Mr. Gaozey. Acetate of lead 9ij, 

soft water tbj, olive oil tbss. 
LnnMENTUM Plumbi et Albuminis. Schwabtze. Fresh 

linseed oil 3^^j, whites of 6 eggs, liquid diacetate of 

lead 3j. 
LnaiCEKTUK Plumbi Opiatum. Guy's H. Liquid diace-^ 

tate of lead, tincture of opium, honey of roses, each f^ij, 

confection of roses 5j. 
LiKiMEKTUM PoTASSii loDiDi. See Lin. loduretum Gc- 

latinosum, and Lin. loduretum Saponaceum. 


|»Mn^f$ if dklikdnlcrlvtfce 

hat ^>mi 

C. C.H. ! 

15^ proof quit fj^ 
1%, rao^B of litlni* of np ^ <ifi*e oil 3^ ffott of 

wi »(T.g r-aS8)5i. 

Bnd mp nt bmU ^no, wip hai Sfb •*! af iiwmwij 
^^ ndaficd qiritl^ni^fMilkdintaf^. Ku the 
water wiOi tb« i|irit Boii mdl tba oO itf roimutrf, the 
Map, >Bd tin cmfihOT. Digot for 7 4^ja at ■ tenpe- 
ntnre not iTHwiting 7(f, <nlk Bwa w i ml igitalim, and 

XiimiESTCK SAsasa Aboiutictk. Gut's B- Sgft aoap 

5iLij, camphor Sit, ml of origanaiii t^. rccLified ipnit 
Oiij fjir. Digeat till dissolved. To this U oixsaumaJlj 
added a foarth part oftinctareoroplnni. a fifth of tincture 
of cantharides, or an eighth of water of amnioiiiB. 

LtSDfBKTuii Safosis cvx Opio. See Unimeiitain 0[ni. 

LlMUEsnm Saposis ctji PirMBo. Ch. Soap liaiment 
fjij. liqnid diacetabe of lead fy. 

LisntEHTini SDIF1.EX. E. Oiire oil fjir; white wai ^; 
inclC t<^et)ier. 

LiVDUSTirai Sdijlfib. Dr. LEwnc. Braised nastard 
seed tbaa, m\ of turpeotine H>j; digest, Btiaiii, and add 
camphor 3iT. A imilalioH of WkUthta^t Snenee of 
h'XjiniXEKTUii SctAPiB CouFOsiTDU. B. DUsolve ethical 
extract of ineKerCon gr. x\ and cnmplior gr. 1:^1, in rect. 
jpiril fji*, and add nil of mnatanl hj, and castor oil £3^. 
(An uicullcnt rubef!i«ient.) 

LlBiMMiTCM Ol-Ii VonTuaa Sesapib. Dr. Mbyzs. 
Volatlla oil of bkck muatard seed Irom 13 to 24 drops. 
rpctiQHil aplrit jj. Or, G to 6 drops of the oil to 3j of oil 
of ulmondi. KAinta direcls one part of the volatile oil U) 
;0 of iipiritj to bi' apiilieU on liueo, and renewed every 3 


minutes; as a rubefacient M. directs, as a vesicant, 
equal weights of the oil and strong alcohol. 

LnmcsNTUM Stbyohnub. Dr. NsuaAN. Strychnia ^b, 
olive oil ^iss. Ten drops to be rubbed over the temples, 
in amaurosis, 

LnmcEKTUM Suocini. Oil of amber ^ss, oil of cloves ^ss, 
oil of olives ^. The swp^osed form for MocMs Embroca- 

LiKiMEimrM Succnn Opiatitm. Rectified oil of amber Sy, 
tincture of opium ^ij, lard ^. A once celebrated remedy 
for cramp, ifc. Bbande. Spirit of camphor, tincture of 
opium, and oil of amber, of each ^ss. 

LnoMSKTUM Stlphtibis ottm Safoke. Luool. Soap ^iij, 
water 5yj ; dissolve by a gentle heat, and add sulphur 

LnnMXNTUM Sttlphtibo-Safokaceum. Jadelot. Sulphuret 
of potassium ^iij* Boap (softened with 5j of water) 5^vj, 
olive oil S^'j* oil of thyme 5j. Mix. [P. omits the oil 
of thyme, and substitutes 5xx^ij of oil of poppies for the 
olive oiL] 

LnmcENTUH Sulfhitbeti Cabbokis. Gebm. H. Sul- 
phuret of carbon 5j, oil of almonds or camphorated oil ^. 

LiNiMBNTTJM Sflfhueis Iodidi. Mr. E. Wilson. Iodide 
of sulphur 3ss, olive oil 5j ; triturate together. 

LiNiMEirnrM TEBEBiNTHiKiB. B. Soft soap ^ij, cam- 
phor 5j» oil of turpentine f5xvj. Dissolve camphor in tur- 
pentine, add soap, and rub together till thoroughly 

LnaMENTTTM Tbbebinthinatttm. E. Resin cerate 5iv, oil 
of turpentine f 5v, camphor in powder 5ss. Mix. Gut's 
H. Resin cerate 5iy> oil of turpentine f^iss. [Mr. 
Kentish's amplication to burns,"] 

LiNiMENTXTM Tebebinthin-e Compositum. U. C. H. Equal 
parts of oil of turpentine and castor oil. Guy's H. Oil 
of turpentine Oj, bruised mustard ^iiss, soft soap ^x» 
boiling water Oj. Macerate the seeds in the boiling water 
for 2 hours in a water bath, strain, and add the turpentine 
and soap. 


turpentine f^, acetic acid f^j, and liniment of camphor 
ijj. Dr. Stokes, Oil of turpentine 5iij, acetic acid 5v^ 


roaa water Siiaa, egsence of lemons 3iT, yulk of 1 egg. 

Tliia is fttid to reEomble Mr. St. Johk Long's celebrated 

liniment. I» phthish. See Linimentiim Acetici 

—^ positum. 

BdNIlIENTITU TEBEBINrniNj: Akuoniatitu. Debbeyne. 

^L oil of tnrpentino ^. liquid ammonia ^, eampliDrnted spirit 
mm Siv, lord ^Iv. I» sdalica, ^c. 

LnjiMfiJTTDM Teipbabmacom. L. I'JiS. Lead plaster Jiv, 
olive oil 3iT, vinegar jj ; hent gently, und stir theu till 
they combine. 
[jiBHEBNTOM Vkbioasb. Dr. MoKTaoMBBV, Jbr Children. 
Compotmd cnmpliDr liaimeDt f^lr, rectified oil of turpsn- 
[ Wne ta'ij, [To produee immsdiale vesication in adnlte, 
I mix one part of the strongest liqtlor ammoiH<B vrittl tm 
I of olive oil, and apply 6 drops on spoDgio-pilina for ten 
1. minntes-J 

hVkbatbis. BBAsaE. Veratria gf. viij, alcohol 

u; ViEiDK. Dr. Campbell. Camplior Jj, oil of 

■ olives jvj, water of anjmonitt Jvj, extrsrt of hemlock 3j, 
Epirit of ftmmonva Jij. 

LiyiMESTDU ZiKQiBEBis. Dr. TtrnsBTJLi. Prepare b 
sbvng essence of ginger, h; percalution, oi- by digcsljon 
and eEpreseiiin, with 2 parts of rectified spirit to 1 of 
ginger ; deeolorise it with animal cliarcoal, and filter. To 
be rubbed for 5 or 10 minutes over the whole forehead, li ■ 
a remedy for thorf-tiffhledaeii. [Some Ointments hive 
also been termed Liniments. Bee UNaiTBKTA.] 

LlBTEUM. Lint. Ciarpie. It is made from linen rags 
carefully cleaned, and scraped with a knife, hy means of a 
snitable apparatos. There are also several kinds of lint 
directly manufactured from linen or eotton. 

LtHTEUU NiSRUK. Mr. HisaiNBOTiou. Dissolve 5g of 
nitrate of silver in fjiv of distilled wnter j Balurnto 3j of 
fine lint with the solution, and eipase it in a llat vessel 
to dry. Dsed in the treatment of old ulcers. [FslciCB'a 
LtMTKim IsjBKHAiJj is made with a weaker soltrt'" 



LiQiroB Acisi AnssKiOBi HxnoooBUiiticiTB. See Liquor 
ATseiiiei ChloFldi. 

XlqroB AciDl CiTBlci. ArllJIeial Lemoa Juiae. St. B.H. 
(.■itrio acid 5x, water Oj. Pekeiha. Citrio add jviiiaa, 
efsencc of lemona a few drops, vrntar f jivj. 

IiItlcoB AooNtTis. Cr. HfiAsi-iirD. (See p. 15.) Dis. 
Bolve aconitiagr. jmTecttfied Bpirit^j ; add (Ustllltd water 
3ix. (Each Said dnicliiii contnini -^tii nf a griia, and 
each drop jjj.) Dose, internaUy, mv — iilxy. 

LlQCOB .Etiisiiecb Oleosi's. I). Seu Spiritca .XtliiTans 

LIQUOB ^TVEBEDB SiTLEBCSict's. D. 1S2S. Uurectidvd 
aalphuric ether. 

Lnjnoa Alpiubu Chiokibi. Gr. lnv in Jj. Tlie Bait 
18 sold at Chlor-Alum, and rpconnnended bj Yrof. GistOBB 
as an antiaeptiu. 

IjIftvoB Ahtminib Compobitcb. L, Alum 3j, sulphate of 
zinc ^, iliBlJllcd water Oi^. DIsgoItc, and filter. 

llQuon Amxn. Spirit of hartsliora aatmated with sal- 
[jiuriu acid. DoBe, 60 drops. 

LIQDOB Ajoionix. B. Strong solution of ammonia Oj, 
diatilled water Oij. Mii, and preserve in a atopptred 
botUe. Sp. gr. -959. 

IjqcOB Akuonis FortIob. B. Mix chloride ai ammo. 
nium in coarae powder Ibiij iind alalied lime Idiv, and 
introdnce the miitore into an iron bottle placed in a metal 
pot Burrounded by sand. Connect the iron tnbe, which 
BcrewB air-tight into t3ie bottle in the usnal manner, by 
corks, glass tubes, and cuontchouc collara, with a Woulf s 
battle capable of holding a pint; canncct this with a 
■econd WoulFs bottle of the same size, the second bottle 
with a mutmsB of the capacity of three pints, in which 
3nij of diatillod water are placed, and the raatrase, by 
means ofa tube 1>enttnice at right angles, with an ordinary 
battle cont^ning; di&tilled water 51. Battles 1 and 2 are 
empty, and the latter and tbe matrass which oontoins tlie 
^xsij of distilled water are furnished each with a siphon 
■ftfetj tnbe charged with a very short column of mercury. 
The heat of a fire, which should he very gradually raised, is 
now to be applied to the metal pot, and continued until 
bubbles of coudensihlo gas cense to escape from the ei- 



tremity of tlie gtaaa talio nbii'h dips Into the water of tlie 
matroiis. The process heing leiniiinntetl, the mntrasa will 
contain abont f.^iliy of strung solatiau of ammoDio. 
Sottlea 1 and 3 will ddw indude, the first aboat 16, the 
Becond Bbont 10 tluid oonoos, of a coloured ammoiiiiMlal 
liqnid. Place tliis in b flask closed bj a cork, which should 
be perforated bj a uphon tnbe containiug a little mercury, 
and also b; n eecoad tube bent twice at right anglee, and 
made to paai t^ the bottom of the tormiiiBl bottle nied in 
the preceding procees. Applj heat to the flask until the 
Colonred liqnid it contajna ia reduced to three fonrtba of 
its originul bulk. The product now contained in the ter- 
minal' bottle will be nearly of the strength of solution of 
ammonia, and may be made eiactly so by tbo addition of 
the proper qoantityof distilled water or of atrong solatiau 
of ammoDia. Density, B. mi; L. -882. B. uontaina 
3S'5 per cent, of ammonia. 
tiQPOB Ammomis Acetatib. B. Spirit of Mind^rervt. 
Bednce to powder carbonate of ammania S4]i> ">* ^ salB- 
ciency, end add it gradually to acetic acid f^x nntjl a. 
neutral solution is farmed, then add distilled water Oiin. 
(Five tiines weaker than solution of B. P. 1864. Sanu aa 
L. and E,). [Doea not change the colour of tnrmeric or 
litmua ; does not become coloured by hydrosulphuric acid.^ 
Doie, fjiij to fgiij. 
I LiQiTOB AuuoNifi AHtsiTTB. Pbcb. Vh. RectiSed spint 
[ Jiij, mI of anise jiij, solution of ammonia jiij. 
LiQtroB Amudkix SESQiricABSOiTATis, L. (Aqna Aioxao- 
niie Carbonatia, E,) Seaquicarbonatfl (formerly OBrbonate 
or subcarbonnte) of ammonia ^iv, distilled water p]. IM«- 
solve, and filter. E. the ;ame. Dose, nixij to fjj. 
LiijcoB Ahmonis CiTBiTre. B. Dissolve citric add JiiJ 
in dist. water 1 pint, and add strong solution of anunouia 
fjijj or a Bufflcieofy nntil the liquid is neutral to test- 
papers. L. Bimilar. Dose, fjij to f5TJ. 
LiQUOB AvMOSts HrDBOETn^HiTKETi. Sce Ammonim 

Ily drosu] ph orctnm , 
LiQUOB AmhoM-s BtrcciKATTS. See Liquor Cornu C. Sac- 


bonate of nminoiiia. [For the empjreuniBtio form, see 
Liij. Comn Cervi Tortnrijiatns.J 
LiecoR Anodibub Hmfiuhhi. See Spiritua ^tUeria 

Compos] tuB. 
IjIqcob AKiTKoira: TaktahizAti. D. Tartnriaed nntimony 
gr. liv, distilled wator Oj, diasolve, Hlttr, and add t'Jvij of 
rectified spirit. Doae, as Vinnm Antimonii PotaaBio- 
LiqroE Abtqiobii CnioBini. B. On lib ay. (if block 
(BnlphuTGt of) antimony in a porcelnlii Teasel, poor Oir of 
lijtoidilorie acid, and, conatautlj Btirring, lieneatli a flue 
nitli a (food drauglit, apply a gentle beat, vhiuL must be 
gradually ongmented bb the development of gna begini 
to eliii^ken, and Rnally kept at a boiling tempemture fur IS 
minut^a. Strain throng)) calico, Tetnrnitjg wbaC passes 
first; and transfer tlie clear liquid into snotber capsule, 
and boil it down to Oij. The ap. gr. should ba 1'470. 
LiqBoa AimNBPHEiTictis. Aeamb. Poppy-heada Svj, 
■water Oisb; boil to Jriij, strain with preasare, and add 3j 
of nitre. Doae, 3ij, night and morning, in warm linseed 
tea. In painflil tiffeeiioni of the urinary organs. 
LitjroB ANTtPODAQEicrH. Bbbuis. Mil 1 part of fuming 
liquor of Bojlo with 3 of spirit of wine. Doae, 30 or 40 
drops. As mdorijic in goat ; ulso applied externally witli 

E ABTiPBontcrB. Vah Mons. Snlpliiirut of sodium 
muriate of ammonia iiWsa. Dissolve caeb separately 
S 3vj of water, filter, and mil. 

.awoB Aegenti AcEiiTis. HiKH. Ph. Acctatc of diver 
i part, distilled water 19 paita. 

ri AuKoi<io-CBi.oBtDi. ItrBUAsy. DiasolTs 

_ : of silver in JLj of distilled water, and pre- 

ipitate by solution of comiinon bsIC q. a. Wash the pre- 
ipltate, dissolve it in Siss of liquor atnmotiiffi, and add ^iij 
(f hydroehlorie add. Add water to make up the weight 
Doae, 10 diope, i» epilepsi/, 4c. 
. 1 Akorkti Niteatib. L. Nitrale of silver ^', dis- 
felleii water fJi ; disaolvc, and keep it in a well-Btopped 
pottle in a dark place. This ia chiefij intended as a test 
'■ or. (Pee also Solntio Argeuti Nit, E.) ST. B. H. 


L- vitnUi of nilvw Br. viij, i 

tav'tiii AiMEiiiA'riH Akuosije. H. ufSt. Louts. Ane- 
niiilii lit Hiniu'iiil* gr. iv, ilittilleil wHter Fjiv, nnrit of 
*ri|{(iUuH fjij. DoM, "irij to lu. [Thare are ouior f<w- 
nidlnfur ttiUMlatlon,dii»r!i)Kia tlrongtlifWiin tbeabore. 
I)r. NitiaiH kItm m Rixi^s— AraeaUto of amuioiUa 
(rr. Ill, lUitiiUd mtor f.ifi^, itiirlt uf nngelica (3vj. Som^ 
'51 ^ WjJ- BoDOHABDiT lof* KT. vj tn Sviij of dutillsd 
waUr. Unui, from 12 ilrojM to ^.] 

Liquon AiUBNiATW Sonx. Pxauiok'r AnetiicDl Bolation. 

ArminlBta of aodu gr. Iv, di«tilt«il wutar fjir. Doxe, &oai 

iiix(] to <i\ucx in llio (lav, 8w) Liquor Soclm Arseniatls, B. 

titQDOH AflHNIOAIIil. B. (Liquor PoUun Arscuitii, L.) 

Jbw/vr*' Sotulloii. PUcB uhhIoiji Mid aud corlionate trf 

Sotwlji of bmIi (tf- 1>ii*i In powder, in a 1i»»k, with Qx 
iitillcd wntflr, and liiutt till a oleur aolutioa it obtrined. 
Tiiit It onoi, tUun niU uump. tlnoturu of litvondt>( f3r, and 
(li»t(llnil watur to muko up OJ. 
Jjluvun AiMHNini lIvuiiooiiuiRiODi. ]}. Boil nrsenioiu 
Hvld iu iKiwdur gT. Ukx, ttlUi hyilroolilarid aoiil f 5ij and 
3,\v nf Ulftlllcd wntor until diaiolv«i, tliun odd ditUlkd 
wBt*r to innlio 1 i>lnt. [Sp. av. 1'0(IQ, SnniB BtrcngCh as 
Tiiiiuor Anuiilonlli, 1i.] Xivnor Antnlci Chlaridl, L. 
Simllw to aboTC. but onlj jrd uf Ita strongtli. [Thia was 
tiiiivlouily in una under tbo nuuiu of Uk Valargib's 
Jr»N*n>l Soliitnt. Dr. Fa«» givtn S drops of L. prep. 

r. ])DnouaoN. Conponn 
Doi«,6droiB. [Itl 
L lla ofllour.] 

^4Voii AitMHin I'lBioDiDi. Wackbhbodbr, HctalKo 
I amnio In powilcr e'- j> iodbic gr. ij. watvr 3xij ; digt 
' Uo liMtt ■■■■ "^^ • • •■ ' 

[ ItlHotvw tlH> Mit 

wnlo In powilcr gr. j. fodbic gr. TJ. watvr 3xij ; dinot at 
ywitlo liHtt till dltMilvnl. KvnporatM tlie Hiteted aolu- 
._ ■ — 1^ ,t ^ nmdoroio t^uiprntiuv, laUug care 
It *bo>p 86° V. ftrtrr it be^ne to soUdUy. 

Jvj of di»tUled wdtw. Each ^ « 


Oo«, aOdwgfcf 




(DosoTAS'a Solution.) Pure arsenic (mutnllic) gr. vj, 
pure mercury gr. ivj, iodine gr. Lib, alcohol fjssT rai> 

ttbam together until a, dry uiaas is obtained, and, liaviug 
triturated TSviij of water witli this in BocteasivB portion*. 
let tbe wlioli- bo traubferred to a flaali, und lieated until 
it beRina to boi!. When cncled and filtered, let as mnoli 
diitilled water he added aa nill make tlic bulk of tUe 
Bolution exactly l^viij and fjTJ. Dose, from "is to mm. 
Hr. WiLEOH givvt from 10 to 25 drops, 3 tiicvs a day, 
with nieaU, in lepra, &C. 
liIQDOB ATaopis. B. Atropia gr. iv, rectified spirit f5j, 
diatilied water f5TiJ ; mix. the spirit aud tbe water, and 
cUwoke tbe ntropia in the mixture. 

[QT70B ATBOPLG SuLPttATIH. B. DiaBolve gT. iV of flul- 

pbate of atropia in fgj of distilled naler. (For outward 


Solutioii qf Bitmnth.) Mix nitiio acid t^ij with f^ dia- 
tilled water, and add purilicd bismuth gr. JBO in sncces- 
«Te portioue. When elTtfrvesoence had ceased apply 
tor 10 minutes a heat approaeliing ebullition, aud decauli 
Bolntion from any insolulilo matter. Evaporate to f^ij, 
add ritric acid Jij dissolved in f3iv of diidilled water, then 
solution of ammonia in small qnantities at a time till 
precipitato formed is redUsolveil, and solntion is neutral 
or slightly alkaline to teat-piipor. Dilola with distilled 
water to 1 pint (sp. gr. 1-12B). f^j contdn? gr. iij of 
oxide of hismath. Dose, jsa to Jj. 
jros BoBicia Compositith. Dr. Coplahd. Borax 5vj, 
Utartiate of potash jas, water Cy. 

[QnoB Bbouinq. M . FoimcErE. Bromine I part, distilled 
water 40 parts. Uase, 5 or 6 drops, 3 times a day. A 
-onjter solution {1 part to 10) is sometimes usad ci- 
liaroii CALon CsLOBiBi. L. Chloride of caloium Jiv, 
distilled water fjiij. Mix. Doae, from miT to f^j. 
IftDoB CALCia. B, AftCi CALCia. Liiac Water. Put 

228 1 

slaked lime Jij into a stoppered battle oantBining distdUisd 
WBtor Cj, Bod Bhake well for two or tbree ininatcs. After 
12 Iwura the eiceaa of lime ivill linve subsided, and the 
clear Bolution may be drawn ofE with b Biphon aa it iB 
required for nae, or trunsfetTEd to a grcpD glnsa laottlo 
' (arDiahed with n well-ground etopper. [When the wbole 
of t)ie solution bus been withdruira from the battle in 
which it was made, a fresh eolution may ho obti^ued by 
Bbnking the xodimeDt at the bottom of the bottle wita 
another gnllou of dUtiUed water; and if the lime be pure 
and the bottle accurutelj stopped, tlio process may be re- 
peated four or five timea.] Teit.—f^x require for neti* 
traliialion at least 200 measures of the volumetric solatiint 
of oxalie oi'id. L., E., and D. Similiir. 

LiQVOB Caxoib Cdufositvb. See Aqun Caleis CompOHts. 

LiQVOB CaIiCIB CuiaoiTM. B. Bleud well tngetber, hg 
bitnration in n la^if mortar, Ihj of chlorinated lime niUi 
Cj of water; trauBter the miiture to a Bt«ppered bottle, 
and shake it frequently for tlic spaoo of 3 hours. Poor it 
on u enlioo filter, and let the solution which pnisei throngh 
be kept in a well-fltoppered hottlc. Sp. gr. 1035. £4 
couci-'utrated solution, for which there i» do autborbed 
form, Ib UBUally sold in this countrj-. Solutdons ofvariolu 
Etreagtbs are uleo made for different parposes. M. Cmt- 
VUiLieb'b solution cootalDS 1 part in 10. See G(Tg»- 
riama, Liitio, and Sneuia Culaa Cliloridi.] 

LiQVOB Calcib SACOKAUATua. B. Hii slaked lime ^j and 
refined aogar in powder 5ij, by trituration in a morUr. 
Transfer the mixture to a bottle containing dlsUIltfd water 
Oj, oud, having closed this with a oork, shake it occMion- 
aUy for a few bonrs. Finnlly, separate the clear solntioiL 
with a sipboB, and keep it in a stoppered bottle. Sp. gr. 
l'Oo2. Dose, mxi — jiv, iu a glass of water. Contains 
7'11 e''"'" of ''™e "■ *>■« onnce. 

LiarOB CiLDMDJ!. Coaeeatraled Infusion tff Calamia. 
Caliimba cut small ^v, cold distilled water Oj; macerate 
for 12 hours, and preis strongly. MoDcrale again witb 
enough water to make up the whole Ojj filter, beat to 
190° F., and again filter; and, lastly, add f3\j of rectified 
spirit. Other coneentrated infusions may Ih* luade by 
-■ ilar process, nsiiig 8 tiroes the quantity of ingrediait* 



ordered la the FbanuacopiBia for eacli Oj oF water. Sut 
these preparations ore not ikutborised liy any PhitrmBCQpcDia. 
fgj with f3vij of water fonns the infusion. 
XiQUOB Camfhoils:. Mr. Hdulton. Spirit of oamplior 
IJi, prODf spirit fSvij. To form Miatnm Campliorffi add 
t^a to r^iss of water. ATr. FoRDEtED rocominoniU tinctura 
of camphor fjiiij, tincture of myrrh (blenched ty anima.! 
oal) f58s, rectified Bpirit ^ij giiss. For camplior 
miitnro, add fyt of thia liqaor to fjivj of water. But 
neither of these will form an exact imitation of Aqnn 
Camphorie. Swediiiib directs 5ij of powderfd camphor 
to be dissolved in f^xiiv of water B«tnratcd with carbonic 
acid gas. One p&rt of this solntion with 4 of water will 
be abont the Htren^b of Aqua Camphors, 
f^LiQCOS Cabbokis Dbteboeks. Tiie name is applied to an 
alcoholic solution of coal tar. Used na an eitemal applica- 

LiftcOB Chikattje. Treat Si'ofbraiBedcbiraytaas directed 
for Calnidbot, The water ma; be either cold or new- 
milk-wnriD; 1 part to 7 of water mukes the infusion. 

LiQVOB CnLOBl. B. Put black oxide oE manganese in fine 
powder 5j into a gas-bottle, and, having ponred upon it 
hydrochloric acid 5^ diluted with 5U "^ distilled water, 
apply a gentle beat, and, hy snitablc tubes, cnnac the gut, 
BB it is develeprd, to pass through Jij of distilled water 
pluued in an intermediate email phiid, and thvnce to the 
bottom of a three-pint bottle containing 3«i of distilled 
water, the moatli of which is loosely plugged with tow. 
Ab boou aa tbe chlorine ceaies to be developed, let the 
tottle be disconnected from the apparatus in whieli the 
gaa has been generated, ciirlied loosely, andahsken until the 
Clilorinc is nhi^orbcil. I.Mstlv. intradace tbe solution into 
a green-glass bottle furnished with a well-fitting stopper, 
and keep it in a cool and dark [dace. Sp. gr. I'OOS. Chlo- 
rinii Liquor, L. Slmilvir. 

CiQuoB CmcnoNj;. Sec Infusum Cinchona) Spisaatnin. 

LiquoB CoBNu Cebvi. See Liquor Volntilis Corrm Cervi. 

IiiQCOB CoEStr Cebti SncciHATCB- P. Neutraliitc tme 
soirit of hartahDm (or a solution of 5j of Salt of bartshom 
jviij of water) with acid of amber. 


^^H XlQ^OB COBMU CeBYC TAltTABIZATUa. As tile ]ait, BtPfi 

^^B slitutiiig tartaric for succinic acid. 

^^V XiQUOB Cbeabdti, Beighbkbacii. CrEMLBctu jij, ret^tiScd 

^H ipiriC 5iv, ivaim distilled water Ibiss. 

LiqvoB CuFsi AUMOXEO-HULPHATlB. L. CupH AmEnoniotr 
Sulutio. E. AmmoiiiO'SnlphBtc of copper 3J, distiUed 
water OJ : diBBolve, nnd filter. 
ijquoE CuPKi SctPHATia CoKroaiTCB. L. 1746. Aqua 
Slgptlca. Sidplinte of roppEr Siij. nlam 3'J> ^'ilphuric acid 
3U. water fjixiv. 
LiQDOB Cttfhi oim Cakfuora. See Aqaa Camplionitn 

LiQcos DiHiHFECTAKB. Liq. SodiG Clilomtic and Liq. Cain* 

ICliloratte are bo called. Tbe name has also bvea applied to 
Sir W. Bijbnett'b patent solution uf chloride of zinc, to 
Ijdoykm'b Bolution of nitrate of lead, and to Ellebbajj'b 
Bolution of tliG cldorido Rnd acctnte of iron. Tbese, and 
tbe sulutioDB of Bome otlier toetalliu salts, decompose 
sulphuretted liyilrof^n. 
lilQDDB Efibpaeticiie. B. BlUteritig Ltquid. Mix cantlw 
ridei !□ powder Jviij, nnd ni^eCic &cid fjiv. Pack in^L ptr- 
colator, and after 24 hours pass ether bIowIj throngh antil 
fjii are oltaitiGd. Keep in a stoppered bottle. (Xioi- 
menivm CaittharidU, B. 1S64.) 
LiQtroB Ebqotx. See EsseDtia Secalis Cornati. 
» Lkjdob rsBBi AcrtATlB. Sce Ferri Aeetas, D. The PSBS. 

»Pir. directB the oxide precipitated from Jvj of liquor frari 
aesrjuichloridi by ammonia to bo woslied, pressed, and 
di^BOlved in ^rij of strong acetic acid. 
liQDoa Fkebi Alkalis!. L. 1834. Iron filings or wire 
511811, aitric acid fjij, distilled »at«r f3vj, Eolutinu of snb- 
carhoniite of potaah fivj. Pour the mixed acid and »Bter 
on the iron, imd, wht-n tlie efferveseenee baa ceHsed, decant 
the clear solutioD. Add thin ^adnally an 1 at intervals to 
the Bolution of potasb, frequently stirring till tlie action ba-t 
censed. Set it by for sii hours, and pour oil the clfar 
liquor. DoEC, i\xx to fgj. 
LiQDOB Febei Chiobati [CHtOBimj, Petb. Pb. 
into a bottle Bufficientlj large Jij of iron wire, and add ^ 
of hydrochloric ac:d (sp. gr, J'12) and Jy of distilled 
^^B wiiter. Set a^idu in a u'nnn place fur S4 bours, sbiiking 



Proreed ns directed for 
to the solntioQ tomftlie 

^imUyi tlien filter rapidlj, and add 10 dropa of 
chloric luiid, nnd keep it in well-atopped 2-iiimce 
ontains ID'S per ceat. of iron. 


Pb. Hent 3ilj o£ the last aolatioa with Jiij of liydro- 
chloric icid, in n porcelain veeael, gradually adding Jiiiea 
of nitric acid (ap. gr. 1-30), or sa much tliat the solution 
■bttU nut yield s green or blue colour in a. Bolution of red 
prussiatt of potanh. Evnporate with a genOe lieat. bo 
that it inn; be aolid when cold; dia!H)We in ^vj of distilled 
water, adding as ntnch hydrochloric acid aa ih reqDiredh> 
prodnce 1 clear eolutiDU with the aid of heat. Eraporate 
to Jvj, and add Sias of distilled water or q. b. to make the 
gp. gr. 1'535 tol-540. See Liq. F 


Ferri Citiaa, adding distilled w 

it up fjxvj. 
LlQTJOB Fbibi lODiui, 0. S. Mil Jij of iodine with fjv 

of water, md add 3j of iron iiliugs; atir frequently, and 

heat the niitare genii j till i t assuioea a greenish colooi- ; 

then lllter .nto a glass bottle containing $i\] of powdered 
—.■Dgar; and, after it has passed, pour distilh:d water on tho 

Slter, antU the Gltered ijqnor, including the aagar, mua- 

(uea t^ix. Lastly, shake the bottle till the angar is 

JUsoWed. It containa uboat 58 grains of iodide of iron in 

__ 5J. [Cni, H, directs, iron wire Jiv, iodine jiiaa, water 

Oiij. Done, niir to ^j.J Sec also Solutio Fern Indidi and 

Syrupua Ferri lodidi. 
LiQUOB Feehi OiYBUtPHiTis. Scc Solotio Ferri Oaj-. 
LiijiroB Fkhb NiTHATia. U. S. See Liq. Ferri Fer- 

Liftiroa Fecbc Pkbchlohidi Foetiob. B. Mix f^viij of 
hydroeblorii acid with f^viij distilled water, and in tlii^ 
dissolve iroQ wire Jij with a gentle heat Filter. Addl 
fjir of hjirochloric acid and f^ix of nitric acid. Heat 
briskly onlil on the eudden evolution of red fumea thu 
liquid tnm to Eninge brown, then evaporate oa walec 
bath till rsduced to. (J^t. (Sp. gr. 1'338.) This is Liquor 
lirri PeriMoridi of B. 1864. With 3 parU of water or 

Siirit it forms Liqaor F. Perchlor. and Tineturn : 
BTohlor. of B. 1867. 

^■jUter, u 




Xtquos Fbbbi Pebchlobidi. B.1S6T- Mix strong aahil... 
of perchloride of iron IJv witli diatilled water t^xv. Xi. 
Same Btreog'th. Dose, mi — six. 

LlntrOB Feeri PEBSiTBiTia. B. Dilnte nitric aold 3ivia 
with distilled water 3x>j> introduce Gaa iron vire trea 
from mat Sj into the miitnre. and leave them ia contact 
ontil the metal is dissolved, taking care to moderate the 
action, sbould it became too violent, b j the addition of K 
little more distilled wal^r ; filter the Bolution, ani add to it 
ax mncb. distilled water oa will make its bulk Oils. 

LiqtroE Fbbri PorASBio-oiTHATiB. Dr. J. ToPD. Citeic 
acid 3xvtij, carbonate of potash 3vij, water f^xiiv, aeaqiit- 
oxide ot iron Sj' Digest with a gentle heat Tor S4 hour^ 
and neutralise with aromaUc spirit of ammonia. Pj oontaiiiB 
gr. T of potash-citrste of iron- 

LiqxroE Fbbbi PREsruBinH. B. Add snlphiiic atid 5^5 
to Sx of distilled water, and dissnlfe snlphnte tf iron Jriij 
in ths miitore, with the aid of bent. Mix ni:*ie acid 5»j 
with 3ij of distilled water, and add the dilitti ucid to tbo 
solution ot sulphate of iron. Concentrate flie whole bj 
boiling, until, upon the sudden diaeogasemint of mdt^ 
vapours, the licgnid ceases to be blaal^ aud icquires a red 
colour. A drop of the solution la now to lo tested with 
ferridcyanide of potassium, and,ifablae predpitate forma, 
a few additioiud drops of nitric acid should te added, and 
the boiling renewed, in order that the whole of tlie 
sulphate may be converted into persnlphate rf iron. When 
the solution is cold, make the qnantitj fjitj, by tbo 
addition, if necessary, of distilled wuter. Specific gravity 
JjqitdbFebbiTabtasizati. Fhillifb. Bitoitrote of potatl) 
64 parts, soft iron filings IS part?, water q. farm a soft 
paste. ExpMS to the air, stirring freqnenty, and adding 
water to keep it moiit^ till the action eeasei; then ndd 7 
times its weight of water, and Biter. See alsoSolntio Fend 
and Tinctnra Ferri Tartariiati. 
LiQVOB FowxBBl. Liq. A rsen trails. 

tiquoB FtrMiss Boiui- Mil 4 parts of slakoJ lime witli 
2 of sal ammoniac and 1 of sulphur, and distT, into a cool 
■. It may also be made by agitating Liq, Am- 


moniaj HjiirosGlphareti witli sulphur, as long rb any i« 
disBolveil. Dose, 7 to 10 drojiu. 


Liquor Arseuici et Hydrargjii Hjdriod^itia. 

Litttroii Htdsasotbi Febobloiudi. B. Liq. H. Biehloridi, 
ii. Dissolve percUoride of morcury and cnlorlda of ammo- 
mum, of each 10 gr., in distilled water 1 pint (4 gr. of cor- 
rosive aublitnate iu jj). Doie, f5iis to t^j. [P. (Ziqanurde 
Van Suiielea) directs 1 gr. o£ t]iBbitLloride,100of rectified 
spirit, and 900 of distilled water. PauB. Pb. is ttnice tlie 
Btrougtli of U.] 

Lkjcou HYDBiEQTHi PEHCHXoaiDi CosTPoaiTiTB. Liqueur 
Mercarielle Normals. Mlilna. Distilled water Jivj, 
mnriflte of soda gr. nvj, muriate of ammonia, gr. ivj, white 
of 1 egg, perchloride of mercury gr. \v. Beat the uhite of 
egg with the water. Alter, diaaolve the suits in the liquid, 
and filter egain. 

LiijBOE llYiiBAB&Tni BTcrAKiDi. PiBKifT. Bicjaiiide 
of mercnr; gr. vi^, distilled wuter ^r/'y Doae f5BS to 


ILGNAU. CyanLjdiiirgyruce of iodide of potaGaium, gr. iij, 
I distilled wiler Jiv. Doae, 3bb twice a day. For outward 
Ense the quantity of the aajt i^ from 4 to 20 giaioa to jiv 
mpS water. 

1 HlDHiROyBI ET AmjONI* NiTRiTia. Wabd'3 
^e Drop. Nitrute of qoicksilrcr and ammonia in 
Hin7stDlB 1 part, rose water 3 parts ; digest till disBolved. 

jnoB Htcbabotbi Nitbatis Adiddb, B. Mix citric 

icid 3^ with distilled water JiBS tti a fla^, and diaaolve 
■'mercury Jiv in the miiture without the Application of 

heat. Bail gently for 16 minutsa, cool, and preserve the 

Eotution in a stoppered hottle. 


Ph. Protonitrate of marcnry Jj, distilled wiitcr Jviij, 

■"nitric ttcld [ap. gr. 1-3] aiiiss; filter, adding water, if 

becessary, to make ita density I'lOO. Dose, 1 1« 5 drop?. 

B Htdhabstbi DncTO-NiTaAiis, P.J and Liq. Hydr. 

litratis, D. See Liq. Hjd, Nit, Acidus. 

^DOB Indiqo Sdiphatis. Digest 1 part of pomcktti 


^^1 indigo in 10 of eulpli 
^H with wnter. As a lei 
^V LlQVOB lODl. B. Diaaolve iodine 


1 dissalved, dilate Ifc 

I and iodide of po- 
lasium gr. iix m fjj distilled water. [About 3 times as 
inucb ioilioe aa Zig. /orjisii Cb., E. P., and 80 timeg aa' 
iQuuk iodine aa Liq. Potaesii lodidi Co., L. P.] 

LlQiFOB LiTHls EtTEBTSBOEBH. D. Mix Carbonate of 
lithirt gr. x and wat«T Oj in a suitfllila nppnTatUB. and 
charge with varhonic acid gas under a pressure of 7 atnio- 
splierop. Keep in IwttleB Seenrely cloaed. [To Iw drank 
B5 aoda wafer in gouty ciists, it.] 

LiQtroB MA(JifEa:.E CiSBouATiB. B. Eau Magniiimne. 
Diasolve separately, each in Oes of distilled water, sulphate 
of mNguc^a^j and carbonate of soda ^iiss. Heat the solu- 
tion of HTilph. inngnesia to the boiling-point, add the solnUoa 
of carl), eoda, and boil together until carbonic ncid ceases to 
he evolved. Collect the precipitated carbonate of xoagneaia, 
sod wash until what passes eeasea to give a predpiteto- 
with chloride of bnriuin. Mix with Oj of distilled water, _ 
and in a suitable appnrntns cliarge with pure washed CU- 
bonlc acid gas. Betain excess of carbonic acid nndw 
pressure for 24 hours. Filter tu remove ondissolved car- 
bonate, and again pass carhouio acid into the solution. 
Keep in ,a bottle securely cloeed. fContains about gr. 
liij of carh. magnesia iu each iJ.J Dose, Jj — ij. P. 
About hslf US stmng. [A similartsolatiOD is prepared b}r 
Sir J. UnBBiiT and Mr. Dhjitbeobd; by powerful prei- 
siire, and agitation for some boon, they procure n solution 
of VJ\ grains of heavy magnesia in encli Jj of watfir.]! 
Aqua Magaexia CaJ'ltonietB, PbDs. Ph., is made by mixing 
the well-wuehed precipitate obtained from 5v of sulphate 
of magnesia and 5iv or q. s. of cr. carbonate of soda with 
3i of distilled water, introducing it into a liottle Capable 
of holding Ibixi, previously filled with carbonic acid gaa,. 
and Hgitatingit well. 

LlQuoB Maohebi£ Carbonatih Aebaicts. Eau Magtf- 
lienne Oaxaae. P. This is made as the last, but witli 
only half the quantity of the salts, or gr. iv uf carbonate 
of magnesia to each ounce. 

IiiqiiOB MAGNEaii Chldbidi. Cr. Lebebt. Dif solve crys- 
tallised muriate of magnesia (chloride of mnguesium) ii* 


Kxieigiib of water. Dose, 3j, diluted; to a cLild (froui. 
to 14), 3iv {l,y weight). 
OB MAeSEHIS ClTEiTIB. U. S. DlEflolTe gviisS of 
ric ncid in fjiv of water, and ndd jiv ofcerbonute of 
tgTiBBia in f3"j "f water. When the reaction has 
UMd, Alter tiie solution into a strong fjxij-bottle con- 
ning *S'j of syrup of citric acid. Add :;j of earlionate- 
magnesia, rubbed with fjlj of water, cork tightly, and 
mre ivith twine. Laatly, aliake the miitore until it 
hecomea transpai'ent. l^Laxatine. Dose, a third or fourth 
, Littfou 1Iaohii3I£ Siri:PHATiB AESATna. See Aqua Sed- 
^^ litzenais. 

^^H phati? of iDBgnesin ^iv, tartariKed Dotimoiiy gr. ij, hol^ 

^^H water fjirj. By wine-glassfuls. 

^^f liiQCOB MAOMEaiJG Taktbatis. M. Aibat. TartnriE^ acid 

^^^ Jivl, distilled water Oix, fresh calcined magnesia diffnseil. 
in 3xvj of distilled water Jiij 3jj mix. lioBe, as a pur- 
gative, f 5XT. 
LiqiroB MATicoNia. Bmised matico Icavea S^iij, distQleit 
water Oj, reetiSed spirit fjllss. As Liquor Calumba:. 
Dose, t^ to fjij. 
LlQCOB MORPBIS ACETAIIS. B. Mix dilute acetic acid 
'BH'iii. rectified spirit fjij, and distilled water fjvj. Dis- 

t solve in this acetate of morphia gr. iv (gr. iv in gj). E. 
D. Similar. L. Twice as strong. ATeaot to be of same 
■trench as Tinct. Opii. Dose, ntx — Ix. [Other solutious 
have been horetofore in joe. Tliat of Magemiib is ace- 
btbe of mco'pliia 16 French (equivalent to 13 English) 
grains, distilled water jj, rectified spirit ^, acetic acid a 
few drops, to render the solution complete, Mr, Hadkn's- 
fortn is acetate of morphia gr. xvj, distilled water 3vj, dis- 
tilled vinegar ^ij. MAscii. H. Morphia gr. iv, distilled 
vinegar fjij, distilled water fjv, rectifli'd spirit fjj. Dose,. 
Tiixx. In dispensing proscriptions, care must be tnken tu 
ascertain which of these various forms is intended. 
IijtTOB MnHP HTM CiTBA^na. M, Pure niorpliia er. xi.j 
(ivj if'rench grains), citric acid gr. viii, distilled w 

a Solntion,. 

^f -23 


LiQtroB MoBPHLX Etdbochlobatis. B. Hydnii^lilorate 
of morpliia gr. W, dilute hjclvocWoric said mviij. rectified 
spirit £5^, diatiQed wnter f3vj. Mix tind dUsolrc. Hall 
as much morpliia as liquor Mnrphiie Hjdroclilorati^ L. 
1)09?, mx — Ix. [Mid. H. Hydrochl orate of morpliiu gr, 
lyj, rectified apirit f^, distilled water ^rij,] 

LiQuaa JUoBPSix Stri,FnATia. M. An Liq. Morpliim 
Anetatii [M.], subatitnting snlphate for ftcetato of mor- 
phia, and dilated lulphurie for aeetic aotd. U.S. Sul- 
phate of morphia gr. viij, diatilled water fSviij. DoM of 
tliis last, i^Bs to f5ij. Dr. Copeano'b Solution (of the 
strength of tiacture of opium) conEial^ of snlphata of 

I morphia gr. iv, distilled water 3j. There ie no aathoriied 
form in the British PharmBcopffiias. 
lintcoii NvcBi CAUfHOimiTS. Baithb. Nitre ^iv, vater 
3iv i dissolve, and add 3ij of spirit of camphor. Agitate, 
and filter. Dose G to 24 dropa. 
XlQtloB Opiatcs. Guy's H. Blach Jirop. 


qaortcr of an 
the mixed liqnon 
braised nutmeg Jj, saffron jas, jcaat fjss. Fenuent for 
dSija, macECata for 14 days, filter, and evaporate by 
' bath to the consisteaco of tbin syrup. Dow, injij to i. 
XliJDOB Opii Aobticds. Mr. Hoitltoh. Turkey opium 
dried jiisB, diluted acetic acid Sxxxij. Digest far 6 days 
with a geutle beat, sod filter. Evapcrate to an extract, 
macerate it in fjv of rectiGcd spirit and (Jxxxv of dia- 
tilled water for 8 days, and filter. Of the same strength 
aa Tlnctura Opii. 
XiQiroB Orii CiTBtotra. Dr. PoaTEs^a Liq. MarpHm 
Citraiis, Opium ^iv, citric acid Jij ; triturate, and add 
boiling water fjiyj- Digest for 24 honrr, and filter. 
aiiVOR Opti HiDBOCHMiBicua. Dr. NiCHoi'a Muriate of 
" ' Powdered Turkey opium Jj, disialled water fjn, 
muriaiic acid f^. Mix, shake it frequently every day for a 
fortnight, then strain, and filter. Dose, from 20 to 40 
drops. Dr. N. considers it preferable to every other pre- 
paration of opium. [We have taken the liberty of sliglitly 
ultering the uames of tliis and some kindred compound^ bi 


prevent mistake, and to promote uniformity of nomenclature 
among analogous preparations.] 

LiQUOE Opii Taetaeicub. As Liq. Opii Citricus, substi- 
tuting tartaric for citric acid. 

LiQuoB Opii Sedativts. Mr. Battlet's excellent prepara- 
tion is made (according to Dr. Sigmond) by macerating 
opium in distilled water for a long time at the temperature 
of the laboratory, and adding a Uttle spirit to the filtered 
solution. Dr. Chbistison states that mxx of the solution 
are equal to mxxx of laudanum. Mr. Cooley says it may 
be exactly imitated by dissolving 5"j of hard extract of 
opium (prepared by percolation with temperate water) in 
^xxx of boiling distilled water, and adding to the cold and 
filtered solution ^vj of rectified spirit, and water to make 
up exactly Oij. Extractum Ojpii Liquidum, B., is analogous 
to Battley's Solution. 

Liquor Opii Concenteatus. Messrs. Smith, of Edinburgh. 
Prepare, from ^iv of opium, a watery extract freed from 
narcotine by ether (see Ext. Opii absque NarcotinA) ; dis- 
solve it in alcohol, evaporate the clear solution, redissolve 
the extract in water, and reduce the filtered solution to 
^xij. To this is added rectified spirit 5xxij, and distilled 
water q. s. to make up S^vj. Dose, 3 to 5 drops. 

LiQuoE Pepsins. Squiee. 5j of Boudault's Pepsine dis- 
solved in ^ of distilled w ater. Salt must be added, if it 
is to be preserved. Dose, a teaspoonful. 

LiQUOE Picis. See Aqua Picis. 

LiquoePlumbiSubacetatis. B. GovijAiBJ>*&JExtractofLead, 
Boil acetate of lead ^v and litharge ^iiiss in distilled water 
Oj for half an hour, constantly stirring ; then filter, and, 
when the liquid is cold, add to it more distilled water, imtil 
the product measures f^xx. Keep the clear solution in 
stoppered bottles. L. Liq. P. Diacetatis. Similar. 

LiQuOE Plttmi Subacetatis Dilutus. B. Ooulard Water. 
Mix solution of subacetate of lead f5ij, rectified spirit 
f 5ij, and distilled water f^xixss, and filter through paper. 
Keep the clear solution in a stoppered bottle. [Gut's H. 
directs fSij of tincture of opium, or i^ij of spirit of camphor, 
to be sometimes added.] 

LiQUOE Potass^. B. Solution of Potassa. Dissolve car- 
bonate of potash ftj in distilled watex C^, «aSL, \ka.V\w^ 

•23S 1 

lieated tlie Eolntion to tbe Tinilmg-poiat id a, clean 
vessel, gnuluttlly mix wiUi it slaked UnieSxij, und t'ontinne 
the ebullition for 10 minutes with t-onatant Btiiring. Then 
remove the veisel from the Are, ftnd wlicn, by the mib- 
fidt^cQ Qf tbe insoluble mnttEr, the aupeniatHut liquor has 
heconie perfectly elenr, tranHfer it by uienns of n, si;ihoii to 
a green-plaes hottle furnished with an air-tight Bti^per, 
Kn<l udd diit. water, if necessary. Sp. gr. 1*058. Dtae, 
nix — XIX, sometimes to f5j, freely dilated. 
LiQUOB FoTiBSX BaANniSHii. Briksish's Cauitie Aliali. 
Americaa pearl ashes Qivj. qiiioklime tbij, wood ssbei pre- 
pared by baniini!: the brandies nf the ash 1b^, boiling wi 
six old galloua (five imp.), slnhe the lime, add the res 
tbe water and tiie pearl asbet, and lastly stir in the wood 
ashes; let it stand in a i^overed vessel for 24 haan,Bnd 
decant. To each pint odd one drop of true oil o{ juniper 
berrie?. Keep it in stoppered battles of green glass. Dose, 

LiQUOS PoTAsas AcETiTts. Gdt'b H. CatbonataoTpotMli 
jviij, Btroof- acetic ucid sufficient toneutraliieit; thenidd 
water q. s. to make up exactly f Jii. Dose, t^ to f^^, in 
iuf u^DQ of joniper berries, &c. This ii almost identical 
with Liquor Kali Acetic! of the Prub. Ph. 

Liquor Potass^ Absbnit:!. L. Liquor Arsenlcalis, B. 

bonata of potash Jxx, distilled nater Oj ; dissolve, and filter. 
Dose, mx to f^". 

LiqroB Potass* CsLOBiNArs. Eau de JavdU. DiEsoIre 
one part of carbonute of potash in eight or tea parts ot 
water, and pass chloriDe gns tbroagh it till fully saturated. 
[It may hIbd be made by liisBolviog Jij chloride of lime in 
Oiss iif water, and 3iv of carbonato of potash in Ois, mixing 
the solnlJons, and Gltoriug.} 

l.iqcoB Potass^ CrrBAtis. U. S. Seutral MixUn. 
Fresh lemon Juioe fjviij, bicarbonate of potash q, «, 
neutrnliiB tbe aeid. Or, citric acid Jss, oii of lemon niij, 
water I'Sviij, bicarbonate of potash q. a. [See Mistora 
Salina. Eu.ib'h Neutral Solutio» contains in addition gr. j 
of potash -tartrate of antimony in Qivas.] 

LianOB Potash* Efpehtescess. Aerated Potash WaUr. 
B. Dissolve bicarbonate of potash gr. ixx iu dist 



I Oj, filter, pass in waebfd cai'bonic acid giis (obtaLoed by 
ictioD of snlpliuric ncid nn clialk) ap to ii pi^ssure of 
7 ntmospherea. Keep in bottlea aecuiely closed. L, 1836. 
SimilBT-, twice aa strong. 

ftPOB P0TA8B« PBBKAMaABlTlS. B. DiBsolve permaQgi- 
niite of potasli gr. Ixsx in distilled water Oj. Beseinbles 
■'Condy'a Liquid." 
[iiQCOB PotABBX SiLiCAiM. Liquutuen Silicnm. Bate. 
I^igtior or Oil o/Flinis. Mii one port of powdered quarts 
witbtn'oof cnrbonnte of potash, and fuse in u HeBBiHn cru- 
cible. Lettbe componnd deliquesce in a damp place. Dose, 
from 10 to 30 drops. " It resolvea tbe Btoue, and opeoa 
Obstrn ctiona." — BATE. 
^ JiIftDOB PoTAgSIlCYABiBI. LiMiNO^. CjBuide o£ potaasinm 
gr. tiij, proof spirit f^ix. Tliis is tne streogtb of bis 
hydrocyaoio acid, which oontaiUB gr. j of re»l acid in fjj. 
Maqekuie's mediciniil hj'drocjanato of potash coneiats of 
cyanide of potaBsiniQ disBOlved in eight times itaweiglitof 
distill»l wuter. 

liKiroB PoTAHBn lODiDi. Qijt'b H. Iodide of potasBium 
3iv, distilled water Qvij; mx contain gr. v of iodide of 
^_ potueiium. Dose, mv — mxi. 

^L LiQiroB FoTAasn Iodidi: Coutositub. L. & D. Iodide of 
^H potassium 9s8, iodine gr. v, distilled water Qi. Dose, f^ij 
^H^ to f^vj. [See tbe much Etronger Liqnor lodi, B. P. See 
^^h also Solutio lodinii. BoncBASDAT'a Ea» lodtirie, as an 
^^h antidote Tor poisouiog by vegetablealkaloida. consists of gr. 
^^H iij of iodine, gr. TJ of iodide of potassium, nnd fJiTJ of 
^^^L water. To be taken by glassfnls, after tbe stomach bai 
^^^K been emptied.] 


^^H fill an iron or earthen retort witbcreamof tartar, and distil 
^^^V witb a gradually increased heat into a large receiver fur- 
^H^ nished with a safety tube. Be-distil tbeliqnid. Dose, 10 
^^H* to 20 drops, repeated. 

> XlQfOB Bbei. Bhubarb cut small Siij, cold distilled water 

Ijiij ; macemte for 13 hours, strain, nnd press. Macerate 
the rhubarb again with as much water as will make up 
fgiviij with the farmer, and eipress. Filter the mixed 
liquors, and add fSiuis of rectified spirit. Or, mora 

L elegantly, hy the following ; — Mix jo^leicft. '\;oi^s.c^ 


rhubarb with Baffldoiit water to form a soft paste; letire- 
it for 48 liours, then placB it ia a pereolatar, and pass 
ilia tilled water through it until fjivi^ are obtained; add 
f^BB at spirit nad aft*r a fuw dnys filter if raqnired. 
f 5J with f3v^ of water farms Infueum UhoL 

LiQUDB Babss. Mr. Hebbinq, Macerate 31 (if Jon 
saraapariUa in 0^ of diiitilled water, at a tempemtnre not 
above 120° P., for six haora, and strain. Macerate witli 
Ovj more water, as before. Evaporate the strained 
liquors in poreelain vessels, at IGO°. [If reduced to fjx 
for to fjii, and f5i of spirit added), fjj mi:ted witiU 
l3>ij of water ibrms the decoction of tlie usual streDgth. 
If redured to fjv, fjj will represent f5ij of the dooootionj 
if to fjiias, fjiv- Mr. Battlet's Liquor is still strongeF, 
f3j represEmtliig Osa of the decoctioo.] See also Extrofr- 
tam Sarsffi Fluidam. 

LiQTiOB SxNNJE. To nialie a conrmnirated in/wnon, f3j oT 
which shull repnssent f^ of the infnuon, take ^v of 
smnll lenra, 51! 3ij of bmigcd ginger; macerate them for 
IS hours with Oisa of cold distiUod water; press atronglr, 
and agiuii macerate the seana, See., ■Kith enough water to 
miikc up fjxviij with the former infusion. Press strongly, 
filter the mixed liquids, heat them (in a loosely corked 
TCBsel placed in water) to 180° F., and again filler. Whea 
cool, add rectified spirit Ejiiss. To make a prepunition 
one pact of which requires three p-irts of water to reduce 
it to the strength of the infosiou, take Jvilss of senna, 3v 
9j of ginger, and Oj of water. Proceed as above. 

LiQUOBSENirjBABOuA'riccB. Dr. TwBEDiE. Exlutust 15 Di 
(bv.) of TinncTBlli senna with 4^ Or 5 gallona of wntor, by 
dieplncemeDt, or by maceration and expression. Evaporate 
the liquor to 10 lb (av.). Concentrate 6 Bi (av.) of treacle 
over a water bath until a little of It becomes nearly dry on 
coolingi dissolve this in the strained liquor. Wncncoldt 
acid Oiss of tincture of ginger, and water, if necessary, 
to make up Ox\]. 

LlQDOit Sons. B. Carbonate of soda Jxiviij, slaked li 
^xij, distilled water Cj. As Liquor FotassK. Specific 
gravity 1-OW. [P. directs it to be made by dissolving 
pure soda in water to form a solution of l'33i density, 
containing about 31 per cent, of soda. PET7B, Pit. pro- 




scriWe Ihiv curb, aoiJa, Hitx of viater, and Ibj of lime.] It 

ghonld 'be kept in weli-stoppeii grren-glBBs bottles. 
LiqcOB SoD^ AussNiATis. 53. Uisaolvu urBenintd of soc]a 

(rendered iinbjdrous bj a heut uot exceeding SOff) gr. iv 

in distilled WRtap fj]". 
tiQuon SoDK Cabbonatih. D. Cp. earboniiteof soda JiBB, 

diEtilled water Oj ; dissolve mid filter. Sp. gr. l'02ti. 


f Sdlutiop. Liqoid Chloride or ll^poclllorita of gjda. Dis- 

B solve carbonate of aoda Jiij in f Jinng diBtilled "'ater, and 

I pat tlie Bolutian iato a glaes vessel. Mix black oxide of 

■ mniiganese Jiv and hydrochloric acid fjiv in a glass fiaik 
V witb a bent tube attached by meune of ■ cork to its month; 
I apply a gentle beat, and with a suitable nrrangement. 
I cause tlie gas eroWed to pnaa first tbrougb B Mash bottli^ 
I coataliiing fjir of water, aiid then into tha BOliition or' 
I carboimte of rnda, regulating beat so that tbe gas shall bu 
I (lowly but conatontlj tntrodiiced. When the disengage' 
I ment of cbloriae has ceaded, transfer tbe solution which 
I haa absorbed it t« a stoppered bottle, and keep in n cool 
k and dark place. Sp. gr. 1-103. [P. Diffuse Ibj of cbloridi- 
I of lime iu tbix of water, and decaut. DisBOlve also Iby of 
I carbonate of sods in crystals io Ibxr of water. Mil tbe 

■ clear solutions, and filter. It should eontoin twice it' 
I Tolume of chlorine.] Dr. Dahlzbo'b chloride of soda is 
I aometimea prescribed. It doei not diJTer materixlly from 

■ t^e B. solution ; paes tbe chlorine (from 51 of salt, 33 oxidi.- 
H of manganese, and 31J of sulphuric ncid previously miieil 
I With f 5^ of water) into a solution of Jlj of cryi. carbonuto 
B of BOda in fjiij oF distilled water. Doie, "ixx to rain. 
W It is used as a disinfectant, aa cldoride of lime; bat U 
m cbieBy employed, in preference to the latter, as an interual 
W remedy, and for lotions, &c. 

piIQCOB S0D£ EwEBVesCBMa. B. With bicarbonate of 

I BCsibt gr. m, distilled water Qj, carb. acid gas to presBurc 

B of 7 atmospheres. L. 1B30. E. Similar; tniw as strong. 

I fit may be eittunponLDeuusly prepared by putting ^ss of 

K Eesquicarbonate of soda into a tumbler, and pouring on it 

■ a bottle of soda water. The ordinary soda water contains 
P only carbonicacid, and no soda. Dr. PhhEieA.] 



Put into a Bodn-watcr bottle ^liss of carbonate of bo£b, 
giij of bitartrata of potasb, and Os8 of water. Cork 
securely, and placo thi: bottle in a coot plaoi? Tor 2 days. 
.LlijDon SiBTCBNis. B. Mix dilate hydrochloric a^ad 
nivj mth distilled water ^iv, and diesolre atryclmia in, 
GcjetaU gT. iv ia tbe miitare bjtJie aid of beat; then add 
rectified ipirit ^ij and distilled watiir ^|. Dose, "iv — i. 

£iIQl70B TahiLXACI. Dandelion roots, cleaned, dried, and 
sliced, 3^ij ; infbse for S4 hoars in q. a. of cold distilled 
water to cover tbem. Press, and set aside; decant the 
clear liquor, and heat it to 180° ¥., filter whilst hot, and 
evaporate in a drying-room. Or by a cnrrent of warm. ^, 
until tbe product shall weigh 3^Vj add rectified spirit 
5iv. [The quantity of spirit might perhaps be redociad.J 
Dose, 1^ to 5iij. ('Annala of Chemistry,' Ne. 4.) Soma 

, phannacentista prefer the following: — Expressed j nice of 
taraiacnm 3 parts, reclified spirit 1 pact. Mix, and in 24 
lionrs decant and filter. IP&arm. JoamalJ] Sea also 
Cremor Taraiaci, Extract utn Taroiaci Fluidum, and 
Sucuus Taraxaci. 

IiiQVOB Tastabi Eubtici. See Liq. Aotimonil Tartiirizati. 

IiiqcoB VOLiTiLis COKNU Cebvi. Spirit of EarUkor%. 
L. 1788. DtstiUed from hart's homa, or from bones ; the 
volatile liquor, separated from the oil and salt which come 
over with it, is to he ra-dirtilled 3 times. [This has aa 
empyreumatic smell. A solution of carbonate of ammo- 
nia or (less properly) of caustic ammonia, is geaerallT sold 
for it.] 

the last as much volatile salt of amber (Sal Buccini) as 
will saturate it; filter, and keep in a dart place. 

[See SoLDTio tor preparations of this class which are 
not found under LiQCOB.] 

(it&TroBBS ViNOSi. Dr. B, Lamb's Medicated Winet. 
Permaaent preparations of aloes, seiiaa, cslumba, gentian, 
rhubarb, and other vegetable drugs, may be made by pre- 
paring a strong infusion (of doable or quadruple itrength) 
of tbe substance, adding to it Jli of white sugar for Ovy 

: of the infusion, and sufficient yeast to produce fermcota- 
tion. Let them ferment in casks or jars, nt first open. 
and afterwatdfl lightly dosed, at a temperature of •,""" 


', till the action sulisidea! tlien draw off the dear 
liquid into iVcab vessels, ncd keep them clostid till it is fit 

. for bottling. 

(iIQUOB ZiBOi Cblobidi. B. U IK h^di'oclilorlc Hcidf3xliv 

I and diatilled water OJ in a porcelain disli, add grann^ted 
zinc Ibj, and apply a gentle lieut till gaa is no longer 

' ■ evolved. Boil for half aa lioor, anpply wnter lost by eva- 
poration^ and cool. Filter, add solution of chlorine gradu- 
ally, with agitation, till liquid acquires a permanent odour 
of chlorine. Add carbonate of xinc Jss, or q. s., in soiall 
quantities, till a brown Bedimeiit appears. Fjlter into a 
porcelain basio, and evaporate to Oij. [Used rs a deodo- 
rizer and diBuifectaut. Ecsambles Sir WlLUAU Bvbn- 
Etr'a Sohdion.'] 

LiTHXfi Cabsohas. B. It is made as fbllowB :— Forpfayrize 
petpJitB (or other iniDarol containing litliis) and calcine in 
a platina crucible, with 5 times its weight of nitrate of 
burytes. Mix the product with 16 times its weight of 
water, and add hydrochlorie acid iu excess. Evaporate 
the Bolntion tfl dryneas, heat the reeidne in water acidu- 

Ilated with hydrochloric add, and filter. To the filtrat* 
add sulphuric arid in sliglit excess, filter, add ammonia, 
and evaporate the filtered solution to dryness. Dissolve 
tlie residue iu water, treat it with carbonate of soda, wash 
the precipitate with a very little water, aud dry it. Dose, 
gt. v to X, daily, i» «rio deposit*. Dr. Ube suggests the 
iiy'ection of its solution into the bladder as a sDlvcnt for 
wrie calculi. 
[THLK CiTBAa. B. Dissolve citric acid ia crystalB gr. 
xc in n-urni distilled water fjj, snd add carbonate of lithui 
gr. 1 in saccessivo portions, applying heat until efierves- 
cence ceases, and a perfect solntion is obtuned. Evapo- 
rate by a stsam or sand bath till water ceases to escape, 
and Uie Tesidoe is converted into a viscid liquid. This 
should be dried in an oven or uir c]iaml>er at the tempera- 
ture of about 2Uf, then rapidly pulverized, and enclosed 
in a stoppered bottle. Dose, gr- v — x. 
LisiTiiru: Saiosabicm. lAqaor PoCassis. 
IitXIVItru TabTABI. Liquor Fotassrx Saicarbaaatir. 
^^^ hoBEJASA. Mr. Bastice. Macerate Ibg of Inbflia inflata 
^^^ for 4B hours iu Cj of alcohol mixed with Jiij of sa^l^i>l:c^t 


^B £44 

^^m uciil. Filter tbe golnticm, ood add powdered quictdin 

^^1 it litiE an alkatlne reaction. Agatu filter, sud ^uturata ine 

^V filtrate witli sniphnric acid in slight eicCBS, fllt«r, nnd ev»- 

^H poratc to one fourth. Add a little water to the reeiilite, and 

evaporate all the remaining alcohol. Filler, Baturata the 

filtrate with soIuUon of carbonnte of potash, aud agitate 

the liquid with gnccessiTeportiona of ether till it no longer 

dissolvGB anything. Bj evaporating the ethereal solntion, 

lohelina remaimi. It may "be rendered eoloorleEH by dia- 

solving in alcohol nnd agitating with aoiinat cliareoal. 

Doae, notjiscertained. 

LOBOCQ AliBtru. P. Blanched sweet almonda 31^91, bitter 

»iilmonds 5Ba, sngar ^v, oil of almonda 5iT, gam trogacantli 
gr, »T, orange-Howec water jiv, water Jiv. Mix. 
LoHOcn CsTiCBi. E. 1744. Spermaceti Jij, yolk of egg 
q, e. ; tritnrBte, and add gradually oil of almonds Jss, 
LoHoca COMMITNB. E. 1744. Oil or almonds 3], sjrap of 

Tolu 3j, white sugar 5ij. Mix. 
LoHOCH ExFBCTOBiBB ZABBTn. Kcrmes mineral gr. iv, 
manna Jvj, oil of almoniJa jij, ajmp nE sqnills jij, syrup of 
senega 3)j. Mix. A teaspoonful every 4 hoars. 
LofloOH Lnii. E, 1744. Fresh-drawn linseed oil 5j, syrap 

of Tolu 5i. mlphnr 511, white sugar 5ij. 
Lonocn Manns. £.1744. Equal parts of manna, <nl of 

almonds, and syrnp of violets. 
LOHocn NiPHTHAWNE. M. DuPABqiTiBB. Tooneconunon 
lohocli (Lahocb Album) add from gr. viij ta ^ of naph- 
thaline. The aaphtbaline most he well triturated with 
the gom. Dose, a tablc-spooufal, frequently repeated; 

tOHOcn OLBOStur. P. Oil of almonds jiv, gum Arahie 
powder jiv, syrup of miirsli- mallow 5j, water 5iij, orange- 
flower water jiv. 

LoHOOH On. Oil of almonds jias, yolk of 1 e^, sjnip of 
marsh-mallow Jj. 

LoBOCH DB PijiMimE VgiPiB. Foir'a Lungs. Powdered 
fox's limgs, extract of liquorice, powdered aniseed and 
fennel seed, eaeh i^j, syrup of marsh-mallow 3xij. The 
first ingredient ia now usually omitted. 


(LoiTOCH Saponib. E. 1744. Alicant soap ^, oil of almonda 
5i, Bjrnp of Tolu Siss. 
LoBOCB ViBiDK. Kstncliio uuts (or sweet almonds) No. 14, 
Ej-TDp of violets Sj< oil "'' almonds 3iT, gum tmgacanth 
;;r. XV, tjuctore of aaEEron 3.|, orange-flower water 5U, 
WBtor 3iv. [For otiier Biuiil>.r compouods, see LlNC- 

rliOTlo AcETt. One part oF vinegrir to 3 of water ia a com- 
mon proportion for sponging; 1 of vinegBt with 1 or 2 of 
water /or bnii/sts, &e. 
Iiozio AcTDA. Ooi'h H. Nitria acid nuiviij (or nitra- 
bjdrochlorio acid nl«lvj), water Oj. Tinotara of opium 
f53j is occBsioniilly added; and tliu quantity of acid in- 
creased two or three fold. 
Lono Acini Cabbolici. Mr. LiBim. One part of acid in 
SO of water, nsed to promote the healing of wounds, ab- 
aceBses, ulcers, and bums. A weaker solntion, of 1 in 40, 
ia in commoo use io the London hospitals. Five drops to 
Sj of glycerine forma a good application to eraptious of the 
LOTio AoiDl NiTBior. Cut. H. Dilnte nitricacidfjV, tinc- 
ture of myiTh f3BB, water Oj. To bo diluted with 1, 2, or 
3 purls of water, 
Lono AcEDi Phosfhobici. PEnEiBi. Diluted pbosphoric 

acid f3j, water fji. In cariet. 
LOTIO ACIDI HybeoctAbici. See Lotio Hydrocyanica. 
Lono AaOMiTis. Dr. Headlans. To liquor aconitiie 31 
add glyeerine 5ij. {5sb at a time to be nibbed on to the 
face, &c., in neuralgia.) 
IiOTIO ATJM.twa. p. Subcarbonate of potash Jij, wa,ter{or 

roaowater) Oij. 
Lotio Alkaliha Amtodalina. Dr. A. T. Tfombon, So- 
lution of potnsh fjir, emuliiion of bitter atmonda l^vaa. 
[To remove the scurf in porrigo fuTfvraiu ; afterwards 
applied twice a day, diluted uitb warm water.] 
Lotio as Alopeciam. Dr. Lakdebeb. Bay leaves 3^, 
cloves Jij, Bpirit of lavender Jiv, spirit of origanum ^iv. 
Digest for 6 days, strmn, and add sutplmric ether 3ss. 


iharides IJeh, oil of nutmeg fjs 


lit «f .m. 
trv\ mnitl I' 

XoTio AiDMiNifl. Alum 3j to Jiv, wnter Oj. 
LoTio Ammonia ArETAns. Solation of acetate o 
monirt, rectified spirit, and water (or rose water), equal 


iQC 3j, vinegar Oiiis. Mamoh, H. Sal ammoniac jiy, 
distilled vinegar fjiiv. 


Hydrochlorate of ammonia 5j, vinegar Oas, roctiBed spirit 
fjiv. Mm. H. Sal aramoniao 5J, distilled vinegar fjij, 
rectified spirit fjij, water f Jnj. For coaiuiiona (uAsii 
the slcin m not broien), cAronic iumo«ri, ekilbtaing, ^c. 


Mariate of ammonia jj, distilled vinegar fjxg, rectified 
apirit f3iv. 

IiOTio Auuoins MuBUTis crm Abhica. Cabus. Sal 
loniac 5j to 5ij, rue water fjiit, vinegar of rue Jiv, 
tincture of arnicn Jj to jij. 

XoTio AiiiMONi£ Opiata. Dr. Kibxlakd. Spirit of am- 
nia JiiiBB, water 3iv, tinctare of opium Jaa. 
J ABXTPHi-ooiaTiCA. CoPLiUB. Liquid diaeetnta of 
lead jvj, Bolatioa of acetate of ammonia Jiv, distilled water 

IiOTio ANTlMOBliLia. Sir W. Bwzabd. TartarinBd anti- 
mony 3], distilled water 3j. 

LoTio Abtimosii Tabtabizatj. Dr. Cloc. Dissolve gr. x 
-inetic tartar in ftj of water. Linen clotbs wet with 
tlie lotion to be applied, and frequently uhanged. 

liDTCO Antifsogica. Cazenave. Sulpliuret of potaiainm 
5j. soap gij, water Sviy. Dr. Cttllkn. Decoction of 
white lieUobore f5x>j> Bulpliurot of potassium 5s9. Dr. 
DoBHBLusTH. Sotl soap 1E5 parts, bellebore 60, hot 
water q, s. to form a mixtnre the consiatonce of Bjmp. 

tioiio AsoENTi KrcRATis. LoHons of nitrate of nlrer are 
nsed of various Btrengthl for different purposes. As, for 
hed~torei, gr. i of tbe nitrate to fji of distilled water, ap- 
plied with a camel'a bajr peodl two or three times n day 
till tbe skin is Waelcenoj; then only occasionally (Mr. 
Jaokson, Sheffield); faiehiTblaint, from gr, it to ixx t» 
fjj of water, &c. See Injectio, CoUyrinm, 4c. 
lOTro Abnicje. The tincture, in tbe proportion of froiiv 

FOBMUliKT. 247 

ID to 30 dropa to fjj of water, ja nsed In conlusioni, ex- 
Iravaiittiom, la:. NiBBiBN presi'ribes tbe following 
lotion (uppUed cold) iu amle hgdroeepkalvt. Arnica 
flowers 'iis, hot Tinegnr fjiij, boiliog wuter fjvj iitfuaOi 

Lono Absenioi Coufosiia. M. lb Febtre, in canmr. 
Oxide ofBrBC&ic ^. viij, distilled wuter fjEVJ, extract of 
hemlock jji Uqmd diaratatc of lead f Jiij, tincture of opinm 
5j. To be applied every morning, 

LOTIO AnsEHici BT llYSiusaYRi Hysbiosjtis. Liq. 
Arasn. et Hjd. HydriodatiB f5j, water f^j. 

LoTio BsLiutDOtiHX. Ob^bib. Eitract of belladonna ^, 
Goulard water C^. 

Lono Beu-iiiosNjB Combo8ita. Cut, H. Extract of 
belladonna jsa, hydnxryanic acid ^ij, glycerine 3j. water 
fSiviij ; mix. 3j to be mixed with S ^ 3"! "^ water. 

LoTio Bbhzoihi. Tiacture of benzoin ^', rose water to Jiv. 
Tor freckles, ibbSui-b, ^c. 

LoTio BiSMiTTHi NiTBiiis. CiJT. H. Triffliitrato of bis- 
muth 3isi, bichloride of mercury jvbb, spirit of camphor 
5ij, water Cj ; mix. To be diluted with Irom 1 to 3 parts 
of water. 

LoTio BoBAOiB. Gtir'a H. Borax gsa, rose water Oj, Sir 
A. CooPBB. Borax 5], water Jiij, rectj£ed apiiit 3^- 
Dr. CopUlND. Borax 3j, rose water fJiU, orange*flower 
wat«r f^iij. Cvt. U. Buru Si>^> rectified ipiriC Jij, 
tincture of camphor jy, water Cj j mix. To be nsed with 
1, 2, or 3 parts of water. 

Lcnio BobACiB Aoisa. Dr. ABSBCBOiiDtK. Is rmgaorm 
of the acalp. Borax ^, distilled vinegar f Jlj. 

IiOiio BoBAOis CCM CBBTi. Dr. Johmbob'h Lotia» for 
Sore J^pplei. Borax 5ij, precipitated chalk Jj, ro^e water 
5iij, spirit of wine 3Uj. 

Loiio BoBACiB cvu MoBpmJl. Dr. Meios. Borax Jsb, 
snlphute o[ morphia gr. yj, rose water fjvlij. In pntritua 

Lono BBOMimi. Dr. Giotee, To icrafnloua ttlcers. 20 
to 30 drops of bromine to Oj of water. Others direct i^ 
of hroniiue to T^y of water. 

LoTio Cai.018 Spibituma. Cb. Lime wntor (Sviij, recti- 


H. Dp 


Caloib Chldbtn'atx. for jfcii. DEBaEiiis. Cblo- 
1-iilfl oriimo Si, watar Oij to OlisB. Triturate and filter. 


to the Isrt f jj of Prassio aeid. 
lOTio CHLORiKAti. M. Liquid clilorinitted eodi. 3j, water 

I^to Chlobopoemi. Mr. TcaoN. Chloric ether f^ — iij, 

watar Oj". See either ChlorlcuB. 
Lotio CoNii KT Opii. Mil), li. Extract of bemlDCk 5iij, 

Dpinm 3j, boiliog watsc Oj. 

Dtio CosiiBTiCA. IIebmahk. Blanclied aliuoade Jij, 

orangB-flowcr wnter Jij, ro«e water jTiij. Make an 

emolBiDL), strain, &dd sal Rmraoniac 5j, tincture of benzoin 

Lono CcFBi [ScipniTis] CiMPHOBiTA. Mid. H. Cam- 
phor .^gs, bulo 3.i, <nl]ihate of copper 3ij, boiling water 
Oji Macernte for an honr, and filter. See Lotio Rubra, 
for Bates 'ti. 

Lotio CdpBI SULPniTiB. Dr. Gbavjis, for BhilMaini ihkI 
tinea. Sulphate of capper gt. x, water fjij. Mr. Lu)YI>, 
for itch. Sulphate of copper .5], water Oj. Dr. 
porrigo decalsani, Gr. ly of aulpbnte to fjj of water. 

Xdtio CBEAaon odu OallA. Dr. Nsmsak, Creasote ifAr, 
tincture of galU f3ij, diatiUed wotiT f5ij. 

Xoiio ETAP0BAN8. CoPi:ANii. Ether f^issi solution of 
acetwte of ammoaia fliss, reetiSed Bjurit f^iss, rule water 

LOTJO Fbehi SuxvHATia. Vblpbau. in ergiipelaa. Sul- 
phate of iron 3j, water Oj. Dr. Undbbwood, for nnw 
nipple). 3j of Bulphafc to Jviy of water. M. DACTBBaBB 
employs jj — ij of the salpbato in Sj of water, as a lotion 
in mvttasra. 

Lotio FnuaisiB. See Decoetum Fuliginis. 

XjOTIo GA1.I.X. St. B. H. Bruised nutgall ^ij, boiUug 
wutur Oj. Infiiso and strain. Mid. H. 3iij to fjiy. 

Lotio Oltcbbihs. Mr. SiAntm. Glycerine 'S>s, water 

Oss; mil. {To keep tie akin mohl tn same cKlaneom 

diteoKet ] Cdt. H. OlyctFrine Iby, water ft»j, essential 

., oil of bitter almond* 3ij ; mii. 5j to jj— iij of water. . 

^^rf>TTO Gltcrbth.!: bt Bobaoib. Mr. ST.iBxni. Boni|y2^^| 


I to 3i' PTB gljcoriiiB 5iT, rosa wafer rjTiiss. To aliapt of 
nipple*, lips, or haadt. 
ytio Qltcebikx cum CAKTBAntCG. lyir. Stagtih. 
AroniHtiu spirit of ammniiia. Jj, g:ljL'eriDe ^iv, tinctura of 
CBubbitridBS 5)— ^i rosemary water fjxiv. Oaix or twice 
a day to the bair, witli a wot huir-brush. 
Lotto Gltobbinje cdm Acibo Nitbico. Mr. Stabtut. 

Dilnte nitric acid 5BS to 5j, triaoitrateof bismntli Sag, 

H^ tincture of digitalis jj, gljcerina jiv, rose water fjvliiafl. 

^^P To allny itcliiug, <u prurigo, &e. 

^Biono Hidbibq^thi Aoetatib. Acetate of mercmy 9j, dii- 

ff tilled water Oj. 

^ liOno HtdrasoyhI AsirODAMMi. St. B. H. Blancli 3iij 
of bitter almonds, and beat them witti t'Jvj of water 
grBiluiilly added; strain, and tidd gr. lij of corrosive aub- 

LoTio HiUBABQ-YUi BiCHLORisi. Sx. B. H. Corrosiva 

kEnbUmate gr. iisa. distilled water Oj, gam acacia $se. 
Ouy's H. Eqnal measurce of solution (liquor) of bicUlo- 
lide of mercury and distilled water. Sir B. Brodis'b lo- 
tion for bedsorea consists of 2 gnuDS of sublimate to f3j 
of proof spirit. 
LoTio Htdeasoybi Plata. B. Yellow Merairinl Lotion. 
Yellotn WaeA. Mil perchloride of mercury gr. ivilj with 
lime water fji. 
LoTio Hysbakqisi Nioha. B. Black Mercurial Lotion. 
Slack Wasi. Mix aobcblorido of mercury gr. ixs. with 
lime water f jX. 
LoTio HrBBOCTANicA, A. T. TnOMBOS, Hydrocyanic 
acid fjias, water fjviisfl, acetate of lead gr. lyj, rectified 
spirit 3ij. St. B. H, Hydrocyanic acid 5ij, water f^vj, 
liOTio HrDBOCTASici Alkauna. Dr. A. T. Thomsom, in 
nu7i scail. Bicarbonate of soda gij, milk JvLij, hydro- 
cyanic aoid f5Bs. 
LoTio loBiKii Cdkpobita. St. B. H. Iodine 5T, iodide of 

potash 3x, dintilied water f^vj. 

tassinm, iodide of sulphur, of each 5iEs, water Jxxiij. 
ImiO-CHLOEIiBBTA. BiOHisi. Cblorida of lime Jit, 
vtriturutc in a glass mortar, and add water Jiiss; Ut v^ 



tttHe, filter, and add t'mctnre of iodine Jj. Hli, and keep 
it in a well-stopped bottle. [See Solntianen lodinlLJ 

iodide of potaanimn in Jiij of watLT, and add 3iu of io^e. 
DiBsolve mIeo 3iv of aulphoret of potaadom in 3»iij of witter. 
Mil n teBepoonfnl of tliB former solution with ■ table- 
spoonful of tbe latter, nod put it into a waabband bann 
ol' warm or cold water. Jn lama t/ein diseaiei. 

LoTio LiTHAasTEi, &0. See Lotio Plumbi, &c. 

I.OTIO Mybbhs. Df. KniLLAND. Tincture of niyirh ^^ 
lime water Sij. ToJ^agoHK grotniha. 

Lotio Mtbb&a: Coufosita. Ca. Honey of roeei ^5> 
tincture of mjrrli jij, Unie water 5iiBB. 

Lotio Of u. St, B. H. Opiom 599, boiling water fJTJ ; 
tritarnta tarcfnily, and strain. Gtty's H. directs ^iea to 
Oj ; to be triturated, boiled for 10 minatesg and itraiiied. 

LoTio Opii CUM AtUMiNE. CiTT. H. Tinetnreof opinni Sj, 
ulnm Ibij, tincture of ^allj 3i'j> vrater Cj. Mix. fjj tr 
or Jiij of water. 

LoTio Picia Licjimia. SACKHSEa. Wood tar Jiv, lime 
jvj, water fSxlvig ; boil till half ia consniued, and strain. 

Lono Flvkbi ACETATiB. C'H. Acetate of lead 3ir, vinc^^ar 
3iv, Hoft water Oij. 

lono PtuMBi DiACBTATiB. P, Liquid diacetot*! of Uad- 
5iF, rirer wuter ^in, rectified spirit SU' ^"^ LiqOQ 
Plambi Subncetatis Dilntia. 

LoTio PLfMBi OPiiTJ. Dr. CnarsiiaoiT. Infiise gr. u^ 
of opinin in fjiv of water; dissolve gr. iiiij of acetate 
of lead in the saxae quantity of water ; luix tlio solutions, 
and filter them. 

Lono PLTTMni Chlobibi. Mr. TtrsoN. Chloride of lead 
■ Oj. To cancerouM iilceri, ^c. 

LoTio PoTABsx Chlobatie. Cblomte of potash 5], water 

LoTio PoTAsan Cyanidi. Cazksavi. Cyanide of potae- 
siam gr. i, emulsion of bitter almonds J'i' ^- Uaj<' 
liEBDB prescribes a stronger solntion, 5j of the cyanide to 
Jij of distilled water, in acute rheumatism; compresses 
wet with the lotion to be applied to the affected joints. 

ioTio PotAEBii lonnn. Dr. 0. Wabb uses 3j iodide of 


IpotasBinm in from 8 to 16 ounces of water for tlie cure- 
of itch. 
hoTio FoTAsas StTLFHCBBTi. St. B. H. Sulpburet of 

potash 3y, wnter Oj. 
I.OTIO KVBSFACIEMB. Qbbu. H. TsTtai emetjc 3j, water 

Oj, spirit of carapbor 5bs. 
LOTio ItTiBBi. Bate. Sulpbate of coppor jij, nil liolo jij, 

Ioftmplior jss, boiling wati^r ftij. Stiain tlirongU linen. 
^B B collyriaoi, this requires dUation. [Tlie same name 
is given to a diflfereot campoood. Sea tlia neit.] 
Lono EtTBBA. Cut. H. llithloride of meieury gr. iviij, 
bimlpharet of mercury gc. ix, creaaota mvj, water fjviy,. 
fjj to fiU— iy "f water. 
LoTlo RuBHA CoMPOHlTA. CcT. H. Eqnal meaflUres of 
lotio rubra, lotio uigra. and water, ij^ lo fjj— iij of 

I Lotio Sambuci. P. H. Infusion of elder flowers Sxtj,. 

I campborated spirit Jij. 

I Lotio Saeokacka. L. 174G. Hose water 5:c|", olive oil 3iv, 

I Bolutiou of subcurbonate of potasli jsa. 

I XoTio Hovs CnLo&iHATj;. Gvv'b H. Solatinn of clilori- 

I nated soda Jiss, water fjiij- 

I Lorto Sod* HTPOBcirHms. Mr, Stabthi. HyposulpWte- 
of soda 5i to ij, alum 5J to ij, rose water fJviiBS, Cologne 
water fjaa. Appl; an tag, twice a day, in the latter stage 
of aetm. Cut. H. Hj-posnlphite of soda 5''j' diluted 
snlplmric acid Jj, water Cj. Mii. fjj to f^-iij of 

I Lcmo SpieitCb DiLtrii. Gri'a H. Eucti fled spirit 1 part, 
water 5 parta- 
LOTIO SpieituoSA CAMPHOnATA. Wabh. Eider flowers Jss, 
cnmpbor 5bs, rectified spirit S^v. Digest 21 hours, and 

Lotio Stakni. M. Nattohb. Chloride of tin gr. j, diatilled 

water Oij. To caiicerovt vlcers, 
L LoMO SIAPHISAQBI*. Powdered atavcsaero seeds ^\w, water 

Olaa, Boil. 
I' Lono BUOCI LlMOniB. Lemon jaice, diluted with water. 

Is Eaid to relieve pmriluii ncroti. 
\ Loiio SuLPHuBia. Cut. H. rrecipitated 6Q\?\iiif V^ B^t'\^. 


cainplior gss, gljcerine Jiv, TermiliDn jij, water Cj. 
I. f3j to f3j — iij of water. 
[ Jjono SDLPHiTBBi CojtpoarrA. Cut. H, Powdered white 
hellebore jias. boiling' irater Cj. MRcerata fi>r a night, 
Htmin, and add 3ij of bichloride of mercury, 5ij of wbits 
precipitate, and Jvj ofdlluCed Bulphurons acid. [No form 
it givoa for the latter ingredient.] f ly to be mixed with 
fjj — iy of water. 
[ XoTio Sdlphtisea Defilatosia. Cut. H. Fresh lime ftj, 
wat^r Cj, liydrosulpliaric auid q. s. [H. BousEr reeom- 
menda, as the best depilatory, crjatalliied hjdrosulpMta 
of aoda 3 parta, powdered qnickUnie 10 parts, slaruh 10 
partaj to be miied with water at the time of ndng. To 
ba BOTttped offin umiauta or two.] 

JjOTio SuiPHFBBTi SoDX. Dr. Baiieow. For tinea, ^. 
SulphureC at' soila 3^. wMto sonp siisa, rectiUed spirit jij, 
lime water f3vij- 

Xono Tank:si. Mr. DKUiTt. Tannic acid gr. v, disUlled 
wHtEF f3j. To toi-e nipples, on lint, cohered with oiled 

liOTio Vaporass, See Lotio Spiritfls Diluti, aail Lotio 

Lotio Zinoi Iosidi. Dr. Boss. Boil from 5j to 5ij of 
iodine with holf its weight of zinc la f^viij of ivnter until 
tbu liquid is culonriess, and filter. Applied, by ineajis of 
sponge, to enlarged tomila. 

Lotio Zinci Oxybi. Mid. II. Oxide of zino gr. hit, 
mucilage fjj, water f3vij. 

Lotio Zinci Sdlpiiatis. Guy'b H. Bulphatu of lino 3i, 
water Oj. (U. C. U. 5i of sulphate.) 

I Lotio Zinci Cohpobita. U. C. H. Sulphate of zinc jaa, 
water Oss, OouUrd water Oas. Mil, amd filter. 
Ldpi'lina. Lupalina is the yellow powder procured by 
rubbing and sifting the dried hops. Dose, 5 to 13 grains. 
Maos£3IA. B. MagueEia TJatu. Cahined Magneaia. lu- 
tmliice carbonate of magaeslti jiv luta a Cornish or 
Hessian crocible, closed loosely by a lid, and let this be 
exposed (o a low red heat us long aa u littlu of the 
powder taken from the centre nf the orueible.wheu cooled 
and dropped into dilute sulphuric acid, gives rises to 
tfferi'esctnee. ['IIik produtt should be preserved in 


Boorhed battles. It is injuredbyorcr-colcinaljon, especially 
(•a aa nutiiJute to araenic. For tlie latter pnrpose, indeed, 
it is better made without ealciuation, by uddiug n sotutiou 
>f caustic potash, or aoda, to a, Boluticni of gulphute of iimg- 
iesia (Inth cold), washing the precipitate with water, and 
[dnring it with a gentle heat.] 

UeHlKSU CALCINATA P03n>EHOSA. Mr, B. PHiLtipa, juu. 
P IfiK sohitiona of 1S3 pnrt? of crirs. sulphate of magnesia 
and 114 parts of cr^fB. CHrhonato of sodn; svaporabi the 
whole to dryneaa, nud ealcine the residue till all the car- 
bonic acid is expelled. Let it remain in water till the 
sulphate of Boda is dissolved out, wash the magnesia, and 
dry it. 
JSiamtiiA Lrvis, B. As Maovrsia, B. From the light 

HAGKEais: Cabbonab. B. Magncsiaj Carhanaa Ponderosuiii. 
Ssaft/ Magnetia. Dissolve sulphate of magnesia ji and 
carbonate of «oda Jiij, enoh in Oj of boihng- dist. water, 
mix the two solatiena, and evHporate the whale to perfect 
dryness, by meaDs of a sand hftth. Digest the residue for 
half an hoar with Oij of boiling diatitled water, aud, having 
collected the inaoluble matter on a. calico filter, wash it 
repeatedly with distilled water until the waabings cease to 
give a, precipitate with chloride of barium. Filially, dry 
the product at a temperature not aicueding 212^ 
Haqn£9L£ Carbdkab Lbvib. B. CarboHole of Magnesia 
B ^ighf]. Diaaolve separately sulphate of m^iTiesia ji and 
carbonate of soda Jiij, each in Css of distilled water. Mix 
"iB salutioiia cold, then boil in a porcet^n dish fur 16 
inutes. TranHfer precipitate to calico filter, and pour on 
\ repeatedly boiling distilled water ILIl the washings 
la to precipitate chloride of bariuoi. Dry at a heat not 
■■og 212°. [2t times lighter than l^t] 
li CiTBAS. Dissolve citric acid in water, and add 
)ft the hot solution carbonate of magnesia tiU it ceases to 
W acted on ; filter the snlution while hot, and set aside 
10 crystalliio, concentrating it by evnijoration, if neceaaary- 
' iKve, rotber milder than the sulphate. This salt 'is 
a take the foma of bu insolulilc hyilrate; this may be 
ravonted by carefnl manipuhitiuu, as fuUows. RoarQCET, 
' " " io acid 1000 gr. to coarse po\yilEi, B.\ii Sis- 



^H BolTe in boiling water 350 gr. Wbea tlie solution i 

^H Eool, Hnd before it crjatallizes, pour into a stjineirare pan, 

^1 and sift rapidly over ite Enrface 630 gr. of powdered 

^H carbonSito of magnesia, taking uarc not to stir it. Whan 

^M tbe reaction has ceased, mix rapidly intii a paste. Set the 

^f pan in cold water, that the maas may not heat, and leaTe 

^M the prodadj at rest for 21 honrB. Divide into fragments 

^r the awellt'd-up mass of citrate, and dry in a atove at a heat 

not ahove 68° P. DoBTAiTLr Ea.ys the foUaning method 

yields a nentral salt, which forma a permanent Holntion 

with 8 or 10 times its weight of water. Fnse 100 parte of 

citric acid in its water of cryEtallizatioa by heating it in a 

water bntb, and iecorporata with it 29 parts of calcined 

(magnesia. The pasty product eoon hnrdms, when itihonld 
1)0 reduced to powder, and preserved for use. Or (i4 parts 
<if commnn carbonate of mogneBia may be aabatitated for 
ihe calcined. [Others recommend the dry ingredients to 
be kept mixed, and a portion of it rained witb wbIbp 
when a solution of the salt is required. Pulverize llparti 
of citric acid, dry it carefully, and gradually add 10 parts 
of dry carbonate of magnesia. When required fur Use. add 
^^ it gradually to tlie water previously placed in a mortar. 
1^^ M, TheTbnOT directs 3 parts of dry citric acid in powder 
^^k to 1)0 mixed with I of calcined magnesia ; this is slightly 
^H acid. Boof'a porgaUve cousista of calcined raognesia 
^^r 8 parts, carbonate of magnesia 4, dry citric acid 26, angar 
^^ (aromatized witb lemon) 50 parts. See Liquor Magaeaiie 
Citratis.] The Ejffymeaemg CUraie of Magaenia sold in 
the ahops contnjns no magiteBia, but ia a granular com- 
pound, resembling Sodie Citro-tartras EServescens, B. 
MiOKMLE BoBO-ciTBiB. Cadet. Dissolvo S60 grains of 
citric flcid in Oiiiss water; add this gradually to 113 graina 
of boracic acid, and 80 grains of calcined magnesia in b 
porcelain vessel, so as to form a paste ; then add tbe reet 
of tha solution, boil to a paste, and dry it carefully. 
MAGNE3I.E PnoBPHiB. NiBrKANS. Add to diluted phos- 
phoric acid pure mugueMa, or its carbonate, to saturation. 
Evaporate to dryness. Dose, from gr. viij to "X , in 

MAaNsaix SffuoAS. Tbe commercial enlpbute obUIncd 


Ftehd bittern, or from nD^nraiiui UmeBtoiie, is enfflciently 

pare, or may be rendertd so by rc!-crystullizatioii. 
M AQHE9i£ FxBJia-BUiPBis. 'I'he fait auM aadce this nuine 

18 BulpliHbe ormsgQCaiu, containing 5 per cont, of aalplinte 

of iron. 
2IiL.aHBGLe, Febbi, et Qvis£ SrLPiiAS. Tli^ nrtiple timii 

named appeara La bo mode by adding o little sulphate of 

qnioine to the preceding. 

tHAONESlA TABTBi.S. Febeiba. Saturate t, eoliilioti of 
' tartaric acid with carbonnte of mugnesia, nnd evajnrate to 
dryneaa. Dose, 3j to 3iij, iu chronii! maladiea of tbe apleen, 
UAOBESLS FoTAagtO-TABlBAa. MitLLlBtt, BoU 30 parts 

of creiini of tartar, 84 (or q. b,) of carbonate of magnesia, 
in 700 of water, tind set aside to eiystnlliie. 
'i/LiatrssiM et Potabb^ Bobo-tibtbah. M. Qabot. Boro- 
tartrate of potash 100 parta, water 600, carbonnfi! of 

»niagno8U Z4 ; boil, filter, eraporste to a paste, and dry at 
ft gentle heat. lb is taken in tbe following form. The 
above poste 3j, citric acid gsa, eyrnp of lemon pec! 3ij, 
water Oss. 
MAeNESii Bbouisvu. To bromide of iron in solution aild 
calcined magneain in encess; heat the mixture, filter, and 
Braporute the clear aolation to dryness. 
Maonbsii CHtOEiBUM. P. Muriate of Magnetla. To pure 
muriatic acid add carbonate of niBgneaia in alight eiucaaj 
filter the solution, and evaporate it till tbe gp. gr. is 1-384, 
and put it, atill hot, into B wide-mouthefl vessel t^ 
cryetaUize. If not required in cryatals, it may be eva- 
porated to dryness. Uose, as a laxative, 5y to 3ir. (Chb- 


L ItiGNEaii SnipnTTaETtiK. Fuae tc^ether 5 parts of pure 
magnesia and 4 of sulphur. Dose, gr. iv — lij. (Jora- 

ilflBPJi BucoTJB. Verjuice. Bruise wild apples (crabs), 

and express the juice. 
MAKSANEaii A(;etas. Dissolve the carbouRtc of manganese 

in strong acetic acid, and evaporate, that crystals may 

form. Dose, gr. v — i. 
^^JtiNOAKBHn Cabbonab. Wash peroiido of manganeBawitli 
^^V very dilate muriatic acid, dissolve it in atTOW£ nvma.'Cu^ 




add, Bod eiaporate the mlntion to drjoess. DusoIts ■ 
portion of tlie residue in waWr, and |)renpitiit« bj car~ 
bonate of lods; waeh the precipitate, nnd dige«t it with 
a solatioQ of the rest of the salt, to predpituts au; oxide 
of iron. Filter, and precipitate bj- carlionnte of s>da ; 
wuh the precipitate, and Ary it at a f^ntle heat. For 
the best method of eiLibitJDg it,«ee Pilnla Mangnnesii 

Hl^iOiniHii CHLOBIDClt TteJ Hitbias. Saturate mnrialjo 
acid with carbonate of manganese, and evaporate to drjneis 
by a gentle heat, PruBCrve it in closely atoppfd bottles. 
Doa?, gr. iij— I. 

MmoiKBsii loDIunK. Digest recently precipitated cap- 
bonKt« of manganese with fresh bydrioditi acid, Blteril^ 
and evaporating, the accesa of air being prevented. See 
I^lula Muuganesii lodidi and Syr. M. I. for the bw£ 
method of exhibiting it, 

Madoikesii UaIiAB. From the freih carbonate and ma&c 
acid, aa Mang. acetas. Dose, gr. ij — vg. 

Uiy&AiTEBU Osiscii HisB&Tuu. It maybe preci[ntated 
from the anlpbate by caustic potaali or ammonia, and the 
precipitate well washed. It requires to be naed while freah, 
mixed nith syrnp or an oily emulsion. 

KiSdAUBSU Phoephas, Into a solatioa of sulphate of 
munguneae drop a solution (if pbosphate of eodu, collect, 
wagli, and dry the precipitate, and keep it ia wcll-doaed 

Manganeeie SdlfhaB. Add cnrbouate of mangaueae to 
dilute aulpburic acid to saturation, concentrate by a gentle 
beat, and set asiite, thnt crystaU may form. [It produces 
bilious purging and vomiting.] DiMe. ^ to 5ij in Oss of 
water, befora breakfast. Mr. Ubb. Senna ia aoinetimes 
addtd, to ensure its purgative eBcct. As an alterative, gr. 

Uanoahbsii Tastrab. Saturate a solution of tartaric acid 
tvith froah carbonate of manganese, nnd evaporate. See 
Syrupiia Mang. I'Brtratis. [Ihese compounds of manga- 
nene lire employed by M. Hasnon, in anamia, cacheetie 
dinrana, lie. Tbe insoluble propurutions, oa the carbonate, 
phoBphote, and oiide.Bliould be first used: tiwu the sol able 



alia. The use of this remedy does not require to ho per- 
Hvered in so loag at tliat of iron.] 

MiJisiTA. Mannite, Rvbpehi. Put ftvj of common 
muma in tbiij of digtil}ed wnCer iu which the white of im 
egg hiiij been heateo, uid boil for a few minatea. Strun, 
and, when uold, press the impure uuiaTiito io a riotk ; mix 
it with itft weight of watefi ntid praia ngain. Hiuolvo it 
in boiling water, filter into a porcelain diah. evaporate to 
a pellicle, and set aside to ci^lallize. Dose, half that of 

M^BBrnrsA. Mabbubihb. A vegetable principle frotn white 
horehound, fiubatitnted for quinine. 

MabticatoRIA. Miuiicatoriei. See Pil« Maaticatorits. 

Mel D>!FDBATIIU. B. Uelt honey in a water batb, and 
stnun it while hot throogh ilannel. Gvx's H. direct* ith 
of water to be added, and, if required pnrer, wliite of egg 
to he mixed with the water. 

Mm, PasPABiTcu, U, 8. Clarified bonej Oaa, proof spirit 
Oj, prepared clialk jss; let tliem stand tivo lioura, heat to 
eiluUiiion, filler, and eiaporate till its densitj ie 1'32 when 
cold. [Now rejected.] 

Ueijjtvm: Simplex. P. White honey Ibvj, water tbij ; 
dissolve hy heat, akim. and, when the boiling aolulJOQ 
attains a density of l'i61, Htmin tlirongb flannel. 

MBt ACETATDM. See Oiymel. 

HiL BoBAOiB. B. Powdered honii gr. Ixir, clarified hone; 
Sj- Mi.. 

Mbt. Cbbubomii. Wendi. Miii-ipressed juice of greater 

celandine with an equal weight of honey. Dose, 3>j, 

gradnally increaaed to 3iv with water, lagiamlular and 

aUanaaut affecliom. 

'tXxL CoiiCHici. Infuse I part of dried coli:bicnm !□ IS 

[ partBof waterBtlitfF-foriahonrs; atrain.let it aettle, 

I and boil the clear liquor with IS, parts of white honey to 

the consistence of ayinp. 

Hbi ELATiNEi. Juice of femnle fluellin Oiv, clarified honey 
Ibivj boil to a proper thickness. 

Mai. FnJOiB. UrcsLlBON. .Ethereal eitraet of fern jsa, 
honey of roaea Jsa. Mix. llulf nt bed-time, the rest in 
the morning. For tapeaorm. 

Mbl Oltcxbbizatck. Hamb. Pb. Liquorice root hruised. 




^IBS, boiling water Jxij ; infase half sn hour, etrain, and 
boil with ^nt of lionej l-o tlie conHialeace of Bjrup. 
Mel HELLEBDOATiFid. L. 1746. White bellebore root Hij, 
water Oiv; macerate for 3 daja, boil a little, atrain, 
and press; boil the liquor with IfciiJ of honef bi a 

Mkl Hydbakqtei. BbUi. Tritnrate 3j of qnicksilyer with 
3j of honey till tho globules disappear. Fail<{iTET. 
Quiekailvar 5"i "J^llt 3as. honey 5ij. A a dreniMg 
for uleen. 

Mbl UmBAQOT&i CouFoeiTiTii. AIJ.ABD. Houey of quiok- 
gilyer ^j, clarified houBj jij, oil of cloves ^. Mil. To 
nlcen of the throat. 

Mel Mebcdbule. E. 174i. Jnice of the herb mercnE; 
and honey, eqaal neighte ; boil to a proper consistonc^ 
removing tbe scam, 

Mel Robs. L. Macerate i,iv of red rose petals, first sepa- 
rated, in fjivj of boiling diatilled water for 2 hours j then 
preaa lighUy with the haod, and strain. Macerate the 
rOBeB in fjvi^ of boiling water for a little time, and poor 
off the liqaid. To this add half the Siat infiisian, and wt 
aside tbe other half. To fbv of honey add the mixed 
liquids, and evaporate by water bath, so that, tbe liquid 
set aside being- added, it may becooie of a proper oon- 


Mel Scnjj;. Socbkihab. Dried aqnilla 5,i, boiling water 

3itj 1 infuse, strain, add Jxij of white honey, and bml to 

a proper consistence. 
Mkl Sciii* CoMFOSiTOM. Cola's Hive 8yrv^. ByrnpM 

Scillffi Comp. is now anhstitnted for it. 
MSL Trbebinthiha. See Electnarinia Terebinthins. 
Mel VtolJ!. It is made either with equal qiiftntaties of 

boiling water, rioleta, and hoacy ; or of violet juice and 

Mellaoo Obamikib. Pbub. Pb. Extract of dog's gnus 3 

parts, distilled water 1 part. Mix. 
Mellaqo TiBAXACl. From (resh dandelion roots, bruised, 

macerated with half their weigbt of cold water, expressed, 


f the liquid lieated to boiling, flltercKl, Hud CTHporated to 
the conaiatencB of syrnp. Pbtjb. Ph. Ab MeDago 

Mbtbtibni Bichloeidtim. Bichloride of Methylene, 
Chloni-methjfleiie. Chloroform is heated with xlnc tiliu(>a 
and dil. Bolphnric Bcid. [It boil* at 88° P. : ep, gr, 1-3-14 ; 
Bp, gr. of vttpoQT 2'937.] Used as a eulutitotp for chloro- 
form in prodacing sniestlieMiH. Three partB mtiBt he used 
tfor two of chloroform. 
lEEBEClil AcETlTuu. Thin slices of the bark of mezereon 
root, soaked in vinegar for 2'li hours, jipplled a» a 
BBOcBira SAOCHiEATTTS. E. 1744. Qniefcsilver Jiv, sugar 
candy 5iv, oil of juniper ti\itj ; triturnte tjll the globulei 

iSlLVilsDM PeBFABitT.^. The millipedeii in uiualiit, and 
suspend them over the vapDnr of heated spirit. 

HiETiriis. Mixturea. Under this term are placed compound 
liquid modicineB to he taken in divided doaea, inelnding 
several which in Bome pharmarapceiu are termed Jnlepa, 
Mucilttges, EmuMoiu, Fotiona. &a. See also Hauatui, 
Julepa, Ptisans. The usual doae of the miiture of the 
British pharmacopeias is fjj to fj^, or a wine-^laasful. 
The principal eieeptiona will be noticed. 

MiSTUBA Abkluoscbi. Dt. Reece. Ttoctore of mask 
aeeda {Tinct. Abelmoachi) fjj, aromHtic spirit of umnioaia 
fjiy, corop. spirit of lavender fsiv, camphor miiture f5vj. 

MlBTCEi AcACl^s. See Mucilsga Acaciffi, B. 

MlBTUSA ActDA. See Julepum Acidum, 

MlSTUB* AoiBl AOKTICI. Mr. I. B, Beown. DistiDed 
vinegar fjij, syrnp f3iv, water f3ij. A fourth part every 
3 bonrs. To i^ildren, in learlatijia. 

MiSTHKA AciDi BoBAOioi. Cbaussieb. Camphor miiture 
5iv, boraciD acid 3j, syrup of orange peel 5^, Bjr 
spoon fills. 

MlBTEBA Acml OiAUOl. M. Nabdo. Oialic acid rt. viij, 
mudlage Jiij, syrup Jj, By apoonfula, '*<i mfammation of 
thefaUBta tind digeitive tidie. 

MlBTDBA AcoNlTl. Dr. Flkmino, in gatiralgia. Tincture 
^^L of aconite f jj, carbonate of soda 5\bs, su\^\ib,U: o^ mu^:^- 






neiia ^Us, water fjvj. A table-apaonfnl when the pain is 
UisiVBA yGTHEBis Camfeobita. Bbutde, CttiDphoT mix- 

tnre f3vy, aalplmric ether tjEw, ajmp of saffron fjas. ' 
MiBTUBA .rETOEBig cim TbbbbintbimJI. Obfiha, /» 

piMOHtag 6y JVi« Vomioa. Salphnric ether 5J, rectified 

uti of turpeatine 3ij, wliite augar 3iv, wkter Jij. Dose, 

fjy, every quarter of an hoar. 
HiETDBA Al/caxs. U, Dried marsh-mullow root Jiv, 

raiiioB stonad Jij, boiling water O; irail to Oiij, ftod 

Btrain tlirough calico, anil, when the Bedtment haa anh- 

sided, poor olf the clear liqanr for use. 
MisTDBA AxDUllfls. Dr. BiBD, in hoopiiiff~co«gi. Alnm 

gr. xxT, extract of hemlock gr. lij, syrap of red poppies 

(^ij, dill water tjilj. A desaert-apooufnl every 6 boura. 
UiaTUBA AmuONiAdi. B. Triturate ammoniacuni in coone 

powder Si with diet, water f3»iij. gradually added, till 

the mixture UBsamos a milky appearance. Then strain 

through mualill. 
UlSTtrSA AhuohtaCalib. U. C. H. Oum amniauiaeinn 

yiij, aolutiou of acetate of ammnnis fjvj, spirit of nitric 

other f^iv, mucilage of tragaointh q. a,, water fJTiij. 
MiSTrtti Ammoniaoi Acida. Dr. Pabw. Water tjiv, 

dilute nitric acid tjj' 8jrup 5ij, gam ammoniac jj. Doie, 

fjij. Expectorant, 
JIiSTirsA Ammohiaoi bt AUTrMOtfii. Ammoniaeum mix- 
ture fjiy, antdmoniol wine fjiv, sjrup of Tola fjj, cosa- 

poutid tinoture of camphor fjiv. Mii. 

iBTtTBA AuuoNlAOi FcBTiDA- St. B. H. Ammoninoum 

mitture fSviij, fetid spirit of ammouia ^ij. 

I8TDB4 Ammohis Aobtatib. U. C. H. Liquid acetate 

of ammonitt t^lv, water t^viu. 
UiatUBA AUUOBLS SltBQDl-OABDOItATia. St. B. H. Besqat- 

oarbonate of ammonia 3ij, pimento water fjiv, water f3vj, 

of ammonia 3J. extract of liquorice 3iij, tartarized anti- 
mony gr. ij, <UatiIled water Jviij. A tahte-Bpooofnl every 
2 liouTS, tH pleHrit^, coagafioa of mucous memifaiui, 1(0. 

MiSTimA hMxoitis Oleosa. St. B. H. Mixtore of seiqni- 
carbonatc of ammonia Qvj. olive oil fjij. 





MiETCBA Amtqsai^. B. Compound powder ot nlnumiig 

jiiBs, digtilled wBter Q) ; rub the powder with a little of 

the irater into a, thin paste, th«u add the remainder of the 

water, and fltrain through mualin, 

UiBTCTBA Amysualx AitiVJB. Oct's H. directs it to be 

k~ made as Mist- Amygdala), Babstitntiug bitter alnionda for 

m Bweet. [Bsbal directB sweet almonds 3vj, bitter 3ij, 

r water f3ivj.] 

[illBTPaii AMT&DALtKK. Seo Emulsio Amjgdnlffi cum 

UiaruitA ANI9ATA. Glas. H. Refined sugar ^lij, macila^ 
^, oil of aniseed 5aa; rnb together, &nd add gradually 
fjvj of cinnamon water. Doae, fjj. 
MiETDHA Anodina. Jultp CaliHaHt. P. Syrup of opium 
5ij, Ejmp of orange tlonera Jvj, lettuce water ^W, Doae, 

UiBTiTRA Amtieubtica. Dr. Baskeb, InliiHionof mint ^vj, 
bnrat hrundy ,\j, compound tincture nf campbor 3j, sugar 
3ss. A table -spooniiil every J of hq hour till the vomiting 
ceaaea. See also Mlatura Efferveeoeiu. 

ItlSTTKA AnTAOiCA, RtaM. SoluCinn of potash f;iij, lime 
water i^viij. calcined magnesia 5], oil of peppermint niT, 
Kuctnre of opium (jj. 

MlBTUBA AUTtHTBTEEICA. Dr. PakiS. AssafiEtidaJj, pep- 
permint water fjisa, amraoniated tjnotore of valerian f^ij, 
tincture of t-aator fjiy, ether f 3jj. t^BS every 2 hours. P. 
Polioa Antii^tleriqse. Comp. sjrup of wormwood 5j, 
tincture of castor 339, valerian walir Jij, orauge-Hower 
water Jij, siJphuric ether 3j. 

MiBnrHA AHnSEABMODicA. P. Syrup of orange Bow- 
era 3j, lime-flower water Jy, orangt-flower watiic jij, 
ether 5Be. 

iTtrai Amtimosti PoTAsaio-TAaTHiTia. Cor. H. Potaa- 
artrate of antimony 3bb, lioeture of digitalis Sj, nitre 
comp. tragacanth powder 3b3, water Oij. Mix. Dose, 

llieTD£A AKTIMOJllAlIfl. LiEKNEO. Jllfcjl COUlTOsUmuUnA. 





Tartariied antimony gr. vj, inf aaion of orange leavea fj^'ji 
syrup 3\j. Dos^ f3"j' Bvcry 2 houra, in ^neHmunid, tic. 


antimony gr. v, emulsion of camphor fji. 

HlSTITRA Apebibkb. AbbbN^bthT. Sulpliiite of magQeaul 
3iv, manna 5u. infUBionofBennafSTJ, tincture of senna f^\j, 
mint water fJi, water fjij. Chbistibon, Tinottire of 
senna (R.) f^, mlphate of magncsinji^. water fjir, inlb- 
sion of rases i^iv. A wine-glassfnl every banr till it begins 
to operate. See also Mietura Senna: Comp,, Mistura Mag- 
nsBim Sulphatis. &c. 

MiBiTTRA AnoENTi NiTBATiB. TBOFsaEAU. Nitrate of dlver 
gr. J, distilled wat«r t$vee, syrup Jsb. Dose, 3j. daily, » 

MiSTUBA Abkobacix Coicfobita. Dr. pABia. Horseradish 
root $sB, miiittard seed Jsh, boiling water Oj ; macerate 
for an hour, and to fjvij ot tba strained infnaiaa add 
aromatic spirit of amniooia t^j. spirit of pimeuto fSsa. In 

MreTtTBA Aeomatioa. St. B. H. Aromatic confection JiUs, 
water fjv, pimento water fjiij. GDI's H. Aromatic 
OOofectiOD in powder 3iij, mint julep fSi». Doae, £^, to 
which is Bometimes added fjj of tincture of CBlumba. 

MisriTBA XsBiSiEilbM. L. AssaliBtida 3V, tritunite with 
water OJ, gradually added. Dose, f^ss to f^. 


Tincture of aaaafcetida f^, tincture of opium nix, ipeca- 
cuanha powder gr. i, water fjij. [A teaapoonfnl ever; 
3 honra, in hooping-congh, for a child of 2 jean.] 

MtBTUBA ABTBrHSBBS. Peabbt,. Tanuiu gr. nij, syrop of 
rhatany .^, muciLige ^. camphor mixture jiv. 

MiBTUBi Balbami Pkbuviani. Gns'a S. Balsam of Pern 
fjiij, honey fjas, water fS'iij. Melt the honey in a warm 
mortar, add the balsam, ruh t<^ether, and gradoally add 
the water heated to about 110°. Doae, fjias. 

MlBTlT&A Bes^zoata. Dr. a. BiBD. Benzoic acid 3iJ, car* 
bouatc of soda 51911, phosphate of aoda 5iij. boiling wat«r 
Sir; diesalve, aud add cinnamon water fjviitis, tincture of 
henbane fji?. Dose, l^j. 3 times b day. 

MiartTBA BiBEBiKs. Dr. PaunraA. Sulphate of biberine 
59s, diluted aulphmic acid rn.iiv, syrnp t^, tioctnre of 

^B Dot 


oivige peol f^, wat?T fjiv. A tHble-apoonfbl 3 timea a 
day. [Gl. H. Snlphate of biberine jj, nromatic aolphario 
add 3ij, water J""!! ■] 
HiBTDBA Btsrif BiTBETi Cabbonib. Ciasitb. Bijiilphtiret 
of earbon 9j, mgnr 3\j, milk jTJ. Dose, j^ ^ times 

MiBTtrai BucHtr CoifPoaiTJ. 

Jviij, tineture of bncho Jj, 

Dose. fJi, 8 times a day. 
MiBTtraA CiPFBiM*. VanbhH'Cobpttt, Cnffoin gr. vij, diii- 

tiUed water f.^iij, liydrochloric acid 2 dropB, ejmp of 

orange-flower water Jbb. Mix. Dobb, a table-apoonfid. 
MiSTPBA CifssislE ClTBATlS. Lotion eoalremigraine. 

Syrap of citrate of cafEt'in jj. witter (or any agreeable 

diluent) 3v. A table-sponnfnl f reiiuently. 
MiSTUBA Cajahibm Aduiwa. St, B. H. Infusion of 

caliimbB fjviise, carbonate of Eoda 3j, tincture of oraoge 

pee! JBS. 
AbSTnu Cauphobs. L. CampAor Julep. Campbor ^as, 
r rectified npirit mi i rah together, gradnnlly adding 
I water Qj, and strain. See Aqua Csmphoba, B. 
' MlBTuBA Cauphobs Cm Lacte. Dr. CAEBBts. Cumplior 

in powder jBB, milk fjlv ; triturate, and add water fSviiBa, 
MlSTTTBA CaMfbob£ cdU Mashisia. B. Camphor Baa, 

carbonate of mBgnesia gr- 1»'. water (jfj. Mil. U. 8. 

{A^a CamphtriE.) Campbor Jij, carbonate of msgneaia 

3iv, rectified spirit mxl, diatilled water fjnrij. Rub the 

camphor with the spirit, then witb the magnesia, and lastly 

with the water, gradually added, and filter. [Coutaiua gr. 

"■ ■ fjj. Dr. Wool.,! 

;A Cauthobe cum Mybbh*. St. B. H. Camphor 

5aa, myrrh 38Bj triturate, and gradnally add water Om. 

Dree, f Siss. 

IBTCBA Cahphobi Cabbonica. Water strongly charged 

with carbonic acid gas, agitated with powdered camphor. 

Bud strained. 


Dr. CBElBTraon. Spirit of nitric ether f^ij, camphor Bj j 

dissolve, and add water f^v] 
MiSTCBi Capsici. See Inrnsi 
tlllflTTHA CAEuniATiTA IrTFAUTltia. Balby's Carmit 




Cftrbonata of magnesia 3^, oil of peppermint >>vj, o3 of 
natmeg nviji oil c^ anUeed "tiij, tincture of caitor niiix, 
tJnctnre of aaeafiBtida "iiv, tincture of opiam m.v, spirit of 
pcnnjrojal -niiT, componnd (jncture of cnrdBiDOD <i>lixz. 
peppermint water fjij. Dr. Pakib. 

MlSTTRl. ClKHISATirA AlfTACIHA. Dr. Pabib. MtlgneNS 

3M, peppermint water fjiisB, romponnd BpLrit of lavender 
f3»a, Hpirit of carawaj fsiv, ayrup of gipger fjii. St. 
Qbobeie's H. Dill water fjss, comp. tincture of cardamom 
nixx, carbonnte of ma^eiia 3j. Bymp ^. 

MunmA C'ABCAHrLLX CoHFOBtll. ii. 18S6. InfuBian of 
cswarilla f^x^'j- vinegar of sqnillg f^, compound tinctora 
of camphor fjij. Tlie Mi(t. CaacariUs C. of St. B. H. ia 
□esrlj Che same, without the comp. tincture of cHmphor, 
the addition of which constitutea their Miiit. CiUGarilla 
OpUtb Dose. fjj. 

llnTCTBA Cauis. F. H. Eau de Ctuie. Cassia pulp 3ij, 
hot water OiM. By glaiafala. l,aiative. 

HisniBA CaSSLS AKTUIOMIATA. Ean de Oule emetUit. 
FOT. Pulp of caaaiH 3j, boiling water OiM. Hacerate, 
strain, and add sutphute of magnesia jj, emetic tartar gr. 
iij. Bj cupfnls, in paintirii' eolith. 

MlBTDBA Cathabtica. See Mistnra Senns, Miatura Ape- 
Tiens, &c. 

MlBTiTHA Cbbetibije. See Mistnra Fermenti. 

UiSTDBA Cetadbi. Gct's H. Spermaceti 3TJ, jolk of 1 e^ ; 
beat tliem well together, and add ejrup of Tola fjiss, 
pennyroyal wat^r Oj. Dose, f.^j, to whioh is sometimes 
added nitre gr, x, or comp. tincture of camphor xiux. 
Bee Emnlaio Cetaeei for another form. 

HiBTUBA Cbtbabia. Dt. A. T. Thombdh. Decoction of 
Iceland moss fjviiaa, diluted sulphnric aeid f 5j, ayrnp f ^r, 
tincture of opium niil. A wine-glassful 3 limes a day, la 

UramftA Chlobtsi Calcib. Dr. I{eid. 'nnctDreofcalamba 
fjij, chloride of lime gr. i, ayrup fjas, water fjiiiaa. 
Dose, fjss, every hour. 

MiHTUBA CuwJBiKii. MiB. H. SolutioQ of chlorius (H.) 
i^iij. water (Jiij. Dr. Watbos preaoribaa !-^\j of the 
solution to Qj of water. Dnse of the latter, fjiv, a 
hours, according to age, in iBOrlatimi, A/c 


^^kmiTBA CHiasoFOBUi. WiEEB. Pat ialfl B bottle 30 oi 
^^K'40 dropa of reotifleil spirit, udd 15 to 20 drops of cliloro- 
^f form, c^loau the bottle, flnd shake stmugly ; t)iea add 3j of 

■jrup, and Jiij of water. 
UlSTVBA CiNNAuDui CoKFOslTA. Ocr'g U. CinnuDfln 

powder 3j, csrbooate of niBgneaia Jij, rhnbarli lj, dill 

water tjiij. DosH, fJ-B to f:^. 
MiHTUBA CiscHOMS, Dr. CopLiSD. Confection of rosea 

3bb, boiling decoction of bark fSvii,] ; trituriit«, Hnd in 10 

niinnt«« add dilated rolpbnric acid f 5iBB, spirit of nntmeg' 

f Jiv. Oiicsaionallj' sulphate of niagnesta, mav be addud- 
HiBTTiHA CiNCHONfi OpiATA. Dr. WoOD. Ked tinciiona 

JBB, confettdon of opiam ^, lemon juice 5ij, port wine fjiT. 

A third part ever; 3 honra ; in iHiermiitents. 
MiBTDHA Cocci Alhai-ina. Dt. ALtHJTT. Cocfaineal 3j, 

Bubi-nrbo'iate of potaeb 3), boilinjt water Jriij. Does, a 

teuBpnonfol. 3 times a da;. /■ hooptng-eough. See iIbo 

»Synii>n» Cowi Alkalinns, [The earliest form I have met 
wit h for this popnlarramedjr in that of Dr. Lobb (' Medicinal 
-Letteri,' 1765-) Salt of wormwood 3j, cochineal Bta, 
water 1 of a pint, white sugar to the t«ite. Dose, from a 
teaspoiiu'Vil to a tahle-apoonful, according to a^.] 
HlSTUKA CoLCHici. ScDDAHOBB. Magnesiu 5iiiB, pepper- 
mint water tjiy, vinpgarnf oolchicum f^iv, sjnip of orange 
petl f5iv. A table- sp ion ful over; 3 huun; i* iwte gout. 
BOBBBMHBIU. CarUmat* of potash ^, vinrgiir of eolcbi- 
cnm q. s. to satniate it ; epirit of nitric ether ^, spirit of 
JDuiper 5ji water fjvj. A apoonFnl every 2 brinrs; in 
dropKii qfier icarlatimi. 
HiSTtTHA CoNii CouFosiTA. GuT^s H. RxtrHct of hemloek 
5j, •■arbonate of sodnsias, decoction of ligiiorice fj'j.apirit 
of pimento f^rj. Dose, fjj to fjij. Myrrh niixtore is 
eometiines Bnbstitnted for decodjnn of liqnorice. 
MiBTimA CoFAmx. Ovi'h U. Copaiva f5iij, anlution of 
carbonate of potasb f3iss; rub tagether, andgi-adnally add 
decoction of barley fj"!']. spirit of nitric clher f5iij. 
Dose, 5j— ij 3 timea a day. 8r. B, H. CippaivH Ejiij, 
mutdk^ fjiij, wRter 3iv, piuipnto water fjij. CnARiNO 
ChOM H. Copaiva 3ss. powdi'rcd oniieha Jss, spirit of 

I nitric ether f.lij.liquorofpotasli f.-^ias, tiuiture of henbano 

l fSiij. water fiviij. Other forma in use are— C>i\»ii4 tf^ 




powdered gnm 31, tincture of cnbeliB (5^, sjrnp f^V, 

peppermint water t^vj ; or, Copaiva f^ij, mutilsg* 3»i, 

mint Wftter fjv, tinctnra of capaicnm niiij ! for 4 doses. 


ndA 3j, halsam of eopaiva ^sa. jolk of egg q. a., camphor 
mirture f^vij. Doae, 5i> twice b day, in d^turia ttniUt. 
TSiB-nroi Copai&k cuk HEuiseBUo. Copaiva Jij, yi^lka 
of 2 eg^ ; triturate, and add ejmp of HemideBmuB Indi- 
CJ19 3ij, white wine 3iv. Dose. fjij. 

MlBTDBi COPAIBS VIK03A. PnLEB. CopaivB Jij, JOlk« 

of 2 CRgs; triturate, and add ajmp of Tola f j\], white 

wine fSiT. 
MisriTBA CoBNU UsTi. L. 1824. Decoclvm Alhura. Burnt 

hartshorn Jiias, gom arabio 51, water Oiij, boil to Oij, 

con staatly stirring:, and strain. 
MlSTlTBA CobnCb Cibcinats. Reice. Alkaline extract 

of roand-leaved dogwood 5ij, tincture of the same fji^i 

water fSvij. 
HlBinsA Cbbaboti. B. Creasote «inj, glacial acetic ftcid 

nnvj, spirit of juniper f^ss, syrup f Jj, distilltrt water fjiv. 

Mix the creasnte with the ac(^tic acid, gradually ndd the 

water, and lastly the syrup and spirit of juniper. Doee, 

fSJ, or more. 
MlSTTTBA Cbkt^. B. Triturate prepared chalk JJ and gniD 

arabic in powder ^\ with cinnnmoa water f^viiss, then add 

Bjmp 3a9f and min. See Puliis pro Mist, Cretffi. 
MisTFBi "Cbbt* AsTBiNUENa. D. C. H. Prepared chalk 

583, mnoilage fjiss, water ESviij, infusion of cats' 

fSviij, tinrtiire of kino Sj. 
MiBTCBA Cbets Opiata. Gttt'b H. Comp. powder 

chalk with opium Jig, mint water fjvj, water fSiij. 

Dose, f5i. 
UtbtubA Cvbbbs. Powdered oobebs |^j, sngar 3^- moalage 

3ii, rannamon water 5vj. Dt*e. (Saa to fjisB. 
UlBTDBA Cdpbi 81TLFRATIB. Ur. CHAyAB9E. in hoopvug- 

eough. Sulphate of copper pr. j, eymp of poppies j^ 

aniseed water Siij. Dose, mil to f^ij. 
UisTiTBA Dbuitlcbnb. A. T. ThoVsoit. Munlage f^ij, 

oil of almonds f Jss, sjnip of poppies f ?bs, citric add 

q. s. to render it ffrsteftilly acid. Doae. f^ij, occaMonally. 
MiSTUBA DiDBBTlCA. SwEDIAUB. Spirit of nitric ethar J^, 


Cr of flqniUa fjjr juniper water fSiy, spirit of horee- 
fjij, ajmp of ging^ Jij. Dose, fjj. 
Effebvksohnb. p. lotion Oazeute Sioieri. 
uiBBUiVe 3tiB of bicBrbonste of potash in Jlj of water, and 
add 3iv of ajrup of lemon peel. Mii also Jbb of lemon 
jnice with Jj aymp of lemon jnipe nnd Si of wnter. Mix 
an eqnHl qnaatitj of each, nod give it while eServesciog, 
HiaTTBA Elatbbii. Dt. Fereiab. E^aterium gr. j, spirit 
of nitric ether f^ij, tincture of sqailla fjss, otyrael of 
colchicnm fjsa, ajmpofbuclitliomfSj. Dose, fy.Stimei 
a day. in water. 
MrorUEA Ehbtifs. Melange Tomilif. M. Coloored 

B emetine gr. iv, infVuion of orange leaves fjiviij, eyrup of 
orange flowers Jbb ; or (Polion Vamitive), pure emetine 
gr. j, infusion of lime flowers fSiiisB, acetic acid "iTiij, 
i^mp of marah-mallows f^. A table- spoon fbl every 
qoarter of an hoar, till vomiting is pmdntei 
line 9ij, peppermint water i^ivss, ipecacuanha wine fjw, 
tini-tnre of serpentary f ^sa, tinctare of capeicum, oil 
of chamomile rixij. A. third or fourth part at short in- 
t«rvalB till it operates. 
UiBTTTBA Eubio-Cathabtioa. Glas. H. TartAnzed anti- 
mony gr. ij, Bolpliate of magnesia ^'ji water Ibij. Dose, 
f3ij. every 8 hnura. 
HlBTUBi ElBoornif. Bonjban. Ergotine (Eitractum 
Ergotffi Aquosum) gr. xvj, water Jiij, syrup of orange 
flowers Jj. By spuonfula, every 3 hoora, in hremorrhage; 
or repeated every quarter of an hour to eicite eipuliivo 

MisnTEA Febbipdcs Cluttohi. Clutton'b febrifugB tinc- 
tnre f^ss, water ftvij, ayrap (simple, or of red poppias, 
Ao.)f3iv. Do9e,f3B«. 

HiBTiiaA Febmbsti. NBtriiUNH. Yeast 3i,j, clarified honey 
5]. water f^viij- Dose, Jbb to Tjj, every hour. 

MtBTUBA Fbbiiiknti Camphobata. Dr. JoNKB Lampbkv. 
Yeast 3i, camphor Jess, spirit »f nitric etlier f3iv. Dose, 
f.^, every 2 or 3 hours, in peteehial igphaa. 

MlBTFBA Febbi Abouatioa, B. Maccratc pnle cinchona 
^^ bark in powder ,^, calnmba root in coarse ponder jaa. 
^^ elovoB bruised 31, and line iron wine §93, with t^ui, d 



peppermint irater, in a cloaed veEoel. fur 3 daji, b_ 
QCcaaionaU;. Filter, aiJd peppermiiit water tiU prodnrt 
meuurei jxiisa; add compoatid tiuotiire of cBrdamomt 
(Jiij tinil tincture of orange peel j^aa. D. Simil-ir. Dose, 

MiBTua* Fbbbi ABaKMicALiB. Cut. H. Araenions orad 
5UI, bydrouhloric lund .\j, tini-ture of Kttqaieliloride of iron 
5^3, water Oviij. Dow, fjj to f3(j, in Rater; f^ cim- 
tdins gr. ^ of arseiilons add. 

UlSTUBA Febbi COHFOBiIA. B. Reduce mjrrh gr. Ix to 
powder, add carbonate of potaxh gr, iix and refined augar 
gr. I1, and triturate witli a amall quautity of roae water 
to form a thin paste. Add gradually more rose water and 
spirit of nnCmeg t^T, continaing tritumtjon and addition 
of rose water till about Qviu "'' ^ mil^y Huid are tbrmed. 
Add aolpliah! of iron gr, ixv. dbnilved in f^ies of rCM 
water, mix thoroughly, and preserve from contact with 
air. D. SitniUr. 

MlBTTBA Febbi CuU Aloe. TJ. C. H, Compound mixture 
of iron t5». compound decoction tf aloes tjiij. 

Mmtuba Febki Iodidi. (jlab. H. Sjrujj of iudide of iron ^ 
5ij, syrup of t'inger 5j wattr Jv. Mii. Dose, Sbb, three 

UiBTUBA FcacA. Br. Wood's Broan Cngh Mixture. Ex- 
tract of liquorice ^ij, gum araUc 5^, boiling wster fjiv. 
Disaolve, and add antimoniul wine f5'j> laudtmnm n^xx. 
Done, B tahle-spoouf 111, occasionHlly. 

MwTOBA Gentiahj:, B. 1867. Inf. Gant. Ca, B. 1864. 
Macerate gentian root sUced Jl, hitter orange peel anli 
small and coriander fruit bruised, each gr, 111, in ptoof 
spirit fjij far 2 honra; add dist. water f^viij, maeerats 
again fur 3 baurs, and strain tbrongh calico. (Inf. Gent. 
B. P.) Doae. Jj. 

HiBTTmt Obntians Coufobita. L, Compound infuuon 
of gentian fjiy, compound infusion of aenna f^vj, 00m- 
pouod tiactnre of csj^lamonu fjij. [If Alexandria aenna 
11 used it should be free from Argul leaves.] DoHi^f jj — ij. 

H1BT17UJ QhYOYaaiazx Coufosita. U. S. Liquorice 
powder [extract], gum arabjc, sugsr, each 51^, campho- 
rated tincture of opium tjij, antimonial wine fjj, spirit of 
nitric ether tjse, water E^iij. Rub the liquorice, gum, and 


sngur, with the water grsdunlly poured upon them, tben 

odd the other i 



UUtura Fiuca.] 

MlBTUBA GlTAlACI. " B. GilttiflC 

in *Ha, Buear Sas. 

powdered gum 

ttcacia 3ij; m 

tc^ether," and g^nillj 

atcrCS. Dose 



MlBTDEi QT7Alin 



H. Ooaiaoura reBin 

of ammaniik fjv, dtKioction 

of barley f5»i]- 
HlSTTTfiA GrMMOSA. Julep Oomtneox, P. Gnm Hrabic 
3ij. orange-flowEr wuter 3iT,, water Jiij, syrup of marsh- 
niallow 3]. 

HSMaTosTli. St. B. H. Extract of logwood 

Jiij, boiling water t^vij; rtroiu, and odd tiuuture of cin- 

in t^YJ, tinetaru of cataehu fjij. Dose, 3j, every 9 

lA HBMUiEairc. Mm. H. Braised root of Hemides- 

Indinua (muntry or acented SBrSBpiirlllii) 51, eitract 

of liquorice 3ss, dietnlled water fjx. Digest for IS honrs, 

heat the strained liquor to 160°, aod Btrain agun. One 

third 3 times a day. [Mr. H. BelunaTe prtscribeB solu- 

of potaah (liquor potaaaee) f5»a to fjj, orange-flowar 

water f jj, spirit of hamidesmiis Jv. Tuke fjj, 'i ttmea a 

(idaj, in barley water. QonoTrkaa.'] 

ITEBA HOBSEi. £. Aa DecDctum Hordei Coinpaaitain, 

I Htcrabotbi BiOHLoaroi. See Julepnm Hydr, 

MiBTCttA Hydbooyanioa Simplex. IJ, C. H, Euralaion of 

bitter almonda tjviij, hjdrocjauic aeid iiJUi. 
MraTCiu Htdeooianioa Compcwita, U. C. H. Add to the 

laat, tirtrate of potneli jiij. 
MiSTDBi lODIMII CUM Deoocto Ohahinis. M. DepoctioD 

of dog-g^'a^ Oiss, iodide of potaBsiain 5SB, syrup of mint 

5q. To be taken hy glaasfulg iu 34 hours. 
MiHTlTBA losiNll CUM SabzX. M. Decoction of sanaps- 

rUla Oiaa, iodido of potasainm Jj, sjrap of orange Jij. 
MiBTPBA Ipbcaccakhj: Alkamb-a. Dr. R. Pbaehoh, {n 

hoopi>ig-ow3^- Ipecau. wine mil. tincture of opiotn 8 
^^ drops, aubearbonate of aoda gr. ivj, water ijxiv, syrup 
^^^ {jij. When the congli ia abated, eutistitMte iDyii\i%^.~v^v^ 



I th 

I ti< 



en tirTiTl 


for the ipecac. DoBC, a teospoDitful to childrc 

three years old. 
MiflTUBi IpKCiacASH^ oon SennA. Gcnotmr. Ipecac. 

^, MQQa jij, boiling water S'j; infuae for 13 booH, 

Ktrain, and add oijiuet of squills 3j, syrap of hyssop jj. 

Jfbr Aooping-covgh. Bj spoonfiilB. 
MiBitTBi [Visi] Ipbcaoitakhb. Dr. Chbtnb. Ipecac 

wine f^iij- sjiup of Tola f^r, mncilsge f^'. A tea- 
spoonful every boor or two, for cbildren tbreatened with 

erovp or branchitii. 
MrflTURi LiXiTIVA. Sapaleon'f Medicine. CORTTBABT, 

Soluble cream of tartar (see Potasaas Boro-tartras) 3ji 

tartar emetic gr. ss, sogar Jij. water Oiaa. 
MjsTUBA Masmebis. Qvy'b H. Carbonate of magneda 

5iij, mint water jTiij, water fjis. Dose, fjj. once, twice, 

or tbrice a, day ; adding occasionally tincture of calimba 

f^B, or wine oF colcbicom "liy to itiii. 
UiBTiTBA Masnebi^ Bica£sonatis. Liquid bicarbonate 

of magnesia fjxij, ayrup of orange peel f^at, oomp. 

tincture of cardamoms fsiss, aromatic spirit of ammoniB 

fjiv, syrap of ginger i^iv. 

Sulphate of magnesia 5ij, carbonate of magaesia ^j, tniDt 
water fSviij, water fSiiisa. Dose, fjj, once or oftenar in 
the day. 


Sulphate of magnoaia Jiv, tartarizcd antiiuony gr. u, 

..tor m. 


Sulphate of magnesia jj, ground roasted coffee Jj, wnter 

Oj ; boil for 2 miautes, remove from the fire, let it infun 

for a fow minutes, atrain, and sweeten. By glassfnla, «11 

it operates. 
MiBTiTBA MBHTHfi CoupoarTA. Si. QEOB^E'e H. Coufeo- 
ju of roses 3j, mint water iS'nJi diloted sulphuric add 
Jas. Doae, f^— ij. 

distilled water, each fjTiiss, diluted sulphuric acid {3^. 

Doae, IJiss. 
UiBTUUA MoNBsLS. Dr. Nbijoav. Extract of monealaBjj, 

~iter I^niaa, compound tincture of cardamoms f3sa>_ 



MiSTDSi MoBOHi. L. 1836. Mnab 5iij, tritarate it with 
whit« sugar jiij, grmn aiscia 3iy, and gr^iully add roBe 
wBttr Oj. Doae, tSj— 'j- 

HiBTt'UA Uoecui AuuoMATA. Mr. Write. Mask mktura 
Qvj, liquor of ammonia t^s, comp. spirit of lavender i^J, 
ipirit or juniper Jj. 

UtBTUBA SEUZKim MoBCHi. S(!e Mist. AhelmoBclii. 

HiSTtTBA McciLAOiNOSA. Gvy'b H. Oil of almUlldB f3ij, 
muL-llago f Jiv ; rub together nitli syrup i^, then gra- 
daally odd water (^^^ diluted sulphuric acid i^B. Jioee, 
Qaa. Cootpoand tjnctnie of camphor f^iij, or syrup of 
poppii^ i^vn, may be occunDually added. Gl. H. Mu- 
ciluge Ifcij, sjrup Jvj, water ttpiias.. Mis. Dose, Jtj, now 
and lb en. 

MlBTDHi Mtbbhb. Gct^b H. Mjrrh jiij, cold decoction 
of liquorice t^'"; ru^ together, and strain. Dose, fjj, 
to which mBj be sometimifs Hdded carbonate of soda gr. 
xij ; or diluted sulphuric acid "ixt, or compound tiuuture 
of cflmphor f3ss. 

MlBTUBA Olei. St. B, H, Oil of almonda fjiss, muci- 
lage of acada f$Ka, water fjT. Min. flur'a H. Olive 
oil f Jj, solution of cartiouato of potash f5Ba, mint water 

MiBTUBA Olei Ammoniata. Girr'a H. Oliveoil f 5j, solu- 
tion of seaquicarbonata of ammonia fjj, mint water ESvij. 
MiHTTBA Olei com Mask*. St. B. H. Oilj misture 
(Mist, Olei) f 3ri^j. manua jisB. lloBe, fjiss. 
IX0BA OiiBi Ldti CostPoaiTA. St, B. H, Linseed oil, 
incilage, comp. tincture of rhubarb, of each f3vj, diluted 
jnmeDto water fjvj. Dose, fjiss. 

IBiiTSA OX.EI cuii Bbeo. Gcz's H. Liusced oil and 
tinctars of rhubarb, of each fjj. Shake together. Dose, 
f 3ij to fSi*-- 

L. Omr Jecobib Abkili. Cod-liver oil fjiv, sola- 
>f carbonate of potash fjBS, peppermint or other 
fjvy, syrup of orange peel fjsa. Dose, fSiss to 
ijjly. PsHB preBcribes, for rickety children, Jj of the 
•fM, ^j of the solution, Sj °^ «ymp of orange peel, and 3 
fflrops of oil of calamus. Dose, f5i — ^> i^igbt and morn. 



MiSTTTBA Ol:EOSa-BAI£LKICa. Pbcs. Ph. EBHDtial oils of 
lavender, cloves, uititiaaion, tliftne. lemoo, nutmeg. neroU, 
of each 9], Peruviau balsam 5j, highly ceotifiad i[nrit Ji. 
Digeet, and filter. 

MlBTFSA Olibahi. Gin's H. Olihannm ^r, hooey tsvj, 
decoftioL of barlej fjij- Dose, fj) to fjij. 

MiBTiTBA Ofuta. New York U. Tincture of opium f^\j, 
liquid acetate of ammonia Qir, water ISi*- 

MiBTOBA Opit cjm AMaMONio. Dr. Gbatgs. Taittaaei 
antimonj gr, ir, tincture of opinm f^, camphor mixtare 
f^Tiij. Dose, fju to r^, in deUrmm trenteiu, and the 
advanced stage of neryonB fever, with eitreme debility, 

MiBTCBA Pbobfbobi. Sodbeibaii. Phosphorated ail jij, 
powdered gnm acacia ^ij, peppermint water jiij, ajmp 
3^. Mil the gum with 3^ (^ the wat«r, aod thie with 
the oil, and gnLdnally add the others. Containa gr. j of 
phosphorus. Dose, fjiv. 

MlSTllBA FiurtHBLLS. SoBBBSUltu. Infunon of hnnit 
saxifrage Jv, anisated spirit ot ammonia jij, sjmp of 
aeneka jj. Mil. A spooaful every 2 hours, ia ittveteratt 

MiBTUBA Platini CHiflBiw. HoBFBB. Perchloride of 
platinum gr. isa, gam julep i_Miitura Oummosa) Jvj. To 
bo ti^keu liy spoonfuls, in 2i liours. 

MiBTCKA PoTisas ctrii Caloe. Sir G. auHB, SoluMon 
of potash fjij, lime niter f3vj. Dose, fjsa to I5j, in beef 

AIiBTDBA PoTABSX Sttfektabtbatib. U. C. H. Cream of 

tartar ,^, borax aij, boiling water q, a. to dissolve then. 

To fJK of the co(^ed solution add nitre jij, oijroel l^'J. 
MiSTVBA PoTAseu BBOum. M. Lettuce water ^, 

bromide of potassium Bss, ayrup of marsh-mallow Jj. To 

be taken by spoonfuls, in 24 liours. 
MiSTBBA [PoTio] PoTAsan Ctjbidi. M. Lettuce water 

^j, eysaide of potassium gr. ss to gr. ise, sjrup of niBreh- 

L mallow ^, Dose, giv, every 2 hours. 
UiBTUBA PoiABBll lODlsi. M. SoUitum AtropMqfK, 
Lettuce water 3vi^, mint water 5ij> iodide of potaauum 
5iv, aymp or marsh -mallow 3j. Dose, f^iv. momiag uid 
evening!, in /igpertrophf of the Aeart, &,c. From 5J l4,^~ 
of tincture of digitilia is occasiauaJly added. " 




prescribes iodide ofpotaBeinm jij, distilled water S^vj, 
E^mp 3ij. Two or three Bpoonfuls per diem, 

MiBiTTRA PcBQAiJB. Apuzemn Purgatu. P. Senna Jij, 
rhubarb 3j, boiling water jUIss; i£geet for hulf an hour, 
atr^D, and prees; and diaaolve in the ^traioeil iiifusioQ, 
by u gentle beat, manna jij, sulphate of eoda jiv. 

MiBTUBA FuBaiHa. StuenoaU. Tamarindg jsa, Recna 
5ij, rhubarb 5is9, water Jvj ; boil to Jiij, and add manna 

5J, sjTQp of rOSBB ^. 

MiaTirai Pdboanh Amaba. Dr. Gail, InliiBioii of eenua, 
fjTJ, extract of dandelion Jei, tartar emetic gr. \, extract 
of bupkbean 598, mint water f^j. C^'"' other purging 
miitaraa, see Miatara AperieUB. Ulstara Sennee, Uaustni 
Sennte. Air.] 

MiBTUKi Pybotabtaeica. Sai Ph. Compoond spirit of 
angelica, Jrj, rectified pjTotartsrio liquor (Liq. Pjrotarta- 
ricua recti) 5''. aulphurio acid 58s{by weight). Mil. Has 
been recommended in cholera, Dosf , 20 drops. 

MlBTDEA QnASaLB. U. C. H. Infneion of nuaasia fjxv, 
eompontid spirit of lavender fj^s. 

UiSTUBi. QfiH).s Mtblatib. Dr. Neusab. Muriate of 
quinine gr. xij, diluted muriatic add ^v, distilled water 
f3vij,Bjrupof orange flowerefSJ. Doae, rjj, 

MiHTttBA QinKi^B Tabtabioa. Bottchabbat. BnlpliRtc of 
^nioiue gr. it, tartaric acid 9j, water ^ix, sjrup fjiij. 

MiaTFKA QumiB kt Coffbs. Cafe Quinini. Prepare Jv 
of iufnaion from jiv of ground coffee bj percolation, and 
add gr. iiiv of anlphate ot quinine and 5iv of Bngar. Dose, 
a table- Bpoonful. The coffee conceals the bitterness of 
the quinine. 

MiBTUBA QuiMLK cnf Opio. CfT. H. Disulphate of qui- 
nine 3v3B, dilute snlpharic acid Jiisa, tinctiire of opium 
JiiBB, oU of caraway 20 drops, water Cj, Dose, 5ij — iv, iu 

MisTCEA RsEi CoMPOfliTA. Otjt'9 H. Rhubarb powder 
3j, carbonate of soda 5g, tincture of orange peel fjiss, 
decoction of liquorice f^xsa. Dose, f^ss to fjj. two or 
three times a day. Dr. GBKeoEr'H Mixture. Peppermint 

1 water Oj, rhubarb jj, calcined mBgneam Jito, (^\TigCT^. 
Dose, fSsis, 3 times a dav. [Dr. Ryab.A 



UlBTUBi. Reei Afebienb. Bbabde. RhnboTb 3(j. taitmto 
of potasb 3j, peppermiutwuWrf^vj, tinetureof fleiiimf5««, 
ayrup of ginger lisa. Dose, t$ie». 

MiaTCBA Ricisc See Emulsio Purgans com Oleo RicinL 


fjij, salpUate of ma^esia 5TJ, pimento water f^ij. 
MiETCBA Bobs Laxaks TosioA. Dr. Bailec. Infanon of 
rosins Jit, tincture of cascarilla 3ji salphute of magaeBla 

MiBTCBA Baliva. Neutral or Saline UTixture. A conuDOn 
form for this miiture isoqaal partBoflemQnjuice and water, 
neutralized with carbonate of potash (9j of carbonate orEl 
graiua of biearbonata to fjj of the miitOTB). See Liquor 
PotasitB Citratis, U.S. Dose, fSj— isB. 

ItfisTUBA Sauka Cabdiaca, Bath U, Subirarbonate of 
loda JiiB, water OriUs, dilated BuJpharic acid fjj. Uii, 
and add aromatic confection ^iij, spirit of peppermint 

MiSTHBA Sauna ddm Fsbbo. Qor's H. Sulphate of 
magnesia yr, sulpdate of loda 5v, sulphate of iron gr, ij, 
warm water Oij. Doae, Om, early in the morning, and 
repeated in an boor if reyuireii. 


Root-bark of earza jiij, lime water f Siij \ macerate for 12 
hours, strain; add syrnp afBarza f5vj. Brandtsb'a allulina 
aolntion f3ij to f jy, tincture of orange or of gentian fj^ 
to fjiij. iodide of potaaaium gr. ii to lij. 
HIBTUSA ScAuHOMl. B. Keaiu of scommon; gr. iv> milk 
Jij ! tritniate the reain of aeaninioay with a little of tho 
milk, and continue the trituration, gradually adding the 
remainder of the milk, until a uniform emalsion i* ob- 
. Doae, SsB to Sij for a child. See Emaliio Pm-gang 


MlBTtmA SorLLX. Potion SailUiiqM, P. Oiymel of sqniUa 
5iv, hyaaop water 3iij, peppermint water J', spirit of nitric 
ctlier 3aB ; for 2 doses. U. C, H. Oiymd of squills f 3^, 
syrup of poppies f 5j, water f jiv. 

MiBTUBA SoLLUB CouFOBlTA. St, B. H. Yinegar of squilU 
f3ii- solution of acetate of ammonia fjiea, compound sinrit 
of horseradish fjiBs, diluted pimento water fJivBa. Dose, 
fSu'i three timea a day. 


^^BClflTTTlu SciLl.« omt V iT.einiv t. EiuDEl. Pawdered 
^^K valmutSij. oiymel of squills jj, tiuctorcof opium 20 drops, 
^^V water 5j j mil. A teaapooiifnl eTery hour, in croup, after 
an emetic of ipemcimnhn. 
MtaTTTKA Sbmsss. lutsiAC/ifa Anii-Croupal Atiirlitre. In- 
fiiBioa of seneka Jiv, syrup uf ipecacuanha Si- oxyme! of 
squills 3iij, tartar emetic gr. Ibb. Bj Bpoonfols, every 
quarter of an bour, till vomiting is produced. 
HlSTUBA Skicnj: CoKFOaiTA. B. Camp. Sanns Mixlnire. 
Blaei: Draught. Dissolve anlphsite of ma^n^a Jiv ftnd 
extract of liquorice 3ss in fjxiv of infuniou of aeona, vith 
a gentle heat; add tincture of aenna fjiies and eomp. tinct. 
of cardamoms f^x, and enongh infusion of senna to make 
1 pint. Dose. Si — >^' S^- B- H. Infnaian of senna 
f3Tiiss> tinoture of senna fjss, Bulpbate of magnesia gisg; 
mix. U. C. H. lof OBion of senna f^i, sulpbata of mag- 
neain Si- tincture of Knus fju, compound tjncture of 
cardamoma fjes. Dr. CHBIsnaoN recommends a mixture 
of equDil parts of infnsian of senna (E.), and of a salutiou 
of 3j of aulpliato of inagciesis in f Jviij of water. A wine- 
glRaarul every S lioors until it begins to operate. Other 
approved fonuulse are — Infusion of senna fSiivss, tincture 
of senna fsisa, sulpliato of magnesia giv, carlionate of 
ammoDia 9j; mix. Infusion of senna fjias, tiirtrate of 
potaah 5iij, manna 5iv, tinctore of Bennu f;^, aromatic 

I Biurit of ammonia f^ij. Dose, fjiss. See Haustus Senns 

^^H Co,, and MiiitunL Aperiens. 


^^|[ phate of soda ^, curlxinaite of soda 5ij, mint water fjviij. 
^y Dose,f^. 

3[lBnrBi Soon Chlobidi CoMPOSiri. Gnr'a H. Lemon 
jnice, with us mnch common salt us it will dissolve. Dose, 
MiBTPBA SpiHiTOa ViBi Galmci. B. French l)raiidy fjiv. 
in water f^iv, yoUts of two eggs, refined sugar Jsi, 
1. Similar. Doac, Jj — S'j- 
jKlBTCSA Ststchklb. M. Pure strychnine gr.j, distilled 
' :r f3ij. white augur 5ij, acetic acid 3 drops [f^j contains 
(Ih of a grain of strychnia]. See SoiCTiO. 




Pa. To jiij of rectified spirit add gradually Jj of pure 
aulphiiric acid. Dose, 5 to 20 drops, ditutetl. 

UlHTTTaA. TerebinthiKX. Mr. CabUiChaEL, IB irili*. 
BectiQed oil of turpuntiue fji, yolk of one egg ; triturate 
together, and giaduall; add amulsion of uliaaiids fjiv, 
Bjnip of orange fjij, comp. spirit of lavender tyv, dH of 
cianBtDon 4 drops. Dose, t^ji three times a daj. 

UiSTimi. Teebbinteins Vbkbts. CLoasiuB. Venice tnr- 
penUno ^ or 3iss, yolk of egg q. a, Trlturote, and add 
gradnally peppermint water fjisss, 

MlBTUBA Valkbian^. St. B. H. Valerian liraiaed Jy, 
boiling water Oss ; niaeerata for an boar, Btrain, and add 
powdered val^riaQ 3^^' 

MisiUBi VuBiiiFDOA. COPtASii. Valerian Jij, wormgeed 
5iF, boiling water f^vi^ ; infuse for an hour, strain, and 
add osBalojtida 3j tritnrated witb jolk of egg. Dn- 
LAHSEB. Alcoholic Gxtract of pomegranate root-bark Irj, 
triturate in a mortar, gradually adding lemon jnice ^, 
mint water jij, lime-flower water Jij. By apoonfuls, for 

MiBitTKA ViNi. Gur'a H. White wine f J»j, yolki of two 
egga, angur Jbb, oil of cinnamon 3 drops. Dose, fjj. 

MlBTiTBi VcwiBBiHii AOTOi. Pbfs. Ph. (Aqua Value- 
raria Thedeiti.) Vinegar tbiij, proof spirit Rtiss, diluted 
anlpburic acid (1 part acid to 5 water) Jvj, clarified honey 
ftj. JFbr aulviaril vsa. 

UisTUBA ZiMOi CouPOSiTA. Dr. CoFiuiHii. Sulphate of 
zinc gr. It to vj, iuliiaioa of roses f^riiss, ipecBOnanliA 
wine ^BB, extract of lettuce f5as, syrap ot'Tolu f3^, 

MiTHBiDATnm. Confeetio Daaiocratii. L. 171S. CSn- 
naioon 3xiv, myrrb 5;^, agaric, spikenard, ginger, aafi'ol^ 
seeds of treacle-mustard, tranklQcense. Cbio turpentine^ oF 
eacb 51, zedoary. mace, ramel's hay, long pepper, seeOs of 
hart wort, Preuuh lavender, hypocistus juice, ibnaXt 
opopoQDi, galbannm, oil of mace, castor, of each Jj, 
mountain poly, scordium, cnbehs, white pepper, seedi of 
Cretan carrot, bdellium, of each 3vij, Celtic nard, gentian, 
Cretan dittany, red rose, pai'sley aeed, cnrdBinom leedi 
fennel seed, gum arabic, opium, of eacb 57, rout of aweet- 
flag, valerian, aniseed, sagapennm, of each jiij, spignel, 
St. John's wort, catechu, bellies of skincks, of each 3i!sa, 



^^■datified hone? triple the wsight of all the rest. Mix the 
^^^B €plum, dinBOlred m wine, willi the goniH (previoofllj 
^^V stTBioed), melted with the eipressed oil of nutmegs uid 
^^ turiientine; gradnallj add the honej, and then the other 
species reduced to powder. It containa gr. j of opium in 
3bs. See TheriBCB. 

MoifBEiA. Ao aatiingeut eitrnct imported from South 
AmericB, ohtoined &om the liuranliem bark. Bee Ex- 
tractum Mnnpsiie. 

UOBPHij. Morphine, or Morphia. L. 183B. DisBolie Sj 
of hjdrorhlorate of morphia io Oj of diatilleil water^ tLen 
add to the solution f^v of solution of ammonia mixed with 
f^ of distilled water, and shnkc tbvm together. Wash 
tlie precipitate with distilled water, and dry it by a gentla 
heat. [MoKB directs concentrated infusion of opium to 
be mixed with milli of lime (in which the lime is 1-Mh 
the weight of tbe opium employed), tlie mixture heated 
to boiling. Hltered while boiling hot tbrongh linen, and 
pnlverixed sal nmrooniac added in eiceas. As it cools, the 
morphia isprecipitated.] Rir another method, see U. S. Ph. 
One grain is considered equal to S grains of opinm. 

KoBPnix AcsrAB. B. Dissolve hydroehlorate of morphia 
Jij in 1 pint diet water, add solution of ammonia to prod- 
pitate morphia till liqnid is rendered slightly alhaline. 
Collect preaipitate and filter, wash with diet, water, transfer 
to a porcelain dish, then add S'v djst. water and enough 
acetic acid to neutralize and dissolve it. Evaporate on 
water bath till it concretes on cooling. Dry with a 
gentle heat, and rednee it to powder. Dose, i to i grain. 

UoBFBix AcETATiB LiQCOB. See Liq. Morpliias Acetatis. 

MoBFHix BiHKOONAa. Dissolve 300 grains of meeomc acid 
in hot water (without boiling), anil add 310 grains (or q. e.) 
of morphia. Evaporate tbe solution to drynesa with a 
gentle heat. 

MoBFBiA Hypbiodah, Dt. A. T. Thombon. Mix strong 
■olutinns of 2 parts of hydrnclilnriite of morphia and 
1 part or rather more of iodide of potassinm. Wash the 
precipitate with a little cold water, press it between folds 
of blnCting-pnper, re'dissnlve in hut water, and leave it to 

IfoBPOLS UzDBOCBiiOBAa. B. Msccrate opium sliced fiij 





for 24 honm with dist. iratei Oij, and di^cant. Hacrai^' 
the rBBidna for 12 honrs with diat. water Oij, doonnt ud 
repeat the proeesi with the same quantit; of Lot wtter, 
Bnk^iwtiog the inHilable residue ta atrong preuure. Unite 
the liquors, evaporate an a water bath to the balk of Oj, 
and etrain through caliiHi. Pour iu now chloride of eu- 
ciam 3ii prerioosly diBBolved in fjiv of distilled water, 
Rnd eraporate until the aolntiou ii so br coDcentrated tiiat 
upon (tooling it becomee eolid. Envelope the muBB in a 
doable fold of etroug calico, end eahject it to powerAi] 
pressure, preBerving the dark fluid wbiuh exudes. Tlita- 
rate the squeeied cake with about Obs of boiling distilled 
water, and, tlio whole being thrown nponapaper filter, waab 
the residue well with boiling distilled water. The ^tered 
fluids having beeDuvapuratMaB before, cooled, and eolidifled, 
again subject tbe mass to pressure ; and, if it be itiU much 
coloured, repeat tliis process a third time, the eipreNed 
liquidn being always preserved. Dissolve the pressed cake 
in f^vj of boiling distilled water; add purified BitilQiU 
charcoal 3^, and digest for 20 minutes; filter, waah the 
filter and clmrcoal with boiling distilled wHter, and to tbe 
solution thus obtained add solution of ammonia iu slight 
eicesa. Let the pure crjetalline morphia which sepaistes 
as the liquid cools he collected on a paper SIter. and washed 
with cold distilled water until the washings cease to give 
a precipitate with solution of nitrate of silver addalated 
by nitric acid. From the dark liquids eipressed ia tbe 
above process au additional product niaj be obtained by 
diluting them with distiUed water, precipitated with solo- 
tion of potash added in considerable eiccss, filtering, and 
BupersaturatiDg the filtrute with hydrnehloric acid. Tluji 
add liquid, digested with s little animal charcoal, and 
^ain filtered, gives upon the addition of ammonia a small 
quantity of pare morphia. Diffuse the pure morphia, 
obtained as above, through fjij of boiUng distilled water 
placed in a porcelain capsule kept hot, and add, constantly 
■tirring, dilute hydrochloric acid jij or q. s., proceeding 
with cautloii, so that tbe morphia may be entirely dis- 
solved, and a neutral eolation obtained. Set aeide to oool 
and crystallize. Drain the crystals, and dry them oa 
filtering-paper. By further evaporating the mothor-liqnor. 


Htid Hgain cooIid^, additional crystalH aroobt^oed. Dose, 
from gr. i to jtb. 

UosFHiai ET CoDsis HtdbocbIiObae. Qrbqort'h salt of 
opinm. This is obtxined la muking the hjdroehlorate nf 
□LOrphia nnlBSB the niorphva ia precipitat^^d bj ammonii. 

MoBPHi^HTSBioiuaonilosoiio. Bodohabdat's lodure 
d'iodAffdrata de nwrpAtnfl. Mix an acid aoluttoii of 
Buljihnte of morphia with an iodarettied Bolution of iodida 
□f pataaBinm, keeping tho liquid at the temperature of 
140° for an hour. Poor off the liquid, wash the scales, 
nod dry them. Dose. gr. J, at licd-time. 

Uobphi^btZinci Hyvbiodab gttu Iodibio. Bouohabbat. 
Boil 3j of iodaretted hydriodate of morphiB with tjij of 
water and 3i of sine. After some days' action filter the 
boiling liquid, which depoaita the salt. [gr. iss, in 8 pills, 
with muih-mallow root and ejrup; 1 or 2 d&ily, in 
gtalra^ia, &o.] 

MoEPttiK NitEAfl. A. T. Thombos. Add morphia in 
alight exresa to very dilute nitric nl^id. filter, cDDceDtrate 
liy gentle evaporation, and set iwde thut crjetals may 

iiaaraiM PaoepaAS. As the last, sabstitntiug dilute 
phosphoric for nitrie acid. 

MoBPQisi SULFHAS. V. S. Morphln ^, distilltd wat«r 
fjrig; mil, and add sufficient diluted snlphnrie acid l« 
nentralize the morphia. Evaporate by water bath, and 
dry the crjEtals which fi>rm in cooiing, on biboloas paper. 

MoBBHiB Tabtbas. A. T. THOMSON. Sstorate a solution 
of tnrtaricacid with morphia, conuentrated by evaporation, 
and set aaide that crystals may form. By using an eloeis 
of acid, an acid tartrate is formed. 

»1I0B6DXI. See Trochiaci. 
MoECHCB AHTTPif.HT.iB. See Oleam Succitii Oiydatum. 
SIoxA. The Chinese moiaa are made from tlie downy leaves 
of a specieit of wormwood. Variona subatitntcs are need, 
as the pith of the sunflower ; cotton wool (enveloped in 
mosliii); lint, calito, or unsized paper, souked In solutions 
of iiiti^i chromate, or chlorate of potash, or of diocetate 
of lead, and rolled np into imall cones or cylinders. 
■ La&bKt'b moiBS consist of Ijcopodiiim Jiv, nitre Jij. 

^^B formed into small cones with alcohol, and i£^ed for vnou 




dnjs. Dr. OBsaBBE uses quicklimD eDcloaed in > boop of 
card, dud moistened witli witter. 

MtroiLi-Q^o ACAoix. B. Pat gum acncia in sin&U pieces 
lad dint, water f JTJ into n covered earthen jar, aad 
frequently till the gnm i» dissolved. If neoeaSBry, 
n throngh mualin. Mucilai/e. See Mistura Acacis. 

UCCII.AQO ALTH.S3I. P. Althxs root ^. bailiag water 
3?) ; digest for 6 honra, and atrain. 

Muciuoo AUTU. B. Decoctnm Amyli, L. Starch 120 gr. 
to Osa water. Triturate and boil for a few minutes, mn- 
rtantly atirring. 

Muclliso Cydonib. See Deeoctnin Cydoniffl. 

MtrciLAQo PtBSTjQBBcr. Digest 3j of ftenugreeli seed with 
Oaa of water for 12 hours, hoil, and strain with prosaure. 

MvciLAOO Qlyctbbbizx. From liquorice root; as Hud- 
lago Althaisj. 

McraiiMQO Hohdei. D. Ground poar[ barley jM, water 
fjivj ; triturate the barley with the water gradually 
added, and hoil for a few minuteB. 

MtrcttAQO LiNi. P. Liuaced Jj, boiling water Jvj j digeit 
for 6 houra, stirriog now and then, and etraiii. 

MirciLAao Mehoitszalib Plbhkii. Qniekallrer 5], gnin 
arahic 3ij, water 3j. Mil. Dose, gss. 

Mdoilaqo Oleosa. Miilbb. Powdered gum aral 
white sugar Jiij, almond oil Jiij. water jvllj. U 
a vehicle for me^oinas, an eicipient for pllla, lie. 

UuaiLAQO SALKPt. See Oelatina Salepi. 

HnciLAiHi SahsafbAS. lafuse 5j of juth of aaasafraa^twigi 
in 3ivj of boiling water, and strain. 

MuciLioa Tbasacaktjls. B. Add traeacnDth in powder 
gr. Ii, to distiUed water f^i in a pint bottle. Agitate 
briskly, and again at intervals, till the trngaeimtb ia per- 
fectly diffused and forma a mucilage. E. &, D. Sinular. 

Kaphiha. This name has been applied to many biuda of 
inflamniahle liquids, Severn] of which have been employed 
medicinally. Bat the meJicinnl naphtha introduced by 
I)r. HABTlNoa, as a remedy for consumption, ia rectified 
Pyroiyllc spirit i see Spiritus Pyroxylicna. [.^Ice^iie or 
Pgroacetie tpirii wss formerly stated, on the beat aatiKK 
nty, to be the kind employed. Bnt the aamplM. ' ' * 


Dr. H. haa einco painted oab aa tbe most agefal provo to 
be rectifled wood-apirit.] 

KlFBlHALlMl. Nuiilithaline is the product of the diatiiln- 
tion of coal, and is depoEited from tbe revtifled oil of coal 
tar. For medicinal use it may be purifisd by diiBolving it 
in alcohol, and cryBtalliiing, DuM, gr. as, frequently re- 
peated, as a BtimulaCiog expectorant. 

EfABOOTiNA. Digest the residue ofopiam left in making the 
extract by cold wntcr, with acetic acid, add ammonia to 
tbe Boliition, dissolve the precipitate io hot alcohol, deco- 
lorize by aninml charcoal, and crystallize hy refrigeration. 
AtUiperiodic 7 Dose, gr. ilj, 3 times a day. 

IfiBCOiivx Htdsocslobab. Exhaust opium liy alcohol, 
add to the liquid BufBcient ammonia to render it turbid i 
distil olT i of the spirit, and let the remaining Quid cool. 
Wash the cryaCalline mass with water, then disgolve it in 
water addulat«d with hydrochloric acid {Cy of water and 

k5Bi of acid for euj;b 9)j of opiom) ; filter, and evaporate to 
diynesB. Dose, as an antiperiodic, 3 grains in the inter- 
missions ; in larger doses it is powerAilly sudotiflo and 
calmative, as well as antiperiodic. [Dr. Stbwabi>.] 
looni, H. OariLA. Tbe vapour of tobacco is passed 
Into cold water acidulnted with snlpburic acid. An excess 
of alkali is then added, and tbe nicoijs set free is vola- 
talized liy heat. (An oily, coloarless, strongly alkaline 
fluid, sp. gr. 1'04S, boiling at 77° F. Vary poisonous.) 

ITBPM FnLMmAHB. See IHilvIa Fulminans. 
ju. OiU. Tbe oils which are included in the alphs- 
betiosl list belon sre of several kinds, namely : 
ba BeHiUata, vel Volaiilia. Volatile, Essential, or Dis- 
tilled oils. TheMe are prepa'ed by putting the various 
Iierbs, flowers, seeds, Ac., into a still, with sufficient water 
to prevent tbrm being etnpyreiimatized before tlir whole of 
the oil is carried over. Heat being applied, and a proper 
, condenser attschcd, the volatile oil and watvr pnss over 

J together into '" a tall narrow vessel, provided witii a lateral 

L tnbe or Up near tbe top, and another tube rising from the 
Kbottom to about ^ of an inch below tbe level or the 
■Jbrmer." (E.) Tbe water escapee by the lower tnbe, and 
■ the volatile oil, as it Bccumutates, wilt be discharzed br 
Ltho upper one, except in the very few iostani 


the oil is hesvier than water. D. directs the bertw. Aifti 
to ba nmceratifd in tha still with 5 times their wagbl of 
water, for 24 honrs, and half the vater drawn over. Tha 
oil b&fing' bean BepHmtadf tha aqaaoofl Quid is retonied 
to the atill, and the same quantitj' drawn orer as before. 

Olea Expretaa. OUa FLra. Eiprassed or Filed Oils, 
Tbese are obtained from certain aeedi and frnita b; ei- 
preesion, or sometlmea by decoction. 

OUa Empyrmmatica. Oilj finida prodneed in the dertmo- 
tivedistillBtionof vnrionB vegetable and animnl sutistancei, 
either alone, or mixed with clean guod to divide the aab- 
stance, and expose it more effectually to the heat. 

OUa Medieata. OUa Coeta Tel JnjWa. Oila medioated 
b; infusion or decootian. The; are mostly prepared b; 
digesting, or gently bmling, the freah leaTea or flowen <rf 
various plania in olive oil till they become criap. taMng 
care tiat the temperature does not rise above the bmling- 
pinnt of water, which it ia apt <o do wbeD the moisture ia 
nearly all expelled. The oil is then pressed ont, and 
atrained. Several will be noticed below; but vrhere no 
direclions are given, I part of the faerb to 2 or 8 of cdl 
y be used. A few animal Bubatancea are treated in tha 
ne way. MM. RosK nnd Siebrbt propose to obtain 
the medicated oila from dried plants; the; reduce them 
to i^oiirse powder, moisten them with a little spirit, and. 
after a few houcs' digestion, put them in a perco1at<u- and 
pour olive oil over them, 

OiKi OzoKATA. Osoniied Oila. Dr. TaoitPBON. Pasao^gin 
;aa into the tnl (cocoa-nut, sunSower, cod-liver, &v.), until 
t will dissolve no more. Than expose for a considerable 
tjma to the direct rays of the sun. Utsd ia phlhitit, Jf^. 

Oi,Bim AesiHTHti. The Eismtial Oil is obtained 1^ ^- 
tilling 1 pert of freah wormwood with 3 of water. The 
Medicated Oil by digesting it with 8 parts (P.), or 3 parts 
(E. 1744), of olive oil. 

Olbdu Allii. a volatile oil (snlphnret of allyle) is obtained 
from garlic by dlsttllution, which is a powerful irritant. 
A stimalotiag inrnaed oil is used exterualty in palsy and 

I JItbbbbitm. L. Rectifled spirit Oij.sulphi 
fjuivj 1 mil cantiously, diatil till a black froth 



the retoit, leparetc the ligbter anpernntatit liquor, 
and expose it to the air for a Aaj ; tbea vi»ahAt by ngita- 
tion with fj^ af aolotion of potash miied with f^j of water, 
and eepnrate tlie ethereal (h1 whieli suheides. 

OLEm Aloktioitm. Distilled from Bocotrine ttloes, B» 01. 
Suecini ; eitvrnnlly, as a Tcrmifuite' 

Olsw AUMONiATmt. Linimeiitimj Annnoniee. 

Oi:Eir» Aktqbai.^. B. Expressed trom bitter and street 

Oixxrt* AwYBVXTSt AiskitM DnBTii.iAnrM. P. The cake 
of hitter almonds (from which the fli^d oil has been ex- 
pressed witbant heat) is mixed into a thin paste tvith cold 
water, and, after 24 honra, subjected to distill a lion. The 
oil comea over with the water, and fallB to the bottom. 
[This oil contains a considerable bnt variable proportion 
of hydrocyanic acid, and is conseqaentl; highly poraonoiu. 
It is more need b; nmrectiooem, cooks, and perfamers, 
than in medical prnotioe. The dose ia stated U> be trom 
ith to i a drop.] 


that the crude distilled oil of bitter almonda may be de- 
prived of its hydrocyaaic acid by miiing it with peroxide 
otmereurv, and, after a few days' contact, re- distilling the 
,Dil. A mlitnre of chloride of iron and alaked lime ia 
econnmicallj Bnbstitnt«d for the peroxide; Mr. GamBLBT, 
however, funnd it in9ufl3t^ient, hut succeeded by etnployiag 
it in combination with the perosldo. 

Oiam ASDM. Obtained by expresrion from the seeds of 
Anda Clomesii. PurgaHve. Dose. 20 to ilO drops, in 
sugar. Dr. NoBBie preecrihed 60 drops, but Dr. Ube 
fbnnd SO u»naUy sufficient. 

Omcm Ametbi. B. From dill frnit. Dose, 1 to 4 drops. 

OuicH AwiuALE. See Olenm Comn Cervi. 

QlfCK AkiBt. B. From aniseeds. Dose, 2 to 8 ricope. 

OLBtru AlflHEMIDiB. B. Distilkd in Britain from chamomile 
flowera. Theimportedoiliaprobnblyfromadifferenlspreies. 
Doa«, iii,j — iv. A medicated oil is also made by digesting 
the Bowers with 8 times their weight of olive oil. P. 

Olbdh Abmobacis. By distilling fresh borBcradish root 

with Jrds of its weight of wuter, re-diHtUling the oil with 

I water, separating it, and digeatiugwith chloride of culeimn. 


It app^ara to be ideatical with ToUtUs oil ( 

OlbdU AbBlli. See Okiito MnrrliUHJ. 

Olbuu Asphalti. From Aaphaliuin, as 01. 

Olbom ATJBiNTii CoBTIclB. As Oleum Lim ^ 

OtRTM AuKANTll FLOEfM. P. NeroU. Orange floweii ' 
fti, watCT Ibiii ; pnt tlie flowera, eEclosfld in a wire veB«l. 
into an alcmhic containiog boiling water ; put <m the bead 
immeiiiatel;, and distil as long as an; oil comes over ; the 
oil is separated in the nsnai way, and preserved in well- 
closed bottlee, BhBil«d from tlie light. [An oil it aiaa 
obtained from the leaves,] 

Olbvu BAiaiwiss, Balnam apple (deprived of seeds) ^, 
oil of almonds jir. Digest, and straio. 

Dlbitu Beli,adonij£. p. Fresh leaTea of belladoima nj, 
olive oil ft\i J bruise the learea, and heat thorn with tlw 
oit, overanlow fire, till tl)c moisture of the ur is disdpatad, 
digest for 2 hours, strain with pressure, nnd filter. 

Oledm Benzotni. From benzoin (after the acid baa been 
mblimed), as Oleum Suecini. 

OlgijH BebsauIIi From bertramot peel, as Oleum Limonnin. 

OunrH Bbtclx. A tarry oil, from the inner bark of birch. 

IOiiECU Bbzoassicvm. Wesel's oil. Camphors^, oil rf 
almonds fjij, oil of bergamot 5ai, alkaset root q. s. to 

OLBtw BtTBULtrM. U. 8. NeaUfoot OH. Bj boHingf the 
feet with water, and skimming off the oil. 

Olehu Buei EuFTBEmuTiouM. L. 1746. Distilled from 
fragments of boxwood in a refurt, with a sand bath, 
gradually incroiued in boat. Anodyne, aalirpattKodie, 
and diaphoretu:. Dnso, 10 to 20 drops. (JOUBSAK' a&yi 
4 to 6 drops, in gonorrlKea.) It reliewi toothache^ 

Olevh CtOAO CoNOBBTiTii. SeuTTe da Cacao. The cacao 
not* are beaten 1o a paste (see Cbocolata), and boated fbr 
a abort time in n water bath with 1-lOth of their weight 
of water ; then enclosed in a hempen bag, and quit^y 
pressed between tinned plates heated by boiling water. 
The oil is parified by melting it, and filtering it throngh 
paper in a ftinnel kept warm. 

OiXTim CsDiNiiM. Bvitt de cade. An empyrenmaKe < 
obtained by dry distillation of the wood of the jon' 


oiycedtnB. But oil of tor ia ofteii Bnbstitnlec! for it. 

Dose, R few drops id skin diseoacA, but vliietly extcrnHlly. 
Oleitu CAJAFnTi. B. Diatilled from the leaves af mela- 

leucfl miuor. Dose, niij— iv. 
Olehu Calami. By diBtillntion frum the rhizomes of acorns 

Oi^nu CaMFHOBs. The liquid camphor, ohtained by 

piercing the yoong camphor tree, is ao termed in India. 
QLBim Caufeobatvu. Linimetitum Campborec. 
Olejtu. ClMPHOBS NiTBicuM, Peb. Pulveriied camphor 

203 grains, nitric acid ^', diasolve witliont bent, and d«i^iit 

the oil 
Ol,GCFU Canmabis. Eipreaaed from hemp aeed. 
Oledu oitu CAHTHABiDiBva. P. CaQtbaHdes in coarse 

powder 1 part, olive oil 8 parts i digest for 6 boura in a 

closed vessel, hy water bath, atraiu with pressure, and 

filter. [See Lioimentum Cantharidis, U. S.] 
Oleum Capsici. Dr. TuBUBOii. Heat in a water bath 3iv 

of cayenne pepper withC^ ollva oil for 6 honra, and strain. 

EitemaUy, as a rubefacient, in cholera, lu:, 
Oleuu Cabdakoui; OLEm Cabuii Oleuu Cabtopbilli; 

see Olba DebtIllatA. Dose, mj — yj. 

OlEtTM Cabsis, As Oleum Clnnamomi. 

Oleitu Ceb£. Distil bees' wax, tailed with sand, and rec- 
tify by repeated diatillations. IMnretie ; doae, 2tol drops. 

Oleum Chabtb. Bath. Paper or rag oil, Pjrothoiiide. 
Burn paper on a cold tin plat«, and collect tlie oily liquid 
which condenses on it. It is also made by distilling paper 
or linen rag. It ia used in toothache and akin diaeaiei, 
and was formerly esteemed in ophthalmies. - 

OiiEUU Chekopodu. U. S. Distilled from the aeeda of 
Chenopodiiiui Anthelminticnm. Dose, 4 to 8 drops, with 
treacle or milk, for 3 nights in anccesaion, for childrtn ; 
for adulta, 3ss. Vermifliffe. 

Oleuu Cinatuowi. B. The oil distilled from cinnamon 

Ouuu Cirai, and Ot. CrtEi Flobum. Oil ofcedrat. From 
the peel and flowera of citron j aa Ot. Limonis. 

Olbum Coloointhidib. From the pulp, by digestion, as 
the other infused oils. See Olea Medicata. Externally, in 

\rheitmaCitm and neuralgia. 


2S6 THE 

OlscM CONli. P, A« Oleum BelladonnB Infasum. 

Omu CoFUB£. B. The oil diBtillt^d &om copnivu. Dow, 
10 or 15 drops, soinetimeB gradually incronied to SO or 80. 
MlTBCESELicH stiates thut it is ooe of the leut , 

of eweutial oiU. If a glasa vessel be asod, a very 

vcniont bumping occun, wlitcb may be reiiiedittd by cokt- 
ing the lower psrt of the inner Burfaca witli silTBr, by 
Draytou's method. 

O1.EUS CoBUNDKi. B. Diatilled In Britain from eariu^ 

Oleuv CoBKir Cebti. Difpel'b Animnl OiL It accom- 
puiies llie ainnioniiim.1 liquor (Liq. Volatilia Coma. Cervi) 
in the discilluibion of hartshorn or bones. It is rocti&ed by 
re-diBtiUntJon. Dwe, E drops. 

OiXBU Cbotokib. B. EiprcBBed from t!ie needs of croton 
tigliom. P. Tlie Beeds of crobm ti^iotn (treed frns 
their coats, Gdiboitbt) are grouud, placed in a henma 
bag, and pressed between wbtui tinned plates. A fttrtber 
quantity is obtained from the marc, h} heating it Witii 
rectiHcd spirit, pressing, and distilling oif the ffint, Botil 
require to be filtered after slmidLDg a fortnight, and ih 
then mixed. Dose, 1 to 2 drops. 

Oleitu: C?beb£. B. Distilled in Britain from mdiebl. 
Dose, 10 to 20 or 30 drops. 

OXEDU CuocBBlT^ Expressed from the eeeda of theptm^- 
kin. A soothittg application ta pilet. 

OlbiiM DlBiTiUB. P. AsOlenm Belladonnffi, 

Olbdh Eeqot^. Dr. Wbisht. From coarsely powdered 
ergot of rye, hy percolation with etber, and allowing' tb* 
ether to evaporate spontaneoosly ; or by dij^tJng Uis 
ergot in solution of potash at 120° OT 1S0°, dilating tlw 
liquid with half its weight of water, neutcaliiing by nil' 
phnric acid, and distilling by an oil bath. pDose, 20 to 
60 drops, in kanorrhage ; 10 drop<, every three houa, iD 
di<arrh<xa ; and locally in rhtmnatUm, ioothacie, &c An 
inferior oil is obtained by pressing powdered ergot, placed 
in muslin, between iron platw hculed to £12°- An empj- 
rcumatiu oil is also obtained by dtstillina it alone.^ 

Olwcx EnmoBBLs Laibzbib. From tlia iieeda of evpet 
aporge, by cipreaeion. i'arjalJVii. Dow, 8 to 10 dropa. 

Olbcv ExciGBTBENBlt. Sjvler Oil. (JuAT. Green cul 



<&xvj, enphorbiam, mnstard eceil, castor, pellltorj, of each 
Si J di^st, and strain. [Tha opigioal form ia more cam- 
ifUx. Tha followiug U also osiA: — Rapti oil Oiss, green 
(Ml OsB, oila of wormwood, roeemary, nnd origBnuin, of each 

— ^nic FiBKicBLE. FroQi sweet fennel seecU. Dose, Tiij — ^»ij. 
imi FayceKSCT. P. An lufused uil of I'u'uugreek 
aeeds. as Oleum tianthiiridia. 

Olivu Filioib Mabib. Dr. Pebghieb. Macerate the buds 
of mule fern in etLer, and disti! off the ether from the 
tincture hy a water batli ; others use the dried roots 
(rhizomes). Dose, fVom 10 to 30 drops, in sugar, ulmond 
emulNon, or wafer-paper, for tapewarat. See Kitruftum 
Filicii Liguiduni, B. 

Oi.EVi( PoAUioiRVU. Digest jiv of ants in Jxvj oC olive 
oil with a gentle heat, and Btrain. 

Olbitu Gaultherls. Distilled from tbe leaves ofpartiidgo 
berry (gaultheria ptocumbene), 

Olecu Guaiaci. Ad empfreuraatic oil ii distilled from the 
wood, as Oleum Jiuxi. A fnigrant oil is obtained by 
steeping tbe shavings in salt and water for some months, 
and distilling. 

txnu HedEboU£. U.S. Distilled from American penny- 
royal. Dose, 2 to 10 drops. 

[lEloi HYOsaiAio. P. From fresh henbane, as Oleum 
Belladannie. Ad oil is aUo ohtsinod by uxprcsaioD from 
Hie seeds. 

Oleum Htpebici. L. 17'JiB. Picked flowers of St. John's 
wort 3iv, olive oil S^xxij ; digest till the oil is well tinged. 

Oleitu HisaoFi. DistiUod from frcah hyssop. 

Olkum Iodatcm. Mabscbal'b Iodised CHI. Oil of nlmonds 
15 parts, iodine 1 part. Triturate, and digest till dis- 

Ol^irM jATnoFKX. Expressed from the BteJs of jatroplia 
curcfts, or physic nnts; aa Oleum Crotonia. 

Oleuh jEconiB Abeijj. See Ulsum Morrhuic. 

Oleum JtroLANBiB. Expressed from walnuts, as 

Oleum Jcbipbbi. B. Distilled in Britain from 
juniper berries. The foreign oil is said to be dii 
from the wood. Dose, 3 to 10 drops. 

^ and dis 

■r royal. 

■PtEUll I 


nnrina i 


Oleitv IjATBBiTinu. L. 1T46. Quencfa red-liot bricbi ia 
olive oil, break them, dialil in a retort witb a gradnsllj 
increased beii, and HeparAte tbo oil trom tiie Hccompaa;- 
ing liquid. 

OLEtru LiTHTBlB. Oil of Spurge. From the seeds of 
enphorbia lathjris. Parsative. Dose, 4 to 10 drops. 

Oledm LAtrsiNITM. P. Fresh baj-berriea are cnubed, 
heated gently, placed in a hempen bag, and quicklj 
pressed. If dried berries are need, they must be graaiiX 
then ateamed> and pressed between warm plates. £attr- 
nalli/, as a penile tlipMlarit. 

Olbum LiHEO-CBBiSi. P. Diatilled from the leaves uf 
cherrj'Uurel, us Oleum Aarantii Floroni. The leave* 
should be gnthered in summer. It contains pruesic acid, 
and is, TOnseqnentlj, poisonous. 

Olbom Lavakbclx. From tbe flowets, aa the other Olea 
Destilhita. The oil which first comes ov« ' 
teemtd. Doie, iilj — v, 

Olbdk LiLiOBOH. L. 1746. White Ulj flowers fl^, oIi*e 
oil Siiij i boil slowl; till the Sowera become c 
struin, and preia out the oil. 

Olbvu Liuoyis. B. Expressed or diatilled. The jdlow 
portion of tbe porf is grated off the (rait, and the (dl 
eipreaaed. An inferior kind is obtained by distillation, as 
directed for 01. Anrantii Fiorum. Oils are obttuned hy 
both methods from the peel of bergamot, citron, sweet 
and bitter orange, all of which are preferably prepared by 

Olrtm Ltmt. B. Bj expressing linaoed without haat 

fS'J. ^'S''* ^"^ morning, foryiiw [Vas Ryn]. 
ObBUU IiHUBBicoBCM. E. LT44. Washed earthworms Ibss, 

olive oi! OisB, wbito wine Oes. Boil geutly till the « ' 

is Rooaumed, and press, and etrtun. 
Olidm Uacisis. What is commonly termed oit of mat 

expressed from nutmegs ; but a volatile oil is ohtwned 

from mace by distillation. 
OLEffU Mabjobams, from sweet miujoram; OLi^m Mrn- 

Tsm VIBIDI9, from mint; Oi.Bini Mrntss Piprrits, 

from peppermint ; OLBtrU PoLBail, from penoyroyal ; 

the other distilled oila. Dose, 3 lo 6 drops. 




Olettm JrELtLoir. From the flowering tops of molilot, as 
01. AbEintliii (infiuDin). 

Ow:¥M MohjVbdk. U. S. Distilled from horsemint, mo- 
lurda ponctatu. Sttbefaeient. 

Olbdm MoaBHTjjB. Oleom Jecoria Aaelli. Cod-liver CHI. 
B. £itrtict<^d From the freab liver of QiuIub Marrhna b; a 
heBt not ffitceedin^ 180°. The dnrt-brown importBd oil ia 
prepared by exposing the livers to the heat uf the eon, in 
tubs, till putrefaction takes plnce, drawing off the oil, 
Rnd boiling the livers to obtain more oil. A much less 
disngrcGable, and Gr[niilly efScacious, oil is obtained bj 
heatiTig the perfectly Irosh livers, by means of b water or 
vapour bath, to abont 1G0° F., stirring them till they 
break down into a pnlp ; and, after keeping them at that 
temperatnre for a short time, throwing tbem into coarse 
canvaB or coUco bags. In 2i hours the oil is separated 
from the watery liquid which accompanies it, and put 
into bottles carefnilj closed. To obtain it bright^ it mnat 
be re-filtered after it has remained some days in a cool 
cellar. It ahoold be kept in ft cool place, in botUea quite 
full, and carefully closed. Dose, fjsa, sometimes increased 
to fJisB; but it is better to begin with f^j, to fjij, and 
increase it gradnally to f3BS, as the stomacL can bear it. 
In scrofallw consumption, rheumatism, &c. It ii implied 
externally in rheHmatU; and nmralsio affictioru, ^b. 

Owccx iSossaaM cvu Febbi losnia. Triturate iodide of 
iron with cad-liver oil, 4 grains to the ounce, until dia- 
selved. }JaBBiLBS*e patent. Dissolve Diiij of iodine in 
n gallon of oil, at a temperatora of 140°, in a water ba'th. 
Add to the solution 9viij of iron (reduced bj hydrogen), 
and beat to 180° P., until the combination is complete. 
Dose, 5i— 5bb. 


Hobsbibt'h patent. Evaporate Donovan's solution to dry- 
ness, and dissolve 64 grains of the dry mixtore in a gallon 
of oil, at a teinperatore not eiceediog 180° F. Dose, 

OiiBiTM MoBBiTOi era QtnsiA, Dissolve 1 oonco of sul- 
phate of quinia in 2 pints of boiling lUstilled water, then 
add salutiou of ammonia in sligbt excess, and collect and. 
wash the precipitated quinia. Drj ttis on &.\tT\a(£-^«;^«ti 



■ 29 

^f and foae it over a sand bath in a porcelain dUh. DlBsotvt! 
^M it in a smuU portion of alcobol of ep. gr. '79S, and mix 
^P with cod-livdr oil in the proportioD of S giaina or more 
" of quinia to the ounce. Heat gentlj in a vtubor hath. 
The sjcohol evaporatei, and the quinis disaolvea. Dos^ 

Olbum cum McciLAOiKiBDfl. L. 1746. Freab marali' 
mallow rnot Ibas, linseed jiij. fenogroek seed ^\\}, iv&ter 
Ibij, olive oil tbiv. Boil the hmised root and seeds in the 
water for half an hour, add the oil, and boil till the water 
ia diaeipated. 

Oletth MuDABia. Digest 10 graina of mudar bark in tSi 
of olive oil, and strain. Applied with a CBmel-hoir pencil 
t« cvtaneoiu uloeri. 

Oi^tnt MsBiamos. The esteniial oil [MjriatocEe Olenm, 
B.] a obtained bj distilltttion ; the concrete oil [myristicte 
olenm expressum, B. adepa, B., ISSlj, by expieaston. 

Oletm Mtrbbs. An empjreumatic oil ii obtained from 
myrrh, as Ol. Saccini. An oil per deH^ium woa foriuerlj 
m&de b; pnttiug mjrrh into a boiled egg from wbiah ttlB 
yolk had been removed, and placing it in a cellar. 

Olgvu 0!,lVM. B. Expressed from crushed olives; nn 
inferior kind is made by boiling the pressed paste with waten 

Olbcu Opiatuh. Nbubeb. Opium 5j, infused oil of hen- 
bane 3xvj; digest with a moderate heat, and itrain. 
U. C. H. directs 3j of opium to fjij of olive oil. 

OiEUH OFmoaiosat. From adder's toogue, as OL Bella- 
don mo. 

Qlsuu Obioaki. From marjoram bj distillatian. But the 
red oil sold under thia name ia obtained from common 
tbyme (tliymns vulgaris). 

OLirM OvosTJH. P. Heat the yolk of eggs gently till the 

Htoisture is diasipated, and cxhanst them bj ether in a 

atopperad displacement apparatus; distil the prodnct ia a 

cool water bath, heat the residue till the viscous matter 

coagulates, and atrain. It ainj also be obtained by pressing 

the evaporated yolks between warmed tin plates. 

I Oledu Oztsgmatck. Expose olive oil in a wide rec^w 

I to cldoriiie gas alowlj evolved. 

KOlecu PiLTtM, Eipreased from the fruit of tlie ] 



OlzBX pAPATBBia. Saile Blanche. From popp; seeds, 
OB Oleum Amygdala). 

OlKUM Petb«, Bock Oil, or Oil of Petrolevm. Thenamo 
ia also giTen to the following mixture :^[QBir] Oil irf 
tnipenldne Jvi^, Barbadoes tar Jiv, oil of roaemarj 5iT. 

■Olbdm PHOSPHOBiTFic. Pbusb. Ph- Digest gr. vj of well- 
dried and eliceil pUaspIioras with 3j o^ oil of ulmonds, b; 
the aid of warm water and i^tatian, uid carefully decant 
tliG oil, when cold, from iindiisolTod phosplioroB. Dose, 
5 to 30 drops, in a mncilagioouB liquid. 

■Oleum Picib Liquid^:. Oil or Spirit of Tar, It is ob- 
taiited by diatilUng tar ; and rectified hy repeated distilta- 

OtEcii PLUKBAorsiS Edbopsm. The bruised root is di- 
gested with olive oil at 312°, It cores ilcA, but irritotaB 

Oleou PiraaAiTB. Van Moks. Scammony 3iv, oil of almouda 
3iv ; digest with a moderate hoat. Doss, jss. 

Oleum Ptbbtbbi. Digest pellitory coot in twice its weight 
of olive oil, and strain. IJsed in frictions as a rubefacient. 

OLEtnu RaI£. From tbe liver of the skate, as 01, Morrhus. 

Olbum Rhbi. FuLLiE. Digest powdered rhubarb with 
oil of nlmouda for 12 hours, and express. 

OLKDSt Hhodii. p. From rosewood (Convolvulua Sco- 
poriue), as Oleum Cinnamani. 

OunTM Rhoib ToxicoDHKliRl. Digestlpart of fresh leaves 
of poison-oak with 2 of olive oil for 24 tonra in a water 
bath, and strain. Infriclioat.forparalgiU, ^-e. 

Olecv Ricidi. B. Expressed from tlie seed of Ricinus 
communis. P. Reduce the picked seeds to a paste in 
a mill, enclose it in hempen bags, and express tbe oil very 
slowly. Clarify it by filtering in a worm plaoe. To ob- 
tain it eolourlets, the aeed-coala must be preyiously re- 
moved. [Dr. Wood says it is clarified in America by 
heating it with water till the latter boils, separadng the 
oil, and again heating it with a little water until the latter 
b driven off. Dose. Jsa, or from Jiy to 5lij.] 
UBDM Rose. P. As Oleum Aurantii Florum. 



292 THE POCKET F0KSnjI.4aT. 

OiEUM BoBATUX, E. 1744, Mgeat ftj of ftesli rosM »nt& 
Ihiij of olive oil. P. directs the bmiiicd petals of pale 
roBBB to be coacented for 3 daj-a with 4 pa'ts of oliva ml, 
and stmincd with pressure. The decanted oil to be di- 
gested with 3 snceeBBive qnnntities of roses. But tie 
•perfumed rote oil ia generally made by colonring olive or 
almond oil with albanet root, and scenting it with otto. 

Oleuu: Rosuabim. B. UTram the floweriiig tops; sea Olea 
Deatillita. Dose, mjy — v. 

Olbcu Ruts. B. Distilled from the leaves and nnripe 
jrnit. An infused oil (P.) is made as 01. Absinthii, 

Oekitu SambTJCIS'EM. An infaaed oil is prepared from the 
flowers of elder, as Oleum Anthcmidis. P. [L, 1836 
directed an oil to be distilled froia the flowers, but the 
quantity obtaiualile is very trifling.] 

Olbcm Sjmbdoi VmiDB. From the fresh leaves of elder 
with olive or tape oiL As Oleum Belladounce. 

OuiiTM Sadinx. B. As Che other Olea Destillata. Dos^ 
"lij— y. 

Olbdm SAHBtFBia {£rom the bruised root, E. ; and barfc 
D,); and OletjM Samtam PlavI; HeOleomCinnaniOm. 

Olbum SiNAPia [Eipresamn]. From blaclt mustard seed, 
or from its bran, as Oleum Lini. 

Di.ETru: SiNAf la (Volatitb). B. Digtiiied with water ftom 
the seeds of black mustard, after the expression of the fixed 
oil. Eitemally, m a rvhefaeient. 

Oleitm 8oi,Ain. P. From gnrdcD nigbtshndc, as Oletua 

Ojxvx Spjos. Distilled from spike lavender, A mixture' 
of ail of turpentine with oil of laveoder, coloured with. 
altanet, is alio sold under this name. 

OXBITU Stbauonii. As Oleum Belladonnce. 

OiKTJM STBYCHNiNATini. CuKiKH. Linimentum Stryelmls, 

Cletm Sroona. O, S, Half flit a glass retort with pow- 
dered amber mixed with an ecgaal weight of sajid, and 
diedl liy sand hath, with a gradually increasing best ; then 
separate the oil from the acid liqaor sod concrete add. 

OxEm Stjooini Kbctipicatcm. Mix OJ of oil of amber 
with Ovj of water in a glass retort, and distil over Oir i 
then separate the oil from the water, and keep 
Btopped bottles. Antispasmodic. Dofle, mv to ^ 


OI.BT7H SvooiKi OxruATUU. Artiflcial Mush. Put into a 
cnpf^ of oil of amber, and add to it, drop by drop, f5iiisB 
of strong nitric acid ; let it Btand for 36 bonrs, then 
separate and woah. the resinoos matter. AnlUpasmodic 
cad nervine. Dose, gr. r ta x. For eluldreii, gr. sa to 

OiiBiru SuLPSUBiTHtf. L. 1SS4. Baliam of aulphvr. 
Waahed anlphnr Jij, olive oil iS^vj j to tlie oil, boatod in 
s largs vessel, gradually tbrow in tbe sulphur, and itir coa- 
stutOy till tbej comliiDo. Dobo, 40 tu 60 drops. 

Olbfm StTLPHnsATuic AMiflATCM. Originally made by dis. 
solfiDg Bulpliur in oil of aniseed, but now usually mode by 
adding oil □£ aoigeed to tbe baiaom of sulpliur, previously 

fresh tobacco leaves, aa 
Oleum Belladounie. 

tobacco, iu coarse poiiTdBr, into a retort of greea gLisg, 
connected nith a reriigeratory, with u tube for the escape 
of inccndcnsible praduots; then heat the retort by satid 
l>ath gradually to dull redness, and keep it so until empy- 
TdoiDBtic oil ceases to pass over ; separate the oily liquid 
ftom the watery portion, and teep it for oae. Faiaonotu. 

OxBUM Tanaobti. By distillation from the freah tansy. 

OiiRUU Taxtabi FEB Deuquiitu:. Allow subcaibaaato of 
potash to deliquesce in a damp place, and poui off the clear 
liquid for nae. 

Oi^iiru TEBBBaiTniSM. B. Distilled from tbe turpentine, 

olGO-reain of t^uus palustris, P. Tcsda, and F. Pinaster. 

JM Tkbbhiiitki5« Pusihcatum. L. 1836. Oil oS 

tnrpentinB Oj, water (Mv. Let tbe oil cantiously dis^ 

p)r. PbeeibA states that the oil ig purified by redistiliiog 



it from a solution of caustic potash. 

name of Camphine.] Doso, from in.vj or vij to fjj; or 

from f5iv to f jiss/or lapsicorm. 
OlSOi TKBEfliNrniMai PuaiFiOATUH. Dr. Nimmo's method. 

Agitate the oil with an eighth part of alcohol, and poar 
I oB' the spirit ; repeat this 3 or j> times. 






Olsuu Teebbrithin* StTLEHtTBATira. Snlphnjated Tia- 
seed oil 1 port, oil of tnrpeutine 8 pnrts. 

OLBDM TEBKBIHTHINinTB AoocsTionM. Mr. Matjib. 
of almonds fsiv, oil of turpentine "lul. 

Oleum Tbsobrohm. S, Cacao Butter. By eipivsaion 
and Iioat from the ground eeeda of Theohroma Cacao. 

Oi^mu Thymi. The oil of common thyme is Bold in tin) 
ahopa at Oleum Origsni. 

Olbitu Tiolu. See Oleum Crotonia. 

Olecv Tbitici. BiTK. It ia made by strongly eapresaing 
bruised wheat between hot iroa platss. it n useful in 
some skin diseaseg, chilblains, Ac. Mr. WlBB, of Maryport. 
fOQDd it efficacious in Hnea capitis. 

Olbcm VALBRliBK. PEua. Ph. Valerian root 1 parti watsr 
8 parte; distil, and separate the oil. It contaiug valeri- 
anic Bcid, the quantity of which is increased by exposure 
to tbe air. Dose, 2 to 6 drops. 

Olivm VlNl. See Olenm ^thereum. 

Oi^tlM ViBLDE. Bay lenvea, rue, origanum, sea wormwood, 
of each jiij, oliye oil Oij ; digest till the herbs arc crispi 
press, and strain. Oreen (ul of older ia sometimes substi- 
tuted for it. 

Olbdu Vitbioli. Sulphuric acid was formerly bo caUed, 
because distilled from sulphate of Iroo (green vitriol) caU 
eined to whiteness. 

Oleo-sacchaha. See Elmo-sacchara. 

OLrvmA. Olimite. Lahbebeb. Treat olive leaves witb 

if acidulated water, concentrat*, precipitate with ammonia, 
redissolvo tbe washed precipitate in a dilated acid, pnrifjr 
with animal charcosl, iilter, and re-precipitate with » 

Ofii Mitsus. See Liquor Opii Mntiaticus. 

Optcu ToBBEFACTru. ZWE1.VZB. Hcsttliln slices of o^iun 
on an iron plate, over a slow fire, so long as it emits vi 
pour, taking care that it is not burnt. 

OxTDA. ftrirfe*. See their several bases. 

DxYOENlDM. P. Oxygen Oai, Heat chlorate of potisk 
in a small retort or flask of green glass, as long as gas & 
disengaged, and collect the gas In a proper apparatus. 
[Tbe process is much expedited by miiing tbe chlorate 


^^H with an eiglitli part (in Ijulk) of bluck oiide of nikngB' 

^^r OsYsei,. B. Clarified honey 51I, noetic acid fJT, distilled 
^^" water fjv. Liquefy the honey bj heat, and mil with it 
the BCEtic acid and water. Dose, 5] to jij. 
OxYUEli ^BCQlNia. See Linimentum iGruginis. 
OZYUEL Aujt, L. 1746. Sliced gnrlia ^iis, bruised cara- 
way and fennel seed, each jy, boUiog vincgac f jviij j 
macerate, strua, and make an oxymel with clarified honey 

OXEKBC CowiHloi. D. 1826. Vinegar of colchicum fjivj, 
claxil^ed boney Ibij ; hoil to the coQeiatence of eyrup- DoW) 
f3i, gradually iucreaaed to f5ij. 
OxTiCBL NABCiGet. Vam Mons. Vinegar of nardaasna 
(nude with IpBrtofA^eah flowers of daffodil to 8 of Tiaegar) 
I part, white honey 4 parts. Dissolve. Dose, a teaspoonfuL 
lit hoopii^'coiigh and aptamodic asthma. 
OxuBL Scixi^. B, Mil and evaporate on water bath 
vinegar of sqnill Oj and clariBcd honey ibij till product 
when cold has sp. gr. 1-33, L. Similar. 
OlTMEi. SoiUiS: CoMPoaiTPM. Manch. H. Oiymel of 
eqnilla fjj, spirit of nitric ether jes, tincture of tobacco 

1 OSYSACCEASVU. See Syropns Aceti. 

I OxYaicCHARCTM DiaiTius. MABTiira. Dried foiglove 3j, 
distilled vinegar jviij ; digest with a gentle heat, strain 
with pressure, and add white sugar Ji; dissolve, and 

KPanacea Mercitbiaus. Calomel digested with rectified 
spirit, and dried. 

' Fambb Bisoocn Mebcdhialeh. Oiivtbb'b bucui/i are aaid 
to contain, in each biscuit of 5ij, gr. i of the dried pre- 
cipitate, obtained by miiing a solntion of 77 grains of 
corrosive Eublimat« with the white of two eggs beat«n up 
with Rj of water. 

3iv, Itour 3ss, G eggs; made into 15 biscnits, each con- 
taining 9j of jalap. 
ITakbh Bibcocti SoAMMOirii. BotrcHABCAT. Fine scam- 
mony 150 grains ; incorporate it with sufficient Vioji-is*. 



paste for 50 bxacuits ; eacb biscuit coutaiiu 3 gnaoM 

Panis Fbsbi LiOTATia. Cap. Bread, oontuining one gruu 
of lactate of iron in each ounce. 

PiiftroB Vesicatobiiib. Sec Tela Vesicatoria. 

Pasta AoSBarvA. Schwilgok. Mate a paste with floor 
and viaegar, mix it with an equal quantity of melted 
pitch] and apply it to the amlp ou linen, to eradicate tlw 
hail by removing' it after a few dnys. For linea capitir. 
MOBBIBON directs Ibtj of ale to be mixed with jvj of flour, 
and set on the fire ; and ^ix of powdered resin stirred ii^ 
till they form a smooth paste. 

PaSIA At. th V M . FSie de QtiiniaUBe. P. Decorticated 
morsh-niallow root jiv, water Oiv ; macerate for 12 lionra, 
atrain, and add Ibiisa of picked gnm arabic and IbiiM of 
refined sugar; dissolve, strain, and evaporate to the thick* 
nesa of honey, constantly stirring, and luld gradually the 
whites oi 12 eggs well beaten with Jiv of orange water. 
Evaporate with constant stirring till the paste is so firm 
as not to adbera to the hands. The Codei of 1836 rab- 
■titntes water for decoction of althaa, and tenna the com- 
pound Pdte de Oomme. 
' pAHTA Cakioabom. Cadbt. Mil pulp of figs with 4 times 
its weight of powdered sugar, and roll it out. Dry it in 
a stove for 24 hoars, and divide it into aqnares, 

PabtA CatJStica. See Canatica Zinci. 

Fabta DAOTYLtSEKA. Pdla de duties. Dates gxvj, picked 
giun Senegal Ibiv, white sugar 3n^j, orange-flower water 
Sij, water q. s. Proceed as for Pasta Jujubai. 

Fabta Epilatobia. Mix 2 parts of slaked lime with 8 of 
water, and saturate with sulphurettM bydrogea. A llyw 
^ a line in thichness denudes the scalp iu 3 minutes. 
^kPlfiTA EscHAKOTTCA Abssnicaus. The Pulvis Eachuo- 
^^L ticoB Ancnicalis moistened with mucilage at the time of 
■^ using. 


■ dcied sulphate of copper made into a soft paste with yolt 
r „ of ^8S- 

I Pabta GtYCTOEnlZE AtBA. Pals de r^glisse blaar^he, As 
ji Pasta Alth^aj, substituting liquorice root for marsb-nuUg^ 
I! — _ root. 



Pasta Gltoteehizj; Ptjsca. Pdle de riglUae Iraae. Ei- 
tract of liquorice Jiij, gum nrahie Sxlviij. white sngar 
^xxiy, water Oiv. Dissolve tLa li((UoHc(^ iii the water, 
strain, add the sngac and gum, and evaporate Tfiry gently 
to s, firm comflstetico. four it on an oiled slab. 

Pabta GLroYBBHizs OpiiTA. File de regline opiaeee. 
Add to the last gr. xv extract of opium. 

Fasta Gltoybrbiz^ Kiqba. p. Pits de rSglUte neira. 
Dissolve Ibj of eitnict of liqaorice (Italian juice) in Ihiv 
of cold water, etraiti, and add picked gum orahia U^, 
refined sugar Ibj. EvBporatB gently, constantly stirring, 
to a proper coDsiatcnce; spread it on an oiled slab. It 
may be aromatized with 24 drops of oU of aniseed, mixed 
witli 3j of powdered orris root. 

PABTA Gmrul. Fdi« de Qomme. See Pasta Altbras. 

Pasta Quni Pkhchs Siyttioa. Mr. Bbardblet. Gutta 
pecclia 'Si, Stodiholm tai i\sa or 5\j> creosote 5j, slieU-lac 
3j or q. B. to render it sufficiently hard. To be boiled 
together, with constAut stirring, till it forms a homoge- 
neous mass. For otveQlar Itataorrliage, aod m a stopping 
for teeth in toothache. To be softened by moulding with 
the fingers. 

Faeta Jutdbx. p. Ji^iAe Faafs or Loxengea. Jujube 
trnit Ihj, water Ibiyj hoil for half an hour, strain, let it 
settle, and decanL Diesolve Ibvj of picked and washed 
gum BTabio in aviij of cold water, and strain. Add tbv 
of SDgar to the decoctiou of jujubes, clarify with tbe whites 
of 3 or 4 eggs, add the mucilsge, and apply beat, stjrrinf; 
constantly with a. wooden spatula till it boils. Then keep 
it ligbtly boiling, without stirring, till reduced to the con- 
ustence of soft eitrnft ; add orange-fiower water Jvj, and 
place the pan in another vessel, fiUed with boiling water. 
la 12 hours remove tbe scum, and pour the matter into 
tin montds, and Snisli the evaporation in a stove heated 
to 104° P. [Tbe jajubes are now generally omitted. 

Past* Liohbnts, Iceland moss tbj, water q. a. ; heat nearly 
to boiling, reject this liquor, and boil tbe moss for au lioor 
in fresh water,- strain, and press; Hdd to tbe decoction 
Ram arable tbv, white Bugnr (biv, dissolve by a gentle 
ieat, and evaporate over n slow ilre to a firm ^as^Ai, S^tisA 

^B ilea 




it on a Elttt Blightly oiled, attd, when cold, corefull; wipe 
off the oU, and enoloae the paste in a bai. 
pAflTA LicHBNja OpiatA- p. To jivj of Hie last add gr. 

viij of extract of opium. 
Pasta as PsHHioirEB. Swx&iavb. Blanched bitter k1- 
inondB 3tiiji honey 3'ji camplior 5iy, flour of mnstanl 51*, 
bnmt ainm 5ij, olibannm 5ij, jolka of 3 eggs. Mix. 

PiBTA PkctOealis. Pdte Peclorale de Regnattld. In s 
decoction of ^{y of tlie pectoral flowers (species bechiciE)> 
diasolvo 3iiiy of gum and 311 of white sugar, and add 
f3iss of Tincture of Toln. Strain the solution, and erapii' 
rate it to u proper conaiatence. 

Pasta Pipebib. See Confectio Piperia Nigri. 

Fabta Toembbtii,!^ Compobita. Pdle costre Us Hpidi- 
di/taiiet. Dsbbhelles. Linseed meal ^i^i powdered tor- 
jncotil JiT, mercurial ointment 3j, extract of belladanDB. 
3j> oil (j hempseed q. s. To be spread □□ cloth, aod the 
testicle enveloped in it. 

Pasta Vjunnsnbie. Tienna Patta is PatosEB cnm Caloe. 
Instead of emplojing it in the uaaa! fonn of a soft paste, 
a. Fli^OB melts together 2 parts of caustic potash and 1 
of lime in an iron ladle over a quick firo, and nuts it into 
ivarm moulds (as in making lanar caustic) 1 they are aftra- 
wards covered with wax, und kept in tveU-corked (^IM 
tubes ; or they are cast in leaden tubes oF conTcnieut nm 
(from 2 to 3 inches long, and from 1 )o 6 lines wide}, both 
to preserve them and far convenience of applying theto. 

Pasta Zism. See Causticnro Zinci {CAKijcoiJf's). 

Pabtula Odobati. Aromatic PaitiU. P. Benioin Sy. 
balsam of Toln ^ir, labdanum 3j, yellow sanilal wood ^v. 
charcoal Jvj, nitre 5p, inncilage of tingaranth q. s. Mil, 
and itivlde into conical pastils. Tho^e Pastilli of wlui^ 
sugar ia the baaiB are placed onder Tbocbisci. 

PKBii.trviiTii AaiDTJH — Alkaliuum — Stilis. Sea Balnanm 
Acidum — Allcalinum — Marie, 

PuBttCTIirii Ihbitabb. Adqdstim. Bruised horseTadisb 
root Jij to Jiv, hot water Oiv or q. i. 

PBniHmtia; Sinapis. Mii Jiv of floor of miistnrd with a 
little cold water, and add hot water q. s. 

PapBiNA OHM Amylo. Pepsine and Starch Powder. Medi- 
cinal Pepsiae of M. BouDAtrw. Foadre imtrimmtive of 


'. CosviBABT. Tlie reonet liaga of nheep cr calves are 
irersed sod washed uuder a, stream of water, tlie niu«)us 
Bleinbraue theasoraped off with a knife, ceducedto a pulpy 
atate, and dig%«t«d for 12 hours in distilled waiter. The 
■olutjou is filtered, and tben precipitated h; Bcetate dT 
lead. The precipitate is BeporsCed, diffused in wnter. uid 
Ealpburctted hydrogen pused through it, to throw down 
the lead. The aiUpiiuret of lend being separated by filtra- 

»ti(ni, tlie solution, which cont^na tbs pepaine, ia aligbtlj 
■iddnlated with lactic acid, and then evaporated to a sjrup 
M the temperature of 100° F. Dry starch is now luiied 
witli it in Buch proportion that 1 pTaio of the resulting; 
powder shall have the power of dissolving 4 grraina <^ 
flbrine at u temperutnrc of 98° F. Dose, 15 grains, jost 
before a meal, in wank digeations. See Liquor Pepainn, 
Vinnm Pepainffl, and Sympna Pepsinffl. 
FsFBlVA PoBCt. Mr. BiTLLOCE. Made from the atomachof 

the pig. Dose gr. ij— iv. 
FEsai. The following Medicated Feitaria were used b; 

Sir Jauib Sihfbon. 
Tenia AUminia. Alnm, eatechn, wai, each 3j, lard 5vbb. 
Petav^ Belladartna. Extract of belladonna 9aa, wax gr. 

xiiias, lard 3ias \ in each pagsarj. 
JVvmi Sj/drargi/ri, Strong mercurial oinlimEnt 3b:^ wai 

5BS, lard 3j. Mil. 
Feeiua Plumbi. Acetate of lead gr. viiaa, white wax gr. 

Petna Flumhi lodidi. Iodide of lead gr. t, wai gr. ixt, 

Peatiu Tunnini. Tannin 3se, wai gr. xxv, lard jiss. 
PeiiKi Zinci, Oxide of zinc gr. iv, white wax gr. ixlise, 

lard 5!Ba. 
PhixlybiNjS! 8cruHA8. M. Jachilli. From the leaves and 
twigs of Pliillyrea Intifolio, nearly aa for QuiniiB snlphns, 
for which it is said to be a substitnte. Dose, gr. xij — x?. 
*" u LoNBiyBNBB. See Coufectio Opii. 

INA. Phlaridiine is prepared from the fresh root- 
le of the apple, pear, cherry, or plnm, hj boiling it 
h rectified apirit, straining, distilling oS moat at the 
■it, and allowing the residue to cool; or from the 
jiratery decoction, decoloriled by oxide oE \i»& l^wj e-wwss. 


of wliich may b« romuved b; n fenr drops of sulphlmc 
acid), and cviLporstiag the alterol liquid. Its properties 
HDd Dsel aie similar to those of SaUcine. Doso gr. i 

Fbob?hobith. Mil 13 psfts of powdered baae-ash with 21 
of water, and graduBlly add 10 parts of sulpharic acid, 
gtiiring it constautly ; then add sufficient water to form a 
tliin pulpi and leaTe it at rest for 24 hours ; filter, adding 
water to ths pulp aa long as it posses add, and evaporate 
tlie liquors to the consistence of honey. Mix this with 1 
part of vegetable charcoal, dry the mixture thnronghly in 
an iron or copper vessel heated to dull redness, and distil 
the dry moss in an earthen retort, receiving the prodnai 
into water. To purify the phosphorus, tie it in chunoii 
leather and plunge it into water heated to 1S2'' F., uid, 
without removing ib from the water, force the softened 
phosphorus through the leather by twisting it with ptacen. 
The phosphorus incited in hot water is to be drawn up into 
slightly conical glass tulK^s, from which, when cool, it i* 
removed, and preserved under water in well-dosed bott^ 
shaded from the light. 

Pbosphoeits Buses. Ssd, or Amai-phous Fhosphorut. 
This is an allotropic modiScation of phosphoros, prodnoBd 
under certain conditions. It is less inS&mmable, le~~ 
■olable, and less active than the common phosphorus, 
is produced when phosphorus is exposed in closed glan 
tubes to the action of a continued heat. 

FtOBOloxiSA, Dr. Gakb. Treat an alcoliolic extract of 
the seeds of Cocealns Indicns with water as long as any- 
thing is dissolved; then add muriatic aoid, and set indc 
that crystals may be deposited. Foaonout. 
. FiLX MAgTiOATOBis. MaatieatoTiei. QoiHOZ. Mastic ;^ 
pellitory 5ij, stavesacre seeds 5ij, angelica root 339, cnbebB 
Xj, nutmeg 3J, wai q. a. to make it into balls. AcavSTOT. 
Mastic, wMto wax, pellitory, each 3ss; mix, and divide into 

13 masticatoiies. Habtuah. Mastic 5J, pellitory 3j ; tnis, 
by heat^ and form 2 masticatoriea. In India a mixture of 
betel leaf, arelta not, and time, is used. 
PlLlTLS. Fill-moaees should be of each a consistence tii«t 
the pills may be easily moulded, and yet retain thsir 
rounded form. Those wMch retain volatile oils should 


not be kept Ions'. '^'^ ^'T ingredienta are to be reduced 
to powder, and tlie whole to ba weil miied and beateu Soto 
a UDiform ma^s. Wbcn tlie term loap is used, Castile 
{oliTP oil nnd Boila) soap is intended; but the L. Coliege 
direct several of the pijl-masaes to be mode up with sajt 
toap, by which is intended, not the soft Boap of com- 
merce, but tliat made with olive oil and potaah, wldch has- 
not heretofore been procnrable. To Hitter pills, introduea I 

into a small dr; gallipot a leaf or two of silver, then the 
pills (taking care that their anrface is Bufficiently moiat), i 

and placing over them another leaf of silver. Coyer the 1 

gallipot with the band, and give the whole a sadden rapid ) 

drcular motion. Pills may be coated with gelatine by the \ 

following method : — Prepare by beat a itrong solntion of j 

equal parts of pure gelatine and jujnbe paste, about the | 

consistence of treacle. Fii the pills on the poiats of long i 

eleiuler pina, and dip them in the warm jelly, after j 

removing any skin which may have formed on its surface. j 

As each pill la withdrawn from the jelly ware it in the 
air to cool it, and theu Gi the head of the pin in sand, 
stiff paste, or other support. When 50 or 60 are done 
tlie pins may be withdrawn, previously WHrmiiig tliem by 
placing tbe centre of each for a moment in tbe flame of a 

PtttTLA Acini Cabonici. Mr. Mobbon. Mii gas of bicar- 
bonate of soda, add gr. iir of tartaric acid, co^sely ', 
powdered, with the flmaUest possible qnantitj of sjmpand 
mucilage to form a mass. Divide into 12 pills. 

PltTl*. ACONITI. Dr. TtTHKBtrji, Alcohohc extract of 
aconite gr. j, liquorice powder gr. xij, syrup q. s.; for G 

FniFLA Aloeh Bailbasekbis. S. Barbadoes aloes in pow- 
der 3ij, hard soap in powder ^, oil of caraway f3lj, con- 
fection of roses 3j. Beat all together until thorongMy ' 

Paru. Aloes Combositi. L. &, D. Aloes Jj, citraet of" 

gentian Jae, oil of caraway nlxl [m, D.], treacle q- b. \ 

Dose, gr. V — IV. } 

PlLUtA Aiosa BT ABairtBTiBa:. B. Sototrine aloes, assa- I 

^^tatida, soap, confection of roses, of each eqoal parta^^^^i 



PiLViJ. Aloss Diluia, Dr. U. HalI:. Barbadoes iila«, 
BORp, extract of liqnoriee, treacle, of eauh eqnnl parts; 
diBBolve them in water, Btram, and evaporBte to a pilolir 
ooDBistence. Bee Kl. Aloea cum Sapono. 

PiLiTLA Ai:OEB Er Fksri. B. Beduce to ponder Bulpbste 
of iron Jba, mb with powdered Bnrbadoes aloes 3^ and 
oomp. powder of cinnamon 5i'j. ^^ canfectiaa of rt 
3iv, and malie into a uniform inaes. Dose, gr. v- 
[Gct's H. Aloes 3iss, mjrcli 5ij, extract of gentiaDSj, 
enlpbate of iron ^, water q. i. Divide into fonr-gram 
piUs; 2 to 4, once or twice a day. PBra. Ph. {KL 
Alooticai femiitai.} Dried sulphate of iron and povrdered 
aloee, equal parts, made into two-grain pills with rectified 
spirit. These ara also termed Pil, ItaliciB nigrrs.'] 

Pn-TTtA Ames et HTDBABOmr. Gl. H. Abenetltg't 
Pills. Mercuriftl pill, aloetic pill, of each 2ss, ajrup q. a. 
Mix, and divide into IS pills. 

ginger 588, ipecBcaanba gr. viij, sjmp. q, s. In 16 pillr 
one before dinner, daily. 

PiLiTLA Aloes cim Maetiche. (Oraint de rie, de Mm 

PiUtlei Atitfl-cibum of the old French I'barmaeoptsia. 

Dinner Pillt.) Alota 3vj, maatic 5ij, red-rose petals 5^ 

syrup of wormwood q. a. To be divided into three-gr^ 

pills. [There are many other formulm for these julll; 

the role petals are often omitted, ond sometimes rhnbaib 

is substituted for them. The Paris Codex of 1837 h 

replaced theae pilla hy a very different compaond. 8 

Filula dicta Aiile-eihu>a.'\ 

PlLutA Ai.oEa BT Mthshk, B. Pil. S,«Jl. Triturate to- 
gether Soeotrinc aloca 3^, myrrh ^, and dried saShin jsa. 
Sift. Add confectionof rosea JitsB, and heat into a unifoim 
mass. [Gtrr's H. Aloes iij, myrrh Sj, soap ^, oil of 
caraway fsij, water q.s.] Doaejgr. v — «. 

PiLDXA AiiOEB ova Rheo. Dr. BrcKAK. Aloes, rhubarb, 
soap, of each 5j i mii for 60 pUIs. From 3 to 6 daily. 

PiLiTiA Aloes cdm Safohe. L. Powdered eitmot of Ba. 
badoes aloes, soft soap, extract of liqnoriee, of eauh eqa&l 
parts, treacle q. s. [IVobably intended as n aubaUtote fl 
Filnlie Aloes Dilutee.] Dose, gr. v — xv. 

PiLiTLA Alobtioa. Odx'b H. Aloes jiij, soap 5j, oil of 



peppcrtoint mx. water q. s. ; for 60 pLUa. Doie, S to 4 

FiLVLA. Aloes Rosaia. Pilutei Ait^eliqvea. Oraina de 

Sanli. Aloes ji VI diseolve in joiee of roaee 3'''' ofboragB 

3ij, of cliicory 3'J : evsporato to nn eitract, and add rba- 

biu'b 3ij. agaric 3J ; divide into gr- iia pills. 
PiLVLA Aloks SocotbiNjB. I). Socotrine atoos in powder 

5ii, hard soap in powder jj, volatile oil ofnotmegf^, 

confection of rosea 3j i beat all t^etber until thoroughly 

mixed. E. Similar. 
PiLUtA Alokh EI ZiNBiBKEis. D. 1826. Hepotic aloes, 

3ji ginger ^, soap 5iv, oil of pcppermiut 3911. JA\i. 
FiLCU Aloes bt TEBEBiirmiN^. Boib. lioiled torpen- 

tine jij, aloea 589 j in 40 pills. 
PlLiTLA Alt£BAKS PLcmiEBl. Soe Fil. Hydrargyrl Sub- 

cbloridi Compoaita. 
PiLTTLA Alctmims Hklteiji. Alum 5], dngon's blood 5], 

honey of rosea q. s. ; divide into 48 pills. 
PiLCLi ALnMiNia Oeiata, CiPHBON. Cntechn 3ij, alum 

5J, Dpium 3j, synip of red roaes q. s. In Gve-grain pilla \ 

doae, one or two. 
PiLULA Analepiica. Dr. James's Pills. James's powder 

5j, guRiutnm ^, pill of aloes and iiijrrh ^j, synip q. a. 

Divide into fonr-grain pills. Dose, 4. pills, at night. 
Pixcti AiTDEiiBOKia. P. (Scot's FUls.) AIocb y^, ^m- 

bi^ j'Qi oil of aniseed 3', symp q. 9. Mis, and divide 

filto four-gmiu pills. 
.ULA Afsblica. IVankfort PiUt. Guibodbt. Aloes 

_^i dissolve in clarified jnire of pole rosea Jj, of auccory 

Jbs, of borage Jaa ; evaporato to an extract, and add rhu- 

" ' aguric gr. iv. Ma, and divide into pilla of two 

grains enth ; silver them. 
PltrLA AsoDTKA, F. H. Eitract of opium gr. iij, cam- 

phoc gr. vj, sjrup q. a. ; for six pilla. 

aeute rhevmatiim. Calomel gr. j, tortarized antimony 

gr, j, opium gr. j j make a pill, to be taken at bedtime. 
PHiBLA DICTA Ante cibum. V, Dinner PUh. Aloea ^vj, 

extract of cincliona 5iij, einnaman 5j, sjrup of wormwood 

g. a. (Tliia le snbaUtnted for the PiL Aloes e( Maa- 
I ^chea.) Dose, gr, vj or more. 




frntida 3iBs, oil of tans; 10 drops, eitrart of wormnood 
q. a. for 80 pills ; six pills, tliree times a day-. U&eukeb. 
iioes 5bb, tonej Tfis, oil of rue mix ; in 12 jnlla. 

PitTfLi Aktidybwjtkbica- LyoNa" H. Pure alumina, ei- 
tract of greeii walimt shell, equal partsj mix, and divide 
into tiirce-graia pills. 

FiLiTLA. AMioflFiuiALOiCA. BBOfBaus. Extract of bd- 
ladouDB gr. iv, eitract of henbane gr. it, eitrat't of let- 
tuce 5BS, extract of opium gr. vj, butter of cacao 317 ; for 
IMpills; one, irtght and morning. [Dr. Wnsoir PBHirt 
pill for nervosi headache i — Bhnbarb 5SB, nutmeg ^t, 
e2ctract of chamomile 3j, oil of peppermint q, s. In 30 
pills. Dose, 3 pilla, twice a day.] 

FUULA Ahtiqholbbica AsABict. ABsafictida, aulepiu 
^gantea, and opium, of each gr. hi, in each pi!L One 
erery i or ( hour, hrotea down in a spooiif ol of brandj 
and water, till the symptoms jie1d. After romitiug and 
purging have ceased, if prostration and spaama are urgent 
give 1 01 1 doses. Black pepper is substituted for ascle- 
piaa in this country. 

PlLtriA Aktibpukptioa. Ekcakibk, Oxide of sine gr. ii, 
camphor gr. vj, extract of belladonna gr. vj ; in IS pilU. 
FOUHBCA. Indigo gr. Ixxv, assafo^tidu gr. xv. Castor gt. 
Tiij ; iu 20 pills ; one every liour. 

FlXTTLA Antikeubaloica. MabcuaIi db Calti. Bulpbato 
of quinine gr. xij, extract of valerian gr. xr, extract of 
opium gr. iij, powdered orange leaves gr. xv, powdered 
dnnamon g^. xt, ayrop of bdladouna q. s. ; iu SO jnlb } 
one evory hour. 

PiLDLA AiTiuoKH Coup. St. B. H. Tartarized onilmcHij 
gr. j, guuacnm 5bs, pill of aloes and myrrh 58a, troiofe 
q. a.; make 16 pills. 

Ptlcla Abtimosii OpiiTi. QdVs H. Tartiirized anti- 
mony gr. j, opium gr. ij, treacle q. s. for four pilla. they 
are sometimes made with a doable quantity of opinm, and 
"ly gr. j of calomel is added to each pill. Pob& 


PixciA Ahtisypbiiitica, See Klulio HjdrarBjri Bichlo- 

Pitru AB4B1CA MKBcnlIA^IS. Tho follawii^ piUs are 
emplojod in the celobntteit TVaitpment Arabiqiie (nee Eloc- 
taarinm Arabicnra}:— Quicksilrer jsa, Weliloride of mer- 
cnry 398; tritnrute carerdlly tog^tlier, and add of semiB, 
pellitoryrool; and figsric, eacli ^j, boaej q. s. ; divide into 
pills of thcee or foar graina each ; two, duity. 


rilvor, nitrate of potash, of eacli gr. xj rub togethfr into 
a very fine powder, snd add liqaorice powder 5as, white 
BQ^Ar cQ, muuilnge q. a, to form a mass to be divided into 
40 pills ; one, three times a day. 

PlLULA Aeomatica. L. 1716. Componad powder of oloei 
Jiij, bnlsum of Peru Jbb, b^ mp of orange peel q. s. 

Ptli^]^ Ahgekti AuuoNia-csi:OBrDi. Ssbbe. Ammoiiia- 
chloridc of silver gr. j, orrii powder gr. ij. conaerve q. i.; 
to be divided into 14 pills. 

Felula Aboenxi Chlobibi. Mialhe. NItrato of silver 
gr. XV, cbloride of Bodiiim ^^^, atitrch gr. ilv, gum gr. iv, 
water q. e. Divide into 100 pills. MIAI.US affirma that 
the Ireeli precipitated abloiide la partiitllj soluble iu chlo- 
ride of sodium. 

PiLDXA AaoBNTi NiTHATiB. Sr. B. H. Nitrate of silver 
gr. xij, liquorice powder gr. xilv, treacle q. a.; mix, and 
divide into 12 pills. Gui'a H. Crjstaliiied nitrate of 

T ulver, extract of gentian, powdered catiimba, of each gr. 
^. Mix Bccuratelj, and divide into 12 pills; one. twice 
b, day, or of tener. 
' ■ , P. Fil. Adatioe. Tanjore fii/Is. ■^'-■'- 

c gr, j, black pepper gr. xij ; triturate for a long 

, lod add neacia gum gr. ij, water q. ». Divide into 

■15 pills. [The Codex atijs 12 pills; but we have put 16, 

■ ) aliow for the differenoB between French and Troy 

'ns. Each pill contaius l-15th of a grain of arsenic, 

jh is very nearly the proportion coofaiined in tlie 

lulu Bcnerally adopted. Araetiioua acid gr. Iv, black 

tiepppt jii, gum arable q. s. Iu 800 piils. It is very 

■erroneously given in the Fornivlariet of Riohabd (rth 

•■d.), and Edwabm and VATABasFK (4th ed.). "'I'hB 

■ aal Indian recipe is very indefinits ." Dt . V s.Ki.ia.v^ 




PnCLi AnsKHiCi. Dr. Risios. Wliito aiseiae gr. '^, 
opinm gr. viij, aoap gr. Tixifj ; in 33 pilli. (t-16tli gt. n 

1^171.1. Absbsici loDiM. Dr. Neuca^. Iodide of anc 

gr.ij, manna 3ij,Diacilageq.B. Id EO pills. Oae,3til 

a daj, in pioriaiii and lepra. 
Fii.lm. AasAFiETiDs CavposrrA. B. Auafcetida jij, gil- 
^ Imnum Jij, myrrh Jij, tresel^ by waght, Jj. Heat all 

togettier by means of a water batli, and etir the i 

until it Hssumei a. □□iform consistenr^e. 
PiLOLA Abbaf(EMB« Composite. GrT's H. Assafielidi 

(liU dfiB. ipei^cDiLiiba and Kqnill ta powder^ cacli ^- j ; 

for 3 pills. Tor one dose, twice or thrice daily, 
PiLITLA AsTSiuaBKB. CiTiEBA. PuTc tannin gr. 

gum acabic gr. i^, aagar 5j, aymp q. a. Mix, ind divide 

into 4-graiD piila. [See also 1^1. Tumini, RL Alum'''- 

PiL Zind Solpbatii, &c.] 
F1LITL& AiHOFLX. BoDcniSDAT. Atropine gT. j ;~poirder«d 

altliEcn root and hooey q. s. to caaVo 50 pills. Doae, b) 

oommenoa with 1 to 2 pUla. 
PiLCLA Acai Octdi. M. Oiide of gold gr. v, eitract 0! 

mezereon 5ij. Tisx. accarately, und divide into GO pilli. 
VCLVJ^ Atjsi SODA-MDBiiTiB. M. Soda-nxoriato of g 

gr. j, citraot of meiereon gij ; in 60 pills. 
PiXCLA Balbamica. MOBtON. Powdered miilcpedesjivi^", 

gum ammomacnm 5ix, 1>eD£oic acid 3vj, aaSron jj. Hi 

of Tolu 5i, nnisated balsam of Bolpbur 5TJ or q. a. 
PrtULA Babii CntOBiEi. Walhh. CMocide of baiinm 

gr. IV, mucilage of tragacantb and powdered marah-mal 

root q. H. ; in SDO pUla, 3 daily, increased to 12. 
Filri^ liEBEGBiHS. Dr. MACLAaAir. Sulphate of bebee- 

rine gr. ixiv, aromatic confection q. s. Make 16 pilkj 

two, every i liours, as an outl -periodic. 
PiLCiA Beilasonka: ovh CauphobA. Dr. Dbbbktob^ 

FitUJiir Si/sierical Complaitttg. Camphor jiij, aseafcetiilft 

5iij, extract of baUadonna ^, extract of opium gr. xt, 

aymp of gum q. a. In 120 pills ; 1 pill the Srst day, 3 

tlie Becond, and so on Ijll 6 are talien in 24 hours. 
PiLtiLA Benbdicia. FuLLGn'a Be»Htl PUU. Aloea Jat^ 

Renua 5ij, ussafoilida, galbanam, and rayrrh^ each 3ji b ' 

phute of iron 5vj, Bol&on jsa, mace 53?, oiUof amber 



4rops, sp^p of miigwort q. s. to form a, lusjs. Dote, 9j, 

every or every other night. 
Vact-i. BsHZOEa. Dr. Pabis. Benzoio acid gr. xlj, cztrBct 

of poppies gr. iviij. Mil, for 6 piJli, Dose, 1 pilL JSit- 

PitnLA Baucis. M. Brncia gr. lij, conrectioa of rosei 

5£a; in S4 piUs, silvered. Diwe, one pi)L 
Pnuu. CiiiCiB. Mrs. Stkpebs's remedy for Stone. Lima 

(&oai sbelU of eggs and snuils) mode into n umsa with soft 
:«)ap, and divided into tUree-grain pUU. 
taTLi Citcia Chlobldi. Dr. Copund. CUIorida of 

limu gr. viij to svj, componnd powder of trBgacmitli 5iBB, 

^ycupq.B.; make 24 pills; Ztwiceadaj. 

nitFLA B CiLOKKLABB. O. C. H. Calomel sU. rhubarb 

Was, confection of teoa& q. a.j make 50 pills. See Pil. 

Hjdrnrgjri Suboldoridi Co. 

ixjA. CiMixsLttioa CouposiiA, B., E., &, D. See PiL 

Hydmrgjri SuljchloridI Composita. 
F1LI11.A CAU3UEIAH0S EI Opii. E. Calomel 3 parte, 

opium 1 part, confection of rosea q. e. Beat into a masa, 

to bo divided into pille, esch contaiiung gr. ij of colomcL 
Putrti CiLouKLiNoa bi Ehbi. U. C. H. Calomal 3j, 

rhubarb 3iv, water q. a.; in 60 pUk. 
FijjULi. Caitbdois CoupoaiTA. B. Gamboge, aloee (Bbd.), 

and compound cinnamon powder, of each 1 part, soap S 

parts, ajmp q. s. Dose, gr. v — jy. 
PnuLA CiMBOotM Bl SoAMMONll. Co3. Gamboge 5j, 

Bcammouy 39s, nitrate of potaih 5], sonp 5ij. Mix for 400 

PnuiiA Camphoeata. n. C. H. Eitract of valerian 5ij, 

assafoiiJdu 5], camphor 3j ; in 30 pills. 


and ettract of lettuce, of each 3il98. In 20 pills; 
daily. Aaaphrodiiiai!. 
PlLDLA Cabtbaeims. St. B. H. Cantliarldea gr. vj, e 
tract of gentian 3ij. Mix, for 12 pille. One 3 t' 

SuxUl CANTSABlDia OpiATA. Cautharidea gr. rviij, opima 
gr. xuvj. camphor gr. xiivj, confection of Idpa 
and divide into 3G pills. 
"lOLA Capsici. Sr, B. E. Powdered cBpsLcum gc. 1 





extract of gentian gr. irj. Mix, and divide into IS pil& 

One 3 times a day. 
PiLTJU. Capbici cbm Rhko. Gnr'a H. Capaicum Jj, 

rbubarb 5ij, treacle q. s. Mix, stid divide into 60 piUS} 3 

or 3 to be taken lefore dinner. 
PiLOu CAiHiETici COKPOSITA. U. S. CompDimd ei- 

tract of colooynth in powder Jsb, eitiact of jalap Jjij, 

ralorael ji^, g:fttobog;e 9ij, water q.s. Mix, for 180 pilli. 

Doae, 1, 3, or 8 pills. 
PiLTJiA CETiiiKiNS. Dr. Nbliqak. Cetrarine gr. uiv, 

extract of calmnba 5s3 ; in 12 pills; one every 4 hoarai u 

PlmiA CEyADiLi^. Equal parU of sabadilla and honey, in 

G-grain pills. Dose, for an adult, 4 to 6 pills ; far a child, 

1 or a. Vermifuge. 
PiLUTii CniBArT^, Eeecb. Eitract of ehirayta gij, dried 

enbcarboniLte of soda ^, ginger gr, iv. Mix, for 86 pillt. 

2 twite a diij. 

PnviiA Cocciffi). E. 1744. Pilula Colocjnthidia Comp. 

Pn-DLA C(BBDI.BA, By tlae pills we understand Pilnlo 
Hydrai^yri ; but in some of the continental pharmaoo- 
pceiee tlie I^. Cupri Ammoniata; are so termed. 

PitTTLA CoLcnioi. Sir C. Soddamohe. Acetic extract of 
colchicam 5], powdered niareh -mallow root q. a. Divide 
into 40 pills. 

PlLUiA CoLOKici CDit Opio. St. Gko. H. Acetic eitract 
of ookhicmn gr. ij, compound ipecacuanha powder gr. v; 
in 2 pilU. for a doac. 

PiLtrLA CotooYMTHinifl CoMPOBiTA. B. Mil powder of 
colooynth pulp Jj, Barhadoes hIobb a,nd Bcammony, each ^, 
and sulphate of potash j^. Add oil of cloves fjij, and 
beat into a mass with distilled wuter q, s. Dos^ gr. 

PiLFiA CoLOOYHTHiBia CoHPOSiTA, L. See Eitiactom 
Coloc. Comp. 


ennd eitract of coloeynth ^', calomel gr. lij, treacle q. ■■ 
alie 13 pills. Ovy'b H. (Pil, Coloc cum Hydrai^Tro,) 
Comp. eit. of colocjnth 3iv, calomel 3] ; iota 60 pills. 
Dose, 1 to 5, occasionally. 
, PttCLA CoLooYHiaiwa et Htobctami. B. Boat compi 


'colocjnth pUt 3<j lid extract of hjoujomni ^ into ■ 

TaVLk CouwiNTHiDis BT CoLCBici. BofCHARSAT. Com- 
pound extract of colocjnth 3j, eitruct of colcbicnm £|j, 
extract of opinm gr. j. Mix, siid divide iiito 3-gr, ^lli. 
Dcae, OD8 or more, according to their purgative eBecL 
Sabstitulfld for Larligv^i Oeut FilU. A aimilsr com- 
pound, termed Sir H. Halfobd'b Gout Fills .-—Aixtie 
extract of colchicam gr. iias, Dover's poicdur and comp. 
eit. of colocyntli, cacli gr. ies; in escb pill. 1 Foe a do«e. 

FiLVLA. COLOCXVTHIDTB cvu Oleo Cbotobie. Sir B. 
Bbosie, Comp. extract of colocjQtIi 3iiiii, soap 3as, eroton 
oil one drop. In 12 piUs; one or two everj or every other 

PUDLi CoLOCiKTSiDis Feuboha- Sir J. Wtlib. Com- 
ponnd Extract of colocjntli jjij, aasafcetida, soap, inspi*. 
gated ox-gall, ammoaio-cbloride of iroii, and extract of 
telandine, eicli 5j, tartarized antimony gr. ii, oil of cha- 
momile 30 dropi, sjmp q. s. to form a masi, to be made 
into two-grain pills. 


cynth 3u, ecammony das, confection of rosea q. a. To 
fbiTD 13 pills. 

PiLUU. Com. Stobbce, Eitrect of hemWli Jai, pow- 
dered hemlock ij. e. To form a masB, to Ijk divided into 
three-grain pilli. One nigbt and morning, gradually in- 
creased. Onr'B H. directs ^ of the extract to he divided 
into 12 pilta. To each pill is sometimea added gr. j of 
digitalis, or sulpliate of imc, or powdered aquill. 

Jn-niA CONII CoMPOsiTA. B. Extract of hemlock Jiiaa, 
ipecacuanha Jaa, treaclo q. b. Dose, gr. v — x. 

PiiniJ. Comi COM Htdbabqtbo. Gdt'b H. Extract of 
hemlock gr. iv, mercurial pill gr. j. Mix, for one pill. 

PiLCti CoPAisa:. U. 3. and Mialhb. Bulsam of copaiva 
3^, Iresh caldned nutgneaia j^. Mix, and act aside, iRirring 
occnaionally, till it acquires the connetence of a pill-maai, 
which is to be divided into 200pilU. [This does not olwayi 
Bucceed, even with pare copaiva. M. Faithe lecommendi 

the addition of l-Sth Bordeani turpentine. " ' 

use copaiva will require nearly ita ■'■' 



Five parts ot copaiva and 3 of carlionnte of mRj^esia fbrm 
a Buitable proportion for pills.] 
PUDu CopAiBs ecu Ceba. J. F. SiMoy. WTiita wai ji 
copwva gij. Melt together, and add powdered cubebsjiij. 

PlIlriA, CoBNCa CiBOisiTj;. Rkece. Eitmat of rouoi- 
lesTod di^vFood 3ies, ginger gr. x, dried Gubearbonate of 
soda gr. x; in 24 pills. 

Fn-VLi. Cbbasoti. Woltf. Crcft£ot« 3J, pon-dored nltbiea 
root 5ii extract or powder of liquorice ^j, wuter q, ».; for 
ISO piila, each containing half gr. of eraiaote. PiracKUT 
precribee. against vomiting^ in pregnancy, creaaota gr. i^ 
poffdoced henbane gr. ly; in 12 pilla; one 3 timeB a 

PiLuu Ceotonib cms Qtrrsii. Caventou. Croton-tdt 
aoap Sj, gnlpbatc of quinine 3j, citroct of borage (or dan- 
ddion) q. 8. for20paiB;one for a doae. 


ton-oil soap gr. iij, extract of henbane gr. xiiv, mercurial 
pill gr. Kxiv, oil uf pimento m.xij. Divide into 12 pilli; 
doac. Z, at bedtime. 

Ammoniated copper in 
G parts, eolation of car- 
bonate of ammonia q. e. Ben.t it into a laate, and divide 
into pills containing gr. sa of ammoniated copper in each. 

PiLDLi CupBi STJXPHATifl. Bhampb. Snlphate of copper 
gr. iiJ, bread crnmb 5j. Mix, for 24 pilla; one 8 or i 
timea a day. Swbolaitb. Sulphate of copper gr. xtj, 
bread cnunb 3iv, aolntlon of carbonate of ammonia q. ■.; 
mabe 95 pills. 2 or 3 pilU Ooce or twiue a. Aaj. 

PhiVU Ctkabs, Extract of artichoke 399, saraapitrilla 
powder 3j, oil of eassafraa 1 drop. In 12 pilla. One S 
tinea u day, ia rhaiviatitm. 

PHiTTLA CUM Ctnoolobbo. P. Root-bark of honndg-tongoe 
3iv, henbane seed jiv, eoft extract of opium 5IV, myrrh 
5vj, olihanum jV, aaffrou JisB, eastor giaa, ayrnp of ojniun 
q. B. Mis. Contains gr. j of extract of opiura in gr, riij. 
The original formula of NicoLAua contained sCyrox, and 
seems to have been the origin of Pil. Stjracis Comp<»!tn, 
ai well as of this compound. 

favu Dblphihis. TuiUfEtnL. Delphine gr. j, extract 


o( henbane gr. lij, extract o£ Uqnorioe gr. ly. Mii, and 

divide into 12 piljg. 
PiLiru. DiAPBOEBTjcA. See Pil. Antimonii Coinp. anil Kl. 

AnodyniB Mercnriales. 
Flbl7U DlSITAxn ET ScUJ^. E. Digitolia 1 part, sqnill 

1 mat, uromaUc eleetuorj 2 puits, confeuCion of ruses q. b. 

Mix, mill difidii iiitu pilla of 4 gr. esi^lt. 
PlllTU DieiTAWSa. Qramiles of DisUaliite. HOMOLLB. 

Di^taline ^. xv, refined Bugar 5xiisB. Mix accaratelf, 

and form into 1000 gi^nolas, S. A. From 4 to 6 may ^ya 

^ven in 24 bonrs. 
VlvCJ.k DiaiTAXiNX CouEOSiiA. Falken. Uigitulins 

»' KT. I, squill gr. liiv, pure scummony gr, txxr. Mix by 

fong trituration, and form a masB with syrup of gum. 
Divide into 100 pills, and eilrer them. Oive 2 pills, then 
4, and aEtemacda 6 daily, in droptg, with diaoTdervd cir- 
PXLTiLi. sx DuoBUfl, E. 1744. PiL Colooynthidia Sitopli- 

PILI7LA BcpSBACllOA. L. 1746. Aromstic pi!l 3iij, rhu- 
barb jj, extract of gentian ^, sulphate of iron ^, subcar- 
bonate of potoiih 599, syrup of roses q. b. 

PiLVLA EcpHBAin'iCA cvit Aduleo. E. 1744. Aloes, ex- 
tract of black hellebore, scammony, each ^, ammomacimi 
Sbs, gaiacnm Jas, sulpbaCe of potash 3ij, oil of jnuiper 5j, 
■yrup of bucklhorn q. B. 

PiLCLA Embtica. SwEDiAUB. Bnlphate of copper 3j, 
ipecacuanha 9j, syrup q. s. Divide into five-grain pills. 

FhiCXA as Epllefbiau. ChashjO- Csoas U, Extract of 
jalap zr. iv, extract of aloes gr. xv, solphate of zinc 5ss, 
di«nlpliata of quinine 3Ba, aoap gr. vj, tincture of ginger 
q. s. i divide into SO pills. 

VuxUl Ebsot£ CouFOEiTA. Lallbuans. Ergot, aloes, 
and me, of each gr. viij. lu 13 pills; one three times a 
day, in amenorr-haa. 

Pnm-i, EaooTiMi}. Bokjeait, Ergotine (wntcry extract 
of ergot) gr. iiiv, liqnorice powder 3ij. In 24 pills; six 
in Ihe day. 

PlLULA Fellib Botiki. Dt, ClAY. Inapiaaated oi-gall 
I may be formed into four-groiu pills alone, or as follows ; 

^H — lospiBBBted gall 51], oil of caraway nvx, ea^\isrMt» A 



magneaa g. B. Divide it into 36 pillB; tvta pills, Onrm 
times a day, in poilivimeiB. dejiciency of bile, 4c. Thu 
daieealed ox-gull is conveuiently formed into a, piU-mua 
with spirit. 

PtLVLX Fbebi cux ABBDtTHio. PUvla Martiahs. Stdkk- 
H*M. Levigated iron 3j, extract of wormwood q. «. 
[SwEDiAiTB BubBtitotes the black oiide for the powdered 
filingB.] Dose, 2 pills, twice a day. 

FiIiUiii Febbi AuuobiiMI. JvBTAisosD. Ammonio-chlo- 
tide of iron 5i^, mucilage q. b. Iklii, and divide into 60 
pills. Dr, CoPLAKD. Am. iron ^, alocB jbe, extnuA of 
gentian ^b ; in 30 [lills. U. C. H. Ammoniated iron 3J1 
Eagapenum Siias, galbannm diiss, oIoeB 3j, Broiuntic coa- 
Hection q. B. la 60 pills. 

PiLVLA. Febbi AuuoMio-CrrsATiB. Beru.. Ammonio- 
citrate of iroD 3j, engar 31^1 mudlage q. s. Mix, divide 
Into pills of three grains each, and silver them. 

Fnuu. Febhi AHaBsiAriH. Bibtt. Araeniate of JMU 
gr. iij, eitract of hop 5J, powdered althaia rool 58a, ajmp 
of arniige q. b. ; mix accurately, aad diridc into 4S pUt. 
Doae, 1, daily. 

PttuLl Febbi Hbomidi. M. Bromide of iron gr. x, ooa- 
servc of rosea gr. xvi^, gnm acacia gr. xlj. Mix accq- 
rately, and divide into 20 pUla. Fbbbi Chlobidi. Biett. Hydrodilorato (proto- 
chloride) of iron gr. lij, powdered gentian gr. xxir; in 
12 pillB. Fr«m 1 to 4 daily. 

PiLtTLA Fkebi ComoaiTi, L. Powdered myrrh ^ij, car- 
bonate of soda 3J; rob together io a mortar first mads 
hot, add snlphate of iron 3J, and rub them again; then 
beat with 3J of treacle, unti! incorparated. Dose, gr. ■ 
to XX. [Care should be taken tbat tlte mass is not fpoi^, 
or tile iron will become per-oxidiKcd.] 

FiLCi^ Febbi CABBOHAriB. B. Saccharated carlnnnte of 
iron four parts, conaerve of roses one pact; beat into a 
unilbrm maaa. Similar to VAXLET'e Pills. 0. S. Dissolve 
aeparattty Siv of snlphate of iron and jv of cr. carhonate of 
Boda in fjxvj of boiling water, to which ijj of symp 
lias been added. Mix the BolotiouB, and IctLvo them in k 
cloBcly stoppered bottle, tbat the carbonato of iron maf 
— '■-ide. Waeh this repeatedly with warm water and eynip 


(f^ to fjx^) till tuitclcBS; prees it in flnimel ; uiix it im- 
mediatel/witliSiiss of clarified LDiicy,imd reduce tliemnss 
to B ibIuIht eoDsUtenee b^ water batli. Dr. BurD'fl Pills 
are mado by trilnrating in an iron mortar jir of sulpLate 
of iron, 5iy of auboirboiiate of Boda, and 38a of trugacantb. 
To form a nrnsa to be dlvideil into 96 pills. 

TavLA Fbbsi CDsf Aloe. Boakde. Sulphate of imu 3j, 
carbonBte of pot>i«)i 9], mjrrb Jj, alii«s ^sb. Uii, and 
divide into 30 pilla. Sec Fil. Aloes et Ferri, The Phila- 
llalpbia Col. of Phann. give the following as a substitute 
foe Hooper'i PilU; — Barbadow aloes 3j, dried snlpliate 
of iron 3ij, eilratt of hellebore 3u, mjrrh ^ij, soap jij, 
csDetla and ginger, each 51, water q. e. In pills 2 i graiua 

PiLULi Fbebi kt Conh. Dr. A. T. Thouboh, Saqui- 
oxide of iron ^j, extract of hemlock 5J i mix, and make 
24 pilla. Two twice b dny, in lerafula. &c. 

PlLUl^ Febbi et CopatT£. Balesm of Copaiva 5isB, red 
oxide of iroa 5iij. Mii, and divide into 200 pilla. One 
before each m<>al, increased to 9 or 10 daily, i» tnconfi- 

PUDLi Febbi Fietida. St. B. H. Subcarbouate of iron 
gr. IV, cotnp. galbanum piU 5SS, treacle q. s. to make 12 
pills. Dose, 3 pilla, 3 times a day. 
PttDii Febbi (ium Obntiaka. Gut'b H. Seaquiojide of 
iron, soft extract of gentian, powdered ginger, of each 5183; 
fbr 60 pills; 2 twice or thrice a. day. 
PiLrLi Febbi Iodiiii. B. Fine iron wire gr. xl, iodine 
gr. Ixxi, refined sugar in powder gr. Ixi, liquorice root in 
powder gr. cxI, distilled water "U. Agitate the iron with 
the iodioB and the water in a strong stoppered ounce phial, 
until the f cotb becomea white. Pour tbe fluid upon the 
■ogiir in a mortar, triturate briskly, and gradually add the 
liquorice. U. S. Sulphate of iron 5j, iodide of potassium 
Siv, tiagacanth in powder 3ss, sugar 3ss. Beat them with 
I^Tup into a maaa, to be divided into 40 pills. [Encli pill 
contains about IJ grain of dry iodide of iron.] Mr. Les- 
lie. Agitate 127 grains of iodine, jss of stout irou wire, 
with 76"! of water in a strong stoppered bottle until tbe 
J|^^ ftoth becomes white I triturate the liquid immediately with 
j^KSii of pawdeced sugar for a few minutes, end add ^A^^al^-j 


tlie following miiad powders: liqaorioe Jss, gnm ftnUe 
5iss, flonr 5j. Divide tlio mass into 14i pills. Eacli dUk- 
twus gr. J of iodide of iron. [There are BereTal other 
fonnuliD, but the above are probably the best. Lraoi'a 
pills contain a ^ of a grain, and DiTFAeqriEii'a Jths rf 
B grain, in each.] 

PiLCLA. Fbbbi LAtrtATiB. CAP, Lactate of iron gr. it, 
marBh-nmllow root powder gr. iv, hooey q. s. to Ibnn ■ 
mass far SO pills. 

PtLTJti Fkeri Pbbcyinidi Compobita. JoLiy. PmuJan 
bltte gr. xvilj, sulphate of quinine gr. xij, extract of ojnnm 
gr. j, conserve of rosea q. s. Mix, and make 18 pilla; una 
every 3 honrs, in nenralffia. M. Faitbb D'EsM&Na usei 
tbe following in chorea. Prnsaian bine gv. iv, cxtntctsf 
valerian gr. xlv ; in 24 pills ; one 3 times u day at iutervill 
of 6 honrs, witii infusion of valeriaQ. 

PiXCLA Fhbbi Sitspbosp&atis. Caruicrabl. Snbphoa- 
phate of iron jss to 3ij, pnre potash or soda gr. i^, ei- 
traot of aloes gr. iv, liqnoriee 3j, white of egg q.s.; fbr IS 

PiLUiii Fekm StrFBBFHOSPHATiH. Tho componnd (Ferri 
Biphosphas) made into pills alone or with liquorice powder. 
Dose, gr. j— ij. 

iPiLULA Fkrbi StTLPEATiii. G. Dried sulphate of iron i 
parts, extract of taraiacam 5 parts, conserve of tosm 3 
parts, liquorice powder 3 parts. Beat them together, alid 
divide into five-grain pills. [U. S. substitutes extract cf 
gentian for extract of dandelion.] 

RlULi SCTLFHiTlS FKBBI COitPOSITA, E. 1817. Solphftte 

of iron 3j, extract of chamomilB ^iss, oil of peppermint 3j, 
syrup q. s. to form a mass. 
IftLiiA Fbhm Splphttrkti. BiBTr. Snlpharet of iron 5bs» 
ultbiea powder gr. xv, sjrap q, s, j in 20 pills; 1 to 4 dl^, 
'n tcrqfulaua emptiotn. 

[.(TLA. PflSBI ST Ql7UiI£ lOSnil. BODCQARBAT. Fr^ll 

proto-iodide of iron 3isB| disnlphate of quinine gr. xrSj, 
honey 3]. liqnoriee powder q. s. Mix, and malto 60 pillat 
from 2 to 6 daily, in chloroiis, 
^LCLA PiLioia. Febchieb. Extract of male fern (olenm 
fllicis) 9j, powdered fern Sss, conserve of ■ *" 




PuuiA FcBiTDA. See Rlnla A^sarcetJdio, cud Pil. Qilbant 

FcLTiXA Fin-isms. Dr. Kelioan. Eitract of soot 5s% 
compDund galbaniitn pill 3j, oil of lalprisn niz. In 13 
^tls, two 8 times a da;, ia hsittria. Dr. Ffu-eb pre- 
scribed wood-Boot jiss, carbonatti of nmmoiiia 5S11, tnr q. t. 
In flve^gmiii pills ; 1 to 4 ey«ry four hours. 

PilttilI FinjooEAi.1 Sclphttbati. DESciiAUFi. Solplin- 
rated follgokali 3?, stareli ^a". tmgacanth gr, viij, Bjrap 
q. B. Make 100 pilU, and oover them with two or three 
coats of tragacflnth. The pilla o( simple fuligokali aro 
made in the eamc wa;, but do not require to be covered 
with gum. 

Peevla QjJSiJSi CojCTOSiTA. L. PQula Oummoia. Pre- 
pm^ gulbuLniu 5ij. mjn-h and si^penum, each ^iij, 
prepared asaafiEtida 3j, eoft soap jij, treacle q. 9. Beat 
them together to form a mass. 

PiLCUi Gbntiam^ crna Fbeho. Buy's H. Eitract of 
g«ntian jj, sulphate of irou 3j. Mix, aud divide iuto 20 
pills — one 3 times a, day. 

PltUIii GUKMOBA AlS.AJ.TSi. Mr. HuiBE. Choice myrrh 
5iBB, saj^pennm jisa, galbnnum ^. assafcetida 599. Tri- 
turate in DO iron mortar with corbonnte of potiuth 5ij, 
add brown sugar 3^, and beat together into n uniform 

VUiVL^ OSXBANI CFK FzBBO. Gitt'bII. Comp. galbanum 
~ jull 3iij, sesquioiide of iron jisa, water q. h. Make GO 
'ills. Dose, 1 or 2, twice or thrice a day. 
[TiA Qii.BABi CUM ZiNco. GcT's H, Comp. golbinuni 
'ipill 3iv, Bolphate of rino 3]. Mii, make 60 pills. Dose, 
1 or 2, twice a day. 
Pituu. GBBTUNiNJf. F. H. Gentiaoino gr. v, cooBerre 

of roses and liqnsrice powder to form a mass for 6 pills. 
Pn-FLA OrAiici. St.B. H, Gnaiacnm resin 3J, treacle q.a. 
In 18 pills. Dose, 3 pills, 3 times a day. 
-,Ui;AGuAlAciCoiiPD8lTi. U. C. H. Guaiacum, calomel, 
:ysulphur£t of antimony, and eitrnct of hemlock, of each 
oop^ha q. s. Make ioto pills of 3 grains each. St. 
H. GuaiacaTD gr. i, ipecacuanha gr. j, opium gr. j, 
.Bcle to form n mass tor i pills. 
tTTLi GuiDii Elabjici. BoviB. CooufchoKC Pill*. C(ft. 



TndU-nibber with Nuason into imnll iqiiares, weigliuig 
3 or 4 gnmti moiiteD tliem witli Ejrup of Tola, and 
■bake tliGm in a box with a miitnre uf powdered aogu 
and gum. Let them d,ry. 31- Haixeb gives gr. iit, aod 
grndnallj increases the doee to 3 or 4 gmnB, iu eontumf- 

PttULA HTBRiQOOA. P. BonfiiW Pills. Aloes Jj, gwn- 
J>OBB 3i' e°™ ammomac Jj, white vinegar Jvj ; diraolrc 
hy heat, Etrain, aud evapamte to a pilalar c 
Divide into 4-gnLin pills. 

PntTLA. Hfdbarosbi. B. QuickailTer 3ij, confedoan ef 
red roM Jiij, liquorice powder Sj. Rub tlie mercury with 
the confection till the glohnleB can no longer lie pereaindi 
then add the liquorice, and beat all together till inooi- 
porated. Dose, as an alterative, 2 to 3 grains; na a JMf- 
Salive, 6 to 12 groins; as a tialagosue, 6 grains in Itn 
maming, and from 5 to 10 at night. 

PlLPLi HTDEABOlBOBi. P. Qoictsilier 5vi, honey jTJf 
triturate till the qoivkBilrer ia eitingnvilied, and add alwi 
5»j, rhubarb 5iij, scammony 5ij, hlnck pepper 3j, honej 
g. s. Mix; \ grains contain 1 of quickailrer. £The FU. 
Meccurialeg Lfliantes, E. 1744; PiL Mercurialea, L. VHBi 
and those of Belloate, MoreloC, and Barheroussi^ txe vet; 
similar oomponnds.] 

PitiTLA Htdbabosbi Aldetica. Bobtbs. Quicksilver ^m, 
lardSJ; triturate accurately ; and add powdered SocotriM 
alues Bufflcient to form a mass ; to be divided iat ' 
pills. Dose, 4 pills, in the morning, for iapemori 

PlLtTLA HtDBAEOYBl OCM AlOB. Bbahde. Merconal pin 
5j, alaea 5s>. Mix, and divide into 21 pills. 

FiLOLA EYDBAnoTBi CAUFnoBAiA. U. C. U. Calomd 
5ij, gnaiacum gij, camphor 58B, copaiba q, s. Divide ii 
2.grBin pills. 


tract of colocyDth, soap, and mercurial pill, of each equal 
parts ; in 4-graiD pills. 

FjLULA HTDEiBOTEi ctTH CoNio. U, C. H. Quickdlrer 
3j, mucilage of tragncanth Jvj ; rub tQl the quicksilver ii 
extinguished, and add extract of hemlock 3j, Hoke into 
S-grain pills. See Kl. Conii cnm Hjdrargyro. 



317 I 

Equal weigliU of quicksilver with cluJk, and comp. ipeca- 
cuaaba powder, mnde into pills of 5 grains each. 


quioxido of irou ^, quicksilver ^ij, confection o{ rod 
jiij; rnb togotlier till the glohulos disappear. It is made 

Plluia Hydbabqibi emu Hi-oacYiMO. U. C. H. I 

curial pill 5j, extract of henbane 3iij ; make 60 pills. 
Pn-ui* HroBiBBTBi CUM BBEa Gtry'8 H. Mercorinl 

rail 3j, rhubarb ^jj mix for 24 pillB. U. C. H. {Kl, Hyd. 

Composittc.) Mercurial pill jij, rhubarb 5j, confection of 

genua q. s.; for 30 pills. 

pill gr. xr, dried squill gr. iij ; iu 8 pills. See Bolus Scilloi 
cum Hjdrargyro. 
PiLDti [Us&TiEKTi] Htdbahotbi. BiKTr. Mcrcurial 
ointment, powdered sarsaparillo, each 5ji mix, and dividu 
into 48 pills. From 1 to 4 daily. Laoneau directs mi 
curial ointment 9iT, powdered marsli-imilloiv root 5 j ; 
40 pills. 

PiLiriA Utdbabotsi cdt* Stkasiko. Mr. Wbigktsok. 
Pure stearinc 3j ; rub it in a mortur, nud add quicksilver 
5iv; triturate for 10 minntca, and add confection of roses 
jiij, flour 3iij, powdered gum 5j, otto of roses 1 drop. A« 
' ■'■ ■ ! tor PiL Hjdrsrgyri. 

A Hydbaiioxbi cim Bafoite. Sbsili,oi. Mercurial 
I oiotmcnt jij, soap 9iv, liquorice powder 3v; in 4-gnun 
\ pills. 

. HTDBABayni Aoetatis, Kbtbbb, Acetate of 
umna, ^m acacia, of onch 3j, rosa-nater q. s. ; 
.0 form a muss for SO piUa. 


;e of mercury, opium, camphor, of each, jss, syrup of 
[ippicB q. I. For 30 pills. 

._ A HTDBABOyBl Chlobtoi Mlllfl. U.S. One-grain 
^lomtl Pillt. Calomel Jir, powdered gum arable ^, 
Wup q. s. Mil, and divide int« 210 pUla. 


Klomelanos Comp., B. 1664.] PlHtnmer'i Fill. B. Tri- 
■ e suhohloride of mercury (calomel) ^ ■sifiv «\i^V'»- 




itimon; ^. Add g;naiiici]m resia in powdcr'S 
anu castor oil f^j or q. s. Beat into a imirorm taass, 

Calomel gr. TJ> extiw:t or hemlMk -j; mix, for 12 luUa. 
One 3 times a day. 

PiitTJ. Hybbabgybi Ckloeidi cum Oko. See KL Cilo 


ScmJt. Sir A. CoopKB. Calomel gr. xij, mercurial pU 
gr. iiiv, Eqnill gr. luij ; in 12 pills. 

PlXDU Hysba&otbi BlCaLOBIDI. i'il.JfEl/orVS^qjT'DMMH. 
Tbere are several formnlffi for thcao pilta, vorviog in tbB 
proportion oF bichloride of mercnry. The folloniug in 
some of the more usual : — Gtn'g H. Bichloride of metvaj 
gr. ir, muriate of ammonia gr. u ; mb together, tho 
with boiling water f5iv, and add mCGeicnt bread-crumb ta 
form 120 pills, Dose, from 1 pill to 2, once, twice, a 
ofteoer, daily. Each pill contains 1-Sth of a grain of 
Boblimate. ST. Oko. H. Bichloride gr. x, gam acacia 3jj; 
tiiCorate together accnratelj, and add bread-crumb ^^t 
divide iutu 60 pills. Duse. 1 pill. NiEUAl.')'. Biohktri^ 
of merciuy gr. ^v, distilled water -J; triturate caruAdtfi 

j and add bread-crnmb gvj ; mii aeonrately, and divide into 
ISO pills, each containing I-12th cf a grain of sublimate. 
B^tBi. Sublimate gr. j, alcohol q. s. to dissolve it, bread- 
crumb q. s. to form a mass ; divide tt into 8 pills. DzoSSL 
Snbliroate gr. xij, water q. a.; dissolve, and add Iread- 
crnmh aud white augnr q. s. to form a mass for 240 ^lli^ 
eacli containing l-20th of a grain of,HubUmate. Hen- 
xanq'h pills contain l-30th of a grain in each. 

DODSI.B. Extract of aconite 3j, soblimBte gr. ij, povdsnd 
aconite q. a. ; mii accnrately, and divide into 24 pills. 


minuted chloride of mercury gr. lixv, powdered altbai 
gr. luv, sjrup of gum q. a. Make 100 pills. One dail;. 


AatVterpctic PilU. Bichlnride ot mercury gr. iij, dinoln 
in alcohol q. s., and add eiitract of hemlock ~ ' 
make 60 pills; S pills to he taken 
quantity gradually increased to 9 or 1 

I ^; m 


Pn,OW HniBABaTEi BrcHiOBini ctru: GirrnrB. Subli- 
mate gr. j, freah vegetable gluten gr. nv, powdered gum 
arable gc. It, powdered althioa root gr. liij ; triCurate tbe 
Boblimate witli tlie gluten, and add tbc reet. Divide into 
10 pills. 


lesH. Eitract of gQaiacum gr. i:u^, extract of opiam 
gr. viij, corroaiTe Bublimatfl gr. iij. Knb the sublimate 
witli a little syrup, mix tbe whole accurately, and divide 
into ii pills. One for a dose. 

PllCLi HrHBAEQYBI KT QniBiM Celobidi. HiMnioy. 
Doable cbloiidQ of moicury and gninins gr. xv, opium 
gr. vj, bread-crumb q. s. ; mix cikccfall;, and divide into 
80 pills J 1 three times a day, to produce aalivation. 

PiLiTiA HTDBiKsyBi loDCDi. L. 1B36. Iodide (prot^- 
iodide)of quicksilver 5j, confection of hipa^ij, ginger 5j,- 
mii. [Another mode of exhibiting this remedy it — ^Com- 
pound calomel pill 9j, iodide of potaaaium Jss; make 12 
pills; I every night. M. directs tbem to be made in the 
BUme manner aa the Pilula Dento-iodidi Hydrai^yri.] 


Froto-iodide of mercury 3ag, extract of gnaiacum ?j, ei- 

'tract of lettuce 3ij, eitrart of sariaq.s.j make 73 pilla, 

Talo 1, and aftcrwarda 2, daily. Ricobd. Iodide of 

lercnry gr. j, eitract of lettuce gr. j, extract of hemlock 

'. ij, in each pilL Dr. Babboitb. Iodide of mercury 

j, HloeB 58a, dried solphate of iron 5a9, mjrrb 3sa, oil 

ot' savin 20 drops. In 24 pills, 1 three times a day, in 


PiLCLA Htobaegtei Deuto-Iobibi. M. Deuto- iodide 

(biniodide) of quicksilver gr. j, extract of juniper gr. xij, 

pmvdered liquorice q. fl.j for 10 pills. Cut. H. (Pil. 

Hydr. Biniodidi.) Biniodide of mercury 9ij, extract of 

bemlock ^ss, mnriate of morphia Jsa, ginger 5iij, glyceriue 

q. a. ; mix, and divide into 120 pills; 1 or 2 pilla once or 

twice a day. 


of potaasinm gr. vi^, bioiodido of quicksilver gr. viij, 

qymp of gam q. s. ; mb together, and add sugar of milk 

gr. Inv. Divide into 33 piils. Mialhb directs iodide of 

■jotasbium gr. vj, proto-iodide of quicksil-ieT 51. %i, <».- 






tract of opium gr. lij. MU the salts accurately, then tli* 
extract, and divide into 84 pills. 2 pills daily. 
Piioul. HiDEiBOTBi PsoTOXTDi, Mr. Tyson. Protoiide 
of met'enry (Tjaon's) jj, confection of roses 5iij, pon- 
dered cliainoiailes jss; mii. [Itecommeaded aa a lub- 
Blitnte for bins pi7i.] 


mercory 5bs, extract of fumitory 5ji mix, and niHke 4S 
pillfl. Dose, 1 or 3, dajly. 

Phosplmte of mercury gr. ii, lartarbed antimony gr.j, 
opiom gr. vj, confection of hlp3 q. s. In 6 pills; oue BE 

PiLULi HYDBiEoyai HAHNBiLurai. F. H. Habnemiuii'i 
soluble mercury (ace H jdrargyri Precipitatum Nigrum^ ^ 
gnin arsbic 5«s, augnr 3SS. Mix, Rnd divide into 3D piDL 

PiLtFUL. Htdbakotsi Pncro-mTBAXiB. Filules de Saiult- 
Marie, Powdered proto-nitrate of mercury gr. viin, «■ 
tract of !iqnoricB3B9; mii accQrately, and divide il " " 
pilla. Dose, 1, 4 times a day. 


Estract of henbane Jj, estraet of Valeria 
zinc ^. Mix. and form into 3-g7ain pills. 

PiruiA loDistt. Breba. Iodine gr. j, liquorice powd*P 
9j, elder rob q. s.j for 8 pills. 

PiHTLA loDOFOBMi. Dr. Glotbb. lodofann 3] J bmd- 
erumb and mnciloge q. s. Divide into 30 pffl " ' 
OKiHDAT. Iodoform 58E, extract of wormwood q 
and divide into 36 pilla. One 3 times a day, in tttnjfuia— 
aj^ections, &c. 

PlLnui IPECAiniANHS CUM ScrLi^A. B. Compotmd ipcu- 
Euanha ponder jiij, fresh-dried aquilt 3j, ammoniBcum ^ 
treacle q. 6. Beat hU togetlier. Dose, gr. t to x. 

PlLTTIJ. iFBCADOANKffl) CUM CONIO. St. B. H, EltrSct of 

kemlocli 5], ipecacuanha gr. xij ; mix, and make IS ^lU. 

Dose, I, every G hours. 
PiLTHJ IPECiOFAMH-s ET Opii. E, Compound ipeeaoii- 

nulla powder 3 parts, confection of rosea 1 p»rt. "" 

aod divide into pills of 4 grains each. 
PiLVLA Jalap£. E. 17SS. Eitruct of jalap 31), nromatie 

pomdor 3J, syrup q. s. to make a maaB, [Paca. Pa, Soap ol"^ 


jaUp 3 pu'ts, powdered jalnp 1 part. Mix, to form a 

PiLru. Jalap* Cokposita. Jalop, rlmbarb, aoap, of eaclj 
3j, CBlomel 3x1, tartarizcd aQtimODy gr, xxviij. Mil. 

Pixni^ Jalasm Alealina. Kbece. AlknlinD extract of 
jalttp 3iB9, gingsrgr. ij in 24 pillB. Doae, 3. occamonally. 

P1LIT1.A Jalaps cvm Calomblake. Alibebt'ei I'tirgativa 

Pilli. BEBin of jalap 5j, ualomtl 5j, eoap 3], oil of 
orange peel 6 drops. Mi^e 60 pills. 
PiLlTLA JAisaiaM. Dt. Baubau. Decorticated aeedg of 
jatropa BOSTpi'o'ia aHJ- eamboge, extract of coloejiith, 
and scammouy, each ^. Ma^e 90 pille. Dose, 1, 2, or 

FlLULA JtTQLAHSia. M. Neobieb. Extrnctof waliiutleivBB 
5j, poirdered walnnt leaves q. s. to form n mass; to be 
divided into 20 pills. 2 or 3 in the day. 

PrLTTti Lactucabii. Dr. DCTHCAH. Irtictuparium gr. lij, 
liqnorice powder 3'w. Mil, and make 12 pilU. 

PiLtrtA LuptrLrsB. M. The powder tritnruted forma a 
gofficieutlj tenacious moss for pills, without aay addition^ 
[Chbvalusu. Ltipuline jiiss, gum acacia 3j, extract of 
chicory q. s.; make iuto 4-grain pills.] 

PiLDLA Mahqanesii Cabsonatis. M. Rinnos. Disaolra 
aepuately Sxvij oE crya. aalpbaCe of mangniicBe and fjxis 
of carbonate of Goda in water q. s. Mix the solntion?,, 
and add to eier; Sxvij of the liquid Jj of syrup, and 
allow the precipitate t« BubsidB in a well-closed bottle. 
Pour off the sopeniatant liqiud, wash the precipitate witli 
ngared water, eipresl, mix it with 5x of honey, and 
evaporate rapidly to a pill-const steni^e. Doae, IVom i to 
10 four-gmio pills, daily ; in anamia, cMorosit, &e. 

PiLULA Manqasbbii Iodlui. M. Hannon'. Iodide of 
potassium 3j, dried sulphate of mangnuese gj; mix with 
honey q. s. to form a pill-mass ; divide into 4i-^uia pills. 
Dose, fi'om Ipill. daily, gradnally increased, 

PiLDLA Makoanbbu Malaiib. M. Hamion. Malate of 
niaDganeaa gr. iv, powdered cinchona gr. iv, honey q. s.j 
for 20 pillaj 8 to 5 or 6 dnily. 


, manganese 9ij, gum arahio Bij, liquorice 3]. Mix. 

^^Klcla M^^aAaE8^ Phobfhatis. M". Hasnob. Phoa- 

q. a. Ill 4-grtuD pills. 

ILUU MAHaiBBSll TAS,TBi.TiB. As PU. Mang. Malatia. 

Bulplute of iron Jxlij, aalphate of mangSiaese Si"^ '*^ 

bonaW of aoda 5**iisa, Lonoj gr, sjrup q. e. to make a 

iDBBii, to be divided into 4-gTaiii piUa. Dose, from 2 to 10 

piUe, dailj. 
PiLCLA Pit. Paeijkir. E. 1744. Cmtor Jij, 

BafEron 3j, opimn Jj, soap of torpBiitiiie 5iij, copaiva q. (. 
PnoLA Meo-lim. See Fil. Hjoacjami et Ziuci. 
FiLULA MoBFHXs. M, Morphiue gr. j, coneerpe of n»t* 
s, for 4 pilla. Mialhe. Acetate of morplime gr. j, 

-jiuervF of oraDge Sowers gi, xvj ; in 8 [alli. 
Patri^ MoRFHXJB Cokfobita. TtotreiEB. Sulphate of 

Tuorpliia gr. ^i cjanide of potassiam gr. it, macilage q< fl.; 

niuke 24 pills, One every eii hours, is nettralgia, 
PtLViA MoscBi. F. H. Musk ^, oxide of ziue 5gsi in 

"6 pills. OuB every 3 houre. 
iTLi GcY'8 H. Myrrh jiiies, soap jw, 
rater q. a. ; make 60 pills. Take 2 to 4 twice or thrice » 

FiLlru Mtbrbb CouFoetTA. U. C. H. Mjrrh ^as, tab- 
carbonate of iron jss, soap ^, aromatio confection ij. a. 
For 30 pills. 

PrLBii NuciB VoM3CJ[. M. The resinous eitract formed 
into pilldof gr. j eachi with or without confection of ro«M. 

Jimiii Nccia Voxics Cim Alok. Dr. COPLiSD. KU 
of aloes and myrrli 31vi extract of nnx vomica gr. x; mix 
aecnrately, and divide iato 3S pills. One or two night 
and morniDg. 

fucUi Olei Cbotonib. Dr. Rebce. Oil of croton seeds 
6 drops, soap 3aa, oil of earan-ay 8 drops, Lquoriec powder 
q. a. For 12 pills. Doae, 2 or more. Dr. Copland pw- 
aoribe* oil of crofon 6 drops, pill of aloes and myrrh %iat, 
»OBp 3j, liquorice powder q. a. In 30 pills. Doaa, 2 or 3. 
Ol. H. Croton oil 1 drop, colocjnth piU gr. v. 

PiLCU. Olei Ebootx. Oil of ergot, powdered altbee* root, 
yolk of egg, of each gr. xv ; in ^0 pills. 

Piiiju. Opii. See Kl. Saponis Co. 
LLuiA Opii Cokposita. Oct. H. Powdered opium sj, 


^B extraot of hemlouk 5ir; iu 
^B Purified opinm 5), camphor 
^P XT, G jrup q. s. ; far 60 pills. 

^•"PlLDLA PADUJSla. Dr. Gateeelb. Eaeli pill contains 
gr. isB of the extract. 4 to 5 daily. 
PjLirxA pESPETttA. Motallio antimoDj (regnlua) cast into 

PixuLA Pbotobalib. E. 1746. AmraDniacoiQ 3ir, benuMn 

3iij, mjrrb 5'^, saffroD ^, anieBteil biilaam □£ BiUphiir 3»ie, 

•ymp of Tolu q. b. Dr. Laihau's Coagh I^le : comp. 

Ipecac, ponder 3j, fresh squill 3j> ninnjoniacQiii 3j, calomel 

gr. iv; in £0 pills. One 3 timee a day. 
PlUTLA Pitas. Tar 3j, elecBimpane powder q. a. to form a 

mass. Dr. Wood cecomoieiuls flour and tar. Dr. Bbt- 

KOlTB. Tar 3ij, liquorice powder 3] ; in 16 pills. 2 or 8 

pilia 3 timea a day. 
PiLULi Piois NiOBB. Dr. Wabblewobth. Black pitch 

5ji pondered gum arable 3S9 ; mix, and divide into 20 pilla. 

Two every night. In hamorrhoidal diseases. 
TTLVUl PittMBMTI iNBioi, MioaHi. Indig'o gr. lij, 

opiam gr. iss, extract oE valGriim gr. xviij, eitrai^t of baik 

;gT. xviy; in 20 piUe. 4 in the day. In traumatia 

PiLtTLA PiPEBiFa, It. H. Pipecine gr. iiiv, crumb ol 

bread q. s. ; to make 12 pills. One every two hours, fa a 

PiLiriJ. PiTBBiHS CFM Htbbabqybo. Dr. Habtik. Blue 

pill gr. j, pipariiie gr, ij, sulphate of quiniuo gc. ij, syrup, 

to form a pill. 
FiLUiiA PiATmi BidtLOBmi. Dr. EcBi'Sii. Bicblorida 

of platina gr. viiss, eitiact of gnaiacom 5j, liquorice 

powder q. s. ; divide into 20 pilla. Dose, 1 pill, 3 times a day. 
PlLBLA Plchbi ccm Opio. B. Aeetate of lead 6 parts, 

opium 1 part, conserve of rosea 1 pajt ; beat ioto a, uni- 
form mass. 
Pituu. PitriTBi loBiur. Cottebbatt. Iodide of lead 3ss, 

confection of roses q. a.; mii, and divide into 120 pills. 

Dose, 1 (graduall; increaacd to 5), nigbt and morning. Ih 

scrojiilous, sehirrong ttimoars, ^e. 
PrLTTLA PiiTBraBBi. Sco PiL Hydiftrgyri SubcUoridi Corni- 
~r pcMita. 



ing and iiiglit. [DoBTAtrLT bbjb 20 in u day.] 
PiLijXA Ptboans. See Pil. Aloeti, CutLartica, Colocjn- 

thidie, CrotuniB, Jalapar, &c. 
PiLTrti Pdboasb STDarrtANS. Dr. Robisson. Extract of 

aloas 5i, 'balsam of Peru gr. x, oil of uaraway 10 drops. 

BcammoQj Sea j mil, fiir 30 piUe, Dos?, 2 pUs. jW 

tlvggiih bomeit of old pcriom. 

oi-gall ^, nlois 3j, compooad citrnct of colocjntb 3j, soap 
3j ; mi», nnd diride into 36 pills. 
PlLBtA Qtjehcetani. Compound colocynth piU gc. xlriy, 

calomel gr. xij ; in 12 pills. 

Pllcu Qdihis. B. Mil gidpiialfi of quiQia gr. Ix and 

:tion of hips gr. xx, into a unifomi mnag. Dose, gr. 

U. 8. SulphaW of quinine 5i> powd«red gam 

I 3ij, hone; <j. s. Hake ^0 pills. Dose, 1 to 5 pilb; 

e equal ta Jj of bark, rMANCH. H. Sulpbnle of 

qnimna 3j, eitract of Bentian 3ij ; mil, for 20 piUs.] 

Puirti QuiNis CoMPOHiTA. RrAN. SQlplinte of quixdna 

gr, lij, estract of gentian 3j, compomid rhulrarb pill 9ij, 

blue pill gr. ij; mil, and mate into IB pilla; 1 three 

PiLULA Quisle cum CamphoeS. Copland. Camphor iit 
powder 9j', solpliate oE quinine 3ij, pill of bIocb and myirh 
3i«B, syrap of ginger q. B. Mate 40pitl8. 1 twice a day. 

FlLUti Qdinik FKEBo-PauBaiATis. Dokotas. Hydro- 
feiTDCyanatB of qaiiiia gr. iiiv, mucilago q. a.; make 12 
pills. Dose, 2 pilla. 

Pii,TriA AS Babtzh. Weblbof. CanthariduB in fine 
powdBr gr. j, belladonna gr, ij, calomel gr. ij, cilraphor gr. 
IV, mneilage q. a.j make 6 pillB. Three, twice a day, tn 

FniTiA REBOLTByB. PilnUs Fondaateg, F. H. Soap 
giij, ammoniacnm 3J, rlinbarb Jj, aloes gr. I, aasafiBtida 
JBS, tinftarc of salfron q. s. Mix, and divide iuto S-erun 
pills. Dan. Ph. Rbnbnrh jij, acetate of soda, Jij, in- 
apissated ox-eall 31], mucilage q. s. 
I PHTHA Rhatabik bt Bhki. Rekcb. Ettractof rhata 
^M 3j, eitruct of rbubiirb 3ij, ginger 9] ; ia 31 pills. 

Plirrti Bhet. E. Ehubarb 9 parts, acetate of potaah 1 
part, coiLservu of rotes 5 parts. Beat iuta s proper tnnsa, 
and divide into B-gmin pills. U. S. Ehubarb jvj, aoap 
^j, water q. s. ; for 120 pills. 

TlLDii Ehei Compobita. B. Efanbarb in powder Jiijj 
Socotrine aloes iu powder Ji jl , myrrh in powdtir jiss, hara 
soap JiBB, oil of peppermint ij"^ treacle, by weight, 5iv. 
Mix the pnvrders with the oil, add the treacle, and bcattha 
whole into a. HDironn mass. It may also be mode without 
tbe oil of peppermiDt. 

Plt,DLA Khbi ET AltTHBSIIDiB. Speediman'a PilU. Eha- 
barb, hIol's, myrrh, oitract of ehamomUee, of each 3J, oil 
of chamoniilea 12 drqpa. Iiita 4-graiii pills. 

ifiLPLA Bhbi kt Caeui. Dr. KiTOffstfKB's Peritialtio 
Periuaderi, 'Fnrltey rhubarb 5y, ajriip jj, oil of caraway 
mi. Mix, and divide into 40 pills. Dose, 1, 3, or 3 pills. 

'fiLrLA Eeec BaIiSAHICA. Swbdiattb. Powdered rhnbarb 
and gnm acacia, equal parts, balsam copnivu q. s. to form 

i. Rbbi ST Fekkt. E. Dried sulphate of iron 4 
psrts, citruet of rhaborb ID part-s, eoiiserve of roses 6 
part«. Mix, and divide into S-grain pills. 
fiLiTLA Rbei atru Ofio. 8v. B. H. Ehubarb gr. ix, opium 

gr. j, water q. b. For 2 pilla. 
PlLDIA Rhbi ODH SodA. O. C. H. Ehubarb, dried soda, 
aioh 5isa, syrup q. s. j in 30 pills. Guy's U. (HI. Ehei 
Conip.) Rhubarb, dried carbonate of aoda, extract of 
gentian, of each 5iss. Mix, and make 60 ptllr;. Dose, 1 

JPiLULA Ehei bv Zinqibebib. Ebabarb 5iiss, ginger 3is8, 

syrup q. B. Id B-grain pills. 

" i. leu ExTBAOTUM RuBii. E. 1783. Bluok hellehore 

5ij, colocynth 3^, water Oiv) bail to Oij, strain, eva^ 

. porata to congistence of honey ; add aloaa 3ij, Bcainmonj 

33< remoro from the fire, and add sulphate of potash 5ij, 

^^^^ oil of cloves 5j. 

^CLA RVTI. See PH. Aloes cum MyrrbS. 

hLJ!i.i. SAaAFEKC CoupoaiTA. L. 1336. Sagapenam ^, 

aloea 3sa, aymp of ginger q. s. Dose, 5 to 10 grains. 
** — u. Saucing. Jor. Salicine gr. xii. extract of ga nUia 
lij, liquorice powder q. s.; for 6 pilU- 



PiXDu Sai<icin'£ Laxass. Salicine 9j, ccmponnd rbabvfr 

pill 3jj { mix, and mabe 18 pills. 
Pnnii SAP05I9 CoMPOBiTi. B. P3, Opii, B. 18fi4. 

Opium in poirder Jv, bard >oap 5ij> diitillcd trater q. s. 

B«dace tlie amp to a poKiter, add Uie opium nitb tbe 

Tater, acd beat into a nnifOTia mnsa. 1 gr. in 6. B. Pit. 

Thehaica. Opium 1 part, sulphate of potasli 3 partem ONi- 

■erre of roses 1 pnrt; aAx, and divide Into 5-grain pills. 
pjXtTLA CFM Saiohb. P. Softp Siv, althSB root Jss, nitce 

5j. Mil. 
EmrtA ScAMMONii. Dr. Copland. ScammDny gr. ly, 

white BDgar gr. x ; lab together, and add oil of cArawa; 

PiinLA SoAMMOsn COKPoeiTA, Gwr'S H. Scamnmnj, 
extract of henbane, gamboge, coroponnd extract of coUt- 
cyntb, and eoap, of each gr. lij, water q. t. ; make IS pills, 
SoK, 2 to 3. St, B. E. ScammoDygr. xiir, atoeasr. xij, 
gamboge gr. lij, ginger 3j, treaole q. s. For IB piUs. 

PlLTFXA ScTLLB. E. Sqnill In fine powder 5 parts; am- 
moniac, ginger, and Boap, each 4 parts; conserre of rowS 
2 parts. Make a uniform mass, and divide into G-graiii 

PlLUl^ SciLLS CouFOBlTA. B. Squill in ponder ^t, 
ginger in powder, 3j, ammoniac in powder ^, bard Boap 
5j, treacle, by weight, ^ij or q. e. Mii. Dose, 6 ta 16 
grains, twice a day. 
PiLTiiA SciU:*: OTB AitJCONiAOO. St. B. n. Powdered 
BqniUa gr. iIJ, ammomaciim gr. ilviij, water q. a. Make 
18 pills. 
Plitn,A SoiXLE cuii CnoTONB. Mr. Selwyh. Croton oil 
nivj, componnd aqnill pill 3ij, compound eitract oC colo- 
i^tb 3ij ; in 18 pills. Three timea a week, in dropgy. 
PiLCiii SciUiE otTH HYDBABamo. Qdt'b H. Oside of 
qnicksilTer 9j, compoaud eqnill pill 3iv; mix, and dirido 
into 60 pills. Dose, 1, 2, df 8 pills, once or twice a day. 
"iLTjti SorLLS CTTM Opio. Gut's H. Powdered opinm 
(, compuntid squill pill ^iv; mii, and divide into 60 
Dose, 3, every night. _ 

Sedatiya. U. C. H. Extract of hcnbono El 
j, alcohol niiij. Make 20 pills. 


LiiiiA SissvM. HcreLiHi). Senna p. ^, extract a! daa- 
delioD q. a. Mil, and malic 30 pilla. Dose, 6 to 8. 
LULA SEliN^ Co:uf03lTA. The uomp. powder of senna 
formed ioto pills. 

FiLULA. SuDCCEBl. GaJbaDum ^j, su^penum 3J, snap 3j, 
rliabflrb 5188, tartar emetic gr, nj, liquorice joico 5]. 

PTLDii Soke Abbehiatih. Eb. Wimok. Arseniate of soda 
gc.ij; dlasoWc in distilled water q.s.iBnd add p. gnaioctim 
5bh, oif eulphni'et of antimon; 3j, mucilage q. e. Mii 
oareMly, and divide into 34 pills. Doae, 1 piil. 

PDWrti SanJE cifM Htosotasio. Dr. Coplahd. Dried 
Bnbcarbonate of soda BiisB, rhubarb ^j, extract of henbane 
9ij. In 36 pills. 

Pn-tTLA Sods ctm Saponk. E. 1817. Dried subcarbonata 
of soda jij, soap Siss, sjrop q. b. [Dr. Bkddobb. Dried 
BDbc. of soda 5j, soap 3iv, oil of juniper 10 drops, sjrup of 
gingur q. 5. Make 30 pilU ; 2 or three times a day,] 

FiLCLA SfoUAOHiCA. E. 1744. lt«placed by Pilula Rhei 
Comp. This name ia also given to FiL Aloes et Maatiches 
and Pil. Antecibam. P. Dr. H. BitiTn'a Stomanhw Pillr 
are sagaponnm, rhnbarb, aloea, aromatic poirdcr, of each 
^, oil of peppermint and of cloveB, each 10 drops, balsam 
of Peru q. s. Divide into S-grain pills. 2 to 4 daily. 

Ptlhu. Stbtchijxs. M. Strychmna gr. ij, coofection c£ 
dog-roao gsB j rair, divide into 30 pills, and silver them. 

PiLBLA Sttkacib CoMPoaiii. L, Prepared storax 3vj, 
opiam jij, safEron jij s mii. 

Piwmi Tabaoi. Adqctbtih, Powdered tobacco gr. iiiv, 
confection of roses q. s.; mix, and form 72 pills. DosP, 
2 to 4, dally, till nausea is piodnced. Jii dropsy. 

PtLcii Tankint. CoTTBBHip. Tannic acid jsa, consBrve 
of roses q. s. Make 13 pills. 1 every hour, in Aamo. 

PiLut* TBBEWKTmK*. P. Boiled turpentine (see Tere- 
bintbinuj Coctu) ia softened by wsrm water, and formed 
into pills, which mnst be rolled in powdered starch. 
Ptlitla Teebbxhthiij^ ctfm Shbd. Oin'a H. Ciiio tur- 
pentine 5J, rhubarb 3j, sonp 5Ba ; mix, and malie 30 pills. 
KCuMB. Boiled turpentine jij, rhubarb ^j ; in 86 piUB.^^^^J 
LWA Tqssaica. E. Sec Pilula Opii. '^^^^1 



jlTiatn. CHiBMaCaoBS H. Oil ot croton tiglinm 

niiij, oil of carawa; iniij, bread cmmb q. i. In 3 fSli. 

See Pi!. Olei Crotonia. 
FiLtnA ToncA APEBtKHe. Coplaitd. Sulpbate of qniidne 

9j, pill of aloes and mfirh 9^, eitract of geatjan 5]; mix, 

for 30 pilla. 
PimiA ToNiCA Baohbei. p. Alkaline eitract of heUetara 

5^, tiitracti of myirh 5ij, powdered lioly tliiatle 5j; mix. 

and divide inb> 4-graiD piUs. 
FILITLA. ToMtCA SiASLU. Levigated iron 3j, gum ammo- 
niac 5j, Extract of lesser centaury 3J, syrup of fuautorf 

q, a. 
PiLiTiA VAiKaiAifs CoufosiiA. DuFUYTBEN. YaLenu 

5ag, castor 3j, oxide of rine 9j; mil for 18 pilla. DMe, 

8 pilla, 3 tdmca a day. 
PcLrijl VEBiTBls. M, Veratrift gr. Bs, gum acftcia gr> yjt 

syrap q. e. for 6 pills. Dr. TcBKBUXL. Verstria gr. j to 

ij, extract of heabBne gr. vj, liquorice ponder gr. xij; nuz 

accuratEty, and nmke 13 pills. 
PiLcti VBBMinJOA. Pbbchisb. Etliereal oitract of male 

fern 30 drops, extract of dandelion 3], powdered gum 

acacia q. a. j mix, and make 80 pilla. 
FiLULA ZrHCi SvusATiB. Cq. Sulplmte of zinc 3iJ, Venice 

turpentine q. a. ; mix, and make 60 pilla. 
PcLVui Znsci CUH Gentusa. Sulphate of linc yt, ex- 
tract of geDtion ^j, powdered calumba q. a. Make 30 

pilla. Dose, 1, 2, or more. 
VavLk ZiNCi KT MrBBlt*, Dr. PjBia. Sulphate of line 

gr. I, mjnh Sias, confection of roses q. a. Make 20 

Fjxttia Zinoi Vaebbianatib, Bocbbt. Valeriajiato of 
line gr. ix, trflgafanth 3Ea ; mix, and divide into 12 ^lU. 
One niglit and momiug. 

PiPBBiNi, P. Piperitte. Treat alooliolic extract of wltite 
pepper nith a solution of caualic potaali (containing 1 p&rt 
()f potash in 100) ; wash the residue with cold water, ^- 
solve it in alcohol, filter throogh a little animal charcoal, 
and let the soluCioa evaponitfl spontaueonsly iu a ivarm 
place. Purify tbe crystals by rediaeolving and cryatol- 
liang. Febtifage. Doae, 2 to S grains ; or from 12 to 
S4 grains in 21 liours. 

Htplz BcROUHDlCA. B. A Tcsinone exudation from the 
^B ati^m of Abies ereelsa, Burgimdy pitcli, atrBinad. 
V Pa. LiQUiSA. B. Tar. A bittimiDDHfl liquid obtained from 
tlie wood of Pinaa tghettTW «ii\ ot^er pines, b; destruc- 
tive diatillation. 

FiiiTtni BicsLOBiDinti. Disaotve pl&tina in nitro-murlstic 
acid, and evaporate tlie eolation to dryness by a gentle 
heat. DoBB, gr. Jrds. [Hoe»EB] ; gr. J to J [PsBKini]. 

PuuTiKO-CHtOELDUM SODil. Chloride of FlaUna and 
Sodium. Mix solutions of G parta of chloride of sodium 
and 17 parts of bieliloride of platlna, and evaporate, that 
cryBtiiis may he produced. Dose, gr. j [Hobpeb], gr. \ to 
i [Pkbkiha]. [Tliey are nsed for the eame purpose as 
the Baits of gold.] 

FliCHBAB-lHA. FUtmbapine. Dr. O'ShAUOHbebst. Mix an 
ethereal tinctara of the root-bark of plumbago rosea with 
wat«r, distil off the ether, hoil, and Alter tlie liquid wliile 
hot, and aet it aeide to cryatallize. 

Pluubi Acbtab. B. Mix ai'etic acid Oij or q. e. and dist. 
water Oj, tidd litharge in fine powder Jixiv. and dissoIvB 
ivitk tlie ud of a gentle heat. Filter, evaporate till a pel- 

\ licle forms, and set aside to crystallize, adding a little 
acetic acid should the fluid not have a distinctly acid re- 
action. Drain, and dry the crjatols on filtenug-paper, 
without heat. Pkuh. Pa, directs 5»j of commercial sugar 
o£ lead bo be dissolved in ^aj of hot distilled water, with 
3bs of diluted aoetlc acid, and the solutioD filtered and 


See Liqnor PlnmM Snbacetatis, B. 

Pltobi SvBACBTATia LiQtTOB CoKPOsiTiis, D. See Liqnor 
Plumhi Diocetatis Dilutus. 

Pldmbi Cabbohab, B, White Lead or Certtsa. It may 
be procured by adding anyalkollnc carbonate to a solution 
of acetate or oitnife of lead, and washing the precipitiite. 

PLtrmir CHWHIDrM. L. 1836. Dissolve Jiis of acetate of 
lead in Oiij of boiling water, and Jvj of chloride of sodlnm 
in Oj of water; inix the solutions, and, wlieu void, wash 
the precipitate with distilled water, and dry it. 
LTJMBi CyASIcCM. To B aolutioQ of acetate of lead. i4i 
iydrocyanic acid as long as it occlisioiift a ■^ec\ijiS»Wi, 






which must be well wnahed with dUtillod water, anil dried 
with II gsatie heat. [Dr. II. D. Thomsoh proposes to 
procure lijdrocjanic add from this ejaoidB. Put 130 
grains of cjanide oE lead into a. stoppered bottle, and add 
f3vj of diluted Bulphoric add, preTiously miied with 
fjxviij of distilled nat(<r J agitate the bottle for some lime, 
then let the loixtore eetUe, and decant oS the dear 

PLrMBi loDiDiJM. B. Dissolve nitrate o£ lead Jit with 
heat in OLss of distilled water, and iodide of pataBSiam 
5ivin Osa of distilled water. Mix, CoUeit the precipitate. 
Wash with distilled water, and dry at a gentle heat. U. 
S. Similar. DoBe.fromaj toja grain ormore.bntchiefly 
used extemallj. It eboula be kept from tbe lig^ht. 

Plcmbi NiTBAS. B. Ho fonniJa. E. Lithsjg^ 3i»^ 
diluted Ditric acid Oj ; digest with a gentle heat, flltor, 
and ect aside to cryataUize ; eoncentrate tbe remdual 
liquor to obtain more crystals. Dose. gr. { to 1. 

PLiritni Oxmvu. B. Ko farmala. lAlhafggnnii, 
J364. lAlharge. Melted lead is exposed to a current of 
air till oxidized, aiid the oxide fused by a ntranger heat 

PIiUMSI OxiDTru BtrBBtru. Bed Lead. It is obt^ned W 
heating masdoot or litharge in a reverberatory furnace liU 
by abaorbii^ oxygen it aaBumes a rod oolour. 

PlUMBi S^cOHlAAB. Mix DUe port of sugar with two parti 
cj nitric acid, diluted with ten of water, and apply heat 
as long as reaction takca place ; neutralize by chalk, filter, 
and add to the filtered solution acetate of lead as SoilK ts 
any precipitate is formed; woah this, and dry it. 

Plcubi NiTBo-SACOHAStfi. Dlssolie Eaceharate of lea 
cold nitric acid, diluted with 19 pai'ts of waterj filter, 
eyaporate, and set aside, tliat crystals may form. Dr. 
IIOBSISB proposed a solntion of tins salt (one grain witli 
fire drops of saccharic acid to jj of water) as a aoiveiiifitr 
pAoxphatic eatculi. 

PuTMBl TAHUiB. Dr. FiNTOJTETlT. To a concentrated in- 
fusion of Duk-bark add a solution of acetate of lead drop 
by drop; wash the precipitate, and dry it. A purer tm- 
natc is obtained by sahatitutiDg a solntion of pnro tsimie- 
add for infusion of oak-hark. 

PoDOfHYiti Rebisa. B. PodaphsUin. B, Eihaustpodo- 


I. b; percolation ; place tho tincture in a Btill, Bud draw 
off tba spirit Acidulate water q. s. with l-24tli ctf its 
bulk of hjidrochloric acid, and bIowI; pour the lic^uid whicU 
remains after the diatillation of the tincture into three 
times its volocae of the iLcidnlatad wntcr, constantly stir- 
ring. Allow the miitnre to stand for 24 hours to depout 
the reein. Wash the resio on a Ultcr ivitli diBtill(<d water, 
and dry it in a ttove. Mr. Cahbuet. Rhizome of Ame- 
rican May-apple (Podophyllom peltotam), finely bruised, 
19 exhausted of its bitterness by spirit of sp. gr. '835. 
Evaporate tincture in water bath to a thin symp ; while 
hot. ndil 3 ijmes its bulk of water, and agitate white pre- 
cipitate forms. Separate by filter, wash and dry at tem- 
peratore of 90° F. A brisk pui^e. Dose, i Ic i gnun. 

FotUTtTM. Originally apple oMment, but now applied to 
lard, or mixed fats, carefolly washed and scented. [The 
pomaiailea of the French Oodex are combinations of pre- 
pared lards, or mixed fats, with various vegetable or 
mineral substances. In this work they are placed nnder 
the bead CfiausNTA, ointments, which tfrm the French 
pharmacists restrict to those containiug resinous snb- 

PoptruNA. Boil the hark of the root of populua tremnla in 
water, evaporate with a gentle heat, and set aside to crys- 
talline. Purify by solntiou in alcohol, and digestion with 
animal charcoal ; filter, and crystallize. 

POTABSA Caitbtida. B. Caustic Potash. Boil down rapidly 
solution of potash Oij in a silver or clean iron vessel until 
there remains a flnid of oily consistence, a drop of wbich, 
removed on a warm gloss rod, solidifies on cooling. Pour 
tiiis into proper moulds, and when solidified, and while 
still warm, pat into stoppered bottles. (^Very deliques- 
cent, alkaline ; commonly used eitomally as a spreading 

POTASaA CTTM Caicb. L. Rub together cqusl pacts of hjdrsto 
of potash and qnicklirae, Bud keep them in a well-stopped 
bottle. [Bee Pasta Vienncnsis, for Caviliqae de Ji(Aos.] 

POTABBA SuuHUHiTA, B. Mil Carbonate of potash in 

p owder 3^ and sublimed anlpliur S^ in a warm mnrtaiv I 

^■find, luiving Introduced them into a Cornish or Hesma^^^^^fl 




cruoible, let this be heated, Hret gradnally until e& 
v(»ceiice bus cuased, nnd finiklly to dull redness, to as to 
prodnoH perfect fusion, Let the liquid contents of the 
crudble be then poared out on a clean flag-stone, and 
coTered qnicld; with an inverted porcelain basin »o aa ta 
«xeludo the hlc as ixiiapletely bb possibla while soliiUfifa- 
tion ia taking place, Tbe solid product thm obtuned 
ahonld, when cold, be broken into fragments, and imme- 
diately enclosed in a green-glass bottle, furnished with an 
aic-tigbt stopper. Fotnssii Salphaietnni, L,, TJ. S. Dote, 
gr. iij— I. 

PotABSSi AoETiB. B. To Bcetic acid OiJ or q. 9., placed hi 
a, thin porcelain basin, add gradually carbonate of potash 
jxx, filter, acidnlntf, if necessary, nith a few additional 
drops of the acid, aud, having evaporated to dryness, r^ie 
the heat cantionsly so as to liquefy the product. Allow 
tbe basin to cool, and, when the salt has solidiSed, and 
nbile it is still warm, break it into fTagiueatB, and put it 
into stoppered bottles. Dose, 3j to jias. SiuitiMi 
larger doaee pHrgalive, 

ForAasfi Aqita. E. See Liquor Potasgm. 

POTAflas: AnTiMOSiiB. Washed diaphoretic antimony. See 
Antiuionium Csilcinatam. 

ForASSX AoBESiAi. Arteaioiu Kali. D. 1806. AraeniMH 
acid 5j, nitrate of potash Jj; pulverize separately, nux, 
and heat them in a glass retort to dull redness. Uissolve 
the reaidunm in Ibiv of boiling distilled wat«r, evapontc 
and set aside to crystallize. Dose, gr. l-16tb to l-8tta. 

FoTiBHS ABSEKtTia LlQUOB. See Liq. lArieuiealis. 

VoTiBBE BoBAS. Mix G parts of boracic acid nitb 6 at 
bicarbonate of potash ; heat tbem to redness in a cnudbll^ 
dissolve the salt, Alter the solution, and evaporate it to 
dryness. A few grains, in calculoia dUordert. 

FOTAHSfi Cabbokas. B. Carhoiude,tana&r\j SiAcat^OwaUt 
of Potath. From commercial pearhisb.the product of tbe 
li^siriatian of wood ashes. Treat with its own wtight of 
distilled water, and evaporate to dryness, stirring briaUy. 

FoTASSS Caubohas (fitbuk). E. Fare carbonate of pot- 
ash is moat readily obtained by beating crystallized Ueuv 
bonate to redness in a craciblci but mora cheaply bf 
dissolving bi tartrate of potash in 30 parts of boiling water. 

separating and wosfaing tlie cryatala wliicb form on cooling, 
heating thorn in a, looBidj covered crucible, breukiog down 
tbe maes, and Tonsting it in an oren for 2 hours with occa- 
sioDal stiniiig ; lixiTiiLldng the product with distilled water, 
and avaporftting tlie filtered solution to dryness with COQ- 
atnnt itiiring. 

POTABSJ! BlOiBBONAB. B. Difisolve carlJonutB of potoali 
tbj in distilled n-uter Oij, and Alter tbe solution into a 
three-pint hottle, capable of being tightly closed by u cork 
tnivereed by a glnss tube eufficieotly long to pass to the- 
bottom of tbe flaid. Introduce white marble in fragmente 
ftj or q. s. into another bottle, in tbe bettani of which s 
few small holes bave been drilled, and the month of whiclk 
is closed by a cork also traversed by a glass tube, and place 
the bottle in a jar of the same height us itself, but of mther 
larger diametm. Connect tbe two gUss tubes air-tight by 
a caontcbouc tube, Tbe cork of the bottle containing the 
carbonate of potash having been placed loosely, and that 
of the bottle containing the marble tightly, !□ its mouthr 
pour into tbe jar surrounding tbe latter bottle liydrocbloric 
acid 0is9, previously diluted with water Oiij. When car. 
bonic acid gaa has paeaed throngh the potash solotion for 
two minutes, bo as to expel the whole of the air of the 
apparatus, &i the cork tightly in the ucck of thu bottle, 
and let the procesa go on for b week. At the end of tbia 
time numerous crystals of bicarbonate of potash will have 
formed, which are to be removed, shaken in a capaole with 
twice their bulk of cold distilled water, and. after decanta- 
tion of the water, drained, and dried on flltoiing-paper hy 
exposure to tbe air. The niother-liqaor, filtered, if neces- 
sary, and concentrated to one half, at a temperaturenot ex- 
ceeding 110°, will yield more crystals. The tube immersed 
in the solution of carbonate of potash, which shonld liare 
as lai^e a diameter as possible, may require the occasional 
removal of the crystals formed within it, in order that the 
process may not be inlerraptod. 

FoTASSX iJioHKOU&a. ii, Kcd chromitteof potash. Used 
in tba preparation of Valerianate of Soda. 

PoTAEBs CiTLORAB. B. Mix slaked lime Jliij with carbonate 
of potash Jii, and triturate them with a few ounces of dlst. 
— T so as to mnte the miiture Blightlj- mo\at. ?\ajai 


oxide of iDBiignaeie Jlxix ia a large retort or flnel:, tnA, 
having pourod upon it hydracUarlo acid Oxiiv, diluted 
with Oyj of water, apply a gentle sand beat, and conijiirt 
tlie cMorine ns it comes over, Gret through a. bottle con- 
tainiDg 5t of water, and then into a large carboy con- 
taining the mixtnreof carbonate of potash and slaked Ume. 
Wlien the whole of tha chlorine has come over remove 
the contents of the carhoy, and hoil them {or 20 minntes 
with Oyij of distilled water; Biter and evapomt* tillafllm 
forms on the Eurface, and set aside to cool and cryBtalllze. 
The crystals tbng obtained are to be purified by diasolring 
them in three timen their weight of boiling diatilled wst«i^ 
and again atlowing the eolution to crjst^ize. Go&kam. 
Mil 2 parts of carbonate of potash with 1 of guicklimei 
and eipoae to a cnrrent of chlorine. When saturated 
heat the mixture gently, digest it in water, and sepuite 
the chlorate froin the filtered liqnid by CryEtalllaition. 
Doep, gr. V to xix. 
FoT^ssx Crbouab Flata. The commercial yellow chin- 
mate of potBeb,ninDDfactnred on the large scale bjheatillg 
chromate of iron with pearlash and nitre, may be ptiri&d 
by re-crystallization. Dnsc, as an emetic, gr. jj — !v to 
adnlts; to children, gr. j — iss; as an altorative and ra- 
pectorant, gr. |^ to }. Exlemally, 3sa to 5ies, dinolTcd 
in f5j of water, to destroy fungns; a weaJret' aolutjon, -j 
to fjuiij, as an antiseptic, to living and dead parte. [Dr. 


POTABHs CiTBAS. B. Dissolve citric acid In crystals jij oi 
q. s. in distilled water Oy i add carbonate of potash Jriij 
or q. s. gndually, and, if the solution be not neutral, nuke 
it so b<^ the cautions addition of the acid or the carbonate 
of potash. Then filter, and evaporate to dryness, sljii' 
f onstantly after a pellicle has began to form, till the 
granulates. Triturate in a diy, warm mortar, and pre- 
serve the powder in stoppered botties. Dose, 9j, 

deliquescent salt is rarely used except in solntiot. 

Liquor Potassffi Cltratis. [A mixture is made of the add 
and bicarbonate in the same proporidona, each Bcparatdy 
dried. The name is also improperly given to a uuxture Ot 
tartaric acid, bicarbonate of soda, sugar, and 


Potass^ FKBBo-PHimBiiB. See PoUssii Ferro-cyanidum. 
FcrcASix ET Ubbx FEBSo-arAHiDiTU. M. Bahf Iiub not 

made known his method of preparing this coiupound, 
which he states to be afHcaciaoH in intermittent ferert. 
Bat it contoina from 72'2 to 77'8 per cent, of ferro-cyimido 
of potaasium, lO'S to 13-1 of urea, and 12'2 to 9-6 of water. 
It is mixed with honej> and divided into 3-grain pille, of 
which 10, IS, or SO, aro eiven daily. 

SOTABBM HTDBA.S. L. (PotsBSE Fusa, L. 1824.) Couslic 
,. Folask. See Potassa CaualacB, B. 

SOTAsax HyuBiosAa. Saa Potaneii lodidnm. 
""WAES^ Htdbooyabas. Sbe Potaaaii Cysnidnm. But 
Maoeitdib'b Sydracyatiait de Potaiie medieisal conEiata 
□f cyanide of potaseiam disaolved in 8 times ita weight of 
dietiued water. It soon decomposes. 

FoTAsas Hyf ocnxoBts. See Liqnor Potaasm Chlorinntai. 

POTASSE lOBAS. Fuse iodide of potaaaimn in a capaciona 
cmcible, and grnduaJly add to the fused salt, aftvr re- 
moving it from the lie, li port of chlorate o£ potaah. 
Wash tlifl mass with warm water, which leaves the iodata 

PoTABSM UusiAa. See Potassii CUaridum. 

'poiABSX NrcBAB. B. Commercial nitre porilied, if neces- 
sary, by crystallization from Bolation in distilled water. 
DoBi^ gr. V to 9u. 

POTABBX NiTaAB FuBA. Mineral Cryiial. Sal Prunella. 
Melt nitrate of potaah in n Heaaian crucible, and ca^t it on 
a amooth surface, or in moulda. P. directs l-lS8th part 
of sulpiinr to be added l« the nitre in fusion. 

POTAHBa: l^BUBBiAS FuvA. B. Tellow Pmssiato of Pot- 
ub. Ferrocyimide ofPoiaasiam. Made by fusing animal 
aabatances with carb. potash in an iron pot, lixiviating and 

Vo/liSOB Silicas. Mix 1 part of powdered quartz or filnt, 
or of fine siliceous sand, with S parts of aubcarbouate of 
potash, and fuse them in a Heasian crucible. Dissolve the 
mass in water, filter the solotion and evaporate t to dry- 
ness. Dosii, gr. X to IV in 6 or 8 Ouncus of watti twice dUtohv ganttj comretniM Mr Ubb 

POTAflS« ScrpKEOXAXAS To f)rm a hitoxalate neutralize 
I 1 part of oxalic acid with carbonate of poUab ad1 to the 


836 1 

uentrni salt anotlier part of acid, snd crjatallize ; a oaa- 
droxalaie is made by dissolving tbe biooxalnte in hydro- 
chlorii! acid, and cryataUizing. Poiaoaoua. 

FoiAH3£ Sn-fHiA. B. 1864. DisBolre tlie reaidne of the 
nitric acid process in water, and gradually add to it slaked 
lime uutjl reddened litmoa-paper inmiereed in it is restored 
to a bloe colonr. Filter the aolutiou through calico, and. 
Laving: heated it to the boiling-point, iidd carboData of 
potash as long as them is any precipitate. Filter again, 
add dilute Bulphnric acid, eo as to produce a neotnl Or 
lilightl; acid aulnldon ; and imving evaporated thia till a 
film forms on the anrface, act it bj for 24 hours. The 
crystals, which will then have formed, shoaid be dried m 
filtering-paper, and preserved in a bottle. Dose, gr. x to 
9ij. In doses of a few drachma it sometimes acts aa an 
irritant poison. 

FOTABBX BiarLEHAB. L. 1S36. Dlasolve tb'^ of the salt 
which remains after the distillation of nitric add in 0(j of 
boiling water J add to it Ibj of salphnric acid, boil down 
the solution, and set it aside to crybtallizo. Uose, gr. I to 
3J, properly rtilateil. 

PoTifisa; SctPHAB omu SuiPHrraE. E. Sal PofyiAreff. 
Uii equal parte of nitrate of potash and sulphor; throw 
the mixture in inuUl succeasire portions into a red-bat 
crucible, and, when cool, reduce the salt to powder, and 
preserve it in well-dosed hottlea. [This dittera from the 
PotaaBie Solphns, which is, however, often substituted tor 
it.] Dose, 3bs to 5]'. 

POTASSi; TiMTEAS. B. Torlrate of Potash. Tartar aoJif- 
bile. B. Dissolve carbonate of potash 3ix or q. s. in bml- 
ing diitilled water Oiiss ; add by degrees acid tartrate of 
jntash 3x1 or <]■ a., and if, after a few minutes' baiHng, 
tbe liquid is not neutral to teat-paper, maki' it bo by tie 
caraful addition of more of the carbonate or of tbe uSA 
tartrate. Then filter, concenfrate till a pellicle forma on 
the surface, and set it aside to oool and crystallize. Uore 
crystals may be obtained by evaporating and cooling tb» 
mother-liquor. Drain the crystals, dry them by cxpMure 
10 tbe air in a warm place, and preserve them in a atop- 
pcri'd bottle. Dose, jj— iv. ■■ 

fptiSii TiUTBAa AcEDi. B. Bitartrate of Potash. { 



^^B'^ Tartar. Obbimed from the crudo tartar depoeiCed bj 
^^Kwiueti, b; aolatioa and GryBtalUzation. The cryetala are 
^^t •guin dissolved in boiling vatiir containitig clmreoiil and 
daj. When these bare subsided the clear soluljaa is 
draica off and left to cryetallize. Dose, as a diurelic and 
alierative, 3j — iij ; as a laxative, 3j — ij ; as a kydragogve 
aatharlii;, 3iij — iv. la very large doses it has canied fatal 
FOTAHSs Amuohio-t^ktbab. Tarianm Solvbile Ammo- 
niacale. NiekIKB. Sieaalve bitaitrate of potash in hat 
water, and add (^arbooato of ammonia to eatanition. Eva- 
porate tb» aolntion to dryness witli a vcrf gentle beat; or 
set tlic concentrated solution aside that crjatals may form. 
Diuretie. Dose, fp-. x — iv. 
PoTiBBS BT Souai TiBTBAH. See Soda Tartaratfl, B. 
PoTABSa; BoKO-TABTEAfl. P. SoMU Cream of Tartar. 
Bitartrate of potash in powder Jiv, horacic acid in crys- 
tals Sii water fi)^ ; pub them into a silver basin, boil till 
most of the wata ifl sTaporated, and centinne the evapora- 
tion vfith a regulated heat^ stirring incossatitly. When 
tbe matter becomes verj tbick, tekc it up in portions, 
flatten them, and place them in a stove till snffitiently 
dry ; reduce Cbem to powder, and preserve it in well- 
■topped bottles. [LrEws recommends 47J parts of cream 
of tartar and 16 i of boracie acid ; the solution to be eva- 
porated in a water hath.3 Dose, as a aolveiit for lithio 
acid ealeuliiSy, as a laxative, 3iij- — vj. See Tartarum 
Potass^ Bi-Zikcab. Fbehx, To a saturated solation of - 
oiide of line in solution of potash add a little alcohol, 
whieb throws down the salt in crystals. 
PtH'ABBj: Pkhmahsakas. B. Reduce chlorate of potash 
Jiiisa to fine powder, and mix it with blaek oxide of man- 
caneee in fine powder Jiv; put the mixture into a poree- 
Ulin baaiii, and add to it caustic potnsb Sv, proviously dig- 
■olved in Ji? of diatillfld water. Evaporate to diyncss on 
t, land bath, stirring diligently to prevent spurting. Pul- 
verize the mass, put it in a covered Hessian or Corni^li 
11 orocible, and e^ipoee it to a dull red bent for an hour,™: 
^^_ till it hasnwnmed the condition of aBemiiTLBefl. TiiBsa. Vsifc 
^^Lil cool, pulverize iL and boil with OUa of diat.'N'.iXisi. ^-^^ 



tlie iasolnble matter subside, decant Oxe floiil, boil ogaiu 
with Gas of wnter, again decant, oeutriilize tbo onited 
liquors accurately with dilate snlphnric acid q. s, and era- 
poratc till a pellicle farms. Set a«de to coot and crystal- 
lize. Drain the crystaliine mass, UmI it in jij of the watei. 
itncl strain throni^h a funnel, the throat of which is lightlj 
obstructed by a little asbeBtos. Let the fluid cool and crjs- 
tallize, drain the crystals, and dry them by placing- than 
under a hell jar over a vessel ccutoining sulpliiirie add. 
Chetiixot. One part of peroxide of manganese, findj 
powdered, is ignited with one part of hydrate of poUab, 
the resulting mass dissolved in water, and the red solatlan 
decanted and cautioualy evaporated nntjl crystals form. 
Doae, gr. ii — iij, increasing. la diabelei. EitemaDy u 
an antiseptic. See Liquor. 

PoTAasii BaouzDim. B. Put solntioo of potash Oij 
into a glass or porcelain vessel, and add bromine Jiror 
q. B. in successive portions, with constant agitatiou, nnUl 
the miitnre has acquired a permanent brown tint. Eti- 
porate to dryness ; reduce the residue to a fine powdei; 
ond mil this intimately with wood charcoal in fine powder 
3ij. Throw the miitore in small qaantities at a time inbi 
a red-hot iron crucible, and when the whole has been 
brought to a state of fnsion remove the crucible from the 
6re, and pour out ite contents. When the fused mass ho* 
cooled dissolve it in hoiling distilled water Oias, filler tbe 
eolution through paper, and set it aside to crystslUw. 
Drain the cryst js, and dry them with a geatla heat. More 
crystals may be obtained by evaporating the mother-liquor 
and cooling. The salt should be kept in a Btoppered bottle. 
Dose, gr. V — XIX. Anodgne. Besolceiii. 

FoTABSii CuLOBmnu. MurialB of Potaih, Sal SgMi- 
To a solution of carbonate of potash add muriatic Bind to 
aturatiun; concentrate the soluljon by evaporation, and 
eave it to cool slowly, that crystals may form. Seioheal 
lad aniiacorbutic. Dose, 3j to 5ss. 

Hydrocyanata of Foiaah. Mil intimately ^viij of ^ied 
ferracyBDUret of potassium and Jiij of dned [pure] car- 
bonate of potosb, and throw the miitore into a deep iron 
trucibls previously heated to redness ; maintain the tern- 


Etnre till eflervescence cea^ei, and the fused mass 
retes, of a pure white colour, npon a warm gloss rod 
ed into it ; tTien poor it CBrafolly into a ehollow diah, 
.Lvfpiug before the salt becomes cantammateii with the 
preoipitateil iron. Breiik up tho mass while yet warm, 
and preserve it in ncll-atoppered bottles. [Tliia contains 
l-SthoFcjauateorpotasli. Aiuonout. Dose, l-8th tol-4th 
•of a graiD. Dissolved in 8 times its weight of distilled 
water, it forms Masbniiib's JHedieinal Bgdroct/anate of 
PoTAasu SCLFSOOZAHISVU. Digest a watery solution of 
cyanide of potaBBimn with enlphOTr of wlii{;h it talies up a 
third of its weight. Filler and evaporate. 
POTABBU losncu. 6. Pat solution of potssh Cj into a glass 
or porcelain vesael, and add iodine Jxiix or q. a. in small 
fiuantitiea at a time, with constant agitatinn, antil the 
eolation acquires a pBrmanent brawn tint. Evaporate the 
■whole to dryness in a porcelain dish, pulverize the residne, 
and rail this intimately with wood charcoal in fine powder, 
3)^. Throw the mixture, in small quantities at a time, 
iuto a red-hot iron crucible, and when the whole has beeu 
fcrought to a state of fusion, remove tho crucible from the 
fire, and pour out its contents. When the fused mass has 
«ooled dissolve it in O^ of bolKng distilled water, filter 
Uiroogh paper, wash the filter with a little bniliiig distilled 
water, imit^ the liquids, and evaporate till a film Tonxis on 
Hj the surface. Set aside to cool and ccyatalliKe. Drain crya- 
^L iak, and dry quickly with a gentle heat. More cryetala 
^Bmay be obtained by evaporating the mother-liquor and 
^■looaling. The salt should he liept io a stoppered bottle. 
^B tJ. S. directs iodias to be added gradually to a soluttou of 
^K^tash, untU the solution remains, aRicr stirring, slightly 
^V 'Odoured ; the solution to be evaporated to dryness, adding 
^Kisliarcoal towards the close, and calcining and lixiviatiDg 
^Flhe residua. Mohb mixes S*-vj of iodine with G or 8 pints 
of water, and gradually adds powdered snlphnret of barimn 
till the solution becomes colourless, stirring constantly. 
The solution is then heated to the bolliug-point, jxj of 
sulphate of potash added, the liquid boiled for a quarter 
-of an bour.aod filtered. The clear solntiou is tbm. wii-^ii- 
r i*ated for cryatsls. Dose, 2 to 15 gtaiiiB. Sooic v'*'^" 


I titiacEra give ttill larger doses ; Dr. ChAstbbbs gbje 2 
grains twice or thrice a ddy will bcttc crery pnrposB the 
_.... "— - - jbntMr.A "^^ ' - 


^r. Bait is capable of effecting ; ^ntMr.AcTO>:tliin]:sotberwiEe. 

P0THBTATE3 SncoiNi. QuiHCT. Poiceri of Aoiler. Oil ot 
■inber 3j, cfirlionate of flmmonia Js*. alcohol Jviij; digcrt 
notil dissolved. Dos^ 10 to 30 drops. 

PoTio AnTiapABMOBiCA, Ahodtna, &c. See Miatnra. 

Poxfis J Drinks. PrisASfJ! ; Ptjsans. lUanet of the F. 

^ Codex. These ore nearly ^fnonymous, and include the 
aqueona infusions, decoctions or aolatloiiB, which are to 
d^htly medicated as to be taken ad Hiitum. Some of 
fhem are merely dietetic and form the ordiiuuy drink of 
tlie patient. The more active Ptisans wiD be fonnd 
among the Decoctions and InfnsiDiia ; others among the 

POTua Aperiens. CoplAnii. Manna 'Jiaa, cream of tartar 

, 3SH, whey Oij. 

toiua HosoEATua. To Oj of harley water ndd 3j of nltr* 
or y of cream of tartar, or ^bs of gnm arabic, or fJl irf 
lemon jnice, or C^j °^ cUIated sulphnric acid, with fjj of 
ajrap. P. Barley vfater is made by hoilin^ jvj of pead 
barley with Oiv of water to CHj, and infusing in it 515 of 

Sanos Impbbiamb. One lemon sliced. Jea crcum of tnrtar, 
ivbite Eugsr BlsB, hot wnter Oi\i. Infuse half an honr, and 
strain. Sec also Limonadani. 

IT 8 hoi 

Pbdn'om PaspAttATtrM. L. See Pulpa Prnnornm. 

FnaAKA Avssx. From groats, as Ptisana OryiB). 

PiiBAKA AKTmoNiAua. Bbeba. Lemonode Oij, tutor 
emetic gr. ij, sugar q, t, 

Kpibaka Ahti-Catabbhalih. PiEBQirnT. Aniseed 3ij, ele- 
campane root 3j, boiling water Oj ; infuse, stmin, and add 
honey 3ij. 

PnflAHA AHinoai. P. As Ptisana Sambnci. 

PlIBANA AsPAXASt. P. AsparagDs root Jj, liquorice root 
3iij, boiling water Oij; infuse 4 hours, and strain. 
[Ptisans are prepared in the same way from TOrioiu root*, 
barks, Ac] 



^^^ISAHA BoBJ.eiHi9. Dried borage leavei ^iij, boUiDg 
^B water Oij ; infuse for an Iiour, and sweoten to the bate, 
^P £PtiBBoa are made in the Bflme manner, ftom tlic leaves of 
I maiden hair, blessed-tbistle, succory, omnga, iieait'a-eaae, 

field icfibioua, and male apeodwelL] 
PnsABA Cabsix. p. Cassia poda Jij ; slit them, mix tiie 

polp witb Oij of Tfurm water, and strain. 
PliSANA Qu\[M03A. Eau de Qovtme. P. Picked gum uaUo 

5t, water Oij ; disEolve witliaut bent, and strain. 
PllBAJTA HosDBl. InfuBo jiij of Uquorite root in Oij of bot 

barley water. 
Ptisana I<iciiH. See Serum Lactia, 
PiTBANA LiCHEifJS EiBESNici. Dscoction of csfrsgesn 

Oiias, Bjrup'Of gum Jiij. 
PnaANA LiCHsma Jblamdioi. Steep 3^ of Iceland mosa 

fbr 12 hours in cold water ; then boil it in Oiias of freall 

water to C^, and add Jj of sjmp of altluoa. 
FliBANA LiHOHie. See Limanodum. 
Ptibaka LlNl. lAoieed Tea, See Infusum Lini. 
PiiaASA Meilis, See Hydromel. 
PnsANA Mezebbl MoierfioQ. bark 3^, water Oiiss; boil to 

OjJ, and strun. 
pTisJSA OBTzJi. P. Siee Water. Infuse 5iij of liquorice 

root iu Oy of a dccnotion of jV of washed rieo. 
PliBANA OsnzM CrraiTA. AuaraTiu. Wauhed rice 5], 

water Ibiv ; boil, strain, add barley augnr Sss, lemon 

juice 5j- 
FxiBANA Fan^is. Decoctam Album. P. Prepared harta- 

koTD jij, bread cruiob 51^1 gum acada 3vj, water Oy ; 

boil for Wf aa hour, atroiu Uirough a coarEe sieve, and add 

white sugar 3ji orange-flower water $m. 
Ftisana Feotouaub. Dutea and iqjnbea (atoned) each jss, 

ligs JBS, raisina Jsa ; boll in water q. B. to strain Og. 
Ptibasa REQALia. See Apozema dictum FtiaanaRegalis. P. 
PllSAKA Rn(EAC0B. From the flowers, us Ptisaua Sambnci. 
FiiBANA Ros^ ecu Laoie. ConserFe or roaea Sj, new milk 

Oj; rub together, and Btrain. 
pTlBAHA tiALEPl. Bull ^ of Balep in fJiTJ "i water, and 

PilBAKA Sambdl-i. P. Elder iloivera 3j, boiling water Oj-Jj 
^H^' Bmcerate far half an boar, iiud straia. 



B PnBASA Si.TtzjE. See Decoctnin Sstzs. 

BCbBAKA TAUA&iKSOBClf. Pulp of tnmariud gj, hot nati^r 

■ PlIBAKi TiLl*. P. Lime flowerB 5ij, boiling water Ojf j 
mactrate for half an honr, and atrftiE. In the same w»j 
prapnre FtiEans of roses, violets, mallows. &c, 

ProaBA TahtabicjI, Sjmp of tartaric add Jij, water CHw. 

"PVLSS, Pulps are tbe soft parts of plants eeparsted from 
tbe barder parts by preBaing them throngh a h^r aieve. 
The general direction of the L. College (1836) are, "Pren 
the pulp7 fraits that are ripe and fresh through a hw 
Bteve, without boiling tbem. Put pulpy fruita, if unlipe. 
or if ripe and dry, in a moist place to aoften ; then preM 
the pulps through a hair sieve ; hoU them afterwords over 
a slow fire, and lastly evaporata tbe water in a water bath, 
until the pulps beeome of a proper eonsiatence." D. 18S6 
and E. ISIT direct tbe dried or unripe fmits to he aoft- 
ened by boiling them in a little water; other authoritieB 
by steaming them. Few of tbe pulps require u separate 

, noHcc. 

Fcif A Cabotx. p. Carrot roots are retiaced to a pulp ^ 
rans of a rasp. Tbe tubers of potato, bulbs of garlii^ 
d root of patience dorlt, are pulped in the siime way. 
. Phlpa Cabm^. See Cassia Prmparata. 

PULPA CoHir. P. Freah hemlock is beaten in a marble 
mortar to a tine paste, aud pressed throngb a hair sieve- 
All fresh leovea and flowers may be pulped in the aame 

PCLPA I'STBOEITM. (Pmnunt Prreparatum.) L. Pmnes 
ttu, water g. s. to cover tbem; boil gently for i honrs, 
and presa the softened pnlp first tlirongh n fine cane sieve, 
and afterwards through a hair sieve. Lastly, eraporats 
the pulp by water batb to the coniiatencc of a confeoUon, 
P. aod IT. S. direct tbe prunes to be softened by ateuii> 
and (the stones being removed) the fruit beaten iu A 
marble mortar, and pressed throngb n hair sieve. Date* 
and jujubes are pulped by the same method, and the 
bulbs of lily, onion, and squill, tbe roots of manb- 
mallow, &c. 

Pri-PA RoB« Canin*. The ripe hips are picked, depriveA 
of their seeiia and hairs, and pulped in tbe usaal way. P. 


directs tliem ta be put in dd eartlien [ia,n, moisteiiod uni- 
foinily wit)i white wine, and ie(t m a cool pIncE, tttirriag 
tbem occBBiaaall; till thej become sofCj thfy arc then 
beat«n and preeaod through a sieve. 

Pdlpa TiMiBiHDOBCH. P. J[ U. S. Pnt the tamarinds 
into an earthec pan with a Email qnantit; of irater, and 
digest them at a gentle heat till nnifomily Boftenpd, then 
pass the pulp througli a, bair sieve. See TaiaarindoB 

FcLTiNi Lrptru. A pillow containing dried hops; used to 
allay restleasneis. 

FcLVlBEB. t'ew of the timple powdert require special 
notice. The dry ingredients of the corapouiui potpdert 

» having prefionalj beeo separatel; polrerizcd and passed 
through B sieve, the whole should be uniformly miicd by 
tritnrntion in a sbiillow mortar, and again sifted. " It is 
requisite that moit of the powders should hnve been re- 
cently prepared." L. 
PfftTiB ABflOBBBNs. SpAw. Ph. Carbonate of magnesia jiv, 

dried subcarbouato of soda 3j , ginger 3j ; mil. 
PCLTIH AcoNtri CoKPOBiTUB. VoBtEB. Eitniet of aco- 
nite gr. J, oijsulphuret of antiuiony gr. j, magnesia gr. x ; 

PuLTia AciDi Bbhzoici CoMPoaiTCS. Dr. Paris. Beuioic 
ftcid gr. ig, myrrh gr- x, compound tragscnnth powder 
gr. xij; mix. Dr. Copland. Benzoic acid gr. vj. cam- 
phor gr, ij, white augur 3ij ; roii. 

PrLTiB Agbop&obfs. Pbvb. Ph. Bicnrbonnto of soda ^iv, 
tartaric acid 5iij, refined sugar jvij. Reduce them sepa- 
rate!; to powder, dry w^U, and mil. Keep them in a close 

a AsBOPHOBUB Lakanh. Pbhs. Ph. (EngtUh Seid- 
t- W(i Powdert.) Kouhelle salts Jij, bicarbonate of soda 9ij ; 
V mix. In a separate paper give 5ss of tartaric acid (all in 

S ^BDSiKia CUM CAWMEtASB. Cb. Prepared ver- 
■ fligris 3j, CBlomal jj ; mix. For external use. 
Bltib ^bcoikis CoufOEiTrs. Mid. H. As Pulvis 
Ifiabinm Compositna. 
Jtna Aldus CoMPOStii's. L. (Pulv. Aloes cum Gaaiacio 




L. 1737'} Aloes (Socotrine or hepatle) i'taa, 

Team 3j, compouid powder of annamon jir ; mii. 

P1J1.TI8 Aloes cum CabbllA. D. 1820. Bi^a Pien. 

Hepatic aloes ftj, eanella jiij 3 pulverize separateiy, and 

PtTLTIS ALOBTioua CUM Fbbeo. L. 1788. ( Fiiw Kl. 

EcpliTflcUcffl.) Aloes Sisa, myrrh Jij, soipliate of iron jj, 

dried Gxtract of ^ntiui ^■ 
PcxTTB AxTEBiTrrua. Dr. PtCMMBB. Equal part* ofi»- 

loiael and ^Iden solplior of antiaiDiij, lerigated togaUiar. 

Qlt altera by keeping-.] 
PotviH ALTBBATtvra. Mr, Clisk. SBraaparilla Jj, ecnbo- 

nato of Boda 3ij, Peravian bark jiij ; mil, for 16 dOBdi. 
PtJXTia ALUMUfiB CoMPOsiTus. E, Ptiloi* BtspHau. 

Alum Sir, kino Jj; mix. GUI's H. Alnm 2 parts, kino 

1 part. Doae, gr. i— ix, twice or tluice daily. 

PuLvra AiDMnna cum Caesico. Dr. Tubbbvij,, jUiud 
3 parts, conceutratcd tincture of capsicum 1 part; mir, 
dry, and triturate agoiti. Applied ia the foiuiVi. 

FuLTis Alumlnib OuMMOEue. FbasebIj. Alum, gum bm- 

PuLTia ALUMiHia OpUTua. BoucniBBii. AiumJj.migBi 
5j, opiuiQ gr. ivj mil, for 12 powdera; B or 3 Aaiiy, in 
dbatinate dian-haiis aadpoiaiee Aitmorr&agea. 

PULTia AiUMiHia bt Sabins. Mr, Couisos. Equal part* 
of powdered alnm and savin. To ba sprinHed on conaylo- 

PuxTia Aluminib Sacchabatcb. Alnm 5j, augatsji mil. 

To be blown into tbe throat. 
PuiTia AUBBBaEiEsaiMoaoHAnjs. Ba*. Ph. Ambergria 

3vj, musk 5j, oil of cinnamon 9ij, retlned angar JliMj 

PuLvia AiiMOKiAira Abomaticub. P. LsATaoir'a Am* 
mouiacal Collyrium. Muiinte of ammonia 5j, slaked Ume 
5], charcoal gr. iv, cinnamon gr. xv, clovea gr. xv, bole 
3BB. Put them into a bottle, and moisti!D with a litfda 

Putvis Akygdaih CoMPOBnUH. B. Steep JordanaljiKKidi 
jvilj, in cold water until their Bkiua cnn be easily M< 
moved i uiid, wheu blanched, dry them tborongldy iviQi a 

^V OB 


soft clotb, Hud mb thorn lightly in a mortar to a amootli 
conBiBtence ; mii gnm amine in powder 5j and refined 
angar in powder Jiv ; and, adding tbem to the pulp grn- 
diull;, rub the nhale to a coarte pnwder. Keep it in a 
lightly coreredjar. See Confectio Amygdulic nod Misttira 

PiTLyiB AMTLt ET SoD.B. DsrBBOTB's AlltttUno Powder. 
Mil 1 port of carbonate of aoda in fine powder with 10 of 
wbite starch, for exteraal ufe in lome ikia diteaset. 

iTiB Antheluistiove. GruiHoirBr. Bnlpbate of iron 
5B(t, tatiBy 5J, worcn aeed^as; mix. Dose, gr. ii. Bon- 
OB&KDAT. CorsicaD moaa 5V, worm seed 37, calomel gc. 
ilv J mil. DoBe, gr. vij — xi, 

'PuLTiB ANTHBMiDia CoxPOSiTU!!. U. C. H. Cliamomilo 
3j, rhabarb Jaa, ginger 3b9. 8r. Geo. H, Cliaiiiomile, 
calnmbo, and ginger, of each gr. vy. 

PtrtTis ANTHKittDia CUM Abthionio. Mobtos. Cbamo- 
mile 3j, Bubcnrbonate of potash 9bs, calx of autimony 3bs ; 
mix. Ja it^ermittenla. 

Pi7i,Ti3 AiransMiDia cvx Alob. Dr. Hxbgbdeh. Chamo- 
mile gr. X, long popper gr. tij, sloea gr. j. 

PcLViB ANcaBAEOKAU SiuPLBX. PoTi^. Antbialcoliali 
gT. ij, iiqnoricB powdor gr. vj mis, for 1 doge. 

FoLVte Anthsaeoeali CoupositvS- Aathralioliali gr. ij, 
washed Eulpbur gr. iv, liqnoric^e pon'dergr. ij. For a doae. 
Xa >a»i« ikin diteasei. Oxyaulpbnret at antimony gr. sb 
is sometimoB EabBtitated for sulphur. 

Pdltis Ajjtiarthbiticus. Dvke of Portland's Potoder. 
Bound biithwort, gentian, tope of lesser centaury, tops of 
ground pine, and germander, of each equal parts. Dose, 

PuLViH AHnciTABEHiLiB. Geem. H. Sulphur Si], cream 
of tartar 3TJ, golden Bulphur of antimonj gr, iv; in 16 

PiJiiTia AuTiBPiLBPTicra. E. 1744. White dittany, pmony, 
^^^ Yalarian, mistletoe of tlie oak, equal parts. Dose, gr. x to 
^^Efij- BEBSEHsa. Valerian 5ir. mflgneaiH, muriate of Bm< 
^^l^noiua, oil of cajcput, of each 9j. A tcaspoonfal 3 times a 
^^^bay- Dr. Faeib says the following was nsed sncceBBfullj 
^^■liy a Dutch empiric :— Sulpliar 3], sulphate of potash gr. x, 
^^Khubarb gr. r, nutmeg gr. ij ; mix. Qebk. H. Oxide of 


ft ivf. PUQOIIB p BBU a w — Will-erop 9«i.gmn 

MHlMvdiw^X inland ecol I. dk^kMf^an*^ 
«nik*l. Sw^htJaawaf afcirgnaatia :gi»»ftigaraf 

■ad gio* abvA ywt imj ■main tar*lSi ~ 

cUk 3<^. b*k> 3m;^ afaw gr. i. d«C aimae 5 dn^; mC 
Pnns Jmnxnacn Tcsqnxcass. SCr G, Comft Tta»- 
q«tai l>raiiff. Vaik ^ n> aami^ gr. xMij; IbI* 
i^Md or«^ni4»« wA «nd« <tt - -'- — — 
Jaw* » W rw»* «"*■■■ '*"—*"*^^ 
a> ^ wwt t^w ilMy rf^— a- CI^katflMB 
fttmA»kwr*bM« t\ih/m Himt aa yt aatliie a «r Ja*a 
pAaUAkMtNMtMBidrio. nBfb&nivc;M— ' 
he I* D*'- -Ann^ kv A" ly " af hTi^h— h 
«M «Ml«l M i taa [i i fa.^a«pan<Jrffc j* wj 

f(«* t&TM Ams « hmA >• icaB W takn >p w tin ; 


Iii, Bcsqui-Bulpliiiret of antimony tbj, hartaljorn Bharingf- 
Iby; mix, and throw them into a cnicible red hot in tlie 
Are, and stir conataiitly till vapour no longer rises. Rob 
«bat remains to powder, aud put it into a proper cmcibte. 
Then apply fire, and slowly iDerease it that it may be white 
hot for 2 hours. Huh the residue into a verj fine powder. 

Pui^TTS Airrufoini crru CamphobA. Dr. MtrBsniNi. Cam- 
phor 5«B, ipecacuanha Sai, oij-anlphnret of antimony 9Ba, 
white sugar jvj; mix scenrately, and divide into 12 

PuLVia AKimojin Tabtahizati CoMPOBiTira. U. C. H, 
Prepared oyster shells 3j, tartarized antimony gr. n^j, 
K nitrate of potash ^j. 

^vpmna ANTiMosn PBOTOxmi CoOToaiicB. Mr. Tysoit. 

^V Protoiide of antimony (Tyson's) gr. ij, aulphate of pobagli 
^^ gr. ix, precipitated phosphate of lime gr. iij mix, for 4 

Ptri,Tl8 Ahtipehiodicds AHTlMOKlAHfl, SlCHEL. Sulphate 
of quinine jij, nntimonial lethiops Jij; mix, and divide 
Into 24 powders. Dose, from 2 to 8 in the day. 

PiTLTis AsiiPHLOSisncFa. HtTFKLABD, Nitre, potssaio- 
tsxtrate of suda, and salpbate of potaali, of each equal parts. 

PuLTia AsTiPSOBiCTB. Foadre de Fihorel. Sulphuret of 
lime pulverized and divided into pacliets of 3ss each. Ocie 
of them, mixed with a little oil, and mlibcd into the palms 
of the hands night and morning', ia said to eyre the itcA. 
The following are nsed in the same way ; — F. H, Flowers 
of sulphur 3j, acetate of lead Jj, aulpliati^of linc Jlv; mix. 
Also, equal parts of sulphur aud charcoal. 

IPrxTiB Amtispabmobiodb. iTouBBiH. Valerian 3j, oxide 
of zinc 3j, musk gr. viij. Mis. See also Pulv. ZInci 
Cyanidi. This name slso belongs to Pulv. Autiopilepticus. 
]hxvis Ahqbkti CoMFoaiTcs. 8ebb£. Chloride of silver 
gr. j, washed orris powder gr. ij. Used iu frictions, as 
Fulvis Auri Compositus. 
|*Ill.Tla Abomaticcs. See Pnlvis CinoaroQini Compositns, 
B. [Dapaytreu's I'mtdrt Aromali^t, for citemal use, 
' consists of Jiv each of thyme, ange, and rosemary, and 3j 
I each of sal amnioninc and tainplior-J 




PcXTis ABaBHicu:iB. See Pulvis EscLsFotiims Aiseiucofii, 
Rod Fulv. Culomelimoa ArseuicaliB. 

Putvia AjiTsiLiBix Sacchibitttb. BaiaLBB. Powdeied 
mugn'ort root 5iu'> Bngor 5^]' ^ teaspoonful 4 
day, in cAorea, epilepsy, Ac 

PcLVia AaABi Coufosinrs. E. 1817. Awrabacca leave* 
3 parts, marjoram leaves 1 part, lavender flowers I ipat; 
rab tliem together to n ponder. D. Asarabacca 'jj, la- 
veoder 53. See Pulvis SterDUtatorius for other fbnns. 

Pntvis Anm. P. Tritorate leaf gold with 10 or 12 liw__ 
iti weight of eulpliate of potaah till brig-ht pBrtides are 
no longer visible! pasa it through a sieve, mix wiOi 
boiling water, wash what remains on the filCeri and diy in 

Puivra AnBi CoMPOHixoa. Auro-chloride of sodium (soda 
mariste of gold) gr. j, lycopodiuro, starch, or waehod ordi 
powder 3j; mix. A 15th part, grndually increased to an 
8th part, of this powder to be rubbed on tlie gumi. 

FdIiTIS Aubi EI Febbi. Dr. Buoeleb, at an antidote far 
aormcive mblimate. Pulrecized gold 9ij, clean levig^ed 
iron filings dij, gnm acacia powder 3ss; mix fur one ' 
to be given in water acidulated with a few drops of di 
sulphuric acid. 

FuLTis BAaiLicua. Bate. Equal parts of calomel, caU o£ 
antimony, cream of tartar, and scammony, carefully ti" 
rated togBther. Bats directs ceruse of antimony, n 
by dellagrating the metallic antimony witb nitra. 
following is sometimes substituted 1— Calomel 3J, bc 
mouy 3j. cream of tartar ^, Jalap, ginger, and autimonial 
powder, of each 3j. So also ta Pulvis Scammonii com 

FfLTis Bbllasohns Couposiids. Eeckbb. BelladamU 
gr. j to iij, mnak gr. v, camphor gr. v, white sugar JH] 
mil, for a powders. Kopp. Belladonna root gr " 
ipecac, gr. ij, sulphur gr. xxiij, sngar of milk gr. 1 
Mix, and divida into 6 powders. 3 dnily, in hoopbig- 

Puivis &su.iiio)rH£ SA0CHAS4TIIB. Wetzlsb. Belladosii* 
root gr. XV, pure sugar =j ; mix, for 60 powden 
twice B day, or oftener, according to the age ; in hooping- 


Pcxvia Bekzoicfb Asthinbsnb. Geioel, Beanoio acid 

gr. sr, tannin gr. iv, BOgar 5u9Si mix, nnd divide into 

20 packets. Oue everj 2 hours to ohildrea of 2 years old, 

>'» lis eoavulaivB period of hooping-eough. 

acid gr. >j, cnmphor gr. vj, sugar 5] j in 6 powdera. 
PtrtTis BiamiTHi Compobitbb. Gtti'b H. Trianitiato of 

bismuth 3", compouod powder of tragaoatitli 51] ; mix. 

DoBe, from gr. x to ix, twice or tlirice 11 day. 
Ptnvis E BoLO CoMPOBiTT!!!, aud P. e Bolo cnm Opio, are 

replaced by P. Cret« Coop,, and P. Cretco Comp. cum 

PirtTiB Binci VafiMWirona. Mr. Pebfict, Dried leaves 

of tree box 5j, wiilto sugar 5ss; tritorata to n powder. 

Dose, for a cliild of 4 months, gr. viij ; of 6 to 8 months, 

gr. XT to XX; of 12 months, 9\; twice or thrice a day. 
PiHTTB CiLAMm-B [cfpii Amtlo]. Cut. H, Ttub Calamine 

powder 3J, starch JJ. Mis. 
PiiLVTS Cii^iJSiSM cnu MtrbbS. St. B. H. Equal ports 

of calamine aud mjrrh. For gprinkUn^ alcert. 
PlTEVia CilJjaNJf CoMPOBllirB. Mid. H. Calamine pp. 

51J, nitric oxide of mercoiy ^ij. Mix. 
PuLViB CiLOiB Phobphatib Sacohabaiub. Precipitated 

phosptiate of lime gr. xr, white sugar gr. Ixxxvj triturate 
■ " " ' " ■;o 20 packets. 2 or more daily, according to 

t' port of arsenions acid, intimately mixed with 199 parts 
of ealonicl. These are the proportions according to SoD- 
I lEiBAs, and Henet aud GiriBorET; bat they are differ- 
ently stated by other Rutborities. Febbiba, 1 part to 99 ; 
ItiOEAitD, 4 parts to 9G ; Miaibb, 1 to 58, &c. 
IPtriiTis Ckivubx CoMPcaPTDs. Calumha s)i rhubarb 3iv, 
dried carbonate of soda 5ij, ginger ^. See the next. 
PuzTis Cix,VKSM BT SoDS. U. C. H. Calumba 3j, seiqui- 

oarbnnate of soda Sii.i, rhnharb ijj. 
PoiTiB CALintaE BT Fbbbt. Dr. CoPLAnr. Potaah-tBrtrata 

of iron gr. x to xv, calnmha gr. xij to xx. Mix. 
Plftns Camphob*. p. Camphor ia readily pulTerizcd by 
^^- triturating it with the addition of a few drops of recti&cd 


POLTis CiMPHOBS NiTEATUB. Callibkn. Nitrate of 
potash ^i. camphora gc. xy, tartaruwd autimony gr. j. 
Mil, fur 6 powders. 

Pcxvis CAMTaAEiDia cuK CamphobS, AuoraiiK. Csn- 

tiiariiles gr. iv, Ottinpiior gr. viy, sogar of milk 5i(j; 

to form a tine powder, and divide into 6 doses. 
PfLTia CiPOCiNOtttm. KiBitiSK. CevadiltH, stavettow 

parsley seed, and annff, of eatb eqnal part« i mix. To 

dtatroy vemUn in the head / but requires caution. 
PoLViB CiUBOSiTiB Calcis CoBFOSiTiia. E. 1817. Pre- 
pared ebalk Sir, cinuamon 5iss, natiii^ 511. Mix. 
PCLVTS Cabttli^ki. Caatillon's Fowder. Eago, aal^ tilr 

gncBitth, eaeh 5J, prepared ovster tdiella 3j, cocliiiual q. a 

to colour it. Binl 5J, in Oj of milk, us diet, m elraiiit 

FuLvia PBO Catapubuatb. D. 1826. LIntoed meal 1 

part, oatmeal 2 parts. Oce'e H. Linseed meal 1 part, 

ground bran 2 parts. 
PcLVia Catechc Coifposiiirs. B. Pale catechu 3iv, kim 

3^, rhatany jij, cinnamon 3j, nutmeg ^. Reduce them 

separately to a fine powder ; mii tUaia thorongliJy, 1 " ' 

pass the powder through a fine sieve. Keep it in & st 

pered bottle. 
Ptotis Gbehalioub. See Polvis Aaari Co. and P, Staron^ 

Pdlvib CKBtrBBS CoMPOBiTUB. L. 1788. Carbonate of lead 

3v, Bar<»>col Jiss, tragacanth jss. Mix. For oalaard iiM 
PvLVZS Cetaoei. Spermaceti is pnlveiized ag compliar, b; 

the aid of a few drops of spirit. 
Pfltis Cbtacbi crjM Sacchaho. Ono part of spermied 

with two of sugar candy. Pectoral. 
PULVra n Chelib ConpoBiTiia. L. 1788. Qamoiff*'! 

FowtUr. Prepared crab ahells Jbj, prepared 0' " ' 

prepared coral Siij. Mix. 
PULVia CiKOHOS* CDM AsTruosio. Puhii FeMftigm 

BflBEi. Yellow Pamvian bark Jj, tjirtarizcd anliiiii — 

.gr. ij, opium gr. j ; mix, fur 4 doses. 
PuLTiB CiHCBoss Laxaks. Clesbobn. Pemriitn b 

5iv, sulphate of magnesia ^vj. Mix, for 4 doaai. ( 

every 2 hours, iu the intermiiaioHi. 
Ppxvia CiMCHONfi CoMsOBTCTia, Qbsbta Ph. 



roRMPLART. 351 

bark Jj, rliubaib 5iEB, muriato of ammonia, 5isi. Mix. 
In Philadelphia tile following is lubstitutod; cinchona 3iT, 
Berpcntar^ ^, carbonate of aoda 5aBi u ^ ever; 3 or 4 
houTB. [Tliere are many other combinations of ciniilioiia 
in the foreign Formulnrica ; ae, witb an equal weight of 
magneusi of rhuliarb, or caiboDate of Hoda ; with balf ita 
neight of valerinn ; with l-12lh of camphor j witli l-8th 
or l-6th of ginger or cinDamoo.] 

PcLTiB CnJCBOK^ CUM MtbbbS. Dr. KiBKiAiro. Equal 
parta of [Djrrh and hBik.yor oula>ard use. 

PULVIB ClKKiBABIB cni RhbO. HKHBBDEK,/or aacaridet. 
Bed Bolphnret of mercury 5eB, rhubarb 5aai mii. 

I CtNNAMOUi CoUFOHITCB. B. PulvU AromaticHi. 

thoroughly 3j each of powdered einnamon bark, car- 

-aamom seeds, and ginger. Vaaa powder through e fine 

sieve. Bub lightly in a mortar, and keep in a stoppered 

„ tattle. 

FuxyiB CiTBlcua. Sea Limoaadum Siccum. 

PtTLViB CoMHici CoMPOBiTDB. Habkn. Powdcrad col- 
chicum 3 parta, aulpliatc of potash 4^ bicarbonaite of potash 
Sparta; mil. Doac, from gr.viij to 5j, inr*eiiiBa(ijni,5oii(, 
and inflaoimatoiy disorders aod painful diaenses generally. 


Confectio AromaUca, — Opii, — Piperia. 
PuLTis cosTRA Amenoebh<eim. Tschibhchki, Eitraet 

of yew gr. vj, Calomel gr. iy, white sugar 5bs, oil of anvine 

4 drops i mix, for 4 doses. One, night and morning. 
PiTLTis coKTBi RionlTEM. TlMEliB. Black oside of iron 

gr. xviij, rhubarb gr. iviij. angar gj ; mii, and divide into 

6 doaas. One, morning and nigbt. 
PcxviB COSTBAYBSTM CoMPOBiTiTS. L. ISZi. Contrayerra 

root 3v, prepared oyster sbella jitviij i "H'^- 
PuiviB Cajuiaohini. p. & B. 1744. Warviek't Foioier. 

Scammony, diaphoretic antimony, cream of tartar, in equal 

parts. TrLtnrate together. 
Pfltis CoRytr Ubii ccjt Opio. L. 1824. Fithia Opiahts. 

Opium 5j, burnt harUbom Jj, cofhineal 5j ; mil carefully. 

One grain of opium in 10. 
pDLTiB Cekts ABUMATiorH. B, Mix thoroughly prepared 
_ chalk Jxj, powdered cinnamon bark 5iv, nutmeg ttai. 

^aSiim, of each 5iij, clovea Jiss, catftoaavn?, "^i tcSitibS. 


PuxTiB GBKia Abomaticub Oum Opio. B. Mil thonMiphlj 
aromatic powder of clioUc jixj- nud opium in ponder St, 
pass tbe powder throngli a fine sieve, and finally rub 
ligiiblj in a mortar. Keep it in a atoppered bottle. See 
P. C. Comp. cum Opio. 

PuLTiB Cbbisi CojTPOBiTBfi. L. Prepared chalk Svji dnna- 
mon 3iv, tormeot^l 5iij, giira acacia Jiij, long pi-pper 3u; 
reduce tbem separatfliy into very fine powder, and nix. 
Dose, 9j — ij, 

PniTia Cbbts Comfobitttb odm Opio. L. Compcsina 
chalk powder JviaB, opium 9iy; mix very accurately. 1 
grain of opium in 40. 

PiJLTiB PKO MibtubI Ceht^. Prepared ehalk Jiv, white 
sugar ^i^i, acacia gum ^ivt oil of cinnamon f5ia5; niiX' 
[5aa of tlia powder to pooh fjj of water fotniH tlic Mistus 
CretiBofthB Pharmaeopfflia,] GtJY'fl H. (Polvia Greta- 
ceue,) PrepFireii cbalt jiv, powdered gnm giv, white 
augar, Jiy. To Oj of water add jiiv of tlie powder. 

PVLvis Ctjbobm ouu AxirHnnE. Br. MAriHiBir. Cubebi 
Jij, alum 5iv ; mix, for 9 doses ; 3 daily, in goion-Aixa. 

FuiTia Dbntifbiciub. P. Deni^ru^m. P. Bed bota jiy, 
coral 3i\i, sepia bone Jijj, dragon's blood Jiss, iiocluiieil 
3ij, traum of tartar giysa, cinnamon 5yj, eloreg 3j, All 

t to bo very finely powdered and railed, EAUa. Fe. Char- 

coal 4 parfca, cincbona S, myrrli 1. RcB. Ph. Cinchona 
5ij, orris 3j, muriate of Bmmonia Jsa, catechu Jv], myrrh 
5vj, oi) of doves invii. [A great number of fonnul«% fbp 
tooth powders will be found in the Bmggiaet Bmtrai 
Receipt Boot.] 
PULVis Dbpiiatobidb. Flbbx. Qaioklimegxij, atapchsx, 
yelkiw Bulphuret of arsenic 5] ; to bo mixed with water 
when used, and the paste loft on to dry, Ratbb's {»IU- . 
out arsenie). Lime 3j> enrbonatc of potash Jij, eharooal5]. 
Pdltis Diapkntb. E. 1744. Aristolochia root, gentian, 

bay berries, myrrh, ivory dust^ each Jij. Mix. 
PriTta DiATBSBAHOB. E. 1744. As Diapente, omitting, 
^ the ivory dust. 

^L Puxrjs DiOMTrms.;. Tartrate of potash jiij, tba' . 


P'hirii 5j, iolphor 9ij, orange peel 9aa, magneeia 3sa. Mii. 

fcA teuspoonf nl 3 timee a day. in Aajjofio oistmcliona. 

a DiuBBTlocB. P. Aoacis gnm Jij, pnre sngar Siji 
ate of potash Jj, slthiEft roob 3j. Mix. 

PoxviB DovBRl, See Pnivis Ipetaie. CompositiiB. 

PCXTBBEB EsFKHTESOKKTEB. B, Soda Potnders. Tartaric 
acid Jj, divide it into 16 powders. Bicarbonate of Boda 
534 grains (or bicarbonate of potaeli 610 grains) ; divide 
it into 16 parta j keep the add and altaliue powders in 
separate papers of different roloars. [The more nsnid 
proportions are 25 or 36 gmins of tartaric acid and 80 or 
32 of bicarlxinate of aoda.] 

Tartarined soda 5ii, bicBThonate of soda 3i]; mii. The 
otlier paper conduns 5ss of tartario acid. Or the soda may 
be increased to 3iiBB, and tbo acid to 9ij. [Dr. Birerk 
recommenda — Bianlphnte of potash 73 grainB, bicarljonate 
of soda 43 grains ; to be disBolccd separate!;, and mixed 
when taken.] 
PULTBBBS PrraaTMOBBTKB CiTBATi. D. Citric arid 3i J ; 
divide into 18 powders. Bicarbonate of Bodn 51^' (or bi- 
carbonate of potash Jxiij) ; divide into 18 parts. Theacid 
and tillialiDo powilera should be kept in papers of different 

BBTraoBNTBa CUM FsaKO. Dried sulphate 
'bit« Bogar jiij. tartaric acid 3iasi mix, and 
divide into 12 powdera. Bicarbonate of aoda 3ij. whitfi 
ingar 5iij ; mix, and divide into 12 powders. One of each 
to be dissolved in half a glassful of water, then miied, and 
drank immediatalj. 
PnLTBBKa EFFEBTEBCBirrBB Tahtabizati. D. Tartaric 
Mid 3x; reduce to powder, and divide into IS parts. Bi' 
carbonate of soda 5xj (or of potash 3«iij) ; divide into 18 
parts. Keep the acid and alkaline powders in papers of 
different colours. 

ert. Ginger ;^, bicarbonate of soda 3xj, refined 
311, essence of lemon 6 drops. Mix, and divide into 
nders. The other papers contain 5bb of tartaric acid 
in each. To be taken as the preceding. 
■TIB EccoPEoncuB. Gebm. Ph. Bitortiate u^ y*^*^'' 




^, cftrbonata of magnoBin. Jsa, sulphor ^ga, nltratj? of potMh 
5ij. Milt. Doae, 5] to jiij. 

pDLVia EopnnACMcra. Sbu,b. Clmmomile, i-haliarTii obt- 
bonate of pobuh, magnesia, sulphur, oleo-saccbaruui of 
fennel, of each eqaal parts. 

PiTLVia EuTBBii CoKPOSiiFs. Gn'e H. Extrnotof b1»- 
teriuiD gr. IT, bitartrate of potasli 3v, ginger clj. Uii 
tbem welL DoBa, from gr. T to xxx. 

FcLTis Eu.TEBrN£ CoKfosiTCS. Dr. Q. Bird. Elate- 
rine gr. iv, bit»rtrate of potaflli 51 3ij. Triturate tai 
thoroughly miieiL 3ss eontuios l-16th of a gram of 

PcLYTS EKExtinjB. GiTi'a H. Ipecacuanbn 2Q parts, tartar* 
emetic 1 part. Dose, gr, v — m. MaHCB. H, IpeCU. 
gr. xixi tartar emt'tic gr. j ; mix, for One dose. 

PcLVia EttBunfua. See PuIvIb Sternntatoriua, 

PcLviB EsCHAsiyricuB AusEKioiius. P- Red sulpliimt 
of mercnr; ^ir, dragon's blood ^iv, levigated arseiiiOD*' 
acid 5ij. Mil acenrately. [This ia the Pottdra dv,/Wre 
Comae, but contains mora arscnio thun other authotitiH. 
direct. The Codex of ISIS directed only 5j of whita 
arsenic to 5vi^ of dragon's blood, and Jij of vermifiait. 
This is the formula of D(7B0is and of Fatkix. Roma- 
LOT directs 1 part of white arsenic, 9 of dragon's Uaod,' 
and 8 of cinnabar. The original formula is said ba ba 
wbite arsenic gr. t, cinnabar 339, bnmt ahoc-leather gt. 
XV. To ba moistened, at the time of using, with bbUtb ai 
mucilage.] See Cuusticum Anticancrosum. 

Pelvis EaoHJUOiiODa ALtrinsoBus. Shabp's Fiilnii Jm- 
gelicai. Bnmt alum and red precipitate, equal psrta. 

Pdlv» Eufubasi£. Fitlleb. Powdered ojebright ^^ 
mace 5j. Miij half a teaspoonliil before meals. 

P[n,v]a FEBBiFcars. Cbosb H. Potas^o-tw- 
trate of antimony 5B8, salpliate of i>otaih jj, liqnoriM 
powder 3iss. Mix accurately. Contains gr.j of emetiO 
tartar in 3ij. See also PuL Cinchonai cum Antimoiiii}, 

PuiviH Fkbw Cohpositfs. See Pulvis Tonicus. Dr. 
NsuoAir. Saccharated carbonate of iron ^ss, vijvcti gn 
xxiF, aromatic powder 3SB 1 mix, for 12 dosn. A prO" 
Irooled iafanCtU diai-rAaa, 

PoiviH Fbbbi bi Ipboaouanilb. Dr. Ashwsll, Csr- 


■ illtmLituof iron gr. viij, ipetiu.'. gr. j, iiuickailvcr with clulk 
I gr. ij. Once or twice a day, i» aHtcnitit. 

Hn>Tia FEBBO-CASBOKICrS. DAUVEU6RB. Salphalf of icOIl 
tjO pnrts, chareonl 35 parts; mii. Eiteroally, in sj/eonU 


r. Ph. Carl)oiinte of magnesia 5j< fennol seed Jss, 
ange pael 5y, white sogar 5ij; reducu each to a, fine 
povder, and miic. 

a FCLUIKANS. Bate. Nitre 5iTBs,ciusm of tartar Sias, 
ibnc 5ij. Mil. Doap, as a dlareCic uud deobBtmeDt, 
__ _ o 9ij. But more freqoeiitly uaed to produce a loud 
I exploaioD, 5ei belnfc heated in uu iron Indlu or ahoveL 
^j:VIB FduaUb. Rrga. Ph. Olibanuni, muafiic, amber, 
of each 8 parte, atyrax 2, benzoin 1, labdanum 1. See 
Fumigatio Balsumicu. 
PuiTiB Gltttsnib EMULBlyua. TiDDBl. Fresh vegetable 
-i^uten Jx, Boap Jij, water Oj j diasolvo, eviiporate the boIu- 
tiion, dry it on platea, and reduce to powder. As an anti- 
■flate to corrosive snblimate. 
SlTia Glyotbrkiz^ CoMPoamre. Peub. Ph. Scmia 

_ j, UqnoriDe root 5»j, fennel seed jiij, sulphur Jiij, re- 
F^ned sugar Siviij. Mix the powders. 
^itjTIB GuAiAoi CoitPOalTrs. BufioACH. Guaiacum resiu 
J, sulphur 3\j, cream of tnrtnr 5W, oil of fennel 6 drops, 
ose, a teaspoonfol. Hufeland. Guaiacum 5vj', extract 
if aconite gr. niv, oil of valermn gr. xxiv, golden sulphur 
' antimony gr. xriv, calonjel gr. iriv, white sogar 5ivj 
lii, for 24 doses. 

rTia Qdaiaoi OeiA'TirB. Peheiba. Guaiamin 5j, orange 

F leaves 5ss, acetate of inorphin gr. f j mis, and divide 

int« 6 powders. One every two hours, in articular rlieu- 


Pcivia OinraosirB. Gum arable Jiij, Hqiiurioe Jj, reflned 

sugar Jij. Mix. 
Pirtvia GnKMo-MEBCCBiALis. Dr. MOTiLTON. Calometjj. 

gum acacia jiv. For external me. 
PdxviB ad GurrETAU. See Pulvls AuUepilupticus. 
Pirxm HfiioBTATicus. Bosaeovx. Besiu ^iv, acacia gum 
3J, charcoal 5J ; mil. Mialhb. Alum, gum tragacanth, 
- ' '--nir, of each jij ; mix. 




PimTB HYBaABflTBi CoMPoamrs. U. C. H. Qniduirv 
with chalk 31], Cttlumba 3ij, rhubarb 9] ; id 12 pawdcts. 


Ethiapa mineral Jij, Ditre gj ; mix. 
Pdltib Htdeabotbi COM MASMiaii. U, C. H. Grayoiide 
of quickeilver 5j, magnema 5^. 

PULTIS lODUm CTTU CAX031ELAKB. Cflloillel gT. Ttij, jodillC 

Er. j, white sngar 3iv; mix, and divide into 16 powders, 
[f the calomel he first nihbed with the iudine, biiuodide 
of mercur; is formed ; if with the mgar, a proto-iodida 
reealtB. The former is the more active. Sbttfbb pce- 
icribee biniodide of mercnr; gr. j, alcohol 3 dropa, hjon- 
Bnblimed calomel gr. viy \ triturate, and add reflued Bogar 
9i. Mil, and divide into 40 powders. One three timu 
a day for a child of 6 yeorB, in acute hi/drocephalvi. 
Pin,Ti8 Ipbcaocakhs Compositub. B. Dotvr's Powder. 
Ipecacnanha in powder Jas, opium Jsb, snlpbate of potaeli 
3iT; mil the powders thorough!;, pass the powder through 
a fine sieve, rub lightly in a mortar, and keep in B Itop- 
percd iMbtle. [The Fulvis Doveri (P.) comes nearer to 
the original form. It caneista of sulphnte of potash 3iT^ 
nitrate of potash Jiv, ipetacnanha ^, liqaorioc root jji 
extract of opium Jj.] Dose, gr. v — ix. 


Pulvis Emeticns. 
PULTta Ipboaodamh* ctrm Potasss Nithatr. D. CL H. 
Comp. ipecacuanha powder 3j, nitrate of potash Jjj; mii. 

POtVlfl IPKOAOITAIfHfi otTK Eheo. GlfY'a H, IpecacDKolia 

5i, ihobarh ^iji mil. Dose, gr. iij to v, twice or oftener 
daily. U, C. H. Ipecacuanha gas, rhubarb S'j' prepwed 
chalk 5y. 

PuLVie Jacobi. The Pulvia Antimanii Compoeitna (L.) b 
intended to reiemble Dr. James's fever powder, but ia not 
exactly Identical with it. It is not known m what rwpect 
the proceaaes differ. The following- has been published io 
America (on the authority of Dr. B. B, liobinaoti) as tht 
genuine reoipe, derived from the family ; but it does nrt 
agree with tiie results of analysis : — Tfuiartsed antimosj 
9j, prepartd burnt harlahom 3v, calx of autimoilj 9ri 
mil, and put gr. ixj in each powder. 

PcLVie JaIiAPA Couposixtb. B. Jalnp in powder 3v,wid 

^r taitrab] of potash jii, ginger in powder Jj ; tab them 
^M well together, puss the powder through a Sue sieve, and 
^r finally nih lightly in a mortar. Dose, Jbs to 9iv. 
^ PULTia jAiApa CUM HrDaAfiQTBO. Gnx's H. Jalap jit, 

calomel 3j, ginger jj; mis. Dosp, gr, xv to jcjac. 
PnxTiB .TiLAPS ctrw MiOHBaiJ. Spam. Ph. Eqoal weights 

of jdap, cream of tnrtaT, and mngneBia, mixed by long 


PuLTis Jiiips Aubanmatdb. Sttore OrangS pw/jatif. 

Jalap 3ij, oream of tartar 3.i, refined angar 3xiij, oil of 

owmee peel 3ij : mii- I'oso aj to jij, 
PuLTia Siitixs (HTM IpEOjiotriirHA. Dr. pAaia. Jalap gr. 

XV, ipecacnimlia gr. v, oil of cinn&nion 2 drops. Bbahdb. 

Ipecaonaoha gr. ij, jalap gr. x, calomel gr. j ; for 1 dose. 
PntviB JtBTicuE CoMPOSiTUS. Dc. AiBSLiE, Powdered 

root of panioled jnstida gr. x, rhubarb gr. vj, blaek pepper 

gr. Tiii. To be token at bed-time, in dgspepsia. 
Pci^TiB KEBUBTts ODU Ci-UFHOBA. Gebm. H. Kermcs 

mineral gr. iij, camphor gp. vj, white sugar jij ; mii, for 

12 dosea. 
pDivia Keembtib cum IPBCAinjiNHS. F. H. Kennes gr. 

y, ipeoacnanha, gr. ij, crabs' ejea 3ij, gnm acndn By ; 

mix, for IS doses, in Kooping-nongh. 
PrriTia Kiso CoMPOarrca, B. Kino 33|, cinnamon 5j, 

opium 3i. Mix, &e. Dose, gr. v to ix. 
PlTLTia LBHrmrcB. Kl.Blir. Orange peel 39s, rhubarb 533, 

tartrate of potash jss, oil of cajepnt iniijj mii- 
FoiYia LiKKTBBrctrB. Copland. Compouud powder of 

tragacanth siij, rhnbarh jiij, compound powder of ipeca- 
cuanha 3j, quicksilver with chalk 5j. Mix. Doae, gr. v 

t0 3S8. 

pHLVie Maqnesub. p. Magnesia in squares is pulvorixed 
by rubbing them on a. Iiair sieve placed over a sheet of 
paper. The powder should be then juaacd through a finer 

PiTLTia Maosbslb TABTABicna. Sw. Pb, Tartaric add 

3j, heavy carbonate of magnasia ^, rclined sugar 3ivi oil 

B of peppermint 18 drops. The powders ahould bu well 


dried before miiing, niid tbe (xnnpomid kept £ 

air. Vak Moss directs carbooate of - -■ — 

add 3ij, cinnainoQ 5j. 
pETLTiB MoscHi CoicKigiTrs. Kr£i3. Ph. Mask 8, t 

10, camphiir 3. 
TcLTis MxBBQf CoitTOBtm. L. ITBS. Hjn-Ii, mvil 

and caator, of caeh ^. Mil. Dose, Sj. 
Putna Mybbhe ctm Nrrao. Dr. Paws. Myrrh gi 

ipecacuanha gr. vj, aitrate of potmh 5ss. In 4 dosMr 

one merf 4 bonre. 
PiTLTis Nbphhiticdb. Follkb. Powdered roots of inuil- 

age and saiUrage each jij, erabs' eyes 5j, sulphate of 

potash 8iij, enl pmnelle 3ij, oil of jnoipet 4, dropa. Mil. 

3] to 53- -DiBrrfic. 
PntviB Nitro-Camphobatds. SwsDiArE. Nitre gr. i, 

rsmpliDr gr. ir, gum antbic gr- xiir; mix, for S or 3 

JPcTLTis Nocia Vosacai Cohpositub. Vogt'b SlomachiB 
Pomder. Nux vomica gi. iviij, ipecacoanha gr. iiiT> 
rhobarb jj, prepared Dyater-sbell gr. xlviij, oleo-sacchamm. 
of mint 5]. Mil, and divide ioto 13 poirderE. 

PcxTiB Otusvs. E. 1813. Opiam 3j, prepared corbonale 
of litns 5ix. Mix accoratelj. 

PdIiTIB Opn CoHFOBiTca. B. Mii thoroughly ojunni 
in powder Jj with powdered black pepper Jij, giiiger 3», 
carawaya 5vj, rand tragacanth Jsa ; puss the powder through 
a fine sieve, mb it Ugbtly in a mortnr, and keep it ia a 
stoppered bottle. [1 part with 3 eyrup, forms Confectio 
Opii.] This powder nearly rapresentH the dry ingredieut* 
of Oonfectio Opii, L. 

PuLTiS AH PABTnu:. E. 17H. Borax 5iT, castor Sis^ 

' Mfl^n3iui, oil of cinnaDion 8 drops, oil of amber G drqpc; 
mil. Do«e, 3j to 3ss. [This name, aud that of PO^ 
Parlnrifaciear, have also been ^veu to powdered ergot.] 
Schmidt's Foudre Oegtiqiie is ergot, bomx, and oleo-eae- 
charum of chamomile, of each gr. viij; divided into 6 
powders. One every quarter of an hoar. 

pTiLTia Pahohymaoootts. Ptllkr. Crenm of tartar J 
senna 3j, rhubarb 3vj, ecammony 5y, I 
nil into a powder. Dose, 3ij to 3j. 




linia 5i, compound cinDftmon powder 3ir. Mix. 

PuLvifl Pbpticds. TuiiBB. Coriuudcr seed Jbb, aniBeed 
"' , Bweet fcnnol 3iv, iiuttiu^ 5BB, cimiainoii 3j, eloves 
loxig pepper 3aa, white sugar 5j. Mii, imd divide 
16 ^oee^. One after meals. 
:na PiciB CoiipoaiTcra. Disinfecting powder of Cobkb 
and Dbmbaui. 100 parta of plaster of Paris are triturated 
thoiougbly with 1 — b parts of coal tar. tised as au absor- 
bent and diaintectant tu fetid ulct>TB and wounds. 

PuiiTia PiPBSia. U. C. H, Clianioinile jss, prepared 
ojster-Ehell 3^, long pepper Biiiss, aloea ^ ; mix. 

Ptri.TiH PrpKEia CDBKBa; CoMFOaiira. U. C. H. Cubebs 
3j, subcarboiiate of soda jiy. 

Pdltib PoTABsa; NiTOAMB CoMFOSiTTJS. D. C. H. Nitre 
5U, BUpertartrate of potaali 5iv, turtariiM autlmouy gr, 


BON. Sulphate of potash gr. s, rhubarb gr. iij, calumbo 
gr. vj. Two or three limes a day in Meaenleric disease. 

PniTM PtmoABB. See Pulv. Jalapffi comp., &c.j Palv- 
Rbei, &c. ; Pnlv. Scammonii, &c. 

■PULVIB PuKGAsa Anthbuiinticdb. Bobbhaatb. Jalap 
'■ gr. jij ; (or agaric gr. viij), .Ethiopa mineral gr. lij 1 for 
one dose. Duedywibn. Jalap 5sb, rhubarb gr. vj, calomel 
gr. ij ; mil for a doBO. See Polvis Vennifugus. 

TuLViB QuEEcfiB Maeink. D. Yellow bladder wrack, in 
flower, is dried, cleansed, and heated in a crucible with a 
perforated lid till vapours cease; and the carbonaceous 
TBBidne reduced to powder. Dose, gr. x to 5ij. 

PoxTiaQDiMii CUM Ahtimonio. Gola. Tartariied anti- 
mony gr. ii.i, Bolphate of quinia gr. i. Mii, for 6 hours. 

PuLTia QTnuijB AsBAnra. Dr. Mbieeu. Tartaric acid gr. 
XV, disulphate of quiuiagr. iss; mix, and o/ld bi«urboDat« 
of soda gr. xviij, leflncd eugur 5ss. Mix, for oue dose., 
between the fits of intermitt&at fener. 

PciTia QciIJl^ CITM MoBPHiA. M. Diaulphate of quiniue- 
gr. ij to vj, sulphate of morphui gr. ss to gr. j ; mix, for 3- 
or 4 dosea. 

■ of quinine gr. xij, anuff 5j ; for iiercovs headaches, 


TCLVIH EKSOLTEHa Stadxh. AntimoQial powder, liitM, 
prejiared (rabB' eyes, in equal puts. RtORTBK. Oiysnt- 
phiiret of antimony gr. vj, caloniel gr. yj, hemlock powdal 
5es, wbita sugar jij ; mix, for 6 doses. 

■Pm,Yta Rhei CoupOBiitiB. B, Khobarb in powiler Jij, 
tiglit Tiiagoe«ia jvj. giager in powder Sii ""^ them Uio- 
ronglily, and pass the powder thcongh a sieve. Qregory't 
Powder. [Soma private formolB) for Gregory's Ptowoer 
contain rbomomite ; — Giugor 5}, powdered chnitioiuile 5ij, 
rhnbarb 3iv, magnesia Jj. TLe componnd rhubarb pow- 
ders of the hasp, are different. U. C. H. Hhubarb ^, 
caIaniel3j,taHarizeduiUmoiiy gr. J. In 6 powders- Oui'a 
H. Dried soda 5j, rhubarb ^, colnraba gij. Doscv gr. \ 
to XI. St. B. H. As PuIv. Rlioi Salinus.] 

uPdxyib Eebi oum Hx»baboyeo. Guy's H. Rhubarh jiv, 

• calomel 5j, gingor 3J. Mix. Dose, gr. x to xxi. 

PntTis Rhsi cTiM Htdhabbvho et Cbbta. Gwt'a H. 
Kbubarb 5ij> quioksilTer with chalk gr. ilviij. Do«e, gr. 
iij to xiv- The addition of ipecacuanha gr. ixiv forme 
Pnlr. Rhoi cnm Uydr. et Ipecac. 
PciTis Rhh ohm Maqnesi*. Rhubarb jj, carboanta of 
magnesia Jij. 

■PcLVis Rhei Opiahtb. 8t, B. H. Rbubarb gr. it, com- 

> pound chalk powder with opium 39s. 
;Ptri.TiS Rhbi Saxihub. Qut'b H. Rhnharbai, sulphateol 
potash 5^. Mil, and give from gr. x to ^ every mornings 
FoBBTCS. Rhubarb and sulphate of polaah. eadi Ssa. 
SAUSSEBfl. KbnbBfh 5SS, salphate of potaab gr. x, scam- 
mony gr. tUj, oil of fennel 1 drop. Sr. B. H. Rhubarb 
gr. X, sulphate of potash 3se. 

■PraTia Rebi Usti. See Rheum Uatum. 

PCLTIS SiBIHS CUM .ilEliaiMB. J. HUHTBB, /or WOrfa. 
Equal weights of savine and verdigris. 

PtTLViB Saxbf^. The tnberonB roots of orchis (orchis mu- 
caia, and aome other species) are macerated in cold water 
for 24 liours, or dipped in hot water, mbbed with a coai*e 
cloth, dried in on oven, reduced ia powder, passed througU 

iPuiTlB SaiioiB COMPOBITCB. HuPBl.iKIi'8 Qitinqaite 
' ttcB. WiUow hnrk, chestnut hark, gentian, enlunns, & 
hennet, of each equal jiarta. Puh 



Poxvia Saliciss CoMPoaiina. Dr. Nbuqan. Salidua 
3ij, aromAtIc powder 5] ; mix, for 12 powdiu^. [A aub- 
stitute for the siUtj of quinine,} 

PoiviH SAUKtrs CoMPOSiTca. E. Pure muriate of soila 
Jiv, Bulphnte of magnesia Jiv, aulpbate of pntasli Jiiji 
dry tho eatts Kparately, and triturate them together- 
Dose, 5U— iv. 

PnLViB Sammcs AuTiCHOtEBicuH, Dr. SisvEBS. Chlorate 
of potash gr. vij, muriiite ofaMUdj, carbonate of eui!a 503 j 
mix, for 1 dose. Dr. O'SDATaHSBBSZ. Fhosphate of soda 
gr. I, chloride of liodiura gr. x, carbonate of soda gr. v, 
Bolphate of sodn Sbb; mil, for 1 doBQ. 

FvLris Sapohis. Soap, in thin sluiTiiiga or Ecrapings, ia 
dried gradnnll; in a waroi place, and afterirards rublied to 
powder. j^Thie ehoold be done, not merely as a matter 
of can<enience in dispensing, but in order to neutralise, 
by eiposure to the air, any exeea of Mustio alkali which 
the soap may cont^n, the presence of which may be de- 
tected by the gray coloar which it commouicates ta 

PuLVia Sarz* cmt CujohohS. See Pulvia Alterativna. 

pTLVia SCAMUONU CoKEOalTCB. B. Scammony Jiv, jalap 
Sii], ginger Jj. Bednee theui separately to fine powder, 
mil! them thoroughly, pass the powder tbmugb a line 
tfeve, and finally rub lightly in a mottur. Dodc, gr. v to 

, Poxvia K SoA 
, 51J, dried e 

B SCAtmoNio Oim Calokeiase. L, 1783. Seam- 
mony 517, calomel 5ij, vrhite sngar 3^. Mix. 
PULTia Soamhonh Ctih: Fuuqinb, Faudrc d'Ailhaul, 
Scammony ^, wood-aoot 3iES, reein 5ij. Mil. Doso, 5Ba. 
ji once J'ashionahle purgative, 
PuxTia SoELLf. D. KeiDovethQiaembrauouB integuments 
&0m the bnlb of the aqaill, cut ii^ into thin slices, dry it 
^^ at a hest between 90° and 100°, reduce it to powder, and 
^^L keep it in battles with gronuil glius iitoppcre. 
^Hrtixna ScsjaiM Coufdsitdb. Ody'h U. Dried squill 3j, 
^^^Utflrtrate of potash jix; mix. Dose. gr. i to xix, twice 
^^Kor thiice a, dny. U. C. U. Sijitill 5j, ipecacuanha 3j, 



aagtir ^W ; make a powder. Swxd. Ph. Sqain ^, nitre 
^j, cream of tartar ^v, aromatic powder 51]. GriBOinT. 
Sqaill 1, sotpbiir 2, white ragar S ; mix. Dose, gr. XT to 

Ptltts s Scdbsio Coxfositc^ L. 1716. Bole '§r, 
acordiam 5ljr ciDaamoi] ^a^ atjiax, turntentil, lustorU 
gfntian, dittanj, galbaitmD, gum acaciH, red-rose petalf, 
eacli 3], long pepper jgs, ginger jss ; make a powder. 

Ptltis e Scokdio ecu Opio. Add to the preceding ^j 
of dr; atrained cpima, and powder it with the other iii- 

PcXTis Sessx CDHfosiTCS. L. 1SS4. Senna Jij, litar- 
trate ot potaab ^ij, scammonj Jjs, ginger 3'j ; mix. DoaQ 
3j to^. 

PtTLTiH So»a CoitPOBirca. U. C. H, Dried soda 5j, rhu- 
barb 5iT, ginger 9j. Mil, 

PniTiB SoTiM cm Htobahoiho. Qoi'b H. Dried ca*- 
boaate of aodn 37, calnmel 5J, compound chalk powder 51. 
Mil. Dose, gr. viij to lyj. 


aoda Jij, coehiQeal 9qt tritiuate together. Dose. Ssb, 

beTore brraktiist, aa a vemtifliffe, 
PiJLVis SoD^ SuiPHATiH CoMToaiTUH. Sel de Ouinin. 

Dried sulphate of aoda jiriij, nitrate of potash 51ft 

pota.ib -tartrate of antimony gr. j. Athli-dpnrt tobet^ica 

in water or herb broth. 
PiJLVis SPECCTrcrs Abtbik&kss. Colbatohb'b Speeifie. 

Liquid elJoride of iron (Liquor Ferri Percbloridi) Jit, 

acetate of lead Jiv; evaporate to drjnesB. Doae, gr. iv ta 

I PcxTie SFi.AiiciiNicirB. Pdileb. Aah bark 3u, riinluib 
, V, spikenard gr ij, eafiroo gr. ij, long pepper gr, j j 
ike a powder. Twice a day, in viiceral obtlrwtivmit 

I Pravia SrosBiM. D. Beat the sponge, eat it into anikll 
pieces, aftd bam it in a covered iron vessel untilit becoiMS 
bkck and friable; finally, reduce it to powder. [If o»w- 
burnt its efficacy ia impaired ; it ahonld ouly lie burnt to " 
broim bluet.'] 


V, carbonate of magneaiB 513", nitre 5!], white augar ^ 



.ITBT. 1 


mix. Doae, a teaapoonful, Vtiree times a day. Rtrai. 
Burnt aponge sss, di^talii gr. iv to viij, oiEa-saecharum of 
feanel 5g ; mix, for 12 doBes. Poudre de Sencg canaists 
of 20 pari! of burnt sponge, 1 aC sol ammoniad, and 1 of 
vegetable charcoal. IJose, gr. xt, three times a day. 

PuiiVts Stabni. D. Melt tin in a bliti:k-lead crucible, and 
wbile it is cooling stir it with a rod of iron nntil it is re- 
duced to povrder. Let tbo Hnor particles bo eepamti^ by 
nwBiia of a sieve, and when, after having been kvctbI 
times in anccesainn sbaken with distilled water, the de- 
canted liqaor appears quite clear, let the product be dried 
and prepared for nee. E. directs melted tin to be poored 
into an earthen mortar heated a little below redness > trita- 
rated, and silted. Dose, 3j — ij ; but Dr. Aistoh some- 
times gave 3J. 

PvLViB STEKHiTAiORitTB. (See Pulvls Asori Comp.) Fxra. 
Ph. Marjoram 5iij,tmeoiurnni ^, lily of the valley Bias, 
orris ^ ; mix. BoBLl's Cephalic Siwff. Valerian 5ij, 
tobacco 5^, oil of lavender 3 drops, oil of marjoram ^ 
drops; mix. Pbabbdh. Asombucca 3iss, marum 5ias, 
hellebore 5j ; make a very fine powder. Hellebore, with 4 
or 5 purts of starch or orris powder, ia also usfd. St. 
As&K. Asarabacca jy, hellebore 3]. Miaibk. Sugar 
raindy 3,i. veratrina gr. j to ijj mix exactly. ( 


subsulpliate of mercury gr. j, liqoorice powder gr. viij, A i 

fourtb port to he snuffed once or twice a day. ,1 

FtTLVIB STKENTTTATOBIUa tnjM QTrraii, Radiub. Suuffjj, ( 

disulphate of quinine g;r. xv. In intermiiimt Atadacie, \ 

PuLTiB Steychnie CUM Sacchaeo. Ql. H. Strychnia ( 

gr. j, refined sugar 9j. Mix, aud divide into 8 pawdera. i 

Pcxvia Stytticcb Heltbtii. Equal parts of dragon's 
blood and atum, melted together, and powdered. 

PCLTia SULPMTJBIS CoKFoaiiDB. Ratikb. Sulphnr J^', I 

cream of tartar 3^, white sugai' q. s. Vaw Mons. Asii- 
dj/tenieric FoKder. Sulphur 5l, fennel seed ^', white 
"'8'"' S'i' S""" urabic jij; mix. Swkdiacb. Feeloral 
Powder. Sulphur Sas, liquorice 3j, orris 3ij, benzoic acid 
ag, white sugar Jij, oil of anise and fennel each 10 dropa. 
\\. I Taa Jjausanne Componad, according to Mr. Ikck, consii to t 

I^AC cream of tartar, carbonate of mngnosia, pr«cipitaU^^^^B 

mlpliur, each Jas, nitre 5as, aogsr or milk Sj, oleo-««- 

charum of peppermint, jsa. 
Pdlvis StTLPiruBis NiTBATOB. U. C. H, Eqanl paria of 

nitre and nulphar. 
FciiVia TEUPE&ABa Siaslu. P. Sulphate of potaali Jix, 

nitrate of potash Jix, red snlphurct of mercury 5(j ; uui. 
PtJLTia ToKiTBUAKB. See PuIt. FulminallH. 
Puxvie Tbaoacahibx Cohpobitts. B. Bab iretl together 

tragacantli ia powder Jj, gnm arabie in powder Jj, stardi 

3j, refined sngar in powder Jiij. 
PULVis DB Tsraira. See Pulvia Comacbini. Tho same 

name is fpTea by RBCAinna to a miitore of gentian 3n, 

bistort 3^|, pcconj 3ij. 
PiTLTiB Vvs Obsi Contoaiivs. Dr. Fshbub. Uva mti 

5\), cincliona 5iji opium gc. i\j; make 6 dosea. Onetwioe 

a day, wasbed down with lime water. CsABiMa Citoaa H. 

Dva ursi Jibb, carbonate of magnesia 3^t sesquicarbonate 

of soda 3ij. 
PdiYis Uttiabib. Fuxler. Cateobu 3j, bolaustines 3j, 

alum gr. x, long pepper gr, i ; powder, and mix. To be 

blown upon tbe uvnla. 
Pmria Vamllx. Posdre de Vduille. Vanilk is redniied 
o powder by cntting it in pieces, and trituratiQK it wit^ 
■efined angar. P. directs twice its weigbt of Bogar; 

SoiTBBlBAlc i dmoa. Tbe qnaatity leqnired depends on 

" I state of tbe pods. GniBOUBT directs Poadre d< 
aiile Sucree to be made with one part of Taoilla to 

eleven Df sugar. 
I*DiTiB VBEurPDona. P. Corsican wonn-mosa 5j, wonn- 
1 3j, rhubarb Jaa; mix. £. H. Scummony Jj, 

calomel 3j, rhubarb 5iij. (The daaea of the above »xe 

uot given.) Baiwb. Quicksilver 5iij, ^thlopa mineml 

5tj, white sugar Sviiji tritarSite till the mercury dinp- 

peara. Dose, gr. v Ui 3j, twice a day. F. 1S18. .£tld]ps 

mineral 5j, acummonj 5j ; mix. SwESiAim. Tin filings 

j\j, anlphate of iron gr. v; mii, fcr 6 dotes. One evety 
1 boura. Obem. H. Male fern gr. xiiv, gambc^ 

loLVia VlENSHNSlS. Potaasa cum Calcc. 
1^v:b Viboi CoMPOBiira. Poadre de Cariiiiiao. Pomdre 
de gUttele (pulvia anticpilepticus) Sviij, amber Jiij, cojul 


5iv, eealed eattli JIt, Itenaea mineni] jiij, irorj blacli jiij. 

PuiTis ZiHci Cyahibi Compobitus. GriBorET. Cyanide 

of zinc gr, iij, caleined magUGBiu gr. xxlv, dunnnion gr. 

lij; mis, for 6 doses. In cramp 0/ ths itonach. 
PiTLVifl ZiKci SrLPHATiB CoMPOaiTTTS. St. B. H. Sulpbate 

rf zioc jiy, Bnlphate of copper 3iv, dried alum Jiv, nim- 

phor 5isa. Mix. 

Mil sol- 

nionar, immerae cotton S3 m 'ne miinira, and aKr for 3 
minnteB with & glass rod till it ia tlioronghlj wetted with 
tho udils. Tranifm' the cotton to n viiSBtl containing 
water, stir it well Kith a glass rod, decant the liqoid, pour 
more wator upon the mass, agitBtc B|;ain, and repeat the 
aSosiou, agitation, and decantation, till the washing ceases 
to give a precipitate with chloride of barium. Drain the 
product on filtering-paper, and dry in a water bath. 
[Soluble in a mixture of ether and rectified spirit. Ex- 
plodes without residue by heat.] 

QlTABBDtA. Quagtine. WiGOIEB. Evaporate B decoction 
of quassia to 2-3rds the weight of the woodi add slaked 
lime, and !□ 24 hours filter. Eraporate, dissolve the 
extract in rectified spirit, and agaio evaporate. 
eisi, vel QconA. Quinine, Qittna, or Quinia. To a 
BolutioB of dianlphate of quinine add solution of ammonia 
Bufilcient to tlirow down the qoiuine; wash tins with 
warm distilled water, and drf it. To procure it in ciyitalt, 
dissolve it in the smsllest possible qnnntity of alcohol, and 
let it evaporate spoutaneuusly in a warm place. 

QumA lUFTiBA. Coloured Quinine. Quinine Bniie. Ei- 
hanrt Peruvian bark bj boiling it in water acidulated with 
mnrlatie acid, neutralize tho decoction with tnitli of lime, 
dry the precipitate, and hoil it repeatedly with rectified 
spirit. Mix and filter the solutions, and distil nS tbc 
■pirit. The reddne is impure quinine, which M. TbOeS- 
BBAIT regards as preferable to the sulphate. 

Qunai. AuOBFEA. (Quina Informis, Nbiioah'.] Araorphoia 
or VhcrydcdlUahle Quinine. Quinidia. LlEBiO. Dis- 
solve purified qninoidine bj digestion with pure solphnric 

I etber, decant the ethereal solution, and evaporate it uith 

of I 

^t anfi 


H S66 

^H a very gentle hcxit. Amorphous quinine remaini, whTcB"' 
^1 may be neatrsliled with diluted itdds to fonu the gultt, 
^H which me not crystallizablc, and are cammnnlj oaeA in 
^^K Bolutiou. Its uses luid doaea are the aame aii tJiose of the 
^^^ ordinary salts of quinine. For Mr. Bdxlock'b patnt )IN- 
^^H ceas, see ' Pliarmaceutica] Journal,' vol. vi, pnge 271. 
^H QutMix ACBTAB. P. Mix 100 parts of quinine with 150 tf 
^H diElJIIed water, heat the mixture, and add a» inueb aeetio 
^^1 acid us will diBBolve the quinine and render the solntim 
^V slightly acid. Filter bailing, and set aside to cryntalUH. 
^H Concentrate the residuary liquor for more crjatBle. DoM, 
V gr. j— y. 

^ QniSLai Aesenias. Bovsiebeb. Dissolve 5is9 of b 

acid iu 3vj of water, add 3v of pure quimne, and Iwil tilt 

the quinine is dissolved. Let the clear soluijon cool, that 

crysbila mny form, nhich purify hy re-erygtaUiKnUan. 

Dose, l-5tli of a grain [ironi gr. iV to i; NELioijcj. 

i^m QviNLS Abseitis. Jrieaile of Quinine. M. SouBSiBiir. 

^^L Dissolve 500 gmins of disnlphate of qniniue in distilled 

^^H water with a few drops of diluted sulphuric acid; [wMJ- 

^^B pilate hy ammonia, wasb the precipitated quinia, pnsa i^ 

^1 and dissolve it in j^viij of rectified spirit; then add 73 

grains of arGenioug acid, heat them together, and filh?. 

The arsenite crj'Btallizos oa cooling. 

QriHi^ DiASS£Ki3. Mr. EiNaDON. BoU 64 grains of arte- 

□inns acid with 32 grains of carbonate of potash in (liv 

of distiUed water for half on hour, and add water to Uldia 

op fjir. To f^v of this solution add Sij of disnlphate of 

quinine previously dissolTed in boiling water. Collect Uw 

precipitate on a filter, wash it, and leave it to dr^. Dm^ 

gr. ^, twice a day, in pills with bread. 

QuiNi^ CiTius, P. As the acetate, substituting dtnc fW 

J acetic acid. Dose, gr. j — v. 

I vQumi^ DlBUlPHiS. See after, Qniciai Sulphas, 

1 Qtritri^ SI Feebi Citbas. See Fern et QuiniiB Citraa. 

I Quism: FKRso-PBDBaiAH. P. Boil 100 parts of (n%ha(« 

of quinine and 31 of ferro-prussiate of potash with. SfiOO 

of dUIJUcd water for a few minutes. Let the abluUaii 

cool, separate the oily compound, and wash it with a 
water. It may he cnrataliiied by diasolviiif '' '~ *- 
atcuhol and rauling. [M. PEl.o?itE regards 



salphnte of quinmu with a little Pruseiua blue.] Doao, 

QniNis BT Fbbhi Iomdpm. BotroHAEDAT. Pour a strong 
Eolution of oi'id salpliaCa of qulniuu into a fresb solution 
of iodide of iron. Collect the preuipitttte, dry it quickly 
hjr pressing it liettreen blotting-paper, and keep ic iiam 
the air, 

QuiHxa: lavrnxni, Kigbini. Add, by drops, a solution of 
24 parts of iodide of pottusium in S of water tn a strong 
■olution of 20 parts of bisulphate of quinine. Wasli the 
precipitate quickly, and dry it in the shade. 
turns: Hydbiodas Iodubbia. BonciiAttaAT. Into an 
nuid solution of quinine puur a. solutinn of iodide of iron 
uantAiniag a, slight excess of iodine. Bdl the precipitate 
in alcohol, end SliKc while hot. The suit ia deposited in 
fine settles. Dose, gr. ij. 

QtrnfEE KT HsDEABavBi CHLOEiDUit. See Hjdrarg. et 
Quiniie Chloridnm. 

QtJiNxfi KlSAS. It may be made by saturating kinic acid 
with quinine, or tiy the mutual det^mposition of sulphate 
of ijuiuine and kinste of lime. [Kinat* of lime i« a re- 
aidoary product in mnnnfacturing sulplmtu of quinine. 
Giaic acid ia obtained trum it by carefully adding to its 
solntion enough oxalic acid to throw down the lime, and 
evaporating the filtered liqaid to tlie consistence of 

Qtrun* Laotas. Pbikcb L. L. Bonapaete. Saturate lactic 
acid with quinine, and leave the solution in a shBllon 
vessel to evaporate spontaneously in a warm room till 
crystals are produced. [The prince recommends this, ajid 
uU tbe salts of quinine, to be made by adding a strong 
alcoholic solution of quinine to a oold solution of the acid.J 
Dose, gr. iij — ii in the day, in intermitletit fevers. 

QlTENLfi MvuiAS. Xuriate or Sydrochloraie of Quinine. 
D. Dissolve 1£8 grains of chloride of harium iu f Jij of 
distilled water, and 437i grains of sulphate of quioine 
in Oiss of boiling nater. Mix, evaporate to hulf, filter, 
and again evaporate, by steam or wal^r heat, until crystal- 
line epioulte appear. Let it cool, and dry the cryst^ on 
blotting-paper. Concentrate the liquid for an addiUonal 
_ product. It mny also be made by saturating dilute 




muriatic aoid with i[uminc. Pbtis.Fh. (CliinitiiiiHj'dn)' 
cbloratnro.) Dissolve jv of pUoride of barium in ttj ol 
boilinfT '<^l^> '^od grHdaallj add Sij of sulphate of quiuop 
Boil foe a few minates, uud Gltei whiUt hot; irj t) 
ciystale which form. P. directs 100 parts of sulptute ol 
quinine to 30 of tr. chloride of btiritun, 
Qrod^ NiTBAS. P. Nitrate of qniniae is made in thesan 
waj us the muriate, substituting nitrate af bnryt«s fi 
chloride of harium. 

SiiturHtfi dilute phoephorie neid wil 
ite the Kilution, and cryatnlliM bytefi 

'QlTTBia; StrtPHAB. There are iwa snlpbates of qninlnq 
difFcriug in the proportion of acid they contain. Sum 
confusion exists \a the names by nhich they are distin 
guished. QuiniiB Sulphaa, B„ Quints DUalpkeu, It 
a the Qyante Salplias of the E., D., P., U. S, and ott« 
phsnnncopceiAS ; the avbsulfhate or baHo mlpkatt q 
Kane, >tc. ; and tho neutral mlpkate of Soitbeibav, On 
BOCBT, and other Contincntai phannaciats. Thia U t^ 
Salfhate ofQui-nina of commerce, and the kind in gena 
nae. Tbo other sulphato is the Neatral SatphaU of KtS 
BuLtDCK, Ju:. ; and the SUulpAale or Acid Sulpha^ a 


QuiBXi StrtPHAS, B. Qdin* DiatrLPHAS, Xi. 

Sulpbas, E. k D.) B. Dilute bydruchloric acid JiH w 

Ox nf ^ 



I bark i 

diluti^li.Mlniclili'Vk- iiold.nswill rctiilcr it tlioroiig-hly n 
After nKiccrntlon. ivltll OHUE-ional Eitirriu^-, far 24 h 
pkcc the linrk in ii (lisplHuemeiit appnrntus, ond percolat 
with the diluted hydrochloric acid, until the solatia 
whicb drapE through is nearly destitute of hitter taetf 
Into this liquid pour solntion of sodft Oir, agitate weU, b 
the precipitate completely subside, decant the si 
flui^ collect the precipitate on a filter, and wn 
cold distilled water, until the wnHhingsceaaetohavect 
Transfer the precipitate to a pnreelain dish < 
tilled water Oj, and, applying to this a heat of a «ai 
liath, gradnnlly add dilate sulphuric add until very di 
the whole of the precipitate has been dissolved, and a 



tral liqnid bas been obtained. Filter the solntion while hot 
iJiraugh pnper, wash ttie filter with boiling distilled water, 
concentrate till a film forms on the eurface of the solution, 
Rnd set it iiaide hi cryatallize. The rr^stals ehonld be 
dried on filtering-paper witboob the application of bent. 
[L. places it in the Materia MedicB. D. treflta hark witli 
solphuric acid, nod then precipitates witli lime. E. directs 
bark to be boiled with carbonate of soda, pressed, treated 
with acidnlat«<l water, the acid solntiona precipitiited bj 
carbonate of soda, tlie precipitate wuhed, redissolved iu 
boiling water with nixl of sulphuric acid (or q. s.), and the 
filtered solution set aside for cryatulliiation. The crystab 
ore purified by redissolving them iu boiling water, digest- 
ing with animal charcoal, filtering', &c. The motbeC' 
liquors yield more crystals by concentration.^ The D. 
proMSB, aecording to Ur. Pebgibi, h the method followeil 
by mannfacturers. [This is the salt of qnioUie moat fre- 
quently employed. The dose is from one gr^in to five.] 
QvisiM SbiiPHAS NKUTBtLiB. SoluliU Sulphate of Quinine. 
Sitaiphaii ofQiiinia. Dieiolvc^ of disulphiiteof qainine 
in distilled water acidulated with f5<is of sulplinric acid, b; 
tile aid of heat; filter while hot, and crystallize by cefrige- 

QciHis StTLPHD-TABrrBis, By evaporating the sulutlon (see 

Solatio QniniiB Snlpho-tartrHUs) to dryness. 
QciHis lissis. To a solulian of any soluble salt of qtii- 

niua add it solution of tannic acid. Wasli tho precipitate 
I witli a little cold watar, and dry it. Dose, &c., as the 
' other salts of qainine. 

"E TiaTBAS. P. Aa the acetate, substituting tortarie 

icetic Bcid. Dose aa above. 
_^___ E VAi.EBtAKAS. D. DisBolTe 124 gTwns of mlcriauHte 
' of iodn in fjij of distilled WHter, aud ^vij of muriate of 
I qninia iu f jxiv of water ; and each solution being heated 

to 120°, not higher, mix them, and set aside for 2^ hours. 

llct the crystals be preased between folds of blotting-paper. 

■nd dried without heat. Dose, gr. as every 2 hours, t» 

epilefii/, Amticratiia, Ac. 
QimiOloiNA. (Ckinioideum. Pbcb. Ph.) This is obtmned 
^^^ from the motber-liqaors of sulpliate of quinine manu- 
^^^ fkctories, by precipitation with a carbonated alkali. It 

I • 


is pnriRed by lUaaolTing it in diluted eulpliaric iict<l, piM^ 
ing BulphnretFtiHl hjdriigfeu throiigli the eolutiau, GlterioSi 
IxHling. aail precipltHting by carlnnate of sods, wasbioi 
the proctpitatf^ dryiug it, aud reducing it to powder. 

Radix ANSBuoai Cdksita. CaadUd AngeUca, ^oe Qii 
fresh coots, removing' the pith, and soak them for 2 dajltt 
water several times clunged ; boil them a little, and poor ol 
the water; aover them with symp to the height of 2 incbe* 
After a div.v or two, boil them gently if necessan. Id i±^ 
same manner are candied the roots of Enngo, Blecuiipalte 
4ci and the peels of orange, lemon, and citron. 

BsutNTHjV. Shamiiiae. Boil in water the ealie left *fbei 
preaaing bucittborn berries, filter while hot, and eet 
liquor aside. Bail what ja deposited in alcohol, filtei^ 
set aside to erjetallize. The crystals may be puriBsii hj 
macerntiug them first in cold water, then in a little odH 
weak spirit, and afterwards boiling them in nlcohol 
animal charcoal, and filtering. 

RiBiNA. B. Eesio. Eosia. The readae after dii_. 
tion of turpantine from various species of Fiuiu ind 

HsaiirA. Aloks. L. 17.10, Boil aloes ia 8 parta of 

set aaide for a night, wash and dry the reaiu which (rill 
be found at the bottom of the vessel, 

KmiHA Cahhasis. Sec Extractom Cannnbia. A pni 
resin (eaimaliiJie) is thns prepared by Messrs. Smith, . 
Edintnit^h. The dried plaut (^n/aA) is bruised asdi^ 
peatedly macerated in warm water, then in a atdatiim of 
carbonate of soda (conbuning of this salt half the w^^ 
of the plant), and afterwards well washed with watK 
presBing the plant after each operation. It is then diSti 
and digested with rectified spirit, to which cream of lint 
containing an oauce of lime to each pound of gni^ali, tH< 
been added. To the filtered tiuctnce, add solpbima ant 
iu alight excess, again filter, distil oO' most of ths apiA 
add to the residue 3 or 4 times its bullc of water, evaportta 
the remaining spirit in a porcelain dish, pour oiTtha w>taj 
liquid, waeh the resin with water, and dry it, S-Srds of* 
grain acted as a powerftil narcotic, 

Bmina CtHOHOKX. F. As Resina Jalapat. 

~ A CopAiBE. See ExUwAum Copaibaj, 

ReSIKA Ibtdis. Lixiviate powdered orria 

find let the clenr tiuctnrc evaporate spontaneousty. CI 
used aa a purfume. 

Reeiha Jalaps. See Jalapas BoeIhh, B. F. Maceriite 
powdered coot with repeated portiona of rectified spirit 
till exliauated, fitter and distil tlie mixed tinctures; mix 
the regidne nitti SO or 30 times its neight of warm water, 
wash thd reainoDS matter, oad disBoIve it in a little recti- 
fied (pirit ; thon spread it on pUtes, and drj it in a stove 
nntil it boeomea brittle. Uouchok directs 1 part of ivor; 
black to he pat into a pG^(^o1atar, and orer it S part^ more, 
mixed with an equal weight of jalap powder; rectified 
spirit ia then pourad on till a tinctoco ia obtui 
in weiglit to the jalap, and twice its volume of wi 
to sepnnite the resin, which is treated aa above. 

Kbsina NnciH Youiom. See Eitractum Nueis Vomica. 

KssiKA ScAintONn. See Extraetum Scummoni' 

Besiha Titbfeiiii. As Roaina Jalapie. 

ItHSlHA. The crjstallinc bitter and purgfstive principle of 
ihnharb. It may be obtained from the infusion of rhubarb, 
in the saine mamier as digitaline (q. v.) from foxglove, by 
Labourdnis' process. Dose, gr. j — ]j. Some state that it 

Rhiuu DaTmc. Mr. Hoblth. Heat powdered rhubarb in 
an iron vCEsel, w-ith coustnnt stirring, till it becotneauaariy 
black; tlieu ^mother it in a covered jar. Dose, gr. v to x, 
as an astringent la diarrkiEa. 

KaB. The inspissated juice of fruits. Bee Extraetum Sam- 
boci, Ilc. 

BlTBieo Fgrri. Iron Clings arc moistened with water, and 
exposed to tlie air tiU rusted; then triturated with water, 
and prepared as rhalli. The precipitated peroxide is 
now tnoro generally used in pharmacj. See Ferri Pet- 
oiidum, and Fermgo. 

KCBINTB Aktimdhu. Fose together 5 parts of black siU- 
phnrat of antimony with 1 of carboniitu of potHsli, and 
preserve the lower layer ot the f ased mass for use. 

SicOHABA. Medicated sugars, or Sacchariilca {Succharvrei 

and SoBciarolft pvlaemlsatt ot BEBtLi.) are usually made b^ 

linoiitoning refined sngar with a atroag altotoVvc, efnet^. 

j^^k aqueous solutloa of a mediclaal tuLsUiuce, i^i 

ictified - 



li rrfneing U u> powdjerj or 

■ii.t« e ■>(<■ I im ii<i«l <■] vil&agmr n tmncd Oleo-nocbi- 
niH («Uck me), and It Btrntu, SateianU oleoUqme. 

SiccHiBO-KUi. Buwxoiv. Kcarinotte of soda 3tig, 
nCaad ragn Jvaj, Mnvae to colooi'; mil. 

Suxvjuwdc AismKUTX. Bjlt. p. Bqnal parU of ilit 

SkcCBixnc Beu-ukosx. Gnnocvr- Ttnctnra of belli* 
dOBiu (made witli I part of poirdei«d Ifsrea to S of n . 
Bed spirit) ^, re6iMd ngar ^ ; tritnrate tbem togetlier^ 
diy in the ur, and tlws bj a moderate bent in a itore i 
lednoe again to ■ powder, and pass it tbroagb > sieve. SO 
grun* are eqnal bt 1 of the dried Inves ; other anthori^ 
direct 8 part* cJ sugar to 1 of tinnore. Tbe SiiMikMitrM 
of Caitor, Digitalii, Ipecacuanlia, Henbane, Uetnlock, vcA 
Squill, are prepared in tbe nme manner. 

Saccbabch Ccscboick. Gcibocbt. Kesinong cstiact 'Ol 
bart ^j, refined sagar 511. DissolTe tbe extraet in tlM 
smallest pnsnUe qmntity of alcaliol, and proceed la ^WM 

Saccbabitu Chosdoi. MorcBoy. Concentrate a decoeliW 
[rf carrageen to the conraatence of thick ejrup, add fan 
times as mitch sugar as of tlie moei, and Aoisb the (tftMi 
tlon ou a sand bath, itirnng coiutantl; till illy. 

SiocHAttUM CoRxr Cbbtt. JcUt of hartshorn alwriuga t 
parts, eymp 3 ports; mix, and evaporate \o drjnetB. 


iron (gee Liqnor Ferri CltratU) 5}, white bu^st 3X]i nui 
drj in a stove, and pnlveriic with a drop or two or (h1 el 
lemoD. Dose, 53 to jij, daily. 

Sacchabu» Fbbbi Cabbdnaii9. See Ferri Carbonaa 8ie 

SkcOBixuu Fe&bi Iodidt. Dr. A. T. Tbouson. Eipoa 
sjmp of iodide of iron in a shHllow vessel in a warm rten 
till it crjstallizci. Rub the crystals to powder. 

Sacosibuu Helutnthocobti. M. Deleeuhaufs. To 1 
clear and couoentrated decoction of Ifcj of Corsican n 
add Ibij of white ngar, coarsely powdered, and «' 
Da Sacch. Licboais. 

fUooBABDiL Jalaf£. TIncturc of jalap 3j, whit« lugtrjji 

triturate togrtlmr, dry in h stove bj a gentle htat, and 
ngain triturate. 

fiaed Huj^r tbj } macerate the moBS iu viabir to extract the 
bitterneBBi express, boil in water, Btrain, settle, ilecftiil, 
add the sugar, evaporate to dryness with a gentle heat^ 
couBtatitly stirring, and powder. 

SicCHABCM Mabtih. Mar* Sacoharatvi. K. 1744. Pat 
clean iron lilioga into abrnes kettle suspended over a gentle 
file, and add, by little and little, twice thutc weight of 
sugar boiled to a caody, agitating eoatinuully. 

SAOOEEAHTm MEactrBK. See Mereuriua Swchuratus, and 
^thiopa SHCcharatnB. 

Saccuabitm MHBtniBii CoMToaiiUM. Bbuns. I'lr. Qnielt- 
silver 5iv, engar 3ij ; triturate till the globulea diaappear, 
Hud add jalap 5iv. 

Sacqeabttu cttu Mosdho. Oauo-eb. Triturate Xj uf musk 
with Jj or 3iss of alcohol, and gradually add Ji^ of refined 
angar. Set the miitare in a warm situation till dry. and 
tritarate it witli more sugar, [f required, to make up the 
weight Jiv. 

Saccbabhu NiTSAO-uu. {hnJ:BB. Nitre Jj, refined sugar 

fiAOOiTABiiM: BosACEf u. L. 1746. Bod-roso putDls and re- 
fined sugar reduced to powder, of each Ibj ; mix, and 
moisten it with water, to form tablets, to be dried Kith a 
^gentle heat, S, 1744 directa it to be made with juice of 

SAOOHABira ctfM VAMiiii. Foudre da Vaniftc. See Pnl- 
vis VanilliB. But a weaker compound, prepared from the 
tincture, aa Saceharum Jalapoa, is comiuonlj intended 
wlien laccianire or tacekaroU de Vuoille is dirMted. 

Sacchabvm CoNiJiitJu:. Su^ ar Caadi/ is prupared by slowly 
evaporating symp in vessels having threads stretched 
across for the crystals to form on. 

Saocsarith HoBDBATua. Barley tvgar was directed, in 
the old pharmacopoiias, to be mode b; boiling Bogsr in 
barley water nntil it became ductilo ; it is now only pre- 
pared by confectioners, Penidium was madu by rajudly 
drawing out melted ang;ar and twitting it. 

" a Lactib. B. Sugar of milk. CWil^ vi'l\e^'n^ 



„ .. . iinal cbanxHl and repeated crjEtalI)ZBtJou&. 
Sacobabvu Vl^-IIJ:XB7C^xoPHILLI. Prom the'Ui 

as SBCCharQin Jalapie. 
Biccrw. Sacheti. Little bags cont^ning dry si 

comniouly in caarati powder, osed as local aplilicatioU- 
Sometimes they are moiit«iied witli spirits, 4c. 

BACCn,VH AUUONUCAUB. Eqnul parts of sal a 

and qtiicldime are mixed, and sprinkled between cotCM 
wadding, trhicli is to be quilted id mnsliii. 

SACctTLPs Akobtkub. QnKcr. CliBinoniile«Sj,bayberriBI 
3j, lavender llawen jse, lieitbiuie seed ^, opima ^. To 
be dipped in hot apirits. 

SicomcB AimTHTHiBicnB. Dieaolve 3j of aloes iu Jiij o( 
atrong; decoction of rne. Fold a large pitce of toft mvHn 
in eight foMa, large enough to cover the cheat and part d 
the BtomBch. Steep it in the decoction, anil dry It in tlio 
■hade. Wear it on the chest constantly. A ci'bbnKd 
doiiaeslic remedy for consnmption. [It is more properij 
a breastplate than a sachet.] 

Saccitldh IitTBBAt.ta. FvcLEB. Bay-lwrrics. c 
fiEnngreek seed, chaniorailea, 1 handful eaeh ; c 
and bran, etch S handtUs. Make 2 baga, to 
hot altercatetj. 

Saooclvb Bbboi-Teks. Dr. OKESLAtr. lodideof p 

3iiBBi muriate of ammoma ^iiss. Powder separately, mi 
and put it into a linen bag. Tanchod prescribM, fi 
tmnDura of tlw breast — Iodide of potassium Sir, bun 
sponge 5iiB, muriate of ammonia 51, muriate of soda ^« 
DuHEEil. directs ^ each of Bulpbate of lime, sul^dute cd 
iron, undmuriatsof ammonia. 

SicCDLrB Sponoii, Collier de Moraitd. Muriate of ■ 
monia, muriate of soda, homt sponge, of each -^; m 
sprinble the powder oa a piece of cotton wool, and, qlult 
between musUn, in the form of a cravat. To be n " 
conBtantlj in goitre or brondiocel^ renewing it ei 

Saccti-cb Stomachicus. Fuelbb. Mint ^sa, woTmir 
tbymc, red rosea, each 5!], balanstinea. aogelioB 1 
caraway seed, nntmcg, 1 ' . - ^ 

ce, cloven, each 3 


ImtBe, &c. 

Those which are merely employed lu perfumes trill be 
tDucd in the Dmggisifii General Seaeipi Soolk^ 

Sal AfisiNXHU. L. 1746. Burn wormwood in na iron 
vessel for eome honrs, boil the BBhes wil^b water, filter, 
and evaporate to drynees. [Salt of wormwood is now 
coDBiderGd identical with tlint obtained from the ashes <>( 
other plniitaj consequently BubcarhonatB of potash ia 
USBSJly sold for it.] 

SAI. AeeatuS. BieiirbonBte of potash is known by this 
name iu tbe United Statesi where it is prepared by placing 
a BOlutiDQ of the suhearbouatu near a brewer'a vaD. 

Sal AMJtOHiAcna. See Ammonii CliloriduiQ. 

SiL AmiosiAOUS VoLATurg. See AmmoDiio Carbonas. 

BiL AcETOBlLTi^. Formerly made by evaporating clarified 
juice of wood-forrol; now by adding 7 parts of subcarbo- 
natc of potash to n solutinn of 13 of oxalic acid, and 
evaporatiiig' the solution that it may erystallize. See 
PotasSiT Superoxalss. 

SaIt EssENiiALia Cinchona. See Eitractnm Cmchonos 

SAL CoRiru Cebvi. An impure carbonate of acomonia, pro- 
duced in distilling hartshorn or bonos. 

Sal EsixcM. The crude bisolphate of potash, which re- 
nain? in the retort after diatilUug nitric acid. 
u PoiYOHiiBBTUM Olabbbi. See PotaasK Sulphns cum 


UL PrtjkbHuI. Fused nitmte of potash. See Potaaate 
_ Hitm Fnaa. 

Sal StrcciNl PcrElFlOiTtrs. L. 1788. Salt of amher (eee 
Acetnm Succinicum) ftsa, water Ibj ; boil, and set aside to 

Sai. Tabtabi. Salt of Tartar. See Potasaie Carbonas. 

IXICIKA. p. To a strong clear decoction of willow barb 
add milli of lime ; filter, evaporate the liqaor to a syrupy 
con«stence, tidd alcohol to separate the gammy matter, 
ffiter, distil off tbe spirit, evaporate the residuum, nod 
■et au^ to crystallize. Karb directs willow bark t« * 


•7B 1 

Iwlldl Tonr tlmea in water, the decoction to Iw enpooi^ 
to Ihrae timet the wagLt of the barl;, tb« filtered Gq«r 
•iVHpumtcd to the coiuuteiice of iijnip, ami mt inde 10 
(Tfatallize. Tlie ciystali may be pnrified bj uiiinal chn- 
(Hinl if necMurj. T^ie ondfATiJ^e. 
'fcHTONnruH. B. SemAmiiw. Boil mntonica bmised thj iriU 
CJ dUliUed wBter mid jv of sUked tim?, in a cofper 
<ir tlnnnd iron venel, for an hour, itrain tlirongh ■ itMt 
cloth, and expreM itrongly. Hii the residue with C«a at 
diitilled water and 5ij of lime, boil for bulf an hour, itna 
Hlid UX])reis HI before. Hii the etrained liqoias, IM 
tbura aettte, decant the flttid from the deporat, nod erapo- 
rate to the bnlk of (Niiii, To the liquor whDe hot ^d, 
witli dilleeDt Btirriug, bydrocbloric arid nnfil tbe flmd bai 
lieooino iTlghtty and permanently add, and set it aade fir 
Ave d*v» that tbe precipitate may auliside. Kemore ^ 
■kiinmmg any oily matter which floaU on the ani&B^ 
and circfiiUy decant the greater part of tbe flnid from 
till pracipiUte. Collect this on a paper filter, wosb it 
flcat with cold diatllled water till tbe waahiiigg ^aaa edMS" 
Ini* Hnd nearly IVcc from acid reaction, then with jtf 
■olutioH of »iumonia, preriomly diluted with t^ of 
ilittillud wnter, aiid lastly with cold distilled water tiU fiw 
waihinf^ paaa colourless. Presa the Qlter containing- tt« 
procipltato between folda of filtering-paper, and dry it 
with a giiDtlc heat. Scrape the dry precipitate from tbe 
flltdr, nnd mii it with pnrified animal charcoal gr, Ii. 
Pour on tliem Jix of reetifted spirit, difjest for Mf an 
lionr, nnd boil for ten minntea. Filter while hot, waih 
tb« oharcoal with 3j of boiling; apirit, and set tbe filtrate 
aaldo for two dnya in a cool darll place to crystalUie. 
HeiMiriita tiic molher-liqaor from tbe crystals, and concrn- 
tmCp to obtain a further product. Collect tlie crystal^ 
lot tliem drain, redissnlvo them in jlv of boiling apiril, 
nntl let tliu solution crystalliKe aa before. Lastly, dry Ihfi 
crystals on flltoriiig-paper in the darli, and preserve them 
in a kittle protected from light. Dose, 4 to 6 Krain^ oi 

airo AMYODAilKCi. P. Solntion of eaaatie soda (at I- 3W1 
.Ik. oil of almonds Snj; add the ley to the oil in i ~ 
Jjortlona, stirring frequently j leave the n 


^^p ^y» nt a tempcrntnrc of froiu Gi" to 6!<° F., stirring occa- 
^B uonally, tlieo put it into moulds until Bufficieotlj' aoUdi- 
^P £eiL It should be expost.'d to tlio air for soiiiu weeks 
^r lerore it is used. 

8aeo Animalis. Put 6 parts of beef marron- with 10 pnrts 
of water in a. porcelain or silver haain, and add liy portions, 
-with constant stirring;, 21 parts of soda iej (liquor sodip, 
P.); when sspDniGed, add 1 part of salt, stir, rouiove the 
soap from the surface, draiu it, melt it with a gtntli: licat, 
and pour it into moulds. 
Sapo AnteMONUi^iB. Sapo Slibiatiu. P&ira. Ph. Dissolve 
Jj of oiyaulphuret of uatimouy iu liquor pobLSBiu q. a. 
Dilute with 3 times the quantity of water, uuit 3tj of 
scraped soup, and evaporate to a pilular consiateuce. 
Sai'o GxuvoQiM. SovvKUikn. Mix 1 part of gamboge 
with 2 of soap, dissolve it ia a little spirit, and evaporate 
to a pilnlur CDnsiatence. 
Safo Gi7AiAC[NDa. FauB. Pa. Caustic soda ^, gnaiacum 
resin Jrj, water Jiv; boil for four hoora, replacing the 
water as it evaporates, and reduce to a due consEstonee. 
Safo Htsbabotbt. M, Eskbebt. Uiuolve jiv of quick- 
silver in itfl weight of nitric acid, without heat; iiielt >□ a 
porcelain basin, by water batb, Sxviij of veal snet. and add 
the solution, stirring the iniitare till the union in eoin- 
plete. To 3ivis of this oiutment add Jij of sultition of 
cauatic soda (denaity 1-330), and grind the mUture on a 
porphyry slab till a soap is formed which is completely 
Bolnblo in water. For eit«rnHl use, alone or dissolved in 
Wal«r, in soma cirfoneoiw dheaiea, 
Sato Hisbabg^tbi BtOKLoaiDi. Sir H. Mabsh. Beat Jij 
of white Windsor soap in a marble mortar till perfectly 
smooth I add 3j of cnrrosive aublimate previously tritu- 
rated with f^j of rectified apirit, and beat the whole into 
ft uniform paste, adding six drops of otto of roie. In some 
chronic forms of cutaneoan dlteate. 
Sapo Htobabqtri Pbeoipitati Albi. Sic H. Massh. 
Beat 3i^ of white Windsor soap in a marble mortar, add 
f^i of rectiSed spirit, 5ij of white precipitate, and 10 drops 
of otto. Beat the whole to a uniform paste. 
Sixo HxDRABSTia Pbbcieitaii Bua&i, K'u H..'^kaK&. 


Wliitie Winikoc Boap Jij, rectiRed spint f^j, powilered led 
precipitate 5j, otto 6 dropl. Proceed as in the last. 

Safo JAi^AFiNra. Fbtts. Fe. R(«ia of jalap, hard soap, 
p. sq.; disaolve in rectified spirit q. B., and eTnponiteto* 
due consistence, stirring con^taDtly. Dose, gr< x to xt. 

Safo Labicu. I)r. Moobs. Disaolve jTiiv of white card 
soap in Jiy of rose-water on a. ateam bath. lafiue Jy of 
whest hrtuk in ji of coM WHter for SI honrs. and expreaa. 
Add to the last Jiy of pare gljeerine. Dissolve 3^ oC 
extract of larch bark in Jj of boiling water. Mb: tatan 
Bolutions with the dissolved aoap. Evaporate over h stenn 
bath to a proper consistence, and poar into moulds to cooL 
For the local treatment of paoriasis, &a. 

8apo Olei JscoKia Asblli. DGBOiu>n>s. Cod-Kfai oil 
Jij, caustic soda jij, wHt«r jv ; dissolve the soda in the 
water, and mix it with the oil. An iodnretted soap is 
made by mixing withjjj of the above 3j of iodide of paUs- 
ama dissolved in jj of water. 

Safo Potaesii lonmi. See Linimentam lodnretnu. 

Safo SinjBui. BaiBiox Ihtirmabt. Boilfbj of whtteMW 
in Oiv oE rain water ; when the soap 19 dissolved, add ^n 
camphor pulverixed with spirit^ and mixed with ^ of 
liquid diacetatc of lead ; stir the whole till cold. 

SiPO Sttlfhubib, Sir H. Mabbh. Beat Jij of wWW 
Windsor soap in a loarble mortar until Bmootn, add 1^ at 
rectiSed spirit coloured ivith alksnet root, beat to anoi- 
fomi paste, and add 511 of gnblimed salphur and 10 dropa 
of otto of rose. Seat all well together. [Fbake presdiUs 
3iv of aulphnr, 39s of oil of bei^amot, and water q. 9. to 
form a pajte.] in attatieoua diieatet. 

Sapo Tkrebikthib*. p. Slarkey'i Soap. Equal part« of 
Euhcarbonate of potaah, oil of turpentine, and Venice tu- 
pentiop, triturated together till tbejr combine, 

Safo Tio-ui. M. Croton oil 2 parts, Eolntion 1 
soda (ep. gr. 1-330) 1 part ; triturate togetlior wu 
heat till they eombiue; put it into paper monldi, and 
a feiT days alice, and preserve in a ivell-at^ped b 
Dose, gr. j to iij. 

SAFOKtHA. Sapoaine. Boil the root of soapwoii 
proof spirit, flltcr the solation while hot, and wlien 



oollert tils prPcipiUte, which loaj be purified by digeation 
witli Knimal chorcoBl. 

Sabbafabuxin^. See Shii^cjfi. 

SCAUUOKI^ ButHA. B, Macerate icuumonj root in conrae 
powder 3vig with fjnj of reotiHcd nplrit in a covered 
reuel, at a f^cntla heat, for 24 honra; then tmufer to a 
percolalor, and, when the tinctnre ccaseg to pasx, pour into- 
the percolator snccesaivc portions cf spirit until the root is 
ciliansted. Add to the tinetore fjiv of distilled water, 
and distill off the spirit by a water batli. Bcmove the 
teeidue while hot to an open dish, and allow it to beeone 
cold. Poor off the enperantaDt fluid from the resin, iraah 
this two or three times with hot water, and dr; it on a 
poTcelaiu plate by a stovu or water batli. 

SC1IX4 CooTA. Bemove thu outer coat from the bulb, and 
bnlce the squill in flour until tender. 

SiKBOiKA. .^ens^i'n, or Polygalio Acid. ExhauBt aeneg* 
lOot with reutiSed spirit, evaporate the clear tioctnre to 
the coDsisteoce of treacle, agitata it with uther, and let 
ixtuTC stand at rest to deposit crystals. Acrid, 

r AcETOBiTM. Ql. H. Milk Ihy, water Ibj ; boil, and, 
add 3j of dilated acetic acid. Remove tha curds. 

i LAOtia. WTiey. Infuse dried cnlf s stomach in !& 
partsof waterfor 10orl2hours; toOij of milk add 3^] or 

Ss. of the infusion, and heat gently till the curd is formadj 
CD strain without prcssuri^. It may he clarified as the 

" SsBim LACTii [cum Acido Tartarico], P. Milk Oij; Ixnl 
it, adding by small qunntities a solution of 1 part of tar- 
tnric acid iu 8 of water q. ».-, when Gaugulatcd, strain 
without preBBUre. Repluce the whey on the &ie, after 
mixing: with it rather more than linlf the wiiitc of an egg 
previously beaten up with a little cold water, and, when it 
boils, add a little cold water, straiu through a sieve, and 
Biter. [Whey is also prepared by means of lemon at 
. orange jaicB, cream of tartar, &(!.] 

P&tBtiM AxuuiKOSFu:. L. 1746. Milk Oj, idnm ^i boil 
' 'niin. Gl. H. dirwitaSij ofalarat*>&^Q^-Qi-S«.- 



[ AsTHCOBBCTicuM. L, 1746, Millt Oj, (coflraflE"' t^ 

juicBB 5i»; boil, and strain, 
Bbbitm Liens Cbbbyisutum. Boil Qj ot milk with 3i» of 

good b«cr, and BCruin. 
Sbbcv Chalybeatpm. Brdkb, Pn, Repeatedly quench 

red-liot iron iu wli«j. 
Sbbum NiTRoacM. Boil 5ij of nitre in Oj of milli. and 

Bkbitm PmaAXB. Gbru. H. Manna Jij, crtam of tutai 
jiv, clarified whej Jvj ; a tliird piirt every 2 hours. 

Sebuw SiNipra. Milk Oj, water Oj, bruised miislard seed 
3ias ; boil till curdled, and strain. 

SBBUJt cmr TistABiifDia. Tamurinds ^, wliej Ibj ; b«Ml 

Sebvh VuioarM. SWEDiiuB. Milk ftij, water Ibij, Rhenish 

wine Jissj boil, sfcrsin, and clarify. 
SEKtru: LicTis Compobitum. Brtihb. Ph. Acidulous vrhey 

Oisa, lemon juice jj, vitriolated eonserva of i-oaea S*], 

Sbkitu Lictia PdIiVBBathu. Sugar of milk 5iJ,wliiteaogtr 
3j, guin umbic Js^ Mix. 

Sbbhu Dicnru de Weibsb. Senna 5sr. salphate of m*g- 
neiia i»f, elder flonrera, topa of St. John's wort, yeUow 
bed-straw, of each a pincli. lofuse for 13 honn ia Ovi^ 
of clarified wliey. Doac, Jivj, to diminuh t&e teerelhm )ff 

Sevqk Pbxfabatdu:. B. Prepared Suet, The internal 
fat of tbo abdomen of the sheep, purified by melting and 
straining.'i. Smilacine. Boil EarmpBrilla in rectified ^lirit, 
distil oK two thirds, filter, concentrate, and set aside to 
cryBtallize. Purify the crystala by digestion with animal 
clwri»a1, and re- crystalline. 

Soda Cacbtica. B, Caustic Soda. Boil down solution of 
■oda Oij ntpidly in a silver or clean iron vessel, until thcM 
remains a flnid of oily consistence, a drop of wbicli when 
remored on a warmed glass rod solidifies on cooliag. Four 
the fluid ou a clean silver or iron plate, and, as soon m it 
[ has solidified, break it in pieces, sad preserve it ill Bli>p- 
pereii grecn-^lass bottles. 

Eoci PliJcA. Caustic Sodn. P. Crystallised Bubcsrliongte 

I P' 

^H ob 


d loda S*". qiuctliine Sviij. wnter 0>j. Boil for half h 
bour, strain, evaporRte mpidlj iu a silver disb to dryiiEss. 
and meiti as directed for FotoBHi Fuaa. 
Soda. Acetas. S. Nofonaula. I>. ToOj of commerciul 
aoetic add, in a porcelain capsole, add gradnallj 16 DniiceB 
DC q, s, of orys. carboiiate of soda, and, taking rare tliut 
there is a ilight ctcess of acid, evaporate until h pellicle be- 
pns to form, sad set naide to orjstalliiie. [It ie nsunlly 
obtained L; decnuiposiDg acetate of time (mnde by natu- 
zatine crude p^Toligneous add witb cbulk) bj suIpbHtc of 
■oda.] Dose, 3j to ^, as a diuretic; in \ai^ct doses, us ii 

Aqca ErFEATiacEHB. See Aqna Sodu Eflervcs- 

SODX Absekias. Ii. Arseiiious acid Jx, nitrate of soda 
Jviiisa, dried eurbonate of soda Jvaa, boiliug distilled water 
f^nxv. Rednce the drj ingredienta separately to fine 
powder, and mix them tborongbly in a porcelain mortar. 
Fat the miitnre into a large cluy crucible, enil cover it 
witb tbe lid. Expoee to a ftUl red heat, till all effervescence 
has ceased, and complete [naion hna taien place. Pour out 
^^^ the fnsed aalt ou a clean flagstone, and as soon as it has 
^^K soUdiSed, and while it is still warm, put it into boiling ilis- 
^^Kl tjlled water Sxxxr, stirring diligently. When tbe salt baa 
^^H .disBolved filter tbe eolntion throiigli paper, and fei it aside 
^^H to orystallize. Drain tbe crystals, and, having dji^d then* 
^^V rapmy on filtcring-puper, enclose them in stoppered bot- 
^H ties. P. Nitrate of soda 100 part^ arsenious acid U& 
^^H. parts; mix exactly, heat to redness in a Hessian cmcible, 
^^^ treat tbe residue with water, add carbonate of soils to the 
^^K Rolotion till it is alkaline, evaporate, and cryitaUixe. If 
] the motber-liquoc is not alkaline, add more carbonate 

of sodn, and ag^n evaporate. Dose, l-16th to l-3tb of ii 
SoDjB Bbkzoas. Heat benzoic acid and water, mid add car- 
bonate of soda q. B. tu neutralize the add; lilter, evapo- 
rate, and crystallize. 
Sosx BiaoBAS. The native borax (Uocat) is rciined by cal- 
cination, solation, and crystallization. Borax is alia made 

I from tliB native boracjc acid by saturating it with carho- 

^^L nate of soda. Dose, gr. iv— xxi. 




by cliemicat decomposntian of cMoHde of MMliuiD. (Bj 
lieating; witb SO, solphate of soda is formed, and tliis it 
heated with coal or charcoal) Dose ^. i to Jss. [100 
graini loie bj a stroDg heat 62^ graini ; the eaine qiuii- 
tilji added to dil. snlphmic add, gives off lo'SS graira nf 
carbonie acid.] 

Sods CioaosAa EiBicciri. B. Expoee earbonote of Mda 
jvi^ in a porcelain capsule to a rather atrong eand heat 
nntO the Uqoid which first fonos is converted into ■ dij 
cake ; and, haviog nibbed this to powder, eacjoae it in ■ 
stoppered bottle. Dose, gr. iv — jij. 

Boss BiciBBoNAS. (SaiquicarboHoi. L. 1836.) B. Oat- 
booata of soda Rij, dried carbonate of soda ftiij. wMte 
marble in fragments fbiv, hydrochloric add Cj, waUr 
Cij, distilled water q. e. Fill with the muble a min- 
iated glass bottle having a few small holes drilli^d in 1ibe 
bottom, connect the tubulnre tightly by a bpnt tube and 
corks with aa empty tivo-nGuked bottle, and cunnect this 
vrith another bottle filled with tho carbonates of nda 
well triturated together, and let the tabc be long enough 
to reach the bottom of the bottle. Before Kiing the oork 
in the bottle containing the carbonate of soda paitiollj 
immerse the bottle containing the marble in the hydm- 
chloric acid preiioasly diluted with the water and jdaced 
in any convenient vefseL When the whole appaimtiu is 
filled with carbonic acid gai fii in tightly the cork of th« 
bottle coDtaining tlie carbounte of soda, and let the action 
go on until the gas ceafes to lie absorbed. Agitate occa- 
sionally for half BD hour the damp salt which is fanned, 
vrith half its weight of cold distilled water, drain the un- 
dissolved portion, and dry it by eiposuro to the lir on 
filtering-paper placed on porous bricks. 100 gnuna give 
off Gl'7 gr^DS o£ carbonic acid when added to dil. snlphoric 

U. S. directs pieces of crystalliwid carbonate of roda to be 
spread on a pierced partition near the bottom of a wooden 
box with a close cover, and carbonic acid passed intn tlw 
box near the partition until Uic carbonate of soda ia flilly 
saturated. Dose, gr. x to 3J. 
Soda CntoBiNAiA. Dr. CBOIsiisoti. I'ass chlorine gu 


(irom 8 porta of lilack oxide oF manganesD, 10 of ditoride 
of sodium, 11 of sulpliaric acid, and 10 of wutcr) into b 
vesEel contaluing 19 part; of dried carbonate of soda mixed 
witb 1 part of water. Whea the ajr of the appaimtna is 
expelled the jimctlonB shonld be secured. [It in more 
nsnolly prepared in a liquid form. See Liquor Sodse 

Sods Ciiao-riBTBifl Effebvksckkb. B. Mii thorouglily 
powdered bicarhoimte of soda SxTij, tartaric acid jviij. and 
citric odd Jvj ; place in a dish or pan of suitable form, 
healed to bntweuii 200° and 220°, and, when the particles 
begin to aggregate, stir oaaidoouslj till they assume a 
granular form. By means of suitable sievea separate the 
gronuleB of nniform and most convenient size. Preserve 
in well-closed bottles. [Elffervescoa when mixed with 
water. Dose, gr. U to jss. An improved form of the 
granular preparation sold m the shops as Effei-cesciag 
Oilrale oflta^aia.^ 

Soasi HYSSoeDLFHAS Cbxstallizaia. Sal/are de soditim 
oryHallUi. P. Prepare a Bolnlion of caustic sada at 130° 
and pass into it snlphnretted hydrogen till no more gas is 
absorbed; leave the solution in close vessels till crystals 
form ; drain them, and keep than in well-stopped bottles. 
Used in prepariaff tome mineral tcaleri. 

Sons Hefostixpbib. Hyposulphite of soda. P. Dissolve 
Ji of oryst. carboDlite ot soda in j of diatiUed n'ater ; add 
5x of sulphur, and puss snlphurouii acid gas io excess into 
the liquid. Boil the mixture for a few momeuf^ in a glass 
matrass, SI ter, and evaporate the liqnor to Jrd of its volume ; 
then set it aside in a cool place, that the salt may crystal- 
lize. [It is used in skin diseases in doses of 3sa to 5j or 
more. DtrpAsquiSB says it is not poiBonous, and tlia.t it 
resembles snlphate of soda in its action, and may be taken 
Id the same dosea.] 

Soda Nitbas. B, Native in Chili. Chili UTilre. Purified 
by crystallization. 

SOB« NlTBia, B. 1861, omitted 1867- Sifite of Soda. 
Mil nitrate of soda Ibj and cbarcoal recently burned and 
in fine powder ^jl thoroughly in a morim', and drop the 
mixture in sncceasive portions into a elay crucible heated 
■ dull tednuaa. When the salt ha« become quite ivliitc 




raigc the bent ao aa to liiju«^ it, pnor it out on u dnin 
flagatone, and, when it hiLs solidiHed, break It into frag- 
ments, Hud keep it iii n stoppered battle. 

SoDi: PiioBEHAB. B. PUce bone-ash iu powder tbi in a 
capncious enrthenware or leaden vessel, pour on sulphuric 
Buid 3ITJ, and stir witli B glnsa rod nnlil the nliole powder 
ia tboronghly inDiBtened. After 24 Iiours add gradnlUjr 
and with coDstant stirring dist. wat«rCj; dig^t for 4S 
boon, and lidding distilb>d wnter from time to time to 
replace what bas evaporated. Add DQotber khUoh of the 
nattr, stirring diligently, digest for uii bour, filter thronsb 
culicn, and naisb what remaJns on the filter with sncoeafflTe 
portions of distilled water till it b^ almost eeaeed to bare 
Nn ai^id Teaction. Concentrate tbe filtrate to a gallon, kt 
it rest for E4 boors, and filter agajn. Heat tbe filtttta to 
Deur the boiling-point, add carbonate of sodn Ibxvj or q. i^ 
previously dissolved in C^ of tbe water, till it ceasei b> 
form a precipitate and tbe fluid bas acquired a, feeUe al- 
kaline reautioD. Illter throuf^b calico, evaporate the clwr 
liquor till a film forms on tbe surfaces, and set it aside to 
crystallize. More crystals will be obtained bj evapontlng 
tbe mother-liqnQr, a little carbonate of soda being addtd 
if necesBary to maintain Its alkalinity. Dry the erpith 
rapidly and witliout beat on filtering-paper placed 00 
porous bricks, and preserve them in stoppered botUeft, 
Dose, 5iv to 5x, as a laiative ; or from 3j to gas, 3 tinwa' 
a day, in nrie gravel. 

Sons ScLPiLia. OUmber't Salt. B., L. From the re»dns 
left in the maunfsctnre of HC], after uentralizing with 
carbonate of soda, &c. 'E. directs tbe eicesa of acid to he- 
neutralized with marble. 

SoDX SruKAS ExBiccATA, ^^ffloretetd Glauber Sail. Ex- 
pose tbe crystals to a warm dry air till they full into pow- 
der. Tbey lose half their weight; tbe diMe is reduced ID 
tile same proportion. 

Sobs BiSDLPnAB. Mii 10 parts of dried sulphate of ut3» 
with 7 of strong sulphuric acid. Heat tbe inixture gently 
in acnicible. 

SoD£ SoLPHia. SvlpMie of Soda. Pass sulpburous a<u4 
to siitnration tbrougb a solntion of carlionale of loda. 
L'aed mtt'malJy for Bmcinii \eul.tii;uU, and eiteronlly h> ■» 


application in skin diseases of fnngons origin. Hyposnl- 
phite of soda is employed in the same cases. 

SoD-aE BisiTLPHis. Dissolve cpys. carbonate of soda in twice 
its weight of water, and pass sulphurous acid in excess 
through the solution. Set aside to crystallize. Dose, 5S8 
to 5j. Its solution is used to preserve subjects. The 
neutral sulphite may be obtained by saturating the 
bisulphite with carbonate of soda. 

Soda Tabtaeata. B. Sodse Potassio-tartras. L. SodsD 
et PotasssB Tartras. Eochelle Salts, B. Dissolve car- 
bonate of soda 5xij or q. s. in boiling distilled water Oiv, 
add gradually acid tartrate of potash in powder ^xvj or q. 
s., and if, after being boiled for a few minutes, the liquid 
has an acid or alkaline reaction, add a little carbonate of 
soda or acid tartrate of potash till a neutral solution is 
obtained. Boil and filter; concentrate the liquor till a 
pellicle forms on the surface, and set it aside to crystal- 
lize. More crystals may be obtained by again evaporating 
as before. Dose, 5ij to 5j» 

Soda Tabtaeizata Epfeevescens. Acidulated Alkali, 
Bicarbonate of soda Jiv, tartaric acid Jiv, refined sugar 
5xij, essence of lemon f^ss. The powders to be separately 
dried at a moderate temperature, and the whole uniformly 
mixed. [The above is one from the many private formulae 
that might be given. It is to be regretted that the former 
name of the above pharmacopceial preparation (Soda Tar- 
tarizata) is sometimes given to this compound.] 

SoDM Taeteas. To a solution of tartaric acid add car- 
bonate or bicarbonate of soda q. s. to neutralize it; eva- 
porate, and set aside to crystallize. Dose, as a purgative, 
5ij — iv ; as a diuretic and antilithic 9j to 5j, largely di- 
luted. It is more frequently taken m the form of Soda 

SODJE Vaxeeiakas. B. D. Dilute ^viss of sulphuric acid 
with Oss of water ; dissolve ^vs. of powdered bichromate 
of potash with the aid of heat in Oiiiss of water. When 
both solutions are cooled, put them in a matrass, and, 
having added f^iv of fusel oil (Alcohol Amylicum), shake 
together repeatedly till the temperature has falleia. ^ 
about 9(f, A condenser being connected, ^^'ipvV^ \ie«i.\i^Q «»» 
to distil oyer about Oiv of liquid. Sat\iia\.e t\iA^ €SAjc^a^ 



with Oj or q. s. of solulaan oF cauatic soda, sepuvte fran 
tie oil which floats on Ike surfaoa, and evaporate till thB 
reffldnal Bate ia partially liquefied. The heat shonld aaw 
be withdrawn, and when the salt has concreted, while still' 
warm, it is to ba divided into fi-BgraeatB, aud preserved in 
well-Btapped hottles. [ChieHyused for obtaining the other 

Sonu AuBO-TKBOHLOHiinrai. See Anri-chloridmn Sodii. 

Sosii Bbosudvk. As Potassit Gromiduai. 

SODn CflLOEIDDir. CammoH Salt. Suda Mariat, 

SoDii loDismti. Sodse Ilydriodaa. B; decaiupoung iodM 
of iroD b; carbonate of soda, and CTAporating the Gltere 
Bulutlon with a gentle heat, thut crj^Itiili may be produotd^ 
by pooling. It is very deliquBHcant. 

SoDii FLATDfO-EiCHiiOBiiiUK. See Platino-chloridum SodiL 

Sonn SDnrHo-ANTnaosTAS. Sohlippk'h Aatimanial SaU. 
See Aatimouii et Sodii Sulphuretum. 

SotUTiO. Solution. Thia term is nsad aa synonyniMU iritb 
LiQVOB. If the preparation songht for cuimat be ft 
under the ona name, look for it under tho other. 

SoLimo AoiDt CiTHior. Citric acid 3j, water 5s», 
ia abant the strength of lemoo jnioe, See Sulcus Lin 

SoLDTTO AotDt TiBTABici. U. C. H. Tartariu add ^i 
syrup f^, water f^ivj. 

SoLVTio AooHiTis. Dr. ToRWBirLL. AconiCia gr. J 
rectified spirit f3j. Eiternally, by a sponge OB Qu VB' 
brokiin skin, in neufofgiit and rhgumatio affaotioiu. (8«e 

SoLri^xo AleaiiINA CiirsncA Bbaitdish's Camtia AUca^, 
or Alkaline SoUtiion. Americun peorlash ftvj, quialtUlH 
tbii, wood-4uhes made from the branches of tho aah MJ. 
holliug water Cvj. Slake the lime, add thi- rest t^ (lie 
watrr and the pearlash; lastly, stir in the wood-aibn 
Let it stand in a oorored vaasel for 21 hours, and pour ol 
the clear liquid. To each Oj add 1 drop of tnu oil ol 
juniper. Keep it in green stoppered bottles. 

SoLUTio AjciasALiH^. Sec Emnlsio Amygdala cum A 


Sdiptio Astibceofctlosa. AcorsTiH. Muriate o( baryta 
^st, muriate oE irou y&. fliitoWwi ■^■ jj. Cuius. 


Ammoniated iron 3j, muriikte of barytes 3j. water JiJ. 
Doee, SO to 30 drop^ two or three timcB u ilnj. 

SotcTio Apebikks. Prof. AIbttatiir. Soratrine aloc« Jiiss, 
liicarbouate of eoda. S^ji witer Oiv, compouni! tpirit of 
larender f^ij. Uigoet tor 14 days, and decent. Dose. 
f3J or more, half an hour nfter diutier and supper. 

SOLDTIO Argenti Ammohiati. E. (Teit.) NitmtB of 
■ilver 44 graina, dutilled water fjj ; ilisiiulvo, and add 
graduQllj i«[Uft ammonia) till thepracipitate, nt first tbrown 
down, is very ueurly hut not ontiroly re-dusolved. 

Sorario AsQEKTi NiTBAHfl. E. (Test.) Nitrate of silver 
9ij, distilled water 1600 grains. Dissolve, and preserve 
in well- dosed bottles. For L. see Liqnor Argenti 


BOITOM. Diasolve 3iv of nitrate of rilrer in f5iv of dia- 
IJUed water. To be applied by a, small sponge (1 inch by 
i) on u silver probe. [Instend of solid euustic in eiyn- 
pelaa, &r.] 


Bods. See Liquor Arseniatia Animnniie, ke. 

SoiitiTio ABSEMOAua AaiSA. Cut. H. Areenioiia acid 
5iias, hjdrochlorie acid Jss, water fjxuiiss. Boil till the 
■nenic is dissolved, aud add 5j of syrup of safTron. Malce 

. it up fjuiiv. Dose, miij to in%3. 

o ABBKHiCAtw AutAJ.lNA. Ctt. H. Arsenious acid 
, solution of potash Jj. "»ter fSnnij. Boil till dis- 
Bolved, then add Jj of comp. tincture of lavender, uid 
water lo make up JixidT. Dose, miij to i>ivj. 

SotUTto ATBOPi.e. Mr. Wiuis. Atropia gr. j, rectified 
spirit n\ii.ii diluted nitric acid mj, distilled water f^j. This 
fbrme No. 1 ; Nob. 2 und 3 contain rcspertively 2 and 3 
grains of utropia. One drop applied to the conjunctiva of 
the lower lid dilates the pupil. Mr. W. W. Coofbb's 
solntion for the same purpose eonsists of atmpitt gr. ij, 

trectiiied spirit fjj, water f 3v^. Dr. Pebeiba directs gr. j 
of atropin. See Liquor Atropiie, B. 
ixtio Acai AjraoKio-CHiiOBUii. FmNAHi, Anroouio- 
cbloride of gold gr. x, distilled wat«r and rectjiied spirit, 
each jiiiss. Dose, a teaspoonfnl, morning and evening, is. 
sugared water ; agaiiat dyamfanrihaa vnA aiaenorrliiea. 







droanlpbikte of auM Jij. carlKinate of eoda Jij, muriate of 

«oda 3iji wtel' i» ! mii, wid preaerve U'i 


E. Mnriate^ of baryta (clilo- 

40 grains, diatillcil wxt 
in well-doaifd bottles. 
SOLITTIO Barti Chloeidi. L. See Li<inor Ban! CblMidU 
SoLUTio Bebebkihs. Dr. Rodie'b SolKliott cootaim im- 
pure Bulpbate of bebeerine. bnt tlie qiuuititj' Is sot bnowB- 
The dose is from SO to 30 drops. 

SotUTIO BBLIJDONBffi. HiHNEMiNS'S Proptgloftk 8oh- 

tiiM, Eitr.ict of belladonna gr. iij, distilled wttter (or 
cinnaraou water) Jj. Dos*, 3 drops, twice a day, ta • 
cliild under 12 montlu, and 1 drop more for every fNT 

SOLirrio BHomnn. M. PocBoaB. For ialernat mtt. B»- 
miue f5j, distilled water fjT ; tnii. Doae, 5 to Q Anft- 
[For escternal hjm, fjiv of brominE to fjv of water.] 

SoLiTTio Citcii Chijjeidi. Solutio Ctdcis Moriatia. E. 
Seu Liqnor Calcii Clilnridi. 

SoMTTio Calcis CmiOBiNATf. See Liquor Calcia Chlonrts, 


Cliloride of lime jiij, aiatilled water Jij, nrtiAed ipiia 
Jij i mil, and Alter. 
SoLmo Casipdoks Cabbonica. Swbdiacb. Water sa- 
turated with cnrtiomu acid gas tbij, powdured uamplMt 


SOLViio Cakfbobs e Cblobofobmo. Ueasra. T. ii H. 

Skitd. Camphiw 5iij, cbloroferm f^j. Dissolve. [FW 

exhibiting camphor, with yolk of egg- in emnlaioas,] 
SoLCTio CAUFBOas ET Mtbsb^. SwaoiArB. Cnn^hM 

^, myrrh '^ ; rub togetber, and add gradually Rg of hot 

diltilled w^r. When cold. Alter. 
SoLrTio Cakthaeidis £thebiaii9. Mr. Toykbsi. B 

S purts, cnnthuridee 1 part; eibaust by percoUtion. 
SObDTio Caustioa Cofatbx vel Citbbb^. Dr. CATms> 

oil of cubebs or copaiva jij, solation of potash Jjj, n 

q. B. Aa on injection. 


^VfioiCTio CiSBOHiH Sulfetibeti. Otto, Snlplinrat of car- 
^P bon 5ij, ftlcohol 3j. Doss, 4 drupa, vrety i hoins. 
^LSoLPTtO CbxOsiijii. See Liquor Chluril B. [Ur. Mait- 
I 1!AND rpcomoiends doubting tlis quuntity of wiitvr, wlitoli 
is inanfficient to disaolTe the chlorate and retain the chlo- 
rine.] Of this KolaUoD ndd f3iij to F3>ij of distilled 
water, for a. mixture. Dr. Watgoh aaja, ndd fjij to Oj 
of water, and gire a table-epoonful or twi>, acoording to 
the age, frequently.] In icartaliKa. 

SOLcrio Cbuibofobmi. Bodchabdat. Chloroform ^, 
rectided spirit Jj, water 3i. Used cbiefly lu a lotion, to 
allay itching. 

SoLCTio CoxiL Dr. Pabib. -Fur iitiaJiitg. Extract of 
hemlock 53, tincturo of hemlock f^j, warm water (at 120° 
F.) Oai. To he used 3 or 4 limeB a dHj. 

SoLiTtio CoPAiBi):. Dr. Siohoni). Copaiba JxiJ, calcined 
ins^esia %vi ; mil, und digest them !□ Qj of proof Bpirit j 
Biter, and sdd fjss c^ spirit of nitric ether. 

SOLUTio CopAiBs AmALrNA. Copaiva 5(j, solation of 
potanh fjJT, distilled water 31 i biHl together, and when 
coaled to 140° F. add spirit of nitric ether fjj. Separate 
the clenr golation froiti the sediment and what floats on 
tbe surfnce. Ur. Chbibtibos directs Jiu of aqua potasaFe 
and no wHt«r- Mr, Beix. Balsam of copuiva 2 parts, 
■olation of potash or soda B pnrls, water T parts. Boil 
for a quarter of an hour, and add sweet spirit of oitre 

SOLrTio Creaboti. The watery solution con^ats of 1 part 
of creasute l« 80 of water. A weaker solution, ft'om 3 to 
G drope iu Oj of water, is aeed for preserving pathalogical 
specimens. The alcoholic solution conaiEts of 1 part of 
creaeote to 16 [Labnnbc eaja 10] parts of reetifled spirit. 

E. 1817- Sulphate of copper Jiij, ulnm jiij, water gxiiij, 
snlphuric acid Jiaa, Dissolve the sulphate bj heat, filter, 
and add tbe acid. 

SoLDTio Delfhlnis. Dr. TcBKBDij., Dclpliiua 3j, 
ractilieil spirit fjij. Far outaard ase, 

S01.OTIO H^ATEBINS. Dr. G. BiBD. Elsterine gr. iv, 
rectified spirit f^iv. Dr. Duscab adils 16 ilro'pa ol a\'utvc. 
acidi !ys eai^tc^ns gr. I-lSth of elatecine. 


SOLFTIO EBOOTX .llTSEBKl. Dr. Q. 0. Rbbs. Ab EueDtll 
SecnUs Comuti ^thorea, Dosp, nrvto viij, i»fneRorr&<^tai 
from inxv to nxi. to puerperal inomsn. 

SoLUTio EacoABOticA. FHtsarBO. Camphor ,^h^ cord- 
sire Bublimate 3j, rectified epiiit ^. See aUo H]rdnirg]>ri. 
Dentro-nitras Liquidua. 

BoiUTio Pbbei. U. C. H. Tartariwd ii 
water fjij i make n solution. 

BoLuno FsBBi AxiTHiNoaA. SwEDiAHB. Calclcad inlphits 
of iron 9i, alum !)v, vrater q. s. to diwolve then), sulpbnrie 
acid IS drops. Dose, 10 to 15 drops. [Oni-e a celebmUd 
nostram in Genuany, nnder the naTue of IVncftim Stf- 

SoLTiTio Fkhbi AMMONio-TiirntATia. Aisiu, _.... 

tartratu oE iron er. "lij, distilled water Svij, reotiSrf 
epirit 5]. Dose, f^j. 

SoLmo Fhhbi Bnoitntt. Morh. Mix 1 part of uw 
filing with 3 of water in a stopped vial, add 1 part of btn- 
mine, and shuke till the aohition hn^ assnmed n ^Mmilh 
hue. It mn^t be kept on (be iron, nud decauted or flllMtd 
when wanted for nse. 

SoLUTio Fbkbi CiTttATiB, and -SOLPTIO Fbhbi PatABUO- 
CiTBlTlK. See Liqnor, &c, 

SoLiiTio Fbbbi Iddidi. E, 1639, Iodine 190 grainRgdMi 
iron wire 100 g;raine, distilled water f.^vj. Boil together 
in a Qartow-neclted mtttraes for aboat an hour, nntil tin 
liquid betomea colourleaa, filter {keeping it hot), and add 
boiling iliatitled watiT to nmka up t3?j. Put it immedi- 
ately' into 5j »t'>ppered bottles, each oontaining s meet dt 
iron wire. [I'his liaa sinco bc^n raplac«] b; SjmpDI 
Ferri lodidi, but is retained here SB furniahing b <jc 
nient Bolntino I'or diiipeDBins ; nlxtj contain ^. j of k 
of iron. DUFAequTEB'S Normal Solution ii mads wi 

r't of iodine, 3 of iron, and 8 of wuter, digested at 
till eolourlp5». 
SOLin'io PBBBi5t<s<iui-Io]>iiit. Dr. OBRBtiORnvpBft. Id&e 
giv, irou 3iss water Ji \ digest in a fliiek n " _ 
■olntion ia olitaiued; dilute with water fjiv, filtePSorl 
timsB, add iodine 3ij. and water to make up f^x. (It 
taia» gr. j of iodine in about niiiii.) 
SOLDIIO FBuEit Ox-iaiiwawia. Ut.t'SMS. Bulphiit*(' 


(to tuf > 

viiter 3iBS. Dow, 5 
t« 12 drops. 

SoLBTio Fkhbi Pbeniteaiis. Sea Perri Pernitras. 
SoLPTio Fbbhi kt QrnsiB PnoaPHATis. Dr. Citiblh 
atatei that it cantalns phosphoric acid, quinia, luid niide of 
iron ; bat he Itas not given the quantities or proceas. 
SOLHTio FsBBt ScLi'HiTiB. See toHo Porri Sulphatia. 

KU. Daui'EROKX omploys n lolatioii of from 1 to 2 pnrts of 
the cryatBltized sulpbate to 8 porta of water, bb a lolioii 
lOTTO GAMBooia: Alkauna. Van Mokb. Qamboga 
3s^ solution of carbonato of potash gae. 

DBCTO-NrntATiB J Sol. Hyiib. Ctaniih. Soe Liquor, 

SoLTJTio HTDSAEBrBi CoMFoaiTA. CuT. H. Corrosive 
Buhliinate 5vj, arsunioui acid 5iisa, hydrochloric acid ^, 
boiling water fjxixij ; boil, and make up jixiir. Dose, 

SOLITTio HysBABSTBi BiOHU>BiT>I. MiALBB. Bichloridc 

uf mercur; I part, mnrinte of ammonia 2 parts, chloride 

of sodium 2 parte, distilled watec 1000 parts. Dissolre. 

Dose, f3j, 3 or 4 Hmea a day. 
SoLTFTio UniBABOTBT Dboto-Iodtdi. M. Tlie Alaoholie 

Soltition : DeutA-iodide of mercury gr. lij, recti fl«d spirit 

f3isa. Dose, 10 to 15 drops, ethereal Solvtion : Wifii 

sulphuric ether, in the same proportion. 
SoLimo Utdbasgtbi Iodidi. M. lodida of tnercuiy gr, 

viij, snlphurio ether fjj. 
SoirPTio JiTHEBBi loDisvL. M. lodiuB 3ij, wttified ether 

Bca^imoKgB loDimi pe! loorBETs. LnaoL'a Solotiona of 

Iodine. — lodtiretUd vialen, Nos. 1, 2, and 3: lodino gr. 

iu, ij, and iisg, water Oj. Dropt ■■ Iodine 3j, iodide of 

potaaainm 9iJ, water f3ii. Lotiotu, St". ; Iodine gr. iss 
^'to i^, iodide of polagsiani gr. iij to TJ, witter Oj. Bute- 

""adeal : Iodine 1 part, iodide of potassium 8, water 12. 

Cuwrfie.- Iodine 1, iodide of potsasinm 1, water 2. 
FTio loDiint (TOit CoNio. Dt. 8cmiAiroBs"a Solutims, 
If Kihalinff. Iodine gr. vj, iodide of po\.aaftro.Yti et- "^V 





ractjfied ipiiit 5ii, water Jv 5vj. From 3Ba to J 
tbia salntion, with 5<b at tincture of hemloclc, to be addal 
to warm water (120° F.) <n a giast iohsler, nnd W 
twice a dsy. The preserved jnice (boccus conii) ii tSm 
snlutitnted for tlie tincture of bemlock. Two tUrdid 
the ingredients are first put into the inhaler, and the tM 
odJed when half the time for iiihaJiitg has elapsed. 
Iodide of potaasium gr, iiis^ bLnioilidti of mercury gr. ]fB% 
distilled water fjj. IMesoWe firat the iodide of potM- 
«DDi, and then the iidide of meronry, in tW wiita. 
Dose, 2 to & drops, 3 times a daj. [Pir(;aB*s coimet tt 
gr. T] of eacii aalt in Sviij of water. Lixocau— 
LutoTSB's, gr. xu of iodhydntrg;nit« of putaasiaiB bi 
Ji^ of water.] 
SoLmo Maokkmis Casbonatis. See Liquor M, C 
SoLmo iSmsBBiM Sflphatis. For Dr. Hssar^ M* 

LiQUOB. A eonveiiient sotutiou for dispensing is oi 

tttining Si of the salt in fjij- 

SoLUTio Maonkbi.b Sulfhatis CtiHPoaiTA. tr. C. H. 

Sulphate of magnesia 3j, snlphaW of suda .^, wkt^r jtj. 


Liqaor Morphis Acetatis, &c 

SoLVTio MoRFHi£ BiHEcoNATis. [There is no standnd 
formula ; it is mude about the same strength na 'Hactnni 
Opii. The following contaias 1 gaiu in nSl ; — ] B" 
Donate of morphia Sss, rectified spirit 1^, Uialalied n 

SoLtrrio MoBPHLK Mttbiatib. See Liquor Morphiie Hjdto- 
cbloralds. A stronger soliitjou, foonded on MaqbsdII^ 
Bolutiou of the acetate and sulphate, has been used in inaa; 
establishments, cont^ning bt- viij. gr. lij, or gr. xvj of Hu 
mtuiate in fjj of water, with a little rectified sjurit. The 
solution nsed nt Apothecaries' HsU contained 16 gnum in 
Jj, See Liqaor Horphiie. 

SOLVTia MiBBBX Ai.EAun*. SwEPiAiTB. SubearboBitt 
of soda ^, myrrh Jiji boiling water jriij. Digartint 
water bath for 2 days, frequently stirHng, and itNilL 

SotHTio Olki CAByoPHYLij. Alcohol CuryophyUatnm. Cb> 
Oil of cloves 3j, alcohol 5iij. Applied to eaHon* 6omn. 

SoLCTto Phobphobi ^tOBBEA. M. Sliced plmspWai 


gr. V, rectified ether 5j $ ^^^» B®t the bottle in a dark 

place for three or four daj^s, shaking occasionallyi and 

SoLFTio PoTASSiB. See Liquor Potassse. 
SoLTJTio Potass^ Alcoholica. Pol. Ph. Hydrate of 

potash 5j» alcohol ^vj. 
SoLUTio PoTAssiE Chloeatis. Dr. Copland. Chlorate of 

potash 5], distilled water f^^. 
SoLUTio PoTASSii Ctai^idi. For Laming*8, see Liquor 

Pot. Cyanidi. M. directs a stronger solution {Hydro- 

cyanate de potasse mSdicinal.) Cyanide of potassium 53, 

distilled water 5j« It will not keep. 
SoLUTio PoTASSii loDiDi. M., and Dr. Gaibdneb. Iodide 

of potassium 58s (Dr. Makson, gr. xxiv), distilled water 

^'. Dr. CoiNDET adds iodine gr. viij. See Liquor 

Potassii lodidi and Liq. Pot. lod. Comp. 
SoLUTio Potassii Sulphtieeti. See Aqua Sulphureti 

SoLUTio QuiNiiE Abseniatis. Bottdin. Arseniate of 

quinine gr. j, water Oj. Dose, from f^ij to ^iv, 


of qu nine 3iv, tartaric acid 5ivs8, distilled water f^ij ; 

make a solution, of which from n\xv to 5j may be given 

in the day. 
SOLUTio QuiNi^ ET Febbi. Dr. Meios. Citrate of iron 

3ij, sulphate of quinine 588, water 53' Dose, 20 to 30 

SoLUTio QuiNi^ Amobpha Acetatis, &c Mr. Bullock's 

solutions of the salts of amorphous quinine contain gr. xij 

of the salt in f5j of solution. The sulphate is most fre- 
quently employed. 
SoLUTio Saponis ^thebea. Pelletiee. White soap 5v, 

camphor 3v, oil of thyme 9ij, acetic ether ^v. 
SoLUTio SoD^ Cabbonatis. Soda Carhonatis Aqua. D. 

Crystallized subcarbonate of soda 5j» water f^xYJ or q. s. 

to form a solution whose sp. gr. is 1024. 
SoLUTio SoDJE Phosphatis. E. {Test.) Crystallized 

phosphate of soda gr. 175, distilled water f 5 viij. 
SoLUTio Stanni Chlobidi. Natjche. Chloride of tin gr. j, 

distilled water f^xlirj. Dose, f^ss, daily, in gum water. 

And as a lotion to cancerous ulcers. 


BoLtmo Stetphsib Aobtatib. Dr. A. T. Tnasi 
Stryehuiiie gr. j, distilled vinegar fij. Of thia boIdC 
mv, contnining l-lSth of » grain of Btrychnia, may be 
given at first, and the dose csationslj inereaBcd. Or tlui 
Bolntion may he diluted with t^\x of water, and t^ gitea. 
Dr. NemoiM liiasolva* one grain of atryclinine in ^j flf 
spirits, with 2 dropa of aeetiu or other aiud, and gives qi 
(1-lBth of u p-Hin of atrychnia). Dr. M- Hail med 
BEptafce of Htrj-clinine gr. j, acetic acid ■niici, alcohol ^j, 
Wftter Jvj ; 10 drops for it dose, 3 times a day j at a (onw 
til iKTBOmi eiiimifton. But there ia no authoriml 

Sotxiiio Znioi AoBTATia. E. 1S17, Snlphate oF line ; 
aeetato of load 3iv; disaolve eHeh aeparutuly in Ji of di 
tilted water, mix, and filter. 


5i», alcohol Sj, sulphuric ether Jij. 
SoLDTio ZiNci AxKAUNA. Dr. A. T. Thouson. Solptuta 

of lino gr. niv, solution of potash fjitij. 
BoLuno ZiHDi SuLFHATia. E. 1817- Sulphate ofiiao 
I xvj, watiT fjviij, dilute aniphnric acid nxyj. 
' SotDTiO Veeateis, M. Verutria gr. j, distilled in 
I fjiiM. Dr. TcamTnA/e SoUitionJbT external itte ia vi 
tria 9], rectified spirit Jij. 

Otiier flolnttoua will be fonnd under Liqdob; i 
several alcoholie BplntJone under TmcTtTBA. 
SPAHADRAPtTM COM Cbba. ToiU de Mai. P. White wit 
gviij, oil of almonds Jiv, Venire turpentine JU'. melt lo- 
gethcr, and dip inta it etrips of linen cloth, wbicb ore tt 
be paaaed between wooden rules to remove the saperfloo 
plaster. Spread on paper, it forms waxed paper. 
BFABAcaAFCu: CoHiiUHE. Common tpread platler, F, H- 
reets, under this name, Emp. Gnnimosum spread on Uim 
which ia the Sparadrap of the hoapitAla of Paris. Witt 
na, the Empl. Pinmbi and Emp. Reainm are eoi 
naed. Si^e Empl. Resinie. 
Sfabadkafuu Elemi. See Cbarta pro Ponticulis. 
Spasadbapdm Epibpa«tic!UM. See Cbarta EpispagUea. b 
I may be a|iread on snn-enot or linen. 

BPABASBArcru IcTHZocoLLX. See Emplastrum IcthjrocoIlK 



I llftck BBTcenet, uf a close nod strong texture properif 
W itrvtohed, spread vith a brasb 3 layers of extract of 
■■opium, softened with water to the con^iatence of treacle, 
[ anii mii^ witli h aiith part of powdered gum. Keep the 

planter dry. 
SPABiDBAPim VaaiCANB. Taffeiat Veticant. P. Eihanrt 
powdered cantbaridea by percnlution with solphnriu ether ; 
distil aS the etlier to obtnin h thick oily eitniet. To Jiv 
of this oil add Jviij of yellow wai ; melt with a very gentle 
heat, and spread it oa woied cloth, [ix may alao be 
gpreail upon oiled silk, iainglii^s ptaeter, puper, at othcc 
material. It should be carrfully kept from tbe air. See 
Tela VeaWtoria.] 
8f soiss. Mixtures of dried plants, or parts of pknta, in a. 
divided state, wliicli, for coDTenienee. are kept mixed for 
use. The Compoutid PotBiieri (which are sometimes in- 
cluded under l^is name) are mostly placed under FnL- 

i AitASJB. P. BUfer Serif. Dried tops of leaser 


equal qunntity. 


tansy, and wormwood, e 

III i:hnn 

3 AaOMATIoai. P. (Eipeces ValuSraim.) Dried 
leaves of saga, tbynie, wild tliyiiie, hyssop, water mint, 
origannm, and warmwood, of eai:h 3j ; mix. 

Spbcihs pro Cost. AaoMATici. See Conf. Aromatiua, 

Sfboieh foo Cobf. Ofii. See Conf. Opii. 

Sfioies Abibikosnticb. p. Bistort root 3j, tormentil root 
Sj. pomegranate bark Jj. 

toloiBa Bkchlc*. Dried flowers of uinllaw, catsfool^ cnlfca- 

■ foot, and petals of red poppy, each 3J ; mix, I'lie Fruc- 

■ tlis Bechici arc — Dates (stoned) Jj, jujubes 5), ^S^ Sji 

siaios 3j. 

10»B CoBBUtBa. TAe 4 Cordial Flomen, L. 1720. 
Byiowera of borage, bugloss, roaes. and violets. 

» DrtTEBTioji. P. {The & opening roolt. E. 17*4.) 
i roots of Bweet fennel butcher's broom, smalUige, 
Fwparagus, and parsley, of each 3j. [_T&e 5 lemer avMAinS 
Froolt are— Dog-gTBSB, madder, Krjngu, iwi^t, wni i 
I barroit-._J 


BrSOlEa EvoLl-lENTEa. P. Dried leaves of mallow, in 

idhIIoit, gTBut mullein, groandacl, and ttiOl pellitor;. «! 
e«ch 5j : mil. Tie 5 maallieni herbt, E. 1744. Ma'iknt, 
nurBh-mnllow. tni'rcurf, pellitory, and violet. [Farim 
EmollientiiB, Emollie»l meala (P.), mnsist of the nieab df 
liuBeed, rye, and barley, in equal jiarta.] 
SPECtBS FuKAi^EB. See Palvia Fnmalis, i 

Speoieb Nabcotidx. Bri^ leRvcs of belladonnn, stnnu- 
ninni, black ni|thtiUade, and henbane, in equal parti. 

BPECISB DiaT£ QCINQDE Hebbx Cafjllakes. 5 R^iUwy 
lierbi. L. 1720. Black and white maidenhair. spleCB- 
wort, hartBtongue, ai)d golden maidenhair. 

BpiRiTfia. Spirit!. Uader this head are pUced distiSaS 
spirits, simple and componod; Willi u few alcoholic Ktnr 
tions, and ethereal Bpirita. B. Far moot distilled spilib 
ii now substituted v. solution of 1 part volatile oil in 49 df 
rMtifiod spirit. Dose, 1 tu 2. Esaenct.'s. See BesBinu- 
[The ipit^t which forma the baaiB of these compoanda U 
not prepared hy pharmnciats but ie a separate branebof 
mannlkctare. The Colleges, however, have indicated, ht 
their denaitiea, the atruugth of the apiriti to be emploje^ 
The following table shows the Bpeciflc gravity of the 
spirits used in the following compoandaij 
&LCOKOI.. B. and D. .... '795 

Aleool Ahiohi. Paris Codex . . . j 


Spiritas Tini Alcoholisatns. Pbu§. Fb. 

S^rltDB Fortior. D 

Spiritna Reetifloatiasimua. Hank. Ph. 

„ .. PRUH. Pe. 


D. . . , 

Spiritna Vini. PBcs, Pa 

Aleohel rfn Commerce, 33°. P. , 
Spiritna Tini Ikctiacalns. Pacs. Ph. 
BnxiTira TENTrioB (pruur). B., L., and D. 

■ -786 


iHiTue [(lei AftCi] Abshtthu Composita. L. 1720. 
BrJud wonnwDod Visf, curdikiaaia seed ^se, uoriiindei' seed 
^ 3iii, branily Q j distil. 

SpiBitVB J^TuRsiB. B. Mix ether [jx and leotified spirit 
Oj. Sp. gr. ■809. 

Spisitcb Mtrsbib Acetici. Pbus. Pk. Acetiu ether jj, 
reotified spirit Jiij. 

Seibciuh J^TQEBia AnoMAiicca. L. 1824. JS2ixir Filrioli 
dulce. CimiBnioii 3ty, carduuom Site, long pepper 3j, 
ginger 3J, spirit of e. etlier fjivj. Macerate 14 dtja in 
a stopped buttle, and stmiii. Dose, f^ to f^j. 

SpiBiTira ^TBEOiS MoBiAiiOI. Uutuffied Spirit of Salt. 
£. 1741. To 3 parts of rectified spirit in a Inrge veaeel 
griidnall; add 1 part of mariatic acid ; digest for some 
dayS) and distil uantionsly bj u sand heat. 

SFiBiTra JiLi-BSRii NiTBioi. L. To Oij of rectified spirit 
add gradually fjiiiM uf nltrio acid (sp. gr. 1-48); then 
diHtil tjuvtij. [Sp. gr. 'SS4.] E. directs one measure 
of hjpODitious ether (see MQar Nitriciis) with 4 of rec- 
tified spirit. Duiuily, -847. C^'"' B' 1^7 ""1 ^^^ >«> 
below.] Tlie above is apt to become ucid, whicb is cor- 
rected b; adding magnesia or alkalies, and re-distilliDg ; 
hut it BOOH becomes acid again. [This, however, according 
to Klein, is not the ease if nmilral tartrate of potath be 
used.] Dose, "I" to f3J. 

SpiBiTira £tqe£1s Nitbosi. B. 1864. Introduce nitrite of 
soda Jv into a matrass concected with a condenser; pour 
upon it rectified spirit Oij aud sulpburic acid jiv, previously 
mixed j and distil fjuiy, the receiver being kept very 

Spikittjs ^xhbbib NirRoei, B. 1867. Mii grsdually sul- 
phuric acid fjij with Oj of re(.>tified spirit. Add, in the 
same way, l^iias of nitric scid. Put miiture into a retort 
into which copper in fine wire (about Mo. 25) Jlj has been 
introduced, and to which a thermometer is fitted. Attach 

I a fit condenser, and, applying h gentle heat, let the spirit 

^^ft£sUl at a temperature commencing ut 170°. rising to 175°, 
^^^^t not exceeding 180°, until fjxij buve passud into a 
^^Hbottle couled, if necessary, with ice-culd water. Then 
^^Kfrithdraw the heat. Let the contents of the retort coal. 
^^P^dd Jss nitric acid, and disUl again until prodoct mea- 


snrea Jxv. Mix with Oij of rectified spirit, or to iplgr. 
of '815. [Slioald cuut^iin 2 per rent. oF nitrooB ether H|i- 
mble by agitation with eolntion of chloride catciam.] 
SfiBiTua ^THEBEra NiTBosca. D. Put t^vj of rectifiad 
spirit in a quart matraw, and. connect this with n Liebif^i 
condenser, whose further extremity is fitted loosely by ■ 
collar of tow into a thin 8-onncB phial. Add fjj ft water 
tfl tjiij of pure nitric acid, and, hsvinB inlrodueed hidf 
the mixture into the matrass tbroagh a siphnn safety-tDbft 
close the month of this tnhe with a cork, and apply fi? * 
few momentB a gentle heat, so hb to caose a commenoe- 
ment of ebnllition. When the action produced luu re- 
laxed, introduce gradually the reit of the acid, so as Lo 
restore it. The action having ceased, agitate tlie itistilM 
product with half its hnlk of solutdon of ammonia, alio* 
the mixture tii rest for a few minutes, and, having separated 
the sapematant ethereal liquid, mil fjiv of it with OB 
fjij of rectified spirit, and preserve it in small stroi^ iM 
accurately stopped battles. The condenser sbould be W 
with ice-cold water, and the phial surronnded by a ntixtan 
ofl part of salt and 2 of pounded ice; or with a miitaraof 
8 ports Balphate of aodn in small crystals, and 6 (if miirirfil 
acid. [The following procesa, founded on that of Lisgi^ 
is recommended by Mr. Jaseb Gbast, id the Piarmaem- 
iicai i/ouniai. Mix 3^ of powdered starch with tV tt 
rectified spirit in a gloss flask ; to these add f;j of nitric 
acid (sp. gT. 1*36), apply a gentle heat, if necessaty, nnlil 
slight Bfiervescenco lakes place, and pass the disenguei 
nitrons ether first into a washing-bottle, then into ^K 
of rectified spirit. It is desirable to ascertajn wbeikcr 
the product be free troia prussic acid, with which ZAd^ll 
nitrous ether is said to he contaminated. See pag« 17,J 
BpiaiTTja ETaBKirB Ou;oBra. D, Mix Oiss of oil of riMol 
with Oj of rectified spirit, in a glass matrass; oomiMt 
tliis with a l.iehig's oindenser, apply heat, and distil HU 
a blnck froth boslns to rise, Separate the uppermost 
strataro of the dUtiDcd liquid, and, having eipowd it to 
the air for 2A hours, let the oil be transferred to K mtift 
d washed with a little cold water. 

Q Oas of rectified spiril 

niiod with fjv of H 

etlier. [This ja almost identical with the next.] ^ 


Spibitijs JEthebis Compositts. L. (Sp. iEth. Sulpburici 
Compositus, 1836.) Hoffmann^s Anodyne Liquor. Ether 
f^viij, rectified spirit f^^vj, ethereal oil f5iij. Mix. 

Spiritus Alexiteeius. {Aqua Alexiteria Spirituosa, L. 
1746.) Mint B6s8, angelica leaves 5>v, tops of sea-worm- 
wood 5iv, proof spirit Cj old wine measure (Oviss imp.), 
water q. s. Distil Cj (Oviss imp.). 

SptfiiTUS Ammonia. L. 1836. Hydrochlorate of ammonia 
5x, carbonate of potash 5^^» rectified spirit Oiij, water 
Oiij J distil Oiij. 

Spiritus AMMONiiE Aeomatictjs. B. Spirit of Sal Volet- 
tile. Mix xMirbonate of ammonia 5viy> strong solution of 
ammonia f^iv, volatile oil of nutmeg f5iv, oil of lemon 
fjvj, rectified spii'it Ovj, water Oiij, and distil 7 pints. 
Sp. gr. -870. Dose, mxv to fjj. 

Spiritus Ammonije Compositus. D. 1787. Spirit of 
ammonia f ^xxxij, oil of lemon 5\i> oil of nutmeg 5y > 

Spiritus Ammonia Fcetidus. B. Macerate assafoetida in 
small pieces ^iss in a closed vessel for 24 hours, in f 5xv of 
rect. spirit ; distil off* the spirit, mix product with strong 
solution of ammonia f^ij, and add rect. spirit to make 1 
pint. L., E., D. Similar. Dose, mxv to 3j. 

Spiritus Ammonia Succinatus. See Tinct. AmmonisB 

Spiritus Ammonle Anisatus. See Liquor Am. Anisatus. 

Spiritus Anisi. L. Oil of aniseed f3iij, proof spirit Cj j 

Spiritus Anisi Compositus. L. 1787. Aniseed Ibss, 
angelica seed ftss, proof spirit Cj, water Oij ; distil Cj. 
Dose, f5ss to 31 j. 

Spieitus Armoeaci^ Compositus. B., L. Horseradish 
root 5xx, dried orange peel 5xx, nutmegs ^ss, proof spirit 
Cj, water Oij. Distil Cj with a gentle heat. Dose, f^'. 

Spiritus Aueantii. P, YeUow of fresh orange peel Ibj, 
spirit of wine (at '863) ibvj ; macerate for 2 days, and 
distil by water bath to dryness. 

Spiritus Beeoamii. Prom bergamot peel, as Sp. Aurantii. 

Spiritus Bryonia Compositus. E. 1744. Bryony Ibss, 
valerian ^ij, pennyroyal ^iij, rue 5iij> mugwort, feverfew 
flowers, savin tops, each 3iv, orange pee\ "^^^ \oN^"^fe ^^e^ 


.Ij, bnmdy Cj ; dJstil. lA^/ua Sgiieriea is the h 

nutthe tryoDj.] Doae, f^. 
BPiEiTua Cijupcn. B. Dlgsolvc oil of cniaput f^ in (w- 

tifled spirit f Jilii. [I'Sth strength of B.' 186*.] 
SflsiTus CalJlMI. p. Calamus root Ifcj, ep. at wine (-8GS] 

tbviij ; macerSite 4 daje, Kad distil Dearly to drynuEa. 
BriBiTCH Cabtophilij. p. &e 8piritus Cnlami. 
SpiBiTua Cakfhobje. (Tiaciura Citn^hora, L. 1836.) B. 

Diaaolye camphor Jj In rectified spirit fsii. 
SFtBiTva CAnsAMOMT. L. 1716. Cardamom seed Jr, 

proof spirit Cj, water q. a. ; distil Cj. 
Spibiti^b Cabcti. L. Oil of caniwBy f^ij. proof spirit Q '• 

dissolve. DoBe, t^a to f^iij. 
Spibitus Cabbis. E. Cassia in cnnrse powder thj. Tk- 

ceed SB for Spirit of Carawtty. Doae. f3B» to ;y". 
SFiBiTtrs Chlobotobht. B. Dissolve diloroform ffi in 

rectified spirit fjiii. Sp. gr. ■871. 
Spieitcb CiNHAMOMi. L. Oil of cinnBmou fxij, proofmlni 

Cjs disBohe. 
Spikitcb CocntBAftLffl, PETfB. PH. Preah leaves of Boww 

ing Kcurvy-grags ftxii, spirit (at '900) Ibvi, water q. t 

Diitil Ibvj. ' 

Spieittts Cochleabxb CostpoaiTtrB. P. Fresh «• 

tkv, spirit CSGS) ftivj, liorseradiili jviij. Distil IbV.' 
SpiBrrtrfl CoLtraioi Ammoniatdb. ^nct. Colchiei Com- 

Bpibitub C(KBiTLBra. Han. Pb. Wormwood, acordinm.' 
savin, lavender- flowerfl. of each JiiBS; proof spirit (jvi 
distil OiiBS, and odd 3vJ of verdigris, water ofammonul Jii. 
For ontvard ihb. 

SpmiTira Colonienbib. See Aqna Colonienais. 

Sfieitctb CoBifD Cksvi. See Liqoor VolatiUs Comn Csrri. 

SPiBiTFa DrLnnoB- E. See Spiritm Tennior, 

Spibitcb FKBJiiEtreus CtcrcoHi. See Spiritns ^Etheri* 
Muriatici, The original form is— Oil of snlphur by Uv 
bell, oil of vitriol, and sea salt, of each Jj, apirit of irina 
5vj. Let tbem digest for a montli, then distil to drjiiMa. 

Bfibttits Febbi Citlobati Mussaxce. Pbdb, Pa. 8v 
Tiiiot. Ferri Cliloridi ^thcrea. 

'BpraiTUS FoBUicABtni. Picva. "Pa. Ante (frotb e 

ih sniiTry-gnli 

Ill' =^,1 ,- 



nnd clenn) Ihij, spirit of wine (at -900) tbiv, water q. b. 

Distil thJT. Dose 20 to 60 dropBi also used oulwardh/. 
Sfibitcs FCLIQIHIS. An cmpjri^uiDBtic spirit was fgmerly 

diatilled from wood-soot, us Liq. VoL C. C. An alcoholic 

spirit is also macle from 1 part wood-Bout, 5 o( proof 

spirit, 16 of water ; distil 4 parts. 
Bfibitus JlTHlPBBl. B. Dissolve Euglish oil of juniper I^ 

in rectlBed spirit fjilix. [l-5th ttrengtb of B. IB&l] 
SpmiTUS JuNiPEBi CoMTOBiTUB. L. Oil of juniper fsisa, 

oi! of cnrawfij mij, oil of fennel mxij, proof epicit Cj. 

Dissolve. Dose, fjj — ij. 
Sfi&ITUB liAVAnsuLS. B, Dissolve EDglish oil of lavender 

fj in rectified spirit fjxlii. [l-Bth strength of B, 1864. 

When used as a perfume, various lulditions are usually 

made. See Lavender Wuter, in the Draggiet'i General 

Eeceipl Book.^ 
SpiEiTDS LiTAMDCts: CoMPOsiTcrs. See TinotnTB Lavan- 

duliE Compoeita, Dose, fjss to 5i'>B. 
SpiBirna Limonib. P. As Spiritns Aurantii. 
SpiHlTtm MabjouaKiG. From sweet inaTJoram, as Spir. 

SpraiTTB MiBTiosBH CoMPOBiTtra. Miistio 3i, uiyrrh Jj, 

olibHunm jj, rectified spirit Oj ; distil. 
Sfibitub Msijisas CouFOBrrca. P. Eas de Carmet. Fresh 

balm in flower Si"'i''> lemou peel jLv, cinnamon 5(i> cloves 

Sij, nutmeg Jij, coriunder seed ^, dry Hngi'liea root jj, 

rectified spirit Ibviij j macerate (or 8 days, and distil in 

water bath to dryness. 
Sfibjtcb Menthj: Piperita. B. Dissolve English oil of 

peppermint fJ) ui rectified spirit fjilix. [1-Sth strength uf 

B. 1SG4.] 
Sfikitth MentbjB VmnMB and Sp, Mbnthje Pipebma. 

L. Essential oil 5iij, proof spirit Cj i dissolve. 

SFIEdtrs MiNCBBEHi. See Liquor Ammoniai Aoetatis, 

Epibitub Mtbibi^cx. B. Dissolve volatile oil of nutmeg 

fjj iu rectified spirit fJiliK. [l-5th strength of B. 1861.] 

SciBJTOS OniaANl. From wild marjorsm, ae Spir. Sulrice. 

SratiTCB PiusNTS. L. Oil of pimento f5y, proof spirit 

qj ; disralve. 

j BpnoTue Pibi Tdbionum. Buds of spruce fi.r 1 

I^B ipirit Ibyj, water IbJ; distil Kiv. 




SFEBmrs Pctrsn. L. As Spiritm Menths, 

Smbitcb PTBOAOETictia, JfeloHc. ObtBinod by the irj 

diitilUtion of acetate of lime, bj a moderate and gradaiQ; 

increBBed he«. Tfao product U rectiSed by tcpented di» 

tJlIiitioQ over lime. Sp. gr. -921. See Nnphtha Media' 

SpwiTTfl PrBomjcra. B. 1864. Omitted 1867, FW 
5ptWf. A product of the destmctiFe distillatian of wool 
When the »cid liqaoc obtained by the drj distil)atiuD d 
wood (beech or bireb), sfter eepamting the tar, is dutillsl. 
the first portions which come over are cbielly wood tpirit. 
which ii rectified bj one or more distillatioiDa. It U fiir- 
ther pnrified bj redistilling it over lime. B. sp. gr. 'Stl 
to SiS. D. statea its sp. gr. to be -846, bat it may bl 
obtained aa low a* '813. The purest kinds of pyroijlic 
spirit conatitale Dr. HahMSQb' JVedieinal Sapktiia. 
Owe, nxij — IT, 3 times a day, increased as the patint 
can bear it- In coiHttmplioii. 
SriKITETj KectifIciTcs, and Sp. BwniKCiTiMIMtti. S«0 

Sptritno, aboTC. 
gwBiTCB RosxiiaiKi. E. Dissolve Eaglisli oil ofntaemuj 
(5j in rectdfied spirit fjiUx. [1-Sth etrengtli of B, 1SM> 
The spirit distilled from the herb is cousidered by mm 
persons preferable.] 

I Spiwrra Rcsi losi. Raspbeiriei Ibtij, rectified spirit Buj; 
distil B>ij' 

i SnKTTUB Saus AstMOSiaci. L. 1716. Liquor Amuumic 

[ Sesqniearbonatis. 

\ BrmTTS Salib AimoMAci Drifts. Spiritns Ammonio. 

y SflBvna Saub Makihi. Acidum Hydrochloricnm. 

[ SMETTCS SALTliE. Flower sage Ihj, rectified spirit IMij, 
water ftj; dislil ftiij. 
SiiBmis SjlvIjE CoMTOSiirs. Sp. VolDamriuB. 
SrialTOS SASSAFHA9. p. As Spiritus Calami. 

, gfiKiiCB SpH'AKTbi. Beoai.. Bruised Para enn (Sji- 

, lanthei olerscea) in fiower 1 part, spuit oT-SSS ap. gr. S 

I twrte I macerate 2 or 3 dnjs, and distil 2 parla. 

BimTCB TiimnoB. B. Proof Spirit. Spirit of -flM tf. 

I "; jjiiO' of rectified spirit with Oiij of distilled wattf. 

I rSirflneth ^^ ^^ ^"-^ „^ 


of nitric ether, with an muth rcctiflad oil of turpentine as 

it trill disiolve. [Rectified oil of tnrpeiitiae ia alsotermod 

ethereal spirit of Ivrjien/itK.'] 
SFiBinra Teebbihteim Compositub. See Ba1satniiDi_ 

Spibitus Thtki. From thjme, u Spiritus Salviai 
Sttluub Vabillx. Nibmahk. Bruised vanilla 1 ] 

rectiGed spirit 12 parts, water 12 ; distil 12 porta. 
Spibittjs Vbhaub. Alcahal du Cammeree, An onn 

spiiit of winu li used in mauj of tlie compounds of X 

The sp. gr. '863, or aliout 41 over proof. 
Spibitds Viin Qallioi. B, L, Brandy, Spirit diatU 

from PrencL wine. 
gpiaiTce Voi^TiLiB Abokaticitb. See Sp. Ammoniat Aro- 

SPramiH VTHJCEBABriTS. P. Argvebtnad^. Fresh teavea 
of bull, calamint. Iijiaop, maTJoram, IhiIiii, mint, origanum, 
rosemarj, sage, motbur of thyme, coinnion tliyme, worm- 
wood, angelica, fennel, rue, flowering' tops of St. John's 
wort and of lavender, of each 3j, proof ajwrit ffly. 
Macerate for 6 As-yt, and dietil Oij. 

Sponqia Cebata. Fine sponge, washed and dried, is dipped 
into melted bees'-max, pressed between heated tin pUtei^ 
and left till cold. It is then cut into suitable pieces, to be 
nsed aa tents. 

gpONOii PaajjBATA. Washed sponge, still wet, is boond 
tightly with string, and placed in a warm room to dry. 
Sometimel it is previously dipped in white of egg or 
mucilage of tragacsnth. 

SPOMQli Ubta, U. 8. Cut sponge into pieces, beat it, and 
bam it ID a close iron vessel until it becomes black and 
friable. See PnlviB Spongiff. 

Stabni Oxidvm. SwHDiJtB. Keep pure tin oi 

open vessel till it is entirely converted into a gray powdeB 
triturate, and sift it. 

Stanhi Pbotochiajbiduh. It is obtained, in solutioi 
digesting granulated tin iDetrongmuriatic uoid, as loDgM 
hydnsen gas is given off. [Used as a test.] 

Stasni PirtVK. See Pdltis SriNWi, Tin is also divuUi 
by rasping or filing. 

STAN'SI SutFHUBHTrjf. AlirHUl 2f«fiDlim. 


pBTti at tin with tlie lowest possible heat in an ewtlua 
cmcibie. adJ G paita of qoickailyBr, and tritanto th» 
amalgaiD with 7 p^irti of Bt^pliar and 6 of sal amraamiei 
iDtro'luce the miitnre into B glass matrBas, and beat go- 
dually in • aand bath till white vspoim nre disengaged; 
maiviliin a gentle heat till these cease, then brmk tin 
matraBB, and remove the golden Hcalea from the duler 

STifinru SuLFEir&ATiDi, &C. See Antimonii Solpharetim, 

StbTCHNII. Btiychniiie or Stn/ehaia. B. Nni Tonii 
Ibj, acetate of lend IBOgr., Bolnlian of amnionta q. s., n 
tificd spirit q. a., distilled wHter q. B. Subject the a 
vomica for 2 hours to steam in any convenient Tewi 
tihop or Klice it; drj it in a water bath or hot-air cbs 
ber, and imineiiiatelj griad it in a coflee mill. JMgeattiW 
powder at a gentle beat fur 13 boura with Oij of the qAA 
and one nf the water, etrmn through Ifnen, express stroni^i 
and repeat the process twice. Distil off the sjnritfi ~ 
the miied fluid, evaporate the watery reudue to tb-_ 
Jxvj, and filter when cold. Add now the acetate otUA 
pretional; diuolved in distilled water, so long as it M 
aioDS any precipitate; filter; wash the preci[nute H- 
3i of cold water, adding the woahinga to the filtiaUl 
evaporate the cleuj' fluid to 3^'j> andwhenithascooloda^ 
the ammonia in alight excess, stirring lhomi]ghl<r- Let tb> 
mixture stand at the ordinary temperature for 12 hv 
collect the precipitate on a filter, wash it once with a 
ounces of cold distilled water, dry it in a water Iwtl. 
hot-ajr chamber, and hail it with inoceisiTe portintu tf 
rectifled spirit, till the flnid scarcely tastes bitter. DJltil 
off most of the spirit, cvaponite tbc residue t« the hulk of 
about Jbs, and set it aside to cool. Cnutioasly poor *" 
the yvllowish mother-Hqnar (which contains the brooi < 
the eeedn) from the white cmat of stt7chnia wliieh adbo) 
to the vessel. Throw the cruat on a paper alter, wafdi i 
with a miitnre of two parts of rectified spirit and oM i 
water, till the washings cease to become red on the aU 
tion at nitrio aoid ; finally, dissolve it by boiling it wit 
jj of rectiflecl spiiib, and net it aside to crystalliKe. Its* 
uryatals majVe oblainei\!^ Ksa^ia.'on^U^molher-liqBa 

t ,^ 


[Stryclmine U more rendilj obtained, anil iti grfttter purity, 
from St. IgnatLua'a Benn.J The uflnal dose of Btrvchnia 
and its xalta to commence with is Irom I-lGtb t« 1-Stb of 
of a grain, to be very alowiy increased, rartfiillj WHt*Iiing 
its eftects. Miqbndie mje the sulU are more active tliun 

SEBTOnuiaE AcETiiB, Mix 1 part of powdered atrjcbnine 
with 5 of boiling distilled water, and add avetic acid till 
tbe atrjchnine is diasolved; Biter, concentrate, and crys- 
tallize A slight excess of acid flaTonrs the crystalUiar- 

Btbtohkib Hypbioiub. M. Mix a solution of iodide of 
potaKsium with a strong solution of acetate of etrjchnia; 
WB»h the precipitated powder with a little mid water, and 
dry It careroUy. 
SiHicENia] HlDSOOBifiKAa. D. On !^ of atiycbnia ponr 
fSJ or q. <■ of dilute muriatic acid, end, aiidiug fjiiss <jf 
distilled water, apply heat till a perfect solution iaobtoined. 
Let this cool, and let the cryatals be dried on hibuloiia 
paper. By avaporating iliB reaidual liquid to J of its bntli, 
and allowing it to cool, an additional quantity of the suit 
will be obtained. 

B lODiB. M. GatuTBte powdered atrychnine with 
•ntrated solntion of iodic acid, treat the mass with 
Jug alcohol, filter, SiUd let it K^Bporate apontaueously 
I NiTBAe. Saturate narm diluted nitnc acid 
strychnia, filter, concentrate and cryatallize A 
rale caa be obtained by adding to tbe holut ou a 
ou of nitric acid equal to that Srat emplD>eiI 

M PHoapaAH. As the aulphate. substituting phoa 
jr sulphuric acid. 

m Sulphas, P. Mii 1 part of powdered sbjch- 

le with 5 parts of boiling water, and add sulphuric acid 

luted with 5 parts of water, just sufficient to di^aolve tba 

BirtrjiJininei HIter, and cryslalliie by refrigi-nition. To 

fbrrn tbe Inivlphafe, double tbe quantity of acid. 
SrTBiX PB-EPiBilDS. B., L, (S. Colala.) Diasolve IbJ of 
atoian (liquid) in Oiv of rectified spirit, strain tlirough 
linen, distil off moat of the spirit, and evaporate wlmt 
H- remains by water bntli to a dqe ei 


IBdCOI jETHEBtZlTt. M. BorCHAJtDAT'S Buet efiUWt. Til 

the expressed juice of planta so muuh ether is added 
tliat^ af Mr agitating thpm together, a thin layer of «Uiw 
Tisea to the »uFface. Alter 24 haars, remove the uptr- 
natant ether, bj menus of a pipette^ filtn the juice, ud 
retnm the ether. Preserve the etherized juice in w»IU 
stoppered bottlea, Emd whon uiy of the jaice is reqnilBd 
rBversB the buttle, that the ether may remaiu bdliilL 
The etherized juices are said to retain tbeir active pro- 
perties foe BQ indefinite period. The method is apjdied 
nith marked udvanttige to the juice of aoonite, anentooe. ' 
blaeh hellebore, and hemlock. It is probably a.ppltcBhIa ta 
many infnsioiu, decoctiooB, and fluid extraota, ax well ai 
to expressed jniees. 

SucOi AlcoHOliTl. Joices preserved with spirit. 114 
Alcoelalweii of M. Beeal. These are prepared from 
fresh plants, either by addmg rectified spirit to the ei- 
pressed jnice, as in the B. P,, or by digesting the bnnwil 
leaves with the spirit before pressing. T)ie latter metiiodt 
which is Bilopted in the Paris Coilei, is noticed under 
TlHCTlTBl. Thu fressmed jiiicet, lately introdnced into 
nee in thia country, are prepared aocordiug to the following 
process : — Tlie leaves of tjie mature plants [^whea mOn 
than half the flowers are fully blown. M>. Sqcfikb^ are 
bruised iu a miirble mortar, and placed in a pawdfal 
press. Tlie expressed juice is allowed to stand tbr M 
hoursj it is thpn poured off from the dregs, and reetlM 
spirit added; after standing 21 bonrs the fluid is flltend. 
Mr. BiHTLBl (whose process is followed by Mr. DatO- 
POSt) directs one measure of rectified spirit to be added 
to font of juice. The B. P., one to three of jnice. Ur. of spirit to twoof juice, Gikhke dlrrcta we 
part by weight of spirit to five of jniee. Bebal nnd lie 
SixOK Ph. direct equal weights. The prindiial pre- 
served juices ased in this conntry are those of Acomte. 
Belladonna, Digitalis, Hemlock. Henbane, Ac. These we 
all prepared according to the above diref^ions, from the 
(reah plants. Three of these jniees, Couii, Scopiirii, ani 
ToraxBci. ore introduced in the B. P. 

'8DCCI Ahtisodkdutici. (Sncima Cochlesriie Compomtoi. 
1788. Jnice of Bcurvy-grass, oranges, waler-iawwa, 


each Oiaa, ipirit of nntniea fSviij. P. Leaves of wnter- 

creoea, scurvj-grasa, and bnvk-Lvan, io egaal parts. 

Bruise, eipresB, and Git«r through pnper. 

SUCOI E^BBaei. Simple Ex^naed Juices. The juiceg 

of plants are obtained by braiaing them in a niarhle 

mortar, and eipreesing the jaice b; means of an iron or 

wooden press. Some plants having little juice (as the 

II labiate plantu), or of a vidons uatnra (hu borate and 

^^H oabbuge), require tho addition of an eighth of their weight 

^^L«f water. The eipressed juices should he filtered cold if 

^^KipTavtEcahle ; but some (as red cabbi^o, ftc.) require to be 

^^Hfrevional; heated, so aa to coagulate their alhnminoas 

^■^ matter. 

\ The acid juices of frnita are allowed to clear themselves 

h; a slight fermentaUou, in a cool place, before filtering. 

Buckthorn-berries, mulherries, and elder-berries, are left 

I for 3 or 4 days, after being crashed between the hands, 

*' before pressing. Cherries, barberries, and grapes, are 

crushed in the hands over a hair sieve, the msro preseed, 
SBd the juice allowed to ferment for 2 dajsj it is then 
Altered, and preserved by A()pert'a process. Some juices, 
AS those of currants and raspberries, have their darid- 
cation remarkably expedited by the addition of the juice of 
eherriea. The eipression of quinces, oranges, Jtc., is ib- 
eilitated by oiiiing the crushed frait with clean chapped 
rje straw. [Aepbbt's mode of preserving vegetablejnicea 
is, to buttle them, secure the corks with wire, and place 
the bottles up to their necks in cold water, with straw 
between them to prevent breakage; heat to boiling, and, 
when the water has boiled for a few minutes, remove the 
bottles, and when cool cover the corks with wax or pitch. 
Jaices are also preserved hy the addition of alcohol Or 
ether.] See Sucei AlcohoJati, and Succi jEthcrinati. 
Strcoi SpiEBiTi. Inspissated juices are now included among 

the extracts. See Extbacu. 
Buoctrs AcoNiTi. See Saec! Alcohohiti. It ia less active 

than the tincture nf the dried root. 
ScooDS B11.L1DOSN.K [Alcobolatos]. Mr. Bbntlht. See 

Sncci Almbolati. Dose, IVom >i\x>. 
Scccca COLCHIOI. Mr, BentleV directs the cormi, Rathapsd 
^^B; in August, to bo bruised and pressed ; after the juice ' 


stood for 48 boon, f^ir at rectified spirit are added to 
fJiTJ of jiuce. and aflenraF^ filtered. Duse. from "it. 
3tXiDS CoMt. B. BrniBc freshlnresof bemlock Ibvijina 
■tone mortar, press oat the jui(«, and to erery three 
mennres of jnice add mie of rectified spirit. Set aside 
for 7 dsys, and fiher. Keep it in a cool place. Vvat, 
fnnn "iii. 

SrcciTH Oltctrruux. The fbmgn eitrart of liqn<nioei> 
ao named. For a metliod of purif jiog it see E ilr ae l TiBi 

Brocta HEBBABm CoitmrrASuu. P. Leaves of «ild 
anecory, FumitOTT, boiage, anil eh err il, equal ;4irt«. BmiK 
express, and filter iu a ™ol place. [A little oil poored on 
the anr&ce of these joiees, in small bottles, will presene 
them for a coniiderable time.] 

Sirccrs Ibidib pALrsTVia. The fresh juice of the reot ef 
jeOow fing. Purgative ; doie. 60 drops, in drofitg. 

BcccTB LtuoMS. GciBOPBT. Perl the lenii<a<, tear wWi 
the baad, and place in a cloth with alterDute lajen of 
washed rje straw, and press. Strain the jniee, leave iliB 
glass or stone-ware bottles for fii e dajs, then decaiit, and 
filter throngh paper. Unlesi the seeds are removed, Ae 
£rait Cibonld be pressed withnnt delsy, or the jniee wiU b* 
hitter. Dr. G. O. Bees pivea Uu on juice in Jss dasM with 
camphor mixture, in rkvumatitm. 

Sttccus LmoMS Factiticb. Dr. PsBStsa. Citric add 
5viiiss, essence of lemon 4 drops, water fjivj. 
Boocs Halosi^k, Guz'a H. Vsrjuire. Bruise crab Kp^ea 
in a mortar, and express the juice. The Ferjur of £bs 
Pttrts Codei is eipresied from sonr grapes. 
Irooiis BooFAHn. B. As Suceus Conii, 
irooiTB Tabaxaci. B. Aa Saccns Cooii. For Dr. Ota- 
Usb's mode, see Cremor Taraxaci. 

Tlie other simple and preserved joices are prej 
according to the genenit direrUoni shore. See c 
Enpressi, and Succi Alcohalati. ~ 

D. See Fumigatio. 

Bee their respective hases for tlie other salphatae. j 
'BOFOBKVH. Saliihoform. Au oilj liqoid, abb 

^ <)i»tiiiin 


distilling ana part of iodoforai wjtli three of aulplioret of 
SnuHTiB FnsoPM. TLis i« anlplmr in an amorpUoua atnte, 
□btained by melting sulphur. increBBini; the hvut till it 
becDines hronu und viscid, and contiuuing it at that tonipe- 
Tature for half an hour. It niH; be made into pills b; 
aoftening it with hot water. Three to fonr B-grain pilU 

StruBiTB LoTDM. Jj. lS24v Sublimed sulphur, washed 
with hot water till all acidity is removed, anil dried. 

SdIiFBDb PofciFiTAltru. B. Sublimed anlplmr Jv. slaked 
lime jiij, hydrochloric acid fjviij, or q, «., dislilled water 
q. a. Heat the aalpbur and lime, previoual; well mixed, 
in Oj o{ water, stirring diligently witii a wooden spatula, 
boil for 15 minutes, and filter. Boil the residue again in 
Obs of water, and filter. Let the united filtrates eool, 
dilute with Oij of water, and, in an open plaee, or under a, 
chimney, add in snccessiTe quantities the hydrochloric 
acid previonsly diluted with Oj of water until effervescence 
ceasei and the mixture acquires an acid reaction. Allow 
the precipitate to settle, decant ofl'tho anpematant liqmd, 
pour ou fresh distilled water and fontiune the purification 
by affusion of distilled water and sabsidence, until the 
fluid ceases to have an acid rexction and to precipitate 
with oiulate of ammoniB. Collect the precipitated sulphur 
on a calKO filter, wash it onee with distilled water, and 
dry it at a temperature not enoeeding 120°. [A great part 
of tbe couDierdal Lae Sulphuru is pn-ripitnted by sni- 
phuHc instead of muriatic acid, and cooftenuently contains 
about half its wnght of sulphate of lime.] It should be 
entirely dissipated by heat. 

SULPHDB SuBLIHiTtFM. B. FloUKTS Of SvlfhuT. Solpbur 

is heated up to 500° or 600° in an earthen vesflel, and 

snUiined ii> a chamber, or large receiver. Di>so Slj to %. 

SVLPHDBis CiBBUBETcnu. See Carbonls Bisulphii return. 

Bduhukis IlrPOORLOBIBCM. Spread wflshed sulphur 

^T Ibiiily in a proper vessel or chamber, and p<iBB chlorine 

^^ ' tlowly into it till it ceases to be Hbsorbed. [This is what 

^H> Ii commonly dispensed as Hypochtoride of Sulphur in this 

^^L < eoDntrj, bSTlng been (perhaps by misCakel first introduced 

^^K into use here in this form. Tbe trae hji^\i\oi\<^ ol fii^- 

410 1 

jihnr (nHuli is also tf rtnod iliabloriile of sulplmr and U- 
Bulphnret of nlilorine) is a volatile liquid obtoined ij 
pasBing dry i^lilorine ovrr ilonera of Eiitpliur gently heatd 
nntil tlie giil|)liar baa nearly disappeared, and diattlHltg tbt 
liquid. Dose, 10 drops (dissolved in etlier). in winei 
The powder is nied in ointmentB, as is alio the liquid, ia 
aliiii diseasea. 

BiXLFBnBiB ExFAB. See Potaaaii Salplmrel^iii 

SuLPHTJBiB loBmrM. L. Iodide of Sulpkur .. „... _ 
veBBel pot 3j of [snlilinied] sulphur, and over it Jivof 
iodine. Xeep tlie veBsel immersed in boiling wnter I 
Uiey nnita. Tban wben| the iodide baa coolei (tho VL . 
liBving' baen broken), braise it into fragmetils, and keepjt 
in a well-clnaed TiiaaiaL B. Similar. 

SmfEiiBBTVU AKTiuoHn. See Antiinonii Salphnretnai. 
[For the anlpbnreli^, see their respective basea.] 

SrppOBiTOEiA AoiDi Tjhhici. B. Melt white wax gr, x 
and oil of tbvobromti gr. xe with a gentle beat, then ii" 
tannic acid gr. iiivj and benzoated lard gr. iliv, pi 
vioDsly rubbed together in a mortar, and mix tborong)df< 
Pour the mixture while flaid into enitabie mcmldl A 
capacity of gr. it, or allow it to Cnol, and then divide ioM 
13 eqnal parte, each to be made into a conical or clktf 
conveniant form for a auppoaitory. 

ScPeOfliTOBlnli AHTHBUmTlOfli. SwKDtAtrH. Pon^Md 
atoea ^iv, muriate of aoda ^iij. flour 5ij, intpiasated hOMf 
q. B. Divide into auppoiitorios of about gr. xv mA- 
BOBBHU.TH. Inapissated boney Jiv, aloes Jbh, Knlplutcilf 
iron 5ij. Mix and divide into small auppomtoriea. 

ScFFOBiTOBiiTM AsTBiNOENS. KscBB. Powderet) Oak be 
5ij, tormentil 31], honey q. ». For 8 auppositoriei. 

SuTPoajTOHnm CotooTNiatD:B. Sp. Ph. Coloi^iith 5 
Bait ^' I evaporate to a doe eonslsteney. 

SDPFoeiToSTcu CouHTiiiK. Commott Bait and boney, boQ 
together till aufflciently stiS. 

SopposiTosiEu Captiuf. CoLOitBAT. SolidiSed eopil' 
^, batter of cacaii ^j, eitract of ngiiom gr. as. 

STjppoaiTOEiTjM Elatehii. St. B. H. Extract of elateiisa 

gr. ij, liurd «oap gr. x. water q. s. Mii 

SPFPOstiOEitiM Emovlikhb. Butter o: 

njnceti, in equal pirtaimeVteiXiiartSvet, 


gr. j. For 3 . . 

SuppoairoBiAHYBKittorEi. B, MiibeniontedlnTdandwhite 
fTftx oF eocli gr. ii bdiI oil of theobroma gr. lux with > 
gentlii heat, then add ointaieiit of mercnry gr. li; mil 
tboniuglil;, uiul poiir into moulds af the uapavity of gr. xv, 
or divide into 13 parts, and make eucli into a cone or snit- 
ahle Bhspe. 

Sdvpobitobiitu Hysbarqibi bt Cdmu. Extract of hem- 
lock gr. ix. Bray oiide of quicksilver gr. iij, anet q. ». 

SvFFOBn'oiiniH Ibbitams. Ricbabd. Butt«r of cikcao 5ij, 
sloes gr. iv, tortorised antimony gr.j. Oapbitb. Aloea 
£lj. Bait 9j, calocynth gr. v, honey <]. b. To reilorv ihe 

SuFPoaiTOBiCM lomiiii Potabsi. Mr. Stafpobd. Iodide 
of pobtBBinm gr. j — iv, Eitmut of hentaJie gr. TJ, ertrvict 
of hemlock gr. TJ. In eitlarged prostate. 

Sttpfobiiobium iJSATivim. QAtriiiTja. Soap 3j, muriate 
of aoda 5BS, inapissitted bonej q. B. 

SiiPEOsiTosiA MoBPBix. B. 1S67. Klelt white wax gr. ix 
and oil of theobroma gr. xe «illi e gentle heat, then 
add hydrochlorate of morphia gr. TJ and benzoaled laril 
gr. liiv, previously rubbed togetlier in a mortar, aud mix 
thoronBlily. Make into auppoaitffl-its, hb abore. B. 1864, 
Eydrochlorate of morphia gr. iij, rt'flned anger gr. xxx, 
prepared lard, q. i., white wui q. s. Melt gr. xxx of the 
l»rd and tbe aame quanlity of the wax in a water ba'h, 
and, having removed tlie vuBeel, mix them thoroughly irith 
tbe bydroi'hlorate of morphia and the aagar previonsty 
rubbed together. When the mixture bus eolidified, divide 
~ into 12 sqnal portions, to be formed into cones, 

1 to be aliowed to ataniJ till they acquire siifHoient 
Dip ench eone into a mixture of 3 jiarta of wbx 
1 S of lard, melted together in tbe WHter bath, and 
t eaide in a Coal place that tlie coating may became 

OfII. St. B. B. Oplom gr. ij, hard eoap 


aJd. previously rabbin^ toptber ia a mort&r, sceUlCSP 
lead 1^. xiiTJ. powderiid opioui gr. xij, aud benzuHtedkfl 
gx. ilij. Mil thoroughlj. mid pour into' stiitnble monlJl 
of tlie rnpacity of gT. IV, or divid« inW 12 wjiuil patt. 
SuFPoeiromtTK Quinis. BoimiN. Sulptiate uf unislu 
. XV. butter of caciio 3ii». Mix. 

BnFPDBllostnu: SAf OHis. A (wne of bard sonp i 
Lplojeil 39 a laifttive anpiiository. 

BiTFFQHiTOBiru Sebatituk- Bee Suppositoriaui Opii, anl 
Sappimitorium Hmmorrhoidule. 

SupBoaiToaiuii Sook Sulphitis. PaiBBtrB. Dried nJ- 
phuta nf soda 5ij, powdered eonp yv, houey q. a. Fori 
Buppiisitories. To be smeared ov^ wibb (ul nbcn 

STTPPOBiTOiinnr Vaoikalb. OiTroBiOT. Liqaid chlorideof 
zini: mv. anlphate of raorpliia gr. bbj mil witb 5ij of tl» 
following paste :^Tliick muciUge of tragacsntii 6 p«rO; 
white sugar 3, starcb 9. Mr. DBtrrra presiTibea m Itiutr- 
rhiea, tnuiiin gr. x, mucibt^e of tragacantli q. s. 

SiRirPl. Syraps are soluLioos of sugar in watery liqniill. 
T)ipy should be kept iu a cool place. Refined sugu iaIO 
bfl uaderatood by aogur in the following forrnulffl. "Hit 
usual proportiouB are 2 purta bj weight of sugur lo lef 
liquid. M. OnBOCBT stai^^a tliat tbe tanet perfect syrap 
coiKista of 30 parts of sugur to 16 of water. D. S, & f, 
direct tliti specific gravity of ayrupa to be 1-201 boiling, ud 
1-31^ eold, corieapuading with 30° and 35° of BnninA 

SiBorca. B. DtsBolrerefinedsugartliviD distilled walerOij 
'th tbH aid of beat. When Mwl, add distillad wllK 
raiike weight of product up to IbyiJs*. Sp. pr. 1-830. 

SYBUPra SiMPLBX AI.BC3. P. Vcry white sugar Ifcij. wal« 
Ibj; disiolve withont he»t, add Jij of aniinxl cliutcoid, ul 
in 12 lioura filt«r through paptr. 

Sl'BPPiTS AbsinthIi. p. Wormwood Sij, boiling t 
jiTJ; infuse for 13 hours, etrain, and add tn tlie Sltend 
liqunr twice ita weight of augar. [Cold water would pro- 
bably afford a more elegant product.] ^^^ 
f unpufl AoiCi^. U. 3. Gum arable Jij, sugar Jsi 



DJBBotve the gam in tbe water withoat hoat, then 

the lugnr with a gentle heat, and strain. 
Syadfcs AdBti. E. French vinegar f^ij, white sugar 

JiiT; hoil them togetliar. 
SxBCTFDB ACBTi KlTBi Id£I. P. RsBpherr; vinegar 3ivj, 

Engnr Jiu; diaaolve b; a gentle heat in a glass vesBel, 

STSUFTTg AcETATia MoBFUis. See Sf rnpna Morphim Ac. 

SxBiTFna AoiDi Citbici. D. Dissolve Jiiss of eitrie add 
in jiias of water with the aid of hekt, and add the lalotion, 
with fjv of tincture of lemon peel, toOiij of •imple ayrap, 
and mix. with agitation. U. S. Citric acid 3ij, oil of 
leiuona iniv, sjrnp fjiiiij. Rub the acid and oil with 
f^j of Byru[), add the rest of tlje syrup, and dinsolve with 
a gentle heat. P. Citric acid jiisfi, water 3v, syrup 

SiHtTPra CnMAcmo HYCEOaSAJIICO. P. Medicinal hydro- 
cyanic acid (uoutaimng 10 per cent, of real acid) 5j, symp 
Sivg. There is no fonnnla for it in this kingdom. 

SxBUFDS AoiDi PfioaPHOBioi. Phosphonc acid (sp. gr. 
1-454) 5b8, sjmp 5"^- [Syrup of raapbemrs toay be 
nibsUtuted for simple syrup. J 

SmupiTB Acroi Tartaeioi. P. As Syrupua Aeidi CitricL 

Stbi^pus AcoBTn. As SyrupnsBeUadnttQie. P. 

SraHTTiB Abuhti. . CapiUrdre. P. Maiden hwr Jiv, 
boiling water Oiins; infuse, etmiu, add refined eogar Ybv, 
make a Byrnp, and clarify with white oE egg. Puur the 
boiling syrup into a water bath with 5'j of maiden hair, 
infuse for 3 hours, and stmin. 

SrBrpDs ^TUBRiB, P. Sirop d^Xther. Sulphuric ether 
3j, white syrup Jivj ; mii in a glass vessel having a 
tnp at the lower part, and shake them occasionally for 5 
or 6 days; when unite ulour, dmw it off into small 

SYBFFca AlkaiiInvb. DsYSBOrE. Bicarbonatfi of soda Jss, 
(^rup 3''i'j- Ltasc, 3j, 3 times a day. 

SyapPtJa *'ttt, D. 1836. Garlic sliced Ibj, boiling water 
fjxixijj macerate for 12 hours, strain the infusion, and 

make a aprup with twice its weight of sugar. V. S. 

^^H Garlic ^vj, diatUled vinegar f 3IVJ ; macenAe ftK ^ fta.-j*. 


expreu, nnd form a eyrap with the clear Iii)iwr1i 
flngac ftij. 

SiBCPtrs AiLti CoMPOfliTUB. Dr. Wii-rja's Sjrap. (loSl 
cat Btnidl 388, braised aniseed jss, elecampane root 3^^ 
lujiiorice rool 3ij, brandj fS^xi' ; digegt for 2 or 3 Jp^k 
Ktt^n, Bad rorm k syrup with Bius af sugar. 

Stbcpuh ij.TB.xx, L. Sliced sltbaa root .^ias, Estill 
waiar Oj; nmcarate for 13 honis, express the liqsl- 
Bnd strain tluoogh linen ; then add to the FtntiDe>l tiipM 
twice iU weight of Bngar, and di«eolre b; a gentle heiL 
Lastlj, when the Bjrup haa cooled, to eaeh fjj add ^ 
of rectiSed epirit. P. directs it to be made wil' """ 

SSBcroa Aktodms. U.S. {Strop ^Orgeat. P,) ! 

tbj of eweet nnd jiv of bitter almonds, und beat Utan M 
a paste witli f^iij of water and Qj of white «Qgar; nil 
tba paste thoroughly with (jxlv of water, strain miA 
strong eipression, and disBDlve Bit of BOgar in Ihu stniiud 
emolsion 1>y the aid of a gentle lieatj str^n the ejtttl 
throngh One lioeo, and keep it in well-closed bottlM in a 
cool place, [P. nearly the same, with the addition of Jij 
of orange-flower water. Pbus. Ph. directs SviJj of swa«t 
and jij of bitter almonds to ha blanched after cold msec- 
ration, then beaten in a marble mortar with a wooden pedUe, 
and 5nj of water and Jiij of orangB-flower water grtda- 
ally added ; after being strained tbrongh flannel, wilb 
strong presirare, ftiij of sngar are disaolved, by bMt d 
water bath, in 3x1 of the emnlsion.] 

BTRrptrs Aniai. Infuse jss of bruised aniieed in 3iv of but 
water; strain, and add jij of angor. Fur infants. 

BtniirptTS Abtukhidis. Chamomile flowers ny, botHsi 
water tbir; macerate, strain with eiprejsion, ondfonn tba 
infiision int4J a syrup with twice ita weight of sngnr, 

Btbupfs ABTicATiBBHAiiB. M. MoooffON. To 3000 pub 
of boiling water add 250 parts of red poppy-petals; t&- 
fuse, strain with preasnre, Alter, mil it with 8000 puts rf 
simple symp previonsly reduced hy boiling to 7500, awl 
add a filtered solation of 30 parts of extract of benbnie IB 
500 parts of orange-flower water. 

BrBBTCTB ABTlMOSlAlTTfl. Kermca mineral c»j, 1 
iii[uiUs ,S" Tp of althiea Jiss; ir'- 


^' Q^j^d 

^ STBiTpmi A 


Stbupttb Akiibcohbiiticub. p. Fresh leaves of acnrvy- 
grsHB, buck-bean, water cremos, of escli ttij, horaerodliib 
Ibj, bitter oraaga pwl Ibj, cranaraon jiv, white n-ine Ibiv ; 
macerate S days, diAtil off Ibj, aud odd to thu diaCillud 
liqnor balfthe angar; atrain what remainef decant, and 
make a eyrap with the rent of the sugar; clarif; it with 
whits of egg, and when eold add the fonni^r sjrup. D<iae. 

SimtiFDS Aauoiucis. Dr. CtTLLBH. Scraped horaeiddish 
3j, hot wntar fSviij; digeat, strain, and diaaolve in the 
liquor twice its weight of water, Dose, f jj, frequently, 
in hoaraeaeii/rom nlaxation. 

SrBOTira Abuob&clb Cohfobitcb. See Syrupaa Anti- 

SYEUPra Abtbmisis. From dried magwort, as Syr. Ab- 
Einthii. Dose, 31] — xij. 

Stbuptb AsTBHiBis C0JIPOSITD8. P. Take of freah tops 
of mugwart, pennyroyal, outmint, and aitvine, eueh jrj, 
fresh roota of elecampane, lorage, and fennel, each jiv, 
taps of wild marjoram, hyaaop, feverfew, rue, and basil, 
eacb Jiiiss, Bniaeed 5!x, cinnaman 5!x. all properly divided ; 
mix ^ixxij of faonej with lbi:u of water, pour it on the 
berhs, and let them macerate la a warm plnce for 3 dnyaj 
drav off Jrlij of aromatic liqnOF, in which diaaolve 5iyj of 
angar in a close vesael; strain what remains in the still 
with eipreBsion, and form a ayrup with the clear liquor 
and Ibv Jit of sugar; clarify tlie syrup with white of 
eggs, and, when hnlf cooled, add the ayrup made with the 
diatilled liquor. Doae, 3ij — lij, 

Stbcpub Abclbpiams. Dr. Hakiitoh. Eipreaaed juice 
of the bhjod-flower plant (aeelepias caraasavica}, boiled 
(ica its weight of sugar. Dose, f^' to tjW. Pur- 
emetic, and sermifiigg, 

AqiLB AtTBAHTU. P. Orange-flower water Bj, 
■y white sugar ftij ; diaaolve, and filter. {Similar syrups 
are made from the diatilled waters of cinnamao, rose, 
peppermint, and lettuce. P.) 

Sybupus AapARAai. P. Juice of naparagua Ibj, augur Ib^ ; 
make a ayrup. 

AtbopIjE. Bocchabdat. Atropini 



(axndalated wibb a tew drops of mnnatic ocid) 
fSxiv. Dose, IjW, equivalent to gr. ^, 
STKnevB AiTBAMTii. B. Mix tiactuni of 

witb sjmp fSvi). 
fiTBVFCTH AiTBABTn FLOBts. B. Dis^olre refined 
liUtilled water Sivj or q. s. by menus of heat 
' when nearly cold, add orange-flower water 5' 


SiEUFUB E Snoco ATiBiirTioBpji. E. 1744. Oran^ juic* 

ftj, enpar Ifcij ; disaolvo by beat. 
SiBtrpuH Abki. F. H. Powdered gold 9j, ayrnp of gain 

3j. Ak a local applicalion. 
Stbupos Baisawi PBBUViAin. pRca. Pa. Balaamof Rn 

5J, ImUing water Jiij ; agitate, infiue tiU eold, and tarn 

Ji of tlie Altered liquor into a sjrop with 3»viij of Bngac 
Stqttfub BAi.3AHt Toutiahi. See Sjiupas Tolntaniu. 
SisUPirs B ELLAS ONMf, P. Extract of bellndoonagr.iiiij, 

dissolve in jiv of boiling water, sJid add to it jivj «E 

hoiling aymp. ;, i -. (.•'Vli'' <(- .* 
Stbufub I)£BBKBIDIB. As Syrupns CjdoniEe. 
SybttfCS Bobaqinib. p. Disaolve 2 parta of gngar b 

1 part of the clarified jiiiee of borage, bj the beat of* 

water bath, and etrain. 
'Stbcfde 1)ba£SIC£ Rdbbjg. From juice of red cabbage^ ■* 

SjTTipiis Borsginis. 
Sybttpdb CiHiNCK. SovBBrBAK. Alcoholic extract of 

cabiocQ gr. Ldv, syrup Jivj ; dinBolve the extract ja ■ 

little water, and add the solution to tlie boiling ajnip. 

Dose, Sj, 4^1 J. 
SyaUPCS CiirMx. Conceotrated iufnaion of frGBb^rOMtel 

coUeo Jiv, reEned sugar Jv^j, dissolved ia a dosed tmmI 

b; a gentle heat. 
hrBunrs Caffrihx Citbatis. HAyNOK. Citrate of caSMn 
' 3j, syrup Jj. See Mistnra Caffieinffl Citratla, 

TnocESBAD. Slake 5i>8s 
r, and add it to gmiu of szinul* «_ 
briil 10 minateo, and Biter. This i» uniallj dilated iri'tli 

with fjiij of water, and add it 

«iiiu& r 

■ 4 pnrta of simple s.yrup. By sponnftils, n diarr. 
lUnjPOa CASBABlBi, BOUCttiBTAT. TinctnrB tA 



bino (1 part of the reein to 10 of r. apirit) 1 p»ri, simp^a 

(ymp 100 parts. By apoonfnis, 
BTBDPca CAFUtroLU. P. From hoQeymclile flowen, as 

Sjrnpus TioliB. 
Bixrpirs CABTOPHriii. E. Clove JqIj flowers 5j, boiling 

water f Jiv ; imcerote for 12 lionra, stmin, nnd add gngar 

jrij ; make a ejrup. Used for its mloor Bnd flavonr. 
STBrpua CiS'TOEEi CoMPOHiTiTB. M. Iebbou. Valerion 

water S^i chorry-laurel water Sii")! ciutor (dissolved la 

•pirit q, a.) jiij.wliite BOgar Jit. In ij}artnodic ait&itta, 


SiBUPUB ClTBOHD, P. Djsaolve 128 grains of eitract of 
catfjcliu iu ,^ij of water, and odd ittaJXTJ of boiling sjmp. 
Contains gr. j of catechu in each. 3]. 
Sxanpim CB&AEOBVit. P. Depnrated juice of cherries Jivj, 

angsr $iui ; wake a sjiup, 
SXBxrpUB CEBEFOLlt. From the jmce of cultivated chervil, 

la Sjrupns Bora^Qis. 

^_B>TFt7B Cbikafhilx. Mr. Pbdctsr. Uacerate ^iv of 

J" tanUed leaves of nrobellate winter-green in Ijyiij of water 

J6 bours, then snbjeot it to percolation till f3iyj of 

d have passed i reduce to half, and dissolve in it ^lij 

^n^iir. Dose, Jas to ay, 

ptrs Chiobidi CiLOis. Dr. Heid. Liquid chloride of 
le 5], mucilage 3y. aymp of orange p*el 5s. 
iva Cbossbi. MofCHON. Boil jviij of carrageen in 
Biij of water for half an hoar, strain with preaanre, and 
F'loil the clear liquor with Ibx of syrup till the whole is 
" tdtolhi. 

s CntcaosM. BaANOH. Extract of bark gij, symp 
■ •«f orange peel fj']- P- directs siij of gray bark to be 
f Ixuted for half au hour in Oj j of water, the etruined de- 
li «Mt<on rednced to iia1f, and boiled to a syrup with Jivj of 
Bjvhito sngar; when cold, fllt«r throogb paper. ^ containa 
I. 3j of bark. Boudet directa 3iij of bark to be exhuuted 
fey f^lij of proof spirit by displacemont^ adding water till 
Jxv of liquid are ohtaioed. The spirit (abont Jvj) ia 
then distilled off, and gxvj of sugar dissolved in the 


~ gert 3viy of jellow bart in coarse powder in two »ucc«* 

18 ras POCKET fobuuiiAst. 

nve pints of proof spirit, and press strongly ; 

teadoe Ibr half an boar with a pint of iratcr, itrsin, id 
prew ; Kpfat tbU a second and third time ; evapoTatie do 
niied decoctions to fjTiij; rednce also the mixed IJBC- 
tnres lo f^viij ; ma. the conceatraied Ijqnors, aoi toil 
them with a Bolullon of 55 grains of oialjc ludJ and ISt 
grains oE dry qniuioe ; add Jng of iugar and iiv of gnni 
arahic, and wiktcr q. s. to make f^^t^i of sjmp, wiudi 
Btrain. while hot, thiongh flaaoel. Mr. D. con^den ii 
of this lyrDp equal to tiuve or four ounc^ of Oie deo»- 

Stbpphs Ciscbok^ Visosra. P. Soft eitraet of bwk oTi), 
wliitc wine 3xvj ; lUssolre, filter, add Ib^ of white lugtfr 
and disaolre in a close Tessel. 

SSBTJBDS CiscHOBiNfi. M. Sulpliata of cinchonine % 
ajTop S»'j' 

Sybcphs Ci»NiMOinVi(roflT;H. Wina of cionHniDn 2 pan* 
white sai:ar 3 parts, dissolve without heat, and filter. 

ErBTfPua Cooci. L. Bruised nociiines] Sic, boiling di»- 
tilled water Oj ; hoil for i of no hour, stirring it Iwa 
time to time, then strain; diBBolva in the gtrained HlpllM 
twice its weight of Eugar, and to each f jj of syrup lH 
f38a of rectified spirit. [Chiefly intended as a c<4«iriiig 

BTBTjriTB Cocci At.siJ.mva. Cochineal in povfder 3ij, adb- 
carbonate of potash 3i» ; tritnrate, and add btHling dit 
dlled water f5xvj; strniu, add Jiv of sugar candjr. [* 
popular domestic remedy for hooping-ooagh. Dose, ft» 
B. teuspoonful to a tDble-spooafal, according to the Sfpa it 
the child, 3 or 4 times a day.] 

KBTipna CooEtBAELB. P. JulcB of acurvy gnisa ftj, ni^ 
Ibij. Malta a syrnp. 

STBtTFva CocHLEiULS AsuoBJCls. See Syr. Armoradih 

SrBUPtra Codkis. Codeia 3j, water fjiif, sugar 3^ 
Dosf, a teaspoonful, in hoopin^-eov^li. 

SiacrnB Colchioi. E. 1817. Freeh colchicum Ji, vinigW 
f ixsj ; macerate for 2 days, and strain with geatJe exfCM- 
EiOQ ! add to the dear liqnor Juvj of sngar, and boll. 

Bthupcb Conis. Sirup da Conieiiie Magistral. M.Yiif 
Simple ayrup 3iiij. coneine 1 drop. akoUoliBed Br'-*** 
acid 1 drop. Dose, f5j. 


Stropits Oopajb.e. Puche. Triturate 5ij ol copaiva with 
5as oFpcwdered gam and .^iss of water; iiJd 32 drops of 
essence of pepperuiiut nnd 3i(j of eiuple ayiup. Dose, 

ntVFca Cbebcbtiti£. Freeb jiiice of the pulp of rnlabnsh 
(creBrentiii oujete) boiled with sogai q. b. Frepnrcd in t)ia 
West Indies. Feetorol, HgHinst iaward bmisca, nnd hi 
huge dasea purgative. 
SlETTPOS Cboci. L. Saffron jx, boiling distilled water OJ ; 
inncerute for 12 hours in a closed vessel; tlien stmin thu 
liquor, disBolie in it twice its weight of sugar by a gentle 
lieat, and odd to each tSj at the syrup f^n nf rectified 

Stbitevs Ceooi IT'inostts]. P. Saffron Si, Slulasa winu 

Jsvj ; mscBratc, strain, and add augur is.yav. 
SiBPEoa Cydohi.b. p. Cinrifled juice of quincea 5ivj, 

SQgor Jxix; diesoWe b; a ^qUb heat. [In tlic same wily 

syrups are prepared from other fruits.] 
Sratipca Crsoatoasi. Fullbb. Clarified juice of houuda- 

tongue boiled with its weight of augur hi u s^rup. lu 

catarrhouB humours. 
SYECPua DBPCBiTlVfS. See Syrupui SarKie Coiupositi 

(Cuiainier's). Some ratipes add to eacli Ibj of tlie synip 
' ' ' ■ '■ ■ - ^jTupUB Hyd 

fc CCui . , - 

^V^ gr. j of corrosive sublimate. See Syrupus Hydrargyri. 

^■SXBVPCB DiAJITHI CAilTOFiIYU.1. See Syr. Caryopbylli. 

^■ilYBijPira DiCTAMSi. Pi'om dittany of Crete, ua Syr, 

^K Hyssop i. 

^RSYKUPua DiQiTAT.TB. P. Foiglove leaves 3viij, boiling 

^K' water S^^ji Infuse for 8 hour!, strain the liquor, ami 

^f make a syrup with twice iti weight of sugar. QuEBOnBT 
substitutes — Alcoholic extract of digitalis I part, dissolved 
in 3 parts of water..and the filtered solution added to 30O 
parts of boiling syrup. It is twice the strength of the 
alnvc. See also Oxysaccbarnm Digitalis. 
SXHtrpDB DniiCAMABJS. P- Infuse fbj of duliuinarn twigs 
in tbiss of water for 12 liours, strain, and sot aside the 
liqnor, noting its weight Infuse the residuo in fbiij of 
water, and strain. Mix the sEcond liquor with Ibviij of 

1 symp, and finish by operating as directed fot a-iTi-^w* 

^H Hclininthocorli. Dojc, 3ei ' 


SYBrriTS ExBvaix. M. Cobnred 
etine gr. iv), simple ajrup J^j : 

STsrrus Ebouta. SouBBiBix. roirderedci^ot. 

wine aq, maceratB fDr a week, Btrain, expresi, , 

disBolTe in ibe liquor ^^vj of sugtir, [jj CD3t>ini5wrf 

SmiTFCS Ebgoiucje. Basisis. Ergntine (Eitnotam 
Ergotm Aqooanm) giiss, Orange-flower water jj; ^moIie, 
and add tho solution to jivj of boiling ajnip. Don, Sti> 
4 Epoonfula in tbe dn;. 

Sebuphs Ebyseui. WaU:BS. From the eipre^edjiuMCif 
}iGdg« muKtard, as Sjr. Boi'aginis; or JTom a d«cootian<f 
tbe dry plantL In old catighi, and Aoarteneas. 

SiBUFva Ebtsiki CevposiTcs. P. (Sirqp dt ySm^ 

Boil 5'j M^ 0^ peto'led barle;. TaidDt, and liqiiarica ToA 
Jiij each of dried borage and Eucoorj loarea, in Dixij ot 
water till reduced to tbiv ; etraia nitb pressorei u>d pdv 
the boiling decoction on tbiv of fi-oBh hedge mtutud,^ 
elecampane root, 3j of tnaJdenbair, Jbs dri«l rosemuy, ]■ 
of French iRvender, jvj aniseed, all properly ^vid«4> Mi 
them infafe for S4 boura, draw off by distdllation S^ "^ 
aromntjc Hqnar, in which diseolve jx^ at angar. SbiiB 
tho liquor left in tbe still, let it settle, odd to Qib gttv 
liquor Ibv 3iv ot sugar, and Jivj of white honey. boilU* 
ajrup, clarily it, and, when half cooled, add the ifnqi pw- 
pured {mm the diatilled liquor. Doi^ Jas to 3ij. 

Srarprs Eipeotokabb, Dr. NEUBis. Syrup of hraai- 
^ mns fsiv, tincture of Tola fjsa, camphorated tinetuic 
opinm fjj, ipeeaenanha wine fJKj, simple synip ^^ 
A table-sponnful erery 2 houra. 

Sybcpfs Fkbbi. AtuH. Snlphate of iron div. tufarie 
add 3ij, water fjisi; diaaolve in a wedg^^ood dish, add 
camtio ammoBia in alight eicess, evaporate alowl; marij 
'o dryness, re-dismlve in water with a few drops uON 
mmoiiia, niahe it up fjias, add Jij of angBf, and boU fcr 
_ minute, f^ containa gr. ir of the sulphate. 

ETBirprB Febbi AcKTATia. Mr. RoPEB. Diaadve Ibi^ of 
white sugar in Oea of wut«r by water hath, and adl Q^ 
of solution of acetate of iron. [Mr. Ropbr's nc«btte of 
I is thus made: — Disaolre Jj of iron wire in ^v of 
rintic acid diluted with fjir of water; addOiv of watcrv 


And predpitiite with fjT of liqaid potnssa; set aai^e Tar S4 
houn, dniw off the anpenmtant liquid with a nyplimi ; flU 
again with water, and repoit the proceei a tbh-d time. 
Collect the preeipitnte on a lioeo filter, disBoIve it in f^ij 
of atnmg acetiti aoid, add water to malce Dp fji, sot adde 
for 24 hoars, and Qlter. Ta moke the ammonia-acetate, 
add to Oj or the filtered liquor fjsa of ttraag liquor 
ammaniiu. But foe the lynip it ia used without tlio 

SsBtrpua Fbbw AuintiHATis. LAseiiOKB. Beat Jiij of 
white of egg with Jiy of distilled water, and filter. Pour 
into the liquor 3ii of a GolalJoa of persulpliite of iron, 
the sp. gr. of which is 1'0S6. A precipitate falU. on which 
Mr 3iaa of an alcoholic solution of potash, contitining i 
it cent, of caustic potash. AgiUte till diesolTOd, and add 
W and a half timee its weight of powdered sugarj disaolve 
"hoDt heat, and filter, 
pra Fbbbi PBOTOcnHntiBL Mr. H. PBm.iPB. Mix 
600 grains of hydrochloric acid (ap. gr. 1'16) with fjiij of 
distilJed water, and add 200 gnuuB of iron tumiDga. Heat 
till all action has ceased, and filter the lolution Into F^^ij 
of thicli Eymp. Keep it in a etopped bottle. It contuna 

STBCPTIS FKBHI PEBCHLOKmi. Mp, Phiklipb. Boil 286 
grains of ESFqaioiido of iron in fjlj of distilled water, 
previoHEly iniied witli 1300 gniins of hydrochloric add, 
and filter the solutian into tjivj of thick ayrap. The 
strength is half that of the tinctnre. [BkbAl proBcribes 
3j of dry pecchloride of iron to 3,1 of ayrup.] 

flTBUPire tEERi BT QriKiE CiTBATis. A Bynip is prepared 
i>3 Mr. BFliOCK under this name, hot its eomposition haa 
not heeu made known. Another form is, citrate of iron 
and quinine 5j, ayrup of orange peel Qj. Dose, fjj — ij. 

SxsrpiTB Fbbbi Corahs. Behai;. Liquid citrate of iron 
5j, Bjrap Jxv, spirit of lemon 5ij. An improred form is 

Iimonio-citrate of iron gr. xij, simple ayrup Jj, aaccharida 
Tanilla and cloves (see Sacchanim Vanilltc) gr. ivj. 
rprs Fbbbi CiTBiTia AtKAinroB. Miaihb, Syrup 
»j, ratrate of irou 5iJ! diaaolvo, and add ^ of hicarbo- 
te of lod.t. Dose, Jiv, 

42 > 


of pobmsio-ctlTjte at irau (see Liqnor Ferrl FM«^ 
cittati*) fSviij, wbita auKfic giTJ. Dissolve, f^j coalMii 
sljont gr. u ol' potasslo-citrnta of iron.- 
SSBcrra Febu Iodidi. B. Fine iron wire jj, iodine JSp 
refilled sugar JxxvUj, distilled water f^iiij. Fr^Mce l 

GJTUp hj dlSBolvillg tlie BQgBT ID Jx of lllB wKter wUlk Ifei 

Hid of Lent. Digent the iodine and the iron wire in • 
flask, nt ugentJelient, witllille^cmllin^llg5iij(^^thewil«^ 
till tlie fcotli becomes white; tlieu Alter the liquid «lul> 
stiU hot into the syrop, nnd mix. The prcduet a! "' 
weigh tbij Jij, and should hRvo the sp. gr. 1'835. 

[The uluve contains about B grains of dry iodide tf 
iron in f^j, which ia a convenient furm of sdininiaUrinfr 
Doae, miij Id f jj. Tlie sytup origiDtiU^ introduced Iff 
Dr. A. T. Thombon coctained only 3 grains of dry iodU* 
of iron in f^j. Another priiiitc form in usa coatEdDi4 
.grains in fjj. These sjmps keep better tlum tha mita 
Eohitiou ; they hcconie coloured, liowever, after a tin 
but without any deposit taking place if the air ia eidi^ 
the colour niaj in a grunt measure he removed bj boOii 
them with a little clenn iron.] 
Stbcpcb Febbi Iobibi CoMPoarrcB. Ricobd. ThJsm^ 
be made hy adding f3,j uf the Eymp to ^is of compound 
syrup of sarGaparilk. It coiitaiua gr. iv of iodide of inni 

SlBrPDB FBSBI lOBlM ET Febei Chiobidi. Mr. BahlH 
has proposed fl syrup containing' 3 gniina of iodine and 4 
of iron in each f^j; bat lias not given the quantitie* cf 
ingredients employeil. It may be made as foUows : — JM- 
fuae 5} of iodtDo in f3iT of cold distilled water, and )dd' 
gradually Jiss of clean iron filings; agitato the inirin 
constantly till a green solution is obtained. Digest ^ 
iron aings with Jivss of muriatio add (sp. gr. 1-16^) * 
action ceases, and boil for a few minntes. Filter tfae Mt 
tions rapidly into a vessel containing Jiv of white encHi 
washing the RlLera with a little warm water, in wbtfib ■ 
little sugar has been dissolved. Gently heat the n 
till the Eugnr is dissolved. It should meagre CM. 


of potassium in f5vj of bot n-nter, add fSiijJ of S 

i lodidi, nnd sufllcicnt siiuplo syrnp to t 


OIss. [Thei-e is no authoriseil fommla ; this coatains gr. 
ij of each lalt in flj.] 
SSBUPra Fbrbi it Qiruria; lorroi. Bofchaiidat. Digaat 
, 5j of iodine with 553 of iron filings and Jiv of wiiter, with 
a gentle heat and frDqnent agitation, till tlia solution is 
colourleBfl. Filter it rapidly into a veesel containing 
^ixt'iij of simple sjrtip. Dissolvo also gr. xij of sulphate 
of quinine in 3ij of water aeidulntcd with snlphuriD acid, 
and nild to the tbrmer. Taken hy table-apoonfais in «to- 
fkloua affections. It contains 3 gruni of iodide of iron 
in ^. There Ore other syrups containlog iodine, iron, and 
qninine, bnt none of them arc authoiiaed hy any pharma- 
copceie. Mr. DatssfOBi's contains, in each f^j, gr. J 
of iodide of qninia and gr. ij of iodide of iron. See Syr. 
Qninia! lodidi. Mr. Battlby'b contains, in each f3, qui- 
nine gt. iea, iron gr. j, iodioe gr. j. 
STBCPm Fbebi Laotatib. M. Caf. Laetuta of iron 5j, 
boiling distilled water 3^3, jiaresngsr Jiij. Doee, 5u — 

SiBTTPira Fbebi PoTASsio-TABTEAxre. M, Miaihb. Djb- 
solve jivof potasMO-tartratc of iron in fjiv of cinnamon 
water, and mix the solution with 5xvj of simple eymp. A 
teimpoonful contains ahont 2 grains of the salt. 

Syarptra Pbebi PEESiiBATrs. Mr. DrHAMiL. Clean 
iron wire stj, nitric acid fjiss, water fSvlijj let the 
mixtiu'e stand i'or 12 hours, or till nil action has ceased, 
stirring it occasionaUy. Filter the solution, and dissolve 
in it ^\\v of white sogar. Dose, 16 drops. 

SYBVFrB Febbi ScuoABBONATia. M.Motrcuoti. 8ulphat« 
of icon 5ies, snhtarbonate of pntasli 5isa ; powder sepa- 
rately, then triturate together with a little watpr to form 
a soil paste, and add this immediately to ^viij of syrup of 
gum arabic. 

SracETB Febbi Sitlphatis. Willis. Sulphate of iron ^, 
water gij, sjmpof gom Jiyj. 

Stbcpus Feeri ScLPEiTEBrr. Cazbitate. Sulphuret of 
iron ill fiue powder gj, symp of aoapwort Jviij, Dol^ 
f 35s, twice a day, in scrofula. 

SSBxrena Fbbbi I^BTiipttiraBTi. BorcHABBAT. liedoce 
31 of syrup by evaporation to Jis, and add Jij of hydrated, 

fcjersulphurct of iron in a gelatinona atate. 14i.i., mA Vca^ 


it in ■ close bottle. Gira > teaspooBfal 2 ac 3 Gimi 
dajr, in tenfuUm a»d aitaaeoiu ajfectioma. A> III wlli* 
for ptnHwmg b; tbe Eittts of lead, mervuij, and cqfC 
give n tnble-spocnifDl frequently. 

SntCTFTS FBBBt PsoBFBAXis. B. Qrasalatal sulpliatW 
iron 234 gtains, phosphate of soda 20O grains, Mdtfctf 
soda 74 ^in«, dilute phospboric acid fSrw, rvfineJ o^ 
Jviij, distilied water i^^ij- DijKilve the mipbate of i"» 
in 5iT of the «st«r, and the phoaphate and amlatc rfBfc 
in the remunder ; mii tho 2 salations, and. after euM 
stirring, tnuufer tbe prenpitate to a calico filter. u;d inA 
it with distilled vater, Ijll the filtrate ccaseii t» !>e>JtMtlJ 
by chloride of barium. Then preu the precipihiip tUit^ 
between folds of bihnlona paper, and add to it tlie diMt 
phoBphoric acid. As soon as the precipitate ii diMnlnd 
filter the solntion, add the mgar, and di^Ive witluM 
heat. The prodact ahonld mea&are eiactlj f^tj. Or.jtf 
phosphate li irou in f;^- Dose, f^. Itr. Haiscm, Ki 
Jiij of lemon Bjrup aud Jiij of water. Dissolve pha " " 
of soda 3iij in one half, and tnlphatc of iron, ^m 
other half. Mix, and odd powdered dtrie acid ^j. mk^, 
5ij— iy. _ Each ounte contmna about gr. ig of prolopfcal 
phate of iron, aud some sulphate of loda, &c. Citratt of 
ammonia may be naed instead of citric acid, as a eolnot 
See Syrapua Plioaphaticos. 

SYEtrptia Fbbei Phosphatib CoKFOSiirB. Parrish'i Om- 
pound Sjrop of the Phosphates. Chemical Pood, Slid tv 
contai!) in each fgj, gr. j phosphate of iron, gr. iim [ibM- 
photc of lime, wiUi sodn and potash. Dose 5} — ij. > 


£abton. Said to contain in each H. dr., gr. j phu^bata of 
iron, gr.j phosphate of quinia, and gr.^Btryohjun. Dom, 

phosphate of iron (sec Ferri Bipbospbas) 3ij, aimpli! ajfiDp 
f5»iy- Doae, miij — hIt. 

SrsrEDa Fbbsi bt MAxaASBen FaoRPiUTia. Dissnlw 
glacial phosphoric aeid 5vj in a smaU qnantity of watai 
add phosphate of iron gr. IniJ and phoapbats of mlnin 
gr. liriij; apply beat till dissolved, addsugur jx. Uld'N 
np to measure of Siij. Dose. 5] — iv. 



STBrpi:^ Fbbsi Tassatib. 2/L. Bebal. Siurple sjrup 375 
parts, gjrnp of viaegnr 125 parts, magnetic citrate of iron 
10 puFt^, extract of galls 4 partn. 

SrHDPTS FrrMABls. P. Clarified jaice of fumitory Ibij, 
while io^r ftij : Uiil to a ayrup. 

ByKDPua Gbhtiak-e. P. Gentian 5iij, boiling water 
^viij; infnsa, strain, and make a eyrup with Jixxij of 
BDgar. [A more elegant symp is made by percolating' the 
powdered gentian with cold water.] 

SsHlTFCB tizMTUNiK£. U. Ocntianine gr. xvj, sytup 

STEUPva Glbcbom*. P. From dried ground-ivy, infuaed 
in ita dUtUled water, as Syrnpua Hyasopi. 

SiBUPTJB GBOPFEor.B. Dr. Wbioht. Deeoction of cab- 
bage-tree bart, made into a ayrup with twice iti weight 
of Bugar. T'trmijiige. Dose, 1 to 4 tsblc-spoonfols. 

Stbdpcs Olycirrhiz-b. Liqnoriee-root 5>'p boiling- water 
31VJ, digest, strain, and make a syrnp witli lugor q. a. 

Sybpptjb Gbahati Fructub. p. As Syr. Berheridis. 

SSBCPUS [coanois eabicib] Qbanam. Gcibobbt. Obtain 
from Ibj of powdered bark of pomegranate root tblv of 
infusion by percolation. Boil tliis with Jnij of syrup 
till rednced to tbij. 

Sybtjpus Gdaiaci. Gcibodbt. Boil Ibj of gnaiacum-wood 
twice in ftiij of water to ftiv. Mii, and atrain the 
decoctions, and mii with ttilv ot syrup, aud boil to 30" 
Bniinne boiling. 

Stbbpcb Gumhi AlQtONlACl. WcET. PH. Dissolve Jij of 
Kom ammoniacnm in 5»iu of white wine, by the bent of 
a water bath, and add sugar 3»:vj. 

SrBiTFCB GcHUt Abasici. p. Gum arahic (picked and 
twice washed for an instant in cold wattr) Hij, cold water 
1^ ; itir them oocaaionully till the gnm is diaaolved, strain 
without expression, and mix it with fhTiy of syrup boiled 
to 29 degrees (sp. gr. I'S&S) boiling. 

Ssbdfub Gukhi TkiBi-OiSTUX. MoTJCHOM. Gnm tra- 
gBcanth ^. water Jixx^j, macerate for 48 honra, preis 
thiODgh linen cloth, and mix the mucilage with HiTiij of 
nrup heated t« 176° F., and strain through coarse dotb- 
GVIBOTmi directs 3J of the gnm to be macerated wiU\^ 
B-of water, stralnciJ, mixed witli 5v^ ot water, wni. \iiaj.\fii. 

lot ncpodmiknikl ve^i^Jl. 
. tite tpu gr. I'SSSi. A (Simper anl OM 

'Sj m. of tlM root itEfieieiUlj to scpuMi 
dAiag, sad icfeci the mn-i. A.Iif :l> :^ 
balk <if wnhed auuJ, md & 
PBler, m9 u to emuTC an i' * 
t w^ in m dijjiUceaiait sp ; 
r <■ it will alwrb, macerate : 

le lujaor b; the additicRi of mori:- " il . 

taa 6nt fjvj. AdJ more water till it pi-M^; itiriin^b 
tastelesi. Then craporale the latter poison to fjiih lo 
which, with the odilition of the fir^t ^tj, diswWc jiij rf 
Kogar with w moderate a heat u poaaiUe. 
^fiXBiTFUs HEiMlXTUOcOBra. P. IdoeeTLtte Ibj of dtatltet 
Coisican mlMa in hij of WBrm water; in 34 honrs stiai* 
with preware, filter the liqoor, and note its weight. Ktr 
cerate the residue in &lj of warm water, strain, and flItR. 
Mil the lagt liqoor with tbvj of ejrap, and boil it to • 
thick symp, the weight of which shnll be as mneh tea 
than Ibvj aa the weight of the flrat liqnor; add tbtt 
rapidly to the syrup, aad strain it. Dose, jsi to ^, 
■ SSBVPTS HrDaAKOrEi. There are several fonnifiop auc- 
curini syrnps ; but they nil appear liable to serioni ot;jeiy 
tions. Flbhe. Quicksilver ^, powdered gum aeada 3^ 
Byrup jij; triturate, and gradunlly add 3j of water. LUkBT. 
SudoriHc syrup Oj, bicbloride o( mcrcnry gr. r, moilllt 
of nmmonia gr. v, extract of opinm gr. v, Hoffmaan^ 
iiurtjnp liquor jBs. Dose, Jbb to Sisa. CBEaoN'g (jm]^ 


cnusists iif inorcariBl ether (gr. iv of GuljIimaU to 5>j of ' 
etber) 3ij, »ynip Sviy. 

SrBrms HroBcrAUi. P. From tlie extract, as Sjmpue 
BelladouniB. Ql. U. Eitmct of licnliaue 3j, simple 
Efrnp Jxvj ; diiualve, and evapornto liy water bntti to Jx^' 
Dose, 5j— "j- 

SYBtTca HTi'OPHoaPHiTiCTB, Sjrup of the Hypopliof 
phit«9. HjpDphoBphlta ot linic, patasb, bdiI ediLi, 1 part 
eacli, disBolved with beat in Bjrnp 100 parts. Dose, ^j. 

STatrpra ilTsaopi. P. Dried topa of hyssop Jj, hvsEop 
mater Sssiij i digest in b water bath for 2 hours, let it 
cool, (iiter, dissolve in the infuiion twice its weight of 
sugar, hy the heat of a ivnter batb, and, when cold, strain. 

SniTiPCS IfVhS. P. As Syrupns Boraginia. 

SYBrpcs loDisu. Sirop lodiqve. For. Comp. tinctnro 
of iixline 3iv, mint wnterjiv, «jrup 5xvj, Dose 5iv to ^. 

STBUpra loBiKU cru Aonio TiKKico. Ppchb. Iodide 
of potoaainm 5v, iodine gr, iv, tannin ^ss, eyrnp of 
orange p<iel jiiv. 

STBirprs IPBCicrAirils. E. Ipecncunnha in coarae powder 
jiv, reotilied spirit fjir; digest for 24 honra at a ^ntlc 
beat, strain, aqueeic, ond fllttr ; digest the reBiduum in the 
same manner, first witli f^iiv of proof epirit, then with 
(jxiv of water J aaite the fiuida, and distil off the spirit 
till the residuum amounts to fjxij ; add Jv of rectifieil 
spirit, nnd mix with Ov^ of syrup. [It eontiuns ahout 12 
gr. of ipecac, in f5j, or 10 gr. in 3j. The American 
and French processes will, perhaps, be connidored preferable. 
P. Extract of ipecacuaaha (made with proof spirit) ^, 
syrup Jcliiv, or On. 3j represButs IG Frtnck grains of 
the root, or 4 of tbe extract, fjj will contain the same 
nimiber of English grains. U. S. Ipecne. coarsely pow- 
ilered 3j, proof spirit fjxvj; macerate for 14 days, and 
filler, Evaporate to fjij, again filter, add water to wnho 
up [jx^'ji and dissolve in it Ibiias of sngar. Or it may he 
madetiy percolfltioD. The strength is nearly that of P. If 
cedni'ei toOiss,e[Kb t3j will represent 16 groins of the root.T 
BTBrprs Saiasisvb. V. Jalap 5x, coriander 5bb, fennel 
I seed 5ss, watorfS^iji heat to 212°for20minuteB.let it 
I stand 24 hours, strain, and make a syrup mtiv ^u!i.-< cJE 
Riainsi triturafes gt. \i^ oE in\K^ tear ■"''^'^ 

'" ^siIxisauK. Mr. Paocnx. Tjngira 

ritma M«a*f>u)- DosTtrtT. Cdcintd 
wri«r ))ii« I lrit«nt« tasctlwr, pat tiicm (nvr a i 
Mrtn MBMiMD, sail wU Jvj of Am *agar uid 

mvrtit M**u*>ani luuibi. It. liunroir. Pure Ini- 
lldraUd atrlMmato of luanfpiruw ;^, concenlnted liidrioinii 

. M tllMoive Iti lull llii* •olotioa with ^1m of 
mAc •jrniti (»« Hjr. Suiloriflctw), Paw, tnxa 2MB 
MpaunfuU, (lull;. 

nri MAVCttliHii MlLkTIB. M. llAHMOH. MalMe tf 
I»iw",\ip •linpl" "yriip J*"]' "pirit or lemon ped ^ 

Vi Manuanmii PuoiiTUTiH. M. U*>n«o)i. 



a ILiiVOiyEBU Taktbatib. It Is made witli tar- 
trate of niangaoetie, an Sjr. M]ingiincsii MaUtia. 
SisrpuEi Ma&bdbo. F. Drinl horehoiiDd 3j, horebound 
WBt«r 3ij ; digeet in a water batii for 2 houra, alrain, and 
■dd Bugar B>iv. 
SrnrPTJB MkujB. Bee Mellitnm SimpUi, P. 
SrarPFS Mkntbai. From the berb, at Sjrupna Marrnbii. 

8;rapii3 AqniD Mentha*, aa Sjr. Aqua) Anruntii. 
STElTPira Mbntakthis. P, A« Sjrr, BoraglQU. 
Stuffus MEzEitBi. Cazevatb. Alcoholic eitract of xae- 

xsTeum gr. j. «implfl synlp Ji. 
SrsiTFra Mokuls. Dbrosnb. Extract or monesix 3j, 

water 5j, bi^liiig ayrnp jiy ; mii, 
SrBrpcfi MoKESix Cokfobitvb. Extract of poppies gr. 

xrj, cminge-ftower water 3«8, hot Ijmp of moneaia ^ivj, 
Stbuptb UoBPBifi ACETATii. D. Solution [of acetate of 
morplitB fjj, simple sjnip fjxv ; mix, with agitation. 
[P. DisBOlve gr. it of ace^te of morpbia in a very tittio 
water, with a few drops of acetic acid, and mix the solu- 
tion witli 3"^) of cold sjrup.j (3j of D. or Jj of P. con- 
^^oaa gr. i of acetate of morphia. Dose, from 1 tea- 
SsBiTErs MottPHia; Hydboohlobatis, D. As aliove. 

I MoKFHis SiTLFBATtB. P. With sulphste of 
lorphia, as the last. Each ^ contains one qunrter oE a 
win of the salt of morphin. [Intended as anbatiluteB 
IT BjTup of poppies. Sir C. ScrsAUOBs'B ajmp is mucli 
ranger — acetate of morphia gr. ij, dilated sulphuric acid 
j, syrup of Tolu fjij.] 

iB Mori. L. Stnuned juice of mulberries Oj, sngnr 

i dissolve with a gentle heat, set aside for 34 hours, 

e the scum, and poor off the clear sjmp from the 

I^aatly, add fjiiss of rectified sjarit B. Similsr. 

[SoDBKiaAN' liireetB the mulberries to bo crashed with tho 

hand, and left to fcraiDDt for 3 or 3 daya, not allowinf " 

to proceed so far as to injure the ooloor of the juice.] 

Bybupcb MtTBOi PrxiBATi. Cnp-raoas Sj, boiling ytvixt Cf^-, 

■t macerata for a few hourfl, sti'ain, and add Bvigat Wvi^, ^ 



STsrpua lIxBTi. P, As Syr. Uyafopi. 

STHTTPtlS NAPHTHiLIN^. DiJPiBtjniBn. NttplltlialiW! p- 

XTJ 1 dissDlve in tlio least possible quautitj tit ticM 

I Leiit«d nuarly to boiling, nud triturate the aulutloa villi 

5iv of »yrnp. 

Si^iTPDS Nabcibbi. Dtfrbskot. Dried flowers oT nild 

nareissna Jiv, water Jiyj i boU for b few minutes, itr«B. 

' odd sugar Ibj, dissolve, dorify tba syrup, ami boil it doM 

to Siiis. By teaapoonfuls, in hooping-cough. 

STBCPtTB NiBTUBTii. P. Clnrifii^d juice of water-cwwUji 

SxBUFua NniPttEa:. P, From the flowers of tbe wlaU 

water-lily, as Syr. Viola;. 

SYBUFirs Olei Jecorib Aselli. Duolos. Mix 5 parti (f 

powdered gum with 4 of airapla aympj add 8 purtt <( 

I cod-liTer nl, tritarate till perfectly mixed, grado;^; lH- 

ing 13 parts of water; lastly, dissolve in tbu emnluonM 

ounces of sugar by meanS of it gentle beat. [In tlieaM 

manner prcpurc syrupa from oil of Kknte, cxator oil, &&J 

Sybtjpus Opii. p. IJiagolve gr. ivj of aitmct of (^onii 

3s9 of water, add it to 3ivj of boUing symp, InkI (bta 

iuatimt, and strain. Dose, 3ij — iv. 

SsEDPra Opii SocciHiTna. Sinip da Karalf. Sjfmp rf 

opium 5j, sncciaated spirit of ammonia gr. y. 

SiBtrpira Ovobuk. EvLixa. Deot tbo whites oE 3 ^p 

with 5vj of plantaJii water, and work it in a mortar iw 

5vj of finely powdered sugar tiU tbej form a qyrnp. 

SYBCPtrs Papatebih. B. Mix poppy capsules, dried, bet 

from the seed, and coarsely powdered, gixxvj, with Oifit 

boHtng disUlled water, and infuse for 84 hoiir% tUnJlB 

frequently. Pock iu a percoUtur, and, adding tuOM mtcK 

allow iiqaor slowly to puss till atioat Cij arc colleeted, Ot 

the poppies are exhausted. Evaporate oa water iMtb n 

I Oiij. When cold, add rectified sphitfjivj, let the mixtote 

L stand for 12 hours, and Biter. Diirtsl aS spirit, en^cnU 

I remainder to Oij. then add refined sugar Stiv. liie prodBtt 

I should weigh Kviss, and have the sp. gr, I-32(k Hon 

I f^j. [Mr. SouiHALl: prepares the syrup by ^m luliltnf 

I the bruised poppy-beadi with cold water till mhmJW 

I evaporating and dtasolviDg tbe sugar by a sufflcicnt haitl 

I P. directs jiv of alcohnUi: estvact of ^lo^yiei to Imi disaolm 


I tn jiv of water, and Uie ealutioQ added to ftiv (3 Frencli 
poundg) of boiling symp, continumi' tlie Luiliug till it 
nttuins the proper coiuiEteiico. 

SmiTFDB Favuasix vel QvisunM. Dr. Gatbelle. Ex- 
tract nf panllinia jiiaa, ajmp gxnij. 

STBirpirs FEOiOBALia. I>. 1716. Block mniEleiilmir Jr, 
liquorice root 3iv, boiling wutor Oiv; macerute for lome 
hours, atraiii, add to tlie infusion twice its weiglit of lugor, 
and maliQ a sjmp. 

SYnLTca PsPBiKa;. CoEViaiKT. Sis parts of pepsine 
dissolved in 20 parts of cold water, and added to 70 parts 
of Bcidnlatod syrup of cherries. Dose, 1 to S tenspoon- 

SYBtTFca PEBfliOABTTM FLoacM. P. Dppuratcd juice of 
peach flowers itj ; refined angar ftij i dissolTB tUa sugar in 
the juice by the heat of a water bath. Dose, 3ij to Jj. 

Steupdb PfiBaiMiroBiS. Unripe persimmonB (fmit of the 
DtOBpyros Tijginiana) sliglitly rrusbed 3viiji boiling wat«r 
Oj ; infuse till cold, and atmin. Boil with ^viij of sugar 
to tlie consietence of syrup. AgtringenC. 

SYECPna PHELtABiBn. MiAiHB. lofuse^jof tlieseedsof 
phellandrimn aqunticum iu Jiij of Itoiliog water; when 
cold, strain, and add to the filtered infusion jx of simple 
^mp previoQsly reduced by ovaporatiou to Jvij. Dose, 
5j— iy. la braoBJuiin, ^o. 

StbijEITB PaospsATioiFB. Mr. E. Fabeish, U. S. Dissolve 
Bulpbate of iron 3x in bailing water 3'j> "nd X'''°^P''^^'' 
of soda 3iij in boiling water jivj mix, and vtash precipi- 
tated pbosphate of iron. Disaolve phosphate of liino 5xij 
in giv uf boiliiig wiitar, with enough bjdrocliloric acid to 
nisi;.- a "V-ir = '-;\in; precipitate with liquid ammonia, 
^iiii' ■■ ■ ' ■ !■. Add to the fresh precipitiitea phoB- 

) ii' 'IvL'd in water; when clear, add cnr- 

li 1 cnrb. of potBBsa^, acil then suf- 

t'n'ii'i L i.\'li' ■li'i-.- iJLul todiasolvc the precipitate. Now 
add pow.i. tofliiiital 5ij. miiad with sugar ft.lij (Troy); 
apply beat, and, when the sjrap is formed, strain it. Dose, 
a teaspoonful, which contains abont gr. j of pliospbute of 
If iron, gr. iiss of phosphate of lime, and smalUt ^^----'='^■ — 
I^^f the alkaline phoiphntes. 

433 ^ 

Stbufcs FfflOJiiK. P, From the Howers, aa STnmiu " 

BiBTTirs PoTAssii Cyantiii. M, strop ^AydroeyoMoUif 
poiasie. ClnriSed Bjmp jrvj, medidaal hydrocyanato rf 
potash (a solution of 1 part of rjanide of putsEunm io 3 
of TBter) 5J. 

SrauFua FoiiBsn loniDi. Cazbhats. Iodide of potagRtmi 
3ij, fljrup 3'j- -^ epixinfiil 3 of 4 tiatev in 24 honra. 

Stbupts PoTJsan Scuhitkbtl P. Liver of Eulpbnrgi- 
vUj, water gr. ivj. syrup Jj. 


drargjiate of potasainm gr. ivj, tiuetnre of saffron ^iiS, 
Bjrup 33tvj. [PucHE'a Compound Antisypliilitic Sjiup 
conaists of— lodhjdrargjrate of potasainm gr. ivj, ioJJM 
gr. JlV], iodide of potaasium 5v, syrup (3 red poppi* 
. BiBDPUs Pbitki VraoisTANJS. U.S. Moisten 3v of coaradj 
powderod bark oE wild cherry with water, Jet it •to" 
24 hours, then put it into a percolator, adding water iU 
fjiTJ of liquid are obtained. To this add Ibg of anf^ in 
a bottle, and ngitute until it is dissolved. [Dose, nbtnl^. 
Tome and caliaativB.'] 

SiBtiPrB QinuLE Citeatib. M. Acid dtrafe cf qidoine 
388, clarified symp Jivj, Dissolve. Dosa.f^iv — riij. 

SiBUPirs Qunras Iodidi. Mr, DATSsroar'a coDlain* 
gr. j in each fjj [perhaps held in aolutioo by bydriodje 

Btbtjpbb Qimoffi StTXPllAMf. p. Dissolve gr. mij of 
snlphute of quinine in jij of water with eight drops of ^ce- 
holixed sulphuric acid, and mil the solution with jnj of 
white symp, withnnt heat. Dose, 3bb to Jj. 

:6TaTrrra Qdinis Sulfbo-iastbatis. Sulpho-inrtrntc of 
([uinine 1 part, water 3, hot symp 30 part*. 

fiXEtrtrs QuniLsi Lactaxis. Buuchasdat. Lactate «( 
quinine gr. iv, water Jj j diBBaWe, and add Jij of ^op. 
By tenspoonfuls, in intermillenti of ehiidrm. 

STBcrra QtiSLa; citm CaytsI. Prepare Oiaa of claar infti- 
sion from Jivof roasted coffee j dissolve in it tbv of leBnod 
sugar, and add to the eymp Siaa of enlpliHte of q 
dissolved in n. little water, with the addition a' 
drops ofanlpbnr' 

plinte of ^iuu|^_ 
Idition o^^l^l 


STBxrprs QciHiJ! DiKiNATiB, Se8 Syr. Cinchanffi Cone. 

aKfiiTi'ra QtnsQira Kadictjm. E. 1744. Of each at the 
5 mots (see Spcciea Diureticis) 3ij, water Ov; boil ia Oiy, 
Btrjiu, nod boil to a Ejrup witli Ibiv of sngnr. 

SxBDPns Rapi. SouLBiBiir. Boil 1 pu-t of slicoil turnip 
with 4 of water, and form the strmned liquor into a s^mp 
with S parts of sugar. For hooping-cottgh. 

Sebetus Rnumi. B. Ev^ioratehuakthorn jaice Oiv to 
OliSE, add iliced ginger aud bruised pimi>uto, each 3} ; di- 
gest fit a gentle heat for 4 hours, and atcain. When cold, 
add rectified spirit fjvj, let it Btsnd for 2 days, decant o;Ef 
dear liquor, and diBfiolva in it, with s gentle heat, refined 
sugar Ibv, or q. i. to make ep. gr. 1'32. L. £. Similar, 
D,«e, sj. 

SXBVFtre Rhzi. B. Mix rhnbHili and coriander fraifc 
in coarse powder, of each jij, pacfc in a percolator, pais 
rootified spirit fSviij iitiied with diet, water f.'jiiiv alawly 
through them, BTaporate liquid thus passed to fjiiiij, filter, 
and dissolvo in it reetitied sugar Jxxir with n geotle heat. 
Bose, aj— iv. U. S, Mii f3T;ij of rectiBed spirit 
with fjixiv of wBteri pour fjiv of the liquid on J'j <>' 
rhubarb manKlj powdered, anil mixed with an equal bulk 
of snud; in 4 hoars put tliu mass into a pttrmlatur, and 
BTadnally pour on it the rerauinder of the mixed spirit. 
When tlie liquor has censed to puss, evnpomte it by wnter 
hath to fjxi^, and form it into a ayrup with )bij of sugar. 
[Formerly made hy infosiug 5ij of sliced rhubarb in fjxrj 
of boiling wattjr for 24 hours, and boiling the infusion 
with 1biJ of sugar. Dote, for inianta, a teiispooofnl.] 

Syairns Rhki Ahomatiofb. tj. 8. Spieed Spirit of 
Shvharh. Rhabarb ^Vat, cloves Jss, dunamDn Jss, nut- 
meg 3ij, proof spirit fjixi'j ; macerate for 14 days, itraiu, 
evaporatu by water buth to fjxrj, filter while hot, aud mix 
with Cnv fjivj of Bjrup previously heated. It may also 
be prepared by pen»>lation. Dose, I'or ii^avtile bovxl 
complaints, t^], 
Sybppos Rkei si Ssssm. E, IT-W. Hhubiirb Sj, sennn 
5ij, fennel seed jij, c'nnamon 3ij, boiling wster Oiif*-, 
L maoerate for 13 Imnr?, atnin, and ho'.l w'ltii Yinii oi sa^jga 
^to a Byru]<. ^^ 


STKcrrB Khikadob. D. Frcah ivd'popp^ peUk Jiiji, 

- refiueil sugnr fb\\i, lUetilled water Oj or q. a., retlified fpiil 

, f JiisB. Add tliti pct«l9 gratlunlljf to tbe water heated in • 

water batb, frequently stirring, wad aiterwards, tliB vmmI 

. being Temavedi macerate for 12 boarE. Theu prec^out Ai 

liquor, Etrain, aid the sogor, aai dissolve by meaiiE of heat 

'Wlieii nearly cold, add the spirit, aud as much dlftiUid 

water as may be necessary to make np for loss I'o tb 

proceBH, BO that tbe product shall weigh )biij 3x, and ahonlii 

httve tbe sp. gr. 1-830. Dose, 5j. 

Syaupcs Eibipm .{Syrup of CiirraiUi) ; SiBnira Rno 

iDsi {3iaspberriea)i Syh. Rrni Fkuticosi {SlaA- 

Itrries) j &c. As Syrupus Mori [P.], or Sjmpui Li- 

SiBCPCS Boas. L. Sj/rvpus Sosa Solutitms. Diiri 
pctnla of tlie damask rOBc gvij, boiling water Oiij ; mt- 
cerate fur 13 hours, and itruin. Evaporate the strwscd 
liquor in ji water bath to Oij, atrajo, and dissolve in it 
Ibvj of wliite sugar. Lastly, mix with it f^vss of rectified 
spirit E. (Syr. RoEiB Centifoli^ directs Ibj of freab ftltih 
te be infused for 12 hours in Oiij of boiling wKter,juid 
fltiij of sugar dissolved in the straiued liquor by beat. 

EzBiJPua KoB£ GAIJ.IQX. B. Infme dried red-rose pebtb 
^ij in boiling distilled water Oj for 2 bonrt, aqneew 
through culico, beat the liqnor to the boil i ng.pmnt, ul 
filter. Dissolve refined sugar Jxii in the liquor by inwilrt 
of hcaL The product sbould weigh fb^ 3^^, and dundd 
have the sp. gr. 1-335. E. Sl D. Similar. 

Stbdptjb Kutj:. It is not in the British pharmBcofKrin, 
tboagh generally kept in the shops. It may be nu^ bj 
inEusing Jj of rue in Oj of boiling water, and adding to 
the strained liquor twice its weight of sugar. But U i> 
often prepared, as Dr. Pebehu. observes, by tritnariint 
about 8 drops of the oil with Uj of simple syrup. Dr. 
KOTLK directs mxij of tbe (ril to be dissolved in fjttol 
Gpirit, and mixed with Oj of syrup. Douvaci/t direulail 
to he prepared as Syr. Uyssupi. Dose, balf a teaspotn^ 
mjlaiflentealie of m/imt: 

&fa.vws Sauoiiiux. Infuse Siij of flowering totM of 
willow-herb in boiliiig water q. s. to nbtain jv iif info- 


I'mn; add thU to ^zx of ejrnp previonaly evaporated to 

STarpua Siiionrffl). Sulicme 5i, boiling wnter Jj, sugar Jij. 

Srntrpca Sambcci. Bol! the juica of elder-lierrieH for an 
instant with twice ita weight of sugar. 

Stbufva SAPOtTABLG. M. OcisotruT. InRiBe ^ij of dried 
Hoapwort in Jivj of boiling water for 12 honrs, stniin witli 
expresbioQ, and f&na the Infusion into n sjmp with twice 
its weight of Bngiir. 

Stbttpus Saks-b. L. Boil ftiiiss of sanapnrillu. in Cij of 
vater to Cj, und atrmin while hot ; boil tlic lett with (^ of 
tvnter to Caa, and strain. Evaporate the mixed lii|iion to 
Oij, dieaolve in it Jiviij of sugar, and, when it haa cooled, 
add fSy of rectified spirit. Dose, f3J— iv. 

SxBinuB mot ExTRiCTO ]u:li.x. p. Alwiholii! 
eitract of sarBapapilla Jv^ (whieh, to correspond with Troy 
pounds, must be ceduCird to 3ivESi otherwise avoird. weight 
niaj bo used), water tbir; dissolve by beat of water Itath, 
filter while hot, add Ibviij of sogar, and diasolvo without 
boiling. [Each 5j corresiiondB wilh gr. iv of eittatt or 5ij 
of the root.] 

SsiiTTCS SABSAPABiijLa CoHPOEmiB. TJ. S, Bruised sar- 
saparilla tbij, rasped guaiacam Jly, damaak roses, senna, 
and liquoriiat root, of each (brnised) jij, proof spirit Oviij 
(Oi o.iQ.)- Macerate for 11 days, then eipress and filter; 
evaporate the tincture h; water batli lt> Oiij f^iv (Oiv 
o.ui.)j add Ibviij of white sngar, and dissolve it to form 
a syrup. To this, when cnld, add oil of aoise niv, oil of 
aasBflfras "iv, oil of partridge-berry Miij, previously tritu- 
rated with Q little of the syrup. It may also be inade hy 
tbn following process : — Reduce the Qrst 5 ingredients to a 
coarse powder, nix ihenl with f^viij of proof spirit, aud 
after 24 hours transfer the whola to an apparatus for 
^splacement, and gradually pour upon it proof spirit until 
Oviij (Ox amO have passed, and proceed ivltb the tincture 
as above. [These are regarded as improved forms of tlio 
Sirap de Cuisiiiier of the French Codei, which a prepared 
liy infusion from 3 ft of aarsaparilla, 2 ounces of dried 
borage flowers, 2 ooneea of pale roses, 2 onncea of senna, 2 
<i unces of aniseed, 2 lli of sngar and 2 lb of honey, the 
^■tgrrup being darilied by wliite of egg. Avoirdupois 


we'iglitj are liere intendinl. For a proceas Foi 

ceatcBt*(l BjTup or sweet fluid eitract by Mr. HODMOK, 

Bee Eitroolmn Saraa) CompoaiLmn.J 

SXBUEDS SAS3M lODUKKTVB. M. RiCOBD, gyrup of taitt' 

porilln 50 porta, iodidH of potaiieium 1 port. 

BrBtTiTS SisaiFBis. Fcu.eb. altered. Digest Jj of ni- 
safraa aliuvings >□ Oiss of boiliag water, in a. close vestd, 
for a few bonrs ; strain, and diisolre in the dear inTnnou 
twice its woigbt id engar. It is also made from the Tiooos 

Syettpdh Scuts. B. Dissolre reflued sugar Ibiies in viungir 
of squill Oj, by the aid of heat. B, Vinegar of squUl 
Oiij, Bugar ftvu; dissolve by a gentle Leat und agilA- 
tion. Dose, ftj — ij. D. Vinegar of sqnill fjTij, refined 
sugar 3ivi ; dianolved by steani or water heat. 

gYBTiFtra SciLLC CouFDBiius. U. S. Sine Syrup. Sqnill 
and seneliB, broiud, each %i, water Oivj boi! to Oij, mU 
sugar ttiiv J\j, evoporata to OJij, and, while hot, diuolM 
in it 60 grains of tartariied antimony. It nrny alsota 
made by displacement. [The weight an: i^jusled ta 
impctiul measure. Mr. Eoxz directs tbj of IiLg Exti. 
Senegsj et Scillte to be mined with Ibvj of clarified howT 
at l&f F., and gr. XTJ of tartur emetic to be added to ea^ 
fSxvj of tha sjmp.] Dose, mxi— ncx. 

Smners SBSBaa. U. S. Bruised senBliB root Jiv, witer 
f3"jj boil to Jyiu', strain, and add sngar Ibj; make » 
ayrnp. Or — take of senega in ooacse powder Jiv, wattr 
fJiTi let them stand 12 honrsj tlien put it in a to- 
placement apparutuB, and gradnally poor water upon it 
until the liquid passes neariy tasteless. Evaporate t» 
fjviij, and make a syrup with fJxT of sugar. U. S. 18SI 
substitutes foe the water a miiture of f^viij of spiHt and 
tjixir of water. 

Sybitpiih Skk»«. B, Digest senna broken small SurJ in 
jlu of distiUed water for 34 hours at a temperatara of 
120°; prasB, and strain. Digest the mark in Jm of 
water for 6 hours at same heat ; press, and stiwB. 
Evaporate the mixed liquor to fjx, and, when cold, adl 
rectified spirit Jij, previomlj raised with oil of ----- 
miij. Clarify 1^ filtration, and wash what reman 
the filler with 'diatiUed water, una 1\ie -sa*.™^ 


p Ibe filtrate to fSxvj. Then add refined ingar 3»iiv. 
~1 dissolve by meuna of a gentle beat. Tlie prodctct 
inld weigh Biij 31, and ehould have the sp. gr. I'SIO. 
ne, for children, 1^ — ij. 

1 Sevnx CoNOKNTiiiTtiB. See Extractum Sennio 
— Another method nf preparing it ia that at Hr. 
L. Macerate 3viij of coaTsely powdered B^mia 
_ Kith fS'^^'j of proof spirit for IE hoars, put it into a di«- 
plaeement Bppnratn*, and pour in water till fSxlvig bave 
pataed. Evaporate to fjv, and dirsolvein it Jv of angar. 
Strain, and. when cold, odd far each f 5J tna dropa of oil 
of fennel diaaolved in u little coinp. apirit ofaulphnric ether, 
Do«e, for an adult. fSas. 
Srawvs Sodjb HrFosuLFaiTia. MorcuoN. HypoBulphite 

of aoda 3i< water JiiJ, sngai* sni'j' Dissolve with a 
gentle lieut, and filter. Doae, 3j to jij. 

SSBCPCB SoHBi. Sautah, BoU Oj of juicfi of unripB BerricB 
with Ibiij of angar. Astringent, 

SYBCTVa Spioklis Kf Skjtks CoKOKNTBAiruH. See El- 
tractnra S]iigeliio et Senuio Flnidam, U. S. 

SsBOTiTB Stbamosu. From the extract, an Syr. Belk.- 

SYBCPra SuBOaiWCUH. Ricobd. Sarsaparilla 5vj, raspings 
of gaaiuouin J\], water Oiij; macente far 24 hours, eva- 
porate gently to Oiaa, strain, and farm a nyrup M'ith Itiiias 

43yiHTPua SuLpnuEETi ForASSi:. See Sympns Potosai 

SiaTJPUB STitPHTTi. E. 1744. Mr. Botle's Syrup. Froah 
comtVey root Hiss, plantain leuvea Ibss; bruise, exprosa 
the juice, boil to haltj and make a syrup with an equal 
weight of augftr. 
■SrBrpus Tamstni. For. Tannia Jij, water 5xvj, sngar 

SSXTTPUS TabtAbIccB. She Syrnpna Acidi Tartaricr. 

ra ToLDTiKTIS. B. Boil balsam of Tola ^i, disljlied 

1 hour, in a lightly covered 

1, stirriDg ooeBsionallv. Then remove from the Sre, 

'1 distilled water, if necessary, so tluit tlia liquid 

e solution w" 

d angar ttij, 

lud dissolve nitli tliB aii o^ a 


r liallL The prodnct aliould weigh ftiij, and ihouIT 
Imve the sp. gr. 1-330. Sifrvpm Balxamiov, P. direet* 
jiT of tlic balsam to he digeeted in a covered w;vl«r bath 
with Jrvjof ivater for 12 hours, stirring it now »od tiieni 
^^ the liquor is Itien filtered, and twice its weight of tbj 
I] whits BugQT dissolved in it tiy n gentle heat in a cIoM 
vessel. The syrup is then filtered through paper. V. S. 

' directs fjiaa of the tinctnce to he mixed wiili thiisB of 
Eugnr, tlie mUtare gently heated in a Bhallow dish tilt the 
spirit is etaporuted, then dissolve in fjxvj of wntar. JL 
MiKCHiKO prnpnses the foUov. ing formnln ; — Balsain nf 
Tulu 1<3 partEi, white sugar 32, cold vrater 60, s^rup VXO- 
Powder the balsam with the sugar, place it an eutbeo 
or tin pot, mil the water with it, and pour over them tlm 
syrop, boiling. Leave it covered up for 13 boors, stirring 
now and then, and filter throogh papsr. 

giBCPca TnAOACAjriHSt. OriBouBT. Mute a niaSUg* 
with a' of trogacaath and Jij o£ wuttr; add 313 mote 
water, heat in a water bath for half on hour, mix with it 
Jjxxij of syrup, hoil (o a dne ronsiatence, and strain 
through flannel. 

SXHCPrH T^SBIIAOIKIS. P. Coltefoot flowers llij, boiling 
water Siiij j macerate for 12 hunra, sti'ain, pres<>, and aiA. 
sugar !biv. [Jlj of dried flowers may he subabtated for 
Ibj oE fresb.j 

SiBcrBa Ulbi. SorBBiBAV. Alcoholic extract at din Wi 
5iij, sjrup Jxiias. Dose, 5iv, frequently, in akin dUeam, 

SlBUFrs XraTicABlx. ClarlGed nettle juice boiled witll to 
equal weiglit of sugar to a dne oonaistonoe, IUvrBlic. 

Bthiteus Valgsians. P. Bruise ttijof valerian roobsn^ 

^ put it into a still with tbvig of water. In 12 hours toW 
off lliiSB; strain and filter what rcm[uiis, mix tbe liqnsi 

, with ftviij of simple syrup, evaporate to ftviss, andtdj 
the distilled water. 

Ehraimia Vahills. Vanilln Jij, white sugar Sxviij. ytttt 
^ix. Heat thu vanilla with a few di'ops of spirit> Ibn 
with part of tlie sugar, and water g. s. to form » soft 
paste; add the rest of the sugar and vattir, and dig^t 
for 18 or 20 hours in a glass vessel placed in a w«i ' ■■■ 
_ Strain, and clarify with white of egg if required. 

StBUprs YiOLM, L, \io\eU 1i\x, \io\iLiiis diaiUjij 


« f<U' 12 hours, expreis, and strnin. Let thn 

_< inWdc, xaA iliualve in the clear liquor twioa iti 

. leif^t of rellnei! aiifpir. Wlim cold ndil f^Bs (if reutJtied 

l^irit to Mch tfi of iijra]i. P. directs the violpti to bo 

' 't«Ud with -8 timm tbi-li' weight et worm wiitor (at 

f B.), then to be inraud in twice tlieir weiijht of hoil- 

; water for IS honrs, itnuned witb eipresaion thcoagh 

. U-iiiuDd liuuD, anil tlio olrar inf tuion inade into a lyrup 

Iritli twice Its wciglit of su^pir. [Csre ehotdd be tnVen iu 

"la Mlectinn of tlie sugar, as some laniiilea hnve an Klkaline 

. The washing of the floirera is iutonded to re- 

e s. yellow colouring matter, which renders lhn gymp 

' liable to cliangc.] 

SiBtrptra ViohJB Souttittb. Wibtim. Pb. Violets Siv, 
»BiuiH 5iJ, boiling wntcr ftj j digoat, strain, and add Bagic 

SiBDFVa Viots TBiooLonia. OtriBOPBT. Wilil pansy 

(tie liried hmb) Jj, boiling wattr J^iy ; iofnee for 12 

hours, atrain, and disnolve in the cleur inf nsion twice its 

weight of sugar. 

., SXBrrca Zikoi lonnii. Dr. A. T. TaouaoH. Iodine 5iv, 

^^ainc (ilnelj divided) 5ij, water fjiv j agitata till the liqnor 

^^^BV ooloariecB, and Alter the solution ioto fSxu of aiiople 

^^H^p previoDBly reduced b; boiling to fjvlij. It cautaiDi 

^^B^. T of iodide of linc in f^j. 

I^^^^OFTB ZiPOIDBRiB. B. Hixwitli agitation strong tinctnre 

l^^^t ginger ^»j, ajmpfjxi I, E. Inf use ju eg of bruised ginger 

In Oj oC boiling water far 4 hours, and to the atri^ned 

liquor add Ibiisa of pure sugar, and disaoWe it with the 

Aid of heat. D. Tincture of ginger fgj, simple syrup 

-(Jvijj mix, with agitatitJD. U. S. From fjiT of tha 

■"tnctiiru, flu of sngar, and Oiij fjiv (Oiv o. in,) of water; 

is Sjr. TolutRiius. 

Tailetfn. See Taocnisoi. 
i ANOUCOm:. Court Pliater. 

TPKTAB Vbbioanb. OErTOTQEB. Stretch taffeta on 

.,tame,andhroah it over twice witli a solationof isinglaa 

prfaea quite dry hmah it over twice, Ub shiirt intervals Bi 

" ■■ 'ion, with the foliowing wiVvteori, le^ 

See Ennphistrunv 


ing tlie application a third and fourth tiioe, nt iiitcmls ti 
2i hours : — Cantharidiil etbei, Bolphunc eChor. of eadi 
51, boiled turpentinB and black resiu, of eacli 3iiss; mil, 
And dissolve. It ia recommended to apply over it, some 
days after the last coaUog of the cantharidal Bolution, a 
EolotioQ of Uingloss oF a gelatinous coaaUtenae. tTbif ii to 
be wiped oflf, before applying it to the akin, with awrt 
mg. [The same method answers for popsr, which sbonld 
be laid on a amaotb plank.] See Chartu Epispaaticii, B. 
TAiUBiHSira pRXFABATra. L. Tamsrinda Ibj, nater q. i. 
to cover tljcm; maoerate with a gentle heat for 4 hoora, 
then finiah as directed for Prunes. [See Pulpa Pi'ono- 

Tasaxacina, M. Follbx. Boilths milky jiiiee of dande- 
lion with water, concentrate, and filter the liqaid, Rud let 
it evaporate Bpontaoeously in a warm place. pDrif; tlM 
crystalline matter by again dissolving, filtering, and orp- 

Tabtahits BoEATArns. Pbdss. Ph. To Bias of bora* dii- 
solved in Ibv of boiling water, in a porcelain veaBcl, add 
Ibiis of puriRed cream of tartar. Evnpomte the flltend 
Bolntion, by a vapour bath, to a tenationa mass, a portion 
of which becomes friable wben cooled. Let the tnafi be 

r, clarify the aolution by wliitc □< 
proceed as for PotasaiB Boro-tartras, P., wbicb sec 

Tabtabum FKHmi. See Fbrri Potassio-takteab. 

TklA VBgiOATORii. BlUiering Titgue. See Charta Bpt- 
pastica. Taffetas, and Sparailrapum Vesicans. A simSu 
composition miiy bo spread on waxed paper, oiled iSk, ut- 
hesipe or iaingloss plaster, sarcenet, or other eonrenlefflt 
material. Oettikqes directs the foUowinn compositioD 
to be spread with a bmib on stretched sorccnet: — ftm- 
dered cantharidea jiy, ether 5] ; digest for 2-i hours, atiaiD, 
add sauilarach 3iv, mastic .^ij, tarpentine 3j. oil of larandEr 
12 drops. Another Toethoii is to uao tlie Extractura Can- 



..... ■ 

atthei ^^M 
■mine ^ 

[■ Aceticum, which luny he qiread on paiier, hi 
*dlie«iiro planter, lk,e. 
^nilXA CoL4TA. Common rnw turpouliur, mi^hixl 
jDl, and ^trained wbilc worm. 
KB131A COCTA. P. Pat Vcaico (larch) tnrpei 
'u wiUi water, uut boil. UDlil a portiun tlirowii una 
ei oaBumea u }dlular ooiiBiateiire. When ivquired 
it into pitls, soften it bj warm water, and roll tho 
K powdered atarch. PBira. Ph. descnbea Tcr. Cocta ■ 
treiia lolt id dietiUing oil of tiirpentiDe. J 

PasFABATS. Wiuh uystsr-thetls with boiling nster, I 
Vepare them in the tame way is chalk. 1 

, Thein or CaffUne. See CirrsiKA. It iiiity also \ 
ide by adding diacetate of lead to a Blmu^r di^coution 
k(or oolTee). waahing and drying tljo jirecipitiiti', and 
iOj iDbliming it. Uuac, from gr. j, repcutnl aud 
~ id ai required. 

. AkDBOKACEI. L. 17«. VenicB Treacle. It 
it* of 61 iugiedienta, and contains 1 grain of opinm 
1 The TherincB of P. coniiats of 73 ingredientt, and 
11 gr. j ot opima in 72. For tbeie polj-pharoiic 
iries (wliich ore rarely prescribed in this country, 

ribobly never madB aeCOTding to the anthorieed for- 
maj be anbatitnted the following ; 
a. EDIBBBBI8. E. 1741. Scrpcutory, valerian, con- 
pva, each Jlv, aromatic powder Jiij, guaiaenm resin 
Wor Sij, nntmeg Jii, aaHron Jj, opiam g,i, chiriBed 
Sfxzv. Diasolve the opiam in a little wine, and 
■■ with the other dry ingrediente in powder otid the 
. It containa 1 gr. of opinm ia lOU. Most of the 
n formula for T^riaoa contain sulphate of iron. 
tmm. Tiridacr. This name is applied both tu 
Be Opiom (Lactncarium) and to the extract uf tlie 
I (Extr. Lactuesi Conceu era turn). 
■svA^Armt. L. Bail tbj of frankincense in enough 
1 cover it, nntil it liqnctie^ and strain it through a 
. t«: then, when it ha^ eaoled, panr off the water, 
eep Uie fi-nnliincBnso for ase. 

- a. Spirilvom and EiAereal Tinctureg. Tincturea 

B made by maceration as fullowa;— In stopperud 

E vosselsj which should be frequentts sVaVta iarvii^f. 


' tnaccrntioll, reducing the ftoliJ mgrcdieota to smaltl 
Dieut?, coarse powder, or fine powder, macerating themW 
7 days or npw&rda, in proof spirit or rectified Epirit, strlbl- 
ing the solution through linen or nlico, and Baallir el' 
I pressing the cesidamn strongly to obtain what flnid is stSi 
-retaiaed ia the msss. A much superior method, howercTi 
I bos been lately introdnced, which anawera well for mMt 
■ tincturee — namelj, the method of diaplacement hy peredll- 
I tion(getienil1yadaptcdiDthe B. P.). According to thiipio- 
cess, the solid materials, uauall; in coiLrstt of moderatel j fini 
powder, are moiatened with n BufGeiency of the eolrent to 
form a thick palp ; in 13 hours, or frequently without «nj 
delay, the moss is put into a cylinder of glass, poroelun, or 
tinned iron, open at both ends, but obBtiructed at the lower 
end by a piece of calico or linen, tied tightly over it as a filter; 
nnd the pulp being packed by preagnre, varying ai lo 
degree with vnrionB articles, the romainder of the solTent 
is poured into the upper part of the cylinder, and iillowed 
gmdually to percolnCe. In order to obtain the portiaD 
of the flaid which is kept in the residuoiu, au udiUtioml 
umtity of tbe eolveut is poured into the cylinder un^ 
le tincture wliich has pu^ed tliroogh equals in unoont 
le apirit origiaaily prescribed; and the spirit employed 
for this purpose is then recovered for tho most pirtli; 
pouring over the residuum as much water as there it » 
• spirit ret«aed ia it, which may be easily known by ao 
' rions calculation in each case. The method by perco- 
ion, where appUcahle, will be found much more tee- 
lient nnd expeditious than the mode hitherto commonly 
lowed, and it eihansta the Eoiid materials in general 
ich more completely. Aa considerable practice hoir- 
ir, is required for managing the details ia diffaiait 
es, more especially in regard to the degree of minute- 
is of division of the solids, and to the degree of fiimnetf 
r with which they are to be packed in the cylinder, we li«T« 
> thought it right to direct that the method by maceration 
may be followed as aa alternative. Bat tho method bj 
percolation is now preferred fay nil who have made suffi- 
' cient trial of it to apply it correctly. Although, to awe 
' space, tbe direction ia sometimea omitted in the following 
' '■■ 's to ba underalood generally that thaw * " * 


ingredients are to be divided by catting or bruising, unless- 
othenv'ise directed.] 

TiNCTFBA Abelhoschi Seminum. Dr. R. Reece. Musk 

seed 3y» proof spirit fjxvj. Digest 7 days, and strain.. 

Dose, f5j. 
Tdtctuba Absinthii. Peus. Ph. Dried wormwood 5vj, 

proof spirit ibiij ; macerate for 8 days, and strain. 

Dose, f3j. 
TnrcTUBA Absinthii Alkalina. See Essentia Absinthii. 

5ij, gentian, holy thistle, orange peel, each 5iv, aniseed 3j,. 
proof spirit tbiij. Dose, f^j. 

TiNCTUBA AcABOiDis. Botany -bay resin 5j» rectified spirit 
T •• • 

TnrcTFBA AcoNiTi FoLiOBXTM. U. S. Dried aconite leaves 

5iv, proof spirit f5xxxij. Macerate for 14 days, express,. 

and filter. Or it may be prepared by percolation. Dose» 

20 to 30 drops. P. directs 1 part of aconite to 4, by 

weight, of spirit. 

TiNCTTBA AcoNiTi CUM FoLiis Recentibxts. P. directs the 
tincture to be prepared from the fresh aconite, and the 
other narcotic plants, by macerating the bruised leaves 
for 15 days with an equal weight of rectified spirit, ex- 
pressing strongly, and filtering the tincture. This power- 
ful tincture should only be dispensed when expressly ot- 
dered. Dose, from 2 drops. 

TiNCTUBA AcONiTi. B. Aconite root in coarse powder 
5iis?, rectified spirit Oj. Macerate the aconite root for 48- 
hours, with 5xv of the spirit, in a close vessel, agitating 
occasionally ; then transfer to a percolator, and, when the 
fluid ceases to pass, pour into the percolator the remaining 
5v of the spirit. As soon as the percolation is completed, 
subject the contents of the percolator to pressure, filter the 
product, mix the liquids, and add sufiicient rectified spirit 
to make Oj. [This tincture has one fourth of the strength- 
of Tinctura Aconiti, D., and one third of the strength of 
Tinctura Aconiti, L.] L. Coarsely powdered aconite 
root 5xv, rectified spirit Oij. Macerate for 7 days, express,, 
and filter. [This is nearly as strong as Dr. Tuenbull's 
Taict. Aconiti Concentrata, Dose, vw "to vs., W\. OsCvt'ici 



UnBt aco^e mot eat mwaSl p. 

MiMe far 14 days. «nirea, (od 

TthKtLelMt] I>o», .^It UTiQ. 

Amng are also in ne. U. S. 
OkniHdKon(enicitftj,iccti£edcjibit (jiuij. JfMotfa 
lot U dkfi, ei pr w ftro^)}', md GItar. Doer, u L. Di- 
FiXMne. lIs<Kfat« SiTJ of tlte pawd<i«d not wid 
Qsfj of icctified (}Mrit for 4 daji ; tbtaa, and Imt ttt 
somite bj pcretdation witli mere tpiril, nntS Uta tiactan 
ofataiDcd aniDaiiti to f^xiiF. As ui amodjat, «MmffK 
omI ca£a«iiw; Dr. F. girea i^iij 3 timea a da^. Tamilim 
the due tnj dailj, if reqinred- Ai aa aitifilogiilit, H 
^nai^T, repeated in 4 h^ara, uul aflemids lialf Ac tan 
if required, lu effects loiul be nrefull; watcbed. Dr. 
TrX9(Bin,i.'s Tiitd. Sadieu Acomiti Coueattrata ii nide 
bj digesting tbe pasdered root nidi tn<« ita wdgfat df 
reetiiUd ipirit, for 7 daji. Por OBfioanf ajc Dr. 
PsBStBA directa B>j of tbe root to O'lm of spirit, wUdk !• 
neirljr identical with Dr. Tnmball's. Doae, aa L_ aborti 
Dr. I'trsSBtTLL lias aUo described ■ ireakcr tJDcttire — Jj 
of tlie powdered root to fj^ of rect. spirit. DoH^ ftma 
10 drops,] 
TlKCTUBA AcoKlTi £tsebu. P. Powdercd nccmilc J^. 
snlpbnric ether ^iij (nearly fsuiv). It is biiatprepmd 
by pertolation in a cjlindrical gb«s vessel, fnmished will 
a stopper, nnd terminating at the lower end in a, fonMl 
which is to be olntmcted with s littie cation. Tho powdir 
being introdnted oyer the cotton, pour on it enoogh attar 
to nioieli^ it, put in the stopper, Gx the tabe into the aiA 
nf a bdtlp, and leave it for 48 honrs. Then add gntdnallj 
the rott of the ether, and, Ustlj, enongb of water to dk- 
placo the ether absorbed. 
TiNCTfBA AI.OSE. B. Macerate Socotrine hIocs ia coarse 
powder 3bb and eitraet of liqaorice i^sa, in proof apirit 
' 7 dttjs i filter the liquor, nnd add sufficient proof 

spirit to maia Oi. 
moTun* Aloeb Coji 

TlMOTun* Aloeb Compobiia. L. Tinct. Aloes et Ujirlm 
K. Elixir Proprietata. Aloes (Soe. or hep., L. j Sot n 
K., I.) Jls', aalipen SUi tincture of myrrh Oij ; 7 day& 

TiNcTimAALOBa Alkamna, Swbdiaub. Aloes 5bs, eitraet 
of lii]Uorioo3iflS. cinnamon wuter f Jviij. jiroof qiirit fSf'iii, 


subcarbonate of soda 3j ; digest, and strain. Dose, 2j 
— iv. 
TiNCTUBA AMBEBGBiSEiB. P. One part of ambergris to> 

4 (by weight) of spirit at -863. 
TiNCTUBA AMBBBGBISBJB Alealina. Ambergris 5ij, carbo- 
nate of potash 5ij, triturate, and add spirit of roses (made 
with alcohol) ^viij ; dissolve by heat. 
TiNCTUBA AitfBEBGBiSBA i^THEBEA. P. Ambergris ^, 
sulphuric ether Jiv (fjvj) * macerate in a stoppered bottle 
. for 4 days, and filter. 
TiKCTUBA Ammonijb Comfosita. L. Sou de Luce, Mas- 
tic 5ij, rectified spirit f5ix ; digest until dissolved, decant, 
add oil of lavender mxiv, stronger solution of ammonia 
Oj, and mix. With nviv of oil of amber it forms Spiritus 
Ajnmonia) Succinatus. Dose, mx — xx. 
TnfCTrBA GuMMi Ammoniaci. P. Gum ammoniac Jiv, 

rectified spirit Oj ; digest 15 days, and strain. 
TiNCTTBA Angelicas. Atjstb. Ph. Dried angelica root 5j» 

proof spirit 5vj ; digest, and filter. Dose, f5j. 
TiNCTTJBA AjfGUSTUBJE. See Tinct. Cuspariee. 
TnfOTTBA Anisodi. Dried leaves of anisodus luridus ^*, 
proof spirit ^viij ; digest, and filter. Maximum dose, 2(> 
drops. It causes dilatation of the pupils. 
TiKCTrBA Anthemidis. Austb. Ph. Dried chamomile 

flowers 5ij» proof spirit fl)j. 
"tocTTBA Antiscobbutica. P. Tinctura Armoracia) Com- 
posita. Horseradish root 5^^y» W^ck mustard seed ^iv, 
muriate of ammonia 5ij» proof spirit J^vj, compound spirit 
of scurvy grass 5xvj ; macerate for a week. 
NCTTJEA Antiabthbitica. Dr. Gbaves's Oout Tincture. 
Orange peel 5y» rhubarb 5j» powder of aloes and canella 
^ij, brandy Oij ; digest for a week. A spoonful night and 
loming, with water. 

ctijba Arnica. B. Arnica root in coarse powder 5j»- 

notified spirit Oj. As Tinct. Aconiti. Pbus. Ph. Arnica 

>wers 3188, spirit of wine (at '900) Ibj ; digest, and filter. 

)se, 10 to 60 drops. [A tincture is also prepared from the 

ves in the same proportion. Mr. Wilde directs ^iss of 

\ flowers, or leaves, or equal portions of each, to Oj of 

tified spirit, and gives 15 drops, gradually increasft4\» 

unless headache, <S:c., be produced.'^ 


TiKCmBi. AnyiojE Sthkeea. P. From 1 

Tinot. Aconjtt Mtha^. 
TmOTTaA Abouatioa. Tlnct. CianBinoiiu CompodS, 

TiBCTCBA AttOaiTIOi ACIDA. PBP3. PH. Ndlrlj ti 

dum Snlphuricum Aromnticuia, bub with only Jj of asH. 
Tdcctdba Ababi. p. One part of dried aBarum to fimro' 

lan Aaarura Eviropicura,] 
TmcTUBA AESAKBtm.ii:. ]]. Assafcetida broken smalt Jiii*t 

rMtifted spirit Oj ; macerate foe 7 dayB, and GltEr, DoM 

f3" to f JJ- 
TiNOTunA AaBAFtaTTDB Mtbexea.. p. As Tinct. CaaWo 

TiNCTDBA Abtrinskhb. Dr. Copland, /or tpoagatBH p} 

(Ab sumj. Cateoliu \se, myrrh, jas, cinchona 5ij, bulda 

of Peru 3isB, epirit of iiorseradiiU ^iss, rectified spirit rf 

winojiaai digest. 
TiscTimA AUBAHTii. B. Blttsr-orange peel cut smallAnd 

brniBed jij, proof spirit Oj. As Tjuct. Aconiti. Dok, t3 

atropine in fjj of re 
water. Dole, (ront nxv- One drop spplied to the eje, 
morning and niglit, la keep np dilatation of the jnipL 
BOUOHABDAT directs one grain of atropia to 100 of ^'--'^ 
Doee, from 1 to 5 drope. See Liqaor Atropiie. 
TlHDTTBA BALSAjnCA. E. 1744 CopaiTii ^, balcaiQ rf 
Peru 5ilj, balsam of Tolu 3ij ; benzoin ^bs, saffron ctji 
rectittcd spirit fjxrj j digest four dA;s ia a Baud baOi, and 

TmcTUKA Balsami CoPAiBiE. GuiBOiraT. One part of 
copaiva to eight of alcohol. Macerate, and filter. 

TiNunjEA BAL6AKI PEEtTViABi. L. 1788. Balsam of Ftea 
Jiv, rectified spirit fjivj ; digest until dissolved. 

TiNCTUBA Uauaui ToLUTAKi. See Tinctura ToInUna. 

TiNCTUHA Balsami GrLBAUKSSta. GmnotrET. Ooe pirt 
of bulsam to eight of rectilled spirit. 

TiKCTOHi BKiitAuosNB. B. Belladonna lesvea in BOBwa 
-r Si' V""^ spirit Oj. As Tinetura Aeoniti, ^Tlii» 
re lias about tali Ae aVcen^V tS. ■^mtAira Bella- 


donnsB, L. & D.] U. S. 5iv to f^xxxy. GuT*s H. & 
Bailey's, as L. Dose from mv to xv. P. directs it to 
be made both from the dried and fresh plant, as Tinctora 

TiNOTUEA ExTBACTi BsLLADONNf. Mr. Blacitett. Ex- 
tract of belladonna 5x, proof spirit Ibj. Dose, my — iy. 

TiifCTUBA BELLADONNiB Mtuvoba, P. As Tinctura Aco- 
niti iBtherea. 

TiNCTUBA Benzoini. Pexts. Ph. Benzoin 5ij, rectified 
spirit Itj ; digest for 4 days, frequently shaking, then filter. 

TnfOTTJEA Benzoini Composita. Balsamum Traumaticum, 
or Fbyab's Balsam, B. Macerate benzoin in coarse 
powder 5ij» prepared storax ^iss, balsam of Tola ^ss, Soco- 
trine aloes gr. clx, in rectified spirit Oj, for 7 days; filter, 
and add sufficient rectified spirit to make Oj. 

TiNCTUBA Beitcinje. M. Brucine gr. xvj, rectified spirit 
^. Dose, 6 to 24 drops. 

TiNCTUBA BircHTJ. B. Buchu bruised 5iiss, proof spirit 
Oj. As Tinct. Aconiti. Dose, f5j — iij. 

TiNCTUBA CAiNCiB. Cainca root Jj, proof spirit Oss; 
macerate 15 days. A tincture is also prepared from 1 
part of alcoholic extract and 11 of brandy. Dose, 5j 

TiNCTUBA Calami. Aust. Ph. Dried root of sweetflag Jij* 
proof spirit ftj j digest, and strain. Dose, 3j — ij. 

TiNCTUBA Calami Composita. Pol. Ph. Calamus 5iij» 
zedoary 5j» ginger ^', green oranges 5y> proof spirit Oij. 

TiNCTUBA CALUMBiE. B. Calumba cut small ^iiss, proof 
spirit Oj. As T. Aconiti. 

TiNCTUBA CAMBOGiiB Alealina. Gambogo 5ss, subcar- 
bonate of potash ^, proof spirit or brandy Jxij. Dose, 5S8 
to 55. 

TiNCTUBA Cambogi-e Ammoniata. Swediaub. Gamboge 
5ss, spirit of ammonia ^iv. 

TiNCTUBA Camphob^. Spirit of Camphor. Camphor 5v» 
rectified spirit Oij. Dissolve. [P. directs 1 part of cam- 
phor to 7 of spirit ; and a weaker solution, 1 part of cam- 
phor to 40 of proof spirit.] 

TiNCTUBA Camphob^ Composita, B. (Tinct. C. cum Opio, 
B. 1864.) Tinct. Opii Camphorata. Paregoric EUxxt. 

- B. Macerate opium in coarse powder gr. -xX, 'beii'LCA^ ^^^-^ 


gr. xl, camplior gr. xii, oU of anise t^as, proof Bpirit Qj, 
for 7 dars ; Btraio, enpreaB, and filter, then add Bufficiral 
proof spirit to make Oj. Gr. jof opiam and gr. J ounplwr 
in fSaa. Doae, f3S9 to i^ij. 

TmoTUBA CAirvABia Ihsiob, B. Eitratrt of Indiaa 
hemp 5i, rectified apirit Oj; diMO!™. Dose, From S to W 
drops, in naifalgia, cholera, &c. In tetaniu much lugir 
doses are given. 

TiNOTDBA CUTTHABIDTB, B. CatitlutrideB ![■ cDBrse potnltr 

in tlie Continental pbarmacopceins. P. Powdered. Bis> t 
part, proof spirit 8 parts. Peitb, Ph. Coarsely poirderttl 
cantharides Jj, rectilieil spirit jrj (by weiR-lit)], 
TnroTFBA CAHTHiBiDia .aiinEBEA. P. PowderodMiitlM- 
ridea jiv ; acotiu ctlier Jxxxij ; macerate fijr 8 dajB in > 
stoppered bottle, esprese, and filter. 


Brnised canthorideB giv, strong noetic acid 5ir, reetifM 
Bpirit Sir; digest for sonie dats, express, and li]t«r, [Dr. 
H. Lanb direeta f^iij of spint nnd fjix of ncid.] U!< 
probably more active than Acetam CantharidiB, B. 

TtvcruBA Canthasidih NiTBici. M. RieniNi, Cintilw- 
ridcsiu fine powder 64 parts, nitiic acid 32 parts; poor 
the acid on the flies, and, when the actiuu lias freoMi, 
poor on it, by little and little, 760 pnrts of ri!i:lified B^rit. 
MscsiratB for 8 honrs, freqoentlj stirring; Iben ezpm^ 
anil filter. It should contain □□ free acid. 

TiNCTDKi Capbici. B. Capaicnm bruised JJ, reotlSed 
spirit Oj. A> Tinct. Aconiti. 

tiscTUUA Capsici Acbtioa. Van Moks. CnpBicnm T^, 
vinegar Jxij, proof spirit Jxij j digest, 

TlNCTiTBA CiPaici CosoBMTEATi. Dr. TtrnjnnrLL, /ijf •»■ 
iemal use. Capsioum Jiv, rectified spirit 5x\i ; nxM- 
rato for 7 days ; or rather prepare it by purcoUtioo, [11 
is also used instead of the pepper in cookery, onder th> 
name of Essence of Cayenne.] 

TraanraA Capbioi ohm Dblphinia. Dr. TtmsspLl., Dis- 
solve gr. iv of delphiue in f^ of the last tinclnre. 

TiHCTUBA Capbioi cum: Vbr4TbiS. Dr. ToRNBrii, Ois- 


vc gr. iv of veratria in ^ of concentrated tinctore of 

>sicum. For external use, 

ruBA Capsici bt Cakthabidis. Cantharides 5z, cap« 

am 5j, proof spirit Oj ; macerate for 10 days. 

ruBA Cabdamomi. L. 1836. Cardamom seeds (with* 

; the capsules) 5^^iss, proof spirit Oij ; macerate 14 


rcBA Cabdamomi Composita. B. Cardamoms freed 
m pericarps and bmised 5i» caraway bruised ^\, raisins 
ed from their seeds 5ii> cinnamon bruised ^ss, cochineal 
powder 60 grains, proof spirit Oj. As T. Aconiti. [Dr» 
beiba remarks that some druggists improperly weigh 
i capsules with the seeds. It may be added that some 
it to remove the seeds from the raisins, the tannin of 
ich precipitates quinia and other alkaloids when the 
cture is added to mixtures containing them. Somd 
ploy sultana raisins, which are devoid of seeds.] Dose, 

• • 


TUBA Cabui Composita. Gut's H. Caraway seed 5iij^ 

oento 5iij, cinnamon Jss, raisins ^iv, proof spirit Oiss; 

cerate for 14 days, and strain. Dose, f5j — iv. 

ruBA Cabtophilli. Gtjiboubt. Cloves 5ij, rectified 

rit S^vj. Dose, 20 to 40 drops. 

riTBA Cascabillje. B. Cascarilla bruised 5iis£i> proof 

rit Oj. As T. Aconiti. Dose, f3ss to f5ij. 

TUBA Cassije. E. Cassia in moderately fine powder 

iss, proof spirit Oij. Proceed by percolation, the cassia 

ng first macerated with a little of the spirit for 12 

ars, or digest 7 days. 

TUBA Castobei. B. Macerate castor ^ in rectified 

rit Oj for 7 days ; strain, express, filter, and add suffi- 

nt rectified spirit to make Oj. 

TUBA Castobei Ammoniata. E. Castor ^iiss, assa- 

bida 5x, spirit of ammonia Oij ; digest for 7 days. [This 

the Elixir Foetidum of foreign pharm. ; and, with the 

iition of 5v of opium, it forms the Elixir Uterinum, or 

ixir Castorei Thebaicum.] Dose, 533 to 5j« 

TUBA Castobei iETHEEEA. P. Castor %iv, sulphuric 

ler ^xvj [nearly f^xxiv]. Let tbem macerate for 4 days 

a stoppered bottle, and filter. 

TUBA Catechu. B. Pale catechu in coarse powder 



SlisB, i^iniiBiaou braised 3j. proof spirit Oj. Mooeriite ta 
7 diijs. M»!te up to Qj. [Or it mnj ba prcpnred bj fo- 
eolation, the mixed powders being pnt into the peraJ*!* 
without being previously moisteaed with the spirit.] 

TiBcnjBi Catechu- Gikoitawb. Catacha and mjnrh, ed 
3iv, IjalBdm of Peru Jj, spirit of scurvj-Eraas Jviij. 

TiBCTCTBi CKNTATJBn MiNOBis. Afl Tincturd AbsinUiii. 

TnrCTnBi Chknopodii. Swbdiaub. Mexican tea (Ck. 
an^rosioiflet) I pnrt, proof spirit [or sp. of mlpbilBt 
ether, Viy Mohh] 4 parts. Macerate 14 dnys. 

TiKOTiTEA Carsfi CoBTioia. Sea Tinotnra Ciuehonie. 

TnicTOBA CaiEiTs, B. (CaiBETTj^ D.). B. ChiretUurt 
ainall and braised Jiiss, proof spirit Oj. As T, ANmitL 

Tdtcidba CBreRTTs CoMPoerrA. Dr. Rkeob. Chiretia 
Jij, Baeaafraa Jiij, red eantal wood 5u, proof apirit fjuh- 

TiNcruBi CatOEOFOBMi CoMPoaitA. B. Mix chlorrfom 
f3ij with rectified spirit fS^ij and compaund tillctuH «C 
cardamoina fji, Doae, mis — Ix. 

TixoTPKA CiMicrpDoa;. Dr. Hildbkth. Braised root «t 
cimidraga racemosa (blaclc ennke-root) %iv, proof gp^ 
Oj. Doie, f5i ia jij. 

TracnTEA CurcHON* Cowposita. B. Pale-ciodioDa t*A 
in moderately fine powder Jij, bittor-Drange peel cut iDull 
and braised 3j, aorpantary braised Jsa, saffifln gr. \h 
cocHneal in powder gr.iii, proof spirit Oj. Aa T.Aeomli 
Hushah'b Tiucturo of Bark was similar, except B«t 
French lirandy was ased. 

TiNOTCBi CiHOHOBS Flavs. B. Tellow-ciuchona B«A 
in moderately fine powder Ji'r proof apirit Qj, Al T. 
Aooniti. Dose, f5j — iij. [L. directs a siaiiLir tinctolAof 
paU bark.3 

TiHOTDE* CiwcHONS Ammosiata. L. 1824. PtentvUn 
bark 5i^> aromutic spirit of nmmoaia f^xxiij; iiiaiiail> 
for 10 daja. Dose, 39s to 3j. 

TiHCTDBA CuiCHONiHJG. Alcohol de Cinchonine. H. Sul- 
phate of cincbonins gr. lij, rectified spirit fjiss. 

TiscnmA Ciskamomi. B. Ab T. Aconiti. Dose, 5j — Iij. 

TiscTUBA CiNSAMOMI CoMPOSPTA. L. Cinnamon ^j, cB^ 
damom ^iv, long pepper jiifls, ginger Jiiaa, proof spirit 
Oi) : 7 daja. 


7SA Cnici Benedioti. Bbuks. Ph. Blessed thistle 
rectified spirit 01 j. 

7BA Cocci. B. Macerate cochineal in powder ^iiss 
roof spirit Oj ; for 7 days strain, express, filter, and 
sufficient proof spirit to make Oj. [Intended chiefly 
, colouring tincture; but it is also prescribed as an 
spasmodic and sedative. Dose, f^ss — ij.] 

dSA Cocci Ilicis. Ellis. Kermes ^ij, brandy f 5vij ; 

st in a stoppered bottle. 

[JBA Cocci Ammoniata. Dr. Ebeble. Cochineal ^ss, 

3r of ammonia ^sa, rectified spirit f.^viij. Dose, 5 

)S, in hooping-cough, 

CTBA CocHLEABUE CoMFOSiTA. See Tiuct. Antiscor- 


[JBA CoLCHici Sebiintjic. B. Colchicum seed bruised 

I, proof spirit Oj. As T. Aconiti. Dose, rnxxx to f^j. 

ITBA CoLCHici E Eadice. P. Macerate 1 part of 
dried cormi in 4 parts by weight of proof spirit. 

ITBA Cykab£. Fresh artichoke leaves bruised ftij, 
ified spirit Ibj ; digest for 7 days, express, and filter. 

ITBA Flobum Colchici. Dt. Wilson's JSau MSdi^ 
ile. Mix two parts of fresh juice of colchicum flowers 
1 one of brandy ; after a few days filter or decant. 

FBA ExTBACTi CoLCHiCL Batemak. Extract of 
hicum gr. viij, proof spirit f^. 
ITBA Colchici Composita. L. ColcWcum seeds 
ised 3v, aromatic spirit of ammonia 0\j. Macerate for 
lays. Dose, mxv to f3j. 


?. Colocynth pulp (cut small and free from seeds) ^, 
jeed 5j, proof spirit Bbj . Digest for 8 days, express, and 
jr. Dose, 6 to 20 drops. 

?irBA CoLOMBiB. See Tinctura Calumbse. 

UBA CoNii. B. Hemlock fruit bruised 5iiss, proof 
•it Oj. As T. Aconiti. Dose, mxx — Ix. [P. directs 
ncture to be prepared from the dried leaves, with four 
es their weight of proof spirit ; and also a tincture 
m the fresh leaves, as Tinct. Aconiti.] 

EUBA CoNii iBxHEBSA. P. As T. Acouiti ^therea. 


TiNOTOni CoHTEAiEBTx. P. Contwjwva root Kv, niirif 

of wlna(-863)Oj. "^ 

TDJCTCBi CoPAi«HI CoBTtOlH. BrniEOd copalrlie bsrk Jg, 

proof spirit Oj. 1 oc 2 teaapoonfiils, 2 or 3 times h day. 
TiKCTTBA Coma. Dr. Wood. Qold-tlircad root 5j, proof 

spirit f3nTJ. Doae, 5j. Tonic. 
TnicnrBi CoRNfla CracDtiTai. Dr. Rbeoe. Extract of 

ronnd-lEttved cornel (dog-woDd) 5j, brandj Oj. 
TjNCTTJBi Ceooi, B. SaiTron jj, proof spirit Qj. Ml. 

TmcTiraA Cbotonib, SoroKrEis. Croton oil 16 dnqA 
rectified spirit 3j- Pope. Crotoii seed 5j, rectified spnt 
5is5. Batemab. Crotou oil i drops, tinetnre of injtA 
3j. NmMO. Eiglit drops of oil to f^j of rectified sprit 
TiBCTTBA CuBEDj;. B. As Tinct. Aconiti. [A eDDMn- 
trated tincture (sold bb essence of CDbebe) may beoiKL- 
veniently made by percolation of any desired strengtl. 
Mix tlie ground lierries witli sufficient rectified apiit b) 
moisten them ; after 12 bonrs put tlie pulp into a peroD* 
lator, and panr more spirit till tlie tincture equit^ tiw 
neigbt of the cubeba, or more, according to atiengtil 
TiNCToai CcTECUMar. Dr. Wood. Turmeric 5j, proof spirit 

1'lNCTiniA CvsPiBis. E. CunpiLrini bsrli j^irea, proof sjdtit 

Oij 1 by digesliou, or percolatton, us T. Cinehonfc. 
TntOTosA DEuiHiNit. Dr. Wood. Larkspur seed ^, proof 

spirit fjvj ; digest- "li to :eIi ia asthma. 
XraCTUBA Dblpbivli:. See Solutio Delphiniic, 
^iiKcnrni DiaiTAirs. B. Digitslia leaves in eooMe potr^ 
der Jiies, proof spirit Oj. An T. Aconiti. Bokjeam state* 
that D wcalier spirit (-976 to -972) Gbmdd he used; and 
that et/itr dnea iiot disBolro the nctive principle. J>o*^ 
from "IK, BometicQea gradnallj increased to "ixl. 
nrcTUBA Digitalis ^thehea. p. As TlnetHrn Acoidti 
^^ .Etherca. 

hscTniu DiQiTAMs CoupoaiiA. Vas Moks. Ditptalit 
^^ 3ij, spirit of bitter almonda 3^vj. 

RucTrHA Elatkhii. EKtraot of elatcriom gr-viy, r 
spirit fjviij. Dose, i^-fis to fsij. 


TracTDBi liLiiBBiMj;. MoBBiEB. Elaterfae gr. j, nitric 
acid 4 dm|is, rectified spirit f Jj. Dose, fjiia. 

TiKOTUKA. EssoTX. B. ErgoC iQ cnarae powder 3v, proof 
spirit Oj. AsT.Aeoniti. [Ocr's H. Ergot of rjajiisa, 
proof spirit Oj ; laiicerAte for 14 duyi, and strnio. Doae, 
from nixi to t^a, A atrongcr tinilture waa used by Dr> 
Bldsdell 1 eee KsMntia Secaila Cornuti.] 

TiNCTOBA EaaoTS ^tubbbi. L, Bruissd ergot 3iv, 
etlter Oij. Macerate for 7 days, tlien ciproiB, und lilter. 
For a stronger preparation see Kaeeutis. SecBlia Comati 

TmcTUBA Ebootjb Ammoniata. Mr. Ooss, Brniaed ergot 
3iv, aromatic spirit of amniouisi Oeb; ttiocemte for a 
moutli, expresa, and filter. Dose, 30 drops every 10 minuteg 
till it exrites ulariae caatractioM. 

TiNTimi. EBiBEnoNiH, Dried Canada flea-iiaoe (Erigeron 
CanadousE) Siv, proof apirit Oj. Mauerate, expresa, and 

TutOTirui EupHoBau. Paus. Pa. Eupborbinm Jj, recti- 
fied spirit Ihj. 

TiKCXiTBA, FBUjOTueA. Dr. Ci.nrTos. Febrifuge apirit Osa, 
angelica root 5ia^ serpentary ^iai, cardamom aeed 3isa ; 
digest, and filter. 

TiKCiuBA FsLUS. Inapiaaated ax-g|ill Jij, proof spirit Oj ; 
digest until diagolved. 

TlSCItTEi FttBKI ACKTATIB. B. DiaBolve acBtate of potaah 
gij in fji of rectified apirit^ add aolution of peranlphat« of 
iron fJilBS to ISviij of rectified spirit. Mix in a 2 pint 
bottle, abaking well togtitber several times daring an 
liDur. Put tlie tincture witti tlie precipitnted salt in it on 
a filter. Wben tbe liquid baa passed, pasa rectified spirit 
tliroagb the fiitcr to make tbe product meaaunt 1 pint. 
D. aimilar. Dose, "IV— xix. 

TraCTDtti FSBBI ACBTiTIS ^TBKBKi. P]II78. Ptt. To 9 
parta of aolution of acetate of iron (Liquor Ferri Acetic!} 
add L port of acetic ether and 3 of rectified spirit. Doae, 

in a matrass S'i °^ precipitated carbonate (pecoiidej of 
' □ Bad fjivj of acetic acid ; wben the effervescence 
3Ter boil the miituro tiQ reduceii to fjiij. and, whoa 



cold, filter. Expose thu solntion in a ahaliow diali for 3 
daje, pour it into a glaaa ri?aBcl largo cnongli to Imld S or 
4 volomes oE Uqoid ; to tbia griidnnllj add 511' of carbouate 
of potash imd, wlicn tlie cUervenceiice is over, f^xilr of 
rectifled spirit, and filter. 
TiHCTDBi Febbi AuuoNto-CBLOBiiH. L. I^nct. Perri Am. 
moniati, Ammonio- chloride of iron S'^ji proof Bjurit 
and distillod watvr, of oacli OJ. We have ventared aet» 
to correct an olmous error. The College, in adding pj 
of wuter to tbe previona tiactnre, has neg^lected to increan 
tbe quantity of ammomo-chloride. That the tjnirliure 
was intended in he of the same strength na before is pWa 
from (he note — that "f^ jields, potash heing added, S'S 
grains of Beaqnioiida of iron." It is, therelbre, eTidenfc 
tiiiit jvii] of tbe ammonio-ohloride were intcndeii, tfaongh 
5iv only ace ordered. DoJe, mmi to f^ij. 
TiKCTFSA Fekki AtJBiHTiiOi, WiBT. Pb. Iron filings Jiv, 
Seville oranges depriTed of their geeds No. 4; beat 
tiiem hither, leave them for 2 days, then add Had^n 

I wineji, spirit of orange peel Jij; digest, eipreas.aM filter. 

I TraoTTTRi Fsitni CrDOniiTi. As Tinct. Ferri Pomati, snli- 
Btitnting qnince jnice for apple jnice in preparing th» 

' TiHCTiTRi. Fbbbi PfiBCSi.ORmi. B. Mix strong EolaUon 

' of perchloride of iron fSv with rect. spirit fjiv (tp. gr. 

'S93). L. Same Etrength. D. Three timci as strong. 

I TiscnmA Pkbbi Pboto-iodedi. Callotd. Solplurte of 
iron gj, iodide of potaaainm 511 powder tliein aepamtdjr, 
triturate together, and add Oj of rectiHed spirit. Klt«, 
and lieep it in wtll-cloaod Iwttlca, qaite filled ; f^ c 
tsina nliout 4 grains of dry iodide of iron. 

I TiNOTrE.'i Febhi Pomati. PEira, Ph. Tiaet. Ferri Xalatit. 
Eitraet of malate of iron (Eit. Ferri Pomati) Jn, apMtO- 
"— "■"""""u water Jxij. Dissolve and filter. Bos^iqxT 

Beslm-liff. P. Dry per(-h!oride ol' iron Jj, apiiil 
, pbuiic etlier jvij, Dose, ■<v — ss. 



TnrcTUBA Fxbbi Tabtabizata. Tinct MartU Tartarizata, 
Pare iron filings 100 parts, cream of tartar, 250, rectified 
spirit 50 parts; put the filings and tartar into an iron 
kettle with sufficient water to form a soft paste, leave them 
for 24 hours, add 3000 parts of soft water, and boil for 
2 hours, stirring constantly, and supplying the waste of 
water. Decant and filter the liquor, and evaporate it till it 
marks 32° (1*286), and add the spirit. Dose, 3 to 6 drops. 

TiNCTVBA Fetilla Cobditolue. Dr. Hamilton. Mace- 
rate 8 or 10 braised cocoons (seeds of the plant) in Oj of 
spirit for 2 or 3 days, and dilute the tincture with Oj of 
water. Dose, f^ss. Stomachic ; mh^^Qv diose^, purgaike 
and emetic, 

TiNCTUBA FiLiois JBthebea. Peschieb. Buds of male 
fern 1 part, sulphuric ether 8 parts; by percolation or 
digestion. Dose, f5j — y; but generally evaporated till 
thick. See Extractam Filicis Liquidum. 

TiNCTTBA GALANOiB. Amst. Ph. Galangal root 5j» proof 
spirit 5vj. Dose, 30 to 60 drops. 

TiwcTUBA Galbani. Galbanum 5y» proof spirit f^xxxij ; 
digest for 7 days, and filter. 

TiircTUBA Galub. B. Galls in coarse powder ^iiss, proof 
spirit Oj. As. Tinct. Aconiti. Dose, fjss to f5j. 

TmoTUBA Galls Composita. Gibeet. Bruised galls 5iv, 
water Jviij* i*ect. spirit ^y'nj, Cologne water 5ij. 

TnroTiJBA GAMBOGiiB Ammoniata. SwEDLiUB. Gamboge 
gr. xzxvj, spirit of ammonia ^iv. 

TnrcTtTBA Gei Comfosita. Avens root 5iss» angelica root 
5j, tormentil root 5j (all bruised), stoned raisins ^ij, 
iVench brandy Oij. Macerate for a month in a warm 
place, and filter. Dose, f^ss. 

TiNCTUEA Gentianje Composita. B. Gentian cut small 
and bruised ^iss, bitter-orange peel cut small and braised 
5f , cardamoms freed from pericarps and braised 3^, proof 
spirit Oj. As T. Aconiti. 

TnrcTUBA Gentianjb Ammoniata. Mixir Antiscrofuleux. 
P. Gentian ^, carbonate of ammonia 5ij, proof spirit 
5xxxij. [Dr. Pebhtlb's Elixir differs in substituting 5iy 
of crystallized subcarbonate of soda for the ammonia.] 

TmcTTJBA Gebanii. Dried roots of geranium maculatum 
5v, proof spirit Oij. Astringent; chie^^ \x'&^^Vii%«x^«^» 


5taOTFai OiNatvitis. Pobt, Ph. Myrrh 5;, catctlifl'S. 

"nctiire of Peruvian balBUin ^, apirit of acnrvj-grass Ji'i 
ctified spirit 5" = * days. 
TCiNcrrcTBA. Gbahi PARASiei. Uraiua of jmradiEe 3j, [inMt 

spirit Oj ; mBcenite for 10 dajs. 
QlniOTDSA Qhatiols. Dr. Rbecs. Dried hedge-hyssop ^i 

proof spirit fSniij. 
TTiKOHTBA OcAiAOi. L. Gnaiacnm resin jvij, rectilin] 

apirit Oij ; maearata for 7 days, Doao, f^j to f3lj. 
TmcTCBA OtTAiACi AxKALittA. Dr. Dewees. oimiBraiiii 

Jv, carbonftte of potash (or of soda) 3iij, pimanto 3ij, proof 

spirit Oij. Ateasponnfnl 3 times a daf,in fIjinn«tDrrJitt« 

Thjctcsa Qvaiaoi Akuoituia. B. Mncorate gaaiu 

remn in powder jiv, aromatic spirit of ammonia Jxv, flir 7 

days, in a well-dosed vessel, uid filter, then add suffident 

aromatic sprit of ammonia to malce Oj. Doic, f^ to fjtji 

in cAronic rhtumaiieia, &e. 
TiNCTCBA GuAiicr FtBNiciTLATA. SwBD. Pn. Omdumn 

resin Jj. oil of fennel Jas ; digest with a eenlle hMt ftw 
. 24 honrs, and add ftij of apirit of wine of 'SOO np. gr. 
TrNCTtTBA LiONi G0AIACI. P. One part of the napeil 

wood to 4 ports, by weight, of proof spirit. 
TibotujUl Lion! GtTAiaci Composita. Pbttb. P. Satadit 

lAgmmm. Rasped guaiaoum Jiij, aiusafras Jij, rhodiom 

3ss, red andyellow santal, each 3j, rectified spirit tbij. 
^IixcTuaA OinTf Pesckx. Gutta perclia in stnilt pUcM 

3ji cliloroform 5vi, digest till dissolred, and strain tliroagb 

muslin. Extemiilly, in soma KaU/ diieaaei. 

[KoniBA Hbllebobi [Nisbi]. L. Black huUehoro loot 

3v, proof spirit Oy ; macerate for 7 daya, and filter. TitM, 

Tixjix to f5J, with caution. 
TlNCTTiBA HsLLBBOBi Albt. See Tinotura Verati'l. 
TiKcrnRA HiBisci Abelkoschi. Dr. Reecb. Husk aeti 

Jij, proof spirit fSivj. Digest 7 days. Doae, f ^. 

bark Jit, proof spirit OJ ; macemte for 15 days, and SUcr. 
TiBomaA HcMini. D. See Tinctnra Lupuli. 
TraCTtTBA Htobcyami. B. Hyowyamas leaves dried and 

in coarse powder Jlisa, proof apirit Oj. As Ttor' ' ""* — 

DoM, mil to f 5iia. 


u. HzFXRtci. Flowering topa of St. John's wort jf, 

ed spirit Oj ; <tigeat for 3 day*. 

lA iHPEBlTOKIiE. Marterwort root 3ij, proof spirit 

DigHit and ■train. (Piarm. Joum.) 
u lytn.*. P. Powdered eleemnpana Jiv, proof 
It Qj ; digest for 15 days. 

— I lODt. B. Tinetortt lodinii Coinposita, L. B. 
e iodine Jsa and iodidu of patuBaiuiu 3^ in rectified 

it Oj. Do*e, from n.v to in. 

— l lODlHKl. E. lodiDC Siis", rectified spirit Oij ; 

— B by gentle hont and HgitatioQ, and tepp the tinc- 
F in well-cloaed bottle«. [M., P., Dr. Coindkt, and 

. are TirtanU; the same. It niters ipoutaneously, and 
00inpo9e<l by water.] Dose, 4 to 8 drops (CorcDBr) ; 
n eitend the dose to 20 drops, or mure. 
jm. lODiBii ^TBEBGA. M. Iodine 9ij, sulphuric 

psA ImcAOiTAHnji:. P. Ipecac. Siv. proof spint 3: 

'» VinniD Ipecac, is so named in B. 17*4.] 
^^" A IPBCJonANH.» Akisata. ALiBiEt. IpecucnE 
rit of utiseed Jiv, BUgir 3'iv; digest. 
J. IsiDii. Fresh-powdered orris-root 1 part, 

d spirit B parti. (Sold aa Esprit de VioUUet.) 
HOTUBA JXE.AFS. B. As Tinct. Acoiiiti. Dose 3j- 
«ciiCBA Jalaps Composita. E. 1744. Jalap root 5V3, 
jlaek hellebore root 5iii, jonlper berriea ^la, gaiftiftoain 
daring! %a, Frendi hraud; fjiiiv ; digest for 3 dnyi, and 
mAn- \P. Eatt-de-fU AUemande. JikUp Jviij, tor '*" 
HtSii scammon; 3\j, proof spirit Hivitj-] Dose. f^< 
HiTBA Sjjasm Coufobtahb. Augir. Pq. Jalap 
|Mn peel Sj. cinnamon .^ss, amseed 5^, rectiUed 
fn^ proof spirit Jviij. Macerate for 8 days. 
ronmA Japonica. See Tinetnra Catechn. 
nCTUBA JuaiANDiB. Dah. Pb. Qreen shells of n 
(vj, proof spirit fjxxiv; digest 6 days. 
irOTUBA jEOLAHDia FouoBtnT. Mr. Inck. Jivj of 
ffalnnt leares macerated for 7 days in a gallon of 
tpirlt. Dose, 1 to 2 tcaspoonf ula ; ta prevent sickne 
ivith cod-liver oil. 
RoiDKA Jebtidis. Dr. AiNHLiK. Boot of panioled. jo 
" i« Siij. proof spirit Oij. Uaed ns Tinct. C»\aT'— 

45S THE rocKET FOBMUiAar. 


iholiea. ■^■1 

Tui'CTiTBA KiiJSi. See Solutio PotaasK Alcoholiea. ^ 
TiKCTiiEA KiiMi*. Dr. SriEi^B. Leaves of monnti 

luurel (EDlmiii latifolia) Sij, rei^titled spirit fjxfj. Da 

30 drapa, 4 or 6 timea n dsy; as an orteHal tedaliw. 
TiiroTUitA Kmo. B. Macerate kino in coarse powder J 

m rect. Hptrit Oj> foi 7 dnjB, filter, and odd suffiaient m 

Epirit to make Oj. Dose, 5J — Ij. 
TrscnTBA Eiukeux. B. As Tinot. Acooiti. 
TiHCTUBA LkcCM. E. 1?^. Gum lac 3^, myrrh 3a!. «al 

tion of carbonate of polaah q. s, ; rab together to a H 

paste, dry, and digest in (Mas of spirit of BCurvy-graB*, 
TmoTDBA. Laotccjlbii. E. Fovdered lactucarinm $ 

proof spirit Oij ; digest, or percolate. Dose, -niitx to 3^- 
TisoTCFBi Laoihc* VrsoB*. P. Froin the fcesU Ittm 

as Tiuctura Aceniti Recentis. 

fjiss, oil of rosemary nix, cinuamon bruised gr. cl, natttii 
bruised gr. c), red sandfll-wood gr. ccc, reetilied spirit O 
Macerate tbe cinnamon, nutmeg, and red satidat-vood 
tho spirit for 7 days, then presa out and strain; di»61' 
the oila in the strained tincture, and add rectified ipi 
q. a. ta make Oij. Dusk, I^bb to £5^. 

TlNCTiTRA LntONis. B. Treah lemon peel sliced thin jiii 
proof spirit On. Macerate for 7 days, press, and itrti 
Make up to Oj. 

TnrcTFB* LnuoDBiTDai. Digest 5''' "f bnilsed tnlip-tf 
hark in Oj of proof aprit for T days. Tonic and <Ii 
phoreiio. Dose, fjj. 

TiNCTCBA LoBELL£. B. Ab Tlnct, Aconitt. Dm«, nil 

TiBCTtTHA LoBSUiE JEtwRiixi. B. Macerate lobelis itii 
and bruised jilss in spirit; oE ether Oj for 7 dayi^ tbl 
press and strain, and add q. a. spirit of ether to make C 
[Whiti^w's Etbereal Tinctare is — dried Uil)elift A^ t^ 
tificd spirit Oiv, spirit of nitric ether Oiv, spirit of •« 
phnric ether Jiv; macemte for 14 days in a dart ^ac 
i Alter.] Dose, mv to m. 

1 LuPCTJ. B. As T. AconitL 
. Ldptoihi. D. and U. S. (Tlnrt, T 
, rectified spirit Ou; nuwerale ft: 
Or by percolatioQ, B.] Dose, gas 


TnrcTUBA Lupuli Cokfosita. P. H. Liqueur des ieifjneiix. 

Hops ^, smaller centaury 5j» orange peel 5ij, carbonnte of 

potash 9j, proof spirit Qj. 
TnrcTiTBA Macidis. Mace 5ji rectified spirit 0«8 ; macerate 

for 8 days. 
TnromtA MAOirOLiJi. Recent dried bark or cones of 

Magnolia glauca 3iVi proof spirit or brandy Oj. In chronic 

TDrcmsA Mabtib Cydoniata. Impure nmlato of iron 

(Extractnm Martis Cydoniatum) 5j> spirituous cinnamon 

water 5yj. 
TnroTUSA Mabtis Tabtabizata. See Tinct. Ferri Tar- 

TiNOTUBA Mastiohbs. Mastic 5ij* rectified spirit fj^ix. 

(TTsed in making Ean de Luce, or Tiuctura Ammonia) 

TnrOTXTBA Matico. D. Matico leaves in coarse powder 

Sviy, proof spirit Oij. Macerate for 14 days, express, and 

filter. [Dr. Jbftbeys directs ^vj to Oij.] Dose, f58S to 

3ij* Styptic and astringent in hemorrhage, 


U. S. Essence of Peppermint and of Spearmint, 5ij of 
the oil to f^xv] of rectified spirit. Essence of pennyroyal 
may be made in the same way. Sec Essentije. 

TiNcnTBA MoifESiiB. Mr. Donovan. Monesia 5j, proof 
spirit f ^ixss, water f ^ij ; macerate, and decant. 

TiNOTUBA MOSCHI. D. 1826. Musk 5ij, rectified spirit 
f^xvj ; macerate for 7 days. Pbfs. Pir. Musk 5j, rec- 
tified spirit and distilled water, each ^iij. 

Tdtctttba Moschi Abtipicialis. Van Mons. Artificial 
mnsk 2j, rectified spirit f^ij [5x, Beezelixjs]. 

TiNOTirBA MYBBHiB. B. Myrrh in coarse powder ^usb^ 
rectified spirit Oj. As T. Aconiti. 

TiNCTTTBA Mybbhje ^thebea. F. As Tinct. Castorei 

Tinctitea Mybbhje et Aloes. E. 1744. Myrrh Jy, aloes- 
Jj, rectified spirit Oiss ; digest for 8 days. 

TiNCTFRA Mybeh^ Al£Alizata. E. 1744. Powdered 
myrrh ^issi solution of subcarbonate of potash q. s. ; mix 
inte a soft paste, dry it, and add rectified spirit Oj ; digest 
for 6 days, and strain. 

□f hartahorO \ 


^'mcTHBA Kkhtoha Rieueru. VolBtile liqnor of hartahorB ' 

3LV, TiHitifltfd spirit jij, oil of joniper 5j. 
TlBCTCBA. NiooTliNS. Pbub. Pb. Presli lenves of tobacco 
ftj, rectified spirit Ibjj bruUe the leaves in iin enrthen 
mortar, nad ^gesb witli the spirit for 4 dojB; GXpreai. 
and filter. Dose, not more than 30 lirops. [For another 
form, see TinotncB Tflbaci.] 

TmoTmiA Nicoi'Liu^ JEiitHEKA. P. Powdered tobacco 
leaves 5iv, auiphurie ether Jiyj (aoarly fSniv). Bjr per- 

TiNCTFBi Nccia VouicM. B. Niut vomicn 5ij, reclifled 
spirit Oj. Apply eteLim to the nux vomica until it is Huh 
roughly eorteaed, then dr; rapidly, and reduce it to fine 
powder. Proceed ai for T. AuonitL 

TiHonTEi OBONTAifiiCA. Tincture o£ opium ^, gnlphnris 
ether 5iij, oil of cloves 3 drops. See Tiact. Pyrethri, utd 
Qattm OdontalgiciB. 

TtNcruBA Ofii. B. Mucemte opiom in coarse powder Sat 
in proof spirit C^ for 7 days, strain, eipresa, and filteii 
then add sufficient spirit to make Oj. £33 gr. of opionii 
nearly, to f3i-] L. Similar. 

Tiscrnai ctru ExTaAcro Opii. P. Eitcact of opiom J^ 
proof spirit 3^j ; dissolve, and fitter. 

TiNOTDBA Opii Acktata. U. S. Opium Jij, vinegar ^lij. 
rectified spirit fjviij ; rub the opium with Uie viuogar, tfaui 
add the spirit, and, having macerated for 14 days, exprcn 
and filter. [ Vinaigre i^opiim. P., is identical, except tlut 
the liquids are by weight. "U, U. S., or gr. s. P., repre- 
sent gr. j of opinm. 

TiHcnmA Ofii AHuomiata. li. Macerate for 7 days in 
a well-closed vessel opium in coarse powder gr. IW 
saDron cut small gr. 180, benzoic acid gr. 180, tnl of 
anise f5J, strong eolation of ammonia fjiv, and rectified 
spirit f Jiv j. Agitata occasionally, strain, express, filter, Md 
add sufficient rectified spirit to make 1 pint. Dose, 5u — j. 
E. Scotci Paregoric. Similar. 

tivccuRJi Ofii Abouaiica. Aleooli d'opivm dtinapuimSt 
GtriBOUBT. Extract of opium 2 parta, rectified ipiritU 
parts, cinnamon water 11 parta ; dissolve, and filter. 

IiNCTtTHA Opii Camphobata. E. Foregone ™ 
" 'e Tioctura Camphoric Couiposita. 

-^ ^H 


TnrcTUBA Orn Cbooata. See Vinam Opii. 

TiNCTirsA Opii Eccabdi. Ecoabd's or Bambebo's Thebaic 

Tincture, Opium ^j, doves 5j, cinnamon water f^vig, 

rectified spirit ^W. Digest in a warm room for 6 days, 

and strain. 
TnrcTTBA Oph Fowtda. Mixir Fitida, Fulda Ph. 

Castor '^\Y, assafoetida 5>j* ^^^ ^^ hartshorn ^', dry 

opium 5iy, rectified spirit (sp. gpr. *850) ^x^uij (about Oij)» 

Dose, r\xY to 5j. ' 
TnircTrBA Obbosblini. Van Moks. Fresh spigncl leaves 

SU» spignel seeds ^, proof spirit ^^iv ; macerate for some 

Tentctusa Pabeibje. Sir B. Bbodie. Fareira brava root 

^, French brandy Oj ; digest for 7 days. 
TnrcTUBA PAVLUNUi. Dr. Gaybelle. Extract of paol- 

linia 5j> proof spirit ^xvj ; dissolve. 
TiKCTrBA PHELLAiTDBn. NIEMANN. Seeds of water-fennel 

(pheUandrium aquaticum) ^^s* rectified spirit 5\j ; digest 

for 24 hours, and add burgundy wins ^vj ; digest, and 

filter. Dose, 10 to 60 drops. 
TiNCTirBA Phosphobi JBthebea. p. Sliced phosphorus 

5j, sulphuric ether ^vj 5ij ; macerate for a month in the 

dark, and decant. Dose, 5 drops, gradually increased to 

TiKCTVBA PiMPiNELLiE. Pbfs. Ph. Bumet saxifrage root 

5z> rectified spirit Oij. Dose, 20 to 40 drops. 

TnrOTXTBA Pini. Afste. Ph. Buds of spruce fir ^ij, proof 
spirit ftj. 

TiHOTUBA PiNi CoMPOSiTA. Sax. Ph. Buds of spruce fir 
^iij, rasped guaiacum 5ij> sassafras ^j, juniper berries Jiss, 
rectified spirit Ibj ; digest, and filter. Dose. 5ss to 3j. 

TiFCTTJBA Pepebis. Bkck pepper 5j> rectified spirit ^vj. 

TiKCTVBA PiPEBiS Stokachica. Essentia Stomachica 
Polychresta. Spielman. Capsicum ^, black pepper 5ij,. 
long pepper 5ij, white pepper 3ij, solution of acetate of 
potash 3vj, spirit of ammonia 3j ; digest, and filter. 

TnrcTtrBA Pepebis ANGusTiPOLiiB. See Tiuct. Matico. 

TiNCTXTBA PisciDiJE Eetthbinje. Dt. HAMILTON. Jamaica 
dogwood 5j, rectified spirit f ^iv ; digest for 7 days. Full 
dose, as a narcotic, f5j. 


TiscTCBA PoErti. Vas Moss. Poplar bud* 3iv. *«|H 
spirit Jixiv ; macerate, and Rlter. 


of potoumm jss, proof spirit yij. Doac, 20 to 40 dropi 

TsfCTuaA FircASSii SiTLF&mETi. TtMctura Salpim 
QciKCT. Sulphnrct of potash Jiv, spirit of n-ine jx 
digest 24 bonrg, and gtrain. 

TnrcTCBA Ptbsthbi. B. Pettitory root in coarse pom 
JiT, rect. spirit 1 pint. As Tinchira Aconiti. P. Pe 
tory Siv, spirit of wine (-863 tp. gr.) Oj, or qiirit of ■ 
phuric etlii^r Qj. 

Tischtea PrsETHBi CoMPOsrtA. Bbande. Pellitorjn 
Jiy, camplior 5iij, opium ^, oil of doves jij, raoKI 
spirit Jvj ; digest for 8 days, and filter. [Another Coi 
Tinotare of Pellitory, caUed Paraguag-Moux, isthnap 
pared !— Pellitory root 5j, Para cress (flowers of SpilanU 
olemcens) jiv, leaves of Italian elecaiupene (Inula Infro 
Jj, reetiflBd epirit fjviij. Macerate for 15 daje, eipn 
and filter.] 

TiscTEBi PirEQAna. P. Sec Tinctora Jalnpaj Comp. ] 
FtriXKB prescribes — Senna Jiij, rhuharb 3J, scanont 
3iv, brandy Olv. 

TiNCTCiA Quassia. B. Qaassia wood in cliipa 3t, pr 
epirit Oj. As Tinctaru Aiirantii. E., D. and U. 

TiKCTiritA QuAasiffi Coupoeita. E. Cardunioin seed 3 
cochineal 5iv, cinnftmon 5vj, quasaia y^, raiaina J 
proof spirit Oij. Digest for? doys. 

TiMOHTBA Qdinib. B. Snlpbate of qninia gr. cli, tinot 
of orange peel Qj. Digest the sulpliate of quinift in ' 
tinctnre with the aid of a gentle heat, then allow ' 
Bolation to remda for 3 days in a cloeed vessel, shalr 
occasionally. Filter, f5J ahonld contain gr, j of 
TiHCTPKA Qdihib Htdboctanosbbhatib. Mr. DOMOV 
Ferro-pmssiate of quinine gc. uiij, rectified spirit 1 
Dose, f3j, 
TjucnrcTBS Qifuiib Imuas. Piobbt. Teintnn da Q/tin 
brute. Crude qmnine 3j, rectified spirit Jx^j, diati] 

water Jxij. 





pbate of quinine g^. zlviij, componnd tincture of orange 
peel f^vss, dilute sulpburic acid f5ij (or elixir of vitriol 
nixlv). Dose, f388 to fsy. 
TiirGTUSA Bhatanije. See Tinctura Eramcria). 


Bhatany root ^iij, dried orange peel ^ij, proof spirit Oj. 
Bebcb. Bhatanj 3\j> orange peel ^ss, canella (or cinna- 
mon) 3iM, proof spirit f^xxz^. Niemaitk. Khatany ^^iij, 
orange peel ^iy, serpentary 5iy, saffron 3j, proof spirit tbij. 
Digest for 12 days. 

TnroTUBA Bhei. B. Bhubarb in coarse powder ^ij* car- 
damoms freed from pericarps and bruised ^\, coriander 
bruised 3i, saffron 3i, proof spirit Oj. As T. Aconiti. Sec 
Tinct Bhei Co. 

TnrcTUBA Bhbi Comfosita. L. Bbubarb .^ii^s, liquorice 
root 5vi, ganger 5iij, saffron 5iij, proof spirit Oij ; macerate 
for 7 days, and strain. Dose, ^j to ^ss. 

TnrCTUBA Bhbi st Aloes. E. JSlixir Sacrum. Bbubarb 
in moderately fine powder ^iss, aloes (E. I. or Soc.) 5vj, 
cardamom s^d bruised 5y, proof spirit Oij. Mix the 
powders, and proceed as directed for Tinctura Cinchona;. 
Dose, f5iv to fjj. 

TnrcnnEiA Bhei Akisata. Dr. Copland. Rhubarb Jij, 
liquorice root ^Iji aniseed ^, sugar ^, proof spirit Oij ; 
macerate for 14 days. 

TnrcTTEA Bhei Aquosa [Alkalina]. Prfs. Ph. Rhu- 
barb 5i8s» carbonate of potash 5iij, boiling water 5^j ; 
macerate for 12 hours, and strain, and add spirit of cin- 
namon Jij* Dose, f3iss to 5iij. 

TiKCTUBA Bhei et Gentian-E. E. Rhubarb (in mode- 
rately fine powder, if by percolation) ^ij, gentian (coarsely 
powdered) 5ss, proof spirit Oij. By percolation or diges- 
tion. Dose, 5} — ij, (U a stomachic. 

TnroTUBA Bhei et Sennje. U. S. Warner's GhtU 
Cordial, Bhubarb ^, senna 5ij, coriander seed 5j, 
fennel seed 5j, red sanders 5ij, saffron 5ss, liquorice 
(ext.) 58S, raisins (stoned) 5^*» proof spirit fjxlviij; 
macerate for 14 days, express, and filter. Dose, f 5iv to f ^iss. 

Tikcttea Bhodu. Gbat. Bhodium wood 5iv, rectified 
spirit f^xvj ; digest for 14 days. 



■OQ chrjsantlmni Sij, French bmndy Bibs, Hherry w_.._ 
ss ; digest for 15 dnys. 


From tlie frosli leaves, lu Tinct. Acociti nuiu fol. rac 
Doac, G to 10 (Irops, grradnaUj increased to 25. It maj 
also be made from tlie dried loaves, as Ttnct. Aroniti, F. 

TiNCTlTBA RiclNl. RahO]^. An aloohalic and an ethereal 
tincture are directed to he made by digi!stlii|ir bruised 
caator-oil seeds in Gve times their weight of rectified spirit 
or of Bulphtirie ether. These tiQetnrea are stated to be 
four times the strength at the (AX. 

TiNCTURA yuasm. Mr. Sqitibb. Dried red rose %t, proof 
spirit made with rose water Qj ; digest for 3 or 4 days, 
express, aud Mter; digest the mass with Oeb of proof 
^^ spirit for 3 days, press off, and inii the liquora. 

TiKcnrsA llosuABtSA. Bninis. Pic. Flowering taps of rose- 
mary jiss, spirit of rosemary Jsj; digest^ eipresB, and filter. 

TiNCTURi SaBABiLL*;. Dr. TrENBiri.L. Digest the iieeda 
of ccvadilla (freed irooi their ca[Hu!ea [as directed in pre- 
paring Veratrin, E.] and broised) for 10 days in as mach 
rectilied spirit as will cover them; express, and filter. 
For external Vie only, in rheutaatmn, jv. 

TlKCTtTBi SAStNfi. B. Savin dried and coarsely powdered 
Jiias, proof spirit Oj. As T. Aconiti. 

TiNcrmtA SALrTiFBBA. E. 1744. Angelica root, cnlamns 
aromaticus, galangal, gentisn, zedoary, bay herrieii, carda- 
iiiom seed, cinnaman, long pepper, of each. 5j, French 
hrandy Oij. 

jriNOTCBA SAKQUTHiBtK. U. S. Blood root Jiv, proof 
spirit fjxiiij ; macerate for 14 days, or preparu by per- 
Golfltion. Doie, as a stimulant and nlterutive, 30 to 60 
drops 1 as an emetic, tsilj — ii'. 

TlHcnJKA Saponib. p. White soap Jiij, subiMirbonatB of 
potash 3j, proof sprit giij j diaBolve. 

TifonTBA Saposib Camphobata. U, S. Soap ahavinga 
Jiv, camphor S\j, oil of rosemary fjiv, rectified spirit 
fJiKia, water fjiv, Dissolve the soap in the water and 
spirit by water hath, filter, and add the camphor and oil. 

TlBCTUBA SiPOina Tbrbbujthinata. Saume de vU extenta. 
White soap SUj, oil of tnrpentino 3iij, spirit of wild tt"'*" 
Ihij. water of ammonia Jij. — 


TBA. Saxcocollx. Sabd. Pu. Ssrcocol .^ij, rcctilied 

■pirit S*'] i digest for 7 daja, aud atrain. 
^PCTTTBA Sab£X. SocBBrBAV. Cut sarsaparilln Jiv, proof 

■piritOj, Muceratc 15 days. 
'' 'nucnTHA. Sabzx CoKFoerr A. Liqueur depurathe. Fbas- 

cola. Sarsap., gnaiacnin, China root, BaHsafraB, of eucL 3j, 

proof epirit fjivj. A table-apoonful every morning;. 
TiHCTCBA ScAMMOHn. P. S<iBmmonj 3iv, rectiilcd ipirit 

TiHtmiBA Scitt*. B. Ab T. Acooiti. Dose, ini — in. 
TaCTVBA SCILLS Alkaliwa. Sobebnhbih. Squill Jij, 

solotion of potoali f3ij> rectified spirit JiiJ. 
TrscTUKA SoiLLB ovK Elatbbio. St. B. H. Tinotnre of 

gqmlla f^ij, vinegar of colctdcum f5ij, spirit of nitric 

other f3j, extract of elaterimn gr. i. Dose, i^iv to (jj. 
TmcTtroA Secaus Cobnuti. See linctura Ergotie. 
TisoTCRA Sbhwis CoLCHioi. See Tinet. Colohici. 
TmCTimA Skhbojg. B. Senega bruised jiies, proof spirit 

Cy. Ab T. Acooiti. Hahb. Ph. S«oeka root Jj, proof 

spirit 3vj. 
TiHCTCBA Sbhh^, B. Seunn broken small jiiae, raisins 

ireed ftom seeds Jij, carawaj jsa, coriander 38s, proof spirit 

Oj. As T. Aconiti. 
TiFOTintA Sehnb CouFoartA. L, Senna Siiise, caraway 

seed 3iiia8, cardnmoni 3j, ratsine 5^> proof spirit Oij ; 

macerate for 7 days, and strain. [The old Miir Salntis 

contained guuiacnm wood, wbicb lis lali to increase the 
■jotivi^ of senna.] Dose, f3ij to fSj. 
TtOTUBA Seihis CouFoaiTA. E. Tinetiira Senna el 
Kalapa. E. Sugar .^iiss. coHunder eeed hmised Jj, ialap 
t moderately fine powder 553, senna Jiv, caraway seed 5v, 

teariamom seed 3v, raisins bruised 5iv, proof spirit Oij ; 

digest for 7 days, or percoluto. [U. S. a verj similar, 

bat weuker of the sciinu and spices.^ 
TiXOTDKA Senh^: Abomaiica. See Tinotnra Hhei et 

TDtOTiTBA Sbbpbstabis. B. As T. Acooiti. 
TiKCTEBA 801UNI JEthebka. P. Powdpred leaves of 

garden nightshade Jiv, sulphuric etlier Jivj ; bj per- 

^^JfBCTcm. SPABTir, Dr. PbaR80B. S>^aii\»'a 'ViiQwia. waste. 




5ij, proof spirit fjvili ; macerito for 10 dsjrs. I>o«e, "B 
fji tof3ij or fsiij daily. 

TraoTCBA. Spn^iBTHi. Bmise the flowering herb (Pfl« 
crese), and macernte it for loiiie days nith an equal wdght 
of rectilied spirit ,■ then express, and filter. iSiniiurDjrM*- 

TnroTVES. SiiPHiaAGBis CosoKUTRiTi. Dr. TuKKSinx. 
Digest stavesacre leods iu twice their weigtit of reatified 
spirit. Mir external tae only, in neuralgic aruf fhaimaSe 
^ectioHS, ss n siibetitute for Solutio Delphiiiiio. 

TiKOTDEi STBAHOsn. B. StromoDiani seeds bruised iiiai, 
proof spirit Oj. As T. Aconiti. 

TiBOTuttA STBrcHNim. M, Stryclinine gr. iij, teeUfied 
spirit fsiij. Sir J. Wymb, gr. iij to Jj of flpirit. 6 

TlNOTlTB* Sttpwoa. L.I7M). Calcined flnlpliate of ir 

French brandy coloured by the cask Ibij. 
TiKCTTBA SircciNi. P. Amb«r in fine powder Jj, rectdfied 

sinrit JKTJ ; digest for six days, and filter. [The Elie- 

real tincture, as Tinct. Castoroi ^therea.] Dose, 20 to 

30 drops. 
I'lNCrUEA SncoiNi Alkauna. E. 1744. Rub Jij of ainher 

with eg. s. Bolution of subcarbonate of potash to form a soft 

paste; dry this, and digest it in i^ivj of rectified apititftr 

8 days. See also Potcstates Succini. 
TrKCTUEi SDnOBmci. E. 174*. Serpentaiy root 5», 

cochineal jiT, castor gj, saffron 9ij, opium 3j, spirit of 

minderecua fjivj i digest for 3 days, and at 
TiNOTUBi ScitnuL. B. As Tinct. Aconiti, 
TraoTDBA StTKBTiLi ^THEBBA. As the last, snbatitnUng 

spirit of Bulphacic ether for rectified spirit. Dos^ 

TiKCTOBi TiBici. Mahch. H. Tobacco 3ij, spirit of 
joQiper fSiv i digest for some da;vs, and filter. Dog«^ but. 

Tis'OTDBA Tkkehikthini. P. Venice turpentine 3iv,i«a- 
tified spirit Oj. 

TiHCTiTBA ToLiTTABA. B. Bulsam of Tolu Jiiss. reoUfied 
spirit Oj ; macerate for 6 hours in ^v. or until the baliMni 
ia dissolved, then filter, and add reeljfied spirit q. s. to main 
Qj. Doae, v\jix — il. 

TiNCTTTBA Tdxicosbndbi. See Tinctnra Bhtua 1 


I »pirit Oj. As T. Aconila. Drue, 3J — iy. 

"TnrcTTKA Valkbiaw* AmcoTtiiTA, B. Valerian root Jiies, 
nroniBtit^ tpiriC of ammonia 0); macarate fuc 7 •hiya. Make 
np to Oj, Doie. ^a to ^m. 

powdered Tileriaa i^, epirit of ctlier Jviij. Unoomte fur 
8 dnya. and filter. Dose, 20 to 60 dropB. 

~ "TnrHi VnriLLfi. Pbcb. Pn. Vanilla pods cnt smili 
;, spirit of wine (at -897 to -900 sp. gr,) Jij. MncentB 
Mr 8 Anja, and filter. Dose, 5a» to 5J. 

. Vkbiiei. E. Tinct. UeUebori Mil. Wliit« 

__ . „ f, proof spirit Oj. Dtue, from "ns- 

JrocimA Vbbatbls. M. Veratria gr. iv, reclined epirit 
Dose, 10 to 25 drop*. [For exltrwil usr. Dr. Tn»N- 
moLL dissolves from 3j to 9ig in fjy of rectified spirit.] 

TEfOTTTHA VebAtbi ViRLDiH. B. Green hellcboru root in 
«oarse powder jiv, rectified spirit OJ. As Tiuctora Aca> 
niti. Dose, bit — it. 

TlKOTDBi VBTlVBBLffl. Vittje-vnyr (roots of Aiidropogon 
mnciestum) 5], proof spirit Oss. Dose, u teuspoanfal; 
itimulant and ludorific. 

TracTiTBA VcLSXB.iBU. T. Tlie ingradieuts for Spiritua 
Vnlnerarina are digested for 15 days with OiJ of ret^tlfied 
spirit, and the liquor enprossed and filtered. 

TlKOTiJIii WABBrBQII. WiBBITKOtt's Feitcr Drop!. A 
secret remedy, said to be eiactly imitated by tlie follow- 
ing : — Aloes, zedoory, ench 3iJ. campliar, nngullca root, 
eaob ^. ij, saffron gr. iij, proof spirit 3i>j. l^'it tihe tiDc- 
tare into S-dmchm battles, adding to each gr. vj of solphate 
of qtunine. 

TnrcTtrBA Zgdoari.!). Aust. Ph. Zedoary coat 1 part, 
rectified spirit 6; digest and filter. 

TwcruBA ZKDOsaiB CoMPOSiii. {"WeDSL'a Easentia Car- 
minatitia^ Ziduary jir, calamus, galangol, each 3ij, 
ohamouiile, aniseed, caraway seed, each ^, bay-horries and 
cloves, each 37], orangepeel and mace, each Sir, peppermint 
water and re<:titied spirit, eacli 3iiiT. In G days strain, 
and add muriatic ether Jiv. 

TnroTTBi Zktoe Acbtatis. D. 1806. Sulyhate of imo 
1 port, acetate of potath 1 part, tu,\) to^i^^^T, wAu^\& 



parts of reirtified Bpirit; macerate for a week, Bgitatiag 
occBiiioDall;, aud filter. 

KaoTOBA ZiHQiHBHiH. B. OlngCT bmieecl Siiafl, rectified 
spirit Oj. Ab Tinct. Aconiti. D. directs a stronger tine- 
tOTB : — Ginger in coarse powder S''Ui rcctiGed spirit Oij. 
Uacerate for 14 days, express, and filter. Tbis ia the 
Sitenee of Oingsr of the Bhops. U, S. nearly the sMoe. 
The fallowing ia still sirouger : 

IFlirOTOBA ZtNQiBEBis FoBTiOB. B. Essence of Ginger. 
Pack tightly in a pereolator ginger in fine powder ji, 
and pour over it carefnllj i pint of rectified spirit. After 
2 hours add more spirit, and let it percolate slowly till one 
pint of tinctaca has been collected. Dose, mv — u. 

Ibodsibci. Troeha, or Loeeaga, These aro bidbII dry 
masses of confectioneiy of a detenninate fomii anch a« 
the flat loieages (Tabellie, TahleiiBt, P.) ; the hemispherical 
dropi (Piistilli, JoiiiiiB*, P.); pipes, comfits, gndiu, &e. 
Doable reHned sugar shonld ho used, and (except for dropt^ 
shoald he rednced to a fine powder, as should nUo the other 
dry ingredients. Some French pharmaciens apply the tonD 
Paaiille» aa a geoersl name for these compounds, Another 
form of loienge will bo found ander Pabt4. Only those 
lozen^B which arc medicated require notice in this work. 
Ten valuable formi have fonnd a plsce in the B. P. A 
considerable number of other formulm will be found in the 
Druggist's QeneralSepeipl Soot, 

Several compounds, not containing sugar, were formerly 
prepared in a similar form, hut are now obsolete, except a 
few which areused as oitemal applications (to which alone 
the word Troehiiei is now applied in the French Codex), 
and which are here placed alter the rest. 
IWioniBCt Aoimx. E. Troch. Amyli vel Ovmmoti. Qmn 
arable Jiv, white starch 3j, pure sugar Rj ; pulverise them, 
and mnke them into a proper mass with rose water for 
forming lozenges, P. Powdered gum ftj, sagar Kaj, 
orange-flower water Jij- Make a mucilage with the orange- 
flower water and part of the gum i add the rest of the g\aa 
previously mixed with the sugar, and make into loxengea, 
For another form of gum loienge, see Pasta Gumiiu. Tha 
tranipareat gum paste or loienges may be thus made: — 
Dissolve Ibyj of picked gum arable without heat in ftriij 


of w»tcr. and »<Id Iha soSution to tbvij of «imple symp. 
Evaporate b; d geatla beat to a very thick «irru]], aJdiog 
towards the end f jiv of orango-flower water. Finish as 
directed for Paata Jiynbie. 

Tbdciubci Acist CiTUici. P. Citric acid ^iij, sugar JtTJ, 
essence of lemon 16 dropt, mucilage of tragociiuth q. s. 
Mil, &ad divide iuto lO-gniin lozeogcs. 

TeoohihoiAcidi Lactici. M. Lacticaeidsij, sugar ^', oil 
of (anilla i drops, mucilage of tragncanth q. s. 

Tbocbucbi Acldi Oxujci. SoujBmut. Ouliu acid in 
fine powder 3j, sugar Jviij, (ul of lemon 8 drops, mucilage 
ortragacBDtb q. s. la 10-grslu lozengoa, 

TBOOBihOi AotDI Tjvnici. B. Tannin Locenges. Taltnic 
acid gr. cccU, tincture of Tolu f3aa, reiined sugar in pow- 
der JxxT, gum arable in powder Jj, umcilage of gum 
arabie fjij, diitilled water f Jj. DIsboIvd the tannic acid 
In tba water, odd tliis solntian to the tincture of Tolu pre- 
TJOUsly mixed witli the mucilage; and with the gum and 
VngaTi also previooal; well miivd, farm a. proper masB ; 
ffii4de into ?SiO lozenges, and dry these in a hot-air cham- 
hvirith a moderate heat. [KHch lozenge coutaiiisgr. u 

rBf tannic acid.] 

*feDa]uaoi Acisi T&btabici, E. Tartaric acid 3ij, sngnt' 
Sviij, oil of lemon mi, mncilflge q. e. 

TB0CEI90I AllH^K. TabUltei de Qvimauve. P. Pow- 
dM«d decorticated marsh-mallow root Jjj, sugar 3xiv, 
andlagQ of tmgacantli (made with oraugn-fluwer water) 
Divide into lozengoa of 13 gcaius each. (See Pasta 

_ 101 AtuuMis. Dr. T. TaoKaoN. Alum 511, 

- catechu 5ilj, p. acacia, wbite sugar, each 5iij. p. trBgacanth 
^8«, rose water q. a. To form a mass for 60 loiengea, lit 
Aamopii/ns, relaxed aore throat, ^c. 

iBOOHiHai Aurbt. L. 1T8S. Troch. BechiaAUii. Starch 
Jiss, liqnoricH powder 5vj, orris ^iv, sugar Ibiss, mucilage 

■ ot trogacanth q, a. 

BIHOI ASTHBLMINTICI. PiDBHrl. Sulphate of iron 
\, worm-seed giss, sugar Jvi, mucilage i]. a. For 32 


[Lozenges containing calomel are b1» emplojed to AtM 
MOnOB. TLd following nre said to be the forinaliB 
Chihs'B Worm Lozenges: — Tfllom. CnJomel 1 p«rt 
■ngor 28 parts, mucilage of tragai^aiitti (mada witJi 
Inftiaion of saffron) q. s. Each lozen^ to contain 1 grdn 
of calomel. -BroioB. Calomel 3j, resinona extinct of jalap 
^, white sagar Jiss, maciUge oF tragacniith q. s. For 
120 lozenges.] 
bocBisci AniBi. DoBVADLi directs tbem to be prepared 
from the oil as orange drops. See Tro. Auraiitii. TTwy 
are more Irequently Hold in the form of pipes, for which 
Mr. ButTLETT givee the following fonn: — Sngar Ibiij, 
mnbcr (Ui i!olour) 3iiji oil of oniaeeil 50 drop»^ madlsge 
<1. >. 

'^ocniscr AnTiMOinT. P. T^lletlei de Kuiiiel, Levigated 
black antimony ^, Bweet almonds jy, sugar Jxiij, CU- 
damoiDS Jj, cinnamon 3iv; beat the blanched almonda 
with the sugar, add the other powders, mix intimatdji 
ami make a masa with mucilage of tragacanth. Dirida 
Into lozBDgea of 15 grains each. 

3!x0CHieci AsTi-QATASBOALES. Toblettet de TVoMJlin. 

' Gum acacia jvi^', oil of aniseed 6 drops, extract of opium 
k gr, lij, mineral Itermca 3j, extract of liquorice Jij, mgnif 

■ Ixiiij, mucUagt: of trngacenth q. s. In lO-grain iMsengesi 
I VAKBiMMB'a Tallettd AnlKalarrhatei. Benzoic BC'ii 

■ ^i sugar Jxxxij, orris 5iv. gum acacia 3ij, starch ^r, 
P water Jiv. Divide into lozenges of IB grains each, 

toocHiECi ACBiHTn. Orauge lozengeK may be made m 
Troeh. Limonis, flavonring with oil of orauge peel, and' 
Dolonring with a little Iiifnsion of aaffron. The Drops 
fPastilli, P.) era thns made —Sugar in coarse powder 
(prepared by first passing it through a hair siere, aod 
then removing the finer powder by a lawn sieve) S^^j, «1 
of orange flowers 5j, oiange-Qowor water q. e. BlaJte a 
paste with part of the sugar and the water; heat it to 
bailing, stir in the rest of the sugar, and, lastly, the <SX \ 
then drop it from a metul rod in small portions on a tjnned 
CtaooHisci AtTHi. Chbestibn. Aoro-clilorido of sodium 
gt. iv. sugar 3j, mucilage of trugacanth q. a. For 61^ 
loicazei, Z daily. 

H%<>CHI90I 1 


B%aCHI90I AlTBt CVAKIDI. CUBfBIlIK. C/Duille of gulil 

gr. ij. chooolal* paaM H. Make into 24 lozenges. From 
1 to 4 iu tlie dny. 

Tbocmhci BauAHicB. See Trecb. ToluUni, 

Tbochisci Becbici. (Albi et nigri.) See Trocb. Amyli, 
and Troch. Gljcjirhiiio. 

Tbochisci BieMrTHi. B. SuLnitrutdOf biHnmtbgr.iLCccvil, 
carbonate oE magiiesia ^iv, precijntaU'd ciu-bouutouf lime 
Jvj, reflned sugar 3ixix, gum arable in powder ^, muci- 
Uige of Bcacia fjij, rose wutoi q, s.; add the dry lugre- 
dieiito to the macilage, and form into a proper mass 
with rose water. Divide the maea into 720 loxengea, and 
drj tbesB ID a hot-air cbamber with a moderate heat. 
[^Eacli loEenge contains tno grams of bismuth.] Taooa- 
SEAIT. TriBoitrata of lusmntli jij, angac 511, mucilage q. a. 
Id 120 loxengee. 

TaooHifioi BoaioiB. Borax 5ij, aogar Jiv, mncilage of 
tragacnnth q. b. Id 30 lozenges. 

Tboohisci BonrBi Cacao. Concrete oil of cacao jij, sugar 
Jivu. mutnlnge of tragacauth made with rose water q. $- 

T&OCBIECI CEBJTLal. ItODRiorEZ. Pure Pnisaian bine 3j, 
[1. gnm acacia ^, sugar 51}, clnnaman ctj, syrup of lemon 
peel q. a. Divide into 20 pastillea. 

TaocHiBCi Cjisieism. Citrate of caffein 3j, sugar 3j, 
mncila^ of tragftCantb q. a. Mixj and divide iuto 60 

TROOHiaci CALcia CnxoBiHATa;, CUonde of lime 3ss, 
eugar 5x1, mucitage q. s. For 120 lozeagea. Some add 
3ij of starch and a grain or two of carmine. 

Xbochisci Caxohelu(os. p. Calomel 3j, engar S^, muci- 
lage of tn^cantli q. i. ; into 60 lozonges, 
^BJEKxnnsci Caufdobx. Powdered camphor ^', sugar ^', 
^Kr. inueilage of tragacnnth q. s. ; for 60 loxenges. They 
^B^.dumld ha liept in a stoppered bottle. The; are frcqaentlj; 
^^P> iDade with a less proportion of camphor. 
^EQ!taocaiBDi Canmabib. M, Ebbiasd. Extract of Indian 
hemp gr. x\j' sugar Jilj, mucilage of tragacantb q. s. ; 
divide into 144 lozenges. 

Taocaiaci CiSBOSiTia CaiiCIb. See Tro. Crete. 
I Cabbohis. 

J- .izr 

*. ^ » 

. ■ .. ■ : .- .- . . . _ .. ^j 

J^ .i'. -'".1.1.. _ii. , ~ . " .•" F-— 5 

.: : l-j"!"::; Ir.r. nl.:-«'4 are 

...... ■ :.:'.::. '.'. - r. -. ; : .." ■ :■: : -.•: .-• ..-. 0:hcri dlr-.-jt the 

;... -...•: >. . '-■ . •■. i i ll:r..i. 
T:i. .' :-. •..:'.'..■..:■.■-'■- l'- I' .'-'i-.y-A Kark 3:j, c-Iriiiaiaon 
". . t.J'.: 31.'. ..■- --.i^*: ■.*' *r:i,r:t<::jrith -i. 1.; into 15 gr. 

1 /. ■:.j .'.. 
Tiiv .:.-. I <'.:::: I:. V.. ;i.vl f.'. .S. Jhtrthut-n Lozr-ngea. 
JV.j,.tr-l •.:.«-•- V''« - *'" ••"■'••■'•I .\i. n«itiin.'t» .■^', Mi-ar .'ijvj, 
'.'. .ri-r fj. •, 'H.i:-.<r :ir'; ••uliififiitiMl fVir tin; olil Tabellue 
i^iirt\'ui\t!'i*it: {Ut-aHhufn Luzfiiijf:). \*. 17i-5. l're]Nireil 


. . 3"'. prepared craVi cliof» 3ij, bole Ju, nutmoit Bj, 

Mgat Jlij, wBter q, ■■] 
Taooaisci Cbotovis. Eoubbtkik. CtoIod oil nv, starclt 

3j, Bug&r 3j, cborolate 3ij ; divide into 30 lazeii);v>. 
TBOcniBCi EwnTHX Pkctoralkb. M. Sugar Jiv, roIounJ 

emetine gr. mii (v pure noctine gr. vifj), mucilage q. a. ; 

divide into 256 (taeages. Tbej ma; be cmered with vnr- 

miiie. One ererj boor. 
TsDCUteci EKBTiNf Emnci. M. Coloured emetine gr. 

xuij. mgar JiJ, nucilage q. i. ; id 61 loxengcB. Uuse, 1 

tor cbildren, 8 or 4 for adolu. 
Tbocoibc'I EiTBAcn Ctitcaoss. D17 eitract of Iwrk 51, 

mgar J^g. powdered dmumoD Jj, mucilage of tragiicuutll 

q. a. ; in lO-grain iozengei. 
TzocBiBCi F^Ki. P. Levigated iron fllingt jj, ■ugu 

3X1 oinaBinon 5ij, mucilage of tragacuith q. 8.; in 190 

loiengeB. See Troch. Cbotolntco et Fern. 
TSOOBIBCI Febbi CiTEiTis. BsBAL. Liquid citrata of 

iTMi 5j , ■ngor 5TiH ; mii, dry, pulveriia. and form b maM 

with mneilnge of tragacantb ij. a. ; ^vide into loxengvn of 

16 gr. encli- A later ronnnls direct* — Ammoaio-dtratQ 

of iron gr. iv, lugnr 5iv, engu- of vanilla and cWts (lue 

SacchiUMiiii vonillEe) gr. iv. Mix, aad divide into IS-griiu 


'lOOHiSCI Fkbei bt MiamtBis CiiEATia. run Drn 

ijorpal. Citrate of iron and umgucsia 5 part«, sugitr 40, 

BMdlHride of vanilla (wccbarum vaaillE) 2, roueilngc of 

tragacaoth 5. Mli, and divide into tublnts of 16 gruilu 

taocRisci Fbbbi Iodidi. Syrup of iodide of iron (E.} 
f^iij. gnni 1^, BugBrJiias; in 3d<l lo^tenzes, oaeb containing 
gr. ts of iodide of iron. 

Tbocbisci Febki Laotitib. M.Cap. LactnteoCiroa Jh, 
sugar 3vJ, mucilage q. b. ; in 30 lozengen. 

Tbochibci Febbi Redacti. B. Mil reduced iron gr. 720, 
refined sugar in powder Jixv, and gam acacia in powder 
3j, and add mncilagB ofacHcia Sijt and dist. miter J|', or 
□.». to form a proper mass. Divide into 720 lozcngea, and 
dry in liot-air cbninbor witli moderate heat. [^Eoch 
lozenge cantains gr. J.] 

OLTOTBBHiaa. B. Tro. BecKiei Higi-v. "Siv- 



bad of BtMriec S^ gvm araa> 3i> ■ 
tktm iakM vato^ ad «rmpante fci ■ i 
GlycTiiUn Aila, Faata, OpiMa, aai Xign. 

TI& OpS m B, 1817. [A £ftiatt fi>^ 
U.8. PMidaed cfHB 3at&nMri« potri , 

water to bra a Haai; dnida iiilii luaima vt O9 
8m TradMci Opo. 
TMcaud Gcioa AaAMUX Se« Tro. AcadBi, ai^ IW* 

l^oCBisci Gcxxi TKiGAC^nxs. E. 1744. Sugar Hj, 
contpooDd powdCT of tngwaoth 5iij, rose water ^r, 

Tbochisci Ipsucri^ros. B. Mix ipecacoanha id powds 
gr. ISO, refined eagat in powder Jut, gnm Ksda in powder 
Si i add mneilage of uada f^ uiddisdiled water ^ or q.l. 
to form ■ proper man. Dinde into 720 lozenges, and diy 
in a bot-aii chamber with a modemte beat. [^Each loaeng«' 
Oontaina gr. } of ipeacaanha.] C. S. Similar. 

Tbocbisci Ifbcactaxilk n Cawpkorx. Ipecac, gr. xt> 
cuuphor 3j, sosai 3J, mucilage of tragxcantli q. a. Hike 
60 lozeDgei. [Kach rontaiiiB 1 grain of camphor and i of 
a gnlD of ipecac.] 

Tbochisci Iwijis. Orris powdn jj, sugar Jij. mndlage of 
tragacaath q- h, 

TaoCHliCl JJlJVBJB. See Pasta Jajiihie. 

Tbocuibci KBBStKTiS. P. Kermes iniaeral 5ij, angar 3™j> 
gam acacia 3j ; orangc-Sowcr water 3i, mix, and divide 
into lorenge* of 12 graint each, 

Tbochisci hkCTVCX. SpaAftiTB, Concentditad extract o£ 
lettace, extract of liqoorice, gitun acacia, of each equal 
partB. Mix, ona divide into loiengeB. 
I Trochibci JjAaTOOiBn. E. * Dr. Dn50»N. Prepared aa 

Tro. Opii. aubBtitnling lactaeariiun for oiriuin, 

i TaooHiaci Liohbhis. P. Dried jelly of Iceland mom Si- 

aucar 5i». gi"" icacia 3is« ; mii with wafer q, a. Soe 

Panto Liclienia. _ . .. . ■ 

I TsoDHlsci LiMONls. Oil of lemon ^, ragar Jxij ; m^ and 

' m into lazengel with mncllaga of tragacaath ; or into 

,ps as those of orange. See Troch. (Postilli) AuMB^ 

nisci M-iGSBflis [Cabbomatib], i 


.. ., "DgBr Jiij, nutmeg 3j ; pdlvorizs Umni, anil 
form a muss with mucilage of tragaouith. 
Iboohibci Mabkibik [Caici51atj[]. U.S. Magnoin Jiv, 
Bogar tbj, nnCmcg 5j, mnciUge of tlogacuith q. h. Mix, 
and divide into 10-gT. lozenges. 

TBOCBieCi MiQBISU! CiTBiTia. M. MiBCniHD. Snliihlo 

ritrate of mugnesia 5iiiaa, au^r (uroniatixed »'it)i a little 
(nI of orange peel) 5xii«s, inacilogo of tngiwaiilli q. a. 
Divide into 100 tablets. 

Tbochibci St^jmM. Van Mcitia. TragBomth 5j, tiignr 
3x^, manna Jifj, orange-floivvr water q. >. Msimite may 
be subatituted for manna. 

Tbocbisci Mbbths Pipebit*. U. S. Sugar fcj, oil of 
peppermint fjj, mneilagc of tr^acautli q. >. Rub the oil 
with the SQgar until they are thoronghlj miied, tben witb 
the mueilage to form a mass to bo divided into loienges of 
10 graiiia eocb. P. Sugsr 3»j. oil of peppermint 5J, 
mucilage of tnigacaoth q. f. [The drops (paaUlli) are 
made with aagar jiij, oil '^, peppormlnt wuter q. s.; as 
those oforange.J 

Teoohisci MOBrai*. B,, 
tincture of Tolu fjss, refined sugar iu powder ^iiiv, gum. 
arable in powder ^, ranciiage of gnm nmbic q, a., dia- 
tUled water fjas. Uiasolve tlie hjdroehlorntc of morphia' 
in the water; add this aolutian to the tincture of Tolu, 
previoQsly mixed with the mncQsge; aoil with the gum and 
the sugar, alaa previonalj Well miied. form a proper maai. 
IHvide into 720 lozenges, nod dry tbc'c in a hot-nir cham-^ 
!berwith a moderate hent. [Each lozeuge eantaiuB l-36th 
"ift B grmn of hydroehlorate of morpliia.J 

lIOBFHLfi BT iFKCACUAKBf. II. As the last, 

adding gr. bt of ipeeacasnha. 

Tbochisoi Naphtkalins. DuPABqtriEB. Naphthaline 3r,. 
sngor 5>ii oil of aniseed to flavour ; form a mass with 
miii:ilDge of tragacanth, and divide into lozenges of gr. xv 
each. [Expectorant j may be taken to the extent of 20 in 
the day/] 

TROCH13C1 E Nptro. E, 1783. Nitre Jiij, sugar Jii, muci- 
lage of tragacanth q. s. 

Nrnu CiMPHOBATi. CaATjaaisa. Q^\ron. ^- 



TJ, camphor gr. hit, nitre gr. slviij, engac S'lij, mnoUdge n 
q. B.; mix. and divide into 48 lozengea. 

Tbodhiboi ODtTLOBCM Camchobum, Crubs' eyes 2j, gi 
5vij, mucilage of tragacanth wltli orangc-Qowcr w 

Tbochibci Opii. B. Extract of opiam gr. Ixiij, tinotaiB 
of Tulu fjss, refined BMgar in powder 3"j< S"^ ursbic in 
powder 3'J ; eitraet of liquorice J^j : distilled water q. t. 
Add the extract of opium, first softened by means ot ■ 
little water, and the tincture of Tola, to the eitmct of 
liquorice beated in a. water bath. Wben the miitnie u 
reduced to a proper consistence remove it to o slab, add 
the sugar and gum previonslj rubbed together, and mix 
thoroughly. Divide the mass into 720 loieug^a, and dn 
these in a hot-air chamber with a moderate beat. (Eadl 
lozenge contains 1-lOth of a grain cf extract of opiam.) 
[^Dr.Dcm'aAii recommends reducing the opiam snd extract (H 
liqaorice (« powder, mixing them with the pondered gum, 
bWiting them first with the tinctore, then with t^vv^ of 
Bjrap (and water if required), using Jfiiss of the oitnutt 
and Jiisa of gum, instead of 3v of each.] 

Tboohiboi Papayebib. Extract of poppies Jij, sugar Sviy, 
tragacanth powder Jiv, water q. s. 

TROOHiaot Pi-CMiisia;. Dr. QAVHELtK. Extract of panl- 
linia (guarann) S3< sugar with vanilla S^^iv, mudloge of 
tragacanth q. g. Divide into bzengoa of gr. lij each. ■•" 
to 20 daily. 

TBOCHiBca PBCTOBAisa. Dr. Gbtjmn. Sagar Jriij, mai 

, 3iv, eitrart of lettuce gij, ipecacuanha sivas, squill 5j, 
mucilage of tragacanth q. b. Divide into lozenges of IS 
gniins each. 
, TaooHiBCi PoiAESX CELOBAtis. 6. Mix chlorate of pot- 
ash in powder 3600 gr. ivith same ingredicnCa ai ia 
Ttoch. Fern Itcdacti, divide into 720 lozeugeB, and dry 
as above. (Each lozenge contains 5 ge. There wa\" 
prabably bo danger of an explosion in making these or 
large scale.) Ur. Mfbbat recommends them for the ci 
of ponianiptian. They are sometimes useful in tore thro 
4 to 8 daily. 

TROCHiaci PCM'isS-E SurBBoSAiATia. P. SuperM 


potiwli 3iij. sugnr 3i>j, oil of Jomon mvj. macils^ of 

tragscttiitU q. s. Divide into iMenges of 10 grains each. 

Tbocbihci Ptbethbi. Tincture cJ pellitorj 3j, eugnr Jviij ; 

mix. drj, and form into lozeng«9 witU mncilHgc of tr»gu- 

l^ooEiict QniNXS BvuHiiiB. SoruBnuH. Sulphate of 
qainine gr. «iij, sugar Jxvj, mncilage of Inigacauth, q, ». 
Divide iDto lazengefi of IG graiaa eacb. 

Tbochibci Bbbi. p. Rbabarb Jj, Bng>r 3ij, mucilnge of 
tttigacanth q. b. Divide iato lozengEg of IS gruina ebcIi. 

Tbochibci Rhii AjiomTicj. Turltej rhubarb Jij, cinna- 
mon 3j, augiLr jiji muuilaga of tngacaDtli q. e. In 480 

TBOOHieci SiiTTOHiHA. M. Callous. Suntoniuii ^j, augar 
Jivss, mnrilttga of tragnoflnth q. ». For 1+1 loicngea. 
Dose, from 5 lo 10 in the day. GniOHDK prescnlies 100 
pBrta of sautouijie, 5 of rosin of jalap, and 900 of fine cho- 
colate. To be mode iato lozenges of 16 gnuDB each. Dose, 
for a child from 1 toSyears old.l lozengfl; 2 orSloicages 
for older childrea. 

Tbooeisci ScAUuoMn. BoiTBilsEB. Besln of Bcamtnony 
3iv, calomel 3iv, engar Jvj, tragacanth 311s, tincturo of 
Tanilla fSij. In 300 lozenges. One or two for 11 i:hild -, 
2 to 4 for an adult. 

Tboohiboi Sctlls. Squill in powder ^, ertract of liquorice 
3j, sugar 51, mucilaga of tragaeantli q. s. For 480 
lozenges. Eight lozengea contain gr. j of squill. 
Thochibci SoiELa; et IPECActrAiiss. As the la^, addinjf 
Siv of ipecaemmha. AIakcb. H. directs squill gi'.j, ipe- 
cacuanha gr.j, eitraet of liquorice gr.ij, gum arable gr.ij, 
treacle gr. ij, in each lozenge. 
Tbochibci Sons BicAsnONATia. B. Mix bicarbonate of 
soda in powder gr. 3600 with some ingredients as in T- 
Ferri RedacU, and dry as above. (Each lozenge contains 
B gr.) E. Similar. The FastUlef de Vichy, P., contsiu 
bicarbonate of soda 5J> augnr 5iii, mucilage of tragacanth 
q. I. In 3j lozengBB. M. DiBOBi'a formula is tbat of P., 
■with tbe addition of oil of peppermint or other flavooring 

klBOOHiBCi SoDiB Chxokihat*. Solution of chloride of soda 
r 5], BngOJ 5X, gum nrabic jij, mucihige of tragacanth q. b, 
\ -- i 

■ 478 THE 

[35a of cnmplior may he added.] To be beld in the mgnOl 
nlien exposed to infectiou. 
Tbixthibci Soda cmi Zinqibebe. Bicarbonate of soda 3^ 
to jtv, ginger ^, augar Ji, mucilage of tragacaath q. & 
_^ Far 460 losengea, 

■^^cHiaci Spokols. P. Barnt apoi^a 3iv, sugar 3iy, 
.icll^e of tragaczanth (mode with cimuiinoti water) to 
■in a niaaa. Divide into 12-grBiii lozenges. 
tTBOCHiBor E BiTtpncBE. L. 1788. Washed solpliur Jy, 
-gar 5iy, mneiUge q. e. P. Solpliur Jij, sugar Jivj, 
leilage of tr^acanth with rose water q. s. 
"TnoCKiiici Taetaei Soi^TBnaa. OmBcuraT. Borotartrato 
of potasli 3j, sugar 3Ty, mncilage of tragaoanth. q, a.s 
flavaared nitli lemon. 
TTboohiboi ToLTJTAJti. P. Balsam of Toln Jj ; diawlva in 
5i of rectified spirit, add 3ij of water, heat in a water 
bath and filter ; make a roncilage with the filtered liqoor 
aud 3iv gum tr^acantli, add sugar jxvj, and form a j«ato 
for lozenges. 

Teochisci YxsiLLs:. GuiBOraT. Vanilla 5J. sugar Srij, 
mueilage of tragacuntli q, 8. The vanilla must be pow- 
dered with the sugar. 
Tkoohibci ViOLiBUu. Sabd. Ph